T2_Slave Edit

Slave: ms1a0wh0: O death... Come for me death...
Slave: ms1a0wh1: Help me... Please help me...
Slave: ms1a0wh2: Someone free me, I beg you... Free me.
Slave: ms1a0wh3: Please! No more. No more, please.
Slave: ms1a0wh4: Death is the only thing left now. Death...
Slave: ms1a0wh5: Let me go! Let me go!
Slave: ms1a0wh6: What should I do that thou would hit me? To die, too...
Slave: ms1a0wh7: Let me out... Let me go free...
Slave: ms1a0wh8: How can this go on? How can this go on?
Slave: ms1a0wh9: Someday I will be free. Someday I will be free.
Slave: ms1a0whA: Why do you do this to me? Why do you do this to me?
Slave: ms1a0whB: Someone...someone kill me...
Slave: ms1a0whC: S-so cold... So very cold...
Slave: ms1a1__1: (Commanded) See if someone is there.
Slave: ms1a1__2: (Commanded) Look around for whatever that was.
Slave: ms1a1__3: (Commanded) See what that was.
Slave: ms1a1__4: (Commanded) Pay more attention.
Slave: ms1a1__5: (Commanded) Look for that.
Slave: ms1a1__6: (Commanded) Stop dozing and pay attention.
Slave: ms1a1__7: (Commanded) Look around for that.
Slave: ms1a1__8: (Commanded) See what that was.
Slave: ms1a1h_1: (Commanded) Find out what that noise was.
Slave: ms1a1h_2: (Commanded) Seek out what you heard.
Slave: ms1a1h_3: (Commanded) You heard a noise. Pay attention.
Slave: ms1a1h_4: (Commanded) Look for the source of that noise.
Slave: ms1a1v_1: (Commanded) Take a closer look at that.
Slave: ms1a1v_2: (Commanded) Watch more carefully.
Slave: ms1a1v_3: (Command query) What did you see?
Slave: ms1a1v_4: (Commanded) Did you see something? Be more alert.
Slave: ms1a2__1: (Commanded) Find the disturbance.
Slave: ms1a2__2: (Commanded) Determine what that was.
Slave: ms1a2__3: (Commanded) Look around more carefully.
Slave: ms1a2__4: (Commanded) Find that.
Slave: ms1a2__5: (Commanded) Find whatever that was.
Slave: ms1a2__6: (Commanded) See what that is.
Slave: ms1a2__7: (Commanded) Seek the source of the irritation.
Slave: ms1a2__8: (Commanded) Locate that.
Slave: ms1a3b_1: (Commanded) Warn the others of this killer.
Slave: ms1a3b_2: (Commanded) Do not let the intruder kill you as well.
Slave: ms1a3s_1: (Commanded) Do not let the intruder...cause you damage.
Slave: ms1a3s_2: (Commanded) Avoid the intruder.
Slave: ms1a3s_3: (Commanded) Do not let the intruder...sssee you.
Slave: ms1a3s_4: (Commanded) Alert the others to the intruder's presence.
Slave: ms1a3s_5: (Commanded) Prevent the intruder from destroying you.
Slave: ms1a3s_6: (Commanded) Keep out of the intruder's path.
Slave: ms1a3s_7: (Commanded) Do not let the intruder slay you.
Slave: ms1a3s_8: (Commanded) Alert the others of an intruder.
Slave: ms1a3se1: (Commanded) Find the culprit!
Slave: ms1a3se2: (Commanded) Keep searching!
Slave: ms1a3se3: (Commanded) Look carefully!
Slave: ms1a3se4: (Commanded) Look around until you find him.
Slave: ms1a3se5: (Commanded) Find him now.
Slave: ms1a3se6: (Commanded) Try and discover him.
Slave: ms1a3se7: (Commanded) Learn the location of the intruder.
Slave: ms1a3se8: (Commanded) Determine where he is.
Slave: ms1almw1: (Commanded) Go and sound the alarms!
Slave: ms1almw2: (Commanded) Sound the alarms, quickly!
Slave: ms1amb_1: (Command declaration) Ambush!
Slave: ms1amb_2: (Command query) What has attacked you?
