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T3_guard1 Edit

guard1: g1_blame_maj1: You did this, you taffer, but now I've caught you! Now you're in for it.
guard1: g1_blame_min1: So you did this. Cut it out.
guard1: g1_caim1: Breathe...and hold....
guard1: g1_caim2: Stay still, can't you....
guard1: g1_caim3: Steady, aim, and....
guard1: g1_catt1: Ha!
guard1: g1_catt2: Die!
guard1: g1_catt3: Feel that?
guard1: g1_catt4: Take this!
guard1: g1_catt5: Gotcha!
guard1: g1_catt_hi1: I'll crush you!
guard1: g1_catt_hi2: Take that!
guard1: g1_catt_hi3: Ha!
guard1: g1_catt_hi_na1: See that?
guard1: g1_catt_hi_na2: We've nearly done it!
guard1: g1_catt_hi_na3: We've won!
guard1: g1_catt_lo1: Get back!
guard1: g1_catt_lo2: Stay away!
guard1: g1_catt_lo_na1: Help! Quickly!
guard1: g1_catt_lo_na2: (Weak, scared grunt) To me!
guard1: g1_catt_lo_na3: I need some help here!
guard1: g1_catt_ran1: Release!
guard1: g1_catt_ran2: Fire!
guard1: g1_catt_ran3: Go!
guard1: g1_cdam_hi1: Ow! I'm all right....
guard1: g1_cdam_hi2: Nnn! Get you....
guard1: g1_cdam_hi3: Ow! I'll murder you, scum!
guard1: g1_cdam_hi_na1: Ahh! Help me! Quick!
guard1: g1_cdam_hi_na2: Ng! He's too fast!
guard1: g1_cdam_hi_na3: Ow! To me!
guard1: g1_cdam_lo1: Hey!
guard1: g1_cdam_lo2: Ha!
guard1: g1_cdam_lo3: Ng! It'll take more than that....
guard1: g1_cdam_med1: Arg! I'll get you for that.
guard1: g1_cdam_med2: Ack! Come on!
guard1: g1_cdam_med3: Ugh! Curse ya!
guard1: g1_cdam_no1: Barely felt that.
guard1: g1_cdam_no2: That was nothing.
guard1: g1_cdam_no3: (Laughs) Oh, come on!
guard1: g1_cdie_ko1: Oof..wha....
guard1: g1_cdie_words1: Guh! Oh no....
guard1: g1_cdie_words2: Gaa! Just a...scra--uugh.
guard1: g1_cdie_words3: Ah! Oh...suddenly...dark....
guard1: g1_cexp_hi1: What's that? Nothing to say?
guard1: g1_cexp_hi2: If I were you, I'd run.
guard1: g1_cexp_hi_f_na1: We've got her now!
guard1: g1_cexp_hi_m_na1: We've got him now!
guard1: g1_cexp_hi_m_na2: That's right, keep at him!
guard1: g1_cexp_lo1: I don't believe it! I'm losing here....
guard1: g1_cexp_lo2: I'm not beaten yet!
guard1: g1_cexp_lo_f_na1: Help! She's too much for me!
guard1: g1_cexp_lo_m_na1: We need more guards on him!
guard1: g1_cexp_lo_m_na2: Get him! I can't beat him!
guard1: g1_cexp_med1: Tough one, are you?
guard1: g1_cexp_med2: This looks like a fight....
guard1: g1_cexp_med_f_na1: Look out for her....
guard1: g1_cexp_med_m_na1: Hey! I need a hand with him!
guard1: g1_cexp_med_m_na2: Careful, looks like he's a professional....
guard1: g1_chit1: Like that?
guard1: g1_chit2: Touche!
guard1: g1_chit3: Hit flesh that time.
guard1: g1_chit_ran1: He won't get far now.
guard1: g1_chit_ran2: Dropped him!
guard1: g1_chit_ran3: What a shot!
guard1: g1_cini1: There you are! Have at thee!
guard1: g1_cini2: Aha! Die, miscreant!
guard1: g1_cini3: I see you! You've made your last mistake!
guard1: g1_cini4: Found you! Now die, taffer!
guard1: g1_cini5: Aha! Now it's go time!
guard1: g1_cini6: You there! You won't leave here alive.
guard1: g1_cini7: Found you! Now stand and fight, ruffian.
guard1: g1_cini8: I see you! Die, trespasser!
guard1: g1_cini_enr1: I'm comin' for ya!
guard1: g1_cini_enr2: Aaaaaah!
guard1: g1_cini_enr3: Time to die!
guard1: g1_cini_human1: I'll teach you!
guard1: g1_cini_ik1: Aha! Found ya. Killer!
guard1: g1_cini_it1: There you are! Thought you could rob us, eh?
guard1: g1_cini_monster1: Aaah! What is this thing?
guard1: g1_cini_monster_na1: Can you smell that? Horrible!
guard1: g1_cini_na1: There he is! At him!
guard1: g1_cini_na2: Look! It's him! With me!
guard1: g1_cini_na3: Found him! Come on!
guard1: g1_cini_zombie1: Zombies!
guard1: g1_cini_zombie_na1: Uh oh! Do you remember how to stop a zombie?
guard1: g1_ckil1: And that...should just about do it.
guard1: g1_ckil2: You're dead!
guard1: g1_ckil3: Die now, taffer!
guard1: g1_cmis2: Almost.
guard1: g1_cmis3: Tricky!
