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Running InterferenceEdit


sg60103A: (Frustrated exhale) Damn torches--always sputtering out.
sg50103B: Well, don't just make taff over it, light it up.
sg60103C: I lost my tinderbox. W-why don't you do it?
sg50103D: I ain't the one that's complaining, am I now?
sg60103E: Humph....


sv20104A: UNUSED: Jax! Can I bother you a moment?
sv20104B: UNUSED: I don't mean to pry, but...I heard you were thinking of joining the sheriff's guard?
sg40104C: UNUSED: Well... Truart's recruiting for the City Watch, an'... with those new security machines everywhere... I don't know how long the guarding business is gonna last.
sv20104D: UNUSED: But have you seen those mechanical men the sheriff has now? I would never wanna work around those....
sg40104E: UNUSED: (Puzzled) 'Mechanical men?' Wha' do you mean?
sv20104F: UNUSED: Well, imagine a walking, talking security machine. It's hard to explain...(inhale) they seem like people, but they're made all of metal. They have arms and faces, an' they can see you, but you can tell, just by looking at them...their only purpose is to kill.
sg40104G: UNUSED: (Grumbling) I suppose this is another bit of 'progress' from those Mechanists.
sv20104H: UNUSED: Yes, I...think so. I just wanted to mention it before you did decide to quit your job here. I'd...hate to see you go....
sg40104I: UNUSED: Thanks Meryl. I guess I'd better not be too hasty.
sv20104J: UNUSED: Oh, that's alright. Goodnight Jax.

Shipping... and ReceivingEdit


no10201A: (Reprimanding and huffy) You must be Uriel.... Well, you're late. I thought I made it clear to you Hammers that I don't like to be kept waiting.
hm10201B: Be thankful I treat with thee at all, unbeliever. 'Tis late, and I seek to finish here quickly that I may return to my bretheren.
no10201C: Well, my cranky friend, head this way and I'll show you to your shipment. You know, you Hammers used to bring a lot of money my way, but I haven't seen you around, lately.
hm10201D: I require but a fourth part of mine usual order. 'Tis all we are needful of. (With increasing anger) For our numbers have fallen since the rise of the accursed heretics.
no10201E: (Surprised) 'Heretics'? You mean the 'Mechanists,' right?
hm10201F: (Angrily) Speak not that accursed name to me! They follow not the name of the Master Builder, but a false prophet who twists holy scripture to his own selfish desire. Nay, worse still, those infidels would raise his lies to the level of Holy Word!
no10201G: I've been hearing a lot about them, lately. Don't know what to think of them yet, but...seems like they have plans to improve The City. Making life better for people like me...which is more than you Hammers ever did.
hm10201H: The heretics are naught but a trial for the faithful of the Builder. They know nothing of devotion, of faith, of craftsmanship, or skill, and blindly follow the path of lies, greed, and deception. Markest thou my warning: At the forge of the Master Builder, He will separate steel from dross, and those who follow falsehoods instead of faith... will be forever cast aside.
no10201I: (Indifferent) Yeah yeah, whatever you say... (Sighs) Let's just go and finish up our business.


sg50202A: Evening, Dante, you look exhausted. You should get some sleep.
ex10202B: I remember what it was like to sleep. Boss left this morning and put me in charge of unloading and cataloging all the incoming shipment from the Mechanists. Every single bloody thing they order is made outta metal. I've been lifting heavy crates all day long, and I think my back is about to break.
sg50202C: Buncha taffers in this city. I live near Dayport, and I used to have a nice view of the mountains. I used to watch the sunrise with my wife every morning. But now, that metal monstrosity casts a permanent shadow over my house.
ex10202D: Oh...the Mechanist tower, you mean? The City has certainly changed over the last year. A lot a that's 'cause a' the Mechanists. I was in Dayport just last week.... All the trees are gone and there're giant chimneys spewing out foul soot.
sg50202E: My whole neighborhood stinks of that blackened air. My house used to be white, but now it's gone gray with that smudge. And my son coughs constantly.
ex10202F: Well..there's more to the Mechanists than just factories. While I was Dayport I had to stop by the Mechanist tower to pick up a payment. I couldn't believe what I saw: they had these mechanical faces that watched me an' sent shivers down my spine, I tell you....
sg50202G: (Sighs) Yeah, I know all about those metal Watchers. They installed some here in the Building B, the other day. I heard they plan on replacing us guards with them 'cause they don't have to give them pay at the end of the week. I heard rumors that we're all gonna be fired. If that's true, then I'll have to live in the woods... like a Pagan.


SV10203A: I hear Captain Davidson came into port about four hours ago.
ex20203B: That's what I heard. I hope that dirty smuggler brought us some spice. There's none to be found anywhere within this cursed city, anymore.
sv10203C: I know what you mean. I used to grow my own spice, as well as fruits and vegetables, but all my crops died months ago and won't grow back no matter what I try.
ex20203D: It's as if all the plantlife in The City up and died. Have you noticed that all the trees in Eastport are wilted and dead?
sv10203E: Maybe Davidson will smuggle in trees next, heh.... I don't know where he's getting the spice from, but his prices are steep. He's quickly becoming a rich man.



th10402A: (Grunts) You guys can't treat me like this! I'm a vet'ran!
sg60402B: (Laughing jeeringly) Yeah, I bet that's where you learned to pick pockets so well.
th10402C: (Sniveling) W-w-w--when I got back, my family was gone. I h-had no money to live.
sg60402D: (Jeeringly) Sure. Tell it to the sheriff. He's got a real soft spot for war heroes.


