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T2_guard3 Edit

This is the voice of Benny and guards like him.

guard3: sg30406A: How come we gotta pull guard duty? Couldn't the Mechanists just put more of those Mechani--mecha--mechanical eyes around the place?
guard3: sg30406C: Oooh.... At least it's better than sitting watch for the Downwinders.
guard3: sg30406E: You ever w-wonder why Truart hired us?
guard3: sg30504B: (Bashful) Aww (shy chuckling).... 'Big fella....'
guard3: sg30504D: (Confused) What for? This uniform is plenty warm enough, and it's not even cold out tonight.
guard3: sg30702A: Ya' ever wonder, looking at all this--?
guard3: sg30702C: Well... where all the money for the fancy marble, an-and the carvings, and the art comes from?
guard3: sg30702E: Nooo no-no.... If the bank spends it on the fancy stuff...what if they want it back?
guard3: sg30702G: Weelll--could be.... I keep my gold home...locked up...myself. Safer that way.
guard3: sg30705B: Hey! Who's there?
guard3: sg30705D: Oh. Sorry, Mr. Maron. I didn't know you were staying late tonight.
guard3: sg30705F: Well, sir, they-they don't tell us the hours of the bankers who pay for the spare offices.
guard3: sg30705H: Hmm. Well, do you know about guard-changing procedures?
guard3: Sg30905A: (Drunk) I can't believe that sssome (hiccups) taffer went and spilled mead all over that rug!
guard3: sg30905C: (Drunk and nearly crying) But you don't understand.... These (hiccups) taffers have no respect for such...(crying) b-beautiful things.
guard3: sg30905E: (Drunk and defensive) Hah.... So? What if I am, huh? (Calming down) Anyways, I work better when I'm drunk. (Loud and boastful) It makes me fearless! (In confidential tones) If I see a bad guy, I'll just point my sword at him (building up to loud and boastful again) and saaaayy: Hey, Bad Guy! Yer not supposed to be here! (A gulp) Go home or I'll stick you with my sword 'til you go, 'Ouch! I'm dead!' Ah-hah! (Sniffs and gulps, laughs, and hiccups, then quiet again) See? Ain't no one gonna be messin' with ol' Benny.
guard3: sg31201A: Hello, up there. How goes yer watch?
guard3: sg31201C: Nasty weather we're havin'. Makes me wish I was inside guarding one a' them exhibits... instead of out here in the rain. (Whining) How come we got stuck on outdoor guard duty again?
guard3: sg31201E: Do you know anything about the ex-hibitions? I've heard stories that the masks they're gonna bring are... are 'magical.' Aaaand 'haunted.'
guard3: sg31201G: Hey! No need to get all... heated about it.
guard3: sg3a0mu1: (Unintelligible muttering) ...Rain does fall a bit(?)....
guard3: sg3a0mu2: (Almost mumbling) Geeee, it's awful cold out here tonight. I just wish I had a better coat.
guard3: sg3a0mu3: (Almost mumbling) I don't like being pushed around. (Angry and louder) Nobody pushes Benny around!
guard3: sg3a0mu4: (Almost mumbling) Wish I had a-- (Low monotone humming sound) overshoes. Where did I-- (Low monotone humming sound) m-m-m....
guard3: sg3a0mu5: (Almost mumbling) I wish I had a re--(Long, low vocal rumbling sounds like 'r?-?-r?-?-?') nice
guard3: sg3a0mu6: (Mostly mumbling) [Oh, I wish I just had a better] fastener ann' a...cold annnn'
guard3: sg3a0mu7: (Almost mumbling) This one holes in the sleeves and holes in my...elbows....
guard3: sg3a0mu8: (Almost mumbling) And the wind just whistles through 'cause the dang fasteners is all busted apart 'n--
guard3: sg3a0mu9: (Almost mumbling) Nobody throws me my own sword an' says, 'Run.' Nobody....
guard3: sg3a0sn1: (Snoring, throat clearing) Taffer... (Throat clearing)
guard3: sg3a0sn7: (Snoring, partial wakening, barely intelligible muttering) Who's there? I-- (Muttering)
guard3: sg3a0tc3: (Tsk-ing, deep inhale, vocal sigh) ...Builder....
guard3: sg3a0tc5: (Vocal sigh) Builder...bless me....
guard3: sg3a1__1: Stand forth and be recognized! someone there?
