T3_guard2 Edit

This is the voice of Benny and guards like him.

guard2: g2_blame_maj1: You know who does stuff like that? Criminals do. Guards catch criminals.
guard2: g2_blame_min1: You did that? Keep in line, all right?
guard2: g2_caim1: Steady, steady....
guard2: g2_caim2: Just about there....
guard2: g2_caim3: One more second....
guard2: g2_catt1: Ya!
guard2: g2_catt2: Oaf!
guard2: g2_catt3: Lackwit!
guard2: g2_catt4: Pox-ridden....
guard2: g2_catt5: Taffer!
guard2: g2_catt_hi1: I'm invincible!
guard2: g2_catt_hi2: Ya! Ha ha!
guard2: g2_catt_hi3: You're dead, taffer!
guard2: g2_catt_hi_na1: Watch this!
guard2: g2_catt_hi_na2: We've got it!
guard2: g2_catt_hi_na3: Let me finish this!
guard2: g2_catt_lo1: So fast....
guard2: g2_catt_lo2: Oh God....
guard2: g2_catt_lo_na1: Damn, too quick. You try!
guard2: g2_catt_lo_na2: Help! This one's a demon!
guard2: g2_catt_lo_na3:!
guard2: g2_catt_ran1: Perfect!
guard2: g2_catt_ran2: Away!
guard2: g2_catt_ran3: And fire!
guard2: g2_cdam_hi1: Ow! You scoundrel!
guard2: g2_cdam_hi2: Ah! For all the--!
guard2: g2_cdam_hi3: Gah! Not beaten yet....
guard2: g2_cdam_hi_na1: Help! He's getting me!
guard2: g2_cdam_hi_na2: Ng!
guard2: g2_cdam_hi_na3: Ow! Someone stop him!
guard2: g2_cdam_lo1: Ugh! Think that hurt?
guard2: g2_cdam_lo2: Ha!
guard2: g2_cdam_lo3: Ugh! Call that fightin'?
guard2: g2_cdam_med1: Ahh! You'll get yours!
guard2: g2_cdam_med2: Ahh! Curse that!
guard2: g2_cdam_med3: Ow! Quick, are ya?
guard2: g2_cdam_no1: Ha! You fight like a thief.
guard2: g2_cdam_no2: Barely a scratch.
guard2: g2_cdam_no3: Ha! Try again, taffer!
guard2: g2_cdie_ko1: Who...feel fun...eeeaaah....
guard2: g2_cdie_words1: Gah! Oh that's just...great....
guard2: g2_cdie_words2: Ah! Why me...?
guard2: g2_cdie_words3: Oh! Ugh...ale...!
guard2: g2_cexp_hi1: You're slower than you look.
guard2: g2_cexp_hi2: Run while you can!
guard2: g2_cexp_hi_f_na1: She'll be down in a minute.
guard2: g2_cexp_hi_m_na1: Let me finish him!
guard2: g2_cexp_hi_m_na2: He's sorry he ever met us!
guard2: g2_cexp_lo1: Quit dodging around!
guard2: g2_cexp_lo2: Can't...catch my breath....
guard2: g2_cexp_lo_f_na1: You there, I need help with her!
guard2: g2_cexp_lo_m_na1: Help me! He's too fast!
guard2: g2_cexp_lo_m_na2: me with him!
guard2: g2_cexp_med1: Tough work, this!
guard2: g2_cexp_med2: You've had yourself some trainin'....
guard2: g2_cexp_med_f_na1: See that? She's good!
guard2: g2_cexp_med_m_na1: Watch it! He's better than he looks.
guard2: g2_cexp_med_m_na2: Look out! He's a warrior, this one!
guard2: g2_chit1: That's it.
guard2: g2_chit2: Feel that?
guard2: g2_chit3: Ha!
guard2: g2_chit_ran1: Got 'em!
guard2: g2_chit_ran2: Bullseye!
guard2: g2_chit_ran3: That hit flesh.
guard2: g2_cini1: I knew it! Get ready to die, coward!
guard2: g2_cini2: There! You! I'm gonna get you!
guard2: g2_cini3: Aha, you taffer! You've had it!
guard2: g2_cini4: I see you! Now let's fight!
guard2: g2_cini5: Aha! Time to die, you!
guard2: g2_cini6: Found you! Now you're gonna get it!
guard2: g2_cini7: There you are! Let's see what you're made of!
guard2: g2_cini8: I see you! You're in trouble now!
guard2: g2_cini_enr1: Look out taffer!
guard2: g2_cini_enr2: Aaaaaah!
guard2: g2_cini_enr3: You son of a dog!
guard2: g2_cini_human1: Arg, you goat!
guard2: g2_cini_ik1: There you are! You murderer!
guard2: g2_cini_it1: Found ya! You've had it, thief!
guard2: g2_cini_monster1: What the--? A monster!
guard2: g2_cini_monster_na1: Careful, these things are tough!
guard2: g2_cini_na1: Here he is! We'll take him together!
guard2: g2_cini_na2: I see him! Let's get him!
guard2: g2_cini_na3: He's over here! Watch out, he's armed!
guard2: g2_cini_zombie1: It's a zombie!
guard2: g2_cini_zombie_na1: Zombies! I'm gonna need your help!
guard2: g2_ckil1: I have had enough of you!
guard2: g2_ckil2: Go to taffin' heck fire!
guard2: g2_ckil3: You're dead!
guard2: g2_cmis1: Whah...?
guard2: g2_cmis2: Stand still!
guard2: g2_cmis3: Dodged me, eh?
guard2: g2_cmis_na1: Hey! I need help!
