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T3_garrett Edit

This page does not include the briefing or debriefing transcriptions found in the "garrett" folder. They can be found with the Briefings and Cutscenes.

garrett: gar_cantdrop: Unh uh.
garrett: gar0101: Lord Julian. Wouldn't do to have anyone think he was just Julian.
garrett: gar0102: His Lordship has gone for a walk. Can't have gone far.
garrett: gar0103: The bag feels heavy. There's something metal inside.
garrett: gar0104: Close one. But I've still got the goods.
garrett: gar0201: There's the torch. Now to give the signal.
garrett: gar0202: It's out. I hope that cook is as good as his word.
garrett: gar0203: Looks promising...but if I just wanted to look, I'd have gone to a museum.
garrett: gar0204: Poisons. Better make sure I wash my hands when I get out of here.
garrett: gar0205: Another medallion. Wonder if anyone will pay more for a matched set.
garrett: gar0206: So this is what they all wanted. It's better off with me.
garrett: gar0207: The Rutherford Family Vault. That Opal is as good as mine.
garrett: gar0301: Hmmm. That old gear looks precarious. Someone could have an accident.
garrett: gar0302: A ritual for Jacknall's Paw, huh? Looks like I'm on the right track....
garrett: gar0303: So, the Pagans are preparing for war.
garrett: gar0304: The Jacknall's Paw. Guess he's not using it any longer.
garrett: gar0401: Not very thief-like to make such a racket. I hope once is enough to drag the old priest out of his room.
garrett: gar0402: I better get out of here before someone starts wondering who rang the bell.
garrett: gar0403: Let's see what Greidus has been up to.
garrett: gar0404: Looks like I'm going to have to do some snooping around if I want to get inside.
garrett: gar0405: The Chalice. Probably too much to hope for that no one misses it.
garrett: gar0501: That's got to be the Compendium.
garrett: gar0502: A secret room, eh? Always my favorite room in a house....
garrett: gar0503: Wine, huh? Chilly night. I could go for something warming myself....
garrett: gar0504: Looks like the Widow Moira has more than just me to worry about tonight.
garrett: gar0601: There's the crown, but I see I'm going to have to work for it.
garrett: gar0602: Giant rats. Great.
garrett: gar0603: A golden crown, eh? Now I'm interested.
garrett: gar0604: Better hope I'm not sticking around long enough to see these hatch.
garrett: gar0605: Now that I've got the crown, what will they fight over?
garrett: gar0606: A rare tapestry? Maybe this trip is going to be more profitable than I thought.
garrett: gar0607: I'm not very musical, but an ivory horn with rubies sounds like it might play my kind of tune.
garrett: gar0608: Now, what kind of thief would I be if I didn't investigate this room with 'Diamond lights'?
garrett: gar0701: It's a long way. But down is always easier than up.
garrett: gar0702: These machines could crush me flat. Better keep on my toes.
garrett: gar0703: Emergency stop. Let's see what happens.
garrett: gar0704: If I can keep him busy with those chimes, maybe he'll stay out of my hair.
garrett: gar0705: Diamond, eh? That could be worth looking for.
garrett: gar0706: I don't know about stopping time, but this should let me stop the clockworks.
garrett: gar0707: Not enough. I need to stop this thing for good.
garrett: gar0708: Sabotaging the clockworks is going to make a lot of noise. I need to finish up all my other business here first.
garrett: gar0801: Wonder what they have left to decide. (short laugh) Maybe I can 'persuade' a few Keepers to vote my way....
garrett: gar0802: Orland, Orland, I wouldn't have thought you were the Peeping Tom sort.
garrett: gar0803: Aha. That seal must be what Orland's using to hide the door glyphs. Time for me to get rid of it.
garrett: gar0804: This looks like Artemus's room. Maybe I can find out where he went.
garrett: gar0805: Whoever did this knows a lot more about glyphs than most Keepers. That's not good.
garrett: gar0806: No one is supposed to know I'm here. So who left me this note?
garrett: gar0807: This Keeper Door can't be used. Something must be wrong with the glyphs.
garrett: gar0901: That didn't work. Maybe there's a fuse box in the basement.
garrett: gar0902: It's burnt out. They must have kept a spare fuse somewhere.
garrett: gar0903: Those bricks look a little uneven. Someone did some amateur work.
garrett: gar0904: This one must be hers. It's still warm. Great....
garrett: gar0906: It won't open. That's not a good sign.
garrett: gar0907: Someone didn't want it coming down here.
garrett: gar0908: It's not letting me go. I think I'd better see Lauryl in the lobby. I'm not going to make it out of here on my own.
garrett: gar0909: That's...quite a drop.
garrett: gar0910: She looks...familiar. It's that Keeper Translator girl. But that can't be...this portrait must be as old as the building....
garrett: gar0911: Now...that looked like the Hag to me. Drept was right.
garrett: gar0912: Creepy.
garrett: gar0913: This place is gonna give me nightmares.
garrett: gar0915: What...was that?
garrett: gar0916: Something tells me there's no coming back. I should finish everything else I've got to do, first.
garrett: gar1001: Never trust a talking rock. Someone could lose an eye.
garrett: gar1002: Never found, eh? Maybe no one's looked hard enough.
garrett: gar1003: Tell me that statue didn't just move....
garrett: gar1004: This must be one of their ‘thief-proof' security measures. But everything has a weakness, or a power switch... or something.
garrett: gar1005: Got ‘em. Easy. Well, not exactly easy, but, I was expecting more interference from Gamall.
garrett: gar1101: It's not much, but it's home.
