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T3_guard3 Edit

This is the voice of a guard named Smithy.

guard3: g3_blame_maj1: You! How could you do something like that? Have at you!
guard3: g3_blame_min1: I saw what you did. Do it again and I'll have to thump you.
guard3: g3_caim1: I see ya...taffer....
guard3: g3_caim2: Got you in my sights....
guard3: g3_caim3: Easy...easy....
guard3: g3_catt1: Ha ha!
guard3: g3_catt2: Fool!
guard3: g3_catt3: Rogue!
guard3: g3_catt4: Got you now!
guard3: g3_catt5: Fall, damn you.
guard3: g3_catt_hi1: Like that?
guard3: g3_catt_hi2: Gotcha!
guard3: g3_catt_hi3: Die!
guard3: g3_catt_hi_na1: Look at this form!
guard3: g3_catt_hi_na2: We're almost done!
guard3: g3_catt_hi_na3: Watch me nail this one!
guard3: g3_catt_lo1: Stronger than I thought.
guard3: g3_catt_lo2: Can't seem to....
guard3: g3_catt_lo_na1: Quick, before I fall!
guard3: g3_catt_lo_na2: (Weak, scared grunt) Help me!
guard3: g3_catt_lo_na3: Get 'im off me!
guard3: g3_catt_ran1: Fly true!
guard3: g3_catt_ran2: Go!
guard3: g3_catt_ran3: And fire!
guard3: g3_cdam_hi1: Ah! The pain!
guard3: g3_cdam_hi2: Ow! Damn your speed....
guard3: g3_cdam_hi3: Gah! You taffer!
guard3: g3_cdam_hi_na1: Ahh! Make him stop!
guard3: g3_cdam_hi_na2: Gah! Get him, I'm hurt....
guard3: g3_cdam_hi_na3: Ow! Help me, come on!
guard3: g3_cdam_lo1: That won't stop me!
guard3: g3_cdam_lo2: Ha!
guard3: g3_cdam_lo3: That all ya got?
guard3: g3_cdam_med1: That your best?
guard3: g3_cdam_med2: Taffer!
guard3: g3_cdam_med3: Ow! That hurt!
guard3: g3_cdam_no1: You'll have to hit harder.
guard3: g3_cdam_no2: Weakling!
guard3: g3_cdam_no3: Are you kidding me?
guard3: g3_cdie_ko1: Oof...can't...uh....
guard3: g3_cdie_words1: Gah! Curse you...tif taffin'....
guard3: g3_cdie_words2: Ah! Oh...I'm done for....
guard3: g3_cdie_words3: Guh! Oh drats....
guard3: g3_cexp_hi1: You're weakening.
guard3: g3_cexp_hi2: I've almost got you.
guard3: g3_cexp_hi_f_na1: Watch me finish her!
guard3: g3_cexp_hi_m_na1: Keep at him, he's ours now!
guard3: g3_cexp_hi_m_na2: Watch, he won't last long!
guard3: g3_cexp_lo1: Too good...who trained you?
guard3: g3_cexp_lo2: Curse you, taffer!
guard3: g3_cexp_lo_f_na1: We can't let her win!
guard3: g3_cexp_lo_m_na1: Quickly now, just hit him!
guard3: g3_cexp_lo_m_na2: Help! I can't get through his guard!
guard3: g3_cexp_med1: You're quick, my friend.
guard3: g3_cexp_med2: You've had training I see....
guard3: g3_cexp_med_f_na1: Watch her, she's a tricky one!
guard3: g3_cexp_med_m_na1: Oof, careful...he's had training.
guard3: g3_cexp_med_m_na2: Don't underestimate him.
guard3: g3_chit1: Got you, taffer!
guard3: g3_chit2: A little much for you, eh?
guard3: g3_chit3: Easy one.
guard3: g3_chit_ran1: Just like a deer.
guard3: g3_chit_ran2: Never miss.
guard3: g3_chit_ran3: Nailed him.
guard3: g3_cini1: Aha! You there! Run while you can!
guard3: g3_cini2: I see you, taffer! Prepare to die!
guard3: g3_cini3: There you are! Drop your weapon!
guard3: g3_cini4: Thought I wouldn't find you? Now you die!
guard3: g3_cini5: Now I see you! Die, trespasser!
guard3: g3_cini6: Aha! This will be short and sweet.
guard3: g3_cini7: Found you! This will be easy!
guard3: g3_cini8: I see you! Now I'm gonna kill you!
guard3: g3_cini_enr1: Damn you to hell!
guard3: g3_cini_enr2: Aaaaaah!
guard3: g3_cini_enr3: Better start running!
guard3: g3_cini_human1: Big mistake!
guard3: g3_cini_ik1: Found ya! Now die, you murderer!
guard3: g3_cini_it1: Caught ya! Get ready to die, thief!
guard3: g3_cini_monster1: Die, you hideous thing!
guard3: g3_cini_monster_na1: You ever seen anything like this before?
guard3: g3_cini_na1: Found the taffer! Don't let him get away!
guard3: g3_cini_na2: There he is! At him!
guard3: g3_cini_na3: Over here! We've got him now!
guard3: g3_cini_zombie1: The stench! Like death!
guard3: g3_cini_zombie_na1: Zombies! Together we can stop them!
guard3: g3_ckil1: And that's that!
guard3: g3_ckil2: Die!
guard3: g3_ckil3: To your grave!
guard3: g3_cmis1: Whoa!
guard3: g3_cmis2:
guard3: g3_cmis3: Oh, just missed!
guard3: g3_cmis_na1: Missed! You get 'em!
guard3: g3_cmis_na2: Did you miss too?
