T3_hammer4 Edit

hammer4: h4_blame_maj1: 'Twas you that did this horrible deed? Now thou shalt pay!
hammer4: h4_blame_min1: Why didst thou this? 'Twas much mischief, and thou must cease!
hammer4: h4_catt1: Repent thy evil!
hammer4: h4_catt2: Builder aid me!
hammer4: h4_catt3: Feel thy sins!
hammer4: h4_catt4: I shalt unmake thee!
hammer4: h4_catt5: Pay for thy evil!
hammer4: h4_catt_hi1: Thy death shall be swift!
hammer4: h4_catt_hi2: No mercy for thou!
hammer4: h4_catt_hi_na1: He falls to our hammers!
hammer4: h4_catt_hi_na2: We doth seal his fate!
hammer4: h4_catt_lo1: Villain!
hammer4: h4_catt_lo2: I canst not fail!
hammer4: h4_catt_lo_na1: Help! Mine arm weakens....
hammer4: h4_catt_lo_na2: Brother!
hammer4: h4_cdam_hi1: Mercy!
hammer4: h4_cdam_hi2: Builder!
hammer4: h4_cdam_hi3: Treacherous!
hammer4: h4_cdam_hi_na1: Aid me or I fall!
hammer4: h4_cdam_hi_na2: Help me, Brother!
hammer4: h4_cdam_hi_na3: To me, before it's too late!
hammer4: h4_cdam_lo1: 'Twas nothing!
hammer4: h4_cdam_lo2: Fie upon thee!
hammer4: h4_cdam_lo3: Blackguard!
hammer4: h4_cdam_med1: Builder, aid thy servant!
hammer4: h4_cdam_med2: Builder curse thee!
hammer4: h4_cdam_med3: Arrh! Damn thee!
hammer4: h4_cdam_no1: 'Tis like you have struck with a feather!
hammer4: h4_cdam_no2: 'Twas nothing!
hammer4: h4_cdam_no3: Bah. Not even bruised.
hammer4: h4_cdie_drown1: Yah! Heeelllp! (Gurgling).
hammer4: h4_cdie_words1: My work hath finished....
hammer4: h4_cdie_words2: Builder, I hath failed thee.
hammer4: h4_cdie_words3: 'Tis the light of the forge....
hammer4: h4_cexp_hi1: Dost thou repent yet?
hammer4: h4_cexp_hi2: Thou shalt receive thy death!
hammer4: h4_cexp_hi_f_na1: She wilt fall to us ere long.
hammer4: h4_cexp_hi_m_na1: We slay him, Brother!
hammer4: h4_cexp_hi_m_na2: See how he falters!
hammer4: h4_cexp_lo1: 'Tis for mine life now.
hammer4: h4_cexp_lo2: Builder shield me, or I shalt fall!
hammer4: h4_cexp_lo_f_na1: I fall to her, Brother! Help me!
hammer4: h4_cexp_lo_m_na1: He is too swift for me, Brother!
hammer4: h4_cexp_lo_m_na2: Strike him lest I fall!
hammer4: h4_cexp_med1: Thou art strong, but I will prevail.
hammer4: h4_cexp_med2: The Builder wilt aid me, ere long.
hammer4: h4_cexp_med_f_na1: She doth have the Trickster's own cunning.
hammer4: h4_cexp_med_m_na1: He canst not be so strong as all that....
hammer4: h4_cexp_med_m_na2: We shalt wear him down....
hammer4: h4_chit1: I have struck thee well!
hammer4: h4_chit2: The Builder gives me strength!
hammer4: h4_chit3: Do I have thine attention now, wretch?
hammer4: h4_cini1: There! Haha! Thy death shall pay for thy sins!
hammer4: h4_cini2: Hah! Thy escape has failed thee! Rrrrrr!
hammer4: h4_cini3: Aha! Thou art discovered! Thou wilt die!
hammer4: h4_cini4: Hah! The Builder hath led me to thee! Builder guide my arm!
hammer4: h4_cini5: You! Thou shalt fall!
hammer4: h4_cini6: I hath found thee! Confess thy trespass!
hammer4: h4_cini_enr1: Smash... you...with mine hammer!
hammer4: h4_cini_enr2: Thou wilt die!
hammer4: h4_cini_enr3: Fall!
hammer4: h4_cini_human1: Hammer, strike true!
hammer4: h4_cini_ik1: Aha! Thou art discovered! Blood calls for blood, murderer!
hammer4: h4_cini_it1: There! Haha! You shalt die a thieves' death by pounding!
hammer4: h4_cini_monster1: I shall fell the beast!
hammer4: h4_cini_monster_na1: 'Tis a monster! Attack!
hammer4: h4_cini_na1: Aha! The Builder hath brought us to him! To me kill the heretic!
hammer4: h4_cini_na2: There! I hath caught an intruder! To arms 'gainst this foe!
hammer4: h4_cini_na3: You! We shalt pound thee, craven!
