T3_gamallhag Edit

gamallhag: gmh_catt_ran1: Burn!
gamallhag: gmh_catt_ran2: Diiiiie!
gamallhag: gmh_catt_ran3: Now!
gamallhag: gmh_cdam_hi1: Hah! You cannot kill no cannot kill me this way. Ha ha ha!
gamallhag: gmh_cdam_lo1: Bah!
gamallhag: gmh_cdam_med1: Arrrh! You dare?
gamallhag: gmh_cdam_no1: You are weak!
gamallhag: gmh_cdam_no2: Your puny blows are nothing!
gamallhag: gmh_cdam_no3: You have no strength!
gamallhag: gmh_cexp_lo1: Do not count on victory....
gamallhag: gmh_chit1: Hah!
gamallhag: gmh_chit2: Do you feel it?
gamallhag: gmh_chit3: You bleed fail slow die!
gamallhag: gmh_chit_ran1: Hah!
gamallhag: gmh_chit_ran2: Do you feel it?
gamallhag: gmh_chit_ran3: You bleed fail slow die!
gamallhag: gmh_cini1: Now Garrett, at last you die.
gamallhag: gmh_cini2: Too long you plague me!
gamallhag: gmh_cini3: You die, yes, die now.
gamallhag: gmh_cini_enr1: (shrieking scream) Die!
gamallhag: gmh_cini_na1: Kill him!
gamallhag: gmh_cini_na2: There he is! Catch him rend him kill him!
gamallhag: gmh_cini_na3: Seize him catch him and I will kill him!
gamallhag: gmh_cmis_ran1: Damn you curse you!
gamallhag: gmh_cmis_ran2: You will slow and I will have you!
gamallhag: gmh_cret_kil1: Hah hah hah hah hah! You trouble me no longer!
gamallhag: gmh_csub1: You will not hide flee escape me again!
gamallhag: gmh_csub2: This time I will not fail!
gamallhag: gmh_csur1: Now Garrett at last you die.
gamallhag: gmh_csur2: Too long you plague me!
gamallhag: gmh_csur3: You die yes die now
gamallhag: gmh_csur_na1: Kill him!
gamallhag: gmh_csur_na2: There he is! Catch him rend him kill him!
gamallhag: gmh_csur_na3: Seize him catch him and I will kill him!
gamallhag: gmh_enr_warn1: Fool! You stall you fuss but you will die slowly!
gamallhag: gmh_ev_dam1: Arrrr! I will kill you for that!
gamallhag: gmh_ev_enemybody1: Dead and dead and dead. Good for you.
gamallhag: gmh_ev_enemybody2: Better dead than alive, heh heh heh.
gamallhag: gmh_ev_enemybody3: Did me a favor, yes, yes, helped me to kill this one.
gamallhag: gmh_ev_felt1: Grrrr, who!
gamallhag: gmh_ev_felt2: What dares touch me?
gamallhag: gmh_ev_maj1: Arrrraaiiiii! Who has done this I will kill you rend you break you!
gamallhag: gmh_ev_med1: Someone is very wrong very strange, I do not like this
gamallhag: gmh_ev_min1: Very strange, not right, I notice, yes I do.
gamallhag: gmh_gcon1: Will wait yes wait and see.
gamallhag: gmh_gcon_he1: Is it here I hear? Heh heh heh.
gamallhag: gmh_gcon_se1: If I see it it is here. Maybe maybe.
gamallhag: gmh_gen_dazed1: Huh?
gamallhag: gmh_gen_frust1: Arrrr! I will kill you!
gamallhag: gmh_gini1: Huh?
gamallhag: gmh_gini2: Yes?
gamallhag: gmh_gini_he1: Listen, listen.
gamallhag: gmh_gini_he2: Hear, what?
gamallhag: gmh_gini_se1: What was that? Something move something there?
gamallhag: gmh_gini_se2: Is it him? Did I see did I spy?
gamallhag: gmh_gret1: Nothing all nothing.
gamallhag: gmh_gret2: Hm. Nothing here nothing at all at all.
gamallhag: gmh_gret3: Still nothing. He is not here.
gamallhag: gmh_gret3: gmh_gsub1: There, again....
gamallhag: gmh_idle1: I will seek find discover root him out and then he will regret ever seeing crossing fighting daring to challenge me....
gamallhag: gmh_idle2: Dance, dance, all of you dance in my game my plan follow the line of the glyph I draw and only I see it know it comprehend it....
gamallhag: gmh_idle3: They think they can control me use me shape me but ha ha ha I am the shape I control I use and they are all too blind to see....
gamallhag: gmh_idle4: Strong strong young and alive they were. Bring me their strength their blood their life their shape and make it mine mine yes mine and I am here and they are gone....
gamallhag: gmh_idle5: Come my creepy crawlies my chicks my stone walkers my eyes my ears my spies come to me and tell me what you see you spy you hear you tell me....
gamallhag: gmh_idle6: Why is he not dead not crushed why does he walk talk scheme hide thwart me why have they not broken his bones spilled his blood torn his limbs... yes yes that will be good....
gamallhag: gmh_idle7: Oh my puppets my pawns my tools oh so stupid and so willing. And Orland the fool the best of them the worst of them. Read my notes Orland read my words Orland draw my glyphs Orland do my work Orland and never never never know (laughs)....
