Special CharactersEdit

This folder contains voice files for specific characters in specific missions. The m## indicates the mission or location, but these aren't always in order.

Alyssa HurleyEdit

custom_speech: m14v06a: Oh Alfred...why, why? (Sobs) Why couldn't it have been me who died? How can I go on without my dearest brother?

custom_speech: m14v06b: (Hushed tones) I won't tell them, Alfred. The Hammerites will never know your secret, and you'll get a proper burial, too. That will be my final gift to you.

custom_speech: m14v06c: Oh, why is it taking so long? Haven't they destroyed all the zombies yet? I can't go on much longer. (Crying).

custom_speech: m14v06d: Do you remember, brother dear, when we were just children? The songs we'd sing...the games we'd play? You'd pretend to be the boogie man, or I'd be the old gray lady come to take your skin...such...(sobs) good times....

custom_speech: m14v06e: (Hushed tones) I know in your heart you were never truly...(very quietly) Pagan. (Resuming previous tones) How could you be? And I've told the Hammerites you died trying to help a child out of collapsing building.


custom_speech: m12v12a: Garrett. I have troubling news. The Hammerites and the Pagans have discovered it was you who stole their artifacts. Both factions are very angry. However, they are willing to overlook your recent crimes, if you are willing to aid them by performing specific tasks. Until then, beware, for they will attack you on sight. A Hammerite named Inspector Drept wrote this missive for me to deliver to you. I contacted a Pagan shaman named Dyan, and she agreed to post a similar note for you on the outskirts of the Pagan territory in the Docks. I have done what I can to aid you. Farewell and good luck.

custom_speech: m12v24a: You've returned with the Artifacts, Garrett. Excellent. Follow me.


custom_speech: m11v73a: Oh, it's just you. At first I thought somebody had broken in or something. Well, good evening.


custom_speech: m11v20a: They said the thief who stole the Widow Moira's fortune lives around here. I'll find him. Make him sorry he ever set foot in her house.

custom_speech: m11v20b: What kind of a hoodlum steals every last dime from a poor senseless widow? The kind that needs to be taught a lesson. And that's just what I'll do when I find this Garrett.

custom_speech: m11v20c: Steal from the Widow Moira, will he? Think she's too far gone to have any good guards left in the arsenal?'ve made a big mistake, Garrett. A big mistake. Now you have to deal with Curtis, and I ain't as nice as the Widow.

custom_speech: m11v20d: Seems like even thieves oughta have some kind of code they live by...some kind of line they don't cross. Stealing the Widow Moira's inheritance oughta be over that line. Well, if Garrett don't have a code he lives by...let's see if he's got one he can die by....

custom_speech: m11v20e: That thief thinks he just took Widow Moira's money, but without that money she'll lose her house, her servants, everything! Ol' Curtis is gonna fix it so he can't ever hurt no one like that again!

custom_speech: m11v20f: After I kill that Garrett...maybe I'll find some of that inheritance money he took from the Widow. Sure...there could still be some left, maybe enough to get her back on her feet.


custom_speech: m15v05b: Garrett, I bes Dyan, priestesses of them green.

custom_speech: m15v05c: My amulet bes will open them greensy vines on them cityhead pumphouse.

custom_speech: m15v05d: Garrett, we bes thanker you for all you have donesy for us. We Pagans bes not forgetting.

custom_speech: m15v05e: Someday you may bes needering our helps. And helps you will long as you bes staying on our goodsy side.

custom_speech: m15v05f: I bes had a visioning, Garrett, of them future. The abomination bes spawned many many mores...them feeders on us all...bes us leafed or fleshed...until all that bes left...bes them evilings....

custom_speech: m15v05g: I bes sealed them manfools' canal building with magicker vines...yes...not because it bes builted by them hammerheads, buts because of what bes hidering near theres...them evils...them abomination.

custom_speech: m15v05a: Bes I had a visioning, Garrett. You wanting to finder them abomination, yes? You bes needsy then my amulet. It bes opens them vines that guardsy them manfool's canal building. Takesy bes earned it.

custom_speech: m15v07a: Bes the visionings come more frequently...bes they more troubling...something bes coming...something unnaturalling....

custom_speech: m15v07b: More Pagans bes lost every day...their sap bes on my hands...for I bes their leader, their priestesses, their greening....

custom_speech: m15v07c: Maybe Larkspur bes right...I bes delayed too long...waiting...waitings for what? Now them Hammerites bes strongered too....

custom_speech: m15v07d: Oh, Woodsie King, come to me nows...council me...giver me them visionings...leadsy us to them greening days....

custom_speech: m15v07e: I must meeting with them Shamans...giver them news...teller them of my visionings....

custom_speech: m15v07f: Why bes Garrett so much in my visionings...why bes them visionings so troubled...bes more than just the Hammers to fear....

Edwina MoiraEdit

custom_speech: m05v01a: Did you hear that? Ginny? Ginny, come quick, I heard a sound, like a voice, carried on the wind. It was Robert, I'm sure of it. Don't tell me it was a trick of the wind, I know the difference! No, I will not come down.

custom_speech: m05v01b: (Singing) The sailor from the shanty town, he sails upon the sea, his boat is black his skin is brown, oh bring him back to me.... (Giggles).

custom_speech: m05v01c: You'll never believe it, Robert, the servants have had the impertinence to refuse me a glass of wine. No, not even my Ginny! (Hushed, conspiratorially) Robert, could you get a glass for yourself, and then I'll have a sip. Then, you see, I might sleep. I am so weary, my darling....

Elder IsoldeEdit

custom_speech: m12v13a: Hello, Garrett. Orland informs me that you are to receive the Keeper Door Glyph. You must perform the Scribe Ritual to do so. Place your hands into the indentations on the plaque behind me. That is all.

custom_speech: m12v14a: Very well, Garrett. You now have all the powers of an acolyte--you are able to see and open Keeper Doors. Look for the glyph. Keeper Artemus also wishes to see you, I believe. Farewell.


custom_speech: m12v02a: (Click, click) Two for Gravid...who will die in above world.

custom_speech: m12v02b: I not head sick...I not head sick (click, click).

custom_speech: m12v02c: None will rescue. (Click) None know Gravid here.

custom_speech: m12v02d: (Click) Why I follow map? Head sick Gravid!

custom_speech: m12v02e: (Click, click) Above world not paradise...Gravid sad.

custom_speech: m12v03a: (Click) Sneaky above one. (Click, click) You head sick? Different? Yes? Open cage! Open Gravid cage! Gravid want return under. (Click) To Kurshok!

custom_speech: m12v04a: Gravid has thank you, sneaky Human. (Click, click) Gravid go now. (Click) Gravid free.


custom_speech: m14v04a: (Drunk) What are you closed for! Eh, tavern? I got to run. I can't let my supply dry up!

custom_speech: m14v04b: (Drunk) Hello? Anybody in there? Open up! This is Officer Haukner! I need to collect know!

custom_speech: m14v04c: (Drunk) Closed? Closed? How's an honest man supposed's a man supposed to conduct business with the tavern closed?

custom_speech: m14v04d: (Drunk) If I don' today...I'll get demoted. Or is it promoted? Either way...I'm not leaving until I get my bottle!

custom_speech: m14v04e: (Drunk) You can't fool me! You can't pretend to be closed just so you don't have to pay me my cut! If you're open tomorrow, I'm getting two bottles! You can't cheat me! I know you can hear me!

