T3_hammer1 Edit

hammer1: h1_blame_maj1: Thou art the sinner I seek! I hath seen thy work! Thou hast offended!
hammer1: h1_blame_min1: Aha. Thou didst this mischief? Cease at once!
hammer1: h1_catt1: For The Builder!
hammer1: h1_catt2: Thy time has come!
hammer1: h1_catt3: Feel thy doom!
hammer1: h1_catt4: I am thy death!
hammer1: h1_catt5: Sinner!
hammer1: h1_catt_hi1: Thou'rt weak with sin!
hammer1: h1_catt_hi2: Art thou afeared yet?
hammer1: h1_catt_hi_na1: See how he crumbles!
hammer1: h1_catt_hi_na2: Let me finish him!
hammer1: h1_catt_lo1: Builder come to my aid!
hammer1: h1_catt_lo2: How can this be?
hammer1: h1_catt_lo_na1: Brother, quick, ere I fall!
hammer1: h1_catt_lo_na2: I need aid!
hammer1: h1_cdam_hi1: Aaah! Builder!
hammer1: h1_cdam_hi2: Aaah! Shalt not fall!
hammer1: h1_cdam_hi3: Aaah! I must....
hammer1: h1_cdam_hi_na1: Aaah! Brother, help me!
hammer1: h1_cdam_hi_na2: Oogh! Help me, or I fail!
hammer1: h1_cdam_hi_na3: Argh! Quickly, brother, or I am done!
hammer1: h1_cdam_lo1: Ugh! Barely noticed that!
hammer1: h1_cdam_lo2: Ow!
hammer1: h1_cdam_lo3: Ugh! Thou dost vex me!
hammer1: h1_cdam_med1: Ahh! Curse thee!
hammer1: h1_cdam_med2: Nggh! Builder save me!
hammer1: h1_cdam_med3: Argh! I am wounded!
hammer1: h1_cdam_no1: Thy weapon betrays thee!
hammer1: h1_cdam_no2: Wilt thou try again?
hammer1: h1_cdam_no3: Ha! Thou art soft.
hammer1: h1_cdie_drown1: Yah! Heeelllp! (Gurgling)
hammer1: h1_cdie_words1: ARGH! Builder receive thy servant....
hammer1: h1_cdie_words2: ARGH! My work...doth end....
hammer1: h1_cdie_words3: ARGH! 'Tis mine own failure....
hammer1: h1_cexp_hi1: Thou wilt fall soon!
hammer1: h1_cexp_hi2: Victory is assured!
hammer1: h1_cexp_hi_f_na1: She wilt crumble soon, ha HA!
hammer1: h1_cexp_hi_m_na1: He wilt fall!
hammer1: h1_cexp_hi_m_na2: Look, he hath nothing left!
hammer1: h1_cexp_lo1: Builder, aid thy servant!
hammer1: h1_cexp_lo2: Thy might is... unexpected.
hammer1: h1_cexp_lo_f_na1: She doth slay me! Help!
hammer1: h1_cexp_lo_m_na1: Strike him, brother! For me!
hammer1: h1_cexp_lo_m_na2: Quickly, he hath the better of me!
hammer1: h1_cexp_med1: 'Tis harder than I thought.
hammer1: h1_cexp_med2: Thou art worthy.
hammer1: h1_cexp_med_f_na1: She is swift, brother.
hammer1: h1_cexp_med_m_na1: Be wary, brother. He is swift.
hammer1: h1_cexp_med_m_na2: Careful, brother. This one is a challenge.
hammer1: h1_chit1: Ha! Blood for The Builder!
hammer1: h1_chit2: Thou'rt pounded!
hammer1: h1_chit3: Thou art no match for me!
hammer1: h1_cini1: Aha! Fall before mine hammer!
hammer1: h1_cini2: Thou'rt found! Thou shalt regret thy trespass!
hammer1: h1_cini3: I seest thou! This mistake shalt be thy last.
hammer1: h1_cini4: Aha! Builder curse thee for a villain!
hammer1: h1_cini5: Aha! Thou art no Brother-- Hold!
hammer1: h1_cini6: I spy thee, heathen! Now fall!
hammer1: h1_cini_enr1: Thou wilt die!
hammer1: h1_cini_enr2: I shalt destroy thee!
hammer1: h1_cini_enr3: Thou wilt not escape!
hammer1: h1_cini_human1: Fall before me!
hammer1: h1_cini_ik1: Thou'rt found! I shalt crush your murderous bones!
hammer1: h1_cini_it1: Aha! Found thee! 'Twill be no more thievery this night!
hammer1: h1_cini_monster1: Die, malformed beast!
hammer1: h1_cini_monster_na1: Brother! Aid me 'gainst this monster!
hammer1: h1_cini_na1: There he is! To arms!
hammer1: h1_cini_na2: He's here! After the villain!
hammer1: h1_cini_na3: He is found! Do not let him flee!
hammer1: h1_cini_pagan1: Trickster scum! Thou diest now!
hammer1: h1_cini_pagan_na1: Thou shalt fall to us now, pagan!