sg50403A: UNUSED: You think your beloved 'Woodsie Lord' is going ta help you, now? Yer kind have caused enough trouble, around here. An' we're gonna put a stop to it.
pg10403B: UNUSED: Manfool! He ams the oaks and leaves, and He will feeders on you!
sg50403C: UNUSED: Yeah, I'm gonna enjoy watching you burn.


sg40404A: (Exhaling wearily) Okay... Let's take it from the top: What happened?
no20404B: servant, Jennivere, is missing. Now, she had no reason to run away...I treated her like my own daughter--who'll take care of me now?
sg40404C: (Wearied) Ma'am... I'm sorry to interrupt, but you're drifting off the subject again. Just stick to the facts, please.
no20404D: Are you going to help me, or not? I'll have you know, I am a personal friend of Father Karras. He has a great deal of influence, you know. Where do you think all your fancy new devices came from? I doubt he would be pleased to find out you were neglecting to help one of his friends....
sg40404E: (Assertively) Excuse me, ma'am. I'm just trying to get to the bottom of your problem as quickly as I can. The sooner we're done here, the sooner we can start looking for your servant. Why don't you calm down and collect youself, while I go over what we have so far.
no20404F: Uh-h...I'm sorry, Officer.... Thank you.


sg30406A: How come we gotta pull guard-duty? Couldn't the Mechanists just put more of those Mechani-- mecha-- mechanical eyes around the place?
sg10406B: Because we can't be shut off as easily, you taffer.
sg30406C: Ooh.... At least it's better than sitting watch for the Downwinders.
sg10406D: Damn right. No smell of sewage, no mildew, fewer rats.
sg30406E: You ever wonder why Truart hired us?
sg10406F: Not really. Probably figured we'd spend less time breaking the law since we'd be enforcing it. Gold is gold--don't matter if it's coming from Reuben or Sheriff Truart.


mc10407A: The Watcher is ready and operational. Now, to activate the alarm whenever an intruder doth approach.
sg50407B: How does it know the difference between us and an intruder?
mc10407C: To find the answer to that question, thou must attend the Mechanist Seminary, and join our Order. The wisdom of Karras is not for the eyes of the 'common' man.
sg50407D: What about maintenance for all these contraptions?
mc10407E: Thy sheriff did insist that all information for thy security systems be left in the care of Lieutenant Hagen. Instructions are locked in thy 'Secure Records' area.
sg50407F: What 'secure area'?
mc10407G: The sheriff requested us to construct a 'Records Hall' that only he and his lieutenants may view. 'Tis no doubt to keep them from the eyes of incompetents such as thee.



sg50405A: You hear about the raid at the Overlord's Fancy? Truart led the bust, himself.
sg60405B: Donal must be pretty pissed.
sg50405C: (Laughs) Uh, you could say that. (Laughs)
sg60405D: Huh. If Truart keeps up this pace we'll all be out of a job. There won't be anyone left to arrest.
sg50405E: O-ho! Well, I guess we'll just have to arrest the sheriff, at that point.
sg60405F: (Chuckles) Yeah, the Baron'll be surprised that Truart is working for everyone but him.
sg50405G: Does anyone know who the people the sheriff is working for are? I'm surprised that no one really talks about it.
sg60405H: (Suddenly serious) An' you won't be talkin' 'bout it, neither, if you know what's good for ya.


sg60501A: Remember, men--his name is Garrett. Consider him armed and dangerous. The sheriff wants him brought in dead or alive.
sg50501B: What's the sheriff want with a common thief? Why all the extra man-power?
sg60501C: Truart says this man is very dangerous and clever. Just follow your orders.
sg50501D: But why--?
sg60501E: (Snapping) I don't want to hear it! You have your orders.
sg50501F: Yes, Sir!


ex10502A: What's the latest on the war, Raleigh?
no10502B: (Worried exhalation) Lord Anders hasn't received a report in some time. The last he heard, it was not going well. I fear the Baron may return with the battlefield coming right up behind him.
ex10502C: I think you worry too much. This city is like a fortress. With the Mechanists here to help us defend The City, we needn't fret about it.
no10502D: (Contemptuous snorting laugh) I think you put too much faith in the Mechanists. After all...they are only a splinter group of the Hammerites. Hardly a military force. They seem concerned only with aiding nobles with their fancy inventions. Their tin soldiers wouldn't last long against a real army.
ex10502E: Well...until I see a battle going on outside my window, I shant worry about it.


sv20503A: (Alarmed) What's going on? The City Watch are all over the place!
ex20503B: Oh...they're looking for some guy the sheriff wants brought in.
sv20503C: (Alarmed) Goodness me! Is-Is this man dangerous?
ex20503D: They say they want him dead or alive, but it looks to me like they'd prefer dead.
sv20503E: And how do you know that?
ex20503F: I was at the pub, saw a couple of bluecoats ambush the guy there. He managed to get away, though. Never seen anyone move that fast before. He just vanished into the shadows.
sv20503G: Myy!


no20504A: (Friendly) What's a big fella like you doing out here at night?
sg30504B: (Bashful) Aww... (Shy chuckling) 'Big fella....'
no20504C: (Friendly) Don't you wanna woman to keep you warm?
sg30504D: (Confused) What for? This uniform is plenty warm enough, and it's not even cold out tonight.
no20504E: UNUSED: (Friendly) Wouldn't you like to come over to my place to get outta the cold?



mc10601A: UNUSED: (Friendly) Hail, Friend!
mc20601B: UNUSED: How go thy works?
mc10601C: UNUSED: As always, there are those who wish blessings at no cost to themselves. But most see the wisdom of Karras and grant the demands we make of them.
mc20601D: UNUSED: The blind are always with us. Dragging down our efforts and prattling of...'natural' things. But the light of The Builder shall sear open their eyes, someday. Would that it pains them more even than they pain us now.