guard3: g3_cmis_ran1: Right between the...oh, missed!
guard3: g3_cmis_ran2: Can't hit anything in this light!
guard3: g3_cmis_ran3: Oh! Just off a bit!
guard3: g3_cret_kil1: That was some fight.
guard3: g3_cret_kil2: Victory is mine.
guard3: g3_cret_kil3: They never had a chance.
guard3: g3_cret_kil_na1: Over already? Did you see me nail 'em?
guard3: g3_cret_kil_na2: Luckily, I was here to assure our victory....
guard3: g3_cret_kil_pl1: It's a known fact...the good guy wins every time....
guard3: g3_cret_kil_pl_na1: Pah, thieves. No good in a fight, or anywhere else, am I right?
guard3: g3_crime_hurtother1: Why don't you try that on me, taffer!
guard3: g3_crime_kill1: You killed them! I'll teach you!
guard3: g3_crime_lockp1: I'll show you, trying to get in there!
guard3: g3_crime_theft1: Hey! Thief!
guard3: g3_crime_threat1: You've threatened the wrong person, now you're in for it.
guard3: g3_crime_tres1: I've got an intruder here!
guard3: g3_crime_vandal1: Hey, we got a vandal here!
guard3: g3_crime_wanted1: Hey, I saw you from that poster! I'm gonna catch me a thief!
guard3: g3_csub1: This time for keeps, eh?
guard3: g3_csub2: I'll finish you this time!
guard3: g3_csub3: You should've left when you had a chance.
guard3: g3_csub_na1: Hey, look, he's back!
guard3: g3_csur1: Cripes! Who're you? You're gonna die!
guard3: g3_csur2: Whoa! Where'd you come from? Prepare to die!
guard3: g3_csur3: Ah! Who the--? Oh, you're a goner!
guard3: g3_csur4: What? Hey! Die, you!
guard3: g3_csur5: Whoa! Taff it! Die, trespasser!
guard3: g3_csur6: What the--? Oh, you just made a big mistake!
guard3: g3_csur7: Ah! You surprised me! Now you're gonna pay!
guard3: g3_csur8: What? Oh! This is gonna be good!
guard3: g3_csur_ik1: Huh? Taff it! So this is the killer....
guard3: g3_csur_it1: Ah! Taff it! En garde, thief!
guard3: g3_csur_na1: What the--? Look! Don't let him get away!
guard3: g3_csur_na2: Ah! All right, let's show this taffer what we're made of!
guard3: g3_csur_na3: Ah! I see someone! Let's get him!
guard3: g3_dru_idle1: (Drunk) Then I hadda little drink...and then, then I had another drink...and then....
guard3: g3_dru_idle2: (Drunk) Sooo I says, 'I ain't afraid a no story...some evil ol' hag...skinnin' people...ha...who's scared of a silly ol' story...not me,' I sir...not me....
guard3: g3_dru_idle3: (Drunk) Think I'm drunk? Well I'm not...who's drunk? Nobody, that's who!
guard3: g3_dru_idle4: (Drunk) I'm gonna walk right up to (hiccups) him...and say Cap--(hiccups)--tain...boddom line...I need a (hiccups) raise....
guard3: g3_dru_idle5: (Drunk) Four more hours...four more bloody bloody hours...then another drink....
guard3: g3_dru_ycon1: Hey...somebody there? I'll fight ya...for a beer...ha....
guard3: g3_dru_ycon2: Whose that? That the relief? I'm not done...and I ain't drunk, if thass what yer thinkin'.
guard3: g3_dru_ycon3: Where are ya? Havva drink wi'me...don't be such a (hiccups) snob....
guard3: g3_dru_ycon4: Someone tif taffin...about? Go gemmy some more cookin' wine...wouldga...?
guard3: g3_dru_ycon5: Somethin' there? All righty...give yerself up...c'mon...(hiccups) gimme a break....
guard3: g3_dru_yini1: Oh...bloddy...wussat? (Hiccups).
guard3: g3_dru_yini2: Whoever you are, you bedder have somethin' to drink! Hee hee....
guard3: g3_dru_yret1: Thassit then...all quiet...sshhhh....
guard3: g3_dru_yret2: Nuthin'? Thassokay, geddum all next come back next time, y'hear? (Hiccups).
guard3: g3_enr_con1: You're a dead man, hear me? Dead!
guard3: g3_enr_con2: I'll see you hang for this!
guard3: g3_enr_con3: I'm going to stamp you into the gutter!
guard3: g3_enr_warn1: Hold still! I'll make you hold still!
guard3: g3_enr_warn2: Fight me fairly, you rogue!
guard3: g3_ev_ally1: Who's supposed to be on duty here?
guard3: g3_ev_ally_na1: See? Gone. This is what I'm on about. No discipline!
guard3: g3_ev_ally_spooked1: Pull yourself together, can't you?
guard3: g3_ev_ally_spooked2: What happened to you?
guard3: g3_ev_allyf1: Not like her to just wander off....
guard3: g3_ev_allym1: He's not at his post. Drunk again, most likely.
guard3: g3_ev_an_spooked1: Something's got into the aMiNals tonight.
guard3: g3_ev_blood1: Pool of blood.... Someone's in a world of hurt.
guard3: g3_ev_blood2: Someone bleeding? What's the story here?
guard3: g3_ev_body1: Hmmm...not dead very long....
guard3: g3_ev_body2: Dead. The killer could still be around here.
guard3: g3_ev_body_na1: That one's gone. We'd better not touch it.
guard3: g3_ev_body_na2: A corpse. Hope you're not squeamish....
guard3: g3_ev_bodyf1: She's dead. Who let this happen?
