T3_hammer3 Edit

hammer3: h3_blame_maj1: I hath caught thee! For this crime 'gainst The Builder, thou wilt pay!
hammer3: h3_blame_min1: 'Twas you that did this? No more mischief from thee!
hammer3: h3_catt1: I shall hammer thee!
hammer3: h3_catt2: Fall, villain!
hammer3: h3_catt3: Receive thy pounding!
hammer3: h3_catt4: Feel mine hammer!
hammer3: h3_catt5: Wretch!
hammer3: h3_catt_hi1: Back to the forge with thee!
hammer3: h3_catt_hi2: I see thy fear!
hammer3: h3_catt_hi_na1: We pound the wretch well!
hammer3: h3_catt_hi_na2: He is ours now, Brother!
hammer3: h3_catt_lo1: Builder forgive my weakness!
hammer3: h3_catt_lo2: Stay thou back!
hammer3: h3_catt_lo_na1: Brother, aid me!
hammer3: h3_catt_lo_na2: To me!
hammer3: h3_cdam_hi1: I am sorely wounded!
hammer3: h3_cdam_hi2: 'Tis my life....
hammer3: h3_cdam_hi3: Arrh! Curses....
hammer3: h3_cdam_hi_na1: Brother, he doth slay me!
hammer3: h3_cdam_hi_na2: He is too much for me!
hammer3: h3_cdam_hi_na3: Help me, or I am lost!
hammer3: h3_cdam_lo1: Knave!
hammer3: h3_cdam_lo2: Villain!
hammer3: h3_cdam_lo3: Thou dost try me!
hammer3: h3_cdam_med1: Builder guard me!
hammer3: h3_cdam_med2: Curse thine eyes!
hammer3: h3_cdam_med3: Curse thee, wretch!
hammer3: h3_cdam_no1: Hast thou no better?
hammer3: h3_cdam_no2: 'Twas that the best you can do?
hammer3: h3_cdam_no3: Thinkst thou to injure me?
hammer3: h3_cdie_drown1: Yah! Heeelllp! (Gurgling).
hammer3: h3_cdie_ko1: 'Tis not....
hammer3: h3_cdie_words1: Builder, I come....
hammer3: h3_cdie_words2: My soul doth go to The Builder's own house....
hammer3: h3_cdie_words3: Builder... I canst see thee now....
hammer3: h3_cexp_hi1: Thy death waits at mine hand.
hammer3: h3_cexp_hi2: Cry mercy and fall!
hammer3: h3_cexp_hi_f_na1: We wilt have her soon.
hammer3: h3_cexp_hi_m_na1: His death shalt be at our hands!
hammer3: h3_cexp_hi_m_na2: One more strike, Brother!
hammer3: h3_cexp_lo1: Surely The Builder wouldst not let me fall.
hammer3: h3_cexp_lo2: I... wilt... not... fail.
hammer3: h3_cexp_lo_f_na1: Help me! She wilt slay me!
hammer3: h3_cexp_lo_m_na1: He is too fast, Brother!
hammer3: h3_cexp_lo_m_na2: He doth overcome me!
hammer3: h3_cexp_med1: Thou art canny, villain.
hammer3: h3_cexp_med2: Thy villainy gives thee strength.
hammer3: h3_cexp_med_f_na1: She is most fearsome, brother.
hammer3: h3_cexp_med_m_na1: He is a strong match for us, brother!
hammer3: h3_cexp_med_m_na2: 'Tis a worthy foe to defeat, brother!
hammer3: h3_chit1: Feel the pain of thy sins!
hammer3: h3_chit2: Doth thou yield?
hammer3: h3_chit3: Was that bone breaking, cur?
hammer3: h3_cini1: Thou villain! Rrrrrr!
hammer3: h3_cini2: Thou art discovered! Prepare thy soul, sinner!
hammer3: h3_cini3: I hath found thee villain! Thou art for it!
hammer3: h3_cini4: I hath found thee! Builder strike thee down!
hammer3: h3_cini5: Thou art found! I shalt strike thee down!
hammer3: h3_cini6: There thou art! Thou shalt trespass no more!
hammer3: h3_cini_enr1: Die! Die! Die!
hammer3: h3_cini_enr2: Thou shalt die!
hammer3: h3_cini_enr3: With mine hammer!
hammer3: h3_cini_human1: Thou art marked for death!
hammer3: h3_cini_ik1: I hath found thee! There shalt be no mercy for thee, murderer!
hammer3: h3_cini_it1: There thou art! Thou shalt learn that thievery doth not pay!
hammer3: h3_cini_monster1: Die, foul monster!
hammer3: h3_cini_monster_na1: Thine aid 'gainst this Trickster's spawn!
hammer3: h3_cini_na1: Ah, thou art discovered! Stop the trespasser!
hammer3: h3_cini_na2: We hath uncovered him! Let us fell this villain!
hammer3: h3_cini_na3: I hath caught thee! Show no mercy, Brother!
hammer3: h3_cini_pagan1: Where is thy god now, Pagan?
hammer3: h3_cini_pagan_na1: Come, Brother, let us smite this Pagan!
hammer3: h3_cini_zombie1: Thou art dead--learnst thou that!