mc30602A: UNUSED: Hast thou seen our father today? He seemed tired to mine eyes.
mc20602B: UNUSED: 'Tis not surprising. The weight of all that The Builder has gifted us rests upon his shoulders. And the 'plaints of smaller men are always squeaking in his ears, keeping him from rest.
mc30602C: UNUSED: Truly. Truly. We must praise The Builder to have wrought Lord Karras with such well-forged strength.
mc20602D: UNUSED: Aye. Karras is the tool in the hand of The Builder that shall re-forge the rot of forest and field into clean machinery.


mc10603A: (Frustrated) A pox upon it! Never shall I finish my design. The springs and gears conspire to confound me.
mc40603B: Calm, Friend, calm.... On the morrow let me come by thy workbench and help thee untangle things.
mc10603C: (Humble) I--I would be most grateful. Couldst thou help?
mc40603D: Tis nothing. Think on it as the copper and tin mingle to make the stronger bronze, so doest we each mingle and flow together in Karras's forge to make stronger, as well.
mc10603E: (Impressed) Thou art wise.
mc40603F: Tis Karras who is truly wise. His bounty, and the machines we construct, shall help all of humanity in the coming times, and all shall know his wisdom.
mc10603G: I will be glad to have this wretched task behind me that I may move to a more profitable position.


mc40605A: UNUSED: Hast thou been back to our...old haunts, Friend?
mc20605B: UNUSED: The Temple of the Hammer? Nay. Not since I joined with Karras.
mc40605C: UNUSED: Yestereve I visited to speak to mine...once-brothers. It struck my eye how...bare and shabby wert the rooms.
mc20605D: UNUSED: I do remember--now thou doest mention--they sought only to punish and threaten...and it gained them naught but fear. Karras seeks the friendship of the rich, blessing them with the works of his invention, and in return they do gift us well.
mc40605E: UNUSED: I must approve. For it makes mine surroundings much...more...fair.
mc20605F: UNUSED: If our 'old' brothers suffer that so many have left for our order, 'tis but their own fault for standing in opposition to progress.

mc30606A: I tell thee, for thou art my friend, that I wish the Children of Karras were more, uh-m...mild seeming.
mc10606B: Thou'rt not the first to be afeared of them. (Small chuckle) For their visage is wrought to strike terror into the enemies of Karrasss... or... those who might consider becoming enemies.
mc30606C: Well, and it might. For it near strikes terror into mine own heart.
mc10606D: Thinkest thou thy own soft body of leaky flesh and wheezing gasses is glorious to the eyes of The Builder? Nay! 'Tis thy soul that is the only thing of any worth! So it is with the children of Karras, for they are the blessed and immortal heirs of The Builder, while I and thou are but the paltry tools that forged them.
mc30606E: As thou sayest.
mc10606F: (Quietly, to himself) What a fool.... Karras would be well rid of that one.


mc10607A: Doest thou know whether the sheriff hath arrived?
mc20607B: The sheriff? What doest he here?
mc10607C: (Incredulous) In Karras name, man! Hast thou been stuffing leaves in thine ears? Hast thou not heard about the meeting?
mc20607D: (Lying) Oh...the meeting. I hadst...forgotten that today wast the date.
mc10607E: (Disgusted) Pfaugh! Thou hath no idea what I speak on. (Admonishing) Thou must learn to pay more attention, lest thee find thyself fallen by the wayside as the future passes thee by.


mc30608A: UNUSED: (Angry) My friend! Where wert thou last night? I waited for thee nearly forever!
mc40608B: UNUSED: I am sorry. The device I was constructing...wouldst not work properly, and Lord Karras had promised it to the Thorwalds today.
mc30608C: UNUSED: Tsuh! Why doest thou waste thy time? The Thorwalds will appreciate thy pains not at all.
mc40608D: UNUSED: (Angry) The Builder doest command us to work with all our skill on all we do!
mc30608E: UNUSED: Those lessons are for novices, Friend. Thou must treat them with practicality.

First City Bank & TrustEdit


sg10701A: Heh. Night-shift again, eh Mart? You piss off the Master Banker or what?
sg50701B: Naah, I'd rather the night-watch. It's quiet... and I don't have to bow and scrape to the customers. (Mockingly) Let me carry your heavy, heavy gold for you, Lady Fat Bottom.
sg10701C: (Mockingly) Here let me take some of that nasty, heavy stuff off your hands, [Lord Dunswick.]
sg50701D: Yeah, and see the bosses aren't around to listen to us talking tonight, either.

sg30702A: Ya' ever wonder, looking at all this--?
sg50702B: Wonder what?
sg30702C: Well... where all the money for the fancy marble, an-an' the carvings, and the art comes from?
sg50702D: W--from all the people who give the bank their money.
sg30702E: Noo no no... If the bank spends it on the fancy stuff, what if they want it back?
sg50702F: W-w-well, maybe some of them die first and never ask for it back.
sg30702G: Well--could be.... I keep my gold home, locked up, myself. Safer that way.


no10705A: (Cry of surprise)
sg30705B: Hey! Who's there?
no10705C: (Angry) You oaf! You scared me nearly half to death!
sg30705D: Oh. Sorry, Mr. Marin. I didn't know you were staying late tonight.
no10705E: (Angrier) Of course I am, you...imbecile! (Sarcastic) How else are the Rothchild papers to be finished? Magic spells?
sg30705F: Well, sir, they-they don't tell us the hours of the bankers who pay for the spare offices.
no10705G: (Mocking sarcasm) Oh...really? That's very fascinating. Please...tell me more particulars...about guard duties.
sg30705H: Hmm. Well, do you know about guard-changing procedures?
no10705I: (Exasperated exhalation) Just get out of my office!