guard3: g3_ev_bodyf2: Sleeping? (Gasps) No, she's dead!
guard3: g3_ev_bodyf_na1: She's been killed! Did you see who did this?
guard3: g3_ev_bodym1: This man is dead.
guard3: g3_ev_bodym2: Cold, stiff...he's dead all right.
guard3: g3_ev_bodym_na1: Who killed him? Did you see anything?
guard3: g3_ev_com1: Keep your guard up. I'm coming!
guard3: g3_ev_com2: To arms! To arms!
guard3: g3_ev_dam1: Something hit me!
guard3: g3_ev_dam2: Who's hit me?
guard3: g3_ev_door1: Sloppy. This ought to be shut now.
guard3: g3_ev_door2: Hello? Who left this open?
guard3: g3_ev_door_na1: Doors open, when it should be closed, right? Don't make me say it again.
guard3: g3_ev_door_na2: If I've told you once, I've told you a million times, keep this door shut!
guard3: g3_ev_enemybody1: One fewer to bother me.
guard3: g3_ev_enemybody2: Looks like this one got what they deserved.
guard3: g3_ev_felt1: Now stop that!
guard3: g3_ev_felt2: What was that for?
guard3: g3_ev_lightext1: I'm supposed work in the dark?
guard3: g3_ev_lightext2: Hey! Turn those back on!
guard3: g3_ev_lightoff1: Someone put out the light.
guard3: g3_ev_lightoff2: What happened to the light?
guard3: g3_ev_lightoff3: Dark in here. Can't remember where the light switch is....
guard3: g3_ev_loot1: I'm sure it was here.
guard3: g3_ev_loot2: People are always taking things.
guard3: g3_ev_loot3: Things don't just...disappear.
guard3: g3_ev_loot_na1: I didn't take it. So don't look at me.
guard3: g3_ev_maj1: Damn me!
guard3: g3_ev_maj2: What madness is this?
guard3: g3_ev_med1: Something's very wrong here.
guard3: g3_ev_med2: Well, damn my eyes.
guard3: g3_ev_min1: How very odd.
guard3: g3_ev_min2: This doesn't look right.
guard3: g3_ev_res1: Some kind of tussle. Hope they gave him what for.
guard3: g3_ev_res2: Looks like I missed a good fight.
guard3: g3_ev_ret1: The boss will sort it all out, I'm through worrying about it.
guard3: g3_ev_ret2: Let someone else worry for a change, I got better things to do.
guard3: g3_ev_ret_ik1: Aw, forget it! That murderer is long gone by now...long gone....
guard3: g3_ev_shadow1: Funny kind of shadow there....
guard3: g3_ev_torchext1: Did someone just put that torch out?
guard3: g3_ev_torchext2: How'd that go out like that?
guard3: g3_ev_torchtoff1: Torches...undependable things.
guard3: g3_ev_torchtoff2: It's gone out. Must be a draft.
guard3: g3_ev_torchtoff3: Out now. It was lit before.
guard3: g3_fatigue_epi1: Whew...armor...sure gets heavy....
guard3: g3_fatigue_epi2: Gotta rest...get my breath back....
guard3: g3_fatigue_se1: (Out of breath)...stop bloody...runnin'...(huff & puff).
guard3: g3_fcon1: Run for your lives!
guard3: g3_fcon2: Out of my way!
guard3: g3_fcon3: Right behind me....
guard3: g3_fcon4: Gotta find a safe haven....
guard3: g3_fcon5: Don't look back...just keep running....
guard3: g3_fcon_ik1: He's coming...and he's got murder on his mind!
guard3: g3_fcon_ik2: Don't let him kill me too!
guard3: g3_fcow1: No more, no more!
guard3: g3_fcow2: Leave me alone!
guard3: g3_fhid1: I'll...I'll just wait here a minute.
guard3: g3_fhid2: I quit! I bloody quit!
guard3: g3_fhid3: T-taking up defensive posture....
guard3: g3_fini1: I'm outta here!
guard3: g3_fini_human1: Can't die here....
guard3: g3_fini_monster1: Help! The monster's after me!
guard3: g3_fini_na1: Come on! We gotta get outta here!
guard3: g3_fini_pl1: Don't hurt me! I'm just hired muscle!
guard3: g3_fini_pl2: Forget it...let the others handle him.
guard3: g3_fini_pl_ik1: He'll kill us all!
guard3: g3_fini_pl_it1: Help! It's the thief!
guard3: g3_fini_zombie1: Help! Zombies are after me!
guard3: g3_frust1: I know where you are...I'll be there in just a tick....
guard3: g3_frust2: This isn't over! Not 'til I say it is!
guard3: g3_frust3: Come on, coward...come over here and fight me!
guard3: g3_frust_f_na1: Shoot! Before she can run.
guard3: g3_frust_m_na1: Get him! Take him down!
guard3: g3_frust_m_na2: Aim for his gut...or his legs....
guard3: g3_frust_up1: You'll have to come down some time, taffer!
guard3: g3_fsub1: No! Keep away!
guard3: g3_fsub2: There's no place to go!
guard3: g3_gcon1: What was that?
guard3: g3_gcon2: There. Was that anything?
guard3: g3_gcon_he1: Heard something...or not....
guard3: g3_gcon_he2: If I hear it again, I'll know.
guard3: g3_gcon_he_na1: Quiet! Let's listen.
guard3: g3_gcon_he_na2: Tell me if you hear anything.
guard3: g3_gcon_se1: I think I saw something.
guard3: g3_gcon_se2: Jumping at my own shadow I bet....
guard3: g3_gcon_se_na1: See anything?