hammer1: h1_cini_zombie1: 'Tis a wretched zombie!
hammer1: h1_cini_zombie_na1: Help me lay these foul dead to rest!
hammer1: h1_ckil1: Now, die!
hammer1: h1_ckil2: No mercy!
hammer1: h1_ckil3: Mine hammer ends thee!
hammer1: h1_cmis1: Hold thou still!
hammer1: h1_cmis2: Thou trickster!
hammer1: h1_cmis3: Thou art elusive....
hammer1: h1_cmis_na1: This one is quick! Aid me!
hammer1: h1_cmis_na2: You try, brother, where I have failed!
hammer1: h1_cret_kil1: In the end, 'tis always the same with these sinners....
hammer1: h1_cret_kil2: The righteous are always victorious....
hammer1: h1_cret_kil3: 'Tis by The Builder's grace that I have triumphed this day....
hammer1: h1_cret_kil_na1: The Builder was watching o'er us this night, brother....
hammer1: h1_cret_kil_na2: We art victorious! Praise be to the Master Builder.
hammer1: h1_cret_kil_pl1: Praise The Builder. The thief hath fallen to mine strike!
hammer1: h1_cret_kil_pl_na1: See, brother, 'tis the thief! (Pauses) Ah, 'twas the thief.
hammer1: h1_crime_hurtother1: Thou wisht a fight, Garrett? 'Tis done!
hammer1: h1_crime_kill1: Thou hast killed, Garrett! Thy sins will answer in blood!
hammer1: h1_crime_lockp1: Garrett doth attempt to break in!
hammer1: h1_crime_theft1: Thou hast stolen from the very Builder, Garrett!
hammer1: h1_crime_threat1: Garrett! Thou shalt regret thy threat!
hammer1: h1_crime_tres1: Thou art not permitted here! I shalt drive thee hence!
hammer1: h1_crime_vandal1: Thou dost destroy The Builder's work! Thou wilt die for that!
hammer1: h1_csub1: Thou wilt not escape this time!
hammer1: h1_csub2: I hath tracked thee down!
hammer1: h1_csub3: Thou again!
hammer1: h1_csub_na1: Look! There he is again!
hammer1: h1_csur1: Wha--? Hold! Thou'rt not welcome here!
hammer1: h1_csur2: By The Builder! My hammer will crush thee!
hammer1: h1_csur3: Huh? What villain is this! Thou wilt not tarry long!
hammer1: h1_csur4: Ah! An intruder! And soon thou wilt be dead!
hammer1: h1_csur5: By The Builder! A villain to smite!
hammer1: h1_csur6: Ah! Where camest thou? Thy judgement is near!
hammer1: h1_csur_ik1: Saints preserve! You shalt fall e'r long, murderer!
hammer1: h1_csur_it1: What's this? Our thief, is it? Come take thy punishment!
hammer1: h1_csur_na1: By the--! After him!
hammer1: h1_csur_na2: Ah! Let him not escape us!
hammer1: h1_csur_na3: Builder! A heathen! Seize him!
hammer1: h1_enr_con1: Thou art IMPOSSIBLE!
hammer1: h1_enr_con2: Thou hast TAXED me!
hammer1: h1_enr_warn1: Thou art driving me to fury!
hammer1: h1_enr_warn2: Stop thou at once!
hammer1: h1_ev_ally1: Shouldst not someone be on guard here?
hammer1: h1_ev_ally_na1: Didst thou see where the guard went?
hammer1: h1_ev_ally_spooked1: What hath done this to thee, brother?
hammer1: h1_ev_allyf1: Where hath she gone?
hammer1: h1_ev_allym1: Where is mine brother?
hammer1: h1_ev_an_spooked1: What hath set the beasts so nervous?
hammer1: h1_ev_blood1: I like not the look of all this blood.
hammer1: h1_ev_body1: Foul murder!
hammer1: h1_ev_body2: Thy death shall be avenged!
hammer1: h1_ev_body_na1: Look there! One of ours has been slain!
hammer1: h1_ev_bodyf1: Who hath done this to thee, woman?
hammer1: h1_ev_bodyf_na1: Who hath slain her? Is he close by?
hammer1: h1_ev_bodym1: Who hath slain thee, Brother?
hammer1: h1_ev_bodym_na1: Brother! Look there, he is dead!
hammer1: h1_ev_chalis1: The Chalice! 'Tis missing!
hammer1: h1_ev_com1: Hark! 'Tis battle!
hammer1: h1_ev_com2: I come to thine aid!
hammer1: h1_ev_dam1: Ow! Who dares strike at me?
hammer1: h1_ev_dam2: Who strikes me?
hammer1: h1_ev_door1: 'Tis not right that that door be open.
hammer1: h1_ev_door2: Who hath left that door open?
hammer1: h1_ev_door_na1: Is it thy work, to leave that door open?
hammer1: h1_ev_door_na2: Didst thou open that door there?
hammer1: h1_ev_enemybody1: Thou wilt be punished in the afterlife.
hammer1: h1_ev_felt1: By The builder, cease that!