Slave: ms1amb_3: (Crying out) Ah! Do not punish! I am obedient!
Slave: ms1amb_4: (Crying out) Ugh! What did I do now?
Slave: ms1ambw1: (Command declaration) This one is attacked.
Slave: ms1ambw2: (Command query) Who attacks this one?
Slave: ms1ambw3: (Command query) Do you see who attacks this one?
Slave: ms1atl_1: (Strength failing) I fall! I am freee...
Slave: ms1atl_2: (Calling out) Help me! Help me, pleease...!
Slave: ms1atn_1: (Command declaration) You are successfully defeating him.
Slave: ms1atn_2: (Command declaration) You are doing well.
Slave: ms1atww1: (Command declaration) This one is near to defeating the intruder.
Slave: ms1atww2: (Commanded) Help this one finish off the intruder.
Slave: ms1bak_1: (Commanded) Do not let yourself be fooled again.
Slave: ms1bak_2: (Commanded) You are reacting to nothing. Be more accurate.
Slave: ms1bak_3: (Commanded) Do not bother yourself again for such trivia.
Slave: ms1bak_4: (Commanded) Cease this overreacting!
Slave: ms1bak_5: (Commanded) Do not become disturbed again for nothing.
Slave: ms1bak_6: (Commanded) Distinguish more carefully.
Slave: ms1bak_7: (Commanded) Cease worrying, nothing is here.
Slave: ms1bak_8: (Command declaration) You have reacted to nothing.
Slave: ms1bak_9: (Commanded) You may cease searching.
Slave: ms1bak10: (Command declaration) You have found nothing. Nothing is here.
Slave: ms1bak11: (Commanded) Do not react so foolishly again.
Slave: ms1bak12: (Commanded) Pay better attention next time.
Slave: ms1bak13: (Command declaration) You have overreacted.
Slave: ms1bak14: (Command declaration) You have imagined things.
Slave: ms1bkd_1: (Command declaration) Fool! He is blocking your attack!
Slave: ms1bkd_2: (Commanded) Do not let him block you again.
Slave: ms1bkdw1: (Command declaration) The intruder blocks this one's attempt.
Slave: ms1blk_1: (Commanded) It is commendable to keep yourself from damage.
Slave: ms1blk_2: (Commanded) Continue to prevent the intruder from harming you.
Slave: ms1blkw1: (Command declaration) This one holds the intruder off.
Slave: ms1bod_1: (Commanded) Report a death.
Slave: ms1bod_2: (Commanded) Tell the others of this death.
Slave: ms1bod_3: (Commanded) Warn them of this death.
Slave: ms1bod_4: (Commanded) Be alert for the killer.
Slave: ms1bod_5: (Commanded) Tell others there has been a death.
Slave: ms1bod_6: (Command declaration) That is a body!
Slave: ms1bod_7: (Command declaration) That one has been killed.
Slave: ms1bod_8: (Commanded) Tell the others of a murder.
Slave: ms1chga1: (Commanded) Subdue this intruder!
Slave: ms1chga2: (Commanded) Remove this threat.
Slave: ms1det_1: (Commanded) Do not let him evade you.
Slave: ms1det_2: (Command declaration) The intruder is on the defensive.
Slave: ms1detw1: (Command declaration) The intruder tries to block this one.
Slave: ms1diec1: (Command declaration) You have failed.
Slave: ms1diec2: (Dying, breathing heavily) Thank you. Thank you.
Slave: ms1diec3: (Command declaration) This is not right!
Slave: ms1diec4: (Dying, breathing heavily) Freeee! (Weeping with joy)
Slave: ms1hhi_1: (Command declaration) It has damaged you.
Slave: ms1hhi_2: (Command declaration) He has hurt you.
Slave: ms1hhi_3: (Commanded) Don't let him do that again.
Slave: ms1hit_1: (Commanded) Repeat that. That was successful.
Slave: ms1hit_2: (Commanded) Hit it again. Quickly!
Slave: ms1hlo_1: Soon!
Slave: ms1hlo_2: (Fearful) Get it off mee!
Slave: ms1hlo_3: It's almost dead!