guard3: g3_gcon_se_na2: Not sure what we
guard3: g3_gen_aha1: Found you!
guard3: g3_gen_aha2: So that's where you've been.
guard3: g3_gen_aha3: There you are!
guard3: g3_gen_dazed1: What was doing?
guard3: g3_gen_dazed2: Huh? Just need to...clear my head....
guard3: g3_gen_dazed3: Where—what's wrong with me?
guard3: g3_gen_dismiss1: None of my affair.
guard3: g3_gen_dismiss2: Couldn't care less, actually....
guard3: g3_gen_dismiss3: Not my problem.
guard3: g3_gen_dunno1: No idea, sir.
guard3: g3_gen_dunno2: I really couldn't say....
guard3: g3_gen_dunno3: Maybe, dunno.
guard3: g3_gen_frust1: Of all the--!
guard3: g3_gen_frust2: Unbelievable!
guard3: g3_gen_frust3: Gotta be some way....
guard3: g3_gen_grunt2: No sweat.
guard3: g3_gen_grunt3: Here goes....
guard3: g3_gen_hack1: Can't breathe...!
guard3: g3_gen_igetit1: Of course!
guard3: g3_gen_igetit2: I get it.
guard3: g3_gen_igetit3: Aha!
guard3: g3_gen_no1: No, sir.
guard3: g3_gen_no2: I don't think so.
guard3: g3_gen_no3: No, uh-uh.
guard3: g3_gen_oof1: Whoa!
guard3: g3_gen_oof2: I'm OK!
guard3: g3_gen_oof3: Oof!
guard3: g3_gen_oops1: Should've seen that comin'.
guard3: g3_gen_oops2: Damn it!
guard3: g3_gen_snapout1: Hey there!
guard3: g3_gen_snapout2: Whoa!
guard3: g3_gen_snapout3: What on earth...?
guard3: g3_gen_startled1: What's happening?
guard3: g3_gen_startled2: What the...?
guard3: g3_gen_startled3: Ah!
guard3: g3_gen_suffer1: Oooooh.
guard3: g3_gen_suffer2: Did I hit my head?
guard3: g3_gen_suffer3: I need a thicker helmet!
guard3: g3_gen_thanks1: Thank you.
guard3: g3_gen_thanks2: Thanks.
guard3: g3_gen_thanks3: Grateful for it.
guard3: g3_gen_yes1: Yeah.
guard3: g3_gen_yes2: Indeed.
guard3: g3_gen_yes3: Sir.
guard3: g3_gini1: Was that a...hmmm.
guard3: g3_gini2: Huh.
guard3: g3_gini3: What was that?
guard3: g3_gini4: Uh oh.
guard3: g3_gini5: Half a sec....
guard3: g3_gini_he1: Sounded almost like....
guard3: g3_gini_he2: Thought I heard something.
guard3: g3_gini_he3: Eh? Did I hear that?
guard3: g3_gini_se1: Something moving...?
guard3: g3_gini_se2: Was that...moving?
guard3: g3_gini_se3: Did I see...? Hmm. Better wake up.
guard3: g3_greet_reply1: Carry on.
guard3: g3_greet_reply2: Evenin'.
guard3: g3_greet_reply3: Right.
guard3: g3_greet_req1: Hello.
guard3: g3_greet_req2: Quiet night.
guard3: g3_greet_req3: Evenin'.
guard3: g3_gret1: I knew it was nothin' all along.
guard3: g3_gret2: Nothing. Just imagined it.
guard3: g3_gret3: Nothing there. Not that I wouldn't be ready for anything.
guard3: g3_gret4: Back to work. usual.
guard3: g3_gret5: False alarm.
guard3: g3_gret_he1: Well, I guess I didn't hear anything after all.
guard3: g3_gret_he2: Huh. Nothing. Maybe some random sound.
guard3: g3_gret_he3: Probably just heard the echo of my own footsteps.
guard3: g3_gret_na1: Huh. Nothing, guess we're just on edge or something.
guard3: g3_gret_na2: False alarm. Let's get back to work.
guard3: g3_gret_na3: It's nothing. We shouldn't drink so much coffee.
guard3: g3_gret_se1: Heh! Lookin' at nothing. And jumping, too.
guard3: g3_gret_se2: Nothing. Guess it was just a--whatcha call it?--trick of the light.
guard3: g3_gret_se3: Well, don't see anything moving now....
guard3: g3_gsub1: Again!
guard3: g3_gsub2: There it is again.
guard3: g3_gsub3: Not this again.
guard3: g3_iann1: The captain'll want to see this.
guard3: g3_iann2: Somebody better take a look at this....
guard3: g3_iann_pl1: Just you wait 'til I get back with some other guards!
guard3: g3_iann_pl2: This'll take at least a few men.
guard3: g3_iarr_gone1: Nothing here.... What happened?
guard3: g3_iarr_gone_pl1: Come on, look around, he can't have gone far.
guard3: g3_iarr_pres1: That's what I've been on about!
guard3: g3_iarr_pres_pl1: That's him! Get him!
guard3: g3_iarr_srch1: I'll take a look, if you really think you saw something.
guard3: g3_iarr_srch_pl1: Shh...I bet he's still here somewhere!
guard3: g3_idle1: Just once I'd like to see somebody try THAT would be some good fun....
guard3: g3_idle2: I'm bloody dangerous, I am. Let 'em come, that's what I say.
guard3: g3_idle3: Feelin' a good bit hungry...need food to keep my strength up...they should know that....
guard3: g3_idle4: Darn boots...stupid toe-pinchers....
guard3: g3_idle5: Never really happens much. Once in a hundred nights, maybe.
