T2_guard2 Edit

guard2: sg20704A: Oh, mud 'n' blast 'n' bother...!
guard2: sg20704C: New boots. It's gonna take me a week to break-in the cursed things. And until then... I'll be walking like someone's grandmum.
guard2: sg20704E: Aw... Taff off!
guard2: sg20902A: Hey! You try any a' that food left over from tonight's dinner party?
guard2: sg20902C: Huh! Well... I liked it. An' I'm gonna go down to the kitchen an' get me some more of it.
guard2: sg20902E: I'll see if I can find the switch. And tell Benny I'll save him some tasty morsels in the kitchen.
guard2: sg21202B: Ah... Hello, Hobart. Why's that?
guard2: sg21202D: So we have a clock that doesn't tell time.... Won't be the first time, in this place. I'm still amazed you got all the 'metal eyes' working.
guard2: sg21202F: Ha ha ha! Well then, you better get lookin' and find that piece before Lord Gervaisius gets back. He'll have your head, otherwise. Good luck, Foreman Hobart.
guard2: sg2a0mu1: Hmm...need to meet up later, an'' do some drinkin', an'...takin' a break.
guard2: sg2a0mu2: Hmm...gotta get home, an' do...clothes, and...the dishes, an'...find some food, an'...oh...I wouldn't--
guard2: sg2a0mu3: Oh, it's so wet around here, an'--need a new pair a' boots, an'...and get some money, 'n'--can't ever find anything in my size--
guard2: sg2a0mu4: Hmm...need, an' gettin' a...gettin' some beer, an'...goin' out, an'--
guard2: dr1a1__1: (Drunk and slurring) Who goes there?
guard2: dr1a1__2: (Drunk and muttering, then a hiccup) Hey!
guard2: dr1a1__3: Hey!
guard2: dr1a2__1: (Drunk, slurring, and laughing) Hey! Quit taffin' around!
guard2: dr1a2__2: (Drunk, slurring, and laughing) Okay... okay, I'm coming... Keep yer shirt on.
guard2: dr1a2__3: (Drunk and slurring) What's that? (Laughing) Hey! Quit taffin' around.
guard2: dr1a3__1: (Drunk and angry) Who the hell are you?
guard2: dr1a3__2: (Drunk, slurring, and slightly amused) Hey, pal, what's with the get-up?
guard2: dr1a3__3: (Drunk, slurring) Stop...right...there! (Confused) Where's my...where's my sword?
guard2: sg2a1__1: Is someone there?
guard2: sg2a1__2: Who goes there?
guard2: sg2a1__3: Is that you?
guard2: sg2a1__4: Huh? What was that?
guard2: sg2a1__5: Eh'...hello? Anyone there?
guard2: sg2a1__6: Mm? Hello?
guard2: sg2a1_w1: Was something just there?
guard2: sg2a1_w2: Do you think someone's there?
guard2: sg2a1h_1: Hmmm...I wonder what that noise was?
guard2: sg2a1h_2: Who's noisin' about, then?
guard2: sg2a1h_3: Hmmm...strange noises....
guard2: sg2a1hw1: Something made a noise.... Quiet!
guard2: sg2a1hw2: Did you hear that, too? ...I thought I heard something.
guard2: sg2a1hw3: What was that? Did you hear something?
guard2: sg2a1hw4: Shh! You hear anything?
guard2: sg2a1v_1: What's that I see?
guard2: sg2a1v_2: Something move there?
guard2: sg2a1vw1: What was that? Did you see anything?
guard2: sg2a1vw2: Did you see something over there?
guard2: sg2a1vw3: Wait! I think I saw something....
guard2: sg2a1vw4: See that? ...There!
guard2: sg2a2__1: C'mon now! What was that?
guard2: sg2a2__2: Stop taffing with me... I mean it!
guard2: sg2a2__3: What's that? Hey! Is someone taffing about?
guard2: sg2a2__4: What's goin' on over there?
guard2: sg2a2__5: Who's that, there?
guard2: sg2a2h_1: I heard that! Show yourself! ...I'm not kiddin' around.
guard2: sg2a2h_2: Who goes there? Who made that noise?
guard2: sg2a2h_3: I hear ya' there. Come on out....
guard2: sg2a2v_1: Hold it! I see you there. Who is that?
guard2: sg2a3b_1: Oh! What did you do? Stay where you are!
guard2: sg2a3b_2: Huh! Look at that! ...I'd say you're caught red-handed.
guard2: sg2a3na1: You don't wanna mess with me... Taffer Boy!
