T2_guard1 Edit

This is the voice of Sutter and guards like him.

guard1: sg10406B: Because we can't be shut off as easily, you taffer.
guard1: sg10406D: Damn right. No smell of sewage, no mildew, fewer rats.
guard1: sg10406F: Not really. Probably figured we'd spend less time breaking the law since we'd be enforcing it. Gold is gold—don't matter if it's coming from Reuben or Sheriff Truart.
guard1: sg10701A: Heh. Night shift again, eh Mart? You piss off the Master Banker or what?
guard1: sg10701C: (Mockingly) Here let me take some of that nasty, heavy stuff off your hands, Lord Dunswick.
guard1: sg10704B: (Sighing) What is it?
guard1: sg10704D: (Mockingly) Aww. Wouldn't want to stub your little toesies.
guard1: sg11101A: And I'm telling you that the only stench heartier than your rotting burrick of a master, is the liquor on his fetid breath. If he comes near Lady van Vernon again, we'll boil his knickers.
guard1: sg11101C: Huh! (Angry, proclaiming loudly) How dare you defile the name of someone so good and virtuous as the Lady van Vernon. Our Lady is a saint among mortal women. An angel so pure the heavens couldn't hold her!
guard1: Sg11101E: (Furious) Such slander will not be tolerated while we're on watch! You'd best run and rescue your helpless limp lord, before he founders on his own vomit–or wakes up naked in a hen-coop! Scurry off! Or you'll require some unnecessary ventilation!
guard1: Sg11101G: (Hysterical) You've gone–you've gone too far this time, you camel-mannered, tunic-wearing, molly-coddle! An arrow to the throat ought to shut you up!
guard1: sg11201B: Not too bad, just catching a cold. (Sneezes)
guard1: sg11201D: We're guards—that's what we do. (Coughs)
guard1: sg11201F: (Angry) I don't know and I don't care. We go through this all the time. You ask these stupid questions and then something goes wrong. Lord Bafford, Lord Donal, Sheriff Truart–we've worked for all of them and always gotten fired because someone broke in, something got stolen, or someone got killed! I'm always gettin' distracted answering your stupid questions! When this job is over you're on your own. I'm done with ya.
guard1: sg11201H: Taffer! (Coughs)
guard1: sg1a0mu1: Nuh, what is that smell? Smells like old meat. (Sniffs) What the...[it] can't be me. I washed a few days ago.
guard1: sg1a0mu2: (Mumbling) I wish someone let me know what's going on. Never have a clue on anything...last person to know.
guard1: sg1a0mu3: (Mumbling, sighs) Just because I've been here only a few months, think they can just get away with pushing me around. I'll show them some day. Somehow they'll get what they deserve.
guard1: sg1a0mu4: (Mumbling) God I'm bored. Eight hours of this. Let me home.
guard1: sg1a1__7: If anyone's there, come on out here.
guard1: sg1a1__8: Who's there? Hello?
guard1: sg1a1_1: Hello? Show yourself.
guard1: sg1a1_2: Hello? Someone there?
guard1: sg1a1_3: Sir was that you?
guard1: sg1a1_4: Who's there? Is someone there?
guard1: sg1a1_5: What's there?
guard1: sg1a1_w1: Is it just me or, did someone move?
guard1: sg1a1_w2: Over there.
guard1: sg1a1_w3: Hey.... You notice that?
guard1: sg1a1_w4: Look, over there.
guard1: sg1a1h_1: Who's there? Who said that?
guard1: sg1a1h_2: Someone making noise?
guard1: sg1a1h_3: Hmph. Thought I heard something.
guard1: sg1a1h_4: Hmm. Come out where I can see you.
guard1: sg1a1hw1: Listen.... Hear that?
guard1: sg1a1hw2: Would you quit making noise! I think I heard something.
guard1: sg1a1hw3: Did you hear a noise?
guard1: sg1a1hw4: You hear that?
guard1: sg1a1hw5: Hey.... Listen.
guard1: sg1a1hw6: You hear that noise, too?
guard1: sg1a1hw7: Hear that?
guard1: sg1a1hw8: Shh. I hear something.
guard1: sg1a1v_1: Thought...I saw something.
guard1: sg1a1v_2: Hmm. Thought I saw something.
guard1: sg1a1v_3: Who's there? Speak up!
guard1: sg1a1vw1: Hey, I think I saw something over here.
guard1: sg1a1vw2: Look over there. Do you see something?
guard1: sg1a1vw3: Over there, there's a-- I saw something.
guard1: sg1a1vw4: Look there. See anything?