hammer3: h3_cini_zombie_na1: Aid me, Brother! 'Tis a zombie!
hammer3: h3_ckil1: Thou art dead!
hammer3: h3_ckil2: Die, sinner!
hammer3: h3_ckil3: Repent!
hammer3: h3_cmis1: Curse thee, be still!
hammer3: h3_cmis2: I wilt not miss again!
hammer3: h3_cmis3: If thou wouldst just be still...!
hammer3: h3_cmis_na1: I have missed! Smite the cur, Brother!
hammer3: h3_cmis_na2: Help me 'gainst this one!
hammer3: h3_cret_kil1: I thank The Builder for having foes to smite so....
hammer3: h3_cret_kil2: Mine arm hast proven worthy against the nonbeliever....
hammer3: h3_cret_kil3: 'Twas a worthy battle, and the villain hast perished....
hammer3: h3_cret_kil_na1: We hath prevailed. Together 'gainst The Builder's foe!
hammer3: h3_cret_kil_na2: 'Tis over. We have won, Brother.
hammer3: h3_cret_kil_pl1: I hath heard of this Garrett. Pity we couldst not save his thieving soul....
hammer3: h3_cret_kil_pl_na1: 'Tis one thief wilt trouble us no longer.
hammer3: h3_crime_hurtother1: I shalt discipline thee for thy violence, Garrett!
hammer3: h3_crime_kill1: Now thou shalt pay with thine own death, Garrett.
hammer3: h3_crime_lockp1: Thou art still a burglar at heart, Garrett! Thou shalt pay!
hammer3: h3_crime_theft1: Thou hast offended with thy thievery!
hammer3: h3_crime_threat1: Dost thou think to attack me? See now what wrath thou hast called!
hammer3: h3_crime_tres1: Thou wert not permitted to come here, Garrett! Now taste thy punishment!
hammer3: h3_crime_vandal1: Thou wilt destroy no more, Garrett!
hammer3: h3_csub1: Our paths hath crossed again!
hammer3: h3_csub2: Didst thou think thou 'scaped me?
hammer3: h3_csub3: Thou shalt not run again!
hammer3: h3_csub_na1: We shalt have thee this time!
hammer3: h3_csur1: Ah! Thou villain! Rrrrrr!
hammer3: h3_csur2: Hey! Thou art discovered!
hammer3: h3_csur3: I see thee there! Prepare thy soul, sinner!
hammer3: h3_csur4: Ah! Villainy! Builder strike thee down!
hammer3: h3_csur5: Gah! Face me villain! Thou art for it!
hammer3: h3_csur6: Ah! Thou shalt trespass no more!
hammer3: h3_csur_ik1: Ah! 'Tis the killer! There shalt be no mercy for thee, murderer!
hammer3: h3_csur_it1: I see thee there! Thou shalt learn that thievery doth not pay!
hammer3: h3_csur_na1: Look! Stop the trespasser!
hammer3: h3_csur_na2: Huh? Hold thou! Brothers, let us fell this villain!
hammer3: h3_csur_na3: Look there, 'tis some villain! Show no mercy, Brother!
hammer3: h3_enr_con1: Die, villain! Die!
hammer3: h3_enr_con2: Just wait thou until I reach thee!
hammer3: h3_enr_warn1: Thou villain! Stand still!
hammer3: h3_enr_warn2: Cease thou thy trickery!
hammer3: h3_ev_ally1: Hello? Where art thou? This is thy post is it not?
hammer3: h3_ev_ally_na1: Someone should be here, should they not?
hammer3: h3_ev_ally_spooked1: Mine brother, art thou aright?
hammer3: h3_ev_allyf1: Verily, shouldst she be here.
hammer3: h3_ev_allym1: Something is not aright, if mine brother be not here.
hammer3: h3_ev_an_spooked1: 'Tis odd, that the animals do act so skittish.
hammer3: h3_ev_blood1: What hath caused such bloodshed?
hammer3: h3_ev_body1: Call down the wrath of The Builder upon the murderous craven!
hammer3: h3_ev_body2: Blood shalt be repaid with blood!
hammer3: h3_ev_body_na1: Look brother, I hath seen foul murder!
hammer3: h3_ev_bodyf1: Her murderer shalt pay full well for this deed!
hammer3: h3_ev_bodyf_na1: She hath been killed! Cry woe and vengeance, brother!
hammer3: h3_ev_bodym1: Thy blood shalt be avenged, brother!
hammer3: h3_ev_bodym_na1: Lookst thou! He hath been murdered!
hammer3: h3_ev_chalis1: Villany! The Chalice hath vanished!
hammer3: h3_ev_com1: Builder preserve thee! I come!
hammer3: h3_ev_com2: Who doth fight? I come!
hammer3: h3_ev_dam1: Arh! A coward's strike!
hammer3: h3_ev_dam2: Face me, villain!
hammer3: h3_ev_door1: Who doth leave this door open?
hammer3: h3_ev_door2: That door shouldst not be open.
hammer3: h3_ev_door_na1: Thou didst not open that, hmm?
hammer3: h3_ev_door_na2: See thou there, the door hath been opened.
hammer3: h3_ev_enemybody1: See where thy path has taken thee, scum.