guard3: sg3a1__2: Halt! Is...someone there?
guard3: sg3a1__3: Who's there? Hello?
guard3: sg3a1__4: Stand forth, over there!
guard3: sg3a1__5: What's that?
guard3: sg3a1__6: Show yourself! And report....
guard3: sg3a1__7: anyone there?
guard3: sg3a1_w1: Hey! Over there!
guard3: sg3a1_w2: Ss! Over there!
guard3: sg3a1_w3: Hmmm...should we check that out?
guard3: sg3a1_w4: Over there!
guard3: sg3a1h_1: Hmmm...thought I heard something....
guard3: sg3a1h_2: What was that noise?
guard3: sg3a1h_3: Say again? Hello?
guard3: sg3a1h_4: Odd noise....
guard3: sg3a1h_5: Someone...making noise?
guard3: sg3a1hw1: Did you hear something?
guard3: sg3a1hw2: Did you hear that?
guard3: sg3a1hw3: Shh...I hear something....
guard3: sg3a1hw4: Hear that?
guard3: sg3a1hw5: Hear that?
guard3: sg3a1hw6: Shush! See if it does it again....
guard3: sg3a1hw7: Will you quit makin' noise! I-I think I heard something....
guard3: sg3a1hw8: You hear that?
guard3: sg3a1v_1: Hmm...thought I saw something....
guard3: sg3a1v_2: Don't like seeing things I don't know about!
guard3: sg3a1v_3: Wha'd I see there?
guard3: sg3a1v_4: Thought I saw something...!
guard3: sg3a1vw1: Did you see something over there?
guard3: sg3a1vw2: Heeyy...did you see someone over there?
guard3: sg3a1vw3: Did you see that, too?
guard3: sg3a1vw4: Look there!
guard3: sg3a1vw5: Heey, look there!
guard3: sg3a1vw6: See that? Think we've got trouble?
guard3: sg3a1vw7: Look there! See anything?
guard3: sg3a1vw8: Over there! There's--(Vocalized hesitation)--Y-I saw--I saw something!
guard3: sg3a2__1: Who's that, there? Identify yourself!
guard3: sg3a2__2: Over there! Stand forth and declare yourself!
guard3: sg3a2__3: All right! What is that?
guard3: sg3a2__4: Who's creeping around, there?
guard3: sg3a2__5: Show yourself!
guard3: sg3a2__6: Okay, let's see some identification!
guard3: sg3a2__7: Show yourself, now! I'm...not...foolin' around!
guard3: sg3a2__8: That's enough skulking about, then!
guard3: sg3a2__9: Come out, you!
guard3: sg3a2h_1: All right! I hear you! Come out in the open, at once!
guard3: sg3a2h_2: I heard that! Stop right there!
guard3: sg3a2h_3: Come out where I can see you! I mean it!
guard3: sg3a2h_4: I heard that! Let's see who you are, then!
guard3: sg3a2h_5: Come! I heard that!
guard3: sg3a2h_6: Who'd I hear there?
guard3: sg3a2se1: Don't think you can hide for long!
guard3: sg3a2se2: Come on out! Come on!
guard3: sg3a2se3: I know you're around here, somewhere!
guard3: sg3a2se4: Don't worry, I'll find you!
guard3: sg3a2se5: Come on out, then!
guard3: sg3a2se6: Don't make me come find you....
guard3: sg3a2se7: Where are you, you taffer?
guard3: sg3a2se8: I'll find you soon enough....
guard3: sg3a2v_1: I see you there.... Come on out!
guard3: sg3a2v_2: Heey, I see you there.... You can't fool me!
guard3: sg3a2v_3: I see you there.... Show yourself....
guard3: sg3a3__5: (Surprised) What the...?!
guard3: sg3a3b_1: You killed him...! Stay right there!
guard3: sg3a3b_2: You...just...dug your own grave, boy!
guard3: sg3a3b_3: Hey! Put him down. Come 'ere...!
guard3: sg3a3na1: Stop at once! And...put yer hands up!
guard3: sg3a3na2: Turn around veerry slowly, and...put your hands on yer head!
guard3: sg3a3na3: Drop your weapon! Don't...move!
guard3: sg3a3na4: Halt!
guard3: sg3a3na5: Nto on my watch, taffer boy!
guard3: sg3a3na6: Surrender now, taffer! I mean it!
