T2_guard4 Edit

guard4: sg40104C: Well... Truart's recruiting for the City Watch, an'...with those new security machines everywhere...I don't know how long the guarding business is gonna last.
guard4: sg40104E: (Puzzled) Mechanical men? Wha' do you mean?
guard4: sg40104G: (Grumbling) I suppose this is another bit of 'progress' from those Mechanists.
guard4: sg40104I: Thanks Meryl. I guess I'd better not be too hasty.
guard4: sg40404A: (Exhaling wearily) Okay...let's take it from the top: What happened?
guard4: sg40404C: (Wearied) Ma'am...I'm sorry to interrupt, but you're drifting off the subject again. Just stick to the facts, please.
guard4: sg40404E: (Assertively) Excuse me, ma'am. I'm just trying to get to the bottom of your problem as quickly as I can. The sooner we're done here, the sooner we can start looking for your servant. Why don't you calm down and collect yourself, while I go over what we have so far.
guard4: sg40703A: You know, I've been wondering....
guard4: sg40703C: What's the big deal with havin' to wear fancy uniforms? You'd think you don't want any a' the thieves knowin' which one's the Sarge. Or even that you're a sword-minder set to watch for 'im.
guard4: sg40802B: Ahh, Rosie... How's my favorite trollop, this evening?
guard4: sg40802D: W'let me be of service, then. I'm taking you to Shoalsgate, where you can get a nice long rest, and a good meal.
guard4: sg40802F: Sorry, Rosie, but I've got my orders. We're to round up all...'street people.' No exceptions. Come on. Let's go.
guard4: sg40902B: Are you kidding? Not even rats would touch that garbage.
guard4: sg40902D: Well, have fun, taffer. I'm gonna go look for ol' Benny. I bet he's getting drunk in the game room, again. (Derisively) Oh...don't trip over your own feet in the dark, again. This time, try turning on the lights.
guard4: sg40906B: Did you get a look at the killer's face?
guard4: sg40906D: (Contemptuously) Don't tell me... you think a 'monster' killed the Sheriff....
guard4: sg41205A: (Scornfully) You mean, you lost...a whole stack of books...?
guard4: sg41205C: (Contemptuously) I don't believe even you could lose a whole bookcase.
guard4: sg41205G: (Disdainfully) I'll say you got turned around, all right.
guard4: sg41205E: (Contemptuously) I dunno what you expect me to do about it. I'm a guard, not an exorcist.
guard4: sg41302A: (Patronizing) You find your stack of books, yet?
guard4: sg41302C: (Mockingly, lightly chuckling) You and your...'ghosts.'
guard4: sg41302E: (Defensively) Hey! I'm new here, myself.
guard4: sg4a0mu1: (To self, grumbles twice) That's what I'm gonna do. I'mmm just gonna go up and tell 'im: 'No more guard duty.' (Mumbles) six taffin' years...(mumbles)...guard duty. (Inhales) Gonna put my finger up and say, uhh, 'Had enough.' That's it. That's what I'm gonna do.
guard4: sg4a0mu2: (To self) I shoulda joined the army. You get medals for rewards in the army. Get to march around outside in the grass and the trees. Uniforms are better—they got real good boots, an' nice gold trim in the army (grumbles).
guard4: sg4a0mu3: (Mumbling to self) You know...I don't think it's true at all, what they said. Prolly never was true. An' I just believed them like a taff-head. They're prolly laughing at me now...(through gritted teeth) behind my back. Ah... Not true at all.
guard4: sg4a0mu4: (Grumbling to self) Can't believe the damn coffee-brewer's broken. These fancy gadgets around' I can't get a simple mug a' coffee.
guard4: sg4a0mu5: (Half-yawning) M-hha-oh.... My dogs are killin' me. Time to get a new pair a' boots.
guard4: sg4a0mu6: (To self) I never shoulda gotten outa noble guard duty. Pay's not as good maybe, god, there were servants to take care of things proper.
guard4: sg4a0mu7: (Grumbling) Paperwork. If I ever lay eyes on the taffer who had the bright idear a' fillin' out reports, he's gonna be sorry his mother ever taught him how ta read...(grumbles).
guard4: sg4a1__1: Not again....
guard4: sg4a1__3: (Yawns) Somethin' there?
guard4: sg4a1__4: What's that?
guard4: sg4a1__5: Can't a guy nap around here?
guard4: sg4a1__6: Hello?
guard4: sg4a1__7: Come on out here, son.
guard4: sg4a1__8: Better not be the sergeant checking up on me....
guard4: sg4a1_w1: You catch that?
