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T3_guard4 Edit

guard4: g4_blame_maj1: I caught the criminal! You're going to pay for what you did.
guard4: g4_blame_min1: Did you do this? You've caused too much trouble already.
guard4: g4_caim1: Aiming...aiming....
guard4: g4_caim2: Yeah, right in my sights....
guard4: g4_caim3:
guard4: g4_catt1: Yyyyya!
guard4: g4_catt2: Son of a....
guard4: g4_catt3: Bastard!
guard4: g4_catt4: Strike!
guard4: g4_catt5: Thrust!
guard4: g4_catt_hi1: This ends it!
guard4: g4_catt_hi2: How's that feel?
guard4: g4_catt_hi3: Yahaa!
guard4: g4_catt_hi_na1: Watch and learn....
guard4: g4_catt_hi_na2: We're unbeatable!
guard4: g4_catt_hi_na3: Ha! We're winning!
guard4: g4_catt_lo1: Almost too good....
guard4: g4_catt_lo2: Keep back!
guard4: g4_catt_lo_na1: Someone...!
guard4: g4_catt_lo_na2: Help me with this one....
guard4: g4_catt_lo_na3: You try! I'm no good to ya!
guard4: g4_catt_ran1: And away!
guard4: g4_catt_ran2: And... mark!
guard4: g4_catt_ran3: There it goes!
guard4: g4_cdam_hi1: Ah! Curse you!
guard4: g4_cdam_hi2: Gah! Oh my bones!
guard4: g4_cdam_hi3: Ow! That's not good....
guard4: g4_cdam_hi_na1: Gah! Somebody stop him!
guard4: g4_cdam_hi_na2: Ng! Help..someone....
guard4: g4_cdam_hi_na3: Ow! Get him, somebody!
guard4: g4_cdam_lo1: That's nothing!
guard4: g4_cdam_lo2: Ha!
guard4: g4_cdam_lo3: Ow!
guard4: g4_cdam_med1: Ugh! Whelp!
guard4: g4_cdam_med2: Ow! Son of a....
guard4: g4_cdam_med3: Ah! That stung!
guard4: g4_cdam_no1: Ha! Nothing.
guard4: g4_cdam_no2: Are we fighting or dancing?
guard4: g4_cdam_no3: Like bein' licked by a kitten!
guard4: g4_cdie_ko1: Whoa...okay...uuugghh.
guard4: g4_cdie_words1: Gah! Someone call the...doc....
guard4: g4_cdie_words2: Ah! Oh no...whatcha go and do that for...?
guard4: g4_cdie_words3: Oh! Look at all the...blood....
guard4: g4_cexp_hi1: Thought you could take me, did you?
guard4: g4_cexp_hi2: Not so clever now, are you?
guard4: g4_cexp_hi_f_na1: She won't last long against us!
guard4: g4_cexp_hi_m_na1: We've nearly finished him....
guard4: g4_cexp_hi_m_na2: We've beaten him, almost....
guard4: g4_cexp_lo1: Damn your skill!
guard4: g4_cexp_lo2: Never lost before....
guard4: g4_cexp_lo_f_na1: She's too fast for us!
guard4: g4_cexp_lo_m_na1: Get him off me, will ya?
guard4: g4_cexp_lo_m_na2: Go around, hit him from behind!
guard4: g4_cexp_med1: You're tougher than you look....
guard4: g4_cexp_med2: Not so easy, this....
guard4: g4_cexp_med_f_na1: Keep an eye on her....
guard4: g4_cexp_med_m_na1: Watch out, he's quick!
guard4: g4_cexp_med_m_na2: This one might take us a while....
guard4: g4_chit1: That's a hit!
guard4: g4_chit2: Gotcha!
guard4: g4_chit3: He's wounded....
guard4: g4_chit_ran1: Good shot!
guard4: g4_chit_ran2: Yeah! Dead on!
guard4: g4_chit_ran3: Never had a chance.
guard4: g4_cini1: Found ya! I'll make a corpse of ya!
guard4: g4_cini2: There you are! You're a dead man!
guard4: g4_cini3: Aha! You are so dead!
guard4: g4_cini4: There! You! Stand and fight!
guard4: g4_cini5: I knew it! Now face me, coward!
guard4: g4_cini6: Found you, you dog! You're dead!
guard4: g4_cini7: There! I see ya! Now you die!
guard4: g4_cini8: There you are! En garde!
guard4: g4_cini_enr1: You're a dead man!
guard4: g4_cini_enr2: Aaaaaah!
guard4: g4_cini_enr3: I'll see you in hell!
guard4: g4_cini_human1: I'll gut you!
guard4: g4_cini_ik1: Found ya! Thought you'd get away with murder, eh?
guard4: g4_cini_it1: There you are! Die, you thief!
guard4: g4_cini_monster1: Monsters! Disgusting!
guard4: g4_cini_monster_na1: What a stench! Filthy monsters!
guard4: g4_cini_na1: Found him! Back me up, can't you?
guard4: g4_cini_na2: I spotted him! Come on, with me!
guard4: g4_cini_na3: Here he is! This way! Get him!
guard4: g4_cini_zombie1: Oh, no, not zombies!
guard4: g4_cini_zombie_na1: I hate zombies! Little help here!
guard4: g4_ckil1: Die! Taffer!
guard4: g4_ckil2: Ha, ha! Victory!
guard4: g4_ckil3: You're through!
guard4: g4_cmis1: Hold still, will ya?
guard4: g4_cmis2: Fast one, you are.
guard4: g4_cmis3: Eh?
guard4: g4_cmis_na1: Too quick for me! You try!
guard4: g4_cmis_na2: Clever. But we'll get ya!
guard4: g4_cmis_ran1: Oh! Must've seen it coming!