guard3: sg3a3na7: That's enough outta you! Hands up!
guard3: sg3a3na8: Hey you, over there! Don't move!
guard3: sg3a3na9: Halt...thief, I-I see you there!
guard3: sg3a3s_1: Ah! Who're you?
guard3: sg3a3s_2: Hey! Where'd you come from?
guard3: sg3a3s_3: Heeyy, hold it right there, taffer!
guard3: sg3a3s_4: Heeyy!
guard3: sg3a3s_5: Halt! You are under arrest!
guard3: sg3a3s_6: Stop! In the name of the law!
guard3: sg3a3s_7: You're under arrest...taffer!
guard3: sg3a3s_8: Halt! In the name of...Sheriff Gorman Truart!
guard3: sg3a3se1: Come out and fight me!
guard3: sg3a3se2: As soon as I find you, you're dead!
guard3: sg3a3se3: Come back out taffer!
guard3: sg3a3se4: I'll find you! (Sounds of great disappointment) Damn you...!
guard3: sg3a3se5:'l...noise....
guard3: sg3a3se6: I'll find you! Just you wait!
guard3: sg3a3se7: Get...back!
guard3: sg3a3se8: Come out and face me...thief!
guard3: sg3alma1: To arms, all!
guard3: sg3alma2: Sound the alarm!
guard3: sg3alma3: The alarm!
guard3: sg3alma4: Hit the alarm!
guard3: sg3alma5: Time for the big red button!
guard3: sg3alma6: I'll get the alarm!
guard3: sg3almw1: Go sound the alarm!
guard3: sg3almw2: Sound the alarm!
guard3: sg3almw3: Go hit the button!
guard3: sg3almw4: You, sound the alarm! I'll hold him off!
guard3: sg3amb_1: (Hurt) Ah! Come out an' fight!
guard3: sg3amb_2: (Hurt) Eh! Fight me like a man, you sneak!
guard3: sg3amb_3: (Hurt) Oo! Where are you, you coward?
guard3: sg3amb_4: Come into the open, an' try that again!
guard3: sg3amb_6: Wha--Coward! Fight me to my face!
guard3: sg3amb_7: Mooost...treacherous villain!
guard3: sg3ambw1: Help! I-I've been hit!
guard3: sg3ambw2: Help meee! I've been shot!
guard3: sg3ambw3: Sniper!
guard3: sg3ambw4: I'm hit! (Pauses) Ouch!
guard3: sg3ambw5: (Cry of pain) He's got me! Do you see 'im?
guard3: sg3atb_1: You're a pincushion now, taffer!
guard3: sg3atb_2: Here's an arrow for you!
guard3: sg3atb_3: You'll be full of holes, soon!
guard3: sg3atb_4: A yard of pain for you!
guard3: sg3atb_5: Try and catch this!
guard3: sg3atb_6: Can't run faster than an arrow, taffer!
guard3: sg3atn_1: Take that!
guard3: sg3atn_2: Come out, you!
guard3: sg3atw_1: Diiie, taffer!
guard3: sg3atw_2: How's this feel?
guard3: sg3atww1: We've got 'im now!
guard3: sg3atww2: We'll show him what the 'strong' arm of the law can do!
guard3: sg3bak_0: Nothing now.
guard3: sg3bak_1: Hmm...nothing there, now.
guard3: sg3bak_2: Seems peaceful enough, now.
guard3: sg3bak_3: Oh well.... It must've been nothing.
guard3: sg3bak_4: Hmm...must've been rats.
guard3: sg3bak_5: Hmmm.... I don't see anything, now.
guard3: sg3bak_6: Just the wind, I guess.
guard3: sg3bak_7: Hmm.... Noise stopped.... Guess it was nothing.
guard3: sg3bak_8: Just the jitters, I guess. Pheww!
guard3: sg3bak_9: Oh, it's nothing. Who'd be stupid enough to break in here? (Chuckles)
guard3: sg3bak_a: Ookay. Okay. Get ahold of yourself, Officer. Hah.... Nothing there.
guard3: sg3bak_b: Probably just...some....rookie.
guard3: Sg3bak_c: Hmm.... Musta...been a-magining things....
guard3: Sg3bak_d: Seems quiet enough now.... Oh well.
guard3: sg3bkd_1: Seems quiet enough now.... Oh well.
guard3: sg3bkd_2: Think yer sso clever?!