hammer4: h4_cini_pagan1: Thou art a sacrilege, Pagan!
hammer4: h4_cini_pagan_na1: Let us pound this Pagan into dust!
hammer4: h4_cini_zombie1: Thou'rt abomination, zombie!
hammer4: h4_cini_zombie_na1: Together we can stop this foul undead!
hammer4: h4_ckil1: Thou art crushed!
hammer4: h4_ckil2: I pound thee!
hammer4: h4_ckil3: For thy sins!
hammer4: h4_cmis1: Cease thy wriggling, wretch!
hammer4: h4_cmis2: Curse mine aim.
hammer4: h4_cmis3: Hold, so I can pound you!
hammer4: h4_cmis_na1: To me! The cur canst dodge us both!
hammer4: h4_cmis_na2: The villain is elusive! Help me!
hammer4: h4_cret_kil1: Mine foe is fallen and I am must to my other work....
hammer4: h4_cret_kil2: Well shalt I sleep tonight, having smite The Builder's enemy....
hammer4: h4_cret_kil3: Praise The Builder, thou'rt slain, and 'tis over.
hammer4: h4_cret_kil_na1: 'Tis done now. And I thank thee for thine aid, brother.
hammer4: h4_cret_kil_na2: We are victorious! 'Twas a glorious battle!
hammer4: h4_cret_kil_pl1: See how thy thieving ways doth pay thee? Death...'tis the wages of sin....
hammer4: h4_cret_kil_pl_na1: The Builder doth smile upon us that we hath slain this thief.
hammer4: h4_crime_hurtother1: Thou hast raised thy hand 'gainst one under The Builder's protection! 'Tis thy last mistake!
hammer4: h4_crime_kill1: Thou hath taken thy last life, heathen!
hammer4: h4_crime_lockp1: Thou wilt regret thy burglary, Garrett!
hammer4: h4_crime_theft1: Garrett hath stolen from us!
hammer4: h4_crime_threat1: 'Twas a fatal mistake to raise arm 'gainst me, Garrett.
hammer4: h4_crime_tres1: We hath an intruder upon our holy ground!
hammer4: h4_crime_vandal1: Thou wilt pay for thy damage in thy blood!
hammer4: h4_csub1: Thou art a fool to try me again!
hammer4: h4_csub2: Thou shalt not flee this time!
hammer4: h4_csub3: You! Thou doth vex me!
hammer4: h4_csub_na1: We shalt take him this time!
hammer4: h4_csur1: Ah! Aha! Thy death shall pay for thy sins!
hammer4: h4_csur2: Hey! Where camest thou? Thou wilt die!
hammer4: h4_csur3: Hey! You! Thou shalt die!
hammer4: h4_csur4: Gah! There! Builder guide my arm!
hammer4: h4_csur5: Hey! There! Thou shalt fall!
hammer4: h4_csur6: Ah! Stop, thou! Confess thy trespass!
hammer4: h4_csur_ik1: Gah! There! Blood calls for blood, murderer!
hammer4: h4_csur_it1: Huh? Where camest thou? You shalt die a thieves' death by pounding!
hammer4: h4_csur_na1: Villain! I hath caught an intruder. To me! Kill the heretic!
hammer4: h4_csur_na2: Look, 'tis an intruder! To arms 'gainst this foe!
hammer4: h4_csur_na3: Hey! Where camest thou? We shalt pound you, craven!
hammer4: h4_enr_con1: Thou hast... thou art...arrrrrgh!
hammer4: h4_enr_con2: Mine fury dost mount to The Builder's heavens!
hammer4: h4_enr_warn1: Cease thou thy mockery at once!
hammer4: h4_enr_warn2: Thou wretched scum!
hammer4: h4_ev_ally1: Where hath the guard gone?
hammer4: h4_ev_ally_na1: The guard hath gone from here. Doth thou see where?
hammer4: h4_ev_ally_spooked1: Who hath done this to thee?
hammer4: h4_ev_allyf1: Where canst she be?
hammer4: h4_ev_allym1: Gone. I do wonder hast something befallen him?
hammer4: h4_ev_an_spooked1: I wonder what hath bothered these creatures.
hammer4: h4_ev_blood1: Blood! 'Tis foul play most 'suredly!
hammer4: h4_ev_body1: Let the blood he has shed be repaid in tenfold!
hammer4: h4_ev_body2: Dead? Thou art in the hands of The Builder now....
hammer4: h4_ev_body_na1: 'Tis murder! Look thou there!
hammer4: h4_ev_bodyf1: Who hath left her to bleed and die?
hammer4: h4_ev_bodyf_na1: Thou and I must avenge her!
hammer4: h4_ev_bodym1: Thou art most foully treated, my slain brother.
hammer4: h4_ev_bodym_na1: Look thou where our brother hath fallen!
hammer4: h4_ev_chalis1: Who wouldst defy The Builder to steal the most holy Chalice?
hammer4: h4_ev_com1: I come to thee!
