T2_Mech3 Edit

Mech3: mc30602A: Hast thou seen our father today? He seemed tired to mine eyes.
Mech3: mc30602C: Truly. Truly. We must praise The Builder to have wrought Lord Karras with such well-forged strength.
Mech3: mc30606A: I tell thee, for thou art my friend, that I wish the Children of Karras were more, uh-m...mild seeming.
Mech3: mc30606C: Well, and it might. For it near strikes terror into mine own heart.
Mech3: mc30606E: As thou sayest.
Mech3: mc30608A: (Angry) My friend! Where wert thou last night? I waited for thee nearly forever!
Mech3: mc30608C: Tsuh! Why dost thou waste thy time? The Thorwalds will appreciate thy pains not at all.
Mech3: mc30608E: Those lessons are for novices, Friend. Thou must treat them with practicality.
Mech3: mc31005B: (Ghost voice, hostile) Looking for this, vile heathen?
Mech3: mc31005D: (Ghost voice, snarling) Ha! Gladly, Pagan...gladly....
Mech3: mc31502A: No, my friend, I fear this cannot wait 'til evening.
Mech3: mc31502C: I pray thee, tell me where I might find the good Brother, then? At his house?
Mech3: mc31502E: (Frustrated) What? Must I wander fallen Karath-din until I find Brother Cavador, then?
Mech3: mc31502G: (Relieved) Ahh...many thanks. May thy gears run smoothly.
Mech3: mc31504A: (Excited) With mine own eyes I saw it! 'Twas a scroll, not less than a hundred years of age...!
Mech3: mc31504C: Likely they were but grave-robbers, seeking the cheapest of profits--gold and jewels. Too lazy t'dig for the true treasure herein. And too foolish to recognize it, even if they found it.
Mech3: mc31504E: And he moved quickly, mayhap.
Mech3: mc3a0ch1: (Reciting) The bellows are burnt, the lead is consumed of the fire, the founder melteth in vain, for the wicked are not plucked away.
Mech3: mc3a0ch2: (Reciting) The coal is the fuel, the fuel is put in the furnace, the furnace gets the lit, when lit it maketh the heat, the heat warmeth the forge.
Mech3: mc3a0ch3: (Reciting) I am a cog in The Builder's gear. He hath conceived the world and its workings are unimaginable. I am a vapor in The Builder's steam. He hath breathed light into the world, and its vastness is unbreachable. Praise be to Him.
Mech3: mc3a0ch4: (Reciting) Make haste when thou can, that thou shall prosper o'er them that sloth. Make numbers when thou will'st, that thou shall prosper o'er them that are few.
Mech3: mc3a0ch5: (Reciting) Beware the foul one, the tricker of men. He hath wrought evil. Even as easily as I shape this iron, in masterful forms too numerous to count, beware that which he hath wrought.
Mech3: mc3a0ch6: (Reciting) Woe to them that trust not in Karras. From his mouth soundeth the will of The Builder. From his pen The Builder's plan is busily writ. Woe to them that trust not in Karras.
Mech3: mc3a0mu1: (Muttering) My bones as I stand here...aching... Can't wait. Too much in the wind, aches in my joints...
Mech3: mc3a0mu2: (Muttering) Oh god, I'm hungry. I'll be standing her all day and they don't bring me my food. Oh...bottom of my...stomach aches as it did yesterday, as it will tomorrow.
Mech3: mc3a0mu3: (Muttering) Oh here I am again in the cold and this...chill... Oh, my feet are frozen to the bone.
Mech3: mc3a1__1: H'lo? Someone there?
Mech3: mc3a1__2: If someone be there then bespeak thyself!
Mech3: mc3a1__3: Hello? Reveal thyself!
Mech3: mc3a1__4: Huh? Is that thee?
Mech3: mc3a1_w1: Is all aright there, Friend?
Mech3: mc3a1h_1: What--? Hello?
Mech3: mc3a1hw1: Listen awhile! Friend, I've just heard something!
Mech3: mc3a1hw2: Shhhh! I'm trying to hear that noise.
Mech3: mc3a1hw3: Lend an ear, Friend! Listen with me awhile!
Mech3: mc3a1v_1: What's that there?
Mech3: mc3a1vw1: Look there, good cog! Seest thou anything?
Mech3: mc3a1vw2: There! Didst thou see it, too?
Mech3: mc3a1vw3: Friend...something moved there, I think!
Mech3: mc3a2__1: Is someone there? Who art thou?
Mech3: mc3a2__2: Wait! Show thyself!
Mech3: mc3a2__3: Halt there! You, under shadow's cover!