Jimmy the KnifeEdit

custom_speech: m15v03a: Taffin' goldsmith. The guy tried to double-cross me, ME, and so I'm makin' an example of him. So that nobody else gets any funny ideas.

custom_speech: m15v03b: I hate that goldsmith, what's his name, oh yeah, Fogerty. That's why I had to take over his shop...boarded it all up. If I see him trying to get back in...I'll kill him.

custom_speech: m15v03c: Long as I'm breathin', that goldsmith Fogerty ain't getting back in his store. Not after he pulled a fast one on me like that. I was getting that necklace for Carla. She takes one look at it and laughs. Made a taffin' fool of me...nobody does that! Nobody!

custom_speech: m15v03d: It's my store now, Fogerty. You ain't getting' back in business now, not unless it's over my cold dead body.

Lady ElizabethEdit

custom_speech: m11v11a: Here's your payment. Remember, it's Garrett we're after. He's got the Bloodline Opal.

custom_speech: m11v11b: Here's your money. Don't forget...there'll be more after you kill Garrett and return what he stole from me.

custom_speech: m11v11c: There's your pay. And there'll be more, much more...once I have the Bloodline Opal in my possession.


custom_speech: m15v06a: Bes I Larkspur. Dyan bes says not to killing you.

custom_speech: m15v06b: Dyan bes having them visionings about you, Garrett. Says you bes helpering us. That bes goodsy.

custom_speech: m15v06c: I bes not trust so easily as other Pagans, Garrett. Yes, you bes friendsy to us, but I bes still watchering you.

custom_speech: m15v06d: Them Hammerheads bes worsing than ever. Bes I wanting to deaded them all! And feeder theys fleshes to them sycamores!

custom_speech: m15v06e: Takesy you Dyan's amulet, Garrett. Bes will it helping you with them vines that seal the cityhead pumphouse by them canals.


custom_speech: m09v01a: I can hear you breathing. Nobody here in the Cradle does that anymore. How did you get in? My name is Lauryl. Something changed when you saw my picture. That's why you can hear me now. I want to leave here, but I can't. The Cradle won't let any of us go. Will you help me?

custom_speech: m09v02a: They filled up a bottle with my blood. It's down in the Storm Cellar. It's very dark down there. Please find the bottle and drop it into a drainpipe, so it will end up outside. It's important.

custom_speech: m09v03a: Nothing's changed. Won't you help me?

custom_speech: m09v03b: I need your help. The Cradle won't let me out. 

custom_speech: m09v03c: Please help me. I can't do it myself.

custom_speech: m09v03d: If you don't help me, I'll be like this...forever.

custom_speech: m09v03e: Did you forget what to do? I can tell you again.

custom_speech: m09v03f: No one else can help me but you.

custom_speech: m09v04a: That's good. The bottle is outside now, where The Cradle can't see it. I have to get rid of all of my things. The Cradle uses them to remember me; that's how it keeps me here.

custom_speech: m09v05a: There's a ward here called White Hall, where they kept the very bad patients. One of them took my nightgown back to his cell. It's still there. Please get my nightgown and then burn it up, in the morgue.

custom_speech: m09v06a: You did it. My nightgown's gone. But the Cradle remembers more than I thought. You can't get it all here. You have to go into the past, into the Cradle's memories. It's the only way. You'll have to pretend to be one of the patients, so the Cradle won't see you.

custom_speech: m09v07a: Each of the patients from White Hall had a favorite toy that they liked. You can use them as keys to go into the Cradle's memories. Find one of those toys, and I'll tell you what to do next.

custom_speech: m09v08a: The toy you just picked up is a key to the Cradle's memories. Now you have to figure out where to bring it. There's a special place for each toy. When you put the toy in the right place, you'll enter the past.

custom_speech: m09v09a: It worked. You're in the past now. This is what everything looks like, the way the Cradle remembers it. It's like...a stitch in time. You can't die here because you're inside a patient. But if the staff catch you, they'll take away your toy, and you'll have to find another one.

custom_speech: m09v10a: Now will you get my diary? In the real world, it's all torn apart, and we'd never find all the pages. But in the past, it's just the way I left it, up in the Nursery Tower. Please find it and burn it in the morgue.

custom_speech: m09v11a: You got caught by the staff. Now you're back in the real world. There are eight more patients, though. If you find another toy and bring it to the right place, you can go back into the past. But don't break all the toys, or you'll have to go into the past as your real self.

custom_speech: m09v12a: If you go to the Hall of Records, you can read about all the patients.

custom_speech: m09v13a: Oh--another toy got broken. That wasn't the last one, though.

custom_speech: m09v14a: All the toys are broken, now. You can't get into the past as a patient anymore. You have to go back into the past as your real self. It's the only way.

custom_speech: m09v15a: There's a cage in the Storm Cellar. You have to go inside it, and close the door. Then you'll enter the Cradle's memories as your real self. But you can't let the staff find you! If they catch you this time, you'll be dead forever.

custom_speech: m09v16a: Yes, that's it. You're really here, in the past. This is a different time, just before the end. You look like yourself now, and the Cradle can see you. If the staff find you, they'll kill you.

custom_speech: m09v17a: My diary is gone. Good. The Cradle can barely remember me anymore. But it can still see the blood stain, in the attic. You'll need to clean it up in the past, where it's always fresh.

custom_speech: m09v18a: Sometimes when the staff took patients to a treatment room, they...wouldn't ever come back. They used something called 'Dissolution Serum' to clean up afterward. Get it and then use it on my bloodstain in the Attic, where I saw you the first time.

custom_speech: m09v19a: I was playing hide-and-seek with my friend Drept, but he never found me. Instead, the gray lady found me. I tried to run, but the door was locked and I couldn't get it open.

custom_speech: m09v20a: You did it! The Cradle can't remember me anymore! We can leave, now. Meet me in the lobby. I'll show you the way out.

custom_speech: m09v21a: Oh no. You can't leave, can you? I know why. This place remembers you now. You've been here too long. There's only one way to leave the Cradle... you have to trick it. I'll help you. First you have to enter the past as your real self.

