T2_guard6 Edit

A female guard voice.

guard6: sg60103A: (Frustrated exhale) Damn torches—always sputtering out.
guard6: sg60103C: I lost my tinderbox. W-why don't you do it?
guard6: sg60103E: Humph....
guard6: sg60402B: (Laughing jeeringly) Yeah, I bet that's where you learned to pick pockets so well.
guard6: sg60402D: (Jeeringly) Sure. Tell it to the sheriff. He's got a real soft spot for war heroes.
guard6: sg60405B: Donal must be pretty pissed.
guard6: sg60405D: Huh. If Truart keeps up this pace we'll all be out of a job. There won't be anyone left to arrest.
guard6: sg60405F: (Chuckles) Yeah, the Baron'll be surprised that Truart is working for everyone but him.
guard6: sg60405H: (Suddenly serious) An' you won't be talkin' 'bout it, neither, if you know what's good for ya.
guard6: sg60501A: Remember, men—his name is Garrett. Consider him armed and dangerous. The sheriff wants him brought in dead or alive.
guard6: sg60501C: Truart says this man is very dangerous and clever. Just follow your orders.
guard6: sg60501E: (Snapping) I don't want to hear it! You have your orders.
guard6: sg60703B: Hmm. What?
guard6: sg60703D: It's f'r the bosses, you clodhead. Otherwise they'll never remember which of us is the guards and which is the servants. You can't expect them to remember names and faces.
guard6: sg60901B: I'm not so sure. Whoever did this wasn't concerned about making it look like an accident. Killing the sheriff in his own his own makes a statement. Not the sort of thing you'd want to do to someone close to you...if you didn't want to get caught.
guard6: sg60901D: (Snickers and speaks jeeringly) The sheriff lives in the most secure manor in The City, no one can get in without a key, and there's Mechanist security...everywhere. Yeah...I'd say it was an inside job.
guard6: sg60901F: That's true. Truart made more than his share of enemies since becoming Sheriff. Everyone living outside of Dayport...has a decent motive. I guess the Downwinders had something to do with this. Donal wasn't too happy when we raided his casino and shut him down. He probably sent one of his ghouls to deal with the sheriff.
guard6: sg60901H: Well...we don't have to worry about Mosley ending up in someone's pocket. Anyone trying to bribe her would end up with a broken limb or two. (Hopeful) Maybe we'd end up doin' some good around here, for a change.
guard6: sg60903B: (Excitedly concerned) Why? What happened?
guard6: sg60903D: (Incredulous and upset) What? The sheriff's been murdered? How?
guard6: sg60903F: (Shouting) Truart's been murdered! Find the killer!
guard6: sg60906A: (Shaken) I heard a commotion coming from Truart's room, but on my way to check it out, it stopped. (Draws a quick deep breath) When I got to the room, I swear I saw a dark shape running off. I should've taken a shot at 'im. That's when we saw the boss had been killed.
guard6: sg60906C: (Shaken) Naw, it was too fast. It was standing right over his body...a-and I must have spooked it. When it saw me, it flew right out the doors and off the balcony. I've never seen anything move like that. It couldn't have been human.
guard6: sg60906E: (Shaken but happy to be alive) Like I said, I don't know what it was. I'm glad I wasn't in the room when that thing was ripping up the sheriff. No one should have to die like that.
guard6: sg6a0mu1: (Muttering to herself) Mm-rocks are nice. Ol' blue rocks are the best. M-better than brown rocks, an'...definitely gray rocks. Don't see many blue rocks around (sighs). Oh, rocks don't tell you...not to slack on the job, y'know. Rocks don't take your best boots [unintelligible] money. Even th' gray rocks, they don't, no...good' gray ones.
guard6: sg6a0mu2: (Muttering to herself) Hm-my shift's supposed to be over by now. (Smacks her lips and gives a fed up sigh) He prolly forgot to come and change. He's prolly still sleepin', lazy bastard. I never do that...come late when I'm s'posed t'be on duty. (Fed up sigh) He always does this (tsks lightly). If I were the Sir, I'd boot 'im out on his ear. (Fed up sigh)
guard6: sg6a0mu3: (Muttering to herself) Not such a...bad' around. Good fer the feet.... N-g't-good armor.... Okay sword.... I'd rather have my own room, wi'out all these guys snoring,'s all right. (Takes a breath) Hm...wish I had a sergeant's sword, though.
guard6: sg6a0mu4: (Muttering to herself, sighs) Put in a...few months overtime, get those stripes. (Takes a deep breath) That'll be nice. (Imitating the voice of authority) 'Call me Sir, you young whippersnappers....' Heh-hh....