guard1: g1_cmis_na1: Watch it! He's fast!
guard1: g1_cmis_na2: You try! I missed!
guard1: g1_cmis_ran1: Curse these drafts!
guard1: g1_cmis_ran2: Darn! Thought I had him.
guard1: g1_cmis_ran3: Where's my aim?
guard1: g1_cret_kil1: Ha. Got you, you taffer.
guard1: g1_cret_kil2: Ha! And now...I could use a pint....
guard1: g1_cret_kil3: Phew! A little too close for comfort....
guard1: g1_cret_kil_na1: Bravely fought.
guard1: g1_cret_kil_na2: Is that the last of 'em?
guard1: g1_cret_kil_pl1: Got him. Shifty-eyed sort of fellow.
guard1: g1_cret_kil_pl_na1: Thieves. They never learn, eh?
guard1: g1_crime_hurtother1: We've got a fight on our hands.
guard1: g1_crime_kill1: Murderer! You're mine!
guard1: g1_crime_lockp1: Hey! That's breaking and entering!
guard1: g1_crime_theft1: We have a thief over here!
guard1: g1_crime_threat1: Hey! That's assault!
guard1: g1_crime_tres1: Hey! This is private property!
guard1: g1_crime_vandal1: This taffer is breaking everything in sight!
guard1: g1_crime_wanted1: It's the taffer from the wanted poster!
guard1: g1_csub1: Back for more?
guard1: g1_csub2: Aha, there you are!
guard1: g1_csub3: I've found him again!
guard1: g1_csub_na1: He won't escape us now!
guard1: g1_csur1: What the--! Have at thee!
guard1: g1_csur2: What? Hey! Die, miscreant!
guard1: g1_csur3: Ah! Who the--? You're a goner!
guard1: g1_csur4: Huh? Hey! Die, taffer!
guard1: g1_csur5: Ah! What the--? You're in for it now!
guard1: g1_csur6: Ah! Cripes! Die, intruder!
guard1: g1_csur7: Hey! Who're you? Stand and fight, ruffian.
guard1: g1_csur8: Whoa! Taff it! Die, Trespasser!
guard1: g1_csur_ik1: What the--? It's him! The killer!
guard1: g1_csur_it1: Ah! Hey you must be that thief! You've had it now!
guard1: g1_csur_na1: What the--? Come on, at him!
guard1: g1_csur_na2: Huh? Who're you? Guards, with me!
guard1: g1_csur_na3: Ah! Someone's there. Let's get him!
guard1: g1_dru_idle1: (Drunk) Bffffff...magic sword...gimmmabreak...pff...tss.
guard1: g1_dru_idle2: (Drunk) And I says, Oh really, 'cause I ain't done...tell you (hiccups) when I'm good and dund....
guard1: g1_dru_idle3: (Drunk) Wass this? Place is spinnin'! Somebody spinning it....
guard1: g1_dru_idle4: (Drunk) What's one little bitty pint or two? I'm tobably fine. Tobably.
guard1: g1_dru_idle5: (Drunk) Oh, yeah, I had one or two, but they was (hiccups) them little sissy drinks with them...(hiccups) umbredellas and such....
guard1: g1_dru_ycon1: Hee hee hee! Somethin' fishees goan on.
guard1: g1_dru_ycon2: Think ya can make a fool o'me...'cause I'm drunk...well I'll show ya....
guard1: g1_dru_ycon3: C'mon out...gotta arrest ya...(hiccups).
guard1: g1_dru_ycon4: Whooz there...needa havva talk widya...I won't hurt ya....
guard1: g1_dru_ycon5: If ya come out, I'll give ya a drink...I'm bein' honest....
guard1: g1_dru_yini1: Whooz there? Oooo...scared meself! Hee hee...what?
guard1: g1_dru_yini2: Iszat the queen? Thought the queen was here....
guard1: g1_dru_yret1: What wuz I...what was I doin' just now? Oh well....
guard1: g1_dru_yret2: Jusz me, then. Me and a li'l drink, that iz. Heh. Hooo.
guard1: g1_enr_con1: Fight me, damn you!
guard1: g1_enr_con2: I'm going to leave your body for the dogs!
guard1: g1_enr_warn1: Stop that and fight me!
guard1: g1_enr_warn2: I'll see you hanged for this, you devil!
guard1: g1_ev_ally1: Hey, where did the guard go?
guard1: g1_ev_ally_na1: Did you see where the guard went?
guard1: g1_ev_ally_spooked1: Are you all right?
guard1: g1_ev_ally_spooked2: Poor devil....
guard1: g1_ev_allyf1: Now, where'd Camilla go? Hmmm....
guard1: g1_ev_allym1: He's supposed to be here, but....
guard1: g1_ev_an_spooked1: I don't like it. Animals sometimes sense things....
guard1: g1_ev_blood1: Blood! What's been happening here?
guard1: g1_ev_blood2: What's this, blood? Almost slipped in it.
guard1: g1_ev_body1: Oh, no! Who's done this?
guard1: g1_ev_body2: A...body? How could this be?
guard1: g1_ev_body_na1: Look...there! Is that a body?
guard1: g1_ev_body_na2: Watch out, careful not to step on the corpse there....
guard1: g1_ev_bodyf1: A woman dead! Who would do this?
guard1: g1_ev_bodyf2: She's gone. Stone cold.
guard1: g1_ev_bodyf_na1: We shouldn't move her. She's dead.