guard2: g2_cmis_na2: Quick! I can't get 'em!
guard2: g2_cmis_ran1: Oh! Must have moved!
guard2: g2_cmis_ran2: Sights must be off!
guard2: g2_cmis_ran3: Curse my aim!
guard2: g2_cret_kil1: That's it! I need a drink.
guard2: g2_cret_kil2: Could've been me this time...but it wasn't....
guard2: g2_cret_kil3: No one messes with me and lives....
guard2: g2_cret_kil_na1: No one can win against us, eh?
guard2: g2_cret_kil_na2: Gave us a bit of a tussle, eh?
guard2: g2_cret_kil_pl1: Never did know a thief who could fight....
guard2: g2_cret_kil_pl_na1: Killed us a thief, that's a hefty bonus you know!
guard2: g2_crime_hurtother1: Looks like we got someone who wants a fight!
guard2: g2_crime_kill1: Murder! I'll murderate you!
guard2: g2_crime_lockp1: That's breaking and entrancing, that's what that is!
guard2: g2_crime_theft1: You stole it! That's it now!
guard2: g2_crime_threat1: That's assault! I'm taking you in.
guard2: g2_crime_tres1: Hey! Someone's broken in!
guard2: g2_crime_vandal1: That's it, you can't just break whatever you like!
guard2: g2_crime_wanted1: You're the thief I read about! I can get a whole pile'a money for you!
guard2: g2_csub1: Coward! Now I'll finish you.
guard2: g2_csub2: Don't try to run this time.
guard2: g2_csub3: Care to try your luck again?
guard2: g2_csub_na1: Aha! So, we meet again, coward! Let's get him!
guard2: g2_csur1: Ah! Where'd you come from! En garde!
guard2: g2_csur2: What? Who? Prepare to die, you!
guard2: g2_csur3: What the taff? You are so gonna die!
guard2: g2_csur4: Huh? How did--? Oh, you die!
guard2: g2_csur5: Ah! Who the--? Have at you!
guard2: g2_csur6: Ah! Cripes! Oh, you've had it now!
guard2: g2_csur7: Huh? Taff it! Oh, you messed with the wrong guard!
guard2: g2_csur8: Huh? Hey! No taffers allowed!
guard2: g2_csur_ik1: Ah! Oh, so you like killing, eh?
guard2: g2_csur_it1: What the--? Now you've had it, thief!
guard2: g2_csur_na1: Cripes! An intruder! We'll take him together!
guard2: g2_csur_na2: Huh? It's some taffer! Let's get him!
guard2: g2_csur_na3: Ah! I see someone! Come on!
guard2: g2_dru_idle1: (Drunk) I wasn't late...No I wasn't! (Hiccups) Sure...drunk maybe...but I was right there...on time...ready a watch whatever it is I'm (hiccups) suppose a watch....
guard2: g2_dru_idle2: (Drunk) Gonna...NOT gonna...No, no, not (hiccups) be, no, no....
guard2: g2_dru_idle3: (Drunk) Too many stars...uh oh, gettin' dizzy...heh....
guard2: g2_dru_idle4: (Drunk) How's that song go? (Hiccups) ol' grey lady is after me...(hiccups) or somethin'....
guard2: g2_dru_idle5: (Drunk) ...Oh...this is the (hiccups) last time I drinks with (hiccups) Smithy...oh boy oh boy....
guard2: g2_dru_ycon1: Behin' me are ya? C'mon out!
guard2: g2_dru_ycon2: Where are ya? This izza good game!
guard2: g2_dru_ycon3: Izzat you boss? I ain't bin drinkin'!
guard2: g2_dru_ycon4: Whooever ya are, I'm cummina find ya!
guard2: g2_dru_ycon5: Bloody kidz...lea'me alone...gonna tan your hides....
guard2: g2_dru_yini1: Eh? Stobbit, stobbit...I'm a big mean guardy person...pfff....
guard2: g2_dru_yini2: Waz tha! Everbuddy sebble down!
guard2: g2_dru_yret1: No one here...all at the pub...'cept me.
guard2: g2_dru_yret2: Mussa...mussa made it up then...thass me...godda fine imagination, I do....
guard2: g2_enr_con1: You'll die for this!
guard2: g2_enr_con2: I'll feed you to the worms!
guard2: g2_enr_warn1: Coward! Taffin' coward!
guard2: g2_enr_warn2: Stand still, rascal!
guard2: g2_ev_ally1: Shouldn't someone be on watch here?
guard2: g2_ev_ally_na1: See? Whoever's posted here, just wandered off or something....
guard2: g2_ev_ally_spooked1: What is it? Can you speak?
guard2: g2_ev_ally_spooked2: I'm here. You'll be all right.
guard2: g2_ev_allyf1: Now where could she have gone to?
guard2: g2_ev_allym1: Not here? He's probably off dicing somewhere....
guard2: g2_ev_an_spooked1: I wonder if it's true...critters can see things we can't....
guard2: g2_ev_blood1: Blood...was there a fight here?
guard2: g2_ev_blood2: Someone bleedin' here?
guard2: g2_ev_body1: Sleeping? No, this one's dead!
guard2: g2_ev_body2: Dead? What happened here?
guard2: g2_ev_body_na1: Oh no, dead. Looks like we've got real trouble tonight....
guard2: g2_ev_body_na2: Dead. We've got to stop whoever did this....
guard2: g2_ev_bodyf1: They killed her...bastards.
guard2: g2_ev_bodyf2: She's been killed!
guard2: g2_ev_bodyf_na1: Look, murdered. We must avenge her!