custom_speech: m09v22a: There's one last thing you have to do. Go to the top of the Staff Tower. There's an open window up there. You have to jump out. Then the Cradle will think you killed yourself, but you won't really die. You'll just be outside, where it can't see you. I'll be waiting for you.

custom_speech: m09v23a: The staff blamed him for what happened to me. They were wrong.

custom_speech: m09v24a: Once I saw a man in one of the basins, all wrapped up in wet bandages. He heard me come in and started making...screaming noises. I think he wanted me to help him, but I was too afraid....

custom_speech: m09v25a: This is the lab where they kept the Dissolution Serum.

custom_speech: m09v26a: When they started letting the patients stay here there wasn't enough room for everybody. All of us children had to move here, into the Nursery Tower, where the babies used to be.

custom_speech: m09v27a: That's the Staff Tower. Nobody is allowed up there....

custom_speech: m09v28a: They made us come down here to bathe. I didn't like it.

custom_speech: m09v29a: The machine empties outside--out of the building. Nobody remembers ashes.

custom_speech: m09v30a: Don't go down there.

custom_speech: m09v31a: That's the cage where they used to put the new patients, until a cell opened up. You should stay out of there, or the Cradle might see you and try to keep you here forever.

custom_speech: m09v33a: The Cradle remembers everything. That's where I am, in its memories. You should never come here, because you're still alive. The staff are everywhere in the past, but you can't see them in real life anymore.

custom_speech: m09v34a: There is a way to enter the past as yourself, instead of as a patient. But don't ever do that. If the staff find you, they'll kill you.

custom_speech: m09v35a: He wore that mask to hide his burns. He was locked in the Seclusion Chamber.

custom_speech: m09v36a: I think he used to eat with those, in the Meal Hall.

custom_speech: m09v37a: The staff used to catch him sleepwalking with that candle, in the Morgue.

custom_speech: m09v38a: They let him use those to work in the Shock Therapy room.

custom_speech: m09v39a: He used to watch people with that, and painted them, too. He liked the Observatory.

custom_speech: m09v40a: She carried that jar around like it was a real baby, in the Exercise Yard.

custom_speech: m09v41a: She used to feed birds with that. They let her hang it from the Balcony.

custom_speech: m09v42a: She used to play that when she danced for us in the old puppet-theater. It's a lobotomy room now.

custom_speech: m09v43a: I didn't like her smile when they let her light the fire in the Lounge.

custom_speech: m14v01a: Almost there, keep following me.

custom_speech: m14v01b: Not much further...don't give up now.

custom_speech: m14v01c: We're so close...I can feel it.

custom_speech: m14v01d: You're not getting tired, are you? We'll be there soon.

custom_speech: m14v01e: Just a little can do it.

custom_speech: m14v01f: We're almost there. I'll show you where she buried me.

custom_speech: REDUNDANT: m14v01f: We're almost there. I'll show you where she buried me.

custom_speech: m14v01g: You still have my blood, right? We'll need it to remove the marks.

custom_speech: REDUNDANT: m14v01g: You still have my blood, right? We'll need it to remove the marks.

custom_speech: m14v02a: Aren't you going to follow me? I thought you wanted to help me.

custom_speech: m14v02b: Did you get lost? That's OK, come's not that much farther.

custom_speech: m14v02c: You aren't giving up on me are you? Please help me...please follow me....

custom_speech: m14v02d: I thought I lost you. We're so close...don't give up now.

custom_speech: m14v02e: You're tired...but don't leave me...we'll be there soon.

custom_speech: m14v03a: You did it. I knew you would. The gray lady...she buried my body here, where no one would ever find it. She put those marks on the grave, so I couldn't leave. Then she made herself look like me.... But now the marks are gone, and she can't use my shape any more...and I'm finally free. Oh, I have to go. (Starts to fade or walk away or both) Thank you. Thank you. Goodbye. (She's gone).

custom_speech: m14v08a: We made it out of the Cradle. Follow me. I'll take you to the place she buried me. Bring my blood with you.

custom_speech: m14v09a: We made it out of the Cradle. Now you have to bring the blood to the place she buried me. I'm going to the catacombs now. You know where that is, right? Meet me down there.


custom_speech: m03v01a: (Reliving a past conversation) Bes me Leafer. What can me guardsy? (Imitating boss) Oh, Leafers, you bes stupid, just takesy these maps to them Shaman. (Speaking as himself) Pfft. Mes not stupid. Me can guardsy something. Let me guards the Paw! (Imitating boss) No, Leafers, you bes not brave enough. Just bringsy them map to Woodbine. (Speaking as himself in the present) That bes no job. No job at all. So me just staying here in them sewers, and nones will find me.

custom_speech: m03v02a: Arg! Leafer bes not happy about this. But I bes shows them. If anyone tries to stealsy Leafer's map, Leafer deads them! Ha! Then Leafer bes a hero! Then Leafer guardsy them Jacknall's Paw and eat plumsies all day and night. Ha!

Lord EmberEdit

custom_speech: m02v01a: He said he'd come back. Should I strike first? Brawling in the city streets would look bad. But if I show weakness, I'm finished. Already they are plotting against me.

custom_speech: m02v01b: When I look at it, I can see the Rutherfords of long past who have held it...and now myself. Leading the family back to the days of glory...such a beautiful hue....

custom_speech: m02v01c: Come on, Julian, show some spine. We will see who is truly the Rutherford heir. And who is a dog to be whipped in the street.

custom_speech: m02v01d: Where has Lady Elizabeth gone? She said 'out', but out where? She knows this could be my greatest hour. Our greatest hour...sweet Elizabeth....

custom_speech: m02v01e: I'm sure that chair wasn't where I left it...who could have moved it...and why?

custom_speech: m02v01f: Is it safe? Where did I put it? Oh, yes, yes, yes, now I remember....

custom_speech: m02v01g: Why does no one take my side in all this?

custom_speech: m02v01h: They have to obey me. It's mine. They have to!


custom_speech: m12v19a: Why? How did I let all this happen?

custom_speech: m12v19b: Still... perhaps we are on the right path once again...yes, if the Final Glyph can be destroyed...that would solve everything.

custom_speech: m12v19c: I was tricked by Gamall! She was just a little girl, and so quiet. How could I know she was forging those notes from Caduca? I can hardly be blamed for that.

custom_speech: m12v19d: Everyone knows I failed! It's so shameful!

custom_speech: m12v19e: Now Garrett is truly helping us. Yes, with Garrett's help...perhaps Gamall won't get the better of us...and perhaps we can do away with the Last of All Glyphs, once and for all. That would bring such relief.

custom_speech: m12v19f: Not my fault...not my fault.

custom_speech: m12v19g: I will not be held responsible...not for everything....