sg50901A: How could the killer make his way through the estate, and up to the third floor, without being seen by any of the guards or servants? He must have been close to Truart.
sg60901B: I'm not so sure. Whoever did this wasn't concerned about making it look like an accident. Killing the sheriff in his own his own makes a statement. Not the sort of thing you'd want to do to someone close to you...if you didn't want to get caught.
sg50901C: Good point. But I still think the killer had help on the inside.
sg60901D: (Snickers and speaks jeeringly) The sheriff lives in the most secure manor in The City, no one can get in without a key, and there's Mechanist security...everywhere. Yeah...I'd say it was an inside job.
sg50901E: Not too surprising. Truart didn't show a lot of discretion when recruiting for the Watch. Hell, half the force used to work for the Downwinders...Ramirez, an'...every other crime boss in The City.
sg60901F: That's true. Truart made more than his share of enemies since becoming Sheriff. Everyone living outside of Dayport...has a decent motive. I guess the Downwinders had something to do with this. Donal wasn't too happy when we raided his casino and shut him down. He probably sent one of his ghouls to deal with the sheriff.
sg50901G: I'm willing to bet a month's pay...the entire force is dry-eyed over this. No big secret that the sheriff was dirty. I figure Lt. Mosley will assume control of the City Watch, an' clean up the mess. As for me...I ain't gonna do a thing, except go back to my desk, fill out a report 'n' have a mug of coffee.
sg60901H: Well...we don't have to worry about Mosley ending up in someone's pocket. Anyone trying to bribe her would end up with a broken limb or two. (Hopeful) Maybe we'd end up doin' some good around here, for a change.


sg20902A: Hey! You try any a' that food left over from tonight's dinner party?
sg40902B: Are you kidding? Not even rats would touch that garbage.
sg20902C: Huh! Well...I liked it. An' I'm gonna go down to the kitchen an' get me some more of it.
sg40902D: Well, have fun, taffer. I'm gonna go look for ol' Benny. I bet he's getting drunk in the game room, again. (Mockingly) Oh...don't trip over your own feet in the dark, again. This time, try turning on the lights.
sg20902E: I'll see if I can find the switch. And tell Benny I'll save him some tasty morsels in the kitchen.


sg50903A: Hurry! Sound the alarms! Seal off the area!
sg60903B: (Excitedly concerned) Why? What happened?
sg50903C: Sheriff Truart has been killed! The killer must still be in the building!
sg60903D: (Incredulous and upset) What? The sheriff's been murdered? How?
sg50903E: I don't know! Sound the alarms! Get help! There's a murderer loose!
sg60903F: (Shouting) Truart's been murdered! Find the killer!


sv20904A: Can you believe this mess they expect us to clean up? There was some moron passed out drunk under the table in the Ballroom, and it looks like they had a food fight in there.
sv10904B: Bunch of taffers in this city. I caught some woman in the kitchen earlier with a guilty look on her face. She was probably stealing the silverware.
sv20904C: The sheriff certainly keeps some--(smacks) how should I say it? I'm definitely not looking forward to the next dinner party he throws.
sv10904D: Hm, me neither. Hey listen, I'd love to sit and chat, but I got a huge mess to clean up in the I-I'll catch you later.
sv20904E: Hey hold up! Do you have one of those gears? Some taffer spilled mead all over the carpet in the Game Room, an' I need to clean it up. All the doors leading up there are locked an' I don't have a gear to open up that new door.
sv10904F: Sorry, they never gave me one. Check with one of the guards.


Sg30905A: (Drunk) I can't believe that sssome (hiccup) taffer went and spilled mead all over that rug!
sv20905b: (Wearied, exhales) spilled the mead on the rug. Anyway, someone is on the way to clean it up, already.
sg30905C: (Drunk and nearly crying) But you don't understand...! These (hic) taffers have no respect for such... (crying) b-beautiful things.
sv20905D: (Wearied) Benny, I think you've had too much to drink. Aren't you supposed to be on duty?
sg30905E: (Drunk and defensive) Hah... So? What if I am, huh? (Calming down) Anyways, I work better when I'm drunk. (Loud and boastful) It makes me fearless! (In confidential tones) If I see a bad guy, I'll just point my shword at him (building up to loud and boastful again) and saaaayy: 'Hey, Bad Guy! Yer not supposed to be here! (A gulp) Go home or I'll stick you with my sword 'til you go, 'Ouch! I'm dead! Ah-hah! (Sniffs and gulps, laughs, and hiccups, then quiet again) See? Ain't no one gonna be messin' with ol' Benny.
sv20905F: (Wearied) Whatever, Benny...I think you should go sleep it off. No more mead for you.


sg60906A: (Shaken) I heard a commotion coming from Truart's room, but on my way to check it out, it stopped. (Quick deep breath) When I got to the room, I swear I saw a dark shape running off. I should've taken a shot at 'im. That's when we saw the boss had been killed.
sg40906B: Did you get a look at the killer's face?
sg60906C: (Shaken) Naw, it was too fast. It was standing right over his body...a-and I must have spooked it. When it saw me, it flew right out the doors and off the balcony. I've never seen anything move like that. It couldn't have been human.
sg40906D: (Contemptuously) Don't tell think a 'monster' killed the Sheriff....
sg60906E: (Shaken but happy to be alive) Like I said, I don't know what it was. I'm glad I wasn't in the room when that thing was ripping up the sheriff. No one should have to die like that.