guard2: g2_ev_bodym1: Not moving...oh no, he's dead.
guard2: g2_ev_bodym2: He was too young to die!
guard2: g2_ev_bodym_na1: Oh no! You it Smithy?
guard2: g2_ev_com1: Hold on, I'm almost there!
guard2: g2_ev_com2: Have at him, go on!
guard2: g2_ev_dam1: Ah! That hurt!
guard2: g2_ev_dam2: Ug! Who's doing that?
guard2: g2_ev_door1: Strange, this was always closed before.
guard2: g2_ev_door2: Why's this open?
guard2: g2_ev_door_na1: Look, the door is open. Someone's been though here!
guard2: g2_ev_door_na2: No wonder we're freezing around here...someone left the door open!
guard2: g2_ev_enemybody1: Good riddance.
guard2: g2_ev_enemybody2: One down, too many to go.
guard2: g2_ev_felt1: Hey! Watch it.
guard2: g2_ev_felt2: Knock it off.
guard2: g2_ev_lightext1: Someone must have hit the light switch.
guard2: g2_ev_lightext2: Hey! Turn those lights back on!
guard2: g2_ev_lightoff1: How come this light is turned off?
guard2: g2_ev_lightoff2: Light's turned off, strain my eyes one of these days.
guard2: g2_ev_lightoff3: Why'd they turn this light off?
guard2: g2_ev_loot1: I just saw it....
guard2: g2_ev_loot2: That's odd. Wasn't there a....
guard2: g2_ev_loot3: Who's been taking things?
guard2: g2_ev_loot_na1: I'm telling you, it was just there, now it's gone!
guard2: g2_ev_maj1: Oh god oh god oh god!
guard2: g2_ev_maj2: Tell me I'm dreamin' this!
guard2: g2_ev_med1: Who did that?
guard2: g2_ev_med2: What's going on here?
guard2: g2_ev_min1: Strange....
guard2: g2_ev_min2: What happened here?
guard2: g2_ev_res1: Someone been fighting here?
guard2: g2_ev_res2: Aha, evidence of some kind of fight....
guard2: g2_ev_ret1: Not my problem. Wiser heads than mine, and all that.
guard2: g2_ev_ret2: Dunno what I can do about it, anyway. Done with, far as I'm concerned.
guard2: g2_ev_ret_ik1: Nobody's here. Well, if I was a murderer, I wouldn't stick around either....
guard2: g2_ev_shadow1: Strange lookin' shadow....
guard2: g2_ev_torchext1: Out? I didn't feel any draft!
guard2: g2_ev_torchext2: These torches! Go out, just like that!
guard2: g2_ev_torchtoff1: Torch must've gone out.
guard2: g2_ev_torchtoff2: Torch out again. It's the damp.
guard2: g2_ev_torchtoff3: Thought it was lit a minute ago....
guard2: g2_fatigue_epi1: Half a minute...lungs are burstin'....
guard2: g2_fatigue_epi2: Bloody armor...sweatin' like a pig....
guard2: g2_fatigue_se1: (Huff, puff)...get you...just you wait...(huff, puff)
guard2: g2_fcon1: Got to get away....
guard2: g2_fcon2: Right behind me....
guard2: g2_fcon3: Got to lose 'em....
guard2: g2_fcon4: Gotta hide!
guard2: g2_fcon5: Ahhh! Comin' through!
guard2: g2_fcon_ik1: Look out, the murderer's here!
guard2: g2_fcon_ik2: He's a killer, all right!
guard2: g2_fcow1: Ah...don't hit me again!
guard2: g2_fcow2: I give up!
guard2: g2_fhid1: Is it safe yet?
guard2: g2_fhid2: Please don't find me...please don't find me....
guard2: g2_fhid3: Not a I'm not....
guard2: g2_fini1: This it, I'm gone.
guard2: g2_fini_human1: Get away!
guard2: g2_fini_monster1: This ain't in my job spec!
guard2: g2_fini_na1: Run, you fool!
guard2: g2_fini_pl1: Any more and I'm a goner!
guard2: g2_fini_pl2: Gotta get out of here!
guard2: g2_fini_pl_ik1: He's trying to kill me!
guard2: g2_fini_pl_it1: Thief! Help!
guard2: g2_fini_zombie1: They just keep on coming! Taffin' zombies!
guard2: g2_frust1: Think you're safe? I'm not the only one looking for you....
guard2: g2_frust2: Don't look so smug, I'll get to you eventually!
guard2: g2_frust3: When I get to you, you're dead!
guard2: g2_frust_f_na1: You can get her with one shot!
guard2: g2_frust_m_na1: Drop him before he can run.
guard2: g2_frust_m_na2: Take him out.
guard2: g2_frust_up1: What are you doing up there? Come down and fight!
guard2: g2_fsub1: Mercy! I just do what I'm told!
guard2: g2_fsub2: Stop following me!
guard2: g2_gcon1: Hello?
guard2: g2_gcon2: Eh? Something....
guard2: g2_gcon_he1: Did I hear something?
guard2: g2_gcon_he2: I'll keep still...might hear it again....
guard2: g2_gcon_he_na1: Quit moving around, I'm trying to hear.
guard2: g2_gcon_he_na2: Shh! Hear anything?
guard2: g2_gcon_se1: Probably just scared of my own shadow....
guard2: g2_gcon_se2: Did I really see something?
guard2: g2_gcon_se_na1: It's not just me, right? You saw it?
guard2: g2_gcon_se_na2: I'm not sure we saw anything....
guard2: g2_gen_aha1: Hey ho!
guard2: g2_gen_aha2: Here we are!