hammer1: h1_ev_felt2: What hast hit me?
hammer1: h1_ev_lightext1: Turn thou that on again!
hammer1: h1_ev_lightext2: Who hast put out the lights?
hammer1: h1_ev_lightoff1: Who hath doused the light?
hammer1: h1_ev_lightoff2: Who hast shut off the lighting in here?
hammer1: h1_ev_loot1: 'Tis gone! Art there thieves among us?
hammer1: h1_ev_loot2: Where hast it gone?
hammer1: h1_ev_loot_na1: Look here. It hath vanished.
hammer1: h1_ev_maj1: Let the hands of the villain be struck from him, who hath done this.
hammer1: h1_ev_maj2: 'Tis a great sin in the eyes of The Builder!
hammer1: h1_ev_med1: Who thinks he may do such things here?
hammer1: h1_ev_med2: What doth go on here?
hammer1: h1_ev_min1: Such carelessness doth show no pride....
hammer1: h1_ev_min2: 'Tis a shame to be left so.
hammer1: h1_ev_res1: Who hath been fighting here?
hammer1: h1_ev_ret1: Bah. 'Tis beyond mine own part. And I have my other duties....
hammer1: h1_ev_ret2: 'Tis nothing I can do about it, and my work doth call.
hammer1: h1_ev_ret_ik1: 'Tis a shame 'twill not be mine own hand that smites the murderer, but surely they'll not get overly far....
hammer1: h1_ev_shadow1: 'Tis an odd shadow, just there.
hammer1: h1_ev_torchext1: Who hath doused it?
hammer1: h1_ev_torchext2: Someone meddling with the torch?
hammer1: h1_ev_torchtoff1: 'Tis poorly made, to flicker and die so easily.
hammer1: h1_ev_torchtoff2: 'Tis drafty enough here; it hast just blown out.
hammer1: h1_fatigue_epi1: Not...(huffs) so young (wheezes) as I was....
hammer1: h1_fatigue_epi2: 'Tis more (huffs) running than (wheezes) I hath been used to.
hammer1: h1_fatigue_se1: I wilt (huff) slay thee (huff) just thou (wheeze) wait!
hammer1: h1_fcon1: Not much farther!
hammer1: h1_fcon2: Is't still behind?
hammer1: h1_fcon3: Am I still pursued?
hammer1: h1_fcon_ik1: The murderer doth pursue me!
hammer1: h1_fcon_ik2: 'Tis the murderer behind me!
hammer1: h1_fcow1: I yield, I yield!
hammer1: h1_fcow2: Brother, please...I beg thee....
hammer1: h1_fhid1: Builder shield me, Builder shield me....
hammer1: h1_fhid2: 'Tis not truly happening.
hammer1: h1_fini1: Ah! I hadst best be gone.
hammer1: h1_fini_human1: Who art thou? Keep back!
hammer1: h1_fini_monster1: 'Tis an unnatural creature!
hammer1: h1_fini_na1: Flee, brother!
hammer1: h1_fini_pagan1: Pagan wretch, thou wilt not prevail.
hammer1: h1_fini_pl1: Builder get me free of this villain!
hammer1: h1_fini_pl2: Needs must I be gone!
hammer1: h1_fini_pl_ik1: Here! The murderer doth be here!
hammer1: h1_fini_pl_it1: 'Tis the thief here! Here!
hammer1: h1_fini_zombie1: Foul dead, thou shalt not have me!
hammer1: h1_frust1: Thou are not truly safe!
hammer1: h1_frust2: I shalt reach thee!
hammer1: h1_frust_f_na1: Shoot her! There!
hammer1: h1_frust_m_na1: Shoot him! There he be!
hammer1: h1_frust_up1: Come down, thou!
hammer1: h1_fsub1: No! Why doth thou haunt me?
hammer1: h1_fsub2: Why dost thou pursue?
hammer1: h1_gcon1: Hmm. Hello?
hammer1: h1_gcon2: Be thou there?
hammer1: h1_gcon_he1: Perhaps I wilt hear it again....
hammer1: h1_gcon_he2: Will it sound again, I wonder?
hammer1: h1_gcon_he_na1: Pause, brother, didst thou hear something just now?
hammer1: h1_gcon_he_na2: Didst thou hear it as well?
hammer1: h1_gcon_se1: If 'tis there, shalt I see it again.
hammer1: h1_gcon_se2: Perhaps I see things that are not.
hammer1: h1_gcon_se_na1: There-- Didst see that, too?
hammer1: h1_gcon_se_na2: Do thy eyes perceive that, too?
hammer1: h1_gen_aha1: Aha!
hammer1: h1_gen_aha2: Hah! I spy thee!
hammer1: h1_gen_aha3: Wert thou hiding?
hammer1: h1_gen_dazed1: What hath... something...
hammer1: h1_gen_dazed2: Um. Uh... what? Where?
hammer1: h1_gen_dazed3: Hmmm...what hath...transpired?
hammer1: h1_gen_dismiss1: Hmm.
hammer1: h1_gen_dismiss2: 'Tis no matter.