Trace the CourierEdit


On Hard only:
sg40703A: You know, I've been wondering...
sg60703B: Hmm. What?
sg40703C: What's the big deal with havin' to wear fancy uniforms? You'd think you don't want any a' the thieves knowin' which one's the Sarge. Or even that you're a sword-minder set to watch for 'im.
sg60703D: It's f'r the bosses, you clodhead. Otherwise they'll never remember which of us is the guards and which is the servants. You can't expect them to remember names and faces.


On Easy and Expert only, in two different locations:
sg20704A: Oh, mud 'n' blast 'n' bother...!
sg10704B: (Sighing) What is it?
sg20704C: New boots. It's gonna take me a week to break-in the cursed things. And until then...I'll be walking like someone's grandmum.
sg10704D: (Mockingly) Aw. Wouldn't want to stub your little toesies.
sg20704E: Aw.... Taff off!


mc40801A: (Excited) We darest not venture in there. Cemeteries are no place for the living to be treading about at night.
mc20801B: Perhaps we should return home...and forge thee a backbone.
mc40801C: (Excited) Why enter there? 'Tis the only exit, an'...and thou didst hit him with thy bolts! If he doest not come out, then...surely he hath bled unto death!
mc20801D: Very well.... Quiet thy fearful heart, and we shalt remain here.


no20802A: UNUSED: Well well.... If it ain't Officer Coranth, walking his rounds.
sg40802B: UNUSED: Ahh, Rosie.... How's my favorite trollop, this evening?
no20802C: UNUSED: I'm out here, ain't I? I'm tired, hungry, and my purse is empty.
sg40802D: UNUSED: Let me be of service, then. I'm taking you to Shoalsgate, where you can get a nice long rest, and a good meal.
no20802E: UNUSED: (Incredulous) What? Come on, Coranth. You never took me in before. (False poutiness) Can't you just wet me walk away like I was never here?
sg40802F: UNUSED: Sorry, Rosie, I've got my orders. We're to round up all...'street people.' No exceptions. Come on. Let's go.
no20802G: UNUSED: (Sarcastic) You're all heart, bulldog.

Trail of BloodEdit


pg31001A: (Ghost voice) You cans have this. I don't needs it anymore.
pg21001B: (Ghost voice) Come, Lily, must we go....
pg31001C: (Ghost voice) His name's 'Dewdrop', and he doesn't likes Mechanists.
pg21001D: (Ghost voice) Lily....
pg31001E: (Ghost voice) I haves to go now....


pg21003A: (Ghost voice) He ams the Honeymaker....
pg11003B: (Ghost voice) He ams the Jacksberry.
pg21003C: (Ghost voice) Sits we down under His treesie roots....
pg11003D: (Ghost voice) Eats me all of His leaves and gifts.
pg21003E: (Ghost voice) He feeders us--(Cries out) Aahh--
pg11003F: (Ghost voice, screaming) Fern! No! Ahhhh!


MC11004A: (Ghost voice) Check thy map. Several have escaped from somewhere near the Gathering Place.
mc21004B: (Ghost voice) Yes, I have seen it. The wretched heathens did perform a ritual that allowed them to pass through, but alas...I could not follow.
mc11004C: (Ghost voice) The Builder will forgive us if we perform their pagan rituals in pursuit of His wishes.
mc21004D: (Ghost voice) Yes, Friend, thou speakest the truth. Let us-- Wait! Did you hear that? There is someone behind those trees....


pg11005A: (Ghost voice) I knows it was here...I knows it....
mc31005B: (Ghost voice, hostile) Looking for this, vile heathen?
pg11005C: (Ghost voice) My scythe! Gives it here....
mc31005D: (Ghost voice, snarling) Ha! Gladly, Pagan...gladly....


pg21006A: (Ghost voice) Comes now, Birch. We've lit the lights, and opened ups the eyes of the Woodsie Lord. What left is theres to do?
pg11006B: (Ghost voice) Someone has to stays behind to delays the Mechanist threat.
pg21006C: (Ghost voice) But we needs you with us, Birch....
pg11006D: (Ghost voice) No! Takes Minnow and go! Go nows!
pg21006E: (Ghost voice, alarmed) Look out!


ab11007A: Hey! Seesie you mines plumsies?
ab21007B: Mmmm... Thems plumsies mines.
ab11007C: No! Plumsie taker! Givin' them backsies!
ab21007D: (Laughs) I eaters thems. Plumsies all gone.
ab11007E: Ahhhh!


ab21008A: Guardsies you Winters? Huh? Huh?
ab11008B: No. Guards me in Summers.
ab21008C: Who, then? Who guardsies Winters?
ab11008D: Nones guardsies it. For whats coulds gets that fars?
ab21008E: (Laughs) Nones could!
ab11008F: Nones could makes it! Ha ha ha ha ha ha! Whew!