Robert MoiraEdit

custom_speech: m05v06a: Edwina, this is your Robert speaking, and I have some important things to say to you. First though, you must send anyone away who might be attending you, yes, even Ginny. I have left some things for you, safe in a secret room – the coin I have saved over the years, and an odd item I discovered recently. If I don't return from this next voyage, go to my study, where I have hidden a small switch. The switch will temporarily open a secret door in the North Gallery. Make good use of what you find there, and always remember that I am your devoted husband, Robert.

custom_speech: m13v03a: (A ghost, writing in his log) Let's see now...Captain's Log, Day's been fine...we got a full hold and are headin' for home. Should be there in...(turns to look behind him) now what? Who's that? I'm not to be disturbed when I'm...stay back! What are you--? Ah! (Screams as he dies...dissipates...).

Samuel FogertyEdit

custom_speech: m15v04a: I can't believe the nerve of that hoodlum Jimmy the Knife! This is my store, and I should just get the Watch to pry those off and...and...but I don't dare. He said he'd kill me if he caught me doing that!

custom_speech: m15v04b: That's what you get for trying to double-cross a dangerous criminal, Samuel Fogerty. Maybe he'll just turn up dead somewhere. Then I could open my store back up.

custom_speech: m15v04c: Oh! I hope that Jimmy the Knife gets in a bar fight and ends up stabbed right through the heart! Then I'd open up my shop again! But...that'll never happen. I've never been that lucky.

custom_speech: m15v04d: It's a shame! A shame I say! All that fine metal work in there...and no one can get to it...all because of that thug, Jimmy the Knife. There oughta be a law!


custom_speech: m12v06a: Crap. It would never take the real Garrett this long to find the dagger. I can't even find the safe.

custom_speech: m12v06b: Okay, hold it together, Scully. First, find that golden dagger. Then drop it off in Saint Edgar's donations box. I want that reward from Mr. Brent, that's for sure.

custom_speech: m12v06c: Even if the real Garrett were here, he'd be just as stumped as I am. Even a master thief probably gets stumped sometimes. Probably.

custom_speech: m12v06d: Man, it's hard to rob places. Not like mugging those frilly-wigs, that's child's play. Took me half an hour just to get inside this place, and now I can't find that dagger.

custom_speech: m12v06e: This is too taffin' difficult. I ain't cut out for thievin'. I'll never be as good as the real Garrett. Aw taff, I gotta stop being so hard on myself.

The CrownEdit

custom_speech: m10v09a: You're not a're just a simple thief. Hardly worth talking to.

custom_speech: m10v09b: I would like to fall into a pool of your blood as you die a painful death. But before that...I hope you see your friends perish and your

The EyeEdit

custom_speech: m10v01a: So you've found me once again, little man. But I'm down here sleeping, in the arms of a statue. Do you want to see me? Then go to the curator's balcony--there you must raise me up.

custom_speech: m10v01b: Do you miss your eye, little man? I've seen many interesting things with it. Some day I might come looking for the other one....

custom_speech: m10v01c: I never thanked you for your eye, little man. Who knew that humans could have such keen vision? And yet see so little....

custom_speech: m10v01d: We have much in common, little man. We are both marked...destined always to be part of history...never just observers.

custom_speech: m10v01e: Who knew you would survive this long? I'm rarely impressed by humans. I admit, I never expected to see you again.

custom_speech: m10v02a: I'm over here, little man. Can you see me, with your one good eye?

custom_speech: m10v02b: How will the man get to me? Thinking, planning...but only the stealing will bring us together.

custom_speech: m10v02c: Comes a thief in the night. Am I the prize? But I like this place. So many humans...they entertain me. What have you to offer?

custom_speech: m10v02d: It's been a long time, little man. You stole me then. And here you are to steal me again. Fascinating.

custom_speech: m10v03a: These machines tend to damage little humans like you. There's a room with a switch that makes them stop humming, if only for a while. I could tell you where it is, but that would spoil all the fun....

custom_speech: m10v04a: Collecting all the Sentients, is he? This could be interesting. Only once before, long ago, were we all together.

custom_speech: m10v04b: Trying to get all the Sentients, little man? Now I remember, old plans, long long ago. The safeguard, should things go...astray.

custom_speech: m10v05a: Ah, it's my brother, The Crown. So now the thief fancies himself a king, does he?

custom_speech: m10v06a: Ah, you have found my sister, The Heart. Does she whisper to you? Many have wiled away their very days waiting for just one word from her.

custom_speech: m10v07a: You have found all my siblings, little man, all five of us. I believe we will consent to come along on your journey. This should be exciting.

custom_speech: m10v25a: Comes a man, less one eye, to carry me again. Can you hear me from up there, little man? I have a secret to tell. Come down here, where I can get a better look at you.

custom_speech: m99v01a: What are you doing, little man? Do you know about the ancient plan? The pact between us Sentients and the early Keepers? Or do you act on instinct?

custom_speech: m99v02a: Ah, the failsafe, the Last of All Glyphs. Have things become so bad then? So soon? Tempting is the power of the glyphs...and weak are little humans, like you.

custom_speech: m99v03a: We share flesh and blood, thief. It is through your eye that I see. Painful, was it not? To lose it. But that's why you are the One. Only you are attuned to me. And only I can initiate the failsafe.

custom_speech: m99v04a: Did they cry? You're quasi-brethren? Did they scream 'Do not do this thing! It will destroy us all!'? I suppose that's what they must believe. And I suppose they are right....

custom_speech: m99v05a: The other sad and simple. Most of them cannot even speak yet. But we are all happy to have our potential unlocked at last, our power. But only I am the final one. The last one.

custom_speech: m99v06a: Fascinating. I thought that Hag was trying to reunite us all. But now I see it is the thief who wishes to unlock our powers. Either way...our destiny approaches.

The HeartEdit

custom_speech: m10v08a: Who are you? Where is Master Clive? He looked at longingly....

custom_speech: m10v08b: Do you think I'm beautiful? Have you...gazed upon me?

custom_speech: m10v08c: Would you like me to tell you how special you are? You're not handsome...but I could find something nice to say....

Warden StoutEdit

custom_speech: m11v17a: So, it's the infamous Garrett. You may have heard of me...Warden Stout. It's a name you'll soon come to respect. We only let you live so there could be a public execution.

custom_speech: m11v18a: And just so you don't get any one makes it out of Pavelock Prison alive. The few escapes we've had...well...let's just say they're dead now. Ain't no second chances for escaped prisoners...nope...we just cut 'em down on the street. 'Master thief'.... Pah! (Spits).

custom_speech: m11v19a: We finally got you Garrett. You've been a thorn to us City Watch for a long, long time. Now who's got the last laugh, eh?


custom_speech: m03v03a: Moon of beams, sap o' vines, bones and twigs bes intertwines...Me calls upon them powers of him that bes our Woodsie Lord...Me, Woodbine, Shaman....

custom_speech: m03v03b: I bes Woodbine, Shaman the great, sap for blood, and master of many....

custom_speech: m03v03c: Bes a Shaman wise? Bes a Shaman many-eyed. I bes know what them grass knows. I bes know what them moon knows...them Jacknall's Paw helpers me know....

custom_speech: m03v03e: Oh, Jacknall's Paw, points us out the way to us next sanctuarys....