guard3: sg3bkd_3: Damn, yer ffast!
guard3: sg3bkd_4: You cannot block them all!
guard3: sg3bkdw1: W-we're not...getting through!
guard3: sg3bkdw2: We'll wear 'im down....
guard3: sg3blk_1:, are you?
guard3: sg3blk_2: Hah! Thought you had me?
guard3: sg3blk_3: Not this time!
guard3: sg3blk_4: Maybe next time....
guard3: sg3blk_5: I can keep this up...all day! Huh!
guard3: sg3blk_6: Hah! Nice try....
guard3: sg3blkw1: He's not so tough, is he?
guard3: sg3bod_1: Wait! Wait! Murder-r!
guard3: sg3bod_2: Hey! Hey! Assassin! Murder!
guard3: sg3bod_3: Someone'll pay for this!
guard3: sg3bod_4: Code six! Code s-six! There's been a murder!
guard3: sg3bod_5: Murder!
guard3: sg3bod_6: Are you all right? No...of course you're not all right.... Sorry!
guard3: sg3chga1: That's it! You've had it!
guard3: sg3chga2: You're dog meat!
guard3: sg3chga3: Right! Stay where you are! I am an officer of the law!
guard3: sg3chga4: Diie, tafferr!
guard3: sg3chgw1: We'll teach him to mess with us!
guard3: sg3chgw2: Take him!
guard3: sg3chgw3: After 'im!
guard3: sg3chgw4: We'll show him who's in charge here! Let's get 'im!
guard3: sg3chgw5: Let's take this perp!
guard3: sg3chgw6: Get the taffer!
guard3: sg3chgw7: Together...we can take 'im!
guard3: sg3det_1: (Taunting) Ohh...scared, are we?
guard3: sg3det_2: Turn an' run, next!
guard3: sg3det_3: (Taunting) Ohh...don't want to get hit, taffer!
guard3: sg3detw1: He's...on the defense, now!
guard3: sg3detw2: We've got him on the defense!
guard3: sg3frus1: You'll be sorry!
guard3: sg3frus2: I'll be seeing you again...taffer!
guard3: sg3frus3: I'll skin you yet!
guard3: sg3hit_1: How's that?!
guard3: sg3hit_2: See some bloood...!
guard3: sg3hit_3: That'll show you!
guard3: sg3hit_4: There!
guard3: sg3hit_5: (Laughing) Whoa ho hooo.... That sting a little?
guard3: sg3hitw1: We've got 'im!
guard3: sg3hitw2: He's ours now!
guard3: SG3HLOW1: Ohhwa...can't...take...much...more....
guard3: sg3hnd_1: Didn't even scratch!
guard3: sg3hnd_2: (Mocking) Ooo...(Juvenile taunting voice) I think maybe a baby birdie pecked me!
guard3: sg3hnd_3: You'll have to do better than that, taffer!
guard3: sg3lar_1: This is a disaster.... Help!
guard3: sg3lar_2: Oh no.... Th-the Sir will have our heads....
guard3: sg3lar_3: Looks like a code...eight.
guard3: sg3lar_4: Oohhh...someone wants a lot of trouble.... Ookay then. You got it!
guard3: sg3lar_5: Curse it! Get-get some help here!
guard3: sg3lar_6: Look at this taff! Ey! Over here!
guard3: sg3los_1: Damn! Where'd 'e go?
guard3: sg3los_2: He was just there.... Where is 'e?
guard3: sg3los_3: Lost 'im.... No good....
guard3: sg3los_4: Damn. Lost 'im.
guard3: sg3los_5: You cannot hide from the law. You got that?
guard3: sg3los_6: You will be brought to justice, you...criminal!
guard3: sg3los_7: Oohhh...I can't believe I lost 'im....
guard3: Sg3los_8: Where did 'e go? Damn.
guard3: sg3mis_1: Thief! Thief in the house!
guard3: sg3mis_2: Eyyy...where'd that go?
guard3: sg3mis_3: This better've been signed out!
guard3: sg3mis_4: Someone
guard3: sg3mis_5: Heyy! A thief's been through here!
guard3: sg3rbod1: There's a killer on the loose. There's been a murder already!
guard3: sg3rbod2: Watch for assassins! The night's seen enough blood, already.
guard3: sg3rbod3: Someone's killed Kevel.... Watch out!
guard3: sg3rbod4: We've got a-a 'Code...6'! You know, a-a murder!