hammer1: h1_gen_dismiss3: Ah well.
hammer1: h1_gen_distress3: Curse thee!
hammer1: h1_gen_dunno1: I know not.
hammer1: h1_gen_dunno2: 'Tis for The Builder to know, not I....
hammer1: h1_gen_dunno3: I do not know.
hammer1: h1_gen_frust1: I hath been cursed!
hammer1: h1_gen_frust2: Builder curse it!
hammer1: h1_gen_igetit1: I doth begin to see....
hammer1: h1_gen_igetit2: I have figured it out....
hammer1: h1_gen_igetit3: Now I doth see....
hammer1: h1_gen_no1: No.
hammer1: h1_gen_no2: Indeed not.
hammer1: h1_gen_no3: 'Tis not to be.
hammer1: h1_gen_oof2: Ow!
hammer1: h1_gen_oof3: Ouch.
hammer1: h1_gen_oops1: Ooops.
hammer1: h1_gen_oops2: By the--oh!
hammer1: h1_gen_oops3: 'Tis not right.
hammer1: h1_gen_snapout1: Whoa!
hammer1: h1_gen_snapout2: Huh!
hammer1: h1_gen_snapout3: Wha--?
hammer1: h1_gen_startled2: Hey?
hammer1: h1_gen_startled3: What?
hammer1: h1_gen_suffer1: Uuuggh...oooh.... Mine head....
hammer1: h1_gen_thanks1: Thank thee.
hammer1: h1_gen_thanks2: I thank thee.
hammer1: h1_gen_thanks3: My gratitude.
hammer1: h1_gen_yes1: Yes.
hammer1: h1_gen_yes2: Of course.
hammer1: h1_gen_yes3: Aye.
hammer1: h1_gini3: Brother?
hammer1: h1_gini4: Yes--?
hammer1: h1_gini5: I thought 'twas....
hammer1: h1_gini_he1: Hmm? Didst I hear aright?
hammer1: h1_gini_he2: Perhaps mine ears do trick me.
hammer1: h1_gini_he3: Do I mishear?
hammer1: h1_gini_se1: Who goes? I canst spy... hmm.
hammer1: h1_gini_se2: Didst something move?
hammer1: h1_gini_se3: I didst see... hello?
hammer1: h1_greet_reply1: Good evening.
hammer1: h1_greet_reply2: Well, well. And thou?
hammer1: h1_greet_reply3: Be well.
hammer1: h1_greet_req1: Good evening.
hammer1: h1_greet_req2: Hello.
hammer1: h1_greet_req3: How dost thou do.
hammer1: h1_gret1: 'Tis naught, then.
hammer1: h1_gret2: 'Tis for nothing.
hammer1: h1_gret3: I think 'twas nothing after all.
hammer1: h1_gret_he1: I know not what I heard, but 'tis gone.
hammer1: h1_gret_he2: I hear it not now.
hammer1: h1_gret_na1: 'Twas nothing but mine own foolishness, brother, forgive me.
hammer1: h1_gret_na2: I think we didst alarm ourselves for naught.
hammer1: h1_gret_se1: I see naught, now.
hammer1: h1_gret_se2: Mine eyes didst deceive me.
hammer1: h1_gsub1: 'Tis come again?
hammer1: h1_gsub2: Hmm. Perhaps 'tis not nothing.
hammer1: h1_iann1: To me, brethren! To me!
hammer1: h1_iann2: Needs must I get help!
hammer1: h1_iann_pl1: Nay! I shalt not fight thee alone! Brothers!
hammer1: h1_iann_pl2: 'Tis not my hammer alone that thou shalt face!
hammer1: h1_iarr_gone1: 'Twas just here! In this very spot!
hammer1: h1_iarr_gone_pl1: He wast just here!
hammer1: h1_iarr_pres1: Look! Seest thou!
hammer1: h1_iarr_pres_pl1: There he is! After him!
hammer1: h1_iarr_srch1: I believe thee. We shalt search.
hammer1: h1_iarr_srch_pl1: I believe thee, do not worry. We shalt look for him.
hammer1: h1_idle1: (Quietly chants to self) Vigilance is our shield, that protects us from our squalid past. Knowledge is our weapon, with which we carve a path to an enlightened future.
hammer1: h1_idle2: The soul of a single virtuous man hath the worth of ten evil men, for canst not the virtuous man both slay the wicked and preserve his own?
hammer1: h1_idle3: The hand of The Builder is in the smallest nail, the tiniest gear, if they be worked well. The hand of The Builder is in the tallest tower, the grandest bridge, if they be worked well.
hammer1: h1_idle4: Those who adorn themselves with gaud and finery do mock The Builder who maketh their forms. An' wilt they regret their choice, when the end comes.
hammer1: h1_idle5: And when the Trickster came, the man who hadst built his house of straw didst see it fall. And the man who hadst built his house of twigs didst see it fall. But the man who hadst taken care and built his house of stone didst laugh at the Trickster and was rendered immune to his beguilings...
hammer1: h1_idle6: Shield me from the Chaotic One...the Trickster in the woods...who lures the fool and entices with drink and promise of plenty... 'Tis a ruse...and 'tis your soul he's after....