guard1: g1_ev_bodym1: Dead! But who killed him?
guard1: g1_ev_bodym2: He's dead! Murdered!
guard1: g1_ev_bodym_na1: Do you...think he's dead?
guard1: g1_ev_com1: Fighting there! Look to it!
guard1: g1_ev_com2: Hold on, I'm here now!
guard1: g1_ev_dam1: Ow! Who did that?
guard1: g1_ev_dam2: Help! An ambush!
guard1: g1_ev_door1: This should've been closed.
guard1: g1_ev_door2: I knew I felt a draft.
guard1: g1_ev_door_na1: See that door? Thought I told you to keep it closed.
guard1: g1_ev_door_na2: I told you not to leave this open.
guard1: g1_ev_enemybody1: Hah. Scum.
guard1: g1_ev_enemybody2: How'd'ya like being dead, taffer?
guard1: g1_ev_felt1: Hey, watch out.
guard1: g1_ev_felt2: Quit that!
guard1: g1_ev_lightext1: Who turned that off? Is this a joke?
guard1: g1_ev_lightext2: Who put that out? Is someone in here?
guard1: g1_ev_lightoff1: Who turned this off?
guard1: g1_ev_lightoff2: Light's off? I can't guard in the dark!
guard1: g1_ev_lightoff3: Light's off. Don't know where the switch is....
guard1: g1_ev_loot1: Where did it go?
guard1: g1_ev_loot2: It was just here.
guard1: g1_ev_loot3: Could it be? A thief among us....
guard1: g1_ev_loot_na1: I didn't take it. Did you take it?
guard1: g1_ev_maj1: AHHHH!
guard1: g1_ev_maj2: Oh no. Oh no oh no oh no!
guard1: g1_ev_med1: What on earth...?
guard1: g1_ev_med2: Now that's not right.
guard1: g1_ev_min1: How did THIS happen?
guard1: g1_ev_min2: Curious.
guard1: g1_ev_res1: Fighting, maybe. But who, and why?
guard1: g1_ev_res2: Looks like a quite a tussle happened here!
guard1: g1_ev_ret1: Ah, forget it, it's a strange night, nothin' I can do to change it.
guard1: g1_ev_ret2: I've done my bit. Can't say I didn't try. Not my job to think this much.
guard1: g1_ev_ret_ik1: Nothin'! Damn! That killer must've got right out of here after what he done!
guard1: g1_ev_shadow1: Weird shadow there....
guard1: g1_ev_torchext1: Whoa, drafty night.
guard1: g1_ev_torchext2: It went out! Just like that!
guard1: g1_ev_torchtoff1: There's a torch out again.
guard1: g1_ev_torchtoff2: Why do they put torches where there are drafts?
guard1: g1_ev_torchtoff3: Isn't someone supposed to keep these lit?
guard1: g1_fatigue_epi1: Ugh...gotta quit...them smokes....
guard1: g1_fatigue_epi2: Just...catch me breath....
guard1: g1_fatigue_se1: (Huff, puff)...I' you...taffer...(huff, puff)
guard1: g1_fcon1: Ahhh! Heeelllpp!
guard1: g1_fcon2: Where am I going?
guard1: g1_fcon3: Help! Someone's after me!
guard1: g1_fcon4: Got to keep moving....
guard1: g1_fcon5: Gotta place....
guard1: g1_fcon_ik1: He's here! The killer!
guard1: g1_fcon_ik2: It's him! The murderer's here!
guard1: g1_fcow1: Hey, I've had enough!
guard1: g1_fcow2: Please stop! I give, I give!
guard1: g1_fhid1: Am I safe here?
guard1: g1_fhid2: Keep away!
guard1: g1_fhid3: I'll just keep to the shadows....
guard1: g1_fini1: I don't want to die.
guard1: g1_fini_human1: I give!
guard1: g1_fini_monster1: It's not even human....
guard1: g1_fini_na1: Let's get the heck out of here!
guard1: g1_fini_pl1: I can't take it any more!
guard1: g1_fini_pl2: He's crazy!
guard1: g1_fini_pl_ik1: The murderer is after me!
guard1: g1_fini_pl_it1: Coming through! It's the thief!
guard1: g1_fini_zombie1: Zombies! Help! You can't kill 'em!
guard1: g1_frust1: You can't stay there, forever!
guard1: g1_frust2: Coward. How did you get there?
guard1: g1_frust3: Think you're so smart? I'll get you yet!
guard1: g1_frust_f_na1: There she is! Shoot now!
guard1: g1_frust_m_na1: Bring him down.
guard1: g1_frust_m_na2: Get him! Easy shot.
guard1: g1_frust_up1: When you get down from there, I'll be ready.
guard1: g1_fsub1: No! Stop chasing me!
guard1: g1_fsub2: You again!
guard1: g1_gcon1: Let's see if it does it again.
guard1: g1_gcon2: Is...that...again?
guard1: g1_gcon_he1: Odd noise....
guard1: g1_gcon_he2: Maybe I'll hear it again....
guard1: g1_gcon_he_na1: Shh. Let's see if we hear it again.
guard1: g1_gcon_he_na2: Was that you I heard before?
guard1: g1_gcon_se1: If I see it again, I'll be sure.
guard1: g1_gcon_se2: Trying not to blink...might see....
guard1: g1_gcon_se_na1: Wait a sec. See anything?
guard1: g1_gcon_se_na2: Did you see anything just then?