guard6: sg6a0mu5: (Muttering to herself) this would be a...cushier job than on private guard duty. Shows what I know. Sheriff's just as bad as those blue-bloody nobles. 'Cept he doesn't even know how to kick back an' take it easy. (Annoyed imitating of Truart's rules) 'No napping on duty', 'no short-walking patrols....' (Sighs)
guard6: sg6a0mu6: (Muttering to herself, sighs) About time we cleaned up those cess pools of filthy taffers. An' ev'ry one of 'em either buyin' or sellin'. Cut yer throat as soon as they look at you. --'Hind bars, all of 'em. That's the best thing for 'em....
guard6: sg6a0mu7: (Muttering to herself, gives a fed up sigh) [I don't] know why we have ta...have all these 'Codes' fer things. Why do we have t'say (mock tones) 'Code 8', (regular tones) an' it really means 'some guy (mock tones) punching some other guy'.... An' Truart bites yer head off if you say the wrong one. (Gives a fed up sigh)
guard6: sg6a1__1: Hm. What's that?
guard6: sg6a1__2: Hey...someone back there?
guard6: sg6a1__3: What?
guard6: sg6a1__4: Something there?
guard6: sg6a1__5: (Gasps slightly) W-what was that?
guard6: sg6a1__6: Show yourself an' report!
guard6: sg6a1__7: Who's there?
guard6: sg6a1_w1: Hey...did you notice that?
guard6: sg6a1_w2: Think that was anything?
guard6: sg6a1_w3: Huhh...probably worth investigating that.
guard6: sg6a1h_1: Hm...odd noises....
guard6: sg6a1h_2: Who's making that noise?
guard6: sg6a1h_3: Say again?
guard6: sg6a1hw1: hear somethin'?
guard6: sg6a1hw2: D'you hear a noise?
guard6: sg6a1hw3: Is that a--a noise?
guard6: sg6a1hw4: Did you hear that?
guard6: sg6a1hw5: Hear that?
guard6: sg6a1hw6: (Kind of hushedly) Shh...see if it does it again....
guard6: sg6a1v_1: Thought I saw...something....
guard6: sg6a1v_2: I don' like seein' things I don' know....
guard6: sg6a1vw1: You see that?
guard6: sg6a1vw2: Look...there....
guard6: sg6a1vw3: (Quietly) See that...there...?
guard6: sg6a1vw4: (Quietly) Look. Over that way....
guard6: sg6a1vw5: Hey! Look there.
guard6: sg6a1vw6: See that? Think we got trouble?
guard6: sg6a2__1: Something's up....
guard6: sg6a2__2: I don't like this at all....
guard6: sg6a2__3: What the hell was that?
guard6: sg6a2__4: Okay! Enough taffing with me.
guard6: sg6a2__5: Who's there, then?
guard6: sg6a2__6: Let's see some iden'ification....
guard6: sg6a2__7: Show yourself! No skulking!
guard6: sg6a2__8: That's enough lurkin' about!
guard6: sg6a2h_1: I hear you, back there....
guard6: sg6a2h_2: Who's there? I hear you.
guard6: sg6a2h_3: Come out...where I can see you!
guard6: sg6a2h_4: I heard that! Let's see who you are....
guard6: sg6a2v_1: I saw that.
guard6: sg6a2v_2: Hey you! I see you, rogue!
guard6: sg6a3__1: (Gasps) Treachery!
guard6: sg6a3__3: Hey!
guard6: sg6a3b_1: Hey, what're you doing with him?
guard6: sg6a3b_2: You've just dug your own grave, taffer boy!
guard6: sg6a3na1: Look here!
guard6: sg6a3na2: We found 'im!
guard6: sg6a3na3: All right, there he is!
guard6: sg6a3na4: Over there!
guard6: sg6a3na5: We've got cells for people like you!
guard6: sg6a3na6: Surrender now!
guard6: sg6a3na7: That's enough out a' you. Hands up!
guard6: sg6a3s_1:! Stop!
guard6: sg6a3s_2: Hold it there!
guard6: sg6a3s_3: Yer in such trouble, now!
guard6: sg6a3s_4: Stop right there...taffer!
guard6: sg6a3s_5: Halt! You are under arrest.
guard6: sg6a3s_6: the name of the law!
guard6: sg6a3s_7: You're under arrest...taffer!
guard6: sg6a3s_8: the name of Sheriff Gorman Truart!
guard6: sg6a3se1: think you can hide from me....
guard6: sg6a3se2: I'll find you. I'll find you....
guard6: sg6a3se3: can't hide forever....
guard6: sg6a3se4: way or another I'll find you....
guard6: sg6a3se5: Hm...come back here, dammit!
guard6: sg6a3se6: Come out 'n' fight me....
guard6: sg6a3se7: Huh...don't think you'll escape....
guard6: sg6a3se8: You just wait...I'll find you....
guard6: sg6alma1: Raise an alaaarm!
guard6: sg6alma2: To the alarms, men!
guard6: sg6alma3: Alert the building: intruders!