Life of the PartyEdit


sg11101A: ...and I'm telling you that the only stench heartier than your rotting burrick of a master, is the liquor on his fetid breath! If he comes near Lady van Vernon again, we'll boil his knickers..
sg51101B: (Scoffing) Whoa-ho! Mighty fine words, coming from a knock-kneed, inbred page-boy, such as yourself. Our good Master Willey wouldn't be caught near that frumpy... little trollop... unless he were holding her back at the end of a halberd!!
sg11101C: Huh... (Angry, proclaiming loudly) How dare you defile the name of someone so good and virtuous as the Lady van Vernon?!! Our Lady is a saint among mortal women! An angel so pure the heavens couldn't hold her!!
sg51101D: ...BOOHHAHHAHHAHHAHHAHH... AAH, your Lady... an 'angel'?? You're lucky the Dockside whorekeeps aren't bashing down her door for stealing their clientele!! Why, just last night, I saw her out back, (lewdly) warming up the stable-boy??
Sg11101E: (Furious) Such slander will not be tolerated while we're on watch!! You'd best run and rescue your helpless limp lord, before he flounders in his own vomit...or wakes up naked in a hen-coop!! Scurry off!! Or you'll acquire some unnecessary 'ventilation'!
sg51101F: (Incensed) Is that a threat, you, shriveled old maid?! You go to prick us with your sewing needles?... On this side a' the street, we shoot like soldiers! So don't make promises your arrows can't keep!!
Sg11101G: (Hysterical) You've gone... you've gone too far this time, you, camel-mannered, tunic-wearing, molly-coddle!! An arrow to the throat ought to shut you up!
sg51101H: (Roaring) Rraaaah! Have at thee!!


no11102A: (Snobbish whining) Oh...but it's just not fair! The season's most ballyhooed social event...and we're not even invited? (Egotistical) I am a Rothchild. Don't they understand that? Don't they understand how incredibly important I am?
No21102B: Shh...shh...I know...I know, dear. But there will be other banquets. Besides, it's not as if we intend to join their silly religion, or anything.
no11102C: (Snobbish whining)'s not that. It's just that...that--well--
No21102D: Yes, my snookums?
no11102E: (Beginning to snivel) Oh...Pumpkin! The Mechanists invited the Bumblesons. The Bumblesons! I mean...they haven't been in the inner circle in years!
No21102F: Now, Frederick, don't you think you're over-reacting just a tad?
no11102G: (Sniveling) No no no no noo! (Proud) I am Frederick...Juniper...Rothchild...the Third. (Angry) And I deserve more recognition than those...(Contemptuous snarl) 'Commoners'!
No21102H: (Inspired) Oh, I know what we'll do, my sweet.... We'll throw our own ball. To the Abyss with those Mechanists and their private affairs. Besides, they're just looking for supporters. We'll have our own banquet, and invite everyone but the Bumblesons. Would that make you happy, my love?
no11102I: (Excited) Oh yes! What an absolutely capital idea!


no11103A: That's the point, Margaret: Now they will be happy.
no21103B: To serve the nobility is the highest privilege in life, of course. But slavery is just so...distasteful....
no11103C: Nononono--Not 'slaves', Margaret...'Servants'. You heard Mr. Karras. But why argue semantics? Before this, they were raving lunatics! (Reasoning) Have you ever seen a lunatic prepare a stew? Or sweep a stable? Ha ha ha ha! Not a pretty sight, one can be sure of that.
no21103D: (Laughing) Oh, Christopher, you're such a card. (Recalling) Ooo, Karras did say the Servants could garden. (Inspired) I wonder if they could plant azaleas? Or roses? We could use them to trim the lilac bushes, as well....
no11103E: You see, my dear? The Servants can truly make you happy. Could there be a more noble purpose in life?
no21103F: (Laughing) Oh, Christopher, stop...(laughs more)


mc11104A: (Grudgingly) Humph! These are strange times, indeed, when The Builder's chosen must cater to the folly of the unworthy. Giving these Servants as gifts.
mc41104B: (Rebuking) Doest thou doubt the wisdom of Karras? (Threatening) Perhaps he should know of thy 'insubordination'....
mc11104C: (Placating) Naaay...nay, Vilnia. I meant no ill.
mc41104D: (Speaking slowly as to be clear) Good. Then hold thy tongue and do as ordered. Remember: the Servants are but a masterful deception. Master Karras has the ability to control them himself, where so ever he be. In the end, they shall serve the will of The Builder.
mc11104E: Ah yes... the rust gas. (Unsure) It's just that... they look so weak... so unlike weapons.
mc41104F: (Speaking slowly as to be clear) Yes they do. The better to serve our purposes. For now, our task is to make these fools happy, so stay thou alert, but remain freindly. I shall be back in due time.


th11105A: (Harsh, angry whisper) Quiet you lumbering ox! You're making enough racket to wake the whole of Dayport!
th21105B: (Harsh whisper) Well it's dark, and I can't sees what I'm lifting.
th11105C: (Harsh, angry whisper) What you'll see is the haft of my sword across your brow if you don't hurry things up! There's a guard in the building and we're both skewered if he hears you!
th21105D: (Harsh whisper) Alright alright! But I gots me a question...: Do we wants the gold...or the jewelry?
th11105E: (Harsh whisper through gritted teeth) We want whatever you can carry, you taffer! Now hurry it along before we're seen! Or maybe you want to spend a life time or two in the Blue Coats' company?
th21105F: (Somewhat alarmed) The Blue Coats? Where?
th11105G: (Harsh, exasperated whisper) Ahh...just hurry it up, already!