guard4: sg4a1_w2: Hey, y-you think that was anything?
guard4: sg4a1_w3: Hey...notice that?
guard4: sg4a1h_1: Strange noises....
guard4: sg4a1h_2: Someone say somethin'....
guard4: sg4a1h_3: Huh? What?
guard4: sg4a1h_4: (Assertive) Come out where I can see you....
guard4: sg4a1hw1: Y'hear somethin'?
guard4: sg4a1hw2: Shh.... See if it happens again....
guard4: sg4a1hw3: Hey.... Did you hear that?
guard4: sg4a1hw4: Shh.... What was that?
guard4: sg4a1hw5: Hey.... Listen....
guard4: sg4a1hw6: Sound [clear] to you?
guard4: sg4a1v_1: I don't like the looks a' that.
guard4: sg4a1v_2: Hm. Seein' things.
guard4: sg4a1v_3: Who's there? Speak up!
guard4: sg4a1vw1: Did you see that?
guard4: sg4a1vw2: Heyy...look over there....
guard4: sg4a1vw3: Hey...look there....
guard4: sg4a1vw4: You see anything just then?
guard4: sg4a1vw5: See that?
guard4: sg4a1vw6: You saw that...right?
guard4: sg4a2__1: Hey! Who's there?
guard4: sg4a2__2: What the hell?
guard4: sg4a2__3: (Assertively) Who's there? Get out here where I can see you!
guard4: sg4a2__4: I'm not playing games, here....
guard4: sg4a2__5: (Aggressively) Come out noow! Whoever you are....
guard4: sg4a2__6: (Not requesting) Why don't you make this easy on both of us, and come on out!
guard4: sg4a2__7: Whoever's there...time to give yourself up.
guard4: sg4a2__8: We can do this the easy way...or the hard way....
guard4: sg4a2h_1: Hey pal.... If yer gonna make that much noise...then why don't you just come out?
guard4: sg4a2h_2: I hear ya, now...!
guard4: sg4a2h_3: Who's makin' all that noise?
guard4: sg4a2h_4: C'mon buddy...I hear you, there....
guard4: sg4a2v_1: Don't think I don't see you. I ain't blind, you know.
guard4: sg4a2v_2: You don't look like you belong here. (Chuckles) Put these cuffs on...they'll look swell on you.
guard4: sg4a3__1: Hey!
guard4: sg4a3b_1: Murderer!
guard4: sg4a3b_2: Put the body down, an' put yer hands in the air! Or yer gonna end up like him!
guard4: sg4a3na1: Hold it!
guard4: sg4a3na2: I've had enough a' you!
guard4: sg4a3na3: Your mine!
guard4: sg4a3na4: We got problems, here!
guard4: sg4a3na5: You've made a big mistake, taffer!
guard4: sg4a3na6: I got a cell waiting for you, taffer!
guard4: sg4a3na7: Come out! In the name of Sheriff Gorman Truart!
guard4: sg4a3na8: Yer gonna come quietly, or yer gonna get hurt.
guard4: sg4a3s_1: Hey! Stop! Right there!
guard4: sg4a3s_2: Ah! Hey!
guard4: sg4a3s_3: Where'd you come from?
guard4: sg4a3s_4: What're you doin' here?
guard4: sg4a3s_5: Freeze!
guard4: sg4a3s_6: Don't move! Drop your weapons!
guard4: sg4a3s_7: Get those hands up, or I'm gonna put you down!
guard4: sg4a3se1: Just one move, taffer, an' you're mine!
guard4: sg4a3se2: All right.... Where are you?
guard4: sg4a3se3: Come ta Papa, now....
guard4: sg4a3se4: You can't hide forever....
guard4: sg4a3se5: Coward! Face me like a man!
guard4: sg4a3se6: I'll turn you up, sooner or later...!
guard4: sg4a3se7: I'm closin' in, taffer!
guard4: sg4a3se8: Dead, I tell you! As soon as I find you!
guard4: sg4alma1: Hit the alarm!
guard4: sg4alma2: Alert ev'ryone!
guard4: sg4alma3: Wake the house!
guard4: sg4alma4: We got a 'Code 30'!
guard4: sg4alma5: Time ta wake up the paper-pushers!
guard4: sg4almw1: Hurry! Sound the alarm!
guard4: sg4almw2: You sound the alarm! I'll take this taffer!
guard4: sg4almw3: Seal the area, an' sound the alarm!
guard4: sg4amb_1: Sneaky taffer! Face me like a man!
guard4: sg4amb_2: Hey! Cut that out!
