T2_Mech4 Edit

Mech4: mc40603B: Calm, Friend, calm.... On the morrow let me come by thy workbench and help thee untangle things.
Mech4: mc40603D: 'Tis nothing. Think on it as the copper and tin mingle to make the stronger bronze, so dost we each mingle and flow together in Karras's forge to make stronger, as well.
Mech4: mc40603F: 'Tis Karras who is truly wise. His bounty, and the machines we construct, shall help all of humanity in the coming times, and all shall know his wisdom.
Mech4: mc40605A: Hast thou been back to our...old haunts, Friend?
Mech4: mc40605C: Yestereve I visited to speak to mine...once-brothers. It struck my eye how...bare and shabby wert the rooms.
Mech4: mc40605E: I must approve. For it makes mine surroundings much...more...fair.
Mech4: mc40608B: I am sorry. The device I was constructing...wouldst not work properly, and Lord Karras had promised it to the Thorwalds today.
Mech4: mc40608D: (Angry) The Builder dost command us to work with all our skill on all we do!
Mech4: mc40801A: (Excited) We darest not venture in there. Cemeteries are no place for the living to be treading about at night,
Mech4: mc40801C: (Excited) Why enter there? 'Tis the only exit, an'...and thou didst hit him with thy bolts! If he dost not come out, then...surely he hath bled unto death!
Mech4: mc41104B: (Rebuking) Dost thou doubt the wisdom of Karras? (Threatening) Perhaps he should know of thy 'insubordination'....
Mech4: mc41104D: (Speaking slowly as to be clear) Good. Then hold thy tongue and do as ordered. Remember: the Servants are but a masterful deception. Master Karras has the ability to control them himself, where so ever he be. In the end, they shall serve the will of The Builder.
Mech4: mc41104F: (Speaking slowly as to be clear) Yes they do. The better to serve our purposes. For now, our task is to make these fools happy, so stay thou alert, but remain friendly. I shall be back in due time.
Mech4: mc41202A: (Confiding) Sergeant Porter, it wouldst appear that judgment.
Mech4: mc41202C: (Confiding) Thou knowest how...burdensome preparation of the mansion hath been for me. Steward Duma hath charged me with leading the construction in the Ballroom, which goeth He hath even demanded that all the clocks, and other Mechanist devices in the manor, be inspected and repaired if there be faults found. Thy masters wish everything perfect for their celebration, two weeks hence. 'Twas such a great task, that in my haste, I hath...misplaced my toolbox...which contained a part from one of the clocks.
Mech4: mc41202E: (Confiding) No, thou dost not understand. 'Tis...that...clock....
Mech4: mc41502B: Then you must seek out Brother Cavador, for he alone can aid you. No other here hath his understanding of the 'ancient' ways.
Mech4: mc41502D: Mayhap, though I think it unlikely. More likely he doth his daily work tours, now.
Mech4: mc41502F: Ha ha ha! Nay, I think that not necessary. Seekest thou within. There thou shalt surely find a scroll with his intended path writ upon it. He hath the faithfulness of a Child of Karras for the following of such schedules.
Mech4: mc41502H: And thine.
Mech4: mc4a0ch1: (Reciting) I am diligent; 'twas The Builder that made me so. I am tireless; 'twas The Builder that made me so.
Mech4: mc4a0ch2: (Prayerfully) O Builder, fuel me! O Karras, fuel me! For I am your servant and I do Your will, now...and forever.
Mech4: mc4a0ch3: (Reciting) If there be a seam, weld it. If there be a gear, turn it. If there be a furnace, fuel it.
Mech4: mc4a0ch4: (Reciting) If there be a tree, fell it. If there be a wolf, slaughter it. If there be a Heretic, suffer him to live no longer.
Mech4: mc4a0ch5: (Reciting) And Karras spake, saying, 'I am the gear and you are the cogs! Without the gear the cogs hath no purpose, and without the cogs the gear hath no teeth.' Thus spake Karras.
Mech4: mc4a0ch6: (Prayerful recitation) The forest is dark. Karras be my light! The cavern is dark. Karras be my light! The night is treacherous dark. Karras be my great and ever-shining light!