hammer3: h3_ev_felt1: By the--! Do that no more!
hammer3: h3_ev_felt2: This must cease!
hammer3: h3_ev_lightext1: Why hath the lights gone out?
hammer3: h3_ev_lightext2: I canst not see when thou dost that!
hammer3: h3_ev_lightoff1: Why have the lights been shut off?
hammer3: h3_ev_lightoff2: Who hath turned off the lights?
hammer3: h3_ev_loot1: 'Tis missing! Cry alarm!
hammer3: h3_ev_loot2: Who hast taken it?
hammer3: h3_ev_loot_na1: We art robbed. Look here.
hammer3: h3_ev_maj1: Builder preserve me from such wickedness!
hammer3: h3_ev_maj2: 'Tis a great wickedness!
hammer3: h3_ev_med1: How couldst this have happened?
hammer3: h3_ev_med2: 'Tis well and truly amiss!
hammer3: h3_ev_min1: Who hast left this, to his shame?
hammer3: h3_ev_min2: This shouldst have been put aright.
hammer3: h3_ev_res1: Some attack hath happened!
hammer3: h3_ev_ret1: 'Tis not mine duty, I shalt not worry on it further....
hammer3: h3_ev_ret2: Well, The Builder shalt protect us, come what may.
hammer3: h3_ev_ret_ik1: Someone will find the killer, and dispense unto him some goodly justice....
hammer3: h3_ev_shadow1: What doth cast that unusual shadow?
hammer3: h3_ev_torchext1: The torch!
hammer3: h3_ev_torchext2: It has been put out!
hammer3: h3_ev_torchtoff1: (Sighs) These torches doth constantly set themselves awry.
hammer3: h3_ev_torchtoff2: The novices doth not change the torches frequent enough.
hammer3: h3_fatigue_epi1: Mine armor (wheezes) hath grown more (huffs & puffs) heavy....
hammer3: h3_fatigue_epi2: 'Tis very (huffs) tiring (puffs).
hammer3: h3_fatigue_se1: I shalt be (wheezes) upon thou (huffs) soon.
hammer3: h3_fcon1: Safety must come soon....
hammer3: h3_fcon2: Where shalt I find safety?
hammer3: h3_fcon3: 'Tis still behind.
hammer3: h3_fcon_ik1: Help! 'Tis the killer!
hammer3: h3_fcon_ik2: The cutthroat doth pursue me!
hammer3: h3_fcow1: Strike me down if you must...non-believer.
hammer3: h3_fcow2: Go on, strike! I've made my peace with The Builder.
hammer3: h3_fhid1: 'Tis too much for me. Builder, shield me.
hammer3: h3_fhid2: 'Twould have been better hadst he killed me.
hammer3: h3_fini1: Builder shield me!
hammer3: h3_fini_human1: Help! See who is here!
hammer3: h3_fini_monster1: What art thou, Trickster spawn! Help!
hammer3: h3_fini_na1: Run, mine brother!
hammer3: h3_fini_pagan1: I shalt return, pagan scum!
hammer3: h3_fini_pl1: My death serves not The Builder!
hammer3: h3_fini_pl2: Builder lend me swiftness!
hammer3: h3_fini_pl_ik1: Thou wilt not kill me too!
hammer3: h3_fini_pl_it1: To me! The thief is here!
hammer3: h3_fini_zombie1: Help! 'Tis the undead!
hammer3: h3_frust1: Thou wilt come to my reach eventually.
hammer3: h3_frust2: I hath only to wait!
hammer3: h3_frust_f_na1: Call down thy wrath upon her!
hammer3: h3_frust_m_na1: He is in thy range! Strike!
hammer3: h3_frust_up1: Get thou down from there!
hammer3: h3_fsub1: No! Begone, chase me not!
hammer3: h3_fsub2: Why dost thou follow me?
hammer3: h3_gcon1: Art still there?
hammer3: h3_gcon2: Something approach?
hammer3: h3_gcon_he1: Didst I hear, or not?
hammer3: h3_gcon_he2: If 'tis there, wilt speak again.
hammer3: h3_gcon_he_na1: What? Didst thou just say something?
hammer3: h3_gcon_he_na2: Hush thyself...heardst thou that noise?
hammer3: h3_gcon_se1: Didst mine eyes trick me?
hammer3: h3_gcon_se2: Perhaps I shalt see it again.
hammer3: h3_gcon_se_na1: Didst thou see anything, or do mine eyes confound me?
hammer3: h3_gcon_se_na2: Hold, Brother, seest thou that?
hammer3: h3_gen_aha1: Thou'rt found!
hammer3: h3_gen_aha2: There thou art.
hammer3: h3_gen_aha3: Where wert thou?
hammer3: h3_gen_dazed1: I...I hath been....
hammer3: h3_gen_dazed2: Ughh...was--hmm.
hammer3: h3_gen_dazed3: Huhhh...'twas something? Or....
hammer3: h3_gen_dismiss1: 'Tis not my concern.
hammer3: h3_gen_dismiss2: Hm.
hammer3: h3_gen_dismiss3: 'Tis nothing, then.
hammer3: h3_gen_distress2: Curse it!
hammer3: h3_gen_distress3: No!
hammer3: h3_gen_dunno1: I do not know.
