T2_Noble2 Edit

These await confirmation.

Noble2: no20404B: servant, Jenivere, is missing. Now, she had no reason to run away...I treated her like my own daughter--who'll take care of me now?
Noble2: no20404D: Are you going to help me, or not? I'll have you know, I am a personal friend of Father Karras. He has a great deal of influence, you know. Where do you think all your fancy new devices came from? I doubt he would be pleased to find out you were neglecting to help one of his friends....
Noble2: no20404F: Uh-h...I'm sorry, Officer.... Thank you.
Noble2: no20504A: (Friendly) What's a big fella like you doing out here at night?
Noble2: no20504C: (Friendly) Don't you wanna woman to keep you warm?
Noble2: no20504E: (Friendly) Wouldn't you like to come over to my place to get outta the cold?
Noble2: no20802A: Well well.... If it ain't Officer Coranth, walking his rounds.
Noble2: no20802C: I'm out here, ain't I? I'm tired, hungry, and my purse is empty.
Noble2: no20802E: (Incredulous) What? Come on, Coranth. You never took me in before. (False poutiness) Can't you just wet me walk away like I was never here?
Noble2: no20802G: (Sarcastic) You're all heart, bulldog.
Noble2: No21102B: Shh...shh...I know...I know, dear. But there will be other banquets. Besides, it's not as if we intend to join their silly religion, or anything.
Noble2: No21102D: Yes, my snookums?
Noble2: No21102F: Now, Frederick, don't you think you're over-reacting just a tad?
Noble2: No21102H: (Inspired) Oh, I know what we'll do, my sweet.... We'll throw our own ball. To the Abyss with those Mechanists and their private affairs. Besides, they're just looking for supporters. We'll have our own banquet, and invite everyone but the Bumblesons. Would that make you happy, my love?
Noble2: no21103B: To serve the nobility is the highest privilege in life, of course. But slavery is just so...distasteful....
Noble2: no21103D: (Laughing) Oh, Christopher, you're such a card. (Recalling) Ooo, Karras did say the Servants could garden. (Inspired) I wonder if they could plant azaleas? Or roses? We could use them to trim the lilac bushes, as well....
Noble2: no21103F: (Laughing) Oh, Christopher, stop...(laughs more)
Noble2: no2a0mu1: Things are simply not what they were in my father's day. He would never have seen such insolence, such disrespect. And if he had, there would've been floggings, I can tell you.
Noble2: no2a0mu2: Can't believe he thought to charge so much for that! Does he think I'm a fool? I got this money by tossing it, left and right to every scoundrel with his hand out stretched? An outrage! He won't see my business a second time.
Noble2: no2a1__1: Is someone there?
Noble2: no2a1__2: What was that?
Noble2: no2a1__3: Huh?
Noble2: no2a1__4: What's that? Speak!
Noble2: no2a1__5: Who's there? Is someone back there?
Noble2: no2a1h_1: Uhhh! What was that noise?
Noble2: no2a1h_2: Hmmm...odd noises. Someone should look into that!
Noble2: no2a1h_3: I-is someone there?
Noble2: no2a1v_1: Hmmm... I thought I saw something!
Noble2: no2a1v_2: Strange! Saw something there for a moment!
Noble2: no2a2__1: What the devil is going on?
Noble2: no2a2__2: Uhhh...who's there?
Noble2: no2a2__3: that you sweetie?
Noble2: no2a3b_1: You killed him! Guards!
Noble2: no2a3s_1: Uhhh! robber!
Noble2: no2a3s_2: Guards! Guards!
Noble2: no2a3s_3: What? Guards! Help, help over here!
Noble2: no2a3s_4: Uhhh! Who are you?
Noble2: no2a3s_5: Guards!
Noble2: no2alma1: Sound the alarm!
Noble2: no2alma2: Sound the alarm!
Noble2: no2bak_1: Good! I'd not wanted to be disturbed!
Noble2: no2bak_2: Mmm, guess it was nothing.
Noble2: no2bak_3: But a breeze and nothing more.
Noble2: no2bak_4: If I see one rat, I would just scream!
Noble2: no2bak_5: Guess it was nothing.
Noble2: no2bod_1: Ugh...good lord, a-a corpse!
Noble2: no2bod_2: Ahhh...the reaper's work! Guards!
Noble2: no2hhi_1: Ow, don't you touch me!
Noble2: no2hlow1: me!
Noble2: no2lar_1: What a mess! Guards!
Noble2: no2mis_1: What robbery is this? Guards!
Noble2: no2rbod1: I tell you he's dead! The blood was still fresh on the floor!
Noble2: no2rint1: I have spied the criminal!
Noble2: no2rint2: Watch yourself! I saw someone around here earlier!
Noble2: no2rint3: Watch yourself! I saw a creep around here earlier!
Noble2: no2rmis1: Robbed, I tell you! There's a burglar somewhere!
Noble2: no2rob_1: Is this supposed to be like this? Anyone know how to turn this back on?
Noble2: no2roth1: I don't thin the guards are doing their jobs! There's someone in here with us!
Noble2: no2roth2: Someone's playing games around here!
Noble2: no2rrob1: Hello? Ugh...excuse me! But I think the vandals have wrecked one of those mechanical men. Yes, I saw it with my own eyes just a moment ago.
Noble2: no2run_1: Guards! There's a thief lurking about!
Noble2: no2run_2: Help someone! There's an intruder in here!
Noble2: no2run_3: Guards thief! Don't let him escape justice!
Noble2: no2run_4: Thief! Go after him!
Noble2: no2sec_1: Help! There's a rogue amongst us!
Noble2: no2sma_1: Hmmm...strange!
Noble2: no2sma_2: Hmmm...strange!
Noble2: no2telc1: I've spotted him!
Noble2: no2telc2: Guards he's over here!
Noble2: no2torc1: Oh why can't they get some descent torches around here? I mean we've got the money!
Noble2: no2torc2: Oh that's just great! Can somebody fix this torch?
Noble2: no2torc3: Oh that's just great! Can somebody fix this?
Noble2: no2torc4: Oh that's just great!

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