guard1: g1_gen_aha1: Aha!
guard1: g1_gen_aha2: Hello there.
guard1: g1_gen_aha3: Gotcha!
guard1: g1_gen_dazed1: What...what just happened?
guard1: g1_gen_dazed2: Did...ah...something hit me?
guard1: g1_gen_dazed3: What the--? Where...?
guard1: g1_gen_dismiss1: Huh. Funny.
guard1: g1_gen_dismiss2: Nothing doing.
guard1: g1_gen_dismiss3: Eh. Whatever.
guard1: g1_gen_distress3: Ouch!
guard1: g1_gen_dunno1: Maybe.
guard1: g1_gen_dunno2: No idea.
guard1: g1_gen_dunno3: I don't know.
guard1: g1_gen_frust1: Oh, come on, come on, come on!
guard1: g1_gen_frust2: There must be something....
guard1: g1_gen_frust3: I can't believe this!
guard1: g1_gen_grunt2: Up we go.
guard1: g1_gen_grunt3: Oh, bother.
guard1: g1_gen_igetit2: So that's it.
guard1: g1_gen_igetit3: I see.
guard1: g1_gen_no1: No.
guard1: g1_gen_no2: No sir.
guard1: g1_gen_no3: Seems not.
guard1: g1_gen_oof1: I'm all right!
guard1: g1_gen_oof2: Whoops!
guard1: g1_gen_oops1: Uh oh.
guard1: g1_gen_oops2: What's the matter with me?
guard1: g1_gen_oops3: Damn.
guard1: g1_gen_snapout1: Hey!
guard1: g1_gen_snapout2: How did I get here?
guard1: g1_gen_snapout3: What the....
guard1: g1_gen_startled1: Whah...?
guard1: g1_gen_startled2: Uh oh.
guard1: g1_gen_startled3: Whoa!
guard1: g1_gen_suffer1: Oooo... I feel awful.
guard1: g1_gen_suffer2: My poor noggin!
guard1: g1_gen_thanks1: Thanks.
guard1: g1_gen_thanks2: Thank you.
guard1: g1_gen_thanks3: My thanks.
guard1: g1_gen_yes1: Yes.
guard1: g1_gen_yes2: I'd say so.
guard1: g1_gen_yes3: Aye.
guard1: g1_gini1: What's that then?
guard1: g1_gini2: Was that? Naw....
guard1: g1_gini3: Hey....
guard1: g1_gini4: Did I just....
guard1: g1_gini5: Half a minute....
guard1: g1_gini_he1: Eh? Thought I heard....
guard1: g1_gini_he2: Sounded like a....
guard1: g1_gini_he3: Did I just hear something....
guard1: g1_gini_se1: Did something just move?
guard1: g1_gini_se2: Just a flicker of something, there.
guard1: g1_gini_se3: Thought I saw....
guard1: g1_greet_reply1: Hey.
guard1: g1_greet_reply2: Evenin'.
guard1: g1_greet_req1: Evenin'.
guard1: g1_greet_req2: All quiet.
guard1: g1_greet_req3: How's it going?
guard1: g1_gret1: Hmm. Nothing.
guard1: g1_gret2: Shouldn't bother myself over nothin'.
guard1: g1_gret3: Well, nothin', that's a relief.
guard1: g1_gret4: Nothing there.
guard1: g1_gret5: Better relax. Hours to go on this shift.
guard1: g1_gret_he1: Old place like this...sure can be noisy.
guard1: g1_gret_he2: Just some sounds...wind or something.
guard1: g1_gret_he3: Nothin', not even sure I heard anything at all.
guard1: g1_gret_na1: mistake. Sorry.
guard1: g1_gret_na2: Nothing here. Sorry, just wishful thinking.
guard1: g1_gret_na3: Nothing! What a night, eh?
guard1: g1_gret_se1: It's nothing. Didn't see anything.
guard1: g1_gret_se2: Seein' things. Or I'm dreamin'.
guard1: g1_gret_se3: Night like this, makes you think you see things.
guard1: g1_gsub1: Huh? Not again....
guard1: g1_gsub2: Wait. Is it back?
guard1: g1_gsub3: Aha! Then it IS something....
guard1: g1_iann1: I'd better get help with this.
guard1: g1_iann2: This is more than I trained for....
guard1: g1_iann_pl1: Wait there, I'm going to get some help!
guard1: g1_iann_pl2: Uh oh, better go get the lads for this one.
guard1: g1_iarr_gone1: was right here.
guard1: g1_iarr_gone_pl1: He's gone. He must have seen me.
guard1: g1_iarr_pres1: Right there!
guard1: g1_iarr_pres_pl1: There he is!
guard1: g1_iarr_srch1: No harm in looking around a little.
guard1: g1_iarr_srch_pl1: I believe he's hiding somewhere around.
guard1: g1_idle1: Lousy day I'll get me a proper weapon....
guard1: g1_idle2: We need more men on this job.
guard1: g1_idle3: Ahhh...stomach growling away...when's that dinner coming...that's what I want to know....
guard1: g1_idle4: This bloody leather's cracking...useless...cost a fortune too....
guard1: g1_idle5: All this for a few coppers a week...does that seem fair? My time's got to be worth a bit more than that...not to mention...putting my life on the line...every night....
guard1: g1_idle6: I should write a book...a guard's me...ha ha...nah...too boring....
guard1: g1_idle7: I'm ready to fight. Any thieves out tonight, I feel sorry for 'em.