Mech4: mc4a0ch7: (Reciting) I am diligent; 'twas The Builder that made me so. I am tireless; 'twas The Builder that made me so.
Mech4: mc4a0ch8: (Quietly prayerful) O Builder, fuel me! O Karras, fuel me! For I am your servant and I do Your will, now and forever.
Mech4: mc4a0ch9: (Quietly reciting) If there be a Heretic, suffer him to live no-o longer.
Mech4: mc4a0cha: (Reciting quietly) And Karras spake, saying, 'I am the gear and you are the cogs! Without the gear the cogs hath'd no purpose, and without the cogs the gear hath'd no teeth.' Thus spake Karras.
Mech4: mc4a0chb: (Quietly prayerful) The forest is dark. Karras be my light! The cavern is dark. Karras be my light! The night is treacherous dark. Karras be my great and ever-shining light!
Mech4: mc4a0mu1: (Mumbling a song, mostly unintelligible) ...dark and into the light. Intooo the light.
Mech4: mc4a0mu2: (Mumbling)...wa-I'm so tired...m-I'm never gonna get done with hasn't done that much for me...
Mech4: mc4a0mu3: (Mumbling) Hmm-what am I gonna do? Why am--? Well, how am I gonna go do this...? (Barely intelligible) No...noo...that-tha-that...Kinda—no I wasn't--no I wasn't...
Mech4: mc4a1__1: Hello?
Mech4: mc4a1__2: Art thou there?
Mech4: mc4a1__3: For The Builder's sake, what was that?
Mech4: mc4a1__4: Good cog, is that you?
Mech4: mc4a1_w1: Speak, Friend! Hast thou noticed trouble?
Mech4: mc4a1h_1: My eardrums do...tap much today.
Mech4: mc4a1h_2: That had better be rats I hear over there!
Mech4: mc4a1hw1: Be still, good cog, whilst I listen at this noise!
Mech4: mc4a1hw2: Just then! Didst thou hear it, too?
Mech4: mc4a1hw3: Shhh! (Slyly) I've heard...something.
Mech4: mc4a1v_1: Hmmm...what's that?
Mech4: mc4a1vw1: There...! Didst thou see it?
Mech4: mc4a1vw2: But for a moment, I thought I saw!
Mech4: mc4a1vw3: Friend, didst thou see that?
Mech4: mc4a2__1: Hey! Show thyself at once!
Mech4: mc4a2__2: By The Builder, reveal thyself!
Mech4: mc4a2__3: Who troubles my watch? Speak now!
Mech4: mc4a2__4: Whoever thou art, stand forth!
Mech4: mc4a2h_1: I hear thee croaking, toad! Step into view!
Mech4: mc4a2h_2: Who's making that noise? Reveal thyself!
Mech4: mc4a2se1: Hark! I can hear thy trembling breath!
Mech4: mc4a2se2: The Builder will guide me to thee...(Pronounced "wwHeed!") weed!
Mech4: mc4a2se3: Come out from the shadows!
Mech4: mc4a2se4: Builder, aid me to find this menacer!
Mech4: mc4a2v_1: I've seen thee, weed! Now stand in the open!
Mech4: mc4a3__1: Hey!
Mech4: mc4a3__2: A-ha!
Mech4: mc4a3b_1: Murder! A Murderer!
Mech4: mc4a3b_2: The Builder does not tolerate such mischief! Murderer!
Mech4: mc4a3na1: Halt, weed! Put down thy weapon!
Mech4: mc4a3na2: Stop! Thou art caught, thief.
Mech4: mc4a3na3: Halt! Drop thy weapon, vile weed!
Mech4: mc4a3na4: Your feet shall be unrooted, soon!
Mech4: mc4a3s_1: (Drawn out growling first word, and rising volume to shout) A villain appears before me!
Mech4: mc4a3s_2: By The Builder, thou art spied!
Mech4: mc4a3s_3: A-ha! A weed hath sprouted!
Mech4: mc4a3s_4: You are caught now, intruder!
Mech4: mc4a3se1: Be sure, thief! I shall find thee!
Mech4: mc4a3se2: Hide if you can, villain! I shall spot thee soon enough!
Mech4: mc4a3se3: Builder! Karras! Lead me to the heathen!