Casing the JointEdit


mc41202A: (Confiding) Sergeant Porter, it wouldst appear that judgment.
sg21202B: Ah... Hello, Hobart. Why's that?
mc41202C: (Confiding) Thou knowest how...burdensome preparation of the mansion hath been for me. Steward Duma hath charged me with leading the construction in the Ballroom, which goeth He hath even demanded that all the clocks, and other Mechanist devices in the manor, be inspected and repaired if there be faults found. Thy masters wish everything perfect for their celebration, two weeks hence. 'Twas such a great task, that in my haste, I hath...misplaced my toolbox...which contained a part from one of the clocks.
sg21202D: So we have a clock that doesn't tell time.... Won't be the first time, in this place. I'm still amazed you got all the 'metal eyes' working.
mc41202E: (Confiding) No, thou doest not understand. 'Tis...that...clock....
sg21202F: Ha ha ha! Well then, you better get lookin' and find that piece before Lord Gervaisius gets back. He'll have your head, otherwise. Good luck, Foreman Hobart.


sg41205A: (Scornfully) You mean, you lost...a whole stack of books...?
ex11205B: No...the 'M-stacks'. It's a section of bookcases. They're just called stacks.
sg41205C: (Contemptuously) I don't believe even you could lose a whole bookcase.
ex11205D: I tell you the place is haunted. One minute I was on my way to file the Lord's letters, then I heard this terrible sound...and when I turned around, the M-stacks were gone!
sg41205G: (Disdainfully) I'll say you got turned around, all right.
ex11205F: (Fretful) You don't understand.... I dropped the letters on the floor and they were gone, too! I looked everywhere...!
sg41205E: (Contemptuously) I dunno what you expect me to do about it. I'm a guard, not an exorcist.
ex11205H: (Sullen) Some help you are....



sg31201A: UNUSED: Hello, up there. How goes yer watch?
sg11201B: UNUSED: Not too bad, just catching a cold. (Sneezes)
sg31201C: UNUSED: Nasty weather we're havin'. Makes me wish I was inside guarding one a' them exhibits...instead of out here in the rain. (Whining) How come we got stuck on outdoor guard duty again?
sg11201D: UNUSED: We're guards--that's what we do. (coughs)
sg31201E: UNUSED: Do you know anything about the ex-hibitions? I've heard stories that the masks they're gonna bring are... are 'magical.' Aaaand 'haunted.'
sg11201F: UNUSED: (Angry) I don't know and I don't care. We go through this all the time. You ask these stupid questions and then something goes wrong. Lord Bafford, Lord Donal, Sheriff Truart-We've worked for all of them and always gotten fired because someone broke in, something got stolen, or someone got killed! I'm always gettin' distracted answering your stupid questions! When this job is over you're on your own. I'm done with ya.
sg31201G: UNUSED: Hey! No need to get all...heated about it.
sg11201H: UNUSED: Taffer! (Coughs)


sv11301A: Father Norell, what's wrong?
hm11301B: Ah, my son. I have not seen thee for a moon's passage... or more. Where hast thou been?
sv11301C: I've been on errands for Lord Gervaisius...and just returned this night. 'Tis good fortune to be back in The City after so long.
hm11301D: Yet I fear I have naught but bad news for thee. Much hath changed. Lord Gervaisius hath fallen to the influence of heresy. A false priest--a 'Mechanist'--now keeps my temple! He hath even removed the Builder's shrine.
sv11301E: But why? What can my Lord see in these heretics?
hm11301F: Their high priest professes to be a savior. Fickle, foolish nobles, to be so seduced by mere baubles. Now they hang false icons in our halls, and speak naught but false prayers there. I even heard that creatures not of the Builder roam the upstairs halls. Aaah! 'Tis a sorrowful time, indeed.
sv11301G: Surely we will return to the old ways....
hm11301H: If there be a path to return by, I see it not. They who lead The City are blind to the folly of their ways. There are changes only for the worst, these days.


mc21203A: UNUSED: Ahh, Child...didst not hear thee. Thou art so silent I thought I was alone.


mc21203C: UNUSED: So, thou likest my new dwelling as well. 'Twas high time I replaced that old dotard, Norell. There was naught he could do for these people, save lead them into the muck that mires his own mind. That senile old fool doeth not realize...his time of faith is over.


mc21203E: UNUSED: Following Lord Karras, 'twas so easy to lure Gervaisius with choice baubles. Soon his exhibition will introduce more nobility to the wonders of our faith. They shalt wander through halls rendered safe by our craft, and be served by such docile helpers as thee. They shall gaze upon the wonders of fallen civilizations, and watch as we make it an attainable reality. How can they resist?


mc21203G: UNUSED: Meanwhile, I will attend to Norell's former flock. 'Twas some effort, bending Gervaisius to our will, but with Steward Duma's help, and the right temptation, 'twas not that difficult.


mc21203I: UNUSED: Goodnight, Child. Leave me to my preparation. Return to thy duties.


sg41302A: (Patronizing) You find your stack of books, yet?
ex11302B: No. And I'm getting out of here before it gets any darker. Letters or no letters...I'm not sure I want the M-stacks to appear again if the ghosts don't want them to. I'll think of something to say to Lord Gervaisius.
sg41302C: (Mockingly) You and your... 'ghosts.'
ex11302D: (Worried) Hasn't anybody else seen them?
sg41302E: (Defensively) Hey! I'm new here, myself.

