T3_artemus Edit

artemus: art_blame_maj1: I see you are to blame for this chaos. It will take years to repair. You cannot be permitted any more.
artemus: art_blame_min1: It was you? That was your work, then? That's quite enough.
artemus: art_crime_hurtother1: I can't let you hurt them!
artemus: art_crime_kill1: Garrett, you've gone too far. Murder, here?
artemus: art_crime_lockp1: I can't permit you to unlock that, I'm sorry!
artemus: art_crime_theft1: That you steal from us now....
artemus: art_crime_threat1: Since you won't listen to me, I must seek help!
artemus: art_crime_tres1: Garrett, you've betrayed our trust. You were told to stay out of the Forbidden Libraries!
artemus: art_crime_vandal1: Garrett, this is petty vandalism!
artemus: art_ev_body1: Another dead. The balance is shifting, too much, too fast....
artemus: art_ev_dam1: This is no good.
artemus: art_ev_maj1: I fear there is no time to deal with this....
artemus: art_ev_med1: I would not have expected such disorder.
artemus: art_ev_min1: Peculiar.
artemus: art_fini_pl1:
artemus: art_gcon1: Yes...?
artemus: art_gen_aha1: There.
artemus: art_gen_dunno1: I am not sure.
artemus: art_gen_no1: No.
artemus: art_gen_suffer1: Ow.... My head....
artemus: art_gen_thanks1: Thank you.
artemus: art_gen_yes1: Yes.
artemus: art_gini2: Yes?
artemus: art_greet_reply1: Hello.
artemus: art_greet_req1: Good evening.
artemus: art_gret1: Hmmm...nothing there.
artemus: art_iann1: I cannot handle this alone....
artemus: art_idle1: (Somewhat unintelligible) I feel I could almost...follow...the imbalance to a...source. But...the path is obscured...but by what? Time? Or is the real whom?
artemus: art_idle2: The council will not listen. The is more pervasive...than even I suspected. Who can I trust? No. For this...there is no one.... I must walk alone.
artemus: art_idle3: Why should he trust me? Wasn't it me who handed him the paper? Wasn't it me who spoke the words? I have given trust....
artemus: art_idle4: Corruption...yes...but what is the catalyst? Something...warps...distorts...could it be? If it is...then we are doomed....
artemus: art_idle5: I will not use them...just in case.... I will rely on my training alone.... I hope that will be...enough.
artemus: art_irep_pl1: There's some trouble. Come with me.
artemus: art_misc_blind_end1: That's better.
artemus: art_misc_blind_ini1: Fool to be caught so.... Now I'm blind....
artemus: art_misc_noisemak1: That was very odd....
artemus: art_obs_elder1: Balance, learned Elder.
artemus: art_obs_elder2: Good evening, Elder.
artemus: art_obs_elder3: Have you news, Elder?
artemus: art_obs_keeper1: Good evening.
artemus: art_obs_keeper2: Trust is hard to come by, these days....
artemus: art_obs_keeper3: Greetings, Keeper.
artemus: art_obs_pl_friend1: Garrett.
artemus: art_obs_pl_neutral1: (Sighs) Garrett.
artemus: art_obs_pl_neutral2: Hello, Garrett.
artemus: art_obs_pl_neutral3: Balance to you.
artemus: art_obs_scribe1: Watch, and listen.
artemus: art_obs_scribe2: Trust your instincts, scribe.
artemus: art_obs_scribe3: Beware...I can say no more....
artemus: art_rcon1: Let's just see who that is....
artemus: art_rcon2: Mmm. Trying to hide, are you?
artemus: art_repri_bump_init1: Really, Garrett.
artemus: art_repri_bump_init2: Pardon me.
artemus: art_repri_hurt_init1: Garrett, enough. That hurt.
artemus: art_repri_hurtother_init1: Garrett, there's no need to hurt them.
artemus: art_repri_hurtother_sub1: Garrett, I'm not going to let you hurt them.
artemus: art_repri_lockp_init1: That is not for you to open now. You must stop.
artemus: art_repri_odd_init1: Garrett, not here.
artemus: art_repri_over1: (Simmering) Very well. I am glad that you have calmed...down.
artemus: art_repri_over2: Thank you. I appreciate this more...rational behavior.
artemus: art_repri_stare_init1: Did you need something, Garrett?
artemus: art_repri_theft_init1: Did you think I wouldn't notice that? Do not steal again, Garrett.
artemus: art_repri_threat_init1: There's no need to threaten me.
artemus: art_repri_threat_sub1: Garrett, really. Put that away.
artemus: art_repri_thrown_init1: There's no need to be childish.
artemus: art_repri_thrown_sub1: Will you stop throwing things, please?
artemus: art_repri_tres_init1: You know you are not permitted into the Forbidden Libraries.
artemus: art_repri_vandal_init1: Garrett, such violence is beneath you.
artemus: art_repri_vandal_sub1: Garrett, that's quite enough destruction.
artemus: art_rini1: Why don't you show yourself?
artemus: art_rnew1: I see you haven't gone yet....
artemus: art_rpre1: I see.
artemus: art_rret1: Whatever it was has passed again.
artemus: art_spell_thanks1: You have my thanks.
artemus: art_sum_fight1: I am beset. Can anyone aid?
artemus: art_sum_reply1: I am coming!
artemus: art_ycon1: Well, I'll see what turns up.
artemus: art_ycon2: It could be nothing, but it's best to be certain.
artemus: art_yini1: I nearly think....
artemus: art_yini2: Interesting. I wonder what that was.
artemus: art_yret1: It is good to be wary, but not to excess.

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