guard4: g4_cmis_ran2: Missed!
guard4: g4_cmis_ran3: Oh! Bad aim!
guard4: g4_cret_kil1: Ha! And now...for a bit of braggin' at the pub....
guard4: g4_cret_kil2: Ha! Dead! And I'm still a walkin'....
guard4: g4_cret_kil3: Got you, you sorry excuse for a taffer!
guard4: g4_cret_kil_na1: We won...right? I mean, that's all, right?
guard4: g4_cret_kil_na2: Whew! Glad that's over, and glad for the help, too.
guard4: g4_cret_kil_pl1: Guards one, shadow lovin'
guard4: g4_cret_kil_pl_na1: Quick, search him. All these thieves are rich!
guard4: g4_crime_hurtother1: You think hurting people is funny? Let's see how funny you think this is.
guard4: g4_crime_kill1: You just killed them! Your turn next!
guard4: g4_crime_lockp1: Thief! Thief! Now you're in for it!
guard4: g4_crime_theft1: You stole that! Nobody gets away with that here!
guard4: g4_crime_threat1: You don't just threaten a guard and walk away. I'll show you.
guard4: g4_crime_tres1: This isn't your house!
guard4: g4_crime_vandal1: That's vandalism, that's what that is! I'm stopping you right now!
guard4: g4_crime_wanted1: I'm gonna get me a reward for you!
guard4: g4_csub1: Nowhere to run now.
guard4: g4_csub2: I won't let you get away this time.
guard4: g4_csub3: Ha! A chance to finish it.
guard4: g4_csub_na1: Careful, he might try to run again!
guard4: g4_csur1: Huh? Who's that? I'll make a corpse of ya!
guard4: g4_csur2: Ah! Oh, that's it--you're a dead man.
guard4: g4_csur3: Taff! You scared me! You are so dead!
guard4: g4_csur4: What the--! Have at thee!
guard4: g4_csur5: Ah! What the--? You're in for it now!
guard4: g4_csur6: Hey! Who're you? Stand and fight, you dog!
guard4: g4_csur7: Cripes! An intruder! That was your last mistake!
guard4: g4_csur8: Huh? You just found the wrong guard, taffer!
guard4: g4_csur_ik1: Huh? Who? You're the murderer! Die!
guard4: g4_csur_it1: Huh? Oh, our burglar! En garde!
guard4: g4_csur_na1: Hey! Who's that? Help me get him!
guard4: g4_csur_na2: Ah! Intruder! Come on, with me!
guard4: g4_csur_na3: Cripes! Look! Ah! Get him!
guard4: g4_dru_idle1: (Drunk) Knew she fancied me...(hiccups)...I gots that effect on...the fairy sex...the far
guard4: g4_dru_idle2: (Drunk) So the frog, no, no the mouse says....'Who art thou?,' and then the bartender says....'We don't serve your kind.' ...hee hee, get it?
guard4: g4_dru_idle3: (Drunk) Maybe they start a tab for (hiccups) McGinty's...yeah....
guard4: g4_dru_idle4: Oooo...spinny kind of (hiccups) night...spinny spin spin...ooooo....
guard4: g4_dru_idle5: (Drunk) A frog and a...a...a...a mouse walk into a pub, see, and they both order...whisk--no ales...and....
guard4: g4_dru_ycon1: Where are ya? Too dark...come back inna mornin'....
guard4: g4_dru_ycon2: Just a dog maybe...used to have a dog...wherezat doggy? Poochy poochy poo....
guard4: g4_dru_ycon3: C'mon out...wherever ya are...have a drink....
guard4: g4_dru_ycon4: Issat you, Mabel? Don't be shy now...I been (hiccups) hopin' you'd stop by....
guard4: g4_dru_ycon5: Is that you, lord--(hiccups)--ship...lord--(hiccups)--ship...? Oh...bother....
guard4: g4_dru_yini1: (Drunkenly articulate) I assure powers of alertness their...peak....
guard4: g4_dru_yini2: Is that lovely?
guard4: g4_dru_yret1: No one there...prolly a ghost...prolly the ghost of ol' Missus Bailey.... Sorry I ate that pie...ghost of Missus Bailey....
guard4: g4_dru_yret2: F'get it...s'nuthin...good thing, too...seein' as how I'm a little sorta drunk....
guard4: g4_enr_con1: You'll bleed for this!
guard4: g4_enr_con2: I'm going to cut you into pieces!
guard4: g4_enr_con3: I'm going to spill your guts in the street!
guard4: g4_enr_warn1: Think that's clever? I'll show you....
guard4: g4_enr_warn2: You and me in a fair fight, that's all I ask.
guard4: g4_ev_ally1: What, nobody here? That's funny....
guard4: g4_ev_ally_na1: We'd better look around for the guard...supposed to be right here....
guard4: g4_ev_ally_spooked1: Hello? What's the matter with you?
guard4: g4_ev_ally_spooked2: In some sort of a state.
guard4: g4_ev_allyf1: She was just here....
guard4: g4_ev_allym1: Where is he? I hope nothing's wrong.
guard4: g4_ev_an_spooked1: What is it, you critters? Somethin' gotcha spooked?
guard4: g4_ev_blood1: I'm not going to clean this blood up, I'll tell you that.
guard4: g4_ev_blood2: Blood! What a night!
guard4: g4_ev_body1: A corpse? What's going on here?
guard4: g4_ev_body2: Dead? How can this have happened?
guard4: g4_ev_body_na1: Stone cold dead. Should we report this or what?
guard4: g4_ev_body_na2: Dead...least it's not us though, eh?
guard4: g4_ev_bodyf1: She's dead! Who could have done this?
guard4: g4_ev_bodyf2: Hey missy, you can't just...oh no! She's dead!