guard1: sg1a1vw5: You see that?
guard1: sg1a1vw6: You saw that right?
guard1: sg1a2__1: Hey! Come out at once.
guard1: sg1a2__2: Who's there in the shadow?
guard1: sg1a2__3: Who goes there? ...Hey!
guard1: sg1a2__4: Hey, is someone there? Who is that?
guard1: sg1a2__5: Come out you.
guard1: sg1a2__6: Why don't you make this easier on both of us and come on out.
guard1: sg1a2__7: Whoever's there, it's time to give yourself up.
guard1: sg1a2__8: We could do this the easy way, or the hard way.
guard1: sg1a2h_1: Who's there? Who made that noise?
guard1: sg1a2h_2: Who'd I hear there?
guard1: sg1a2h_3: All right. I hear you. Come out into the open at once.
guard1: sg1a2h_4: Come on buddy. I hear you there.
guard1: sg1a2h_5: Hey pal. If you're goin' to make that much noise, why don't you just come on out?
guard1: sg1a2se1: Come on out, then.
guard1: sg1a2se2: Don't make me come find you.
guard1: sg1a2se3: Where are you, you taffer?
guard1: sg1a2se4: I'll find you soon enough.
guard1: sg1a2se5: Don't think you can hide for long.
guard1: sg1a2se6: Come on now, come now.
guard1: sg1a2se7: I know you're around here somewhere.
guard1: sg1a2se8: Don't worry. I'll find you.
guard1: sg1a2v_1: I see you there. Show yourself.
guard1: sg1a2v_2: Come on, I saw ya. Step on out.... Well, I'm waiting.
guard1: sg1a3__2: Hey!
guard1: sg1a3__3: Ah!
guard1: sg1a3b_1: Hey! Put him down. Come here.
guard1: sg1a3b_2: Freeze! Now put that body down and you hands up.
guard1: sg1a3na1: Hey stop! Don't move!
guard1: sg1a3na2: There's an intruder here.
guard1: sg1a3na3: All right. You're in for it now, thief.
guard1: sg1a3na4: Don't move.
guard1: sg1a3na5: Turn around very slowly and put your hands on your head.
guard1: sg1a3na6: Halt thief! I see you there.
guard1: sg1a3na7: Come out! In the name of Sheriff Gorman Truart!
guard1: sg1a3na8: You can either come out quietly, or get yourself hurt.
guard1: sg1a3na9: Hey, what are you--? St-stay right where you are!
guard1: sg1a3s_1: Ah! Halt!
guard1: sg1a3s_2: Hey, who are you?
guard1: sg1a3s_3: Intruder! Help! Help!
guard1: sg1a3s_4: Thief!
guard1: sg1a3s_5: Freeze! I mean it!
guard1: sg1a3s_6: Don't move. Drop your weapon.
guard1: sg1a3s_7: You. Get those hands up. Now!
guard1: sg1a3s_8: Hey!
guard1: sg1a3s_9: Hey, where'd you come from?
guard1: sg1a3se1: One peep out of you and that's it!
guard1: sg1a3se2: I'll find ya. Just you wait.
guard1: sg1a3se3: Come out and face me, thief.
guard1: sg1a3se4: Get back here, you coward!
guard1: sg1a3se5: I'll find you.... Damn you.
guard1: sg1a3se6: Come out and fight me!
guard1: sg1a3se7: As soon as I find you you're dead!
guard1: sg1a3se8: Come back out here, you taffer!
guard1: sg1alma1: The alarm for you!
guard1: sg1alma2: Have a moment we'll bring them all!
guard1: sg1alma3: I'll get the alarm.
guard1: sg1alma4: We got a 'Code 30'!
guard1: sg1alma5: Attention! We got an intruder on the premises. Sound the alarm!
guard1: sg1alma6: Sound the alarm!
guard1: sg1almw1: You! Sound the alarm. I'll hold him off.
guard1: sg1almw2: You! Alarm!
guard1: sg1almw3: Seal the area and sound the alarm!
guard1: sg1almw4: Go! Sound the alarm!
guard1: sg1amb_1: Coward! Try that again to my face!
guard1: sg1amb_2: Ah! Villain!
guard1: sg1amb_3: Come out and fight me, you coward!
guard1: sg1amb_4: Ah. Come out into the open, you villain.
guard1: sg1amb_5: Fight me like a man, you sneak.
guard1: sg1ambw1: Help! I'm under attack!
guard1: sg1ambw2: Uh. He's got me. Do you see him?
guard1: sg1ambw3: Ack. I'm hit. Help!
guard1: sg1ambw4: Help! I've been hit.
