T2_Servant1 Edit

These await confirmation.

Servant1: SV10203A: I hear Captain Davidson came into port about four hours ago.
Servant1: sv10203C: I know what you mean. I used to grow my own spice, as well as fruits and vegetables, but all my crops died months ago and won't grow back no matter what I try.
Servant1: sv10203E: Maybe Davidson will smuggle in trees next, heh.... I don't know where he's getting the spice from, but his prices are steep. He's quickly becoming a rich man.
Servant1: sv10904B: Bunch of taffers in this city. I caught some woman in the kitchen earlier with a guilty look on her face. She was probably stealing the silverware.
Servant1: sv10904D: Hm, me neither. Hey listen, I'd love to sit and chat, but I got a huge mess to clean up in the Ballroom... so I-I'll catch you later.
Servant1: sv10904F: Sorry, they never gave me one. Check with one of the guards.
Servant1: sv11301A: Father Norell, what's wrong?
Servant1: sv11301C: I've been on errands for Lord Gervaisius...and just returned this night. 'Tis good fortune to be back in The City after so long.
Servant1: sv11301E: But why? What can my Lord see in these heretics?
Servant1: sv11301G: Surely we will return to the old ways....
Servant1: sv1a0co1: Cough...couch...oh dear...cough
Servant1: SV1A1__1: Is someone there?
Servant1: sv1a1__2: Who's that? Please don't play games!
Servant1: SV1A1__3: Who's there? Hello?
Servant1: sv1a1__4: Hello? Anyone there?
Servant1: sv1a1__5: Huh? Hello.... Anyone there?
Servant1: SV1A1H_1: What was that noise?
Servant1: SV1A1H_2: Ahhh...who made that noise?
Servant1: SV1A1V_1: Hmmm...thought I saw something.
Servant1: SV1A1V_2: What's that in the shadow there?
Servant1: SV1A2__1: W-w-what was that?
Servant1: SV1A2__2: How's there? W-what was that?
Servant1: SV1A2__3: Hey, who was that?
Servant1: SV1A2__4: I-is someone there? Hey!
Servant1: SV1A3B_1: Hey! What's going on?
Servant1: SV1A3S_1: Ahhh! W-w-who are you?
Servant1: SV1A3S_2: Don't hurt me!
Servant1: SV1A3S_3: I-I-I'm harmless! Leave me alone!
Servant1: SV1A3S_4:!
Servant1: SV1ALMW1: Go! Sound the alarm! Hurry!
Servant1: sv1bak_1: Hello...hmmm...oh well.
Servant1: sv1bak_2: Oh...just rats again!
Servant1: SV1BAK_3: Hmm...guess it was nothing!
Servant1: SV1BAK_4: Hello? Hellooo?......nothing there now.
Servant1: sv1bak_5: Ok...I ahh...guess it was nothing. I hope it was nothing.
Servant1: sv1bak_6: Well, there's no one here now!
Servant1: sv1bak_7: I could've sworn someone was there!
Servant1: sv1bak_8: Hmmm...oh well.
Servant1: SV1BOD_1: Ahhh! A body! Help! Heelp!
Servant1: SV1BOD_2: Oh no! Help! Help!
Servant1: SV1BOD_3: Help! Murder! Over here!
Servant1: SV1BOD_4: Assassin! Murder! There's a body over here!
Servant1: SV1HLOW1: Owwww! Help me!
Servant1: sv1hnd_3: Cough...oh dear.
Servant1: SV1LAR_1: What's all this? T-this is no good! Help!
Servant1: SV1LAR_2: Hey! Help! Look here!
Servant1: SV1MIS_1: Hey....w-where's that?
Servant1: SV1MIS_2: Oh no! We're in such taff!
Servant1: sv1rbod1: There's a murderer about! I-I-I saw a body!
Servant1: sv1rint1: Hey, there's an armed intruder wandering around!
Servant1: sv1rint2: I saw an intruder! Protect me!
Servant1: sv1rint3: Hey, I saw someone back there! Yeah...over there!
Servant1: SV1RMIS1: There's stuff been stolen!
Servant1: sv1rob_1: Oh my! My, that's not right! I think there's a vandal in here!
Servant1: SV1ROTH1: I'm worried! I think there was something a while back.
Servant1: SV1ROTH2: I think there's something weird going on!
Servant1: sv1rrob1: (really scared) Hey...I found one of those mechanical beasts destroyed! I think something's wrong!
Servant1: SV1RUN_1: Help! Save me! There's someone here!
Servant1: sv1run_2: There's a strange man over here! Come, quick!
Servant1: sv1run_3: Help! Help! He's after me!
Servant1: SV1RUN_4: Help! Help!
Servant1: sv1run_5: Look there! There's an armed stranger here!
Servant1: SV1RUN_6: Hurry! Over here! Save me!
Servant1: SV1SEC_1: Ahhh! There's been an intruder!
Servant1: SV1SEC_2: Help! Burglars!
Servant1: SV1SMA_1: This isn't right!
Servant1: SV1SMA_2: Oh, we'll be in taff if this isn't cleaned up.
Servant1: SV1TELC1: Help! Help! Don't let him get me!
Servant1: SV1TELC2: Someone get him!
Servant1: sv1torc1: It's always so dark and gloomy around here.
Servant1: sv1torc2: That shouldn't go out like that. Someone will fall and get hurt!

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