guard4: g4_ev_bodyf_na1: She's dead! What do we do?
guard4: g4_ev_bodym1: Help! A man's been killed!
guard4: g4_ev_bodym2: He's dead! Who could have done this?
guard4: g4_ev_bodym_na1: A dead man.... We should probably tell the boss.
guard4: g4_ev_com1: Oh boy, what a fight!
guard4: g4_ev_com2: Stand fast, I'm with you!
guard4: g4_ev_dam1: Ah! Who struck me?
guard4: g4_ev_dam2: Didn't see anything....
guard4: g4_ev_door1: Who left this ajar?
guard4: g4_ev_door2: I keep tellin' 'em, you gots to keep this shut at all times....
guard4: g4_ev_door_na1: I'm not accusing you, but someone forgot to close that door.
guard4: g4_ev_door_na2: Look, open. Someone came through here. Did you see who?
guard4: g4_ev_enemybody1: Looks like you got what you deserved.
guard4: g4_ev_enemybody2: Wouldn't a' minded doing that myself.
guard4: g4_ev_felt1: Hey, cut it out.
guard4: g4_ev_felt2: What the-- What hit me?
guard4: g4_ev_lightext1: Someone playing with the lights?
guard4: g4_ev_lightext2: Hey, that's not funny, I can't see!
guard4: g4_ev_lightoff1: This light shouldn't be off. What's going on?
guard4: g4_ev_lightoff2: Who put out the lights?
guard4: g4_ev_lightoff3: Lights must be broke. I can't work in the dark....
guard4: g4_ev_loot1: Wasn't there something here?
guard4: g4_ev_loot2: Someone's made off with it.
guard4: g4_ev_loot3: It can't have gone off by itself.
guard4: g4_ev_loot_na1: Well if you didn't take it, who did?
guard4: g4_ev_maj1: What the--?
guard4: g4_ev_maj2: What the taffin'...?
guard4: g4_ev_med1: Someone's been up to mischief!
guard4: g4_ev_med2: Well, I never!
guard4: g4_ev_min1: Interesting.
guard4: g4_ev_min2: Very curious.
guard4: g4_ev_res1: Looks like there's been a fight or something.
guard4: g4_ev_res2: Must have been some combat...and I missed it!
guard4: g4_ev_ret1: It'll sort itself out, one way or another....
guard4: g4_ev_ret2: Oh, well. Hope someone else is taking care of it....
guard4: g4_ev_ret_ik1: Just like in the books...killer does what he came here to do...then leaves the scene...nary a clue....
guard4: g4_ev_shadow1: Shadow...givin' me the creeps....
guard4: g4_ev_torchext1: Very funny. Who put that out?
guard4: g4_ev_torchext2: Hey, the torch went out!
guard4: g4_ev_torchtoff1: Burnt all out I guess.
guard4: g4_ev_torchtoff2: I'm not gonna light it again. No sir, not my job....
guard4: g4_ev_torchtoff3: Torch went out. Drafty old place....
guard4: g4_fatigue_epi1: All that ale...need a second here....
guard4: g4_fatigue_epi2: Just need a minute...catch my...whew....
guard4: g4_fatigue_se1: (Out of breath) C'mere...ya coward...(huffing & puffing).
guard4: g4_fcon1: Get me out of here!
guard4: g4_fcon2: Run away!
guard4: g4_fcon3: No place to hide....
guard4: g4_fcon4: Why me...?
guard4: g4_fcon5: Got to lose 'em at the next turn....
guard4: g4_fcon_ik1: Run! It's the murderer!
guard4: g4_fcon_ik2: Help! He'll murder us all!
guard4: g4_fcow1: That's enough, uncle, uncle!
guard4: g4_fcow2: Whoa, whoa, take it easy will ya?
guard4: g4_fhid1: Might be safe here.
guard4: g4_fhid2: If I get out of this...I'll never drink another not that, um....
guard4: g4_fhid3: Only place I could find....
guard4: g4_fini1: Gotta go!
guard4: g4_fini_human1: Not worth it...I'm leavin'....
guard4: g4_fini_monster1: Some kind of...unnatural beast!
guard4: g4_fini_na1: Hurry up! We can't stay here!
guard4: g4_fini_pl1: I'm leaving! I can't beat him!
guard4: g4_fini_pl2: That's it, I'm off!
guard4: g4_fini_pl_ik1: Help! Don't let him kill me too!
guard4: g4_fini_pl_it1: Taffin' thief! Too fast for me.
guard4: g4_fini_zombie1: Zombies! They're unstoppable!
guard4: g4_frust1: How'd you get there? Come back and fight!
guard4: g4_frust2: Get over here! Fight me, you coward!
guard4: g4_frust3: You think you're so clever! I'll hunt you down!
guard4: g4_frust_f_na1: Drop her!
guard4: g4_frust_m_na1: What are you waiting for? Shoot him!
guard4: g4_frust_m_na2: He's in range, do it!
guard4: g4_frust_up1: I see you up there!
guard4: g4_fsub1: Is there no safe haven?
guard4: g4_fsub2: Why me? I'm not worth it!
guard4: g4_gcon1: Oh, come on...what could be there?
guard4: g4_gcon2: Eh? Hello?
guard4: g4_gcon_he1: Thought I heard something....
guard4: g4_gcon_he2: Maybe I didn't hear anything...maybe I did....
guard4: g4_gcon_he_na1: You heard it too, right?
guard4: g4_gcon_he_na2: Quit breathing, would you? I can't hear.
guard4: g4_gcon_se1: Maybe...just seeing things?
guard4: g4_gcon_se2: Movement...or...maybe not....
guard4: g4_gcon_se_na1: Anything moves, just tell me.
