T2_Th1 Edit

These await confirmation.

Th1: th10402A: (Grunts) You guys can't treat me like this! I'm a vet'ran!
Th1: th10402C: (Sniveling) W-w-w--when I got back, my family was gone. I h-had no money to live.
Th1: th11105A: (Harsh, angry whisper) Quiet you lumbering ox! You're making enough racket to wake the whole of Dayport!
Th1: th11105C: (Harsh, angry whisper) What you'll see is the haft of my sword across your brow if you don't hurry things up! There's a guard in the building and we're both skewered if he hears you!
Th1: th11105E: (Harsh whisper through gritted teeth) We want whatever you can carry, you taffer! Now hurry it along before we're seen! Or maybe you want to spend a life time or two in the bluecoats' company?
Th1: th11105G: (Harsh, exasperated whisper) Ahh...just hurry it up, already!
Th1: th1a0mu1: (mumble) ...gonna get used to working with women...or running from women on the guard these days...still!
Th1: th1a0mu2: (mumble) ...fell lucky tonight...once I get out of work here.
Th1: th1a0mu3: (mumble) ...I shouldn't even be here, I should be...I should be at a game or something!
Th1: TH1A1__1: Huh?
Th1: TH1A1__2: What was that?
Th1: TH1A1__3: Hmmm
Th1: TH1A1__4: Hey!
Th1: TH1A1_W1: Was something there?
Th1: TH1A1_W2: What's going on!
Th1: TH1A1H_1: What'd I hear?
Th1: TH1A1H_2: Hmmm...that sounded funny!
Th1: TH1A1HW1: Quiet, I hear something!
Th1: TH1A1HW2: Hey, you hear that?
Th1: TH1A1HW3: (whispering) Shhh...there!
Th1: TH1A1HW4: (whispering) Cshhhh...listen!
Th1: TH1A1V_1: Hm, thought I saw something.
Th1: TH1A1V_2: My eyes must be playing tricks on me.
Th1: TH1A1VW1: Hey did you see that?
Th1: TH1A1VW2: Look, over there!
Th1: TH1A1VW3: You see that?
Th1: TH1A1VW4: You saw it too?
Th1: TH1A2__1: Hey, who's there?
Th1: TH1A2__2: Something's wrong here.
Th1: TH1A2__3: What the hell is going on here!
Th1: TH1A2__4: Hmmm, something's going down.
Th1: TH1A2H_2: Hey, I'm not deaf you know! Come out!
Th1: th1a2h_3: I heard that! Come out here!
Th1: TH1A2SE2: You better hope I find you before the guards do!
Th1: TH1A2SE3: Come on out and I promise I'll take care of you quickly!
Th1: TH1A2SE4: I know you're out there!
Th1: TH1A2V_1: U-hoo, I see you!
Th1: th1a3__1: Hey!
Th1: th1a3__2: What the...!
Th1: TH1A3B_1: Somehow I don't think your friend there, has had too much to drink!
Th1: th1a3na1: Hey, who are you?
Th1: th1a3na2: What are you looking at? Beat it!
Th1: th1a3na3: Get out of here, if you know what's good for you!
Th1: th1a3s_2: You! Hey I'm talking to you! Scram!
Th1: th1a3s_4: Oh you got trouble now!
Th1: th1a3se1: Come on now, I won't hurt you...much!
Th1: TH1A3SE2: Come out, come out where ever you are!
Th1: TH1A3SE4: You won't stay hidden for long taffer!
Th1: th1a3se5: Why don't you just come out? Ok? We're both on the same side. You know what I mean?
Th1: th1amb_1: Ahhh, who did that?
Th1: th1amb_2: Argh, hey!
Th1: th1ambw1: me...there's a sniper!
Th1: TH1ATB_1: Dodge this!
Th1: TH1ATB_2: Choke on it!
Th1: TH1ATB_3: Catch!
Th1: TH1ATN_1: I'm gonna make you bleed!
Th1: TH1ATN_2: Take this!
Th1: TH1ATW_1: Die!
Th1: TH1ATWW1: You're going down!
Th1: TH1BAK_1: Hm, you think I'd be used to rat noises by now.
Th1: TH1BAK_2: Ahhh...was just nothing.
Th1: TH1BAK_3: All's quiet now.
Th1: TH1BAK_4: Heh, I'm getting too jumpy.
Th1: TH1BKD_1: You're quick I'll give you that!
Th1: TH1BKD_2: How long do you think you can keep this up?
Th1: th1bkdw1: Ugrhh, he's good!
Th1: th1blk_1: Come on old man! You can do better than that!
Th1: th1bod_1: Huh, this guy is dead!
Th1: th1bod_2: Oh ow, a stiff!
Th1: th1bod_3: Hmmm...better you than me.
Th1: TH1CHGA1: I'm gonna rob you of your organs taffer boy!
Th1: TH1CHGA2: You're going down!
Th1: TH1CHGW2: After him!
Th1: TH1CHGW3: Get him!
Th1: th1det_1: Where do you think you're going!
Th1: TH1DET_2: Scared, huh?
Th1: TH1DETW1: We have him now!
Th1: th1frus1: You've made enemies, taffer! Count your hours!
Th1: th1frus2: Grin while you can taffer! You're ours now!
Th1: TH1HIT_2: I'll remember to rob your grave fool!
Th1: TH1HIT_3: You're not so though now!
Th1: TH1HITW1: We've got you now!
Th1: TH1HLOW1: me!
Th1: TH1HND_1: Heh, oh please!
Th1: TH1HND_2: You'll have to do better than that!
Th1: TH1LAR_1: Something is definitely going down.
Th1: TH1LAR_2: Oh ow, we've got problems!
Th1: TH1LOS_1: Damn, where did he go!
Th1: TH1LOS_2: Lost him!
Th1: TH1LOS_3: He's vanished!
Th1: th1mis_1: Someone is messing with my money!
Th1: th1mis_2: Hey where did this go?
Th1: th1rbod2: There's a killer about! Watch your back!
Th1: th1rbod3: Watch yourself! Bodies are starting to pile up!
Th1: TH1RINT1: Keep your eyes open! Something's going on!
Th1: th1rint2: Someone other than us is poking around here!
Th1: th1rint3: Stay alert! Something's up!
Th1: TH1RMIS1: Somebody's getting greedy! Keep an eye out!
Th1: th1rmis2: There's some other thief around here!
Th1: TH1ROTH1: Stay alert, something's going on!
Th1: th1roth2: Something strange is going on! Be extra careful!
Th1: TH1RUNA1: Guards over here!
Th1: TH1RUNA2: Guards, get him!
Th1: TH1SEC_1: Someone's poking around who shouldn't be.
Th1: TH1SMA_1: Hey, what's this?
Th1: TH1SMA_2: This ain't right!
Th1: TH1SMA_3: Oh ow, I smell trouble!
Th1: TH1TELC1: I found him!
Th1: TH1TELC2: Hey, there he is!
Th1: TH1TELC3: Quick, he's getting away!
Th1: th1telr1: Well, well! Look what we've go here!
Th1: th1telr2: I've spotted him!
Th1: th1telr3: Hey! Over here!
Th1: TH1TELR4: Hey! He's over here!
Th1: th1torc1: Oh, why don't they spring for some decent torches around here?

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