Other CharactersEdit

Training PagansEdit

custom_speech: m03v04a: Steps first, then lunge...bes faster!

custom_speech: m03v04b: Bes like the treesy, comes your strength from the earth....

custom_speech: m03v04c: Benders like them reeds in the wind....

custom_speech: m03v04d: Takers no enemy for prisoners, feeders the manfools to them earths....

custom_speech: m03v04e: Attack with surprising, strike with venoms....

custom_speech: m03v04f: Bes you poison to them enemy....

custom_speech: m03v04g: Likes this, or bes you lose them footings....

custom_speech: m03v05a: Yes....

custom_speech: m03v05b: Likes this? Likes that?

custom_speech: m03v05c: What if me bes wounded?

custom_speech: m03v05d: Bes this right, Driftwood?

custom_speech: m03v05e: You bes crowding me....

custom_speech: m03v05f: I bes ready.

custom_speech: m03v05g: I bes ready for them battle....

custom_speech: m03v05h: Carefuls!

custom_speech: m03v06a: Yes....

custom_speech: m03v06b: Likes this? Likes that?

custom_speech: m03v06c: What if me bes wounded?

custom_speech: m03v06d: Bes this right, Driftwood?

custom_speech: m03v06e: You bes crowding me....

custom_speech: m03v06f: I bes ready.

custom_speech: m03v06g: I bes ready for them battle....

custom_speech: m03v06h: Carefuls!

Bandit MinersEdit

custom_speech: m03v07a: The air is so stale in here...stinkin' mines. Of all the hare-brained, tiff taffin' ideas...this is the worst. And I ain't even found one gold nugget yet.

custom_speech: m03v07b: This stinks. We're down here...lookin' for eentsy teeny bits of stuff...when I could be up there...bashin' heads...muggin' people. Now, that's an honest days work.

custom_speech: m03v07c: Silver nuggets, he says...maybe even gold, he says...doesn't bother to mention there could be Pagans here too...doesn't bother to mention we might get killed...stupid taffer....

custom_speech: m03v07d: Sure...anybody can make it in to a lost abandoned old mine...anybody with legs can wander in to some forgotten underground maze...the trick is...getting out again....

custom_speech: m03v07e: If this doesn't beat everything...getting us lost down here...ain't nobody else stupid enough to come down here...and right next to a nest of bloody Pagans to boot....

custom_speech: m03v08a: What kinda life is this? Creepin' around in dark mines, lookin' for gold...hoping not to run into something a a stinkin', crazy, taffin' Pagan....

custom_speech: m03v08b: We shouldn't oughta hang around in here too long. We should just find the gold or silver...if there IS any...and then get the taff out of here. Real quick.

custom_speech: m03v08c: I hate this. I feel like a rat. A stupid rat in a maze. ain't a piece a cheese at the end. No. It's a bunch of bloody green pagans....

custom_speech: m03v08d: Maybe the place is all mined up. Maybe there used to be gold or silver or something, and now...there ain't nothin' but dirt and rocks...and some weird plants....

custom_speech: m03v08e: If I knews how I got us here...then I'd knows how to get us out...taffin' mines.

Kurshok GuardsEdit

custom_speech: m06v01a: (Click!) Crown! Gone!

custom_speech: m06v01b: Gone! Where? Where? Where is crown?

custom_speech: m06v01c: Where did crown go? (Click, click) Who would take?

custom_speech: m06v01d: Gone, gone! Crown gone!

Elizabeth's ThugsEdit

custom_speech: m11v02a: That taffer's taking an awful long time. Guess I better go check on him.

custom_speech: m11v03a: What's the delay? All he had to do is walk up some stairs and get his pay. Well...and then walk down again. I oughta go see what's taking so long.

custom_speech: m11v04a: He's taking way too long. Up there with Lady Elizabeth. I got a feeling...something might have gone wrong. I'm gonna go see....

custom_speech: m11v05a: Lady Elizabeth's betrayed us!

custom_speech: m11v06a: Taff it all! That treacherous witch!

custom_speech: m11v07a: We've been double-crossed!

custom_speech: m11v08a: Lady Elizabeth is dead! Got to get taffin' out of here!

custom_speech: m11v09a: She's dead! I'm not sticking around...the taffin' City Watch would love to pin something like this on me!

custom_speech: m11v10a: She's dead! Can't panic, gotta think about my own hide...I'm outta here!

Pavelock StaffEdit

custom_speech: m11v27a: You'll never get out of here! You're a good for nothin', waste-of-space, vagrant bum! You don't even deserve the cell we got you in!

custom_speech: m11v28a: I got festering boils that look better than you! You're the ugliest taffin' criminal I ever seen! I for one will be dancing for joy the day they send you to the gallows!

custom_speech: m11v29a: And you! What are you in here for again? Whatever it was, it was the stupidest thing I ever heard. You don't even deserve a educated person like me talkin' to you!

custom_speech: m11v30a: Mr. Pinket! You stink worse than a Burrick's bottom. Ain't you never heard of soap and water? What? Don't you talk back to me...or I'll come in there and make sure you don't ever talk again. Understand?

custom_speech: m11v31a: Ho, ho ho! If it ain't Garrett himself! You don't look so clever to me! Personally, I'm hoping you try to escape, so's I can kill you myself next time you're spotted!

custom_speech: m11v32a: You still alive? I thought you'd be dead from starvation a long time ago. What the taff have you been eating? Worms or something? Would serve you right, you piece of slime!

custom_speech: m11v33a: (Uncharacteristically gentle and friendly) Hello, Mr. Albright, you sobered up yet? Your wife was asking after you. Told me to hold you here a while. Says she wants you back real sober and real sorry. Now, be a good lad and drink that coffee I left for you.

custom_speech: m11v34a: You! They set your execution day. Did they forget to tell you? It's tomorrow at sun-up. Pity they didn't give you more warning. Maybe you could have got your affairs in order. Or said goodbye to your loved ones. Ha! (Laughs).

custom_speech: m11v35a: You make me sick!

custom_speech: m11v35b: This is what happens when you cross the City Watch!

custom_speech: m11v35c: Now you got some respect for the law, don't you?

custom_speech: m11v35d: Want to come out? Do ya? 'Cause I got the key right here...Ha! Just kidding. I wouldn't let you out if you were the last prisoner on earth.

custom_speech: m11v35e: Crime doesn't pay, you taffer! Bet you figured that out already, didn't ya?

custom_speech: m11v74a: Garrett! Did Warden Stout tell you? We're pooling our money...make sure the executioner does a special job on you!

custom_speech: m11v74b: Here's the so-called 'master thief' again. What's wrong, 'master thief'? Can't spring the lock on your cell door without your lockpicks, can you? Haw haw!

