by OrbWeaver

EAX reverb styles are applied on a per-zone basis, via the ZoneProperties object in each zone.

  1. Divide the level up into zones in the usual way.
  2. On the View menu, choose View ZoneProperties Dialog. A message will probably be displayed asking if you wish to add ZoneProperties objects automatically - choose Yes to this.
  3. When the ZoneProperties dialog is displayed, you can highlight zones in the list to make them light up orange in the 3D view (it is easiest to see this if you slew the camera up above the level and look down on the map).
  4. Select the desired BSP zone, right-click on it and choose Edit Reverb Style (the only option there).
  5. Select the appropriate reverb style from the dialog box.

Note: you must deselect any item in the ZoneProperties list by clicking in any column other than the first, before closing the ZoneProperties dialog. Otherwise, the orange highlight will be retained in the 3D view.

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