guard6: sg6alma4: Hit the alarm!
guard6: sg6alma5: Time for the big red button!
guard6: sg6almw1: Hurry! And ring the alarms!
guard6: sg6almw2: You ring the alarms! I'll delay this taffer!
guard6: sg6almw3: Go hit the button!
guard6: sg6amb_1: Ugh! Treacherous villain!
guard6: sg6amb_2: Ahh! Villain! Who did that?
guard6: sg6amb_3: Face me, you coward!
guard6: sg6amb_4: Strike me from behind, will you?
guard6: sg6ambw1: Someone's shooting at me!
guard6: sg6ambw2: Ware! A sniper!
guard6: sg6ambw3: I'm hit!
guard6: sg6atb_1: Hold still! It'll hurt less.
guard6: sg6atb_2: Let's see how you look as a porcupine!
guard6: sg6atb_3: I've got somethin' for ya!
guard6: sg6atn_1: You don't look so tough!
guard6: sg6atn_2: Hhho-ready to die?
guard6: sg6atw_1: Are you ready for a nap, yet?
guard6: sg6atw_2: Surrender and I'll kill you quick!
guard6: sg6atww1: He's not long for it, now!
guard6: sg6atww2: They don't call us the 'strong arm of the law' for nothin'...Thief.
guard6: sg6bak_1: (Fatigued sigh) I need a nap. I won't be so spooked, then....
guard6: sg6bak_2: Well...looks like it's peaceful again....
guard6: sg6bak_3: (Disappointed sigh) It's always nothing. It's never anything exciting.
guard6: sg6bak_4: Hmm...maybe it was rats. Rats would be a bit a' meat, now an' then.
guard6: sg6bak_5: Guess it wasn't much after all....
guard6: sg6bak_6: (Disappointed sigh) Nothing this time....
guard6: sg6bak_7: (Amused at herself) I must a' been imagining things....
guard6: sg6bak_8: (Disappointed exhalation) I don't get paid for jumpin' at nothin'.
guard6: SG6BAK_9: (Disappointed exhalation) Stupid. Probably just some rookie.
guard6: sg6bak_a: Letting those 'stay alert' pep talks get the best a' me....
guard6: sg6bak_b: Hmm...maybe it was rats....
guard6: sg6bkd_1: We can do this as long as you want!
guard6: sg6bkd_2: (Taunting) Poor baby doesn't wanna be hit!
guard6: sg6bkd_3: (Taunting) That all you can do with your sword?
guard6: sg6bkdw1: I can't get through to 'im!
guard6: sg6blk_1: (Taunting) S'that the best you can do?
guard6: sg6blk_2: (Taunting) You'll have t'be faster than that!
guard6: sg6blk_3: Not this time, taffer!
guard6: sg6blkw1: He's not worth worrying about!
guard6: sg6bod_1: You will be avenged!
guard6: sg6bod_2: Who has done this foul thing?
guard6: sg6bod_3: Someone'll swing fer this....
guard6: sg6bod_4: Murder! Oh—I mean—Code 6!
guard6: sg6chga1: Hah! I got you now, taffer!
guard6: sg6chga2: Bad day for you, looks like!
guard6: sg6chga3: Right! Drop your weapons!
guard6: sg6chga4: Chaaarge!
guard6: sg6chgw1: That way! Get him!
guard6: sg6chgw2: We've got 'im now!
guard6: sg6chgw3: Save some for me!
guard6: sg6chgw4: We'll show i'm what real guards can do...!
guard6: sg6chgw5: Let's take this perp!
guard6: sg6det_1: (Taunting) Is he scared of the big bad guard?
guard6: sg6det_2: think that'll stop me?
guard6: sg6det_3: Huh. You can't block forever!
guard6: sg6detw1: He's scared of us!
guard6: sg6frus1: get back here right now!
guard6: sg6frus2: You'll be in such...trouble....
guard6: sg6frus3: I'll see yer bones bleached yet!
guard6: sg6frus4: just wait 'til my friends arrive!
guard6: sg6hit_1: Hah! Saw some blood that time!
guard6: sg6hit_2: Huh! Did we hurt the poor man?
guard6: sg6hit_3: Hm...getting your cloak aalll nice an' bloody!
guard6: sg6hit_4: One for me!
guard6: sg6hit_5: Hah! Prison's too good for this low-life!
guard6: sg6hitw1: Got 'im again!
guard6: sg6hitw2: Wha-oh-this is too easy!
guard6: sg6hlow1: Agh! Help! K-hill him!
guard6: sg6hnd_1: (Taunting) Oo...was that a love tap?
guard6: sg6hnd_2: (Taunting) My baby brother does better than that!
guard6: sg6hnd_3: (Taunting) What, did somebody throw a rock at me?
guard6: sg6lar_1: Hey.... What's going on, here?