guard4: sg4amb_3: Ow! What was that?
guard4: sg4amb_4: Taffer! I'll get you!
guard4: sg4ambw1: Aahh! Someone's hit me!
guard4: sg4ambw2: I'm bleeding!
guard4: sg4ambw3: I'm under!
guard4: sg4atb_1: Let's see if an arrow softens you up!
guard4: sg4atb_2: You got a big target on yer chest!
guard4: sg4atb_3: Catch!
guard4: sg4atn_1: Here's one...!
guard4: sg4atn_2: Got you!
guard4: sg4atw_1: Yer goin' down!
guard4: sg4atw_2: Had enough, yet?
guard4: sg4atww1: We'll show you!
guard4: sg4bak_1: Oh well....
guard4: sg4bak_2: Third time this shift.... I gotta calm down.
guard4: sg4bak_3: S'never reeally anything....
guard4: sg4bak_4: Hm. Maybe next time....
guard4: sg4bak_5: Imagining things, now....
guard4: sg4bak_6: Guess it's nothin', now.
guard4: sg4bak_7: Looks like it's nothin'.
guard4: sg4bak_8: Probably just the wind....
guard4: sg4bak_9: I think next time I better say 'no' to that second mug a' coffee.
guard4: sg4bak_a: (Mild groan) I better cut back on all this overtime.
guard4: sg4bak_b: Guess it's a quiet shift, after all....
guard4: sg4bak_c: False alarm...I guess.
guard4: sg4bkd_1: Next time, taffer! Next time...!
guard4: sg4bkd_2: We c'n do this as loong as you like!
guard4: sg4bkd_3: (Sneering) Think yer soo smart!
guard4: SG4BKDW1: He's not scared of us, yet!
guard4: sg4blk_1: You'll hafta try harder!
guard4: sg4blk_2: Huh! Think that's a swing?
guard4: sg4blk_3: Huh! Uhp, sorry! Try again....
guard4: sg4blkw1: This taffer's pretty soft.
guard4: sg4bod_1: Hey, get up! There's a thief in the—Oh hell...!
guard4: sg4bod_2: (Calmly) Rest in peace, friend. (With rising anger) I'll find out who did this....
guard4: sg4bod_3: (Appalled) What a mess! Who could do this to a person?
guard4: sg4bod_4: This one's dead! Our problems just got serious....
guard4: sg4bod_5: (Calling out) Got a man down!
guard4: sg4chga1: (Fired up) Heads are gonna roll, now...!
guard4: sg4chga2: (Fired up) I wanna piece a' you!
guard4: sg4chga3: (Fired up) I'm gonna take you down!
guard4: sg4chgw1: Let's get 'im!
guard4: sg4chgw2: We c'n take this guy!
guard4: sg4chgw3: We'll show 'im not ta mess with us!
guard4: sg4chgw4: Cover me!
guard4: sg4chgw5: Let's put this taffer away!
guard4: sg4det_1: (Sarcastic) Poor baby.... Worried you'll get hurt?
guard4: sg4det_2: That won't stop me!
guard4: sg4det_3: Think that'll help?
guard4: sg4detw1: Y'can't block both of us!
guard4: sg4frus1: Damn you!
guard4: sg4frus2: Curse your eyes!
guard4: sg4frus3: You'll pay for this!
guard4: sg4frus4: Oohh, when I get my hands on you....
guard4: sg4hit_1: Crying yet?
guard4: sg4hit_2: Had enough?
guard4: sg4hit_3: Not lookin' happy!
guard4: sg4hit_4: Show you, taffer!
guard4: sg4hlow1: Aahh...he's done me in...!
guard4: sg4hnd_1: I've seen fish hit harder than that!
guard4: sg4hnd_2: Is that the best you c'n do?
guard4: sg4hnd_3: (Sarcastic) Ooh, I'm so scared, now....
guard4: sg4lar_1: What's happenin', here?
guard4: sg4lar_2: What the hell?
guard4: sg4lar_3: There's gonna be trouble over this....
guard4: sg4lar_4: Someone's been asleep on watch....
guard4: sg4lar_5: Desk sarge is gonna be in trouble....
guard4: sg4los_1: Where the hell'd he go?
guard4: sg4los_2: Where'd that taffer go?
guard4: sg4los_3: Damn! He's gone now.
guard4: sg4los_4: Where is he?
guard4: sg4los_5: Damn! Lost 'im.
guard4: sg4los_6: Where'd our perp get to?
guard4: sg4los_7: Damn! He's loose in the building, now.
guard4: sg4los_8: Well...this is embarrassing....
