T2_MiscVOs Edit

Yet to be fully transcribed or copied from TTLG.

Schmidt's ramblings. The filenames reflect back to when he was named Smith, Gordon Smith.

And so they say to me "Let us out, let us out, we're all going to die in here!" And I say to them, "Tisk tisk tisk, what a pity." Don't they know I'm doing them a favor, hm hm hm? I'm releasing them from the pain of living.

Aaah... And so he says to me "Be silent, you cruel, sadistic man." And I say "The truth doesn't always set you free, does it? No, sometimes the truth can enslave you in suffering and shame when it isn't what you want to hear. Mm?"

And again he says to me "Be silent," and begins to weep. And so I ease his suffering and then say to him, "Poor pathetic man. You need not wallow, for the next sound you hear will be the thump of your severed cranium hitting the floor." And he screams "Aaaaahhhh!" And then...aah, blessed silence. Hmm hmmm hm...

"Why," he tells me, "Why?" And I say, "Did The Builder not pave the way of thine order with the blood of heathens? Shouldst I not do as the Builder would?" Hahaha. And I thank the Builder for his wisdom, for He hath shown me the divine power of death.

You there! I have heard them talk about you, yes? Say to me, "There is somone who spills blood without effort, without action," and I say, "Yes, I understand." But you do not. Your relationship with the shadows will never know betrayal.

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