guard1: g1_idle8: Long shift. Counting the minutes.
guard1: g1_idle_an1: More of those critters every year.
guard1: g1_idle_bs1: Smells rotten down here.
guard1: g1_idle_bs2: Why do I always get stuck down here?
guard1: g1_idle_ou1: ...there's a chill out here tonight...wish I'd worn the other uniform....
guard1: g1_idle_ou2: Don't like these outdoor shifts...feel
guard1: g1_idle_ra1: I don't like the way that rat is looking at me.
guard1: g1_idle_st1: The streets tonight...I've got me a feelin'....
guard1: g1_idle_st2: Nothing happens on my beat for a month. Then three in a week.
guard1: g1_irep1: Hey, I saw something odd back there.
guard1: g1_irep2: Something's going on, you'd better come with me.
guard1: g1_irep_body1: Quick! Someone's been killed!
guard1: g1_irep_body2: Something terrible has happened...someone's dead!
guard1: g1_irep_ik1: I saw the killer! Come quick!
guard1: g1_irep_it1: Hurry, I think I just spotted our little thief!
guard1: g1_irep_pl1: Follow me! We've got trouble on our hands!
guard1: g1_irep_pl2: Shake a leg, eh? We've got an intruder.
guard1: g1_ires1: I'm with you!
guard1: g1_ires2: I'll come and have a look.
guard1: g1_misc_blind_con1: Hello? where's the...oof...oh....
guard1: g1_misc_blind_con2: Uh oh...can't see a...tif...taffin'...thing....
guard1: g1_misc_blind_con3: eyes...uh, oh...where...?
guard1: g1_misc_blind_end1: I think...I think I'm starting to see again.
guard1: g1_misc_blind_end2: Is that a light? Yes, I can see now.
guard1: g1_misc_blind_end3: Eyesight...coming back. Oh, thank god.
guard1: g1_misc_blind_ini1: Aah! I'm blind!
guard1: g1_misc_blind_ini2: Can't see...! Ah!
guard1: g1_misc_blind_ini3: Oh god! Blinded!
guard1: g1_misc_noisemak1: What on earth is that sound?
guard1: g1_misc_noisemak2: Not like any noise I ever heard....
guard1: g1_misc_noisesup1: My ears are playin' tricks on me. I better clean 'em.
guard1: g1_misc_pickp1: Where is it? Did I drop it?
guard1: g1_misc_pickp2: I think...I think I've been robbed.
guard1: g1_misc_pickp3: What the heck? I've been pickpocketed.
guard1: g1_misc_slip1: Whups!
guard1: g1_misc_slip2: Whoa!
guard1: g1_misc_slip3: Clumsy....
guard1: g1_nbarrel1: That barrel'd be a good hiding place.
guard1: g1_nchair1: Past that chair...?
guard1: g1_ncouch1: I'll just check by that couch....
guard1: g1_ncrate1: Crates! It's always the crates.
guard1: g1_ndesk1: Maybe by the desk.
guard1: g1_ndoor1: Is something by that door?
guard1: g1_nladder1: Something by the ladder...?
guard1: g1_nmach1: Something by that machine?
guard1: g1_nshadow1: Too many shadows...something could hide here easy....
guard1: g1_nshelf1: Over by them shelves....
guard1: g1_nstatue1: Better check out this statue....
guard1: g1_ntable1: Behind that table, maybe?
guard1: g1_obs_citywatch1: All clear, Officer.
guard1: g1_obs_citywatch2: Keeping the peace.
guard1: g1_obs_citywatch3: See you later.
guard1: g1_obs_commoner1: Pathetic.
guard1: g1_obs_commoner2: Keep moving.
guard1: g1_obs_commoner3: Get a job why don't ya?
guard1: g1_obs_
guard1: All clear here.
guard1: g1_obs_guard2: Remember to report to me later.
guard1: g1_obs_guard3: How's it going?
guard1: g1_obs_hammer1: Builder bless you, or however you guys say.
guard1: g1_obs_hammer_friend1: You guys do good work.
guard1: g1_obs_noble1: Good to see you, your excellency.
guard1: g1_obs_noblef1: Evening, ma'am
guard1: g1_obs_noblef2: Let me know if there's anything I can do for you, my lady.
guard1: g1_obs_noblem1: Hope everything's all right, sir.
guard1: g1_obs_noblem2: Evening, my lord.
guard1: g1_obs_pagan1: Thought I saw some vines growing on that guy...naw.
guard1: g1_obs_pagan_friend1: You green folk. You're all right.
guard1: g1_obs_pl1: Keep moving, then.
guard1: g1_obs_pl2: Hmm.
guard1: g1_obs_pl3: I'm keeping my eye on you.
guard1: g1_opp_fcon1: You won't get far!
guard1: g1_opp_fcon2: I'm right behind you!
guard1: g1_opp_fcon3: Come back and fight me!
guard1: g1_opp_fini1: That got 'em running.
guard1: g1_opp_fini2: Go ahead, run!
guard1: g1_opp_fini_f_na1: We'll get her back all right.
guard1: g1_opp_fini_m_na1: Ha! We got him on the run, we do!
guard1: g1_opp_hide1: Wha...? Where...?
guard1: g1_opp_hide2: Vanished!
guard1: g1_opp_hide_f1: She was just here....
guard1: g1_opp_hide_f_na1: Cripes! I lost her? Help me look for her!