guard3: sg3rbod5: We got a man down! Watch out!
guard3: sg3rbod6: Thief's done murder! Watch it!
guard3: sg3rbod7: Careful...thief's a killer!
guard3: sg3rint1: Keep your eyes open...there's a prowler running around loose!
guard3: sg3rint2: I saw an intruder earlier.... Stay sharp!
guard3: sg3rint3: The thief's in the building!
guard3: sg3rint4: I saw a perp! (Ashamed) But...I--I lost 'im.... You see anything?
guard3: sg3rint5: Watch for prowlers! I saw someone earlier....
guard3: sg3rmis1: Tell the Sir he's been robbed!
guard3: sg3rmis2: Tell the others there's a thief about! W-we-we've been robbed!
guard3: sg3rmis3: Been some thefts.... No sign of the perp, yet!
guard3: sg3rmis4: Things been disappearing.... Even I have....
guard3: Sg3rmis5: Tell the rest: There's been...things...stolen....
guard3: sg3rob_1: What's wrong with you? You workin' okay? (Pauses) Uh...oohhh....
guard3: sg3rob_2: Heeeyy, is this metal contraption suppose ta' look like this?
guard3: sg3roth1: Anything here? There was something a little while ago....
guard3: sg3roth2: Keep alert. I think I saw something....
guard3: sg3roth3: I'm pretty sure there's someone in the building....
guard3: sg3roth4: The thief's in....
guard3: sg3roth5: Keep alert! We've got a 'Code--'uh-- 'Code--'uh-- We got a break-in!
guard3: sg3roth6: A-a break-in! Stay sharp!
guard3: sg3roth7: You see anything recently? I've been seeing things....
guard3: sg3runa1: Over here! Guards!
guard3: sg3runa2: This way! Beware the intruder!
guard3: sg3runa3: Guards! Back-up! Here!
guard3: sg3runa4: This way! Thieef!
guard3: sg3runa5: We've got a perp, here! Back-up! Back-up!
guard3: sg3runa6: Code 7! ...Uh--uhh...18! Over here!
guard3: sg3sec_1: Heeey, there's an intruder...!
guard3: sg3sec_2: What's with this?
guard3: sg3sec_3: Over here!
guard3: sg3sec_4: Thief in the building!
guard3: sg3sec_5: Uh oohh...uh 'Code...8'.... 'C-Code 8'! 'Code 8'!
guard3: sg3sec_6: A-lert ev'ryone, we got a 'Code...8'...: 'Security breach'!
guard3: sg3sma_1: This didn't look like this...this morning....
guard3: sg3sma_2: Someone's been having too much fun, here....
guard3: sg3sma_3: This could be sssig..nificant....
guard3: sg3sma_4: This is strange.... Better check it out....
guard3: sg3sma_5: Who's been here?
guard3: sg3sma_6: What's this?
guard3: sg3sma_7: Heeyy, this isn't supposed to look this way!
guard3: sg3sma_8: This isn't right....
guard3: sg3telc1: See 'im? Mind he doesn't shoot you!
guard3: sg3telc2: This way! The intruder's getting away!
guard3: sg3telc3: I've spotted 'im!
guard3: sg3telc4: Thief's there!
guard3: sg3telc5: The intruder's over here!
guard3: sg3telc6: Here's our boy!
guard3: sg3telc7: Here he is! Let's show 'im what we do to his kind!
guard3: sg3telc8: We got our perp, here!
guard3: sg3telc9: Thief's here!
guard3: sg3telcA: There 'e is! Hurry!
guard3: sg3telr1: Over here! We've got a thief!
guard3: sg3telr2: Got a thief, here!
guard3: sg3telr3: Intruder! We've got a prowler, over there!
guard3: sg3telr4: W-we've got an intruder! Quick! He's right over here!
guard3: sg3telr5: After I impart some swift justice...y-you can cuff 'im!
guard3: sg3telr6: We-we've got a perp, over here!
guard3: sg3telr7: Got a trouble-maker thinks he's smarter than the law!
guard3: sg3telr8: Hey! I-I've got a stranger, here!
guard3: sg3telr9: Heey, I've got someone, here!
guard3: sg3torc1: Wwe oughta get some of those fancy Mechanist lights. They never go out....
guard3: sg3torc2: Not again. We gotta get some better torches.
guard3: SG3TORC3: Not again....

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