T2_Pagans Edit

These await confirmation.

Pagans: pg10403B: Manfool! He ams the oaks and leaves, and He will feeders on you!
Pagans: pg11002A: (Ghost voice) What? You? Gets the childrens to the Gathering Place, quickly nows!
Pagans: pg11003B: (Ghost voice) He ams the Jacksberry.
Pagans: pg11003D: (Ghost voice) Eats me all of His leaves and gifts.
Pagans: pg11003F: (Ghost voice, screaming) Fern! No! Ahhhh!
Pagans: pg11005A: (Ghost voice) I knows it was here...I knows it....
Pagans: pg11005C: (Ghost voice) My scythe! Gives it here....
Pagans: pg11006B: (Ghost voice) Someone has to stays behind to delays the Mechanist threat.
Pagans: pg11006D: (Ghost voice) No! Takes Minnow and go! Go nows!
Pagans: pg11401B: (Chattering) S-s-s--still I breathes...Mechanist.
Pagans: pg11401D: (Chattering) Garrett...yes. The Lady knows me you would come.
Pagans: pg11401F: (Chattering) Hush, sneaksie friend. Time runs out. There bes a Mechanist named 'Cavador'. Karras needs him. Relies he on his craftsy works. Karras always asking...needs he ever more, and more, from Cavador. The...'Cetus Project'...'Cetus Amicus'.... Horror of the seas...horror of the seas.... Must...tells The Lady.
Pagans: pg11401H: (Chattering, and suffering) You'll need...takes you...the key.... Beware! And...Garrett...?
Pagans: pg11401J: (Chattering) The c-cold...feels...nothing now. Garrett, I begs, return me to The Green....(Anguished) Kill me!
Pagans: pg21001B: (Ghost voice) Come, Lily, must we go....
Pagans: pg21001D: (Ghost voice) Lily....
Pagans: pg21003A: (Ghost voice) He ams the Honeymaker....
Pagans: pg21003C: (Ghost voice) Sits we down under His treesie roots....
Pagans: pg21003E: (Ghost voice) He feeders us--(Cries out) Aahh--
Pagans: pg21006A: (Ghost voice) Comes now, Birch. We've lit the lights, and opened ups the eyes of the Woodsie Lord. What left is theres to do?
Pagans: pg21006C: (Ghost voice) But we needs you with us, Birch....
Pagans: pg21006E: (Ghost voice, alarmed) Look out!
Pagans: pg31001A: (Ghost voice) You cans have this. I don't needs it anymore.
Pagans: pg31001C: (Ghost voice) His name's 'Dewdrop', and he doesn't likes Mechanists.
Pagans: pg31001E: (Ghost voice) I haves to go now....
Pagans: pg1a0mu1: (mumble) ...street...all the air is full of smokesie garbage. Cants see a single bit of grass to stand on.
Pagans: pg1a0mu2: Air for swiftness, earth for strength, water for thought.
Pagans: pg1a0mu3: Lady of the greens, keep us safe, grant us home, takes us when we lies down for our ways to live again.
Pagans: pg1a0mu4: (mumble) Think it's safe? Hard to tell. Nowhere is really safe anymore. Not now...don't think anyone is nearby...should be ok.
Pagans: pg1a0mu5: Every breaths of air a blessing, every taste of water a gift. Grant us our small miracles and lets us live another day.
Pagans: pg1a0mu6: Always so tired now. Can't remember when I've had a good dark sleep. Always so much to do!
Pagans: pg1a1__1: Huh? What's that?
Pagans: pg1a1__2: Hmmmm?
Pagans: pg1a1__3: Some creature? Little one, art you not?
Pagans: pg1a1__4: Huh?
Pagans: pg1a1h_1: Strange breaths of air.
Pagans: pg1a1h_2: Shhh! Shhhhh! Something quiets by!
Pagans: pg1a1v_1: Flit flash! Something moves!
Pagans: pg1a1v_2: Huh? Whatsie there?
Pagans: pg1a2__1: Who's the sneaksie?
Pagans: pg1a2__2: Who's there?
Pagans: pg1a2__3: Who's that?
Pagans: pg1a2__4: Man or beast?
Pagans: pg1a3b_1: Wahhh! Put them down!
Pagans: pg1a3s_1: Who are you?
Pagans: pg1a3s_2: Who's found me?
Pagans: pg1a3s_3: Get away!
Pagans: pg1a3s_4: Leave me alone!
Pagans: pg1almw1: Sound a warning! Hurry!
Pagans: pg1bak_1: Just the wind. Blow on airies!
Pagans: pg1bak_2: Hmmm...nothings now!
Pagans: pg1bak_3: Creapsie creature, have you gone? Oh well.
Pagans: pg1bak_4: one. No one!
Pagans: pg1bak_5: And only silences behind.
Pagans: pg1bak_6: Nothing. Nothing!
Pagans: pg1bak_7: Alone again! Wonder what it was.
Pagans: pg1bod_1: (in sorrow) R-r-retun to earths friend!
Pagans: pg1bod_2: Mans has no respect for life!
Pagans: pg1bod_3: (in sorrow) D-dead! Gone! Dead!
Pagans: pg1bod_4: Whosie done this!
Pagans: pg1hlow1: (in pain) Help me!
Pagans: pg1lar_1: What's all this?
Pagans: pg1lar_2: Chaos and trouble! Be sures!
Pagans: pg1mis_1: Hm, should be heres!
Pagans: pg1mis_2: Wheresie that?
Pagans: pg1mis_3: Someone's been lifting things!
Pagans: pg1rbod1: Someone's brought death here!
Pagans: pg1rint1: Seens me a sneaksie a bit ago!
Pagans: pg1rint2: Watch out! There's a sneaksie about!
Pagans: pg1rint3: Seen someone! Careful!
Pagans: pg1rmis1: Things been walking away.
Pagans: pg1rmis2: Stuffs' gone missing! Keep sharp!
Pagans: pg1roth1: Think there's a sniaksie about!
Pagans: pg1roth2: Seens me some sneaksie tracks!
Pagans: pg1run_1: Help!
Pagans: pg1run_2: Won't catch me!
Pagans: pg1run_3: Wind, speed me away!
Pagans: pg1run_4: You'll not take me!
Pagans: pg1run_5: Stay away!
Pagans: pg1run_6: I've nothing for you!
Pagans: pg1sec_1: Been a creepsie sneak trough here!
Pagans: pg1sec_2: Someone's not supposed to be here!
Pagans: pg1sma_1: What's this?
Pagans: pg1sma_2: Odd!
Pagans: pg1telc1: He's found us!
Pagans: pg1telc2: We are found out!

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