guard1: sg1atb_1: Have some of this!
guard1: sg1atb_2: Catch this thief.
guard1: sg1atb_3: Here it comes, right between the eyes.
guard1: sg1atb_4: Here's an arrow for ya!
guard1: sg1atb_5: You're a pin-cushion now, taffer!
guard1: sg1atb_6: You'll be full of holes soon!
guard1: sg1atn_1: Here you go—Uh!
guard1: sg1atn_2: Here! Have another!
guard1: sg1atn_3: Uh!
guard1: sg1atn_6: Take that!
guard1: sg1atw_1: I got you now!
guard1: sg1atw_2: Rarr! I'll teach you a thing or two!
guard1: sg1atw_3: How's this feel?
guard1: sg1atww1: He'll fall soon.
guard1: sg1bak_1: Oh well. Guess it was nothing.
guard1: sg1bak_2: Hello? Anyone there? Hmm. Guess not.
guard1: sg1bak_3: Oh well. Don't know what it was.
guard1: sg1bak_4: (Sighs) Just my imagination, I suppose.
guard1: sg1bak_5: Hmm...seems quiet enough now. Okay then.
guard1: sg1bak_6: Nothing making noise now.
guard1: sg1bak_7: Nothing here now.
guard1: sg1bak_9: Hmm. This job makes me jumpy.
guard1: sg1bak_a: (Sighs) I need to get some sleep.
guard1: sg1bak_b: Guess all's quiet.
guard1: sg1bak_c: False alarm I guess.
guard1: sg1bkd_1: Next time you won't be so fast.
guard1: sg1bkd_2: I'll see your blood yet!
guard1: sg1bkd_3: You can't block them all!
guard1: sg1bkd_4: Damn you're fast!
guard1: sg1bkdw1: We'll wear him down.
guard1: sg1blk_1: Maybe next time.
guard1: sg1blk_2: I could keep this up all day.
guard1: sg1blk_3: Huh. Nice try.
guard1: sg1blk_4: Thought you had me.
guard1: sg1blkw1: He's pretty slow. We can take him.
guard1: sg1blkw2: He's not so tough is he?
guard1: sg1bod_1: My god, a murder. Help!
guard1: sg1bod_2: Someone will pay for this! I promise.
guard1: sg1bod_3: Murder!
guard1: sg1bod_4: Ah this one's dead. This is a problem.
guard1: sg1bod_5: Hey! We got a man down.
guard1: sg1chga1: Okay, you asked for it now.
guard1: sg1chga2: You are so dead, pal!
guard1: sg1chga3: I'm going to take you down!
guard1: sg1chga4: That's it, you've had it!
guard1: sg1chga5: You're dog-meat!
guard1: sg1chgw1: Come on! Together we'll take him.
guard1: sg1chgw2: Let's get him!
guard1: sg1chgw3: Get that taffer!
guard1: sg1chgw4: Cover me!
guard1: sg1chgw5: Let's put this taffer away!
guard1: sg1chgw6: After him!
guard1: sg1chgw7: Take him!
guard1: sg1det_1: Go ahead, run!
guard1: sg1det_2: I can wait, taffer.... I can wait.
guard1: sg1det_3: Running scared now?
guard1: sg1detw1: We got him on the defence.
guard1: sg1detw2: He's on the defence now.
guard1: sg1frus1: You'll be dead soon enough.
guard1: sg1frus2: Just you wait, taffer, just you wait.
guard1: sg1frus3: You won't laugh for long!
guard1: sg1frus4: Me and the boys are going to rip you in half.
guard1: sg1gbow1: Okay scoundrel! You asked for it!
guard1: sg1hit_1: Aw, you're bleeding.
guard1: sg1hit_2: There!
guard1: sg1hit_3: Ready to die yet?
guard1: sg1hit_4: That sting a little?
guard1: sg1hitw1: He's not long for it now.
guard1: sg1hitw2: You hit him now.
guard1: sg1hlow1: (Groans) Can't take much more.
guard1: sg1hlow2: (Groans) Help me.
guard1: sg1hnd_1: Ouch! Ouch! (Laughs)
guard1: sg1hnd_2: Was that supposed to hurt?
guard1: sg1hnd_3: Ha! Are you kidding me?
guard1: sg1lar_1: Look at this taft. Hey! Over here!
guard1: sg1lar_2: Look here!
guard1: sg1lar_3: Curse it. Get some help here!
guard1: sg1lar_4: Someone's been asleep on watch.
guard1: sg1lar_5: What the? What's going on around here?