hammer3: h3_gen_dunno2: Only The Builder knows....
hammer3: h3_gen_dunno3: 'Tis beyond me.
hammer3: h3_gen_frust2: Builder's wrath!
hammer3: h3_gen_frust3: Oh, the vexation!
hammer3: h3_gen_igetit1: Aha....
hammer3: h3_gen_igetit2: The Builder hast shown me....
hammer3: h3_gen_igetit3: 'Tis a puzzlement no more....
hammer3: h3_gen_no1: Nay.
hammer3: h3_gen_no2: No.
hammer3: h3_gen_no3: I should say not.
hammer3: h3_gen_oof2: Bother.
hammer3: h3_gen_oof3: Gah!
hammer3: h3_gen_oops1: Curse it!
hammer3: h3_gen_oops2: Bother.
hammer3: h3_gen_oops3: 'Tis mine error.
hammer3: h3_gen_snapout1: Hey!
hammer3: h3_gen_snapout2: What?
hammer3: h3_gen_snapout3: What happened?
hammer3: h3_gen_startled1: Huh?
hammer3: h3_gen_startled2: Holy--!
hammer3: h3_gen_startled3: How?
hammer3: h3_gen_suffer1: Uuuggh...oooh.... 'Tis like a vice on my skull....
hammer3: h3_gen_thanks1: I do thank thee.
hammer3: h3_gen_thanks2: Many thanks.
hammer3: h3_gen_thanks3: Thank thee.
hammer3: h3_gen_yes1: Aye.
hammer3: h3_gen_yes2: I think so.
hammer3: h3_gen_yes3: Certainly.
hammer3: h3_gini1: Something?
hammer3: h3_gini2: Yes?
hammer3: h3_gini3: Canst I help...hmm.
hammer3: h3_gini4: Art there?
hammer3: h3_gini5: Eh? Brother?
hammer3: h3_gini_he1: Odd noise....
hammer3: h3_gini_he2: Hmmm...what makest that sound?
hammer3: h3_gini_he3: What noise be that?
hammer3: h3_gini_se1: What moves there?
hammer3: h3_gini_se2: What vision hast come upon me?
hammer3: h3_gini_se3: Didst I see, or imagine I saw...?
hammer3: h3_greet_reply1: Hello.
hammer3: h3_greet_reply2: Blessings upon thee as well.
hammer3: h3_greet_reply3: How dost thou be?
hammer3: h3_greet_req1: Builder grant thee blessings.
hammer3: h3_greet_req2: Be well.
hammer3: h3_greet_req3: How dost thou be?
hammer3: h3_gret1: 'Tis The Builder's peace, now.
hammer3: h3_gret2: 'Twas nothing.
hammer3: h3_gret3: 'Twas but my imagining.
hammer3: h3_gret_he1: Whate'er I heard, 'tis gone.
hammer3: h3_gret_he2: The noise 'twas but passing.
hammer3: h3_gret_na1: Thinkst thou 'twas but nothing, as well?
hammer3: h3_gret_na2: If neither thou nor I canst find it, 'tis nothing to find.
hammer3: h3_gret_se1: If there was aught to see, 'tis gone now.
hammer3: h3_gret_se2: 'Tis nothing to see.
hammer3: h3_gsub1: Mine 'nothing' hath returned....
hammer3: h3_gsub2: 'Tis something trickish, to come and go....
hammer3: h3_iann1: Mine brothers art needed here.
hammer3: h3_iann2: Brothers! To arms! Help!
hammer3: h3_iann_pl1: Stay thou there! I shalt return with mine brethren!
hammer3: h3_iann_pl2: I shalt summon aid 'gainst thee.
hammer3: h3_iarr_gone1: Where hast gone? 'Twas here but moments ago....
hammer3: h3_iarr_gone_pl1: Where hath he gone? 'Twas here before.
hammer3: h3_iarr_pres1: There 'tis!
hammer3: h3_iarr_pres_pl1: 'Tis the one I told you about!
hammer3: h3_iarr_srch1: I wilt look for it for thee.
hammer3: h3_iarr_srch_pl1: No doubt he hath run off, but I shalt help thee look.
hammer3: h3_idle1: (Quietly chants to self) And the word went before him, on a breeze carrying our salvation. Here at last is a man with the mind of a general and the heart of a poet, yet also with the hands of a builder. He will lift us up from the Earth.
hammer3: h3_idle2: Surely the wicked are a curse and a blight upon the city. Would that I could smite them The Builder's Name....
hammer3: h3_idle3: If a beam taketh six nails to place, then six shalt it be. If thou useth five, then be thou a cheap and careless fool. If thou useth seven, then be thou a wastrel with no pride.
hammer3: h3_idle4: Karras's sin 'twas not his work, for it was well built and didst glory The Builder. Karras's sin 'twas in setting himself in judgment where The Builder hadst not.
hammer3: h3_idle5: Blessed am I, Builder, that I mayst do the work Thou chooseth me to do. Blessed is the nail that Thou askst me to strike, and blessed is the heathen when he receiveth the grace of my hammer.
hammer3: h3_idle6: And the scales didst fall away from his eyes, and didst he cry out that he hath seen the light. And took he a hammer, and struck he about him, 'gainst his false friends, calling out to The Builder to save him, and was he saved.