guard2: sg2a3na2: Hey, we've got an intruder!
guard2: sg2a3na3: I see you there! Hold it right where you are!
guard2: sg2a3na4: Don't try to run, taffer. Just surrender... now!
guard2: sg2a3na5: Heyyy! Stop right there!
guard2: sg2a3na6: One move and you're dead! ...Don't test me!
guard2: sg2a3na7: Freeze! ...Don't move a muscle.
guard2: sg2a3na8: Stop! In the name of the law!
guard2: sg2a3s_1: Hey! Stop right there!
guard2: sg2a3s_2: Oof--What the--?
guard2: sg2a3s_3: Hey! Who're you?
guard2: sg2a3s_4: Hey! Stop right where you are!
guard2: sg2a3s_5: What're you doing here?
guard2: sg2a3s_6: All right! Hold it right there! You're coming with me!
guard2: sg2a3s_7: Stop! Orders of Sheriff Gorman Truart!
guard2: sg2a3se1: I'll find you! ...Believe me, I will.
guard2: sg2a3se2: You can't hide for long!
guard2: sg2a3se3: Just wait 'til I find you....
guard2: sg2a3se4: All right! Stop foolin' around! Where are you?
guard2: sg2a3se5: Come out here now! I'm not kidding!
guard2: sg2a3se6: This is your last chance. Step out here! I won't hurt you.
guard2: sg2a3se7: Come back here'n' fight!
guard2: sg2a3se8: C'mon, coward... Face me like a man!
guard2: sg2a3se9: Come on out! You can't hide for long.
guard2: sg2a3seA: Make it easy on yourself, and surrender... Now!
guard2: sg2alma1: To the alarm!
guard2: sg2alma2: Sound the alarms!
guard2: sg2alma3: I've got an intruder! Sound the alarms!
guard2: sg2almw1: Quick! Get to the alarm!
guard2: sg2almw2: You! Go sound the alarm!
guard2: sg2amb_1: Oof--Hey! What was that?
guard2: sg2amb_2: Oh--Foul! That's not fair!
guard2: sg2amb_3: Ah! Awright...who did that? Who...did that?
guard2: sg2amb_4: Coward! Get out here!
guard2: sg2ambw1: Ah! I'm hit! That hurts!
guard2: sg2ambw2: Help! I'm under attack!
guard2: sg2ambw3: Gah! I'm hit!
guard2: sg2atb_1: You've done it now!
guard2: sg2atb_2: Now I got you. Take this--!
guard2: sg2atb_3: Hold still! This won't hurt...much.
guard2: sg2atb_4: Heh! Just like picking off baby burricks.
guard2: sg2atn_1: Die!
guard2: sg2atn_2: There!
guard2: sg2atw_1: Here! Have some more!
guard2: sg2atw_2: This is gonna hurt!
guard2: sg2atww1: He's losin' it!
guard2: sg2bak_1: Whoo...nothing. I'm too tense.
guard2: sg2bak_2: Well.... Seems clear.
guard2: sg2bak_3: Nothing there.... Weird.
guard2: sg2bak_4: Just rats, again.
guard2: sg2bak_5: Hmm, nothing I guess. Oh well.
guard2: sg2bak_6: All quiet now. I'm sure it was nothing.
guard2: sg2bak_7: Hm, strange...I thought there was something there.
guard2: sg2bak_8: Okay. Calm down. There's nothing there.
guard2: sg2bkd_1: Mm, Damn!
guard2: sg2bkd_2: Hurh, Try and block the next one!
guard2: sg2bkd_3: You'll falter, yet!
guard2: sg2bkdw1: Watch it! He's pretty fast!
guard2: sg2blk_1: Better try again!
guard2: sg2blk_2: Gotta be faster than that!
guard2: sg2blk_3: Not today...Buddy!
guard2: sg2blkw1: See that? He's not so good!
guard2: sg2bod_1: Oh my god! A murder!
guard2: sg2bod_2: Hey...get up... (Gasp!) Help!
guard2: sg2bod_3: We have a murderer!
guard2: sg2chga1: Chaaarge!
guard2: sg2chga2: You've had it now!
guard2: sg2chga3: You're under arrest!
guard2: sg2chga4: You're goin' down, Thief!
guard2: sg2chga5: Diiie!
guard2: sg2chga6: Chaaaarge!
guard2: sg2chgw1: Help me get this guy!
guard2: sg2chgw2: Let's take 'im!
guard2: sg2chgw3: Help me get this taffer!
guard2: sg2chgw4: After hiim!
guard2: sg2det_1: Won't hurt me that way.