Mech3: mc3a2__4: Stop! Stand and declare thyself!
Mech3: mc3a2h_1: I hear thee! Come unto the light now!
Mech3: mc3a2se1: Hmmm...where canst thou be?
Mech3: mc3a2se2: I shall find thee! Thou canst not have gone far.
Mech3: mc3a2se3: Nothing is hid so well that I shant find it!
Mech3: mc3a2se4: Whoever thou be, I shall find thee!
Mech3: mc3a2v_1: Who art thou? I spy thee well!
Mech3: mc3a3__3: What?
Mech3: mc3a3__4: What's this?
Mech3: mc3a3b_1: Murder most foul! Halt there!
Mech3: mc3a3b_2: What? Murder is it? I will avenge it!
Mech3: mc3a3na1: Hold there! Intruder!
Mech3: mc3a3na2: What shadow spawned thee? Hold!
Mech3: mc3a3na3: Halt! Stop! Intruder!
Mech3: mc3a3na4: Halt! Surrender thy weapon!
Mech3: mc3a3s_1: Thou'rt not welcome here, toad!
Mech3: mc3a3s_2: By Karras, an intruder. Here!
Mech3: mc3a3s_3: By Karras, a weed!
Mech3: mc3a3s_4: Thou art revealed! Defend thyself!
Mech3: mc3a3se1: By cog and by gear I shall find thee!
Mech3: mc3a3se2: I promise thee a goodly fight, now come forth!
Mech3: mc3a3se3: Art thou coward? Then cease thy hiding!
Mech3: mc3a3se4: Thou art a treacherous orchid, to shrink so from light!
Mech3: mc3a3se5: Unhide thyself, wicked one!
Mech3: mc3alma1: Sound the alarm! 'Tis not a drill!
Mech3: mc3alma2: I must go hence to the alarm!
Mech3: mc3almw1: Ring the alarm! Let it sound the villain's doom!
Mech3: mc3amb_1: Ah! Reveal thy face to me coward!
Mech3: mc3amb_2: Thy treachery will be uncloaked, villain!
Mech3: mc3amb_3: Ah! Unhide thyself and fight me frontwise!
Mech3: mc3amb_4: Oh! Who taps me a sudden from behind?
Mech3: mc3ambw1: Wha--? A hidden menace! I am struck!
Mech3: mc3ambw2: The very shadows strike at me, Friend!
Mech3: mc3ambw3: Seek thee a treacherous weed, Friend, for slyly I was hit!
Mech3: mc3atb_1: I shall aim for thy heart villain!
Mech3: mc3atb_2: Canst thou continue at the foot of steel in thy gut?
Mech3: mc3atb_3: Dost thou see thy doom speeding towards thee?
Mech3: mc3atl_1: (Strength failing) Karras...fuel me now!
Mech3: mc3atl_2: (Strength failing) Your strength to me...Builder!
Mech3: mc3atn_1: Reap the mace, villain!
Mech3: mc3atn_2: As the wrongful live, so shall they die!
Mech3: mc3atn_6: Thy dark days are over!
Mech3: mc3atn_7: You'll worry us no more!
Mech3: mc3atn_8: Treacherous thieving toad!
Mech3: mc3ats_1: Thy death flies to thee!
Mech3: mc3ats_2: Wither and rot, weed!
Mech3: mc3ats_3: In Karras's name, fall!
Mech3: mc3atw_1: Ahaa! For I am the happy victor!
Mech3: mc3atw_2: Thief! Be afeared, be very afeared!
Mech3: mc3atww1: Sing we now the victory hymn, stout cog!
Mech3: mc3bak_1: Nothing then. Ahhh...'tis best.
Mech3: mc3bak_2: Hm... 'Twas but a rancorous wind, sent to trouble my watch.
Mech3: mc3bak_3: Perhaps' twas nothing at all.
Mech3: mc3bak_4: (Relieved sigh) 'Twas a memory of leaves flapping. Nothing more.
Mech3: mc3bak_5: (Relieved) Ahhh...all seem well enough now.
Mech3: mc3bak_6: In truth I know not what it was.
Mech3: mc3bak_7: (Glad relief) Ahhh...silence visits me again. (Sigh) Welcome, friend!
Mech3: mc3bkd_1: Your arm will surely fail, for good must always prevail!
Mech3: mc3bkd_2: One block will not save thee, toad!
Mech3: mc3bkd_3: Be now warned! My next swing will land true!
Mech3: mc3bkdw1: Land a blow past his defenses, Friend!
Mech3: mc3blk_1: The righteous are shielded!
Mech3: mc3blk_2: Haaa! I am swifter than thee!