hammer3: h3_idle7: Builder, let my hand strike true. Builder, in the work I do.
hammer3: h3_idle8: Measure thou twice, cutteth thou but once. Care in all things shalt save thee from waste and error.
hammer3: h3_idle_an1: Thou neither work nor toil, vermin. Begone.
hammer3: h3_idle_ra1: What hath these times come to, that there art rats even here?
hammer3: h3_irep1: Follow me!
hammer3: h3_irep_body1: Come with me! I had seen foul murder!
hammer3: h3_irep_ik1: Follow me! 'Tis the killer!
hammer3: h3_irep_it1: Come with me! I hath found our thief!
hammer3: h3_irep_pl1: Be warned--I hath seen an intruder, but he escaped me.
hammer3: h3_irep_pl2: I shalt show thee where a villain wast!
hammer3: h3_ires1: Show me, Brother.
hammer3: h3_misc_blind_con1: 'Tis all blackness...about me....
hammer3: h3_misc_blind_con2: Curse it. I canst see nothing.
hammer3: h3_misc_blind_con3: If I couldst but...see something...then....
hammer3: h3_misc_blind_end1: Praise The Builder, mine eyes hath healed.
hammer3: h3_misc_blind_ini1: Builder help me, my sight hath gone!
hammer3: h3_misc_noisemak1: I hath never heard such a sound as this.
hammer3: h3_misc_noisesup1: Strange acoustics. I hadst begun to think myself deaf.
hammer3: h3_misc_pickp1: Who hath stolen from me?
hammer3: h3_misc_pickp2: What? I hath been robbed!
hammer3: h3_misc_slip2: Woo-ah-ah-ah!
hammer3: h3_misc_slip3: Whoa!
hammer3: h3_nbarrel1: 'Twould be best to look on both sides of that barrel.
hammer3: h3_nchair1: Hmm. Be something near that chair?
hammer3: h3_ncouch1: Now needs I search by the couch.
hammer3: h3_ncrate1: Hold, crate, and do not move!
hammer3: h3_ndesk1: What be there by the desk?
hammer3: h3_ndoor1: Be something there, by the door?
hammer3: h3_nladder1: That ladder...needs checking....
hammer3: h3_nmach1: Now to check by that machinery.
hammer3: h3_nshadow1: 'Tis time to look in those shadows over yonder.
hammer3: h3_nshelf1: 'Twas something there, by the shelves?
hammer3: h3_nstatue1: I must search that statue.
hammer3: h3_ntable1: Wast that something behind the table?
hammer3: h3_obs_citywatch1: Thou wouldst do more good to carry a hammer than a sword.
hammer3: h3_obs_citywatch2: Good even, Officer.
hammer3: h3_obs_commoner1: Hello, thou.
hammer3: h3_obs_commoner2: Thou hath the look of hunger about thee. Canst thou not work?
hammer3: h3_obs_commoner3: Thy fortune wouldst improve if thou prayed more.
hammer3: h3_obs_guard1: Builder's blessing on thee, guardsman.
hammer3: h3_obs_guard2: As thou judge, so art thou judged.
hammer3: h3_obs_guard3: Doest thou accept money to do what's right? Pah....
hammer3: h3_obs_hammer_friend1: Builder go with thee, Brother.
hammer3: h3_obs_hammer_friend2: Iron and stone shield thee.
hammer3: h3_obs_noble1: Thank thee for thy donation.
hammer3: h3_obs_noble2: Blessings upon thee--but dost thou think thyself worthy of them?
hammer3: h3_obs_pagan1: Thou art not welcome in mine sight, heathen.
hammer3: h3_obs_pagan2: Pagan wretch, get thee gone.
hammer3: h3_obs_pl_friend1: Greetings, Garrett.
hammer3: h3_obs_pl_friend2: The Builder doth see thee too, Garrett.
hammer3: h3_obs_pl_neutral1: The Builder doth not suffer a thief to live....
hammer3: h3_obs_pl_neutral2: Thou wilt come to no good end.
hammer3: h3_opp_fcon1: 'Tis a dead end thou run to!
hammer3: h3_opp_fcon2: Fight me, villain!
hammer3: h3_opp_fcon3: Hast thou no shame? Turn, coward!
hammer3: h3_opp_fini1: Thy flight shall not save thee!
hammer3: h3_opp_fini2: Thou shalt not escape!
hammer3: h3_opp_fini_f_na1: She wilt not escape us!
hammer3: h3_opp_fini_m_na1: Lookst thou how he tries to flee.
hammer3: h3_opp_hide1: Coward! Thinkest thou to hide from me?
hammer3: h3_opp_hide2: Where has thou disappeared to then?
hammer3: h3_opp_hide_f1: She shalt not escape me forever.
hammer3: h3_opp_hide_f_na1: Didst thou see where she fled?
hammer3: h3_opp_hide_m1: Where hast he got to? Bah!
hammer3: h3_opp_hide_m2: He hast outrun me...the villain!
hammer3: h3_opp_hide_m_na1: Hath he fled? Doth thou see him?
hammer3: h3_opp_hide_m_na2: Where could he hath gone to, Brother?