guard3: g3_idle6: Fast draw, that's the key. Deal your hand first.... The other guy...might not ever get his chance at all....
guard3: g3_idle7: I shoulda told him, right then and there, 'Yeah, I'll do it, but for twice that amount, not a dime less....'
guard3: g3_idle8: Captain said no, but what does he know? One of these days....
guard3: g3_idle_an1: Animals...makes a guy hungry....
guard3: g3_idle_bs1: Hate to die in a place like this...reminds me of a coffin....
guard3: g3_idle_bs2: Used to store fish or something down here. I can still smell it.
guard3: g3_idle_ou1: Damp out here...the chill...makes a man hungry....
guard3: g3_idle_ou2: Better out here than deep in some dungeon...I guess....
guard3: g3_idle_ra1: This place is lousy with rats.
guard3: g3_idle_st1: Criminals, thieves, thugs, out...I'm patrolling the streets tonight....
guard3: g3_idle_st2: If it weren't for me, you couldn't even walk these streets....
guard3: g3_irep1: I just saw something. Come see for yourself.
guard3: g3_irep2: Something's going on, I'll show you what I mean.
guard3: g3_irep_body1: There's been a murder! Come see!
guard3: g3_irep_body2: I just saw a dead body. I'll show you where!
guard3: g3_irep_ik1: Don't just stand there...I saw a murderer back there!
guard3: g3_irep_it1: I just saw the thief, who's with me?
guard3: g3_irep_pl1: I tell you I saw someone! He's nearby!
guard3: g3_irep_pl2: Someone's in here...and he's armed. I'll show you.
guard3: g3_ires1: Show me!
guard3: g3_ires2: I'll follow you.
guard3: g3_misc_blind_con1: Oh...ah...all black....
guard3: g3_misc_blind_con2: Anyone...there? Help, can't see....
guard3: g3_misc_blind_con3: Ah...which way was I...facing?
guard3: g3_misc_blind_end1: Wait...wait...there. I can see again.
guard3: g3_misc_blind_end2: Starting to come back. What a relief!
guard3: g3_misc_blind_end3: Finally. That bastard, what a dirty trick!
guard3: g3_misc_blind_ini1: My eyes...burning....
guard3: g3_misc_blind_ini2: What? Where is everything?
guard3: g3_misc_blind_ini3: My eyes!
guard3: g3_misc_noisemak1: That sounded awfully strange.
guard3: g3_misc_noisemak2: Some kind of—What's that racket?
guard3: g3_misc_noisesup1: What...who? Suddenly got all quiet for a second there.
guard3: g3_misc_pickp1: Hey...where...I'm sure I had it with me.
guard3: g3_misc_pickp2: I never lose things...maybe someone swiped it...nah....
guard3: g3_misc_pickp3: Maybe it's at home? No...I definitely brought it today....
guard3: g3_misc_slip1: Clumsy me.
guard3: g3_misc_slip2: Oh no!
guard3: g3_misc_slip3: Whups!
guard3: g3_nbarrel1: That barrel...better check it out.
guard3: g3_nchair1: How 'bout that chair there?
guard3: g3_ncouch1: Hmmm...that couch....
guard3: g3_ncrate1: I'll check the crates.
guard3: g3_ndesk1: Gotta check by the desk.
guard3: g3_ndoor1: Hmm...what's by the door?
guard3: g3_nladder1: Hmmm...over there by the ladder....
guard3: g3_nmach1: Don't like these machines. Still, better check'em.
guard3: g3_nshadow1: I'll go take a look in those shadows....
guard3: g3_nshelf1: Better have a look by the shelves....
guard3: g3_nstatue1: That's almost as if...better check it out.
guard3: g3_ntable1: Could be on the other side of that table....
guard3: g3_obs_citywatch1: Arrest anyone lately?
guard3: g3_obs_citywatch2: All clear?
guard3: g3_obs_citywatch3: Hello there, officer.
guard3: g3_obs_commoner1: One side, citizen.
guard3: g3_obs_commoner2: Hmph.
guard3: g3_obs_commoner3: Evening.
guard3: g3_obs_guard1: Nothing stirring this evening.
guard3: g3_obs_guard2: Everything seems on the up and up.
guard3: g3_obs_
guard3: Hey, buddy.
guard3: g3_obs_hammer1: Remember we're the law here, Hammer.
guard3: g3_obs_hammer_friend1: Good to know you folk are still watching too.
guard3: g3_obs_noble1: Fancy clothes... wish I could have me some of them.
guard3: g3_obs_noblef1: Quiet night, my lady.
guard3: g3_obs_noblef2: If I can be of service, my lady, but speak the word.
guard3: g3_obs_noblem1: Well met, sir.
guard3: g3_obs_noblem2: Fine evening, your lordship.
guard3: g3_obs_pagan1: Bit green for my taste.
guard3: g3_obs_pagan_friend1: Hey. You know where to get good vegetables?
guard3: g3_obs_pl1: Don't even think about it.
guard3: g3_obs_pl2: That type makes me twitchy.
guard3: g3_obs_pl3: Don't like the looks a' that one.
guard3: g3_opp_fcon1: Coward! Stop this instant!
guard3: g3_opp_fcon2: Quit your runnin', damn you!
guard3: g3_opp_fcon3: I order you to stop!
guard3: g3_opp_fini1: Ha! Too much for ya?
guard3: g3_opp_fini2: You won't get far!
guard3: g3_opp_fini_f_na1: Uh oh...we better try to catch her!
guard3: g3_opp_fini_m_na1: He's running! Try to cut him off!
guard3: g3_opp_hide1: Hey, where'd you go?
guard3: g3_opp_hide2: Trying to give me the slip, eh?
