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The T:DS Old Quarter is a combination of the Old Quarter, Fort Ironwood, and the Shalebridge Cradle maps.

The colored map was created with the OQ as a base and Fort Ironwood and the Cradle attached via common gateways, the gateways were near perfect in T3Ed.

The Cradle was two maps combined with a near perfect gateway in the middle courtyard in T3Ed.

Alignment is based on the orientation in T3Ed and the in-game compass of the OQ and FI (up is north), but not the Cradle. The Cradle maps(longer dimension) were aligned North-South in-game and T3Ed but had to be rotated clockwise 90° to align with the OQ map.

Mapping proj cradle001

TDS OQ editor colored

The TG M1 A Keeper's Training and TDS M Keeper Compound would be located directly to the West of the OQ map.

Map Dimensions:

Height: 323FT

Width: 692FT


General Location: In the City

Placement of this combined section is based on the FI artifact location (bottom middle) and the reference to the Shalebridge Cradle

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