gamallhag: gmh_idle8: Stupid little girl stay dead stay buried stay in the past where you were. Shouldn't creep back sneak back come back come talking and fiddling and digging things up and taking what I took and is mine now mine not hers not hers now.
gamallhag: gmh_misc_blind_end1: My eyes my eyes I can see and now I will destroy you!
gamallhag: gmh_misc_blind_ini1: (Screaming) Blind blind I am blind!
gamallhag: gmh_misc_noisemak1: Clicky clicky what is the noise?
gamallhag: gmh_misc_noisesup1: I do not hear cannot hear something is odd.
gamallhag: gmh_opp_fcon1: Fool! Coward!
gamallhag: gmh_opp_fcon2: You cannot flee from death!
gamallhag: gmh_opp_fini1: Hah you think you can flee?
gamallhag: gmh_opp_fini2: Run run try to run but you are doomed.
gamallhag: gmh_opp_fini_m_na1: Follow him seize him do not let him go!
gamallhag: gmh_opp_hide1: Curse you! Return!
gamallhag: gmh_opp_hide_m_na1: He has fled! After him find him seek him catch him!
gamallhag: gmh_rcon1: Come out come out and it will be quick!
gamallhag: gmh_rcon2: You mock me hiding creeping you will pay for this.
gamallhag: gmh_rcon3: I will find you and I will make of you very small very bloody very red bits.
gamallhag: gmh_rcon4: Hide and hide and sneak all you like but I will find you
gamallhag: gmh_rcon5: Arrrrrr! You defy me!
gamallhag: gmh_rcon_fnd1: There! Arrr! You are mine!
gamallhag: gmh_rcon_fnd2: Your death finds you comes now!
gamallhag: gmh_rcon_fnd_m_na1: Here! After him!
gamallhag: gmh_rcon_fnd_m_na2: Seize him and we kill him now!
gamallhag: gmh_rcon_he1: I hear your heart your breath you are scared yes you are scared.... You should be.
gamallhag: gmh_rcon_he2: Listen, yes, listen. Step step. If you move you are mine.
gamallhag: gmh_rcon_los1: I will finish this!
gamallhag: gmh_rcon_los2: You cower skulk hide but not forever!
gamallhag: gmh_rcon_los3: I will find you yes and I will make you pay.
gamallhag: gmh_rcon_los4: Coward, coward, little chick.
gamallhag: gmh_rcon_los5: Stupid fool. You cannot hide.
gamallhag: gmh_rcon_los_m_na1: Find him catch him or I kill you instead!
gamallhag: gmh_rcon_los_m_na2: Do you hear them hunting you? Do you fear yet?
gamallhag: gmh_rcon_los_m_na3: Hunt him seek him yes we will yes we will find him....
gamallhag: gmh_rcon_na1: Find it search it out at once!
gamallhag: gmh_rcon_na2: Go go and find it and kill it!
gamallhag: gmh_rcon_na3: Search it catch it rend it for me....
gamallhag: gmh_rcon_se1: I see that see that and I follow and now you will die!
gamallhag: gmh_rini1: That is enough! Something must die!
gamallhag: gmh_rini2: Something is here taunts me mocks me and will die!
gamallhag: gmh_rini_he1: I hear you little chick little chick let me snap your neck....
gamallhag: gmh_rini_he2: Little noise little noise but you give yourself away...!
gamallhag: gmh_rini_se1: Ah I see it now yes and soon it dies....
gamallhag: gmh_rini_se2: Something moving something sneaking... something will be very sorry....
gamallhag: gmh_rnew1: Ahah! Cannot hide cannot escape cannot run....
gamallhag: gmh_rpre1: Youuuuuu!
gamallhag: gmh_rret1: I cannot find, I am busy yes very busy cannot be bothered with this.
gamallhag: gmh_rret2: It is gone it flees me very clever very smart.
gamallhag: gmh_rret3: You escape now, but now no one watches no one hah hah hah.
gamallhag: gmh_rret_los1: Arrrh! You thwart me this time.
gamallhag: gmh_rret_los2: You escape now but I will break your bones flay your skin....
gamallhag: gmh_rret_los_m_na1: You let him escape flee you fail me.
gamallhag: gmh_ycon1: What is it, is it, where is it?
gamallhag: gmh_ycon2: Was that Garrett? I will seek him find him....
gamallhag: gmh_ycon3: The shadows are an open book, I can read their secrets....
gamallhag: gmh_ycon_he1: What did I hear, perhaps it was him?
gamallhag: gmh_ycon_na1: Search, yes, search and tell me what you find....
gamallhag: gmh_ycon_na2: Go now, go now look and see and find if something is here....
gamallhag: gmh_ycon_na3: What is it do you see...can you spy it?
gamallhag: gmh_ycon_se1: Come, chickie chickie, come let me see you again....
gamallhag: gmh_yini1: What was, was that?
gamallhag: gmh_yini2: Huh? Was that, is that, I don't know.
gamallhag: gmh_yini_he1: What did I hear, did I listen, what was it?
gamallhag: gmh_yini_he2: Is it him I hear? Not sure not sure.
gamallhag: gmh_yini_se1: Something moving...? go and look, go and look....
gamallhag: gmh_yini_se2: I saw something something sneaky something small....
gamallhag: gmh_ynew1: Yes yes it is still here, what is it?
gamallhag: gmh_yret1: I cannot be bothered by stupid petty foolish distractions!
gamallhag: gmh_yret2: If something distracts me again it will pay!

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