guard4: g4_gcon_se_na2: Not sure we really saw anything anyway....
guard4: g4_gen_aha1: So here you are.
guard4: g4_gen_aha2: Should've looked here first.
guard4: g4_gen_aha3: Knew I'd find you.
guard4: g4_gen_dazed1: Feeling a little funny.
guard4: g4_gen_dazed2: Huh?'s going on?
guard4: g4_gen_dazed3: Was I dreaming...or where is a...?
guard4: g4_gen_dismiss1: Hmm.
guard4: g4_gen_dismiss2: Yeah, whatever.
guard4: g4_gen_dismiss3: Am I supposed to care?
guard4: g4_gen_distress3: Hey, hey!
guard4: g4_gen_dunno1:'s a curnundrum.
guard4: g4_gen_dunno2: Hard to say.
guard4: g4_gen_dunno3: Maybe.
guard4: g4_gen_frust1: Of all the tif taffin....
guard4: g4_gen_frust2: There must be some way....
guard4: g4_gen_frust3: This can't be happening.
guard4: g4_gen_grunt2: There we go....
guard4: g4_gen_grunt3: Achin' back....
guard4: g4_gen_igetit1: I see it now.
guard4: g4_gen_igetit2: So that's all it was.
guard4: g4_gen_igetit3: I understand.
guard4: g4_gen_no1: No.
guard4: g4_gen_no2: Nope.
guard4: g4_gen_no3: Negatory.
guard4: g4_gen_oof1: No problem!
guard4: g4_gen_oof2: Just tripped....
guard4: g4_gen_oof3: Whoops.
guard4: g4_gen_oops1: Oh well....
guard4: g4_gen_oops2: My fault.
guard4: g4_gen_oops3: Damn!
guard4: g4_gen_snapout1: What the--?
guard4: g4_gen_snapout2: What's going on?
guard4: g4_gen_startled1: What's going on?
guard4: g4_gen_startled2: How the--!
guard4: g4_gen_startled3: What the--?
guard4: g4_gen_suffer1: Ughh, what hit me?
guard4: g4_gen_suffer2: I feel awful.... Splitting headache....
guard4: g4_gen_suffer3: Gods, my head.
guard4: g4_gen_thanks1: Thank you.
guard4: g4_gen_thanks2: My thanks.
guard4: g4_gen_thanks3: I appreciate it.
guard4: g4_gen_yes1: Yes.
guard4: g4_gen_yes2: It seems so.
guard4: g4_gen_yes3: Aye.
guard4: g4_gini1: Something...just then?
guard4: g4_gini2: Almost like a.... Huh.
guard4: g4_gini3: Ho.
guard4: g4_gini4: Uh oh.
guard4: g4_gini_he1: Something rustling.
guard4: g4_gini_he2: Faintest...little sound....
guard4: g4_gini_he3: A noise?
guard4: g4_gini_se1: Out of the corner of my eye....
guard4: g4_gini_se2: Did I see something?
guard4: g4_gini_se3: For a second...thought I saw....
guard4: g4_greet_reply1: Mmmm.
guard4: g4_greet_reply2: So it is.
guard4: g4_greet_reply3: Bugger off.
guard4: g4_greet_req1: Evenin' to ya
guard4: g4_greet_req2: All quiet.
guard4: g4_greet_req3: How goes it, then?
guard4: g4_gret1: Huh! Scared myself is all.
guard4: g4_gret2: Nothing. Same old same old.
guard4: g4_gret3: Well, guess it's nothing.
guard4: g4_gret4: Nothing. If it were something...I'd know it.
guard4: g4_gret5: Well, guess it was just my imagination.
guard4: g4_gret_he1: Nothing, not even sure I heard what I heard....
guard4: g4_gret_he2: Place like have to expect some noises....
guard4: g4_gret_he3: Nothing. Must have been an echo.
guard4: g4_gret_na1: It's not the first time we've jumped at nothing, right? And won't be the last....
guard4: g4_gret_na2: Look at us, chasing around! Nothing's here.
guard4: g4_gret_na3: Face it, pal, nothing's here. No action, as usual.
guard4: g4_gret_se1: Nothing there. I'll be seein' goblins next.
guard4: g4_gret_se2: Probably jumped at my own shadow....
guard4: g4_gret_se3: Nothing, not even sure I saw anything anyway....
guard4: g4_gsub1: I knew it! There it is again!
guard4: g4_gsub2: Aha! Back again.
guard4: g4_gsub3: Again! I shouldn't have doubted myself....
guard4: g4_iann1: I'd better not try this alone.
guard4: g4_iann2: Don't think I can handle this on my own....
guard4: g4_iann_pl1: You're in a world of trouble when I get back, thief.
guard4: g4_iann_pl2: You're dead fella...guards! Anyone?
guard4: g4_iarr_gone1: This is where it was, I'm sure of it.
guard4: g4_iarr_gone_pl1: I'm telling you, he was standing right here....
guard4: g4_iarr_pres1: Now do you believe me?
guard4: g4_iarr_pres_pl1: See? There he is!
guard4: g4_iarr_srch1: I guess we can search for a while.
guard4: g4_iarr_srch_pl1: Well he ain't gonna just stand around waiting for us, is he? C'mon, let's look for him....
guard4: g4_idle1: Ugh...shouldn't have eaten so much...but what could I tell her...I guess I could say I just don't like mutton....
guard4: g4_idle2: Never make captain. That'll be the day. What's a guy gotta do to get noticed around here?
guard4: g4_idle3: Can't watch in every direction...not every direction...all the time...and one're lookin' the wrong way...they get you.
guard4: g4_idle4: Thieves are getting bolder, they say. Going about armed...just as happy to murder as steal a loaf of bread....
guard4: g4_idle5: Depressing...this is...just...depressing....