guard6: sg6lar_2: All right...someone's gonna pay for this....
guard6: sg6lar_3: (Arriving at a conclusion) Ahh...looks like a Code 8....
guard6: sg6lar_4: Who'd wanna come pick trouble with us?
guard6: sg6los_1: Come back here!
guard6: sg6los_2: All right, where'd you go?
guard6: sg6los_3: Where'd the hell--?
guard6: sg6los_4: Damn! He was
guard6: sg6los_5: You cannot hide from the law!
guard6: sg6los_6: You will be brought to justice, criminal!
guard6: sg6los_7: Damn! He's loose in the building, now....
guard6: sg6mis_1: Who's taken that?
guard6: sg6mis_2: Ohh, it's gone!
guard6: sg6mis_3: The servants better not be getting light-handed, again....
guard6: sg6mis_4: This better've been signed out.
guard6: sg6mis_5: Someone robbed us?
guard6: sg6rbod1: Hoh good, you're not dead! There's a murderer in here!
guard6: sg6rbod2: Ah, it's terrible! There're bodies...ev'rywhere!
guard6: sg6rbod3: There's a murder been done!
guard6: sg6rbod4: We got a Code 6! You know a-a murder!
guard6: sg6rbod5: We got a man headed for the morgue! Watch out!
guard6: sg6rint1: I've seen some taffer skulking around, in here....
guard6: sg6rint2: Watch out, someone's broken in....
guard6: sg6rint3: Saw an intruder, but I lost 'im. Look...carefully....
guard6: sg6rint4: We have a break-in! I-I saw the perp, but I lost 'im.
guard6: sg6rmis1: Some valuables have been walking off....
guard6: sg6rmis2: Somebody's broken in, and been picking things up.
guard6: sg6rmis3: Stuff's been missing. Look sharp.
guard6: sg6rmis4: There's been some thefts, but there's no sign of the perp, yet.
guard6: sg6rmis5: Got someone lifting things. Watch for the perp.
guard6: sg6rob_1: Awhh...who could've done this? I don't like this.
guard6: sg6rob_2: What's going on here? Heey...this thing is a pile a' junk!
guard6: sg6roth1: I think...there's an intruder in here....
guard6: sg6roth2: Been seein' some weirrrd stuff. Watch for intruders.
guard6: sg6roth3: Watch...for trouble....
guard6: sg6roth4: Thing's been mucked around with. Watch for strangers.
guard6: sg6roth5: We got a Code e--uh—ohhh—oh what's the code for 'break-in'?
guard6: sg6roth6: We got a break-in!
guard6: sg6rrob1: Oh...better watch out.... One of those mechanical things's been destroyed!
guard6: sg6runa1: (Calling out) Intruder! To me!
guard6: sg6runa2: (Calling out) Over here! An intruder!
guard6: sg6runa3: (Calling out) Defend the Sir! This way!
guard6: sg6runa4: (Calling out) Help! Over here!
guard6: sg6runa5: We've got a perp in the building!
guard6: sg6runa6: Uhh...Code!--uhhh—18! Over here!
guard6: sg6sec_1: Hmm...I best tell the others about this....
guard6: sg6sec_2: Looks like rats, again. The walking kind.
guard6: sg6sec_3: Hmm...trouble brewing....
guard6: sg6sec_4: Right.... This is no good....
guard6: sg6sec_5: Code 8, all right....
guard6: sg6sec_6: Best tell the Sergeant....
guard6: sg6sma_1: Hm...that's odd....
guard6: sg6sma_3: Mm...this could be significant....
guard6: sg6sma_4: Hm...probably nothing, but it doesn't hurt to check....
guard6: sg6telc1: (Calling out) Found him!
guard6: sg6telc2: (Calling out) Right! Here he is!
guard6: sg6telc3: Got 'im now!
guard6: sg6telc4: (Calling out) He's this way!
guard6: sg6telc5: (Calling out) Over here! Found him!
guard6: sg6telc6: Here's our man!
guard6: sg6telc7: Here he is! Let's show 'im what we do t' thieves!
guard6: sg6telc8: Got a perp, here!
guard6: sg6telr1: Who's this? Get him!
guard6: sg6telr2: Ah! Someone's broken in!
guard6: sg6telr3: Hey! There's someone here!
guard6: sg6telr4: Over here! There's...some taffer that's broken in...!
guard6: sg6telr5: You cuff 'im, I'll impart some swift justice...!
guard6: sg6telr6: You cuff 'im! I'll impart some swift justice....
guard6: sg6telr7: (Calling out) We've got a perp, over here...!
guard6: sg6telr8: Got a trouble-maker thinks he's smart!
guard6: sg6torc1: (Frustrated sigh) Can someone help me light this thing?
guard6: sg6torc2: Awright, am I supposed t' see what I'm doing?

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