T2_Th2 Edit

These await confirmation.

Th2: th21105B: (Harsh whisper) Well it's dark, and I can't sees what I'm lifting.
Th2: th21105D: (Harsh whisper) Alright alright! But I gots me a question...: Do we wants the gold...or the jewelry?
Th2: th21105F: (Somewhat alarmed) The bluecoats? Where?
Th2: th2a1__1: Huh? What was that?
Th2: th2a1__2: What?
Th2: TH2A1__3: Huh?
Th2: TH2A1__4: Hey!
Th2: th2a1_w1: Did you notice that?
Th2: th2a1_w2: Hey! What's going on?
Th2: th2a1h_1: Huh? What was that?
Th2: TH2A1H_2: Hmmm...I thought I heard something.
Th2: TH2A1HW1: Quiet!
Th2: TH2A1HW2: Hey, you hear that?
Th2: TH2A1HW3: Hey, hear that noise?
Th2: TH2A1HW4: Shhhhh!
Th2: TH2A1V_1: I thought I saw something!
Th2: th2a1v_2: Hmmm...did I see something?
Th2: TH2A1VW1: Hey, did you see that?
Th2: th2a1vw2: Look at that! Over there!
Th2: th2a1vw3: Did you see something there?
Th2: TH2A2__1: Who's that?
Th2: TH2A2__2: Something's wrong!
Th2: TH2A2__3: What's going on?
Th2: TH2A2__4: Something is strange here.
Th2: th2a2h_1: I hear you! Come on out!
Th2: th2a2h_2: Oh, you're a noisy one, aren't you?
Th2: th2a2h_3: Come on now! I heard that!
Th2: th2a2se1: We're gonna have fun gutting you, taffer boy!
Th2: th2a2se2: Just poke your head out and I'll end it for you real quick!
Th2: th2a2se3: You know I'll eventually find you, so why don't you just come on out?
Th2: th2a2v_1: Huh? You know I see you, don't you?
Th2: Th2a3__1: Hey!
Th2: Th2a3__2: What?
Th2: th2a3b_1: Hahaha, that's not loot you're carrying!
Th2: th2a3na1: Who are you? Get out of here!
Th2: th2a3na2: Oh you just made a big mistake!
Th2: th2a3na3: You shouldn't ‘ve let me see you! You're done for!
Th2: th2a3s_3: What do you think you're doing here?
Th2: th2a3s_4: Hey, who are you? All right that's it!
Th2: th2a3se1: I'm not kidding, come on out!
Th2: th2a3se2: I'm gonna count to three so you better come out! 1...2...uhhh...
Th2: th2a3se3: You know you can't hide forever!
Th2: th2amb_1: Argh! Who did that?
Th2: th2amb_2: Hey, hey, hey! Watch it!
Th2: TH2AMBW1: Ahhh, he got me!
Th2: th2ambw2: Owwww! Help!
Th2: th2atb_1: Got you now!
Th2: th2atb_2: Here! I have a present for you!
Th2: th2atw_1: I say your time's about up!
Th2: TH2ATWW1: He doesn't stand a chance!
Th2: TH2BAK_1: Huh...too many damn rats around here.
Th2: th2bak_2: Ahhh, twas nothing I guess.
Th2: TH2BAK_3: Hm, it's quiet now.
Th2: TH2BAK_4: Guess it was noting.
Th2: TH2BKD_1: Quick ei?
Th2: TH2BKD_2: Block this!
Th2: th2bkdw1: Oh you are good!
Th2: th2blk_1: You're awfully slow!
Th2: TH2BLKW1: Not so tough now, is he?
Th2: th2bod_1: Oh-ow, I didn't do this!
Th2: th2bod_2: Huh, poor sod! Better you than me.
Th2: th2chga2: All right, you asked for it!
Th2: TH2CHGW2: After him!
Th2: TH2CHGW3: Get him!
Th2: th2det_1: Not trying to get away, are you?
Th2: th2det_2: Come on, don't be afraid!
Th2: TH2DETW1: We have him now!
Th2: th2frus1: We can wait, taffer! We can wait!
Th2: th2frus2: You better just keep watching your back!
Th2: th2hit_2: Bet that hurt!
Th2: TH2HIT_3: Had enough?
Th2: TH2HITW1: We've got you now!
Th2: th2hlo_4: Argh...quit it!
Th2: TH2HLOW1: Argh! Help me!
Th2: TH2HND_1: Ha!
Th2: TH2HND_2: That tickles!
Th2: TH2LAR_1: Definitely something going down.
Th2: TH2LAR_2: Problems like this we don't need.
Th2: TH2LOS_1: Where did he go, damn it?
Th2: TH2LOS_2: Lost him!
Th2: TH2LOS_3: He's gone!
Th2: th2mis_1: Oh-ow, where's my stuff?
Th2: TH2MIS_2: Who's stole it?
Th2: TH2RBOD1: Ohhh, he's been taken out!
Th2: th2rint1: Keep your eyes open, there's trouble!
Th2: th2rint2: Something odd is going on! Stay alert!
Th2: th2rint3: There's trouble! Stay sharp!
Th2: TH2RMIS2: Hey, there's stuff missing here!
Th2: TH2ROTH1: Trouble's about. Keep sharp!
Th2: TH2SEC_1: Somebody's lurking around!
Th2: TH2SEC_2: We definitely got a troublemaker around here!
Th2: TH2SMA_1: What's this?
Th2: TH2SMA_2: Hmmm, this is wrong!
Th2: TH2SMA_3: Hmmm, smell like trouble.
Th2: TH2TELC1: I found him!
Th2: TH2TELC2: There he is!
Th2: TH2TELC3: He's getting away! After him!
Th2: TH2TELR1: Get over here! An intruder got inside!
Th2: th2telr2: Well, well, well! Look what we got here!
Th2: th2telr3: Hey, who's the creep!
Th2: th2telr4: Look here! Let's jump him!
Th2: TH2TELR5: There he is!
Th2: th2torc1: Hmm, they should spend a little of that money they got on some decent lighting.

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