guard1: sg1los_1: Uh-oh. He's around there somewhere.
guard1: sg1los_2: Hey you, come back!
guard1: sg1los_3: Where did he go?
guard1: sg1los_4: Damn, where's the thief now?
guard1: sg1los_5: He was just there, where is he?
guard1: sg1los_6: Where'd that perp get to?
guard1: sg1los_7: Damn, he got away.
guard1: sg1los_8: Crap! I'm going to be in trouble if he got away.
guard1: sg1mis_1: That's supposed to be here.
guard1: sg1mis_2: A thief's been through here.
guard1: sg1mis_3: Thief! Thief in the house!
guard1: sg1mis_4: Hey? Where'd that go?
guard1: sg1mis_5: Great. We've been robbed.
guard1: sg1mis_6: Hey, we got a robbery!
guard1: sg1rbod1: Watch your back. I've seen another just like it with a hole in it.
guard1: sg1rbod2: Watch out! The intruder's a killer.
guard1: sg1rbod3: Careful—thief's a killer.
guard1: sg1rbod4: Thiefs don't murder. Watch it.
guard1: sg1rbod5: (Anxious) Be careful. I found a corpse.... You better keep alert.
guard1: sg1rbod6: Stay alert. He's already committed murder.
guard1: sg1rint1: Watch for prowlers. I saw someone earlier.
guard1: sg1rint2: Stay alert. There's an intruder around here.
guard1: sg1rint3: Watch yourself. I saw a prowler earlier.
guard1: sg1rint4: Stay sharp! There's an intruder here.
guard1: sg1rmis1: Watch for a thief. Things have been...disappearing.
guard1: sg1rmis2: Tell the others. There's been things stolen.
guard1: sg1rmis3: Stuff's missing. And right under own noses, too!
guard1: sg1rmis4: Someone's robbed us. Look sharp.
guard1: sg1rob_1: Huh! What the--? Who did this?
guard1: sg1rob_2: Huh! A sentry's been destroyed.
guard1: sg1roth1: Be on guard. I think there was something awhile back.
guard1: sg1roth2: You see anything recently? I've been seeing some odd things.
guard1: sg1roth3: Watch out! Something's going on, I tell ya.
guard1: sg1roth4: There's a thief around—sure as I'm standing here.
guard1: sg1roth5: Watch out. Looks like we've got ourselves a burglar.
guard1: sg1roth6: I think we've got a 'Code 12'.... Saw something strange.
guard1: sg1rrob1: Stay sharp! A sentry's been destroyed.
guard1: sg1runa1: Guards! This way!
guard1: sg1runa2: To me! Cover me!
guard1: sg1runa3: Guards! Guards!
guard1: sg1runa4: Over here!
guard1: sg1runa5: Can I get some back-up?
guard1: sg1runa6: I need back-up here!
guard1: sg1sec_1: Look at this. There's been an intruder.
guard1: sg1sec_2: The Sir should hear of this.
guard1: sg1sec_3: Some taffer's got in here.
guard1: sg1sec_4: The thief's in!
guard1: sg1sec_5: Looks like a 'Code 12'!
guard1: sg1sec_6: Got some clever taffer in the place.
guard1: sg1sma_1: Hey, this isn't supposed to look this way.
guard1: sg1sma_2: This isn't right.
guard1: sg1sma_3: Who's been here?
guard1: sg1sma_4: What's this?
guard1: sg1sma_5: All right. Who's the clown?
guard1: sg1sma_6: Someone think this is funny?
guard1: sg1telc1: Found him!
guard1: sg1telc2: Got him! This way!
guard1: sg1telc3: There he is! Hurry!
guard1: sg1telc4: Over here! Careful, he's armed.
guard1: sg1telc5: Hey! The intruder's right here!
guard1: sg1telc6: Thief's here!
guard1: sg1telc7: All officers! The perp's over here.
guard1: sg1telc8: Seal the area. I've located our criminal.
guard1: sg1telc9: I've found our intruder.
guard1: sg1telr1: Hey! I've got someone here!
guard1: sg1telr2: Got an intruder!
guard1: sg1telr3: The thief's here!
guard1: sg1telr4: There's a prowler here!
guard1: sg1telr5: Hey. I got a stranger here.
guard1: sg1telr6: Hey! I found a bandit!
guard1: sg1telr7: (Sardonic) Look at this. We got a thief who thinks he's smart.
guard1: sg1telr8: Hey! Over there! Let's get this creep.
guard1: sg1torc1: Ah. Didn't that just get replaced this morning?
guard1: sg1torc2: Hmm. Can't we get some decent torches around here.

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