guard3: g3_opp_hide_f1: Vanished, has she? I'll find her.
guard3: g3_opp_hide_f_na1: You see where she went?
guard3: g3_opp_hide_m1: Where'd he go?
guard3: g3_opp_hide_m2: Wait...did he go this way...or...?
guard3: g3_opp_hide_m_na1: Where's he gone to? Did you see?
guard3: g3_opp_hide_m_na2: Did you see where he went?
guard3: g3_opp_mis1: Too slow!
guard3: g3_opp_mis2: Can ya see me all right?
guard3: g3_opp_mis3: You're slower than molasses!
guard3: g3_opp_mis4: Want I should hit myself for ya?
guard3: g3_opp_mis5: Who taught you to fight?
guard3: g3_pagancornerstone1: This is a whole mess of vines.
guard3: g3_rcon1: Come on out now...I know someone's there....
guard3: g3_rcon2: I gots to admit...I've been looking forward to some action....
guard3: g3_rcon3: All this unnecessary....
guard3: g3_rcon4: Come out...whoever you are!
guard3: g3_rcon5: Welly well...who might we have hiding here, then...?
guard3: g3_rcon6: Skulking in the matter, I'll find you soon enough.
guard3: g3_rcon7: Don't make this worse on yourself....
guard3: g3_rcon8: Where are you? Come on, you coward!
guard3: g3_rcon_fnd1: Thought you could hide?
guard3: g3_rcon_fnd2: There you are! Let's see what you've got.
guard3: g3_rcon_fnd3: The game is up, taffer!
guard3: g3_rcon_fnd4: Time to face me taffer!
guard3: g3_rcon_fnd5: There! Got you, taffer!
guard3: g3_rcon_fnd_f_na1: Over there! That's her.
guard3: g3_rcon_fnd_m_na1: Here he is! Close in on him!
guard3: g3_rcon_fnd_m_na2: We've got him.
guard3: g3_rcon_fnd_m_na3: Found him! Let's get this over with.
guard3: g3_rcon_he1: By all the ruckus I can tell I'm looking for something big....
guard3: g3_rcon_he2: I can hear you, so just come out with your hands where I can see 'em....
guard3: g3_rcon_he3: Come out, taffer, I heard you....
guard3: g3_rcon_he_na1: What gets me is...we heard something, right? Well, that somethin...can hear us too!
guard3: g3_rcon_he_na2: We heard you, and now we're gonna find you....
guard3: g3_rcon_ia_na1: You gotta keep your eyes open...looks like a bad night....
guard3: g3_rcon_ik_na1: Yell if you find anyone! It could be the murderer!
guard3: g3_rcon_it_na1: You heard? We're on the look out for a pilferer....
guard3: g3_rcon_los1: Come on out and fight, ya taffer!
guard3: g3_rcon_los2: I'm sick of this cat and mouse game of yours....
guard3: g3_rcon_los3: You can't hide forever, taffer.
guard3: g3_rcon_los4: You're only hiding 'cause ya know ya can't beat me.
guard3: g3_rcon_los5: Make ya a deal...if you come out now...I'll kill ya quick and clean....
guard3: g3_rcon_los6: Where are you, coward? Too scared to fight?
guard3: g3_rcon_los7: When I find'll wish you were already dead....
guard3: g3_rcon_los8: Hiding can't save you, you know!
guard3: g3_rcon_los_f1: Come on out, lady!
guard3: g3_rcon_los_f_na1: Keep looking. She's hid out somewheres.
guard3: g3_rcon_los_m1: OK, mister, come on out, with your hands up....
guard3: g3_rcon_los_m2: He's still close by... I know it.
guard3: g3_rcon_los_m3: I lose him, the captain'll have somethin' to say about it....
guard3: g3_rcon_los_m_na1: You see which way he went?
guard3: g3_rcon_los_m_na2: Remember, when we find him, he's mine....
guard3: g3_rcon_los_m_na3: Don't let him get behind you.
guard3: g3_rcon_na1: Keep your weapon handy...I'm sure there's somebody here...
guard3: g3_rcon_na2: Come easy, taffer. Don't you know you're outnumbered?
guard3: g3_rcon_na3: Keep looking, someone's here, or my name ain't Smithy....
guard3: g3_rcon_se1: Saw they're pro'bly trying to use the shadows....
guard3: g3_rcon_se2: Show yourself! I seen you once already....
guard3: g3_rcon_se3: It'd help if you moved around some's I can see you better....
guard3: g3_rcon_se_na1: Hey, taffer, why are ya hiding? We saw you, you know!
guard3: g3_rcon_se_na2: We both saw something, that much I know....
guard3: g3_repri_bump_init1: Excuse me!
guard3: g3_repri_bump_init2: Careful, you.
guard3: g3_repri_hurt_init1: Hey, that hurt you taffer!
guard3: g3_repri_hurtother_init1: Leave them be!
guard3: g3_repri_hurtother_sub1: Get away from them this minute!
guard3: g3_repri_lockp_init1: That's locked for a reason. Back off.
guard3: g3_repri_odd_init1: What's the meaning of this?
guard3: g3_repri_odd_init2: Quit it, you.
guard3: g3_repri_over1: Okay, just don't do it again.
guard3: g3_repri_over2: All right, I won't run you in this time.
guard3: g3_repri_over3: That's better. But don't try it again.
guard3: g3_repri_stare_init1: There something wrong? Did I spill something?
guard3: g3_repri_stare_init2: I don't like being stared at.
guard3: g3_repri_theft_init1: Hey, that's mine!
guard3: g3_repri_theft_init2: You think you can just walk off with my stuff?
