T2_Servant2 Edit

These await confirmation.

Servant2: sv20104A: Jax! Can I bother you a moment?
Servant2: sv20104B: I don't mean to pry, but...I heard you were thinking of joining the sheriff's guard?
Servant2: sv20104D: But have you seen those mechanical men the sheriff has now? I would never wanna work around those....
Servant2: sv20104F: Well, imagine a walking, talking security machine. It's hard to explain...(inhale) they seem like people, but they're made all of metal. They have arms and faces, an' they can see you, but you can tell, just by looking at them...their only purpose is to kill.
Servant2: sv20104H: Yes, I...think so. I just wanted to mention it before you did decide to quit your job here. I'd...hate to see you go....
Servant2: sv20104J: Oh, that's alright. Goodnight Jax.
Servant2: sv20503A: (Alarmed) What's going on? The City Watch are all over the place!
Servant2: sv20503C: (Alarmed) Goodness me! Is-Is this man dangerous?
Servant2: sv20503E: And how do you know that?
Servant2: sv20503G: Myy!
Servant2: sv20904A: Can you believe this mess they expect us to clean up? There was some moron passed out drunk under the table in the Ballroom, and it looks like they had a food fight in there.
Servant2: sv20904C: The sheriff certainly keeps some--(smacks) how should I say it? I'm definitely not looking forward to the next dinner party he throws.
Servant2: sv20904E: Hey hold up! Do you have one of those gears? Some taffer spilled mead all over the carpet in the Game Room, an' I need to clean it up. All the doors leading up there are locked an' I don't have a gear to open up that new door.
Servant2: sv20905b: (Wearied, exhales) spilled the mead on the rug. Anyway, someone is on the way to clean it up, already.
Servant2: sv20905D: (Wearied) Benny, I think you've had too much to drink. Aren't you supposed to be on duty?
Servant2: sv20905F: (Wearied) Whatever, Benny...I think you should go sleep it off. No more mead for you.
Servant2: SV2A1__1: Huh?
Servant2: SV2A1__2: Someone there?
Servant2: SV2A1__3: Is that you Kevel?
Servant2: SV2A1__4: What's that?
Servant2: SV2A1H_1: What's that sound?
Servant2: SV2A1H_2: Who's there? D-did you say something?
Servant2: SV2A1V_1: Who was there? I saw something!
Servant2: SV2A1V_2: Ahhh! someone over there?
Servant2: SV2A2__1: I don't like this!
Servant2: sv2a2__2: Ok, stop taffing with me! Please!
Servant2: sv2a2__3: What? Hey...i-is someone here? Hel-hello?
Servant2: SV2A2__4: Who's there?
Servant2: Sv2a2__5: What's that? Hey, is someone in here?
Servant2: SV2A3B_1: Ahhh! killed him!
Servant2: SV2A3S_1: Please, don't hurt me!
Servant2: SV2A3S_2: I surrender!
Servant2: SV2A3S_3: I-I don't have any money!
Servant2: sv2a3s_4: stay away from me! Help!
Servant2: sv2a3s_5: Help!
Servant2: SV2ALMW1: Oh, ring the alarm, get help!
Servant2: sv2bak_1: Well, doesn't seem like anything now.
Servant2: sv2bak_2: Hello? Hm, nothing there.
Servant2: sv2bak_3: That's strange! Could've sworn something was there.
Servant2: sv2bak_4: Nothing there. This place must be getting to me!
Servant2: sv2bak_5: Ugh, this place gives me the creeps. Back to work!
Servant2: sv2bak_6: That's odd! I must be getting sleepy.
Servant2: sv2bak_7: Gee, I must've imagined it.
Servant2: SV2BOD_1: Ohhh, all that blood, ugh!
Servant2: SV2BOD_2: Murderers! Help over here!
Servant2: SV2BOD_3: Over here! Help! He's...killed someone!
Servant2: SV2BOD_4: Ah! There's a dead guy over here, look!
Servant2: SV2HLOW1: Urghhh...please no! Help!
Servant2: SV2LAR_1: Ahhh! Look at this! Help!
Servant2: SV2LAR_2: Oh no, who's done this? Help! Help!
Servant2: SV2MIS_1: Hey! Help thief!
Servant2: SV2MIS_2: Where is it?
Servant2: SV2RBOD1: D-d-did you see the body?
Servant2: SV2RINT1: I just saw the intruder! He's around here somewhere!
Servant2: SV2RINT2: There's someone creeping about! I'm scared!
Servant2: SV2RMIS1: There's a thief around! All sorts of stuff is missing!
Servant2: sv2rob_1: Oh-ow, who could've done this? Look at this poor thing.
Servant2: SV2ROTH1: Someone's searching for something and will get the taff for it!
Servant2: SV2ROTH2: A whole room has been trashed! Have you seen someone?
Servant2: sv2rrob1: You won't believe it! One of those iron beast, in ruins!
Servant2: SV2RUN_1: Help! Thief! Thief!
Servant2: SV2RUN_2: He's right here! Help!
Servant2: SV2RUN_3: I see him! Help, over here!
Servant2: sv2run_4: Help! He's after me! Hurry!
Servant2: SV2RUN_5: Someone get him!
Servant2: SV2RUN_6: Help! Help! There's someone in here!
Servant2: SV2SEC_1: Anyone! Anyone, there's a prowler trough here!
Servant2: SV2SEC_2: Help! Here! An intruder was here!
Servant2: SV2SMA_1: Hey! What's been going on here?
Servant2: SV2SMA_2: What happened here?
Servant2: SV2TELC1: He's right here! Help!
Servant2: sv2telc2: Over here! A stranger! His armed! Come quick!
Servant2: SV2TELC3: I see him! Help! Over Here!
Servant2: sv2torc1: Uhhh, so drafty here! No wonder they keep going out all the time.
Servant2: sv2torc2: That shouldn't go out like that!

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