garrett: gar1102: Too bad Mr. Wicket has to pay money to his blackmailer. Too bad for his blackmailer that I know where the drop is.
garrett: gar1103: This is Black Alley. The red handprint is the mark of... illegal establishments.
garrett: gar1104: Looks like Lady Elizabeth is here with a couple of thugs.
garrett: gar1105: That's the gate to Stonemarket, but it's gonna be tough to get past those goons. Maybe I can get them out of the way somehow.
garrett: gar1106: This is Heartless Perry's place. You can tell by the removals wagon.
garrett: gar1107: Perry's place is to the west of here.
garrett: gar1108: (to himself) That guard's got a key on his belt. Maybe I can reach it from in here....
garrett: gar1109: The cell is unlocked. Now I just need my equipment.
garrett: gar1110: I can't pick this lock without my equipment. It must be somewhere inside the prison.
garrett: gar1111: That tree, hmm. More plants here than normal...looks like Artemus was right about where to look for the Pagans.
garrett: gar1112: I can see Castle Rutherford from here. Impressive, but I won't be going back there any time soon.
garrett: gar1114: Those are City Watch. You can tell by their insignia. They're the guys I have to look out for.
garrett: gar1115: Ah, The City. Obey the law, and there's no need to worry about the residents. The City Watch are the guys who want to lock me up, though--gotta keep my eye out for them.
garrett: gar1201: So that's the famous Garrett, huh? Guess he's not as good looking as I'd heard.
garrett: gar1202: Keepers. I had a hunch they'd turn up eventually. There's only one reason they would contact me like this...and it's not good.
garrett: gar1203: So, the Keepers are hoping to solve the Dark Age problem by finding this Compendium and Glyph Key. I'm pretty good at acquiring...lost...objects. Maybe I can help.
garrett: gar1204: Maybe this scribe is on to something. I should check out this ship... the Abysmal Gale. Next time I visit the Docks.
garrett: gar1205: Well if this guy thought the Glyph Key was in this sunken citadel... I don't see why I shouldn't go look there. Sounds like it might be a profitable trip.
garrett: gar1206: Great, the Hammers and Pagans are mad at ME because of jobs I did for the Keepers. I better find out what they want, and then decide whether or not I want to bother trying to improve their opinion of me.
garrett: gar1207: Well, I guess I shouldn't have expected any gratitude from the Keepers.
garrett: gar1208: The Keepers are wasting their time writing about me. I'm a thief, and a good one. But I've got nothing to do with their prophecies.
garrett: gar1209: There's got to be some kind of switch in here that opens the entrance to the tunnel.
garrett: gar1210: I thought the Keepers were supposed to keep the peace...or at least observe the lack of it. They're not doing their job. So...what are they doing?
garrett: gar1211: Big Bertha's place is marked on my map with the red handprint.
garrett: gar1212: This way leads to the forbidden libraries. I could sneak my way in, but I can't let any Keepers catch me in there.
garrett: gar1301: What happened here? Maybe there's something in the ship's manifest... or the captain's log.
garrett: gar1302: The object described in the manifest must be the Compendium the Keepers are looking for. Sounds like it was brought to Captain Moira's house.
garrett: gar1303: All these plants. Pagans were here...maybe they still are.
garrett: gar1304: Captain Moira won't be needing this rowboat any more.
garrett: gar1305: The custom's warehouse...without the hired muscle it would be a thieves' paradise.
garrett: gar1306: The Pagans want to plant this sapling...and the Hammers want to burn it. Choices...choices....
garrett: gar1307: Climbing gloves...I've always wanted a pair of these.
garrett: gar1308: The store here in the Docks is a great place to shop for... interesting items. I should stop in.
garrett: gar1401: I've lost sight of the ghost. Now what? Better find her.
garrett: gar1402: I'd better go find Lauryl.
garrett: gar1403: We better get someplace soon. I'm starting to lose patience.
garrett: gar1404: Hmm...something tells me I'd better get back to the Keeper Library.
garrett: gar1405: There's only one place I'm going to find proof of Orland's guilt...the place I'm least welcome... the Keeper Compound.
garrett: gar1407: Dead. I guess Ramien isn't going to be much help after all.
garrett: gar1408: The Shalebridge Cradle. This place gives even me the creeps.
garrett: gar1409: The Enforcers are using telepathy to communicate silently. I don't think they know I can hear them.
garrett: gar1410: There are some good rooftops in Old Quarter...they don't call it the Thieves' Highway for nothing.
garrett: gar1504: How many times am I going to steal this thing?
garrett: gar1505: Got it...again. Whatever it is....
garrett: gar1506: They say she used to be human...but whatever she was...Gamall's a monster now.
garrett: gar1507: Not yet. This must be the right place to go, but first I've got to get both the Chalice and the Paw.
garrett: gar1508: I can't just walk in through the front gate of the museum. I'll have to find some other way inside.
garrett: gar9901: One down...four to go.
garrett: gar9902: That's two of them. But I still have three of these artifacts to position.
garrett: gar9903: So far, so good. Now there's only two artifacts left to place.
garrett: gar9904: Four of the five are all set. I can't stop now.
garrett: gar9905: Now for the last artifact...The Eye. Let's hope this Final Glyph does something useful.
garrett: gar9906: It's not time for the Eye yet...I have to finish placing the other artifacts first.

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