guard2: g2_gen_aha3: Found you!
guard2: g2_gen_dazed1: How did I get here?
guard2: g2_gen_dazed2: Must've nodded off.
guard2: g2_gen_dazed3: Wh...have I been drinking?
guard2: g2_gen_dismiss1: Not my job.
guard2: g2_gen_dismiss2: No bother.
guard2: g2_gen_dismiss3: Hm. So what?
guard2: g2_gen_distress1: What the hell?
guard2: g2_gen_distress2: Ow!
guard2: g2_gen_dunno1: I dunno.
guard2: g2_gen_dunno2: Can't say.
guard2: g2_gen_dunno3: How should I know?
guard2: g2_gen_frust2: Damn it to all the hells!
guard2: g2_gen_frust3: This is ridiculous!
guard2: g2_gen_grunt2: Ohh, my back.
guard2: g2_gen_grunt3: I'm too old for this.
guard2: g2_gen_igetit1: Got it.
guard2: g2_gen_igetit2: Oh ho!
guard2: g2_gen_igetit3: Knew it.
guard2: g2_gen_no1: Nope.
guard2: g2_gen_no2: Nah.
guard2: g2_gen_no3: Uh-uh.
guard2: g2_gen_oof1: Yow!
guard2: g2_gen_oof2: I'm fine!
guard2: g2_gen_oof3: Ooopsy!
guard2: g2_gen_oops1: Whups.
guard2: g2_gen_oops3: Oh, I'm stupid....
guard2: g2_gen_snapout1: Whah?
guard2: g2_gen_snapout2: Hey!
guard2: g2_gen_snapout3: Whoa!
guard2: g2_gen_startled1: What in....
guard2: g2_gen_startled2: Son of a....
guard2: g2_gen_startled3: Ah!
guard2: g2_gen_suffer1: Oh, ah...head hurts....
guard2: g2_gen_suffer2: Owwww! My brain!
guard2: g2_gen_suffer3: Ugh, maybe some ale will dull the pain....
guard2: g2_gen_thanks1: Thanks.
guard2: g2_gen_thanks2: Appreciate it.
guard2: g2_gen_thanks3: Thanks a million.
guard2: g2_gen_yes1: Uh huh!
guard2: g2_gen_yes2: Yup.
guard2: g2_gen_yes3: Yessiree.
guard2: g2_gini2: Huh?
guard2: g2_gini3: Eh? Did I just....
guard2: g2_gini4: Somethin'?
guard2: g2_gini_he1: Did something...make a sound?
guard2: g2_gini_he2: A noise?
guard2: g2_gini_he3: Sound...probably my own echo...probably my own echo...ha, ha....
guard2: g2_gini_se1: Thought I saw something.
guard2: g2_gini_se2: Did I just see....
guard2: g2_gini_se3: Something move?
guard2: g2_greet_reply1: Right then.
guard2: g2_greet_reply2: What ho.
guard2: g2_greet_reply3: Evenin'.
guard2: g2_greet_req1: Hello.
guard2: g2_greet_req2: Nice night.
guard2: g2_greet_req3: Evenin'.
guard2: g2_gret1: Well, guess it was nothing.
guard2: g2_gret2: Nothing there after all.
guard2: g2_gret3: Nothing. Probably jumpy from the coffee.
guard2: g2_gret4: Huh. Must not have been anything.
guard2: g2_gret5: Forget it. Long night coming.
guard2: g2_gret_he1: I guess it was the wind I heard.
guard2: g2_gret_he2: Well, sometimes your ears play tricks on ya....
guard2: g2_gret_he3: Well, if I did hear's stopped now.
guard2: g2_gret_na1: Well, guess it was nothing. Sorry to get you all riled up.
guard2: g2_gret_na2: Ah, you're too jumpy. Nothing's here.
guard2: g2_gret_na3: Nothing. Relax, we've got a long night ahead of us.
guard2: g2_gret_se1: Nothing, I guess I didn't see anything.
guard2: g2_gret_se2: Huh. For a second I thought I saw something.
guard2: g2_gret_se3: Nothing. My eyes must be going.
guard2: g2_gsub1: Oh! Not again!
guard2: g2_gsub2: There! Something....
guard2: g2_gsub3: I can't be wrong this time.
guard2: g2_iann1: Better fetch me mates for this.
guard2: g2_iann2: Where are those lazy lugabouts?
guard2: g2_iann_pl1: You're dead when I get back, taffer.
guard2: g2_iann_pl2: Looks like a job for the boys....
guard2: g2_iarr_gone1: This is the place, I swear it.
guard2: g2_iarr_gone_pl1: This is the right place, he could still be somewhere close by....
guard2: g2_iarr_pres1: Well, what do you think?
guard2: g2_iarr_pres_pl1: There's the taffer himself!
guard2: g2_iarr_srch1: Seems quiet now, but....
guard2: g2_iarr_srch_pl1: I'll find him. He's probably watching us right now.
guard2: g2_idle1: They'll all be at the tavern while I'm stuck here...watching this bloody place...I sure could go for a pint....
guard2: g2_idle2: A guard's life, protecting people and places...thought it would be more...I don't know...exciting....
guard2: g2_idle3: Should've gone to sea, like my brothers before me....
guard2: g2_idle4: I'll be home soon, drinking good dark ale, nibbling on a nice leg of mutton, forgetting about this place....
guard2: g2_idle5: Should've been a soldier. That's some real action, that is. Not much choice though...for a guy like me....
guard2: g2_idle6: Wouldn't mind a bit of ale right now, actually. Tell the truth. But noooo...that's against the rules...pah.