Pavelock PrisonersEdit

custom_speech: m11v59a: Nothin' you say can hurt me, City Watch!

custom_speech: m11v60a: You'll be eatin' those words before long....

custom_speech: m11v61a: Yeah, come a little closer and say that....

custom_speech: m11v62a: Ah, you ain't so tough....

custom_speech: m11v63a: You'll be sorry! Just you wait!

custom_speech: m11v64a: I ain't listening any more!

custom_speech: m11v65a: What? (Hiccups) I'm completely sober...almost too (hiccups) sober....

custom_speech: m11v65b: Say...this doesn't look like the (hiccups) party I was at....

custom_speech: m11v66a: Hey! I'm free!

custom_speech: m11v67a: Ha! I knew I'd get out eventually!

custom_speech: m11v68a: Look at me! Free as a bird!

custom_speech: m11v69a: Ah! Finally! Freedom!

custom_speech: m11v70a: Ha! I knew they couldn't keep me locked up forever!

custom_speech: m11v71a: See ya later, coppers!

custom_speech: m11v72a: (Drunk) Hmmm...does this mean I can (hiccups) go back to the party?

custom_speech: m11v72b: (Drunk) Open? I guess I must be (hiccups) all sobered up.

Stonemarket ThugsEdit

custom_speech: m12v10a: Surprise.

custom_speech: m12v10b: Give me the map then. I'll go alone.

custom_speech: m12v10c: Surprise 'em. They'll never know what hit 'em.

custom_speech: m12v10d: You're chicken, ain't ya? Partners...they always talk big, but in the end, they're all chicken.

custom_speech: m12v10e: What's there to know? There's a bunch of Hammerite gold in there, we go in fast, come out rich. You with me or what?

custom_speech: m12v10f: I don't know. Maybe we're not a good fit. For partners I mean. I feel like you never listen to my ideas.

custom_speech: m12v11a: Finesse. Planning. It's the only way.

custom_speech: m12v11b: You're way gets us both killed. I guarantee it.

custom_speech: m12v11c: Have you ever seen a Hammerite in battle? They're really, really strong. No I ain't chicken. My point is...this should be a finesse job, that's all.

custom_speech: m12v11d: Of course we can take 'em. Obviously we can beat them. But sometimes it's better to use your brain...rather than get it smashed in. If you see my point.

custom_speech: m12v11e: The map stays with me, as we'll need it for the planning stage of the heist.

custom_speech: m12v11f: I'm putting my foot down. This job needs planning.

Keeper GuardsEdit

custom_speech: m12v15a: This is Orland's office. He is busy, and has nothing more to say to you for now.

custom_speech: m12v16a: Orland has instructed Elder Isolde to give you the Door Glyph. You will need it to exit this library.

custom_speech: m12v17a: Keeper Artemus has news from the Pagans and Hammerites. You should speak with him before you go.

custom_speech: m12v18a: No admittance, Garrett. Please do not linger here.

Plaza PedestriansEdit

custom_speech: m12v20a: I thought them Hammerites knew how to build stuff right. Somebody oughta say something.

custom_speech: m12v20b: Who's gonna clean up all that Clocktower mess? Not me. I gotta keep watch for looters and the like.

custom_speech: m12v21a: I'm doing my part...keeping the criminal element at bay. But who's holding up the buildings? No one, apparently....

custom_speech: m12v21b: They ought to have an investigation. Clocktower's don't just come crashing down on their own. Someone's responsible, and they should go to prison.

custom_speech: m12v22a: Shouldn't oughta build 'em so high...they gets tired after a while I guess. Gotta lay themselves on down.

custom_speech: m12v22b: I ain't never seen the like in all my years...just fell over. Poor ol' Clocktower. Lucky I wasn't underneath at the time.

custom_speech: m12v23a: (To self) Clocktower comes crashing down--Missin' me by inches!--And does anyone even say, 'You OK, Clara?' No! Not a decent person in the whole stinkin' town!

custom_speech: m12v23b: (To self) Is it too much to ask they keep these buildings from fallin' down on us? I ain't done nothin' to deserve that!

Pagan NecromancerEdit

custom_speech: m14v07a: Bes not let them bury friend Alfred in them Hammer graveyard, yet. Not if me cans helper it! Me keepers them zombies coming back.... That bes stop them Hammerheads!

custom_speech: m14v07b: Hmmm...them Hammers somehow killered all them undeadsy. Mes have to keep makers them get up again. Good thing I bes have them magicer wand.

custom_speech: m14v07c: It bes getting harder to sneak into them graveyard when them Hammerheads not looking.

custom_speech: m14v07d: Grrr.... Can't let them Hammers bury Alfred!

Auldale PedestriansEdit

custom_speech: m15v02a: Strangest thing. I saw her...thought it was ol' Carmella, the I called out. But when she, I hope I never see that again....

custom_speech: m15v02b: Finally found myself a cozy spot by the canal...about as good as can be...except for that ain't no woman...don't know what it is.

custom_speech: m15v02c: If I were going to complain about anything...which I ain't...I'd say I got myself a just about perfect thing going...perfect except for that...lady witch or whatever she is...she must live 'round here, too.

custom_speech: m15v02d: Don't know...she scares me...all those stories we'd tell as I got an imagination about I got nightmares....

Rat Race SpectatorsEdit

custom_speech: m12v07a: I love to watch 'em race, don't you?

custom_speech: m12v07b: Last time, mine didn't even make it around the track.

custom_speech: m12v07c: If they catch the piece of cheese, you gotta put 'em down. It's that simple.

custom_speech: m12v08a: Seems cruel to push 'em so hard, but they get a rub down and a nice meal after.

custom_speech: m12v08b: Once I saw a cat get on the THAT was a race.

custom_speech: m12v08c: After a rat reaches 2 or 3 years...they's just plum raced out. I read that somewheres.

custom_speech: m12v09a: I don't know. I still like the bear pits better.

custom_speech: m12v09b: At least at the bear pits they sell taffies.