Slave: ms1hlow1: (Commanded) Help this one, it dies.
Slave: ms1hnd_1: (Commanded) Pay attention! Something attacked you.
Slave: ms1hnd_2: (Command declaration) Something attempting to damage you.
Slave: ms1hnd_3: (Command declaration) An ineffective enemy is targeting you.
Slave: ms1lar_1: (Commanded) Determine the extent of the problem.
Slave: ms1lar_2: (Commanded) Take stock of the problem.
Slave: ms1lar_3: (Commanded) Note the extent of the trouble.
Slave: ms1lar_4: (Commanded) You will need to fix this later.
Slave: ms1los_1: (Command declaration) You have lost the intruder.
Slave: ms1los_2: (Command declaration) You have foolishly let the intruder escape.
Slave: ms1los_3: (Commanded) Find the intruder you have let evade you.
Slave: ms1mis_1: (Commanded) Look for that which is missing.
Slave: ms1mis_2: (Commanded) Seek this.
Slave: ms1mis_3: (Commanded) Note that which is missing.
Slave: ms1mis_4: (Commanded) Find those.
Slave: ms1mis_5: (Commanded) Take note of the missing items.
Slave: ms1mis_6: (Commanded) Tell others of the theft.
Slave: ms1rbod1: (Command declaration) This one has found a corpse!
Slave: ms1rbod2: (Command declaration) This one has seen a dead body!
Slave: ms1rint1: (Command declaration) This one has seen an intruder!
Slave: ms1rint2: (Command declaration) This one has discovered an intruder!
Slave: ms1rint3: (Command affirmative declaration) There is an intruder.
Slave: ms1rint4: (Command declaration) This one has seen someone.
Slave: ms1rint5: (Command declaration) An intruder has come.
Slave: ms1rint6: (Command declaration) This one has found an intruder.
Slave: ms1rmis1: (Command declaration) Items have been removed.
Slave: ms1rmis2: (Command declaration) This one has discovered missing items.
Slave: ms1rmis3: (Command declaration) Items have been removed.
Slave: ms1rmis4: (Command declaration) This one has found something stolen.
Slave: ms1roth1: (Command declaration) This one has seen evidence of an intruder.
Slave: ms1roth2: (Command declaration) There is evidence of an intruder.
Slave: ms1roth3: (Command declaration) This one believes an intruder has come.
Slave: ms1roth4: (Command declaration) This one has found evidence of a burglar.
Slave: ms1run_1: (Commanded) Go and alert the others.
Slave: ms1run_2: (Commanded) Leave the area where the intruder is.
Slave: ms1run_3: (Commanded) Go and alert others to the intruder.
Slave: ms1run_4: (Commanded) Find others and warn them.
Slave: ms1run_5: (Commanded) Go and tell the others of an armed intruder.
Slave: ms1run_6: (Commanded) Alert others quickly.
Slave: ms1run_7: (Commanded) Warn the others.
Slave: ms1run_8: (Commanded) Leave here and warn others.
Slave: ms1run_9: (Commanded) Find others to warn them.
Slave: ms1run10: (Commanded) Go and find help.
Slave: ms1run11: (Commanded) Run and alert everyone else.
Slave: ms1run12: (Commanded) Go and warn people.
Slave: ms1sec_1: (Commanded) Look carefully for more evidence of an intruder.
Slave: ms1sec_2: (Commanded) Determine the extent of the intrusion.
Slave: ms1sec_3: (Commanded) Pay attention to this. There has been an intruder here.
Slave: ms1sec_4: (Commanded) Look at this carefully and tell others.
Slave: ms1sma_1: (Commanded) Investigate for further instances of this.
Slave: ms1sma_2: (Commanded) Look for anything else inappropriate.
Slave: ms1sma_3: (Commanded) Is anything else disturbed? Look around.
Slave: ms1sma_4: (Commanded) Look for other disturbances.
Slave: ms1telc1: (Command declaration) The intruder has been found!
Slave: ms1telc2: (Command declaration) This one has found the intruder!
Slave: ms1telc3: (Command declaration) This one sees the intruder!
Slave: ms1telc4: (Command declaration) The intruder is here!

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