hammer1: h1_idle7: Thou canst build a chapel with twigs and moss...'tis not right to live in trees or caves...I thank Thee, oh Builder, for showing us the way....
hammer1: h1_idle8: Wilt thou comest, when He calls? Wilt thou answereth when He requires it? Wilt thou go, and set all aside, that thou might take up His tools?
hammer1: h1_idle_an1: What dost thou here, creature? Begone, or else....
hammer1: h1_idle_ra1: Let thy teeth shatter and fail shouldst thou gnaw these walls, vile rodent.
hammer1: h1_irep1: Harken to me, brother! I hath seen a disturbance!
hammer1: h1_irep_body1: Brother, take heed! I hath just seen a dead body!
hammer1: h1_irep_ik1: Come! I hath found the murderer!
hammer1: h1_irep_it1: Hurry! I hath found the thief!
hammer1: h1_irep_pl1: Brothers! Harken to me! An intruder lurks among us!
hammer1: h1_irep_pl2: 'Tis an intruder I saw!
hammer1: h1_ires1: Show me where 'tis.
hammer1: h1_misc_blind_con1: Where is...rrr.
hammer1: h1_misc_blind_con2: Uh oh...hmmm.
hammer1: h1_misc_blind_con3: Canst...not...see....
hammer1: h1_misc_blind_end1: Ah... mine eyes do recover.
hammer1: h1_misc_blind_ini1: Mine eyes!
hammer1: h1_misc_noisemak1: 'Tis a noise most exceedingly strange.
hammer1: h1_misc_noisesup1: 'Twas oddly muffled, but mine hearing hath recovered now.
hammer1: h1_misc_pickp1: How couldst... where hath it gone?
hammer1: h1_misc_pickp2: Curse it! I hath been robbed!
hammer1: h1_misc_slip1: Whooah!
hammer1: h1_misc_slip3: Whaaa-Whoa!
hammer1: h1_nbarrel1: In truth, one might crouch behind that barrel.
hammer1: h1_nchair1: 'Tis just a chair, but 'tis best to look nonetheless.
hammer1: h1_ncouch1: 'Tis possible someone couldst conceal behind that couch.
hammer1: h1_ncrate1: Something there by that crate?
hammer1: h1_ndesk1: 'Tis something by the desk?
hammer1: h1_ndoor1: Hmm. What be that by the door?
hammer1: h1_nladder1: Didst I spy something by the ladder?
hammer1: h1_nmach1: Needs must I check near that fine machinery.
hammer1: h1_nshadow1: Those shadows art well dark...they require examination....
hammer1: h1_nshelf1: Those shelves doth require a second look.
hammer1: h1_nstatue1: Didst that statue move? Surely not.
hammer1: h1_ntable1: Is something amiss by that table?
hammer1: h1_obs_citywatch1: 'Tis a higher law I serve, City Watch.
hammer1: h1_obs_citywatch2: Dost thou pray, officer? Thou should....
hammer1: h1_obs_commoner1: Thou wouldst do well to attend services.
hammer1: h1_obs_commoner2: Do not step in mine way.
hammer1: h1_obs_commoner3: Builder's blessing on thy work.
hammer1: h1_obs_guard1: Thou doest slouch o'er much.
hammer1: h1_obs_guard2: Builder guard thee, guardsman.
hammer1: h1_obs_guard3: Builder aid thy strike, 'gainst the evil thou guardst from.
hammer1: h1_obs_hammer_friend1: Greetings, brother.
hammer1: h1_obs_hammer_friend2: Strength be to thine arm.
hammer1: h1_obs_noble1: Builder look upon thee and judge thy worth.
hammer1: h1_obs_noble2: Hath thou never thought of putting thine hands to good work?
hammer1: h1_obs_pagan1: Filthy pagan. Off with thee.
hammer1: h1_obs_pagan2: Get thee hence, unbeliever.
hammer1: h1_obs_pl_friend1: Only The Builder can judge thee, Garrett.
hammer1: h1_obs_pl_friend2: How fares thee, Garrett?
hammer1: h1_obs_pl_neutral1: 'Tis never a joy to see thee, thief.
hammer1: h1_obs_pl_neutral2: Thou wilt have no blessing from me.
hammer1: h1_opp_fcon1: Seek not to escape!
hammer1: h1_opp_fcon2: Halt, wretch!
hammer1: h1_opp_fcon3: Coward! Stop thy flight!
hammer1: h1_opp_fini1: Coward! 'Tis nowhere to run!
hammer1: h1_opp_fini2: Where dost thou flee to?
hammer1: h1_opp_fini_f_na1: See how she thinkst to flee!
hammer1: h1_opp_fini_m_na1: Let us after this coward!
hammer1: h1_opp_hide1: Huh? Worry not, I shalt find thee again....
hammer1: h1_opp_hide2: Where? Thou thinkst to hide?
hammer1: h1_opp_hide_f1: Where hath she fled to?
hammer1: h1_opp_hide_f_na1: We hath driven her away!