Mech3: mc3blk_3: Dost a bird peck unto me? Strike for real!
Mech3: mc3blkw1: His blows fallest in vain!
Mech3: mc3bod_1: Treachery! A friend down and all unfueled... Murder!
Mech3: mc3bod_2: Pooor cog! I shall avenge your murder, I swear it!
Mech3: mc3bod_3: No! No! Is this murder, then? Show me the villain!
Mech3: mc3chga1: I'll crunch thy head!
Mech3: mc3chga2: I'll crunch thy head!
Mech3: mc3chga3: I shall bludgeon thee, but good!
Mech3: mc3chgw1: Surround him! Ware his doom!
Mech3: mc3chgw2: We strike together, then!
Mech3: mc3chgw3: Our strength combined, aim for the head!
Mech3: mc3det_1: I felled greater trees than you, sapling!
Mech3: mc3det_2: Thinkest thou to block The Builder's will?
Mech3: mc3det_3: Has thou not heard? Treachery hath no defense!
Mech3: mc3detw1: Upend his arrogance! Let him not block thee!
Mech3: mc3diec3: (Dying) I--I cease!
Mech3: mc3frus1: Thou leaf-eating villain!
Mech3: mc3frus2: Come where I can smite thee!
Mech3: mc3frus3: Stop cowering, craven!
Mech3: mc3hit_1: Ready for thy final whack?
Mech3: mc3hit_2: The mace has no mercy!
Mech3: mc3hit_3: And the villain was justly smote!
Mech3: mc3hit_4: Review thy life's mishaps, and swiftly!
Mech3: mc3hitw1: We can unfuel him, Friend! Swing anew!
Mech3: mc3hitw2: Friend, make blows find their mark!
Mech3: mc3hlo_1: (Losing strength) Karras uphold me!
Mech3: mc3hlow1: I fail, Friend!
Mech3: mc3hnd_1: Your smite hath no bite, villain!
Mech3: mc3hnd_2: A sparrow doth the liver peckings more hurtful, crow!
Mech3: mc3hnd_3: Was that a blow? Heh! What a tender foe!
Mech3: mc3lar_1: Seeketh a treacherous toad! Take arms!
Mech3: mc3lar_2: Ready maces! A wrongdoer is amongst us!
Mech3: mc3los_1: I have lost track of him, that toad. That weed!
Mech3: mc3los_2: By Karras! That cowardly villain must have fled.
Mech3: mc3los_3: What a slippery snake! He hath slithered completely away!
Mech3: mc3mis_1: Where now hast that gone to...? And how?
Mech3: mc3rbod1: Show no mercy, Friend! There's been blood spilt already!
Mech3: mc3rint1: Stay fueled! Just recently the thief I did spy.
Mech3: mc3rmis1: Ware the thief! Keep alert!
Mech3: mc3rob_1: Oh no! Gentle child of Karras, once diligent and now ruined!
Mech3: mc3rob_2: Good child of Karras, I shall reforged thy parts, and find the villain who broke thee!
Mech3: mc3rob_3: What's this? Who dare such vandalism here? They'll pay for this!
Mech3: mc3roth1: Hail, good cog! Keep eyes and years awake! Something's amiss!
Mech3: mc3roth2: Awaken awares, good Friend! Something wrongful slithers near...
Mech3: mc3roth3: Guard thyself! Troubled tidings bespeak this watch.
Mech3: mc3runa1: Friends! Lend me thine arms against foe most foul!
Mech3: mc3runa2: Hither! To me! Aid me ‘gainst this villain!
Mech3: mc3runa3: Quickly! Bring thy strengths hither, Friends!
Mech3: mc3sec_1: Seek out the lawbreaker in our ranks!
Mech3: mc3sec_2: Ware an intruder and his treachery!
Mech3: mc3sec_3: Keep oiled thy battle cogs! An intruder doth menace!
Mech3: mc3sma_1: Strange...these tidings speak ill.
Mech3: mc3sma_2: Hmmm... Something seems mossy about this.
Mech3: mc3telc1: Here! He's here!
Mech3: mc3telc2: I found him! Help me this toad to smash!
Mech3: mc3telc3: The villain is here! Let maces swing!
Mech3: mc3telr1: Lend aid, good cog! An intruder is here!
Mech3: mc3telr2: Oil thy battle cogs, Friend, for a thief troubles us!
Mech3: mc3telr3: See here! A sapling scoundrel!
Mech3: mc3torc1: Cursed torch! Why do we use the things?
Mech3: mc3torc2: Hmm... Hast the torch broken?
Mech3: mc3torc3: Curse it... Why do we use the things?

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