Precious CargoEdit


mc20604A: Thou art new to the movement, Friend.
mc10604B: 'Tis the truth. Time past, I served the Hammer, but my heart could no longer bear to see such hard times befall them, and such little spirit to carry on left. (Chuckles) And 'tis clear to see it profits little to be a Hammer in these times.
mc20604C: Aye. Many have come in such a wise. 'Tis not a hard task to see that we are the future.
mc10604D: (Wondering at) Thou wert not with the Hammer before?
mc20604E: Nay. Those brothers wert always too stern and righteous, for my choice. And they turned their faces away from our Lord Karras when he spoke of progress. When I heard of the great works he had made since he left them, I came.
mc10604F: As a Hammer I was oft forced to suffer the silent scorn of the masses. (Proudly) But the garb of a Mechanist carries much prestige with it.


gar1401A: Lotus?
pg11401B: (Chattering) S-s-s--still I breathes...Mechanist.
gar1401C: I'm no Mechanist. I'm Garrett.
pg11401D: (Chattering) Garrett...yes. The Lady knows me you would come.
gar1401E: Knew I would come? But--
pg11401F: (Chattering) Hush, sneaksie friend. Time runs out. There bes a Mechanist named 'Cavador'. Karras needs him. Relies he on his craftsy works. Karras always asking...needs he ever more, and more, from Cavador. The...'Cetus Project'...'Cetus Amicus'.... Horror of the seas...horror of the seas.... Must...tells The Lady.
gar1401G: Don't worry...I'll find Cavador.
pg11401H: (Chattering, and suffering) You'll need-- Takes you...the key.... Beware! And...Garrett...?
gar1401I: Yes, my friend. What can I do?
pg11401J: (Chattering) The c-cold...feels...nothing now. Garrett, I begs, return me to The Green....(Anguished) Kill me! (Groans in agony)


mc11402A: Construction is proceeding as planned, Friend. Even below thy feet we extend our workings. The structures those pirates left behind are...structurally adequate. But they show their unworthiness in the clear light of The Builder's torch. Soon, they will be iron...and steel.
mc21402B: The lighthouse seems sound enough. When once I were a Hammer--
mc11402C: (Mocking) The Order of the Hammer... Hah! The old ways are dead, my friend. Thou wert right to forsake the crudity of the hammer for the majesty of the gear.
mc21402D: Aye. 'Tis true that the old ways are crude, but they can be effective still. Look around you, Friend, at these rotting planks and beaten boards.... 'Twould take but a hammer and nail to put things right again.
mc11402E: (Rebuking) Again, you think of the past: of repairing the unworthy wood.... 'Tis folly! (Exhorting) Begin anew, so that thy buildings know the glory of metal and gear! Something so corruptible ddeserves not The Builder's regard.
mc21402F: Perhaps not, Friend, perhaps not.... Still, it troubles my heart to look upon such disrepair. (Sighs)



mc31502A: No, my friend, I fear this cannot wait 'til evening.
mc41502B: Then you must seek out Brother Cavador, for he alone can aid you. No other here hath his understanding of the 'ancient' ways.
mc31502C: I pray thee, tell me where I might find the good Brother, then? At his house?
mc41502D: Mayhap, though I think it unlikely. More likely he doeth his daily work tours, now.
mc31502E: (Frustrated) What? Must I wander fallen Karath-din until I find Brother Cavador, then?
mc41502F: Ha ha ha! Nay, I think that not necessary. Seekest thou within. There thou shalt surely find a scroll with his intended path writ upon it. He hath the faithfulness of a Child of Karras for the following of such schedules.
mc31502G: (Relieved) Ahh...many thanks. May thy gears run smoothly.
mc41502H: And thine.


mc11503A: (Exclaiming) Name of the Master Builder, what could Lord Karras be thinking?
mc21503B: (Angrily rebuking) Guard thy tongue! If thou must invoke Lord Karras' name, do it with respect!
mc11503C: Hast thou not heard the new orders?
mc21503D: Nay. (Scornful) I keep my gears grinding, not sitting idle and gossiping.
mc11503E: Well grind harder. Needs must we deliver not one crate, but two, by the next reading of scripture.
mc21503F: Hmm. 'Twill indeed be hard to meet such a goal. 'Twas hard enough before.
mc11503G: Aye! And wherefore such haste? Thousands of years this city hath held its secrets awaiting our eyes. Surely it could hold them another week or so.
mc21503H: (Scornful) What? Art thou a Hammer, to moan and whine? Surely there is no task that cannot be conquered with sufficient wit and skill. (Galvanizing himself) With Lord Karras as my example, I shall overcome...and so shalt thou!
mc11503I: Ohh... Aye....


mc31504A: (Excited) With mine own eyes I saw it! 'Twas a scroll, not less than a hundred years of age...!
mc21504B: (Scornful and incredulous) What? Did thy mysterious visitors whisk in and out again, and never tarry to take up the many riches here?
mc31504C: Likely they were but grave-robbers, seeking the cheapest of profits--gold and jewels. Too lazy t'dig for the true treasure herein. And too foolish to recognize it, even if they found it.
mc21504D: (Scornful and incredulous) Thou art, by far, too gullible, Sabine. 'Twixt the burricks and the beasts of living fire, what man could survive here alone?
mc31504E: And he moved quickly, mayhap.
mc21504F: (Sarcastic) Oh... and I suppose thy visitor had a lung of steel to swim 'neath the waves, and thusly find his way in? Come... none could make their way here without the marvels of Lord Karras' creations. No. I think thou hast been taken in by our brothers' humors.


mc11505A: Any luck on thy hunting, Friend?
mc21505B: Nay. Not a single beast.
mc11505C: Good riddance, then. (Disgusted) Noxious things. 'Twill be a better world more worthy of Master Builder's work when not a single...stinking...burrick remains to plague it.
mc21505D: Certes. Save I think that time is now. (With growing cynicism) And yet, still we patrol lest a burrick's ghost should disturb poor Brother Cavador. Why... he still wears his mask... as though he might be attacked at any minute.
mc11505E: (Rebuking) Nay... Speak not harshly of our Brother and leader. For does he not speak with Karras' own voice? Bereft of his leadership we should be rudderless. 'Tis only right and proper that he should guard himself most carefully.
mc21505F: (Chastened) May the Master Builder forgive my quick words. Thy words are true. I shall not let these dull caves weaken my faith nor turn me from my duty.