hammer1: h1_opp_hide_m1: Where hath he gone?
hammer1: h1_opp_hide_m2: He hath escaped me.
hammer1: h1_opp_hide_m_na1: Did thou see which way he went, Brother?
hammer1: h1_opp_hide_m_na2: He has given us the slip...for the moment....
hammer1: h1_opp_mis1: Wouldst thou like another try?
hammer1: h1_opp_mis2: Didst thou think to harm me?
hammer1: h1_opp_mis3: 'Tis that your best, villain?
hammer1: h1_pagancornerstone1: Filthy wretched vines! The Trickster ‘tis surely at work here.
hammer1: h1_rcon1: I shall spy thee soon enough.
hammer1: h1_rcon2: Doubt not I shall find thee!
hammer1: h1_rcon3: Show thyself and end this trickery!
hammer1: h1_rcon4: The Builder shalt make thee known to me!
hammer1: h1_rcon5: Where art thou?
hammer1: h1_rcon6: Thou art surely here somewhere.
hammer1: h1_rcon7: If thou giveth thyself up, it shall be best for thee.
hammer1: h1_rcon8: Thy sins shall make thee known!
hammer1: h1_rcon_fnd1: There thou art!
hammer1: h1_rcon_fnd2: Aha!
hammer1: h1_rcon_fnd3: I hath found thee out!
hammer1: h1_rcon_fnd4: Thou art found!
hammer1: h1_rcon_fnd5: Thou shalt not escape me again!
hammer1: h1_rcon_fnd_f_na1: Here she is! Hurry!
hammer1: h1_rcon_fnd_m_na1: Over here! I hath found him again!
hammer1: h1_rcon_fnd_m_na2: We hath found him!
hammer1: h1_rcon_he1: One more noise, villain. One more noise....
hammer1: h1_rcon_he2: I hear thee! And I shalt not stop until I find thee!
hammer1: h1_rcon_he3: Think not thy villainous deeds go unheard, you....
hammer1: h1_rcon_he_na1: We hath heard thee clear now.
hammer1: h1_rcon_he_na2: Listen thou, and we shalt hear it again.
hammer1: h1_rcon_ia_na1: Keep watchful, Brother. Things are not right tonight....
hammer1: h1_rcon_ik_na1: Careful, brother. Murder hath been done.
hammer1: h1_rcon_it_na1: Watch thyself, 'tis a thief we are searching for....
hammer1: h1_rcon_los1: Thou mayst hide for a moment, but not forever.
hammer1: h1_rcon_los2: Thou wilt be found.
hammer1: h1_rcon_los3: Worry not, I shalt find thee.
hammer1: h1_rcon_los4: Thou art a coward, to hide so!
hammer1: h1_rcon_los5: Make yourself known!
hammer1: h1_rcon_los_f1: I wilt find her again, I swear.
hammer1: h1_rcon_los_f_na1: Continue thy searchings, brother, until we find her....
hammer1: h1_rcon_los_m1: Surely he must be here somewhere.
hammer1: h1_rcon_los_m2: He doth prove himself a coward by hiding....
hammer1: h1_rcon_los_m_na1: Seest thou where he went, Brother?
hammer1: h1_rcon_los_m_na2: Dost thou see him?
hammer1: h1_rcon_na1: Seek, Brother! And we shall find!
hammer1: h1_rcon_na2: Aid me in my search! Someone is here!
hammer1: h1_rcon_na3: We shalt find him, never fear, trust in The Builder....
hammer1: h1_rcon_se1: Fear not...let me see thee more clearly....
hammer1: h1_rcon_se2: I know I have seen more than a shadow now....
hammer1: h1_rcon_se3: Come, come, let me see who doth cause such trouble.
hammer1: h1_rcon_se_na1: We didst see thee! Show thyself!
hammer1: h1_rcon_se_na2: Dost thou still see it?
hammer1: h1_repri_bump_init1: Watch thyself.
hammer1: h1_repri_bump_init2: Thou art too hasty, Garrett.
hammer1: h1_repri_hurt_init1: If thou dost that again, Garrett, thou wilt regret it.
hammer1: h1_repri_hurtother_init1: Get thee from them!
hammer1: h1_repri_hurtother_sub1: Thou wilt do no more violence, Garrett!
hammer1: h1_repri_lockp_init1: Thou art not permitted there, Garrett. Desist now.
hammer1: h1_repri_odd_init1: What dost thou do there, Garrett? 'Tis surely wicked.
hammer1: h1_repri_over1: I am glad thou hast repented.
hammer1: h1_repri_over2: I shalt keep a closer eye on thee, Garrett.
hammer1: h1_repri_stare_init1: What doth thou stare at?
hammer1: h1_repri_stare_init2: Thy gaze is most unwanted.
hammer1: h1_repri_stare_init3: Look elsewhere, knave.
hammer1: h1_repri_theft_init1: Thy fingers doth betray thee, Garrett. Steal no more!
hammer1: h1_repri_threat_init1: Dost thou threaten me?
hammer1: h1_repri_threat_sub1: Put thy weapon down, Garrett.
