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T3_gamallchild Edit

gamallchild: gmc_blame_maj1: You've been very bad. I saw what you did!
gamallchild: gmc_blame_min1: Oh, oh. Shouldn't have done that. I know it must have been you.
gamallchild: gmc_crime_hurtother1: You're hurting them! That's bad!
gamallchild: gmc_crime_kill1: You killed them! Now they're all dead!
gamallchild: gmc_crime_lockp1: Some things should be shut....
gamallchild: gmc_crime_theft1: You took that! I'm telling on you!
gamallchild: gmc_crime_threat1: You could hurt me!
gamallchild: gmc_crime_tres1: You're not allowed to be here!
gamallchild: gmc_crime_vandal1: How many will you break?
gamallchild: gmc_ev_body1: So sad, you're dead.
gamallchild: gmc_ev_dam1: Oww! (Sniffles)
gamallchild: gmc_ev_felt1: Who pushed me?
gamallchild: gmc_ev_maj1: Oh! Oh no!
gamallchild: gmc_ev_med1: What is going on? Someone was bad....
gamallchild: gmc_ev_min1: What is this? How silly.
gamallchild: gmc_fcow1: Please don't hurt me!
gamallchild: gmc_fcow2: Leave me alone! (Sniffles)
gamallchild: gmc_fhid1: Nobody will see me here.
gamallchild: gmc_fhid2: I will hide and hide and hide.
gamallchild: gmc_fini_pl1: Help! Help! He's chasing me!
gamallchild: gmc_gen_aha1: Aha.
gamallchild: gmc_gen_dunno1: I can't tell.
gamallchild: gmc_gen_igetit1: Oh....
gamallchild: gmc_gen_no1: No.
gamallchild: gmc_gen_startled1: Oh!
gamallchild: gmc_gen_suffer1: My head hurts....
gamallchild: gmc_gen_thanks1: Thank you.
gamallchild: gmc_gen_yes1: Yes.
gamallchild: gmc_greet_reply1: Hello.
gamallchild: gmc_greet_req1: Hello.
gamallchild: gmc_gret1: Oh well!
gamallchild: gmc_iann1: I will tell!
gamallchild: gmc_irep_pl1: Help me! It was Garrett!
gamallchild: gmc_misc_blind_end1: Oh! I can see again!
gamallchild: gmc_misc_blind_ini1: I can't see! I can't see!
gamallchild: gmc_misc_noisemak1: What is that noise?
gamallchild: gmc_obs_elder1: You're even older than Caduca, aren't you?
gamallchild: gmc_obs_elder2: You're funny.
gamallchild: gmc_obs_elder3: Hello. Elder.
gamallchild: gmc_obs_keeper1: Is this where I should be?
gamallchild: gmc_obs_keeper2: Have I seen you before?
gamallchild: gmc_obs_keeper3: Hello.
gamallchild: gmc_obs_pl_friend1: Oh, hello.
gamallchild: gmc_obs_pl_neutral1: Oh, it's you.
gamallchild: gmc_obs_pl_neutral2: It's forbidden for me to speak with you.
gamallchild: gmc_obs_pl_neutral3: Oh.
gamallchild: gmc_obs_scribe1: Oh, a scribe.
gamallchild: gmc_obs_scribe2: You look troubled.
gamallchild: gmc_obs_scribe3: Hello.
gamallchild: gmc_rcon1: Why are you hiding?
gamallchild: gmc_rcon2: Won't you come out?
gamallchild: gmc_rini1: Who is that?
gamallchild: gmc_rnew1: Oh! There you are again! Are you hiding? I can find you....
gamallchild: gmc_rpre1: Oh!
gamallchild: gmc_rret1: I don't know where they went.
gamallchild: gmc_spell_thanks1: Pretty glyph.
gamallchild: gmc_sum_fight1: Help! I'm hurt!
gamallchild: gmc_ycon1: I don't know what it was....
gamallchild: gmc_ycon2: I wonder what it is.
gamallchild: gmc_yini1: Who is it?
gamallchild: gmc_yini2: Is someone there?
gamallchild: gmc_yret1: It wasn't anything.

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