guard4: g4_idle6: A few more afternoons at the practice yard, and I'll get it.
guard4: g4_idle7: Must have been a mix up in the uniforms...pants feel...too are loose.... I'm gonna have blisters for sure....
guard4: g4_idle8: When is this shift over anyway? Seems like I've been here a hundred years....
guard4: g4_idle_an1: Critters. Not so cute up close.
guard4: g4_idle_bs1: Why's it always cold down here? Smells like rotten eggs....
guard4: g4_idle_bs2: Down here...mind starts to wander...imagining all kinds of things....
guard4: g4_idle_ou1: Fresh air supposed to be good for me...what doctor said...don't see it, myself....
guard4: g4_idle_ou2: Ooo...sure is cold out here...counting the minutes 'til I can join the crew at the tavern....
guard4: g4_idle_ra1: Rats again. Nothing kills 'em.
guard4: g4_idle_st1: Would it kill 'em to say thanks once in a while? Thankless job this...poundin' the streets night after night....
guard4: g4_idle_st2: The nerve...calling it 'Gutter' Watch.... It's 'City' Watch...and I'm ding dang proud of it....
guard4: g4_irep1: I think I need help. I saw something strange.
guard4: g4_irep2: Hey, there's something odd going on back there.
guard4: g4_irep_body1: There's been a killing! I just saw the body!
guard4: g4_irep_body2: Ah, bad news...I just saw a dead body back there.
guard4: g4_irep_ik1: I just seen the killer! Come on!
guard4: g4_irep_it1: Come on you sluggards! The thief's here!
guard4: g4_irep_pl1: Come on! There's someone lurking nearby!
guard4: g4_irep_pl2: Rouse yourselves, fellows! We've got company!
guard4: g4_ires1: Let's go, could use some action.
guard4: g4_ires2: Let's go take a little look then.
guard4: g4_misc_blind_con1: I'm blind...I...I really think I'm blind....
guard4: g4_misc_blind_con2: Hello? Could use a the...lights....
guard4: g4_misc_blind_con3: I'm all turned around...can't see anything....
guard4: g4_misc_blind_end1: Vision's coming back now...ooh, spots!
guard4: g4_misc_blind_end2: I can see where is he?
guard4: g4_misc_blind_end3: Sight's coming back now...lucky he didn't kill me.
guard4: g4_misc_blind_ini1: My eyes! Oh god, my eyes!
guard4: g4_misc_blind_ini2: What? What was that light?
guard4: g4_misc_blind_ini3: He's blinded me!
guard4: g4_misc_noisemak1: I just heard the strangest noise.
guard4: g4_misc_noisemak2: Funny sound...really very odd....
guard4: g4_misc_noisesup1: For a moment I couldn't hear myself speak!
guard4: g4_misc_pickp1: Someone took it! But how?
guard4: g4_misc_pickp2: Have I been robbed? But who...where?
guard4: g4_misc_pickp3: Help! Pickpocket!
guard4: g4_misc_slip1: Whoa!
guard4: g4_nbarrel1: Hate searching these barrels.
guard4: g4_nchair1: Could be hidin' anywhere...maybe the chair?
guard4: g4_ncouch1: Have a look by the couch....
guard4: g4_ncrate1: Something behind those crates there?
guard4: g4_ndesk1: Something over by the desk?
guard4: g4_ndoor1: Gotta check the door as well.
guard4: g4_nladder1: What's by that ladder?
guard4: g4_nmach1: Hmmm...I oughta check over by the machines too.
guard4: g4_nshadow1: Best place to hide is in shadow...better check it out....
guard4: g4_nshelf1: I'll check over by the shelves.
guard4: g4_nstatue1: I gotta check it out, but this statue gives me the creeps.
guard4: g4_ntable1: That table...better check there too....
guard4: g4_obs_citywatch1: Evenin' Officer.
guard4: g4_obs_citywatch2: Good to see the City Watch about.
guard4: g4_obs_citywatch3: Long night.
guard4: g4_obs_commoner1: Clear night....
guard4: g4_obs_commoner2: Well, well.
guard4: g4_obs_commoner3: Step lively!
guard4: g4_obs_guard1: Quiet night, then?
guard4: g4_obs_guard2: Don't know about you, but I'm famished.
guard4: g4_obs_guard3: Some long nights, eh?
guard4: g4_obs_hammer1: Do they pick you guys for height, or what?
guard4: g4_obs_hammer_friend1: Stay safe.
guard4: g4_obs_noble1: I heard maybe you was hiring, for your house guards...?
guard4: g4_obs_noblef1: Good evening to you, m'lady.
guard4: g4_obs_noblef2: Well met, my lady.
guard4: g4_obs_noblem1: If I can ever be of service, my lord....
guard4: g4_obs_noblem2: All the best to you and yours, Sir.
guard4: g4_obs_pagan1: All right, Pagan, keep moving.
guard4: g4_obs_pagan_friend1: Good to know you guys are still around.
guard4: g4_obs_pl1: Carry on.
guard4: g4_obs_pl2: Keep yer distance.
guard4: g4_obs_pl3: You just mind your manners.
guard4: g4_opp_fcon1: When I catch you, you're dead!
guard4: g4_opp_fcon2: You won't get away!
guard4: g4_opp_fcon3: Taffer! Stop right there!
guard4: g4_opp_fini1: Go on then, run! Taffer!
guard4: g4_opp_fini2: Ain't nowhere to go, you know!
guard4: g4_opp_fini_f_na1: Come on! Don't let her get away!
guard4: g4_opp_fini_m_na1: Hurry up! I knew he'd make a break for it!
guard4: g4_opp_hide1: Which way did they--hmmmm....
guard4: g4_opp_hide2: Can't have just vanished....