guard2: sg2det_2: Got you scared?
guard2: sg2det_3: What? Running away?
guard2: sg2detw1: He's scared of us, now!
guard2: sg2frus1: (Unintelligibly strained)! You'll regret this!
guard2: sg2frus2: Get back here, you!
guard2: sg2frus3: (Unintelligibly strained)! You're making me so mad!
guard2: sg2hit_1: Got you!
guard2: sg2hit_3: Give up, Taffer!
guard2: sg2hit_4: Haa...that musta' hurt!
guard2: sg2hitw1: We've got him on the ropes!
guard2: sg2hitw2: Your turn!
guard2: sg2hlow1: Oh! Don't just stand there... Help me!
guard2: sg2hnd_1: Is that all you've got?
guard2: sg2hnd_2: Yeah-heh! Like that hurt.
guard2: sg2hnd_3: Hah! You need to try harder!
guard2: sg2lar_1: Look at this! Help! This way!
guard2: sg2lar_2: What the-- Who's been through here?
guard2: sg2lar_3: What's all this?
guard2: sg2lar_4: Hello? Must be a prowler, around.
guard2: sg2los_1: Where did he go, now?
guard2: sg2los_2: Hm... Where'd that taffer go?
guard2: sg2los_3: I can't believe I lost him.
guard2: sg2los_4: Where'd he go?
guard2: sg2los_5: Hmm... This isn't gonna look good on my report.
guard2: sg2los_6: (Long exhale)... I think he got away.
guard2: sg2mis_1: Where'd that go? Thief! Thieeef!
guard2: sg2mis_2: That's no good. Where'd it go?
guard2: sg2mis_3: We've been robbed!
guard2: sg2rbod1: Careful... there's a killer out there. I've just seen a body.
guard2: sg2rbod2: There's a murderer in with us. one.
guard2: sg2rbod3: Watch out! Been murder.
guard2: sg2rbod4: Found a corpse. Keep sharp!
guard2: sg2rint1: Watch out! There's some taffer running around.
guard2: sg2rint2: We've got an intruder around. Look out!
guard2: sg2rint3: Careful... there's a thief.
guard2: sg2rmis1: Spread the word: We've been robbed.
guard2: sg2rmis2: Stuff is missing! I think we've got a thief.
guard2: sg2rmis3: Watch it! There's some lowlife around with sticky fingers.
guard2: sg2rob_1: What? Sabotage! Sabotage!
guard2: sg2rob_2: Hey! One of these iron beasts has been wrecked!
guard2: sg2roth1: Stay awake! I think there's something going on.
guard2: sg2roth2: Watch out! I saw something odd, a time ago.
guard2: sg2roth3: Careful! There's something up. Watch for anything unusual.
guard2: sg2roth4: We have an unwanted visitor. Keep alert.
guard2: sg2roth5: Something's going on. I think we've got ourselves a prowler.
guard2: sg2rrob1: Hey! One of these iron beasts has been wrecked!
guard2: sg2runa1: Can I get some help, over here?
guard2: sg2runa2: C'mon, over here! Help!
guard2: sg2runa3: Heelp! We've got a thief here!
guard2: sg2runa4: Guards! Guards, come quickly!
guard2: sg2runa5: Backup! I need backup...over here!
guard2: sg2runa6: Help! Officer in trouble! Hurry!
guard2: sg2sec_1: Stranger, here!
guard2: sg2sec_2: Intruder through here!
guard2: sg2sec_3: Hey! Watch for an intruder!
guard2: sg2sec_4: Thief's been through here!
guard2: sg2sma_1: Someone's been taffing, through here.
guard2: sg2sma_2: What happened, here?
guard2: sg2sma_3: Someone been wanderin' around here?
guard2: sg2sma_4: What's going on? Who's done this?
guard2: sg2telc1: Got 'im! Over, this way!
guard2: sg2telc2: The intruder's right there!
guard2: sg2telc3: I see 'im! This way!
guard2: sg2telc4: Found 'im! Over here...quick!
guard2: sg2telc5: There he is! There!
guard2: sg2telc6: Thief's right here! Don't let him escape!
guard2: sg2telr1: Hey! Look what we got here!
guard2: sg2telr2: Hey! I got some taffer, here!
guard2: sg2telr3: All right, you... stop! We got a thief, here!
guard2: sg2telr4: Hey! There's an intruder, here!
guard2: sg2torc1: Aw... again? Seems like they're always replacing these things.
guard2: sg2torc2: (Sighs) These things burn out faster than they used to.

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