The T:DS Stonemarket area is a combination of Stonemarket, St. Edgars, The Clocktower, and the Keeper Library.

The colored map was created with Stonemarket as a base and St. Edgars and the Keeper Library attached via common gateways, the gateways were near perfect in T3Ed.

Stonemarket is two maps, Stonemarket Plaza (West) and Stonemarket Proper (East), with a near perfect gateway in the middle in T3Ed.

St. Edgars is two maps, Cathedral Grounds (South) and Hammer Factory (North), with two gateways the West being near perfect.

The Keeper Library is one map.

The Clocktower is two maps, Upper and Lower, located North between the Stonemarket maps.

Alignment is based on the orientation in T3Ed and the in-game compass of the Stonemarket maps only (up is north).

St. Edgars maps needed to be rotated 90° clockwise to align the gateway/towers with Stonemarket. East/West courtyards are marked on the hand drawn in-game maps, when it should be N/S.

The Clocktower face is facing south in Stonemarket but inside the Clocktower it is facing west, thus needing to be rotated 90° anticlockwise. It is also smaller on the Stonmarket map and the real map doesn't fit well between the Stonemarket maps. The face image is also not reversed in/outside.

The Keeper Library entrance is aligned with the Stonemarket gateway, but Orland's balcony is located on the west side of the library, contrary to in-game and cutscenes. So the map was flipped horizontally to place the balcony on the east side.

TDS Stonemarket editor colored

Map Dimensions:

Height: 342FT

Width: 556FT


General Location: In the City

Placement of this combined section is based on the Clocktower artifact location (top middle).