T2_Noble1 Edit

These await confirmation.

Noble1: no10201A: (Reprimanding and huffy) You must be Uriel.... Well, you're late. I thought I made it clear to you Hammers that I don't like to be kept waiting.
Noble1: no10201C: Well, my cranky friend, head this way and I'll show you to your shipment. You know, you Hammers used to bring a lot of money my way, but I haven't seen you around, lately.
Noble1: no10201E: (Surprised) 'Heretics'? You mean the 'Mechanists,' right?
Noble1: no10201G: I've been hearing a lot about them, lately. Don't know what to think of them yet, but...seems like they have plans to improve The City. Making life better for people like me...which is more than you Hammers ever did.
Noble1: no10201I: (Indifferent) Yeah yeah, whatever you say... (Sighs) Let's just go and finish up our business.
Noble1: no10502B: (Worried exhalation) Lord Anders hasn't received a report in some time. The last he heard, it was not going well. I fear the Baron may return with the battlefield coming right up behind him.
Noble1: no10502D: (Contemptuous snorting laugh) I think you put too much faith in the Mechanists. After all...they are only a splinter group of the Hammerites. Hardly a military force. They seem concerned only with aiding nobles with their fancy inventions. Their tin soldiers wouldn't last long against a real army.
Noble1: no10705A: (Cry of surprise)
Noble1: no10705C: (Angry) You oaf! You scared me nearly half to death!
Noble1: no10705E: (Angrier) Of course I am, you...imbecile! (Sarcastic) How else are the Rothchild papers to be finished? Magic spells?
Noble1: no10705G: (Mocking sarcasm) Oh...really? That's very fascinating. Please...tell me more particulars...about guard duties.
Noble1: no10705I: (Exasperated exhalation) Just get out of my office!
Noble1: no11102A: (Snobbish whining) Oh...but it's just not fair! The season's most ballyhooed social event...and we're not even invited? (Egotistical) I am a Rothchild. Don't they understand that? Don't they understand how incredibly important I am?
Noble1: no11102C: (Snobbish whining)'s not that. It's just that...that--well--
Noble1: no11102E: (Beginning to snivel) Oh...Pumpkin! The Mechanists invited the Bumblesons. The Bumblesons! I mean...they haven't been in the inner circle in years!
Noble1: no11102G: (Sniveling) No no no no noo! (Proud) I am Frederick...Juniper...Rothchild...the Third. (Angry) And I deserve more recognition than those...(Contemptuous snarl) 'Commoners'!
Noble1: no11102I: (Excited) Oh yes! What an absolutely capital idea!
Noble1: no11103A: That's the point, Margaret: Now they will be happy.
Noble1: no11103C: Nononono--Not 'slaves', Margaret...'Servants'. You heard Mr. Karras. But why argue semantics? Before this, they were raving lunatics! (Reasoning) Have you ever seen a lunatic prepare a stew? Or sweep a stable? Ha ha ha ha! Not a pretty sight, one can be sure of that.
Noble1: no11103E: You see, my dear? The Servants can truly make you happy. Could there be a more noble purpose in life?
Noble1: no1a0mu1: (mumbling) Time for another visit to the tailor I think. Uhhh, velvet has gone so expensive...but wonder if it's worth it. Even the tradesmen are going up on velvet coats. Hardly means what it used to.
Noble1: no1a0mu2: (mumbling) Who to invite, who to invite? Hmmmm...Frederic is so tedious, but we do owe him a favor! Hmmm...Maryline, of course! If I invite Morgan, may needs taking down a notch. Huh...if I can see his face when he hears!
Noble1: no1a1__1: Is someone there?
Noble1: no1a1__2: Who's that?
Noble1: no1a1__3: Huh?
Noble1: no1a1__4: Come, come, what's that?
Noble1: no1a1h_1: Uhhh...who made that noise?
Noble1: no1a1h_2: Who's making those noises?
Noble1: no1a1v_1: Hmmm...thought I saw something.
Noble1: no1a1v_2: What do I see there?
Noble1: no1a2__1: What was that?
Noble1: no1a2__2: Who's there?
Noble1: no1a2__3: Who's there? Don't sludge about in the shadows!
Noble1: no1a2__4: I won't have people lurking about, where I can't see them!
Noble1: no1a3b_1: Ahhh! Murder! Guards!
Noble1: no1a3s_1: Uhhh! Who are you?
Noble1: no1a3s_2: Is this a thief I see before me? Guards!
Noble1: no1a3s_3: Be gone with you lout!
Noble1: no1a3s_4: Uhhh! How dare you?!
Noble1: no1alma1: The alarm! Hurry!
Noble1: no1bak_1: Hmmm...I'm starting to see things. I'd better get some rest.
Noble1: no1bak_2: Hmmm...musta been rats. How repulsive!
Noble1: no1bak_3: Hmmm...I guess it was nothing.
Noble1: no1bak_4: Uhhh! These old buildings make too much noise!
Noble1: no1bak_5: How odd! Therest' nothing there!
Noble1: no1bod_1: Uhhh! A body! Help, help!
Noble1: no1bod_2: Guards! There's a dead person here!
Noble1: no1hhi_1: dare you? I'll call the guards!
Noble1: no1hlow1: Ow, it hurts!
Noble1: no1hnd_1: Hey, watch it, oaf!
Noble1: no1lar_1: What's all this? Guards!
Noble1: no1mis_1: Hey! Someone must've stolen it! Guards!
Noble1: no1rbod1: I saw him laying there, dead as night!
Noble1: no1rint1: I have seen the intruder! I'm getting out of here!
Noble1: no1rint2: I saw him! The thief! I saw him!
Noble1: no1rmis1: It's been stole I tell you! There is a thief about!
Noble1: no1rob_1: Hmm. These dreadful things aren't quite perfected yet, no matter what they say!
Noble1: no1roth1: Ugh...I'm worried! Strange things are afoot!
Noble1: no1rrob1: Look, one of your things is broken! You'd better get someone to fix it!
Noble1: no1runa1: Guards, there's an intruder here!
Noble1: no1runa2: He's armed! Somebody get him!
Noble1: no1runa3: Guards! Thief! Don't let him get away!
Noble1: no1runa4: Thief! Stop him!
Noble1: no1runa5: Stop this villain! Someone!
Noble1: no1sec_1: Help! Thieves!
Noble1: no1sma_1: Hmmm...odd.
Noble1: no1telc1: I found him! Get him!
Noble1: no1telc2: Guards, he's over here!
Noble1: no1torc1: Oh please, how's in charge here? I'm gonna fall and hurt myself!
Noble1: no1torc2: Hey, can someone come and relight this dreadful thing?

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