The T:DS Docks area is a combination of The Docks, Sunken Citadel, Abysmal Gale, and Seaside Mansion.

The colored map was created with The Docks as a base and the others attached via common gateways and alignment.

The Docks is a single map with visual cues to the location of the Seaside Mansion, Abysmal Gale, and a Lighthouse.

The Sunken Citadel is two maps, Outer Citadel (West) and Citadel Core (East), with a common gateway.

The Abysmal Gale is one map, and the Docks model is used.

The Seaside Mansion is two maps, the Overlook Grounds (West) and the Overlook Proper (East) connected via multiple gateways which are "close" in T3Ed.

The Lighthouse is not a map.

Alignment is based on orientation in T3Ed of The Docks and the in-game compass of the Seaside Mansion (up is north).

The Docks map is aligned correctly with the sea to the south in T3Ed but the compass incorrectly points the sea to the east.

The Abysmal Gale model in The Docks is about 50% the size of the playable map and that map has the stern of the ship incorrectly pointing north.

The Sunken Citadel maps coincide with the direction of the hand drawn maps, but the gateway between them is 90° out of alignment, so the Outer Citadel was rotated 90° anticlockwise to align them. The entrance is horizontally aligned with the tunnel in The Docks and vertically shift down(south).

The Seaside Mansion maps was aligned according to corrected compass direction from The Docks map and measurements based on the known dimensions of the Mansion. The same goes for the Lighthouse model.

Mapping proj docks001

TDS Docks editor colored

Map Dimensions:

Height: 889FT

Width: 1198FT


General Location: In the City

Placement of this combined section is based on The Docks artifact location (bottom left). Though this is in the incorrect position(on land).