guard2: g2_idle7: It's a waste, is what it is. Should've bloody known. Well, live n' n' learn....
guard2: g2_idle8: I'll meet up later with the boys, have myself a good one...yeah....
guard2: g2_idle_an1: Critter. What do them little fellers eat, that's what I'd like to know....
guard2: g2_idle_bs1: Stuck down here tonight...with who knows what...crawlin' around....
guard2: g2_idle_bs2: What's that called...claustra...claustri...phobid...ah! It's too closed in down here...that's all I know....
guard2: g2_idle_ou1: Two red stars up there...looks like...the Crown? The Riders?
guard2: g2_idle_ou2: Smell that wind. Off the river. Somethin' not too savory....
guard2: g2_idle_ra1: Rats. Disgusting!
guard2: g2_idle_st1: The streets... this part of's not for the faint o' heart....
guard2: g2_idle_st2: No one appreciates...but what would they do without me...scourin' the streets for the scum and the villains....
guard2: g2_irep1: I saw something back there...kinda hard to explain.
guard2: g2_irep2: You oughta come see this.
guard2: g2_irep_body1: I just saw a body, better take a look!
guard2: g2_irep_body2: Someone's been killed! What do we do?
guard2: g2_irep_ik1: I saw the murderous dog! Follow me!
guard2: g2_irep_it1: I just saw the thief...dark cloak and the whole bit!
guard2: g2_irep_pl1: There's an intruder about! I saw him!
guard2: g2_irep_pl2: I just a saw an intruder...I think I need help!
guard2: g2_ires1: OK, OK. There may be a fat bonus in it for me, anyways.
guard2: g2_ires2: Let's look into it.
guard2: g2_misc_blind_con1: Who...put out the...dang lights....
guard2: g2_misc_blind_con2: Nothing...I can't see a thing....
guard2: g2_misc_blind_con3: Where's the...dang....
guard2: g2_misc_blind_end1: Thank my lucky star...I thought I'd been blinded.
guard2: g2_misc_blind_end2: Yes...eyesight's...starting to come back.
guard2: g2_misc_blind_end3: There...there I think I can see again.
guard2: g2_misc_blind_ini1: My eyes!
guard2: g2_misc_blind_ini2: Aah! I've been blinded!
guard2: g2_misc_blind_ini3: I can't see! I can't see!
guard2: g2_misc_noisemak1: All right, what's all the noise about?
guard2: g2_misc_noisemak2: Very strange sound....
guard2: g2_misc_noisesup1: Whoa...I think my ears just popped or something....
guard2: g2_misc_pickp1: Where's my...I can't find it.
guard2: g2_misc_pickp2: It was right here, on my belt....
guard2: g2_misc_pickp3: What? Help! I've been robbed.
guard2: g2_misc_slip1: Whoa!
guard2: g2_misc_slip2: Whoops!
guard2: g2_misc_slip3: Oh, oh, oh!
guard2: g2_nbarrel1: Something by that barrel?
guard2: g2_nchair1: Better check by that chair....
guard2: g2_ncouch1: Better check around the couch too....
guard2: g2_ncrate1: to check these crates.
guard2: g2_ndesk1: Behind that desk, I'm guessing.
guard2: g2_ndoor1: Better check by the door....
guard2: g2_nladder1: I'll just take a peek around this ladder....
guard2: g2_nmach1: All this machinery could hide somebody, easy.
guard2: g2_nshadow1: I'd better search those shadows....
guard2: g2_nshelf1: Hmmm...those shelves....
guard2: g2_nstatue1: Something near that statue?
guard2: g2_ntable1: What's that by the table?
guard2: g2_obs_citywatch1: Still on duty, eh?
guard2: g2_obs_citywatch2: Good ol' City Watch....
guard2: g2_obs_citywatch3: Later, then.
guard2: g2_obs_commoner1: (Grunts) I ain't got nothing against humble folk.
guard2: g2_obs_commoner2: Welly, well.
guard2: g2_obs_commoner3: Comin' through, common folk.
guard2: g2_obs_guard1: Same old, same old, eh?
guard2: g2_obs_guard2: All's well.
guard2: g2_obs_guard3: How's every little thing?
guard2: g2_obs_hammer1: Good, um, hammering.
guard2: g2_obs_hammer_friend1: Builder watch me too.
guard2: g2_obs_noble1: I trust all is well, your ah...fineship?
guard2: g2_obs_noblef1: Just call if you need an escort, ma'am.
guard2: g2_obs_noblef2: Good evening, my lady. Er, I mean, your lady. Your ladyship.
guard2: g2_obs_noblem1: I coulda been a noble too. Just one'a them 'accidental births'.
guard2: g2_obs_noblem2: All clear, sir.
guard2: g2_obs_pagan1: Did that guy have leaves in his pocket?
guard2: g2_obs_pagan_friend1: Evening. Watch out for them hammer folk.
guard2: g2_obs_pl1: Carry on.
guard2: g2_obs_pl2: Ho there.
guard2: g2_obs_pl3: Taff if I ain't seen that guy somewheres before....
guard2: g2_opp_fcon1: Come on and fight, you rascal!
guard2: g2_opp_fcon2: You're not doing yourself any good!
guard2: g2_opp_fcon3: I know this place! Ain't no place to hide!
guard2: g2_opp_fini1: Where do you think you're going?
guard2: g2_opp_fini2: Ha! Coward!
guard2: g2_opp_fini_f_na1: Catch her!
guard2: g2_opp_fini_m_na1: Look at that—he's afraid of us!
guard2: g2_opp_hide1: What? Gone!