guard1: g1_opp_hide_m1: Eh? He's gone!
guard1: g1_opp_hide_m2: Uh oh...where is he?
guard1: g1_opp_hide_m_na1: You don't see him, do you?
guard1: g1_opp_hide_m_na2: Come on, he'll get away!
guard1: g1_opp_mis1: Missed me by a hand's breadth!
guard1: g1_opp_mis2: Well swung, bumpkin!
guard1: g1_opp_mis3: Ha! Almost, but not quite!
guard1: g1_opp_mis4: Almost got me. Almost.
guard1: g1_opp_mis5: Try again!
guard1: g1_pagancornerstone1: Look at all these vines.
guard1: g1_rcon1: I'll find you soon enough!
guard1: g1_rcon2: Come out, you taffer! Stop wasting my time!
guard1: g1_rcon3: Don't be afraid...I won't hurt ya....
guard1: g1_rcon4: I know someone's there!
guard1: g1_rcon5: Stop your hiding! Come into the light....
guard1: g1_rcon6: Show're making this more difficult than needs be....
guard1: g1_rcon7: Aw, come on now...I ain't got all night....
guard1: g1_rcon8: What's the point of hiding? I know someone's there!
guard1: g1_rcon_fnd1: Gotcha!
guard1: g1_rcon_fnd2: Finally!
guard1: g1_rcon_fnd3: Aha!
guard1: g1_rcon_fnd4: There you are.
guard1: g1_rcon_fnd5: You're dead now, taffer!
guard1: g1_rcon_fnd_f_na1: Here she is, come on!
guard1: g1_rcon_fnd_m_na1: Over here! I've got him!
guard1: g1_rcon_fnd_m_na2: Come on, help me with him.
guard1: g1_rcon_fnd_m_na3: There! Let's take him.
guard1: g1_rcon_he1: I can hear you! And soon I'll find you too!
guard1: g1_rcon_he2: Lot of noise from someone who's trying to hide....
guard1: g1_rcon_he3: Just make one more little noise....
guard1: g1_rcon_he_na1: We heard you, loud and clear, so be a good taffer and come on out....
guard1: g1_rcon_he_na2: Keep listening...we're bound to hear him again.
guard1: g1_rcon_ia_na1: Careful, strange things happening here tonight.
guard1: g1_rcon_ik_na1: Careful now...remember there's a murderer around here somewheres....
guard1: g1_rcon_it_na1: Could be a thief we're hunting for...that would explain the missing stuff....
guard1: g1_rcon_los1: Can't have gone far....
guard1: g1_rcon_los2: When I find're dead!
guard1: g1_rcon_los3: I hate it when they do this....
guard1: g1_rcon_los4: Now if I were some taffer, where would I be hidin'?
guard1: g1_rcon_los5: This is going to take all night.
guard1: g1_rcon_los6: This ain't going to help you one bit, coward!
guard1: g1_rcon_los7: Aw, would you just come on out and fight?
guard1: g1_rcon_los8: This is taffin' ridiculous, could be anywhere....
guard1: g1_rcon_los_f1: I'd better find her soon....
guard1: g1_rcon_los_f_na1: Come on! Help me find her!
guard1: g1_rcon_los_m1: What's he playing at? Hide n' seek?
guard1: g1_rcon_los_m2: Just wait 'til I get my hands on him!
guard1: g1_rcon_los_m3: This is ridiculous! Where is he?
guard1: g1_rcon_los_m_na1: Spread out! He can't just vanish.
guard1: g1_rcon_los_m_na2: We were this close to catching him! Now where is he?
guard1: g1_rcon_los_m_na3: He was heading this way...keep looking.
guard1: g1_rcon_na1: If you find someone, give a holler.
guard1: g1_rcon_na2: Come on, let's find whoever this is, and teach 'em a lesson.
guard1: g1_rcon_na3: Are you even looking? This isn't a drill you know....
guard1: g1_rcon_se1: Come on, taffer. Let's have a good look at you....
guard1: g1_rcon_se2: I could see you better if you came into the light....
guard1: g1_rcon_se3: That was no cat or nothin' I saw....
guard1: g1_rcon_se_na1: Did it look big to you? I thought I saw something kinda big....
guard1: g1_rcon_se_na2: Come on out! We saw you plain as day....
guard1: g1_repri_bump_init1: Hey, watch it.
guard1: g1_repri_bump_init2: Watch it, taffer.
guard1: g1_repri_hurt_init1: Don't even think of doing that again.
guard1: g1_repri_hurtother_init1: Don't hurt them!
guard1: g1_repri_hurtother_sub1: Are you an idiot? Leave them alone!
guard1: g1_repri_lockp_init1: Hey! That's locked! Get away from that or you're in for it!
guard1: g1_repri_odd_init1: What are you doing there?
guard1: g1_repri_odd_init2: Hey! Hey, you! Quit it!
guard1: g1_repri_over1: Okay, well, that's better.
guard1: g1_repri_over2: That's better. But don't even think of doing it again.
guard1: g1_repri_over3: That's better. I really didn't want to have to fight, might have messed up my shirt.
guard1: g1_repri_stare_init1: Help you with something?
guard1: g1_repri_stare_init2: You looking at me?
guard1: g1_repri_theft_init1: What are you doing? That's mine!
guard1: g1_repri_theft_init2: That's mine, taffer!
guard1: g1_repri_threat_init1: If it's a fight you want...then by all means....