guard4: g4_opp_hide_f1: She's given me the slip.
guard4: g4_opp_hide_f_na1: She's given us the ol' slipparoony.
guard4: g4_opp_hide_m1: He can't have just vanished.
guard4: g4_opp_hide_m2: What happened to him?
guard4: g4_opp_hide_m_na1: Come on, help me find him....
guard4: g4_opp_hide_m_na2: Spread out...he can't be far away.
guard4: g4_opp_mis1: You gotta be faster than that!
guard4: g4_opp_mis2: Like another try?
guard4: g4_opp_mis3: Ho! You almost hit me, you did!
guard4: g4_opp_mis4: Well struck, not!
guard4: g4_opp_mis5: Lout! Ya missed me!
guard4: g4_pagancornerstone1: Someone must be watering these.
guard4: g4_rcon1: If you just come out, right now, then no one'll get hurt....
guard4: g4_rcon2: I'll find you, taffer! I've got all night and nothin' else to do....
guard4: g4_rcon3: (Grumbling) Always on my shift. Come on out, you!
guard4: g4_rcon4: Could be anywhere in here...I know someone's about....
guard4: g4_rcon5: Must be around here somewhere...but where?
guard4: g4_rcon6: I know someone's there! You shoulda stayed home, you should....
guard4: g4_rcon7: Where are you? If you've got any sense, you're long gone from here....
guard4: g4_rcon8: I'll find you! And that's a promise!
guard4: g4_rcon_fnd1: At last.
guard4: g4_rcon_fnd2: All right taffer, show me what you've got.
guard4: g4_rcon_fnd3: Aha!
guard4: g4_rcon_fnd4: So that's where you were!
guard4: g4_rcon_fnd5: Gotcha, taffer!
guard4: g4_rcon_fnd_f_na1: Found her! To me!
guard4: g4_rcon_fnd_m_na1: That's him! Come on!
guard4: g4_rcon_fnd_m_na2: Over here! Found him!
guard4: g4_rcon_fnd_m_na3: There he is! Told you!
guard4: g4_rcon_he1: I'm losing patience...noisy little taffer....
guard4: g4_rcon_he2: I heard you're not gonna make me look in every last little corner, are you?
guard4: g4_rcon_he3: May as well come out...I can hear you, you know....
guard4: g4_rcon_he_na1: Do you think there's just one of them? Sounded like just one.
guard4: g4_rcon_he_na2: Come on out, you! We heard you just now!
guard4: g4_rcon_ia_na1: Do you know what's going on? Why's it gotta be on our shift?
guard4: g4_rcon_ik_na1: Keep looking...and remember, it's a murderer we're searching for....
guard4: g4_rcon_it_na1: Keep sharp! We can't let this thief get the better of us....
guard4: g4_rcon_los1: Come out! You're just making it worse!
guard4: g4_rcon_los2: I'm trying to're hiding...why?
guard4: g4_rcon_los3: I'm going to find you anyway, so why not just come out?
guard4: g4_rcon_los4: When I find you, it's not going to be pretty!
guard4: g4_rcon_los5: You think you can hide here all night?
guard4: g4_rcon_los6: Aw, be a good taffer, and stop hiding, will ya?
guard4: g4_rcon_los7: I'll find you...sooner or later....
guard4: g4_rcon_los8: This would be a lot easier if you just came on out....
guard4: g4_rcon_los_f1: She's here...she's just hiding is all....
guard4: g4_rcon_los_f_na1: Did you see which way she went?
guard4: g4_rcon_los_m1: When I find him...he'll be one sorry taffer....
guard4: g4_rcon_los_m2: Oh, he's here all right...hiding...somewheres....
guard4: g4_rcon_los_m3: He'll make a mistake, move or make a noise...that's when I'll get him....
guard4: g4_rcon_los_m_na1: Are you even looking? We should have found him by now!
guard4: g4_rcon_los_m_na2: Give a shout if you see him....
guard4: g4_rcon_los_m_na3: You see him, just yell, OK?
guard4: g4_rcon_na1: Something's here all right, so keep on looking....
guard4: g4_rcon_na2: Find anyone? Me neither...but keep at it....
guard4: g4_rcon_na3: Just stay put, taffer, we'll be finding you straight away....
guard4: g4_rcon_se1: Looked big...wasn't no darn rat I saw....
guard4: g4_rcon_se2: Saw you! I know you're still around here somewhere....
guard4: g4_rcon_se3: Come on, taffer! Let's see you in the light.
guard4: g4_rcon_se_na1: Suppose it was a ghost we saw? How would we fight a ghost?
guard4: g4_rcon_se_na2: If you see anything, just yell, OK?
guard4: g4_repri_bump_init1: I beg your pardon!
guard4: g4_repri_bump_init2: Watch out.
guard4: g4_repri_hurt_init1: That hurt! Don't do it again!
guard4: g4_repri_hurtother_init1: Get away from them!
guard4: g4_repri_hurtother_sub1: You hurt them again and I'll hurt you!
guard4: g4_repri_lockp_init1: Don't you be trying to open that.
guard4: g4_repri_odd_init1: Cut that out.
guard4: g4_repri_odd_init2: Stop that at once.
guard4: g4_repri_over1: That's better. Now behave.
guard4: g4_repri_over2: Just don't try anything else now.
guard4: g4_repri_over3: Much better. Let's just keep it this way, hmm?
guard4: g4_repri_stare_init1: You looking at me?
guard4: g4_repri_stare_init2: Is there something on my shirt?
guard4: g4_repri_theft_init1: How dare you! That's mine!
guard4: g4_repri_theft_init2: Keep your sticky fingers to yourself!
guard4: g4_repri_threat_init1: Just try it, mate. I'll bloody kill you.