guard3: g3_repri_threat_init1: You don't want to mess with me, I promise you that....
guard3: g3_repri_threat_init2: What's the big idea, threatening me like that?
guard3: g3_repri_threat_sub1: I'm telling you, put that thing away!
guard3: g3_repri_threat_sub2: I don't want trouble, but you're really starting it.
guard3: g3_repri_thrown_init1: That's not funny! Stop it!
guard3: g3_repri_thrown_init2: Don't make me come over there.
guard3: g3_repri_thrown_sub1: Are you even listening to me? Cut it out!
guard3: g3_repri_thrown_sub2: Throw one more and you're taffing in for it.
guard3: g3_repri_tres_init1: Don't get any ideas about going in.
guard3: g3_repri_tres_init2: Get out of here, taffer.
guard3: g3_repri_vandal_init1: Hey! Somebody paid good money for that!
guard3: g3_repri_vandal_sub1: Stop breaking things, you!
guard3: g3_rini1: What is it now?
guard3: g3_rini2: I know someone's there.
guard3: g3_rini3: Someone's looking for trouble....
guard3: g3_rini4: Some taffin' tresspasser no doubt....
guard3: g3_rini5: Somebody causing trouble....
guard3: g3_rini_he1: Who's there? Just gave yourself away with all that noise....
guard3: g3_rini_he2: Who did that? I heard that!
guard3: g3_rini_he3: Come on, who's making that ruckus?
guard3: g3_rini_he_na1: We'd better see what's making that noise!
guard3: g3_rini_he_na2: Uh oh! What's that sound like to you?
guard3: g3_rini_he_na3: Hear that? Sounds like someone's taffin about!
guard3: g3_rini_se1: I saw that, taffer. May as well show your face.
guard3: g3_rini_se2: Someone there? Show yourself!
guard3: g3_rini_se3: Who's that lurking over there?
guard3: g3_rini_se_na1: There! Did you see it too?
guard3: g3_rini_se_na2: Hey! We saw that you know!
guard3: g3_rini_se_na3: Look! Do you see what I see?
guard3: g3_rnew1: OK, OK. You've got my attention....
guard3: g3_rnew2: Do that again...I dare ya....
guard3: g3_rnew3: Still there, eh? Don't worry...I'll be finding you soon....
guard3: g3_rnew_he1: Right...still making noise...are we?
guard3: g3_rnew_he2: Again...that sound...feel like I'm getting closer at least....
guard3: g3_rnew_he3: There...heard it again....
guard3: g3_rnew_se1: Again! Who's lurking over there?
guard3: g3_rnew_se2: Ha!'s almost like someone WANTS me to see them....
guard3: g3_rnew_se3: All right! I'm seeing something...just can't quite...find anything....
guard3: g3_rpre1: Ah!
guard3: g3_rpre2: Hey!
guard3: g3_rpre3: Ha!
guard3: g3_rret1: No one there now. Lucky for me I didn't call the captain.
guard3: g3_rret2: Oh, well. If no one's here, then there's nothing I can do....
guard3: g3_rret3: Must away. It's not my fault....
guard3: g3_rret4: I would have bet a month's pay something was here...oh well....
guard3: g3_rret5: Nothin'.... Guess it's like they say...even the best of us can make mistakes....
guard3: g3_rret_he1: Must've known I heard him. Guess I scared him off.
guard3: g3_rret_he2: Don't hear anything now.... Guess no one's there after all.
guard3: g3_rret_he3: All quiet now. Someone was here, though...I heard 'em.
guard3: g3_rret_los1: Gone. How'd they get away? That's some taffin' trick, that is....
guard3: g3_rret_los2: That's it. Not here...not gonna waste my time....
guard3: g3_rret_los3: They're gone. Should've finished'em when I had the chance.
guard3: g3_rret_los_f1: Not here. She's probably miles away.
guard3: g3_rret_los_f_na1: All that excitement, she somehow got away from us....
guard3: g3_rret_los_m1: Another second, I'd have had him. Too late now though...oh well....
guard3: g3_rret_los_m_na1: Lost him! This is going to look bad for us on the report.
guard3: g3_rret_na1: Forget it. Anybody asks, we didn't find anything, OK?
guard3: g3_rret_na2: Let's just say, if there was someone here, they must of up and left, OK?
guard3: g3_rret_ra1: Chasing a rat...hope nobody saw that.
guard3: g3_rret_se1: Huh. Not a eyes must be going.
guard3: g3_rret_se2: Wasted enough time tonight...whatever I saw...all's clear now.
guard3: g3_rret_se3: I really thought I saw someone, but even I can be wrong sometimes....
guard3: g3_rsur_ev_com1: Defend yourself!
guard3: g3_rsur_ev_com2: Look sharp, friend!
guard3: g3_sle_idle1: Oh boy...four more hours of this...gotta wake up!
guard3: g3_sle_idle2: If I could just rest my eyes for a stay...(yawns)...alert....
guard3: g3_sle_idle3: Couldn't sleep at all last I can't stay awake.
guard3: g3_sle_ycon1: It's too late for this (yawns) nonsense.
guard3: g3_sle_ycon2: What a night...this someone's idea of a joke?
guard3: g3_sle_ycon3: All right all right...on my way.
guard3: g3_sle_yini1: (Startled) Eh? Sir? Thought I heard something....
guard3: g3_sle_yini2: Who's that? I'm awake!
guard3: g3_sle_yret1: Nobody. Woke me up, though. (Yawns).
guard3: g3_sle_yret2: Who'm I kidding. Everybody's asleep.
guard3: g3_sleeping1: (Talking in sleep) What? Mmmm...lemon cake...whatsa...icing....