guard1: g1_repri_threat_init2: You're going to hurt someone! Put that away.
guard1: g1_repri_threat_sub1: Look, I'm not telling you again. Put that away.
guard1: g1_repri_threat_sub2: You're really making me nervous. You don't want to do that.
guard1: g1_repri_thrown_init1: Stop throwing things at me!
guard1: g1_repri_thrown_init2: Don't you hit me with that!
guard1: g1_repri_thrown_sub1: I'm serious, stop throwing stuff!
guard1: g1_repri_thrown_sub2: Stop throwing things this instant!
guard1: g1_repri_tres_init1: Private property, taffer! Move along.
guard1: g1_repri_tres_init2: You're not allowed in here.
guard1: g1_repri_vandal_init1: Hey! Someone paid for that!
guard1: g1_repri_vandal_sub1: I told you to stop breaking things, you creep!
guard1: g1_rini1: All right, who's there?
guard1: g1_rini2: What the..! I know you're there!
guard1: g1_rini3: Who's that, then?
guard1: g1_rini4: Smells like trouble!
guard1: g1_rini5: Someone sneaking around here?
guard1: g1_rini_he1: All right you taffer, I can hear that!
guard1: g1_rini_he2: Where are you? I hear you plain as day....
guard1: g1_rini_he3: I hear you there...sneaking about....
guard1: g1_rini_he_na1: Now, don't tell me you didn't here THAT!
guard1: g1_rini_he_na2: Hear that? Sounds like we've got trouble!
guard1: g1_rini_he_na3: Hey, someone there? We can hear you!
guard1: g1_rini_se1: Now I saw that! Who's over there?
guard1: g1_rini_se2: I saw that! What's going on?
guard1: g1_rini_se3: What's that I see there?
guard1: g1_rini_se_na1: There! Did you just see what I saw?
guard1: g1_rini_se_na2: You see that? I sure did!
guard1: g1_rini_se_na3: Whoa! We saw that, you taffer!
guard1: g1_rnew1: Just then! What the heck WAS that?
guard1: g1_rnew2: Oh...I've got a feeling that meant trouble....
guard1: g1_rnew3: I'll give you least you're consistent...whatever you are....
guard1: g1_rnew_he1: There! Heard it again!
guard1: g1_rnew_he2: At least I know I wasn't hearing things before....
guard1: g1_rnew_he3: It's tough to search with all that ruckus you know....
guard1: g1_rnew_se1: Aha! Just saw it again!
guard1: g1_rnew_se2: There! Someone moving around over there?
guard1: g1_rnew_se3: Saw it again!
guard1: g1_rpre1: Bloody hell!
guard1: g1_rpre3: Wha...?
guard1: g1_rret1: Never mind. If someone was here, they're long gone now.
guard1: g1_rret2: Searched everywhere. They must have left....
guard1: g1_rret3: Huh. I would have bet my last penny that someone was here....
guard1: g1_rret4: I bet it was someone...but they saw me and got scared....
guard1: g1_rret5: Yeah...probably they saw me, and made a run for hoo crying all the way home....
guard1: g1_rret_he1: There must be some mistake...I know I heard someone....
guard1: g1_rret_he2: That weren't the wind I heard...but it's gone now.
guard1: g1_rret_he3: Must've been...another guard making that's the only explanation....
guard1: g1_rret_los1: Lost 'em. I can't believe it!
guard1: g1_rret_los2: Ran off. Taffin' coward.
guard1: g1_rret_los3: Forget it. Must be miles away by now.
guard1: g1_rret_los_f1: Lost her. Sure was fast on her feet.
guard1: g1_rret_los_f_na1: Well, she's gone. Made fools of us, she did.
guard1: g1_rret_los_m1: Runned off. I'll get him next time for sure.
guard1: g1_rret_los_m_na1: Crap! I can't believe we lost him!
guard1: g1_rret_na1: This is ridiculous. There ain't nobody here. Let's just get back to it....
guard1: g1_rret_na2: Forget it, we're wasting our time. If there was someone here, they've taken off....
guard1: g1_rret_ra1: Rats, is it? I shoulda known....
guard1: g1_rret_se1: Nothing...well, place like this, a person might...'casionally start seeing things....
guard1: g1_rret_se2: Eyes must be playing tricks...searchin's come up empty....
guard1: g1_rret_se3: Ah! Forget it. Whoever it was probably took off the second I spied 'em....
guard1: g1_rsur_ev_com1: We're under attack!
guard1: g1_rsur_ev_com2: Look to yourself, fool!
guard1: g1_sle_idle1: All right...gotta stay awake...I'll just keep talking....
guard1: g1_sle_idle2: Maybe I can scare myself awake...think about ghosts or somethin'.
guard1: g1_sle_idle3: (Sighs) I can't believe I drew a week of night watches...somebody's cheating.
guard1: g1_sle_ycon1: All right, I'm coming, I'm coming. Jiminy....
guard1: g1_sle_ycon2: Who's there? What do you want, anyway?
guard1: g1_sle_ycon3: Dragging me out, this time of night....
guard1: g1_sle_yini1: What? Someone there? Maybe I dreamed it.
guard1: g1_sle_yini2: Wha (yawns) wussat?
guard1: g1_sle_yret1: Forget it...I'll just rest my eyes a little.
guard1: g1_sle_yret2: Who tired...this night's never gonna end.
guard1: g1_sleeping1: (Talking in sleep) Too many...snakes...where's piggy...?