guard4: g4_repri_threat_init2: Stop kidding around!
guard4: g4_repri_threat_sub1: I'm telling you, get away from me with that!
guard4: g4_repri_threat_sub2: You're about to be in for it.
guard4: g4_repri_thrown_init1: You're going to hurt someone!
guard4: g4_repri_thrown_init2: I don't want to see you throwing anything else.
guard4: g4_repri_thrown_sub1: You keep throwing things and I'm going to have to hurt you.
guard4: g4_repri_thrown_sub2: Look, you, cut it out right now.
guard4: g4_repri_tres_init1: Move along. You're not allowed in.
guard4: g4_repri_tres_init2: See, this is why I'm supposed to guard it, 'gainst the likes of you.
guard4: g4_repri_vandal_init1: Hey! You broke that!
guard4: g4_repri_vandal_sub1: Break one more thing and I'm breaking your head.
guard4: g4_rini1: Some taffer looking for trouble...?
guard4: g4_rini2: Hey! I know someone's there!
guard4: g4_rini3: Come on, who's over there?
guard4: g4_rini4: Someone's asking for it!
guard4: g4_rini5: Some bloody fool....
guard4: g4_rini_he1: I heard that! Move out where's I can see ya.
guard4: g4_rini_he2: Who's over there making that noise?
guard4: g4_rini_he3: Heard that loud and clear! What's going on?
guard4: g4_rini_he_na1: Hear that? Hope your ready to see some action!
guard4: g4_rini_he_na2: What the--? Listen to that!
guard4: g4_rini_he_na3: We heard you! Come out, whoever you are!
guard4: g4_rini_se1: All right, I saw someone there. You're busted....
guard4: g4_rini_se2: Someone over there? Saw something....
guard4: g4_rini_se3: Now I saw that! What's going on?
guard4: g4_rini_se_na1: Look over there! Do you see that?
guard4: g4_rini_se_na2: Looky there! Do you see what I'm seein'?
guard4: g4_rini_se_na3: You see that, right? Is that what I think it is?
guard4: g4_rnew1: Right there! What the heck is doing that?
guard4: g4_rnew2: Again! Is that you doing that? Smithy? Oh boy....
guard4: g4_rnew3: That's right...just keep on doing that...easier to find ya....
guard4: g4_rnew_he1: OK, I hear's just that I haven't found you yet is all....
guard4: g4_rnew_he2: Can't tell, was that sound closer this time?
guard4: g4_rnew_he3: There! I've got to find the source of that noise....
guard4: g4_rnew_se1: Go on! Move around some more...makes finding you easier....
guard4: g4_rnew_se2: That there! Same as I saw before....
guard4: g4_rnew_se3: Again! I can see something there!
guard4: g4_rpre1: For all the...!
guard4: g4_rpre2: Aha!
guard4: g4_rpre3: Uh oh!
guard4: g4_rret1: Well, whoever it was, they've up and left, that's for sure....
guard4: g4_rret2: Someone was here...but they probably ran off when they heard me coming....
guard4: g4_rret3: Searched every nook and cranny...time to admit that nobody's here....
guard4: g4_rret4: Nothin'. Well, I'd run too if I saw someone like me looking for
guard4: g4_rret5: Nobody there. Can't explain it, but it's true.
guard4: g4_rret_he1: Nothing here. Bet he ran for it when I heard him.
guard4: g4_rret_he2: Huh. Definitely heard something...but now...nothing.
guard4: g4_rret_he3: Ah, forget it. Whatever made that's gone, gone, gone.
guard4: g4_rret_los1: Not here. Probably off having an ale by now...braggin'....
guard4: g4_rret_los2: Gone. Why does this always happen to me?
guard4: g4_rret_los3: Can't believe I let that one get away. Unbelievable!
guard4: g4_rret_los_f1: Guess I scared her off, yeah, she got scared and ran....
guard4: g4_rret_los_f_na1: Don't look at me! It ain't my fault she got away!
guard4: g4_rret_los_m1: Well, he got away from me this time, but if he ever comes back...Kaboom!
guard4: g4_rret_los_m_na1: Next time, keep a better eye on him, will ya?
guard4: g4_rret_na1: Let's just forget it, OK? There's nothing here.
guard4: g4_rret_na2: Nothing. Do we have to report this? Might look bad....
guard4: g4_rret_ra1: Damn rats...thought I had me a real situation here....
guard4: g4_rret_se1: Oh well. Must not have seen what I thought I saw....
guard4: g4_rret_se2: Huh. I was sure I'd seen someone...just goes to show ya....
guard4: g4_rret_se3: Well, whatever I saw, it's definitely not here now.
guard4: g4_rsur_ev_com1: Watch out!
guard4: g4_rsur_ev_com2: What? An ambush?
guard4: g4_sle_idle1: (Yawns) After tonight, I'm gonna sleep for a week.
guard4: g4_sle_idle2: These long's murder....
guard4: g4_sle_idle3: (Yawns) I need to get on the day shift.
guard4: g4_sle_ycon1: Better--(yawns)--check around once...whatever that was....
guard4: g4_sle_ycon2: Oh (yawns). Nobody's up and around at this hour anyway....
guard4: g4_sle_ycon3: All right already...I'm awake.... What's going on?
guard4: g4_sle_yini1: Hello? (Yawns) Is that you, Smithy? Come chat a I don't fall asleep....
guard4: g4_sle_yini2: Eh? Was I asleep? What was that?
guard4: g4_sle_yret1: No one there...all quiet...(yawns).
guard4: g4_sle_yret2: Who'd be creeping around at this hour anyway?
guard4: g4_sleeping1: (Talking in sleep) Bats...bats? Everywhere.... Get'em outa my hair! Oooooo....