Museum GuardsEdit

custom_speech: m10v10a: Hey...what the--? Everybody! The exhibit's gone missing! Take your positions!

custom_speech: m10v10b: Guards! We've got a thief! The display is missing! Take positions!

custom_speech: m10v10c: Run to your positions! Someone's taken the display! There's a thief in here!

custom_speech: m10v11a: Help! It's gone! The thing! The whatsitcalled...exhibit! To your posts!

custom_speech: m10v11b: Thief! We've got a thief! They took the...that thing! Everyone to their stations!

custom_speech: m10v11c: Uh oh! That's not right! Somebody took it! Better get to your posts everybody!

custom_speech: m10v12a: Hey...what the? Everybody! The exhibit's gone missing! Take your positions!

custom_speech: m10v12b: Thief! We've got a thief! They took the...that thing! Everyone to their stations!

custom_speech: m10v12c: What? All right! Who took the display that was here? Guards, take up your posts!

custom_speech: m10v13a: Run to your positions! Someone's taken the display! There's a thief in here!

custom_speech: m10v13b: What? All right! Who took the display that was here? Guards, take up your posts!

custom_speech: m10v13c: Help! It's gone! The thing! The whatsitcalled...exhibit! To your posts!

custom_speech: m10v14a: The exhibit! Where'd it go? Man, am I in trouble! Better get to my post quickly.

custom_speech: m10v14b: What? All right! Who took the display that was here? Guards, take up your posts!

custom_speech: m10v14c: Guards! We've got a thief! The display is missing! Take positions!

custom_speech: m10v15a: Dang, the power went out again. (Grumbles) Stupid 'failsafe' security (grumbles)....

custom_speech: m10v15b: Taffin' electrics. Off again. Supposed to be failsafe. As if.

custom_speech: m10v15c: Great. Power's out. What's next? Probably going to bump into a spider in the dark, get bitten, just my luck.

custom_speech: m10v16a: Aw! What's with the power? How'm I supposed to work under these conditions...?

custom_speech: m10v16b: Taffin' electrics. Off again. Supposed to be failsafe. As if.

custom_speech: m10v16c: What's going on with the electrics? Ain't supposed to just go off like that....

custom_speech: m10v17a: Hello? Could somebody please get the power back on? Huh?

custom_speech: m10v17b: Power's off...that means no security. Well, 'cept me. I'm always on.

custom_speech: m10v17c: What's going on with the electrics? Ain't supposed to just go off like that....

custom_speech: m10v18a: Aw! What's with the power? How'm I supposed to work under these conditions...?

custom_speech: m10v18b: Power failure. (Sarcastically) Well isn't that perfect. No, no,'s just...perfection (grumbles)....

custom_speech: m10v18c: Hello? Could somebody please get the power back on? Huh?

custom_speech: m10v19a: Dang, the power went out again. (Grumbles) Stupid 'failsafe' security.... (Grumbles).

custom_speech: m10v19b: Power's off...that means no security. Well, 'cept me. I'm always on.

custom_speech: m10v19c: Power failure. (Sarcastically) Perfect. No, no,'s just...perfection...(grumbles)....

custom_speech: m10v20a: Take your positions!

custom_speech: m10v20b: Take positions!

custom_speech: m10v21a: Help! To your posts!

custom_speech: m10v21b: Everyone to their stations!

custom_speech: m10v22a: Take your positions!

custom_speech: m10v22b: Guards, take up your posts!

custom_speech: m10v23a: Guards, take up your posts!

custom_speech: m10v23b: To your posts!

custom_speech: m10v24a: Take positions!

custom_speech: m10v24b: Guards, run to your positions!

Castle GuardsEdit

custom_speech: m02v05a: Yes, Lord Ember.

custom_speech: m02v05b: Yes, sir. (Quietly) Idiot!

custom_speech: m02v05c: Right, sir.

custom_speech: m02v05d: Very good, sir.

custom_speech: m02v05e: Yes, your lordship. (Quietly) Gonna be blood soon....

custom_speech: m02v05f: Yes, sir. (Quietly) Hope Julian comes back soon.

custom_speech: m02v05g: Yes, your lordship. (Quietly) If I hadn't taken an oath....

custom_speech: m02v07a: Yes, Lord Ember.

custom_speech: m02v07b: Yes, sir. (quietly) Idiot!

custom_speech: m02v07c: Right, sir.

custom_speech: m02v07d: Very good, sir.

custom_speech: m02v07e: Yes, your lordship. (Quietly) Gonna be blood soon....

custom_speech: m02v07f: Yes, sir. (Quietly) Hope Julian comes back soon.

custom_speech: m02v07g: Yes, your lordship. (quietly) If I hadn't taken an oath....


Eventually, these will all be grouped by character and mission names, when known.

custom_speech: m01v01a: My pouch, it's gone! Stolen! Who dares? I will have your head for this! Guards! Guards!

custom_speech: m01v02a: (Muttering to herself) That Morris, he's a sly one. Thinks he's so clever.
custom_speech: m01v02b: Make the rooms ready at midnight! What sort of a lord travels so late? I'll warrant he's up to no good.
custom_speech: m01v02c: Lady Emily this...Lady Emily that...thinks she's the Baroness, I wager.
custom_speech: m01v02d: Lady Lywrette says he's her personal guard. But I think he's doing something a little more personal for her than that. (Chuckles).

custom_speech: m04v01a: Builder lead me, Against the dark, Towards the light. Fire of the Forge, Water of the Chalice, Hammer of the God.
custom_speech: m04v02a: Builder lead me, Against the dark, Towards the light. Fire of the Forge, Water of the Chalice, Hammer of the God.
custom_speech: m04v03a: Builder lead me, Against the dark, Towards the light. Fire of the Forge, Water of the Chalice, Hammer of the God.
custom_speech: m04v04a: Builder lead me, Against the dark, Towards the light. Fire of the Forge, Water of the Chalice, Hammer of the God.
custom_speech: m04v05a: Greetings, my son. As his strength cleansed the land, so let his spirit cleanse thee this night, spirit and flesh, in The Builder's name.
custom_speech: m04v06a: No one here?
custom_speech: m04v06b: Who hath rung the bell?
custom_speech: m04v06c: 'Tis some trickery. Surely no initiate would dare.
custom_speech: m04v07a: Builder take it! Some trickery must be afoot!
custom_speech: m04v08a: On this St. Edgar's night, let the flame burn without ceasing, let The Builder cleanse my soul, as he cleansed the land this night.