guard1: g1_sndocc1: What a racket! Can't hear m'self think!
guard1: g1_sndocc2: I can hardly hear a thing!
guard1: g1_sum_fight1: Help! Somebody!
guard1: g1_sum_fight2: Guards! Help!
guard1: g1_sum_fight3: Anybody! Little help?
guard1: g1_sum_reply1: Hold fast, I'm nearly there!
guard1: g1_sum_reply2: Hang on! I'm coming.
guard1: g1_sum_reply3: Some trouble afoot....
guard1: g1_valley1: Someone's lurking down the alley!
guard1: g1_vatrium1: In the atrium! I saw him!
guard1: g1_vbathrm1: We've got him in the privy!
guard1: g1_vbedrm1: He's in the bedchamber!
guard1: g1_vbsmt1: The basement! He's lurking down here like a rat!
guard1: g1_vchamber1: I saw him in the chamber!
guard1: g1_vchapel1: He's in the chapel!
guard1: g1_vcourtyd1: Someone out on the courtyard. Stop him!
guard1: g1_vhall1: Over here! Someone's in the corridor!
guard1: g1_vinside1: Help! He's come inside.
guard1: g1_vkitchen1: Someone's in the kitchen!
guard1: g1_vlibrary1: He's in the library!
guard1: g1_voutside1: There's somebody outside!
guard1: g1_vrafters1: There he is! In the rafters!
guard1: g1_vroof1: Up there! On the roof!
guard1: g1_vstairs1: Someone's on the stairs!
guard1: g1_vstreet1: Help! Someone's out on the street!
guard1: g1_wdie1: No! You murderer!
guard1: g1_wdie2: I will avenge you!
guard1: g1_wdie_f1: No...she's been killed!
guard1: g1_wdie_m1: Oh, no, he's dead!
guard1: g1_wfle1: Stand fast, you coward!
guard1: g1_ycon1: Don't know...could have been anything...or nothing....
guard1: g1_ycon2: If someone's there, may as well come out....
guard1: g1_ycon3: Hmmm...where was that?
guard1: g1_ycon4: nothing anyway....
guard1: g1_ycon5: This better not be one of your practical jokes, Whitney....
guard1: g1_ycon_he1: At least I think I heard something....
guard1: g1_ycon_he2: 'Any suspicious noises.' Those are my orders.
guard1: g1_ycon_he3: I think I heard kind of a...a whooshing noise.
guard1: g1_ycon_he_na1: You know...that sound could've been anything...or nothing....
guard1: g1_ycon_he_na2: Noises just don't go about making themselves, am I right?
guard1: g1_ycon_na1: What do you think? Keep looking?
guard1: g1_ycon_na2: Anybody there? (Snickers) We're friendly...and don't know how to fight....
guard1: g1_ycon_se1: Saw something...out of the corner of my eye....
guard1: g1_ycon_se2: What was it I thought I saw?
guard1: g1_ycon_se3: Could have been anything I like this....
guard1: g1_ycon_se_na1: Not exactly sure what I saw...but let's look anyway....
guard1: g1_ycon_se_na2: What did it look like to you?
guard1: g1_yini1: What was that?
guard1: g1_yini2: Is that somebody?
guard1: g1_yini3: All right...something going on?
guard1: g1_yini4: Who was that?
guard1: g1_yini5: Someone there? Declare yourself!
guard1: g1_yini_he1: Heard that...whatever it was.
guard1: g1_yini_he2: Sounded...strange.
guard1: g1_yini_he3: What was that sound? Could be anything.
guard1: g1_yini_he_na1: What was that? You hear that?
guard1: g1_yini_he_na2: Like a rustling...hear it?
guard1: g1_yini_he_na3: Hey, shh, I heard something....
guard1: g1_yini_se1: Something...moved?
guard1: g1_yini_se2: What? Did I just see something?
guard1: g1_yini_se3: Saw something, like a...not sure....
guard1: g1_yini_se_na1: Hey! Did you see that?
guard1: g1_yini_se_na2: Over there, did you see?
guard1: g1_yini_se_na3: Just caught a glimpse...see anything?
guard1: g1_ynew1: There. That. What was that?
guard1: g1_ynew2: Right then...what IS that?
guard1: g1_ynew3: There. I'm gonna get to the bottom of that!
guard1: g1_ypre1: Hey!
guard1: g1_yret1: Nothing there. False alarm I guess.
guard1: g1_yret2: Huh. Fooled myself again. Well, no biggy.
guard1: g1_yret3: Just a little too eager, wishful thinking I guess.
guard1: g1_yret4: Nothing. Can't run off at every little thing. Makes for a long night.
guard1: g1_yret5: That got my heart going. And all for nothing. Oh well.
guard1: g1_yret_he1: Nothin'. Just a funny noise, that's all.
guard1: g1_yret_he2: Oh well, place like this, you have to expect a few odd sounds now and again....
guard1: g1_yret_he3: Hmm. Whatever that sound was, it's gone now.
guard1: g1_yret_na1: Aw, forget it. If there were something here, we'd know it by now.
guard1: g1_yret_na2: We're waisting our time. There isn't anything here.
guard1: g1_yret_ra1: Ah. Just a bloody rat.
guard1: g1_yret_se1: Oh well. Could've sworn I saw something...
guard1: g1_yret_se2: Nothing. Must be my eyes playing tricks on me.
guard1: g1_yret_se3: Waste of was probably just my own shadow I saw....

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