Mech4: mc4a3se4: Only cowards hide so, villain!
Mech4: mc4alma1: I will ring the alarm, 'twill be the sound of your...doom, villain!
Mech4: mc4alma2: With this alarm I do seal your fate!
Mech4: mc4almw1: (Quietly urgent) Hurry! Go now and sound the alarms!
Mech4: mc4amb_1: Blast it all! Who did that?
Mech4: mc4amb_2: Ah! (Small gasp) Come out and try that again!
Mech4: mc4amb_3: Hey! What shadow struck at me?
Mech4: mc4amb_4: Where didst that come from?
Mech4: mc4ambw1: Didst thou see what hit me, Friend?
Mech4: mc4ambw2: Ah! (Gasp) I'm beset... Seest thou a foe?
Mech4: mc4ambw3: What harm is this, Friend?
Mech4: mc4atb_1: Karras speed my bolt to thee!
Mech4: mc4atb_2: Fall to my bolt!
Mech4: mc4atb_3: Hah! Thou art pierced!
Mech4: mc4atl_1: (Strength failing) Aid me, Great Builder!
Mech4: mc4atl_2: (Strength failing) Karras, do not forsake me!
Mech4: mc4atn_1: HI'll end thy sinful ways!
Mech4: mc4atn_2: This'll stop you, thief!
Mech4: mc4atn_6: Thou art felled, tree!
Mech4: mc4atn_7: Lets see how thou bleedeth!
Mech4: mc4atn_8: Thy sinful days art ended!
Mech4: mc4atn_9: I am The Builder's hand!
Mech4: mc4ats_1: Builder...smite thee!
Mech4: mc4ats_2: My arch shall fell thee!
Mech4: mc4atw_1: (Mockingly) Ha-I did expect a better fight, thief!
Mech4: mc4atw_2: (Slowly and sneeringly) Crumble already, slimy toad?
Mech4: mc4atww1: See how he crumbles?
Mech4: MC4BAK_1: The wind is restless this night.
Mech4: mc4bak_2: 'Twas not rats, of that I am sure. Not in The Builder's house!
Mech4: mc4bak_3: 'Twas probably nothing... Probably.
Mech4: mc4bak_4: The Builder will show all, if 'tis meant to be revealed.
Mech4: mc4bak_5: If 'twere rats, then I am not pleased, for they are wretched creatures!
Mech4: mc4bak_6: Friend Enoch said switch to tea, but did I? Heh. And now my nerves are most thoroughly frayed!
Mech4: mc4bak_7: 'Tis The Builder's silence once again. For that...I am thankful!
Mech4: mc4bak_8: By Karras, I swear, I thought there was something amiss!
Mech4: mc4bkd_1: Next time I'll find my mark, villain!
Mech4: mc4bkd_2: Karras, let my next blow be true!
Mech4: mc4bkd_3: Block me not! Death awaits thee!
Mech4: mc4bkdw1: I can't get at him, Friend!
Mech4: mc4blk_1: (Tauntingly) You fight like a bunch of daisies!
Mech4: mc4blk_2: (Tauntingly) Thou must try harder than that to beat me!
Mech4: mc4blk_3: Thou are too slow, villainous one!
Mech4: mc4blkw1: See, Friend, how The Builder aids me?
Mech4: mc4bod_1: No...! No! Murder most cruel! Builder shield us all!
Mech4: mc4bod_2: What evil is this? Murder, in The Builder's house?
Mech4: mc4bod_3: Oh no! I'll avenge thee, fallen friend!
Mech4: mc4chga1: I am fueled by the fires of The Builder, Himself!
Mech4: mc4chga2: Prepare for thy stomping, weed!
Mech4: mc4chga3: You are doomed!
Mech4: mc4chgw1: Come, Friend, let's smash this toad!
Mech4: mc4chgw2: Don't let him escape!
Mech4: mc4chgw3: We are his undoing!
Mech4: mc4det_1: Be not afeared! Thy death will be quick!
Mech4: mc4det_2: (Tauntingly, as to a child) 'Tis time to greet The Builder!
Mech4: mc4det_3: Thou cannot delay the inevitable!
Mech4: mc4detw1: He shall not block the both of our blows, eh?