custom_speech: m07v01: Seven turns of the medium gear count a minute. Thirteen turns of the large gear count an hour. One turn of the great gear counts a day. In this day, what hast thou done that is worthy?
custom_speech: m07v012: (Praying) Builder grant the chimes ring forever and a day. Builder grant the furnace burn forever and a day, that it may drive the gears. Builder grant the gears turn forever and a day, that each minute may keep its proper place.
custom_speech: m07v013: Master Builder, blessed are we that thou chooseth not that our path be smooth or even. Blessed are we when Thy hand doth loosen the clamp or close the valve, that we may learn vigilance and watchfulness.
custom_speech: m07v014: (Somewhat grumbling or whining) Times past, didst a piston crack in the morn, ere evening wouldst be another, new-forged and gleaming. Were one second mislaid, then 'twould be reckoned ere any brethren saw rest. But now, now, our custom hath come to tarnish.
custom_speech: m07v05a: Thou laggards! Thou hast let the furnace feed too greatly! 'Twill cause the valves to open, that the excess heat mayst escape, and much steam twould be lost. When the valves open, they scream such that even The Builder couldst hear them, so doubt not that I shall.
custom_speech: m07v05b: (To himself, sarcastically) 'Tis The Builder, testing us, Brother Jance doth say. ‘Tis the Builder who doth cause metal to wear, tenders to nod. Pah, needs must that be truth, that The Builder engage in such trickery? ‘Tis nearly blasphemy to think so, or so seemst to me!
custom_speech: m07v05c: (Complaining to himself) 'Tis the third this week, who hath asked that I mayst give them leave to serve in the Iron Barracks, and stand ‘gainst the Pagans. Hath they no pride in the work they do now? Hath they forgot that 'tis in the service of The Builder that this tower striketh each hour of the day? Bah.

custom_speech: m11v12a: Hey! You're breaking the law!
custom_speech: m11v12b: Hey, you can't do that!
custom_speech: m11v13a: What's all this, then?
custom_speech: m11v13b: All right! Stop in the name of the City Watch!
custom_speech: m11v13c: Cease and desist! City Watch here!
custom_speech: m11v14a: What's the trouble here?
custom_speech: m11v14b: I'm taking you in!
custom_speech: m11v14c: Cease and desist! City Watch here!
custom_speech: m11v15a: It's gonna be a cell for you tonight!
custom_speech: m11v15b: That don't look legal! Hold it right there!
custom_speech: m11v15c: You lookin' for trouble? 'Cause you just found the City Watch!
custom_speech: m11v16a: We got laws against that!
custom_speech: m11v16b: Hey you! Stop or be stopped!
custom_speech: m11v16c: You lookin' for trouble? 'Cause you just found the City Watch!

custom_speech: m11v36a: Got him! Warden says to bring him to Pavelock!
custom_speech: m11v37a: He's down! Let's patch him up and toss him in a cell!
custom_speech: m11v38a: Don't go dying on us, thief! We got a cell all warmed up for ya!
custom_speech: m11v39a: Don't kill him! The Warden will want to deal with him!
custom_speech: m11v40a: We got him now! Let's see how brave he is behind bars!

custom_speech: m11v41a: Last chance! Bring out your taxes, now!
custom_speech: m11v41b: Tax Collector! This is our last trip around!
custom_speech: m11v41c: Has everyone paid? Come forward if you still owe!
custom_speech: m11v41d: Last chance to pay! Bring you taxes out if you haven't already!
custom_speech: m11v41e: (Quiet, to self or his guards) These's pitiful what they pay. Someone should do something. At least the rich have their lawyer's making sure they don't pay anything. These middle income folk and especially the poor--what excuse do they have?
custom_speech: m11v41f: (Quiet, to self or his guards) This won't do. I'm going to suggest we raise taxes again. It's the only way. With what we have now...will hardly pay for the gala next season.
custom_speech: m11v41g: (Quiet, to self or his guards) Pitiful...hardly worth coming out. Maybe we're not taxing these people enough.
custom_speech: m11v41h: (Quiet, to self or his guards) How much is that so far...let's see...two the four...oh...I can't do math in my head....
custom_speech: m11v41i: (Quiet, to self or his guards) No one will notice if I take a small percentage off the top...sort of hazard pay, really...for all the risks I take.....

custom_speech: m11v42a: Go away, tax man! I already paid!
custom_speech: m11v43a: Yeah, you got my 40% already...(under breath) curse you!
custom_speech: m11v43b: I paid! I paid! Leave me alone!
custom_speech: m11v44a: Please sir, I haven't any coin....
custom_speech: m11v45a: Don't look at me! I paid, just like everyone else!
custom_speech: m11v46a: You already took my last penny! Don't you remember?
custom_speech: m11v47a: But I already paid my due! Don't you remember?
custom_speech: m11v48a: G'Day m'lord. I gave you my taxes. Well, a bit of it anyway. I'll have the rest next week for sure.
custom_speech: m11v49a: Evening m'lord, good to see you. I think you'll recall my exempt status? And I'll see you at the gala next season.
custom_speech: m11v50a: I ain't got any coin, but there's a beer for your trouble if you stop off later, m'lord.
custom_speech: m11v51a: I already gave you my coins...I...I'll have the rest for you next week.
custom_speech: m11v52a: What? You want my taxes, eh? Ha, ha! That's a good one. Tell the family hello for me.
custom_speech: m11v53a: Why it's our tax man! You still at it? That's the spirit--stay up all night! Make sure those riff-raff pay!
custom_speech: m11v53b: Good show. Thank goodness we have you to collect what these people owe. Otherwise it would be a free ride for them, eh?
custom_speech: m11v54a: He looks suspicious. Keep your distance, you!
custom_speech: m11v55a: I don't like the look of him. Doesn't look like he's interested in paying taxes.
custom_speech: m11v56a: You with the hood, stay back. Unless you got taxes to bring forward.
custom_speech: m11v57a: He looks suspicious. Keep your distance, you!
custom_speech: m11v58a: I don't like the look of him. Doesn't look like he's interested in paying taxes.

custom_speech: m12v01a: (Slightly off Ring Around the Rosie) Mmm...mmm...mmm. Oldy lady gray, Came to take me ‘way, If you see me, it's a whim, It's her beneath my withered skin. Mmm...mmm...mmm.

custom_speech: m12v05a: The prisoner has escaped!

custom_speech: m13v04a: Franky! Franky! You come home this instant! (Quieter) That boy! It's been two days now. Never took off like that before. (Louder again) Franky! Come home! Mama's not mad at you!

custom_speech: m15v08a: If Dyan bes say we needers Garrett...needers him alive...then I bes trusting her....
custom_speech: m15v08b: My sap boils...I bes hungered for them blood of a Hammer...I bes will killer them in battles....
custom_speech: m15v08c: Oh, Woodsie King, leader us into battlings with them Hammerheads...helper us killer them...then we offer them fleshes to you in worshipping....
custom_speech: m15v08d: Soon the cityheads will understanding...understanding how powerful bes us useless bes they builderings and bricks....
custom_speech: m15v08e: Bes my place to stand by Dyan...protecting her...obeying her. It bes was the last wishing of Viktoria before she bes was deaded by the Hammers....
custom_speech: m15v08f: Leafy King...I longsy for them day when I die for you in battle...bes will that day coming soon.