guard3: g3_sndocc1: I hate this noisy place!
guard3: g3_sndocc2: This bloody din...makes a man crazy....
guard3: g3_sum_fight1: To me! Someone! Quickly!
guard3: g3_sum_fight2: Anyone there? Help me!
guard3: g3_sum_fight3: Somebody! I need help with him!
guard3: g3_sum_reply1: Someone in trouble?
guard3: g3_sum_reply2: I'm coming!
guard3: g3_sum_reply3: Here I come! Let me at 'em!
guard3: g3_valley1: The alleyway, I saw him!
guard3: g3_vatrium1: Quick! He's in the atrium!
guard3: g3_vbathrm1: Sorry, oh, pardon me, ah... hey, who are you?
guard3: g3_vbedrm1: In the bedchamber! An intruder!
guard3: g3_vbsmt1: He's in the basement! Help!
guard3: g3_vchamber1: Hey! You in the chamber!
guard3: g3_vchapel1: There he is! In the chapel!
guard3: g3_vcourtyd1: Someone's in the courtyard!
guard3: g3_vhall1: Stop him! He's in the halls!
guard3: g3_vinside1: Hey! How'd you get in here?
guard3: g3_vkitchen1: Who's that there? You're not the cook!
guard3: g3_vlibrary1: Someone's in with the books!
guard3: g3_voutside1: There's an intruder outside!
guard3: g3_vrafters1: He's up in the rafters! Look up!
guard3: g3_vroof1: There he is! On the roof!
guard3: g3_vstairs1: Who's that in the stairway?
guard3: g3_vstreet1: That's him, in the street!
guard3: g3_wdie1: Arg! Murderer! Now you've really had it!
guard3: g3_wdie2: Died in battle at least....
guard3: g3_wdie_f1: You'll pay for her life with yours!
guard3: g3_wdie_m1: That's our man you just killed, taffer!
guard3: g3_wfle1: Stand your ground!
guard3: g3_ycon1: Something there? Come on out then....
guard3: g3_ycon2: Probably nothing, but just in case....
guard3: g3_ycon3: Doubt it's anything, but I've got to check anyway....
guard3: g3_ycon4: Anyone there? This isn't funny....
guard3: g3_ycon5: If something's there...I'm gonna be mad....
guard3: g3_ycon_he1: Noise came from around here...I think....
guard3: g3_ycon_he2: Heard a sort of...rustling...or maybe it was a bump....
guard3: g3_ycon_he3: Pretty sure I heard something.
guard3: g3_ycon_he_na1: Shh...Let's just listen for a minute....
guard3: g3_ycon_he_na2: Not sure which direction we heard it, are you?
guard3: g3_ycon_na1: We should just make sure nothing's there....
guard3: g3_ycon_na2: You see anyone, you leave 'em to me!
guard3: g3_ycon_se1: I guess it could have been a shadow...or something....
guard3: g3_ycon_se2: Couldn't really tell, but something seemed to move....
guard3: g3_ycon_se3: I can't have imagined seeing it...can I?
guard3: g3_ycon_se_na1: I don't see anything now. You?
guard3: g3_ycon_se_na2: Keep looking. I'm pretty sure I saw movement....
guard3: g3_yini1: Better check on that.
guard3: g3_yini2: Something funny going on?
guard3: g3_yini3: Someone there? Or what...?
guard3: g3_yini4: Something there?
guard3: g3_yini5: Anybody here?
guard3: g3_yini_he1: Some kind of...sound?
guard3: g3_yini_he2: Sounded like....
guard3: g3_yini_he3: Heard that, didn't I?
guard3: g3_yini_he_na1: Listen! Something just made a noise....
guard3: g3_yini_he_na2: You must have heard that. Right?
guard3: g3_yini_he_na3: Stop a sec. Hear that?
guard3: g3_yini_se1: What's that I see?
guard3: g3_yini_se2: Hmmm...Something moved....
guard3: g3_yini_se3: Hello? Someone moving over there?
guard3: g3_yini_se_na1: Did you see? Thought something moved over there.
guard3: g3_yini_se_na2: There! Please say you saw it too!
guard3: g3_yini_se_na3: Thought I saw movement. How 'bout you?
guard3: g3_ynew1: I'm gonna find out what that is....
guard3: g3_ynew2: Still happening...gotta find out....
guard3: g3_ynew3: Hello? Someone playing tricks?
guard3: g3_ypre1: Eh?
guard3: g3_yret1: Guess I was wrong. Nothin's here.
guard3: g3_yret2: Ah, forget it. Going to be a long shift if I jump at every little thing.
guard3: g3_yret3: Nothing there. Back to guarding.
guard3: g3_yret4: Getting spooked at nothing, maybe my relief will come soon.
guard3: g3_yret5: Nothin' there. I don't know why I'm so on edge all the time.
guard3: g3_yret_he1: Forget it. Sometimes at night sounds carry farther or something.
guard3: g3_yret_he2: Nothin's here. Just one of those random noises, I guess.
guard3: g3_yret_he3: Probably just a rat scurrying about. I shouldn't have bothered.
guard3: g3_yret_na1: I could've told you a while ago there's nothing here, but I knew you had to figure it for yourself....
guard3: g3_yret_na2: Come on, it's time to call this off, there's nothing for us to find.
guard3: g3_yret_ra1: A rat! And here I am thinking all sorts of things....
guard3: g3_yret_se1: Whatever I saw, it's gone now.
guard3: g3_yret_se2: Eyes playing tricks...just tired I guess.
guard3: g3_yret_se3: Pah. There ain't a thing here. And I woulda sworn I saw something....

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