guard2: g2_opp_hide2: Hey, where'd you disappear to?
guard2: g2_opp_hide_f1: Lost her!
guard2: g2_opp_hide_f_na1: She was just here...and you let her go!
guard2: g2_opp_hide_m1: He was just here....
guard2: g2_opp_hide_m2: Which way'd he go?
guard2: g2_opp_hide_m_na1: Well, we better start looking for him!
guard2: g2_opp_hide_m_na2: Taffin' coward...he can't hide from us!
guard2: g2_opp_mis1: Ha, ha, you oaf!
guard2: g2_opp_mis2: Ya fight like a taffin' thief!
guard2: g2_opp_mis3: Ho! Nearly got me that time!
guard2: g2_opp_mis4: I'm fighting a blind man!
guard2: g2_opp_mis5: Whoops!
guard2: g2_pagancornerstone1: Someone put in new plants?
guard2: g2_rcon1: Come out, come out, wherever you are....
guard2: g2_rcon2: Give it up, you! What are you waiting for?
guard2: g2_rcon3: Come on out, and none o' your taffing tricks, eh?
guard2: g2_rcon4: So, we're hiding are we? This isn't a game, you know....
guard2: g2_rcon5: Too scared to stand up and fight, eh?
guard2: g2_rcon6: I'll find you...sooner or later....
guard2: g2_rcon7: Come on out, you'll be sorry for making this harder for me....
guard2: g2_rcon8: Come on, you taffer. Show yourself!
guard2: g2_rcon_fnd1: That's the one!
guard2: g2_rcon_fnd2: Time to finish this!
guard2: g2_rcon_fnd3: Ha!
guard2: g2_rcon_fnd4: Not so smart now, are ya?
guard2: g2_rcon_fnd5: Ha! It's all over now.
guard2: g2_rcon_fnd_f_na1: Over here! I found her!
guard2: g2_rcon_fnd_m_na1: I found him! To me!
guard2: g2_rcon_fnd_m_na2: Here he is! See?
guard2: g2_rcon_fnd_m_na3: Gottcha! Let's get him!
guard2: g2_rcon_he1: What's the point in hidin'? You know I heard ya....
guard2: g2_rcon_he2: Someone there? Sure sounds like it....
guard2: g2_rcon_he3: All right, I heard that. Just come on out.
guard2: g2_rcon_he_na1: You heard it too, right? It's no rodent...I promise you that....
guard2: g2_rcon_he_na2: We heard someone all right...just keep on looking....
guard2: g2_rcon_ia_na1: On your guard...looks like it's one of those nights....
guard2: g2_rcon_ik_na1: Watch yourself. You heard there's a killer on the loose, right?
guard2: g2_rcon_it_na1: If you're out there, you sticky fingered crook, we'll find you for sure!
guard2: g2_rcon_los1: Enough bloody hide and seek.
guard2: g2_rcon_los2: You know I'll find you, sooner or later....
guard2: g2_rcon_los3: When I catch you, taffer, you're gonna be sorry you pulled this....
guard2: g2_rcon_los4: What's the point of hiding?
guard2: g2_rcon_los5: A place like this...could be hiding anywhere.
guard2: g2_rcon_los6: What are you, some kind of coward?
guard2: g2_rcon_los7: Come on out and finish this!
guard2: g2_rcon_los8: If you come out now, I promise I'll finish you quick!
guard2: g2_rcon_los_f1: She can't have just vanished!
guard2: g2_rcon_los_f_na1: Keep looking—she was just here!
guard2: g2_rcon_los_m1: He's in here somewhere.
guard2: g2_rcon_los_m2: He can't hide forever.
guard2: g2_rcon_los_m3: He was running this way when I lost him...I think.
guard2: g2_rcon_los_m_na1: He's got all kinds of tricks, ain't he?
guard2: g2_rcon_los_m_na2: He's not going to give us the slip.
guard2: g2_rcon_los_m_na3: Stay sharp...he can't have gone far.
guard2: g2_rcon_na1: Find anything yet? Keep searching....
guard2: g2_rcon_na2: Don't worry, taffer, we'll find you soon enough!
guard2: g2_rcon_na3: You gotta be ready for a fight, in case we find someone....
guard2: g2_rcon_se1: I know I saw something...or someone....
guard2: g2_rcon_se2: I saw you! And there's only so many places someone can hide....
guard2: g2_rcon_se3: know I saw let's just get this over with....
guard2: g2_rcon_se_na1: Keep saw it too, right?
guard2: g2_rcon_se_na2: Hey, you! We saw you, so why not just come on everyone a lot of trouble....
guard2: g2_repri_bump_init1: Watch the elbows.
guard2: g2_repri_bump_init2: In too much hurry to look where you're going?
guard2: g2_repri_hurt_init1: Watch it!
guard2: g2_repri_hurtother_init1: You leave them alone!
guard2: g2_repri_hurtother_sub1: I said stop that, before I have to do something about it!
guard2: g2_repri_lockp_init1: Hey, get away from that! That's locked.
guard2: g2_repri_odd_init1: What do you think you're doing?
guard2: g2_repri_odd_init2: Don't make me come over there.
guard2: g2_repri_over1: Okay, then. Let's try and keep in line now, shall we?
guard2: g2_repri_over2: Right, then, that's better.
guard2: g2_repri_over3: Okay, we're good now. I was starting to think I was going to have to hit you.
guard2: g2_repri_stare_init1: What are you looking at?
guard2: g2_repri_stare_init2: You staring at me?
guard2: g2_repri_theft_init1: Whatchu go and taking that for? Don't steal from me!
guard2: g2_repri_theft_init2: Hey! That was mine! That is mine!