guard4: g4_sndocc1: I'm going deaf guarding this place.
guard4: g4_sndocc2: My ears'll be ringing for a week!
guard4: g4_sum_fight1: He's on me! Can anyone hear me?
guard4: g4_sum_fight2: Guards! Anyone! Help!
guard4: g4_sum_fight3: Somebody...come help me!
guard4: g4_sum_reply1: I'm with you!
guard4: g4_sum_reply2: Hold fast, I'm a comin'!
guard4: g4_sum_reply3: Help is on the way!
guard4: g4_valley1: You there! In the alley!
guard4: g4_vatrium1: He's in the atrium! Stop him!
guard4: g4_vbathrm1: What're ye think your doin' in there?
guard4: g4_vbedrm1: What are ya doing in the bedroom, you?
guard4: g4_vbsmt1: Ah! Intruder in the basement!
guard4: g4_vchamber1: I seen him in the chamber just now!
guard4: g4_vchapel1: Look! Intruder in the chapel!
guard4: g4_vcourtyd1: There! In the courtyard!
guard4: g4_vhall1: Somebody block off the hallway! He's here!
guard4: g4_vinside1: I see him. He got inside somehow!
guard4: g4_vkitchen1: He's in the kitchen!
guard4: g4_vlibrary1: You there! Get away from those books!
guard4: g4_voutside1: Seen him! He's just outside.
guard4: g4_vrafters1: Who's that climbin' the rafters?
guard4: g4_vroof1: You there! How'd you get on the roof?
guard4: g4_vstairs1: Help! He's on the stairs!
guard4: g4_vstreet1: Look! He's in the street.
guard4: g4_wdie1: What? Dead? You'll be avenged my friend!
guard4: g4_wdie2: Least you died doing what ya loved....
guard4: g4_wdie_f1: I'll avenge her, you dog!
guard4: g4_wdie_m1: No! Dead! Alas, poor Smithy!
guard4: g4_wfle1: Hey! Come back! Don't leave me!
guard4: g4_ycon1: I'll take a look-see. Better to be safe.
guard4: g4_ycon2: That you? Clive? Hello? Hmmm....
guard4: g4_ycon3: Don't really know what I'm looking for....
guard4: g4_ycon4: Who's there? Hope it's nobody.
guard4: g4_ycon5: Someone said there were--(gulps)--ghosts around here.
guard4: g4_ycon_he1: Something must have made that sound, but what?
guard4: g4_ycon_he2: Did I hear it over this way?
guard4: g4_ycon_he3: Maybe I just heard the sound of my own two feet....
guard4: g4_ycon_he_na1: So it's a noisy night, are we supposed to check everything?
guard4: g4_ycon_he_na2: You give a shout if you hear it again, OK?
guard4: g4_ycon_na1: Probably nothing, but I guess we should keep looking.
guard4: g4_ycon_na2: Did you already check around over here?
guard4: g4_ycon_se1: Something moving...just like in them stories...'bout evil witches 'n' such....
guard4: g4_ycon_se2: Saw something...pretty sure anyway....
guard4: g4_ycon_se3: Place like this...a feller can see a lot of things...real and imaginary.
guard4: g4_ycon_se_na1: Yeah, I saw it too...just for a second.
guard4: g4_ycon_se_na2: Now that we're looking, I'm not sure what I saw....
guard4: g4_yini1: Huh? Is something going on?
guard4: g4_yini2: Better check...just in case....
guard4: g4_yini3: Someone...out there?
guard4: g4_yini4: That was...what was that?
guard4: g4_yini5: Better look into that....
guard4: g4_yini_he1: What's all the noise, then?
guard4: g4_yini_he2: Thought I heard something.
guard4: g4_yini_he3: Bit of noise over there?
guard4: g4_yini_he_na1: Hold on. Did you hear that, too?
guard4: g4_yini_he_na2: Quiet. I really think I heard something.
guard4: g4_yini_he_na3: Shh...What do you think that noise is?
guard4: g4_yini_se1: Thought I saw...better safe...than sorry....
guard4: g4_yini_se2: Hmmm...caught a glimpse...of something....
guard4: g4_yini_se3: Saw the corner of my eye....
guard4: g4_yini_se_na1: See that? Like a...don't know...
guard4: g4_yini_se_na2: Look there! Did you see it?
guard4: g4_yini_se_na3: Is it just me, or can you see something too?
guard4: g4_ynew1: At least I know I wasn't imagining it....
guard4: g4_ynew2: Again! What's doing that?
guard4: g4_ynew3: All right, this isn't funny you know....
guard4: g4_ypre1: Oh no....
guard4: g4_yret1: Huh. Nothing here now.
guard4: g4_yret2: Nothing. I suppose there's such a thing as being too alert.
guard4: g4_yret3: Nothin'. Still, good thing I checked, you never know.
guard4: g4_yret4: Got to relax. I been working too hard.
guard4: g4_yret5: Wasting my time. Just a figment of my imagination.
guard4: g4_yret_he1: Ah, forget it. Sometimes a noise is just a noise.
guard4: g4_yret_he2: Well, sure looks clear to me. Bet it was one of them big whirly bugs I heard...dived into a light....
guard4: g4_yret_he3: Whatever I heard, there's nothing here now.
guard4: g4_yret_na1: Ah...let's just forget it, OK?
guard4: g4_yret_na2: Told you it was nothing. Can we drop it now?
guard4: g4_yret_ra1: Last time I jump for a stupid rat.
guard4: g4_yret_se1: Well, guess I was seeing things...hope I'm not losing my edge....
guard4: g4_yret_se2: Maybe saw a...well, doesn't matter, nothin's here now.
guard4: g4_yret_se3: Not a thing. Musta been a trick of the light.

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