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The T:DS Auldale area is a combination of Auldale, Wieldstrom Museum, and Gamall's Lair.

The colored map was created with Auldale as a base and the Museum and Lair attached via common gateways.

Auldale is one map.

The Wieldstrom Museum is two maps, Porter Hall (South) and Tesero Hall (North), connected via two gateways in T3Ed.

Gamall's Lair is one map.

Alignment is based on the orientation in T3Ed and the in-game compass of all maps (up is north).

The Wieldstrom Museum is aligned with its northern gateway/entrance in Auldale.

Gamall's Lair entrance is aligned horizontally with its watery entrance in north west Auldale, but is vertically shifted west to allow it to fit and not impact the Museum.

TDS Auldale editor colored

Map Dimensions:

Height: 569FT

Width: 373FT


General Location: In the City

Placement of this combined section is based on the Auldale artifact location (right middle).

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