Mech4: mc4diec3: (Strength failing, dying) Builder...take me...
Mech4: mc4frus1: We shalt catch thee, sooner or later!
Mech4: mc4frus2: Thou may escape us for now, but death (gleefully) waits for thee!
Mech4: mc4frus3: Thou wilt fall to my friends...! If not to me.
Mech4: mc4hit_1: Hah! I shall unfuel you yet!
Mech4: mc4hit_2: (Tauntingly) Thou art failing fast! Surrender!
Mech4: mc4hit_3: Thou art losing steam, villain!
Mech4: mc4hit_4: Oh, how the unjust do fall!
Mech4: mc4hitw1: (Relishing) See how his sap drains, Friend!
Mech4: mc4hitw2: We have undone him!
Mech4: mc4hlo_1: (Losing strength) Ugh! Ohhh...fuel my fight, great Karras!
Mech4: mc4hlow1: (Losing strength) Ahhh...I'm not long for this world, good friend!
Mech4: mc4hnd_1: Hah! I am shielded by faith, heretic!
Mech4: mc4hnd_2: I am unscathed! (Eager) Now 'tis my turn!
Mech4: mc4hnd_3: Thy blows art gentle as a breeze!
Mech4: mc4hnde3: Hey!
Mech4: mc4lar_1: (Gasp) Oh no! By Karras...what's this?
Mech4: mc4lar_2: Why do these things always happen during my shift?
Mech4: mc4los_1: He's fast! Now I've lost him!
Mech4: mc4los_2: Gone! That vile toad has hopped away!
Mech4: mc4los_3: Karras forgive me, for I've lost track of the villain!
Mech4: mc4mis_1: It's gone! Thievery! Thievery!
Mech4: mc4mis_2: Thievery! Someone will pay for this!
Mech4: mc4rbod1: I've seen a poor cog murdered! Keep a lookout!
Mech4: mc4rbod2: Death has taken our friend. Let's be ready to punish the murderer!
Mech4: mc4rint1: (Quietly) Keep thy cogs oiled, Friend. There's a thief about.
Mech4: mc4rint2: (Quietly) I spied a troublesome weed! Keep thy weapon in readiness!
Mech4: mc4rint3: Keep thine eyes open! There's trouble afoot!
Mech4: mc4rmis1: A thief, I tell you! We must...find him!
Mech4: mc4rob_1: We are set upon, Friends! See how this Child of Karras has been broken?
Mech4: mc4rob_2: There's a vandal here...or worse!
Mech4: mc4rob_3: Builder show me the villain who did this, who seeks to undo our works!
Mech4: mc4roth1: An intruder is here, I am most sure of it!
Mech4: mc4roth2: (Quietly) Mischief has been done. Keep a lookout for an intruder.
Mech4: mc4roth3: Good friend and cog, ware the intruder, this night!
Mech4: mc4rrob1: (Quietly) There's a vandal here...or worse! Look at this evidence, Friends!
Mech4: mc4runa1: Friends, lend thine arms against this intruder!
Mech4: mc4runa2: Friends...good me! Aid me with this thief!
Mech4: mc4runa3: Thief! Intruder! Arm thyselves, good Mechanists!
Mech4: mc4sec_1: By The Builder, this is wrong! An intruder is surely here!
Mech4: mc4sec_2: There's an intruder and I'll find him ere long!
Mech4: mc4sec_3: An intruder doth spoiled The Builder's peace!
Mech4: mc4sma_1: What's this? This isn't right!
Mech4: mc4sma_2: I don't like this! Not one little bit!
Mech4: mc4telc1: Friend! The villain is here!
Mech4: mc4telc2: I found the thief. To me!
Mech4: mc4telc3: Quickly, Friends, the villain is found!
Mech4: mc4telr1: Friend, I've spied a villain! To me!
Mech4: mc4telr2: Let's fell this timber together, eh, Friend?
Mech4: mc4telr3: (Startled gasp) Intruder! Let's attack!
Mech4: mc4torc1: If we ask wood to give us light, little wonder it fails us.
Mech4: mc4torc2: Blast it all! Can't these torches stay lit for ten minutes at a time?
Mech4: mc4torc3: Blast it all! Can't these stay lit for ten minutes at a time?

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