T3_caduca Edit

caduca: cad_blame_maj1: You, the culprit? Then it was your hand, behind all this? Oh, dear me.
caduca: cad_blame_min1: You must be to blame. I have seen enough of your handiwork already. That is enough.
caduca: cad_crime_hurtother1: Garrett, you turn your own blood against yourself....
caduca: cad_crime_kill1: Will you turn on me now, Garrett?
caduca: cad_crime_lockp1: I won't try to stop you myself...but others will not permit you to open that.
caduca: cad_crime_theft1: We cannot afford to lose what we still have....
caduca: cad_crime_threat1: I am most you seek to kill me now?
caduca: cad_crime_tres1: Garrett, you trespass most grievously.
caduca: cad_crime_vandal1: Even in you the chaos rages...such destruction you wreak....
caduca: cad_ev_body1: Dead? I should warn the council. There has been a murder!
caduca: cad_ev_dam1: Ah! Who assaults me?
caduca: cad_ev_felt1: What was that?
caduca: cad_ev_felt2: Did someone do that?
caduca: cad_ev_maj1: This is a sign of the dark times to come.
caduca: cad_ev_med1: What? We are all in peril.
caduca: cad_ev_min1: What does this mean?
caduca: cad_fcow1: Please...I am but a blind old not seek to injure me....
caduca: cad_fini_pl1: Do not harm me. I am Caduca!
caduca: cad_gcon1: Something...?
caduca: cad_gen_aha1: Found you.
caduca: cad_gen_dismiss1: That is none of my concern.
caduca: cad_gen_dunno1: I'm afraid I do not know.
caduca: cad_gen_igetit1: Indeed. So simple.
caduca: cad_gen_no1: No.
caduca: cad_gen_oof1: Oooof!
caduca: cad_gen_startled1: Oh!
caduca: cad_gen_suffer1: Oh...what has...oh...happened?
caduca: cad_gen_thanks1: Thank you.
caduca: cad_gen_yes1: Yes.
caduca: cad_gini1: Was that...?
caduca: cad_gini2: Hmm.
caduca: cad_greet_reply1: Be well.
caduca: cad_greet_req1: Greetings.
caduca: cad_gret1: No. All seems well.
caduca: cad_iann1: I must tell someone about this.
caduca: cad_idle1: Oh is so clear now...the one who is both Brethren and Betrayer...the one we have dreaded for so last I understand. But I am so terribly tired...I must rest. Soon I will gather the council and inform them of what I've learned. Soon, soon. After I have rested. Then I will have the strength to announce the identity of the one who has been hidden...and for all the inevitable...questions. Fratel i Traderus. There will be so many questions.
caduca: cad_idle2: If only I could cross-reference with the Holdvast Editions or even Saltua or the Propheticus...but like so many...these are lost. Strange that the books I ask for lately have all been...misplaced. To misplace a book among many thousands means that it is lost. Lost forever. Have we really grown so careless? Or could it be something else at work? If only I had those books....
caduca: cad_idle3: Gamall, bring me to the reference stack again. Stay close, I am tired tonight, and without my sight, I fear I shall fall. Come, we have just a bit more work to complete before we can rest.
caduca: cad_idle4: 'Totalis monstrotinum...allus mutatorium.' What could it mean? What does it have to do with the End of Words? If only I could put my hands on Armand's Factoriums. Let's look again, child. Maybe you just overlooked it the first time. Someone might have put it back a few volumes down from its proper place.
caduca: cad_idle5: What was it again...oh yes...'allus mutatorium...cancortiva...cancortivo...nun bes amun. Nun abutis dem Una.' 'The One', again. But immune from what? I don't understand...could this be the Brethren and Betrayer once more, or is it another?
caduca: cad_idle6: So the glyphs do drain me tonight. I feel I could sleep forever.
caduca: cad_idle7: Yes, terrible, terrible. 'Manus eradica...mallus morto en duvium.' 'Doubly hands fall useless'...if these prophecies mean what I think they mean...we are doomed.
caduca: cad_idle8: I wish to check with the Histories, Gamall. Maybe there is something in Ogilvy's Dark Ages that refers to the one who has been hidden. Hmm? Let us check there. As always you shall be my eyes....
caduca: cad_irep_pl1: Hurry. He is here.
caduca: cad_misc_noisemak1: That noise...very strange.
caduca: cad_obs_elder1: We Elders must set an example....
caduca: cad_obs_elder2: There are so few who can see clearly now....
caduca: cad_obs_elder3: Balance, Elder...and may the glyphs reveal only good....
caduca: cad_obs_keeper1: Greetings.
caduca: cad_obs_keeper2: May the glyphs speak well of you, Keeper.
caduca: cad_obs_keeper3: Balance, always, Keeper.
caduca: cad_obs_pl_friend1: Hello, Garrett.
caduca: cad_obs_pl_neutral1: Garrett.
caduca: cad_obs_pl_neutral2: May you one day find balance, Garrett.
caduca: cad_obs_pl_neutral3: All we need is in these books, Garrett.
caduca: cad_obs_scribe1: Today's scribes...are tomorrow's elders, young one.
caduca: cad_obs_scribe2: To shape a glyph is to shape history.
caduca: cad_obs_scribe3: The glyphs reveal all...remember that, scribe.
caduca: cad_rcon1: I am not amused by this. You have taken me from my work....
caduca: cad_rcon2: My work is everything! The prophecies, the glyphs! Who dares distract me...?
caduca: cad_rini1: Who is there? Speak!
caduca: cad_rnew1: Aha!
caduca: cad_rpre1: Ah!
caduca: cad_rret1: Most strange. I was certain that someone approached. But there is no one.
caduca: cad_spell_thanks1: Ah. Thank you.
caduca: cad_ycon1: Hmmm...let me just feel about...if I had sight...I would not worry so....
caduca: cad_ycon2: Maybe some young scribe...afraid to approach me....
caduca: cad_yini1: What was that?
caduca: cad_yini2: Hello? Does someone approach?
caduca: cad_yret1: I am an old fool. There is nothing wrong.

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