hammer3: h3_opp_mis1: Canst do no better than that?
hammer3: h3_opp_mis2: 'Twas a clean miss!
hammer3: h3_opp_mis3: Inept wretch.
hammer3: h3_pagancornerstone1: These vines doth desecrate what they touch!
hammer3: h3_rcon1: Thou art here, somewhere.
hammer3: h3_rcon2: Give thou up this foolish hiding!
hammer3: h3_rcon3: Thou wilt be found, coward. Thou wilt be found.
hammer3: h3_rcon4: I know thou dost creep around here somewhere.
hammer3: h3_rcon5: This much I do know: thou shalt be mine soon enough....
hammer3: h3_rcon6: Cease thy trickery and show thyself!
hammer3: h3_rcon7: I shall find thee ere long!
hammer3: h3_rcon8: Thou canst not hide for long!
hammer3: h3_rcon_fnd1: I hath found thee, villain!
hammer3: h3_rcon_fnd2: Thou art discovered!
hammer3: h3_rcon_fnd3: Thy hiding place hath failed thee!
hammer3: h3_rcon_fnd4: Praise The Builder, I hath found thee!
hammer3: h3_rcon_fnd5: Thou wilt not flee so easily now!
hammer3: h3_rcon_fnd_f_na1: I hath found her! Come!
hammer3: h3_rcon_fnd_m_na1: We hath uncovered him!
hammer3: h3_rcon_fnd_m_na2: He hath blundered back to us.
hammer3: h3_rcon_he1: Come out, villain! I hath heard thee here!
hammer3: h3_rcon_he2: I know thou art here, I heard thee most clearly....
hammer3: h3_rcon_he3: Thou wilt be found, if thou maketh but one more noise....
hammer3: h3_rcon_he_na1: Shh! Hear that, brother?
hammer3: h3_rcon_he_na2: Someone is here. Listen thou carefully.
hammer3: h3_rcon_ia_na1: 'Tis a strange a night as I can recall...take care whilst you search, brother....
hammer3: h3_rcon_ik_na1: Let us find this murderer, and bring about swift justice....
hammer3: h3_rcon_it_na1: Be thou careful. It couldst be the thief.
hammer3: h3_rcon_los1: Thou wilt betray thyself...sooner...or later....
hammer3: h3_rcon_los2: Thou art nearby, I know it.
hammer3: h3_rcon_los3: Thou hast not escaped...thou'rt merely hiding....
hammer3: h3_rcon_los4: I wilt seek thee until the ends of the earth.
hammer3: h3_rcon_los5: I shall find thee, villain, and you know it!
hammer3: h3_rcon_los_f1: She wilt betray her hiding place sooner or later.
hammer3: h3_rcon_los_f_na1: I canst not find her trail, Brother.
hammer3: h3_rcon_los_m1: He shalt not stay hidden forever.
hammer3: h3_rcon_los_m2: He showeth himself a coward in The Builder's eyes.
hammer3: h3_rcon_los_m_na1: He'll not hide from us for long....
hammer3: h3_rcon_los_m_na2: We shalt find him.
hammer3: h3_rcon_na1: Lookst thou more careful, for I am sure someone is here.
hammer3: h3_rcon_na2: One of us or the other wilt find you, coward!
hammer3: h3_rcon_na3: Thou art for it now! We shalt find thee...ere long!
hammer3: h3_rcon_se1: I have spied thee, wicked one, come take thy medicine!
hammer3: h3_rcon_se2: Come, come, I saw thou there, so cease thy hiding....
hammer3: h3_rcon_se3: Thou art seen and done for. 'Tis but a question of time.
hammer3: h3_rcon_se_na1: Look careful, brother. And call out if thou dost see it again!
hammer3: h3_rcon_se_na2: We shalt spy it again, never fear.
hammer3: h3_repri_bump_init1: I beg thy pardon!
hammer3: h3_repri_bump_init2: Watch where thou dost tread!
hammer3: h3_repri_hurt_init1: That doth hurt! Thy violence is not permitted!
hammer3: h3_repri_hurtother_init1: Step away, Garrett!
hammer3: h3_repri_hurtother_sub1: Stand away, Garrett, or thou shalt regret it!
hammer3: h3_repri_lockp_init1: Garrett, thou knowst thou art not permitted there!
hammer3: h3_repri_odd_init1: Cease thy mischief, Garrett. It speaks nothing well of thee.
hammer3: h3_repri_over1: Keep thy behavior better in the future.
hammer3: h3_repri_over2: I hadst begun to think thou wished for death.
hammer3: h3_repri_stare_init1: Spend thy gaze elsewhere.
hammer3: h3_repri_stare_init2: Cease thy staring.
hammer3: h3_repri_stare_init3: 'Tis unseemly to stare so.
hammer3: h3_repri_theft_init1: Thou thinkst to steal from me? Stop at once!
hammer3: h3_repri_threat_init1: Thou shouldst not trouble me.
hammer3: h3_repri_threat_sub1: Dost thou think thou canst threaten me, Garrett?
hammer3: h3_repri_thrown_init1: Thou art tempting me to violence, Garrett.
hammer3: h3_repri_thrown_sub1: Hath thou not listened to me? Cease thy barrage!