hammer1: h1_repri_thrown_init1: Cease thy mischief!
hammer1: h1_repri_thrown_sub1: Builder curse thee, stop that!
hammer1: h1_repri_tres_init1: Surely thou knowest thou art not permitted in our halls?
hammer1: h1_repri_tres_init2: This place is under mine protection. Thou mayst not enter.
hammer1: h1_repri_vandal_init1: The Builder doth frown on destruction.
hammer1: h1_repri_vandal_sub1: Those art not thine, Garrett! Cease at once!
hammer1: h1_rini1: Someone there? Show thyself!
hammer1: h1_rini2: What trickery is this? Who is there?
hammer1: h1_rini3: I knowst thou art here, knave!
hammer1: h1_rini4: Stand forth or be found out!
hammer1: h1_rini5: Thou hast lurked one time too many, rogue!
hammer1: h1_rini_he1: I hear thyself in the open at once!
hammer1: h1_rini_he2: I hear thee true now!
hammer1: h1_rini_he3: I canst hear thee, rogue!
hammer1: h1_rini_he_na1: Hold! Thou must have heardst that!
hammer1: h1_rini_he_na2: Who comes to us? We hear thee!
hammer1: h1_rini_se1: I spy thee now! Stand forth!
hammer1: h1_rini_se2: I saw thee there! Come forward!
hammer1: h1_rini_se3: Who did I see there? Hold!
hammer1: h1_rini_se_na1: There! Seest thou?
hammer1: h1_rini_se_na2: There, brother! Look there!
hammer1: h1_rnew1: There! What couldst that be?
hammer1: h1_rnew2: Again! 'Tis almost mocking me....
hammer1: h1_rnew3: There 'tis once more!
hammer1: h1_rnew_he1: That sound again!
hammer1: h1_rnew_he2: There! 'Tis that noise I heard!
hammer1: h1_rnew_se1: There! I have spied it again!
hammer1: h1_rnew_se2: Aha! Now I know I truly did see something....
hammer1: h1_rpre1: There!
hammer1: h1_rpre2: Hey!
hammer1: h1_rpre3: Aha!
hammer1: h1_rret1: I was sure that someone hath been here, but 'tis The Builder's peace now....
hammer1: h1_rret2: 'Tis no one here now, and 'tis my guess they have long fled this place....
hammer1: h1_rret3: Bah. There is no one must be as The Builder wishes it to be....
hammer1: h1_rret_he1: 'Tis quiet now...I will think on it, no more....
hammer1: h1_rret_he2: Whate'er was making the noise, 'tis gone.
hammer1: h1_rret_los1: Curse thee, thou'rt escaped.
hammer1: h1_rret_los2: Thou hast prevailed this time, wretch.
hammer1: h1_rret_los_f1: She hath eluded me most thoroughly.
hammer1: h1_rret_los_f_na1: She hath eluded us, brother.
hammer1: h1_rret_los_m1: The villain hath escaped, curse him.
hammer1: h1_rret_los_m_na1: We have lost him. How couldst this be?
hammer1: h1_rret_na1: I canst not find it either...Surely we have looked enough....
hammer1: h1_rret_na2: Thinkst thou it is time to give up the search? I do.
hammer1: h1_rret_ra1: Bah! A rat! 'Twas just a rat!
hammer1: h1_rret_se1: I canst see nothing now...I have unnerved myself o'er flickering lights....
hammer1: h1_rret_se2: 'Tis gone, whatever I saw, may that it stay gone, too.
hammer1: h1_rsur_ev_com1: Treachery!
hammer1: h1_rsur_ev_com2: Look out!
hammer1: h1_sle_idle1: Oh...I do wish for ah (yawns) small nap....
hammer1: h1_sle_idle2: So sleepy...wouldst it truly hurt for me but to close mine eyes a bit?
hammer1: h1_sle_idle3: 'Twill not do to be so (yawns) sleepy as this....
hammer1: h1_sle_ycon1: 'Tis probably (yawns) that I didst dose off, and dreamt 'twas something there....
hammer1: h1_sle_ycon2: Hmmm...(yawns), is that you?
hammer1: h1_sle_ycon3: Must needs I wake...which I will do once I confirm that all is well....
hammer1: h1_sle_yini1: (Yawns) Something there?
hammer1: h1_sle_yini2: (Yawns) What dost approach?
hammer1: h1_sle_yret1: How wearysome...'twas nothing at all....
hammer1: h1_sle_yret2: I shalt worry no further...I didst but imagine it in my weary state....
hammer1: h1_sleeping1: (Talking in sleep) Where's this...the wild woods...I am lost...and the beasts approach....
hammer1: h1_sndocc1: 'Tis too noisy to hear.
hammer1: h1_spell_thanks1: Thank thee.
hammer1: h1_spell_thanks2: I am most grateful.
hammer1: h1_spell_thanks3: Thanks to thee, brother.
hammer1: h1_sum_fight1: Canst anyone help?
hammer1: h1_sum_fight2: Help!
hammer1: h1_sum_fight3: Dost anyone hear?