guard2: g2_repri_threat_init1: I've got no beef with you, taffer—at least not yet.
guard2: g2_repri_threat_init2: Put that damn thing down.
guard2: g2_repri_threat_sub1: Hey! What'd I do to you?
guard2: g2_repri_threat_sub2: Enough of that, taffer! I get nervous, I get mad!
guard2: g2_repri_thrown_init1: You think that's funny?
guard2: g2_repri_thrown_init2: That's not nice, throwing things!
guard2: g2_repri_thrown_sub1: What the hell?
guard2: g2_repri_thrown_sub2: You throw that, you'll be sorry.
guard2: g2_repri_tres_init1: Welly well, what have we here. A thief, maybe?
guard2: g2_repri_tres_init2: You just keep right on going, taffer.
guard2: g2_repri_vandal_init1: You're going to have to pay for that!
guard2: g2_repri_vandal_sub1: Enough! Those belong to somebody!
guard2: g2_rini1: Who's here?
guard2: g2_rini2: That really tears it!
guard2: g2_rini3: What the taff was that?
guard2: g2_rini4: What's going on? Who's there?
guard2: g2_rini5: Someone hiding over there?
guard2: g2_rini_he1: Who's making all the noise, then?
guard2: g2_rini_he2: Sounds like somebody needs a good beatin'....
guard2: g2_rini_he3: What, you think I can't hear that?
guard2: g2_rini_he_na1: Hear that? You expecting someone? 'Cause I'm not.
guard2: g2_rini_he_na2: I just heard something. Get ready, sounds like trouble....
guard2: g2_rini_he_na3: Who's there? We can hear you, you know!
guard2: g2_rini_se1: I see that. Who's there?
guard2: g2_rini_se2: I can see that, you know!
guard2: g2_rini_se3: I know someone's there! I saw you!
guard2: g2_rini_se_na1: Hurry! I just saw something over there!
guard2: g2_rini_se_na2: I don't like the look of that, do you?
guard2: g2_rini_se_na3: See that? What the heck is that?
guard2: g2_rnew1: That's right...keep it up, you...makes my job easier....
guard2: g2_rnew2: There! Again! Must be closing in....
guard2: g2_rnew3: Ah...haven't gone away yet, then?
guard2: g2_rnew_he1: Aha! That sound again....
guard2: g2_rnew_he2: Oh! I can still hear you, whoever you are....
guard2: g2_rnew_he3: Again! Making all that noise...guess someone wants to be found....
guard2: g2_rnew_se1: Hey! Is that someone? I can see that, you know!
guard2: g2_rnew_se2: Again! Now I know I'm not seeing things!
guard2: g2_rnew_se3: There! Just seen it again!
guard2: g2_rpre1: Ha!
guard2: g2_rpre2: What's all this?
guard2: g2_rpre3: Oh boy!
guard2: g2_rret1: Ain't no place else to search, I guess if someone was here they got away....
guard2: g2_rret2: I could have sworn...well, there's nobody here now.
guard2: g2_rret3: If there was someone...probably miles away by now.
guard2: g2_rret4: Well, I guess I could have been wrong...sometimes the mind plays tricks...late at night....
guard2: g2_rret5: Hmmm...I really, really thought someone was could I be so wrong?
guard2: g2_rret_he1: Nothin'. Could've been an echo, I guess. Didn't sound like one, though.
guard2: g2_rret_he2: I can't find whatever I heard...I'm just gonna forget it.
guard2: g2_rret_he3: Ran for it, I guess. Knew I heard him.
guard2: g2_rret_los1: Damn. Must've slipped right through my fingers.
guard2: g2_rret_los2: Gone, what a waste. Made a bloody fool of me.
guard2: g2_rret_los3: I give up. Obviously long gone from here.
guard2: g2_rret_los_f1: She's nowhere to be found. Next time, though....
guard2: g2_rret_los_f_na1: Gone. Looks to me like she's escaped, eh?
guard2: g2_rret_los_m1: I give up. I see him again, he's dead.
guard2: g2_rret_los_m_na1: He's run off. Looks like we were too much for him.
guard2: g2_rret_na1: Leave it, mate. Nobody's here anymore for us to find.
guard2: g2_rret_na2: Ah, what's the point! If there was someone here, we'd of found him by now....
guard2: g2_rret_ra1: Huh. All that for a couple of rats.
guard2: g2_rret_se1: Did I imagine it, seein' someone? Guess that must have been it.
guard2: g2_rret_se2: Nobody here. Must have been my own shadow I seen...again.
guard2: g2_rret_se3: I can't find whatever it was I saw...I'm just gonna forget about it.
guard2: g2_rsur_ev_com1: Watch yourself there!
guard2: g2_rsur_ev_com2: He's on us!
guard2: g2_sle_idle1: Shouldn't've had that drink with dinner...gods, I'm tired....
guard2: g2_sle_idle2: So dark here...fallin' asleep....
guard2: g2_sle_idle3: Only thing keepin' me awake is this bloody cold!
guard2: g2_sle_ycon1: Where are ya? I'm too tired for this!
guard2: g2_sle_ycon2: Who's there? Decent people oughtta be asleep....
guard2: g2_sle_ycon3: Better search around a little...get my blood going.
guard2: g2_sle_yini1: Eh? Almost dropped off. Someone there?
guard2: g2_sle_yini2: (Yawns) Guess I'd better see what that was.
guard2: g2_sle_yret1: Nothing. Gods, three more hours of this.
guard2: g2_sle_yret2: Must've dreamed it.