hammer3: h3_repri_tres_init1: Thou surely dost not think to go inside. Go forth from here.
hammer3: h3_repri_tres_init2: Thou art not permitted. Come no further.
hammer3: h3_repri_vandal_init1: Cease thy destruction, Garrett.
hammer3: h3_repri_vandal_sub1: Cease thine destruction now, Garrett!
hammer3: h3_rini1: I know thou art here!
hammer3: h3_rini2: Someone thinks himself so very clever....
hammer3: h3_rini3: I shall play thy fool no longer!
hammer3: h3_rini4: Who dost sneak about?
hammer3: h3_rini5: Thou villain, show thyself!
hammer3: h3_rini_he1: Noisy villain--show thyself!
hammer3: h3_rini_he2: That noise shalt be thy undoing!
hammer3: h3_rini_he3: Thou hast betrayed thyself, I hear thee clearly....
hammer3: h3_rini_he_na1: Who goes there? We hear thee!
hammer3: h3_rini_he_na2: Listen! Hearest thou it still!
hammer3: h3_rini_se1: What canst that be I spy? Come out!
hammer3: h3_rini_se2: I see thee! Come forward!
hammer3: h3_rini_se3: Thou art spied, thy tricks are ended!
hammer3: h3_rini_se_na1: Thou seest it too, surely?
hammer3: h3_rini_se_na2: There it is! Look thou there!
hammer3: h3_rnew1: Aha! It proves 'tis not just imaginings....
hammer3: h3_rnew2: That's right...continue...'twill help me find you out....
hammer3: h3_rnew3: Again! What couldst it be?
hammer3: h3_rnew_he1: Aha! But from whence came the noise this time....
hammer3: h3_rnew_he2: 'Tis that sound again!
hammer3: h3_rnew_se1: There! What have I spied!
hammer3: h3_rnew_se2: Ah, and again, what is that I see?
hammer3: h3_rpre1: In truth!
hammer3: h3_rpre2: Hey!
hammer3: h3_rpre3: By The Builder!
hammer3: h3_rret1: Forgive me, Oh Builder, for I hath failed to find anything....
hammer3: h3_rret2: I was sure, 'twas someone here. But now...hmmm....
hammer3: h3_rret3: I canst find nothing. I shall concern myself o'er it no more....
hammer3: h3_rret_he1: I canst hear it no longer...further lingerings on my part...are unnecessary....
hammer3: h3_rret_he2: 'Tis nothing there to hear now, I have surely searched everywhere....
hammer3: h3_rret_los1: Next time, villain, next time..
hammer3: h3_rret_los2: If e'er you show thy face again, I shalt break it.
hammer3: h3_rret_los_f1: She hath made her escape.
hammer3: h3_rret_los_f_na1: I think we canst no longer follow her.
hammer3: h3_rret_los_m1: He hath well fled from this place...and 'tis my failings that allowed it....
hammer3: h3_rret_los_m_na1: Brother, 'tis fruitless. He hath surely gone from this place.
hammer3: h3_rret_na1: Thinkst thou we hath lost it? Builder knows we tried....
hammer3: h3_rret_na2: We did not imagine it, but it doth seem quite gone now, eh?
hammer3: h3_rret_ra1: I wast so alarmed for merely a rat?
hammer3: h3_rret_se1: I canst see it no longer...mayhaps it was only in my mind's eye....
hammer3: h3_rret_se2: 'Tis nothing to see now, but surely 'twas here.
hammer3: h3_rsur_ev_com1: Villainy!
hammer3: h3_rsur_ev_com2: Seekst thou cover!
hammer3: h3_sle_idle1: 'Tis hard for me to sleep, since mine quarters were moved....
hammer3: h3_sle_idle2: I fear that (yawns) sleep wilt overcome me....
hammer3: h3_sle_idle3: Ohhhh (yawns)...would that something might wake me from this nodding state....
hammer3: h3_sle_ycon1: 'Tis much too late in the eve for anything to be amiss...(yawns)...surely....
hammer3: h3_sle_ycon2: I am awake...just one moment...I shall be right with you....
hammer3: h3_sle_ycon3: Oh, Builder...(yawns)...grant me just a little more wakefullness whilst I search here....
hammer3: h3_sle_yini1: (Yawns) What is that?
hammer3: h3_sle_yini2: (Yawns) Oh...what dost rouse me from my dosing?
hammer3: h3_sle_yret1: 'Tis The Builder's peace...and in just a few hours...I'll to bed....
hammer3: h3_sle_yret2: I'll think on it no more...'twas but my poor tired mind beset with imaginings....
hammer3: h3_sleeping1: (Talking in sleep) 'Tis done... and 'tis built all with mine own hand...'tis magnificent....
hammer3: h3_sndocc1: 'Tis a great clamor.
hammer3: h3_spell_thanks1: I thank The Builder for His blessings....
hammer3: h3_spell_thanks2: Thank thee for thine aid.
hammer3: h3_spell_thanks3: I am indebted to thee.
hammer3: h3_sum_fight1: Brothers? Canst thou aid?
hammer3: h3_sum_fight2: Help! To me!
hammer3: h3_sum_fight3: I need aid!