guard4: sg4mis_1: Hey! Where'd it go?
guard4: sg4mis_2: It's gone....
guard4: sg4mis_3: Who took that?
guard4: sg4mis_4: Someone's been liftin' things....
guard4: sg4mis_5: Great. We've been robbed.
guard4: sg4mis_6: I better not find some thief's pawn hocking this tomorrow....
guard4: sg4rbod1: Where'ave you been? Mart's got himself killed!
guard4: sg4rbod2: There's a killer on the loose....
guard4: sg4rbod3: Watch yer back.... There's been a killing, already....
guard4: sg4rbod4: Stay alert.... He's already taken out somebody....
guard4: sg4rbod5: This guy's already sent someone to the morgue. So bee careful.
guard4: sg4rint1: Some taffer's broken in! Looks reeeal mean....
guard4: sg4rint2: Saw someone in here, a bit ago....
guard4: sg4rint3: I've seen an intruder! Look sharp!
guard4: sg4rint4: Stay sharp! An intruder's inside the compound....
guard4: sg4rmis1: We've been robbed!
guard4: sg4rmis2: Thief's around here, somewhere...!
guard4: sg4rmis3: Thief's robbed us!
guard4: sg4rmis4: You wanna tell 'im we've been robbed?
guard4: sg4rmis5: There's been some stuff lifted....
guard4: sg4rmis6: Someone's robbed us.... Look sharp.
guard4: sg4rob_1: Uh oh.... (Calling out) There's been a vandal, here! Come quick!
guard4: sg4rob_2: Vandals! A sentry's been demolished!
guard4: sg4roth1: Somethin's up.... Things aren't right.
guard4: sg4roth2: Keep your eyes open.... I think we've got a break-in.
guard4: sg4roth3: Spotted some things, earlier. We've got an intruder....
guard4: sg4roth4: Watch out for taffers in here, who shouldn't be....
guard4: sg4roth5: Looks like there's some evidence of a burglar....
guard4: sg4roth6: Think we've got a 'Code 12'.... I saw some evidence....
guard4: sg4rrob1: Where'ave you been? A sentry's been demolished!
guard4: sg4runa1: (Calling out) Ev'ryone! This way!
guard4: sg4runa2: (Calling out) I need backup, here!
guard4: sg4runa3: (Calling out) This way! We've got trouble!
guard4: sg4runa4: Intruders!
guard4: sg4runa5: (Calling out) Can I get some backup?
guard4: sg4sec_1: Intruder's been here!
guard4: sg4sec_2: Someone's been taffin' around, here...!
guard4: sg4sec_3: There's been intruders, here!
guard4: sg4sec_4: (Calling out) Come, see this! Watch for inturders!
guard4: sg4sec_5: Looks like a 'Code 12'.
guard4: sg4sec_6: Got some clever taffer in the place....
guard4: sg4sma_1: Hmm...this isn't right.
guard4: sg4sma_2: I don't like the looks a' this....
guard4: sg4sma_3: Hmm.... Oodd....
guard4: sg4sma_4: It's not normally like this....
guard4: sg4sma_5: This isn't standard procedure....
guard4: sg4sma_6: Someone thinks this is funny....
guard4: sg4telc1: (Calling out) Found 'im! This way!
guard4: sg4telc2: (Calling out) I got 'im this time! Here!
guard4: sg4telc3: (Calling out) Here he is!
guard4: sg4telc4: (Calling out) Found the taffer!
guard4: sg4telc5: (Calling out) Over this way! He's here!
guard4: sg4telc6: (Calling out) He's here! Hurry!
guard4: sg4telc7: (Calling out) All officers! The perp's over here!
guard4: sg4telc8: (Calling out) Seal the area! I've located our criminal!
guard4: sg4telc9: (Calling out) Found our fancy-boy!
guard4: sg4telr1: (Calling out) Hey! There's someone here! Get over here!
guard4: sg4telr2: (Calling out) Help me! Who is this guy?
guard4: sg4telr3: (Calling out) Intruder here! Hurry!
guard4: sg4telr4: (Calling out) Ahh! Come help me here!
guard4: sg4telr5: (Calling out) Hey! Over here! Gotta thief, here!
guard4: sg4telr6: (Calling out) Hey! I found a bandit!
guard4: sg4telr7: We got a perp thinks he's smart, here!
guard4: sg4telr8: Hey! You let someone get away on you!
guard4: sg4torc1: Damn drafty halls.... Can't keep a torch lit to save your life.
guard4: sg4torc2: Ngaaaw.... Out again?
guard4: SG4TORC3: Damn drafty halls....

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