guard2: g2_sleeping1: (Talking in sleep) Oh yeah...oh no, no, no....
guard2: g2_sleeping2: (Talking in sleep) No...don't open it...mama...?
guard2: g2_sndocc1: My head hurts from all this poundin'!
guard2: g2_sndocc2: Quite a racket!
guard2: g2_sum_fight1: Someone help me!
guard2: g2_sum_fight2: Someone give me a hand here!
guard2: g2_sum_fight3: Isn't anyone with me?
guard2: g2_sum_reply1: Courage! I'm coming!
guard2: g2_sum_reply2: Guards on their way!
guard2: g2_sum_reply3: Time to earn me pay....
guard2: g2_valley1: He's in the alleyway!
guard2: g2_vatrium1: There's someone on the atrium, cut him off!
guard2: g2_vbathrm1: He's holed up in the bathroom!
guard2: g2_vbedrm1: There! In the bedroom!
guard2: g2_vbsmt1: In the basement! I saw him!
guard2: g2_vchamber1: Someone's in the chamber!
guard2: g2_vchapel1: You there! In the chapel!
guard2: g2_vcourtyd1: I seen him! In the courtyard!
guard2: g2_vhall1: He's coming down the hallway.
guard2: g2_vinside1: There he is! He got in somehow.
guard2: g2_vkitchen1: You in the kitchen! Who are you?
guard2: g2_vlibrary1: Someone's in the library!
guard2: g2_voutside1: Someone lurking around outside!
guard2: g2_vrafters1: There he is! How'd he get up there?
guard2: g2_vroof1: He's got onto the roof somehow!
guard2: g2_vstairs1: We've got an intruder on the steps!
guard2: g2_vstreet1: Someone's there! In the street!
guard2: g2_wdie1: Now it's your turn, killer!
guard2: g2_wdie2: Murderous dog!
guard2: g2_wdie_f1: Oh! She's dead!
guard2: g2_wdie_m1: Oh! He deserved better!
guard2: g2_wfle1: Leavin' me, are ya? Criminy.
guard2: g2_ycon1: Is someone being clever?
guard2: g2_ycon2: Could've been a ghost. That'd be something!
guard2: g2_ycon3: Why do funny things always happen on my shift?
guard2: g2_ycon4: Probably chasing after nothing. And me with my bad back.
guard2: g2_ycon5: something going on over here?
guard2: g2_ycon_he1: Chasing a noise...but better to be safe about these things....
guard2: g2_ycon_he2: Sounded like a...sound of some kind....
guard2: g2_ycon_he3: Sound came from over here....
guard2: g2_ycon_he_na1: I know, I know, you heard a noise....
guard2: g2_ycon_he_na2: Shh...I'm trying to listen for that sound.
guard2: g2_ycon_na1: Now that we're looking, I'm not as sure....
guard2: g2_ycon_na2: Give a shout if you find anything.
guard2: g2_ycon_se1: Looked like...well, just caught a glimpse....
guard2: g2_ycon_se2: Maybe if I had spectacles, I could see better....
guard2: g2_ycon_se3: Night like this, I see all kinds of things.
guard2: g2_ycon_se_na1: We both saw something, right?
guard2: g2_ycon_se_na2: Place like this, not surprised we're seeing things, to tell the truth....
guard2: g2_yini1: Who's that, then?
guard2: g2_yini2: What's that?
guard2: g2_yini3: Better see what that was....
guard2: g2_yini4: Can't have imagined that.
guard2: g2_yini5: Something...over there?
guard2: g2_yini_he1: Aw. What's making that noise?
guard2: g2_yini_he2: Did I just hear something?
guard2: g2_yini_he3: What's all this rumpus?
guard2: g2_yini_he_na1: Shh...did you hear that?
guard2: g2_yini_he_na2: Is it just me? Or did you hear that too?
guard2: g2_yini_he_na3: Quiet. Do you hear anything?
guard2: g2_yini_se1: Thought I saw something.
guard2: g2_yini_se2: Not sure...might have seen....
guard2: g2_yini_se3: Looked like a...funny....
guard2: g2_yini_se_na1: Open your eyes...I think I saw something....
guard2: g2_yini_se_na2: Something moved. You saw it too, right?
guard2: g2_yini_se_na3: See that? What was that?
guard2: g2_ynew1: Oh! I wish it would stop!
guard2: g2_ynew2: OK...what is that?
guard2: g2_ynew3: That's right, keep it up, I'm honing in....
guard2: g2_ypre1: Wha....
guard2: g2_yret1: Nothing. Too clever for me own good.
guard2: g2_yret2: False alarm. Back to normal.
guard2: g2_yret3: Jumping at nothing, getting all worked up, pah!
guard2: g2_yret4: Scared meself again. I need to stay away from coffee for real this time.
guard2: g2_yret5: Nothing, nobody. But I sure had myself going for a while there.
guard2: g2_yret_he1: Just a dumb ol' noise. Anything could have made it.
guard2: g2_yret_he2: Nothing. This late, the littlest thing sounds like an intruder....
guard2: g2_yret_he3: Nothin's here. Was probably just the wind I heard.
guard2: g2_yret_na1: Nothing. But I have to admit, you really had me worried there for a minute.
guard2: g2_yret_na2: All's clear. We just spooked each other I guess.
guard2: g2_yret_ra1: Welly well. It's a rat I've been chasing....
guard2: g2_yret_se1: Seeing things...been on the job too long.
guard2: g2_yret_se2: Nothin'. Minute ago, if someone asked me, I'd of said someone was there.
guard2: g2_yret_se3: Saw a bat, is what it was. Sometimes happens this time a year.

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