hammer3: h3_sum_reply1: Thou dost not stand alone!
hammer3: h3_sum_reply2: I and The Builder, to thee!
hammer3: h3_sum_reply3: I hear thee!
hammer3: h3_valley1: 'Tis some villain, tries to hide in the alley!
hammer3: h3_vatrium1: To me! To the atrium!
hammer3: h3_vbathrm1: Brothers! 'Tis an intruder in the bathroom!
hammer3: h3_vbedrm1: Intruder! In the bedchamber!
hammer3: h3_vbsmt1: Brothers! In the basement! An intruder!
hammer3: h3_vchamber1: Thou, in the chamber, come thou here!
hammer3: h3_vchapel1: Brothers! To the chapel! Defend the chapel!
hammer3: h3_vcourtyd1: Mine brothers! To the courtyard!
hammer3: h3_vhall1: Hold thou! 'Tis an intruder in the passage!
hammer3: h3_vinside1: 'Tis an intruder in the building!
hammer3: h3_vkitchen1: 'Tis an intruder in the kitchen!
hammer3: h3_vlibrary1: I see thee there in the library!
hammer3: h3_voutside1: Think not I canst not see thee there outside.
hammer3: h3_vrafters1: He's in the rafters! Look up!
hammer3: h3_vroof1: Look, on the roof! He is there!
hammer3: h3_vstairs1: I spy an intruder on the stair!
hammer3: h3_vstreet1: Look there, he's in the street!
hammer3: h3_wdie1: Thou shalt pay for that, murderer!
hammer3: h3_wdie2: Villain! Murderer! I shall smite you where you stand!
hammer3: h3_wdie_f1: Thou hast murdered her!
hammer3: h3_wdie_m1: Thy blood shall join his, murderer!
hammer3: h3_wfle1: Thou dost abandon me?
hammer3: h3_ycon1: Art thou there? Hello?
hammer3: h3_ycon2: Brother, 'tis a poor thing to hide so.
hammer3: h3_ycon3: Where art thou? Hello?
hammer3: h3_ycon4: I shall find thee, if thou be there....
hammer3: h3_ycon5: 'Twas around here somewhere.
hammer3: h3_ycon_he1: I wonder, what couldst make such a sound?
hammer3: h3_ycon_he2: If The Builder wish it, I shalt hear it again.
hammer3: h3_ycon_he_na1: Mine ears canst no longer hear it, can thine?
hammer3: h3_ycon_he_na2: Thy ears are sharper, brother, where hath it gone?
hammer3: h3_ycon_na1: If it be here, we shalt find it.
hammer3: h3_ycon_na2: Doth thou thinkst we but imagined it?
hammer3: h3_ycon_se1: I best search, though 'tis possible mine eyes didst deceive....
hammer3: h3_ycon_se2: I shall spy it again...ere long.
hammer3: h3_ycon_se_na1: Canst thou see where it went?
hammer3: h3_ycon_se_na2: Thou dost think we saw it, I mean, surely saw it?
hammer3: h3_yini1: Hello? Dost thou seek me?
hammer3: h3_yini2: Who comes by?
hammer3: h3_yini3: Be someone over there?
hammer3: h3_yini4: If thou be there, come forth.
hammer3: h3_yini5: Brother? Is that thou?
hammer3: h3_yini_he1: I mislike that noise.
hammer3: h3_yini_he2: 'Tis too large a sound for a rat.
hammer3: h3_yini_he3: Where camest that noise?
hammer3: h3_yini_he_na1: Softly, Brother. Heardst thou that?
hammer3: h3_yini_he_na2: Thou doth hear it, too?
hammer3: h3_yini_he_na3: Quiet, quiet, and we shalt hear it again.
hammer3: h3_yini_se1: Hello? Mine eyes have spied something just now....
hammer3: h3_yini_se2: 'Tis something there to see, I am sure.
hammer3: h3_yini_se3: What is it that I see there?
hammer3: h3_yini_se_na1: Look there. Didst thou see that?
hammer3: h3_yini_se_na2: Canst thou see it too?
hammer3: h3_yini_se_na3: Thou saw it as well?
hammer3: h3_ynew1: It has come again....
hammer3: h3_ynew2: There...whatever could that be...?
hammer3: h3_ypre1: Wha--?
hammer3: h3_ypre2: Hmm?
hammer3: h3_ypre3: Huh?
hammer3: h3_yret1: I hath worked myself up for naught. 'Tis the Trickster's work....
hammer3: h3_yret2: 'Tis nothing, 'twas nothing, and now I shalt forget it.
hammer3: h3_yret3: 'Twas but my imaginings running over....
hammer3: h3_yret_he1: 'Twas but a noise. 'Twas my folly to react so.
hammer3: h3_yret_he2: I shalt think again before believing mine ears so quickly!
hammer3: h3_yret_na1: Surely if something were here we wouldst have found it by now, eh, Brother?
hammer3: h3_yret_na2: I think we hath set ourselves at rats, and should search no more....
hammer3: h3_yret_ra1: Thou hast fooled me, rat, but not again.
hammer3: h3_yret_se1: 'Twas foolishness, to think I saw someone.
hammer3: h3_yret_se2: I shalt waste no more time looking for that which I only think I saw....

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