hammer1: h1_sum_reply1: I shalt help thee!
hammer1: h1_sum_reply2: I am to thee!
hammer1: h1_sum_reply3: Stand fast, and I shalt be there!
hammer1: h1_valley1: Who hides there in the alley! I see thee!
hammer1: h1_vatrium1: 'Tis an intruder in the atrium!
hammer1: h1_vbathrm1: Pardon me, broth--wait, thou art no brother!
hammer1: h1_vbedrm1: That is not thy bedchamber!
hammer1: h1_vbsmt1: Here! In the basement! An intruder hath come!
hammer1: h1_vchamber1: An intruder hath come into the chamber!
hammer1: h1_vchapel1: The Builder shalt strike thee down, heathen, that thou dost violate His chapel!
hammer1: h1_vcourtyd1: Intruder! Intruder! He hath gone to the courtyard!
hammer1: h1_vhall1: Here! To me! There be an intruder in the hall!
hammer1: h1_vinside1: An intruder hath come inside!
hammer1: h1_vkitchen1: Who's that in the kitchen?
hammer1: h1_vlibrary1: Thou! In the library! Thou dost not belong here!
hammer1: h1_voutside1: 'Tis someone there, outside.
hammer1: h1_vrafters1: Thou in the rafters! Who art thou?
hammer1: h1_vroof1: Look, mine brethren! On the roof!
hammer1: h1_vstairs1: Hold, villain! I see thee on the stair!
hammer1: h1_vstreet1: Look there where an intruder skulks in the street!
hammer1: h1_wdie1: Nooo! Murderer!
hammer1: h1_wdie2: Thou wilt be paid back tenfold!
hammer1: h1_wdie_f1: Thou hast slain her, villain!
hammer1: h1_wdie_m1: Thou hast killed him! Villain!
hammer1: h1_wfle1: Brother! Why dost thou flee?
hammer1: h1_ycon1: If 'tis here, then I shall find it.
hammer1: h1_ycon2: Surely I didst not imagine it.
hammer1: h1_ycon3: Where art thou...strange....
hammer1: h1_ycon4: Whate'er it was, I shall seek it out e'er long....
hammer1: h1_ycon5: I shall find thee, if thou be here.
hammer1: h1_ycon_he1: Perhaps 'twill make another noise.
hammer1: h1_ycon_he2: I shall hear it again, I am sure.
hammer1: h1_ycon_he_na1: Canst thou still hear it?
hammer1: h1_ycon_he_na2: Listen, listen, 'twill come again.
hammer1: h1_ycon_na1: Prithee, hath thou found anything?
hammer1: h1_ycon_na2: Keep thou looking, brother.
hammer1: h1_ycon_se1: Perhaps 'twas but a flicker of the light....
hammer1: h1_ycon_se2: If 'tis here, shalt I see it again.
hammer1: h1_ycon_se_na1: Mine eyes are weak, I do no longer spy it. Can you?
hammer1: h1_ycon_se_na2: Thou didst see it too, didst thou not?
hammer1: h1_yini1: Who goes there?
hammer1: h1_yini2: Doth someone approach?
hammer1: h1_yini3: Hold and show thyself!
hammer1: h1_yini4: Come forth, whoe'er thou be.
hammer1: h1_yini5: Who be'st there?
hammer1: h1_yini_he1: (puzzled) Surely 'twas no mouse to make such noise.
hammer1: h1_yini_he2: Didst I hear aright?
hammer1: h1_yini_he3: 'Tis a very strange noise, to be sure.
hammer1: h1_yini_he_na1: Hearest thou that?
hammer1: h1_yini_he_na2: Doth thou hear that? That noise?
hammer1: h1_yini_he_na3: Shh, brother. Listen with me....
hammer1: h1_yini_se1: If thou be'st there, Brother, come into the light....
hammer1: h1_yini_se2: What be'st that I see there?
hammer1: h1_yini_se3: Doth something move there?
hammer1: h1_yini_se_na1: There. Didst thou see that?
hammer1: h1_yini_se_na2: Lookst thou! Over there.
hammer1: h1_yini_se_na3: Didst thou see what that was?
hammer1: h1_ynew1: There...again...whatever is that?
hammer1: h1_ynew2: Hmm, it repeats....
hammer1: h1_yret1: Hmmm. 'Tis nothing. Mine imagination dost run too free.
hammer1: h1_yret2: 'Twas only in my mind, surely.
hammer1: h1_yret3: I hath let myself jump at naught.
hammer1: h1_yret_he1: Though the sound unnerved me, I see now 'twas only the stones settling.
hammer1: h1_yret_he2: I do wonder what 'twas I heard, but no matter, 'tis gone now.
hammer1: h1_yret_na1: Brother, I think we wert confused. Let us think no more on this....
hammer1: h1_yret_na2: I think we hath made ourselves fools over nothing.
hammer1: h1_yret_ra1: Get thee hence, vile rat, that thou trickst me so!
hammer1: h1_yret_se1: Mine eyes didst lie, I think.
hammer1: h1_yret_se2: 'Tis nothing to see now.

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