hammer4: h4_ev_com2: My hammer shalt aid thee!
hammer4: h4_ev_dam1: Coward! Who doth strike me from hiding!
hammer4: h4_ev_dam2: 'Tis a coward's strike!
hammer4: h4_ev_door1: 'Tis rare to yonder door left open.
hammer4: h4_ev_door2: Who doth leave the door to gape so?
hammer4: h4_ev_door_na1: Seest how it stands open, when should be shut tight.
hammer4: h4_ev_door_na2: Thou hath left the door open, brother.
hammer4: h4_ev_enemybody1: 'Twas thy just reward for thy sin.
hammer4: h4_ev_felt1: Thou must desist!
hammer4: h4_ev_felt2: I'll have no more of that!
hammer4: h4_ev_lightext1: 'Tis a poor trick to leave me in the dark!
hammer4: h4_ev_lightext2: Who hast switched the light off?
hammer4: h4_ev_lightoff1: Who hath shut the light off in here?
hammer4: h4_ev_lightoff2: Hast the light broken?
hammer4: h4_ev_loot1: Someone hath taken it!
hammer4: h4_ev_loot2: Builder smite he who has stolen from us!
hammer4: h4_ev_loot_na1: Thou didst not move anything, didst thee?
hammer4: h4_ev_maj1: What sinfulness is this?
hammer4: h4_ev_maj2: 'Tis villainy through and through!
hammer4: h4_ev_med1: Who conducts himself so reckless in the house of The Builder?
hammer4: h4_ev_med2: 'Tis an insult to The Builder!
hammer4: h4_ev_min1: 'Tis not right, to leave this in such a state.
hammer4: h4_ev_min2: Look how this hath been set at odds.
hammer4: h4_ev_res1: What foe hath come here and fought?
hammer4: h4_ev_ret1: 'Twill be dealt with, I trust, but not by me.
hammer4: h4_ev_ret2: Hmmm. Oh well, I hath work to do.
hammer4: h4_ev_ret_ik1: Would that I could find the killer, but I trust in The Builder that they'll not go unpunished....
hammer4: h4_ev_shadow1: I mislike that shadow for some reason....
hammer4: h4_ev_torchext1: Hey! That torch there....
hammer4: h4_ev_torchext2: Who extinguished that torch?
hammer4: h4_ev_torchtoff1: 'Twas a shoddy craft that made such a torch.
hammer4: h4_ev_torchtoff2: 'Tis gone out yet again.
hammer4: h4_fatigue_epi1: 'Tis not (huffs) so far (huffs) now.
hammer4: h4_fatigue_epi2: Mine hammer (huffs) grows (huffs) heavier.
hammer4: h4_fatigue_se1: I wilt (wheezes) be there (huffs) after this brief (wheezes) recess....
hammer4: h4_fcon1: Hath I evaded-- No, not yet....
hammer4: h4_fcon2: I am pursued!
hammer4: h4_fcon3: 'Twill be safety soon....
hammer4: h4_fcon_ik1: Help! He seeks to kill me, too!
hammer4: h4_fcon_ik2: To me! The killer doth chase hard on my heels!
hammer4: h4_fcow1: No more! No more!
hammer4: h4_fcow2: I-I yield, brother!
hammer4: h4_fhid1: 'Tis gone. 'Tis surely gone.
hammer4: h4_fhid2: I hadst not known myself a craven...until this moment....
hammer4: h4_fini1: Away! I must run away!
hammer4: h4_fini_human1: I shalt escape thee!
hammer4: h4_fini_monster1: 'Tis an evil creature here! Help me!
hammer4: h4_fini_na1: 'Tis too much for us!
hammer4: h4_fini_pagan1: Help! 'Tis a pagan here!
hammer4: h4_fini_pl1: 'Tis not for me to die here!
hammer4: h4_fini_pl2: I want to live to serve The Builder!
hammer4: h4_fini_pl_ik1: The murderer hath come upon me!
hammer4: h4_fini_pl_it1: Help! 'Tis the thief, upon me!
hammer4: h4_fini_zombie1: 'Tis a zombie, upon me! Help!
hammer4: h4_frust1: I shalt wait for thee!
hammer4: h4_frust2: In time thou wilt be mine!
hammer4: h4_frust_f_na1: There she is! Get her!
hammer4: h4_frust_m_na1: Shoot the villain!
hammer4: h4_frust_up1: I shalt wait down here for thee.
hammer4: h4_fsub1: Thou hast been sent by the Trickster himself!
hammer4: h4_fsub2: Thou wilt get naught from me!
hammer4: h4_gcon1: Is something there?
hammer4: h4_gcon2: What is that?
hammer4: h4_gcon_he1: Hello? Doth I hear thee?
hammer4: h4_gcon_he2: 'Twas an odd noise....
hammer4: h4_gcon_he_na1: What was that? Didst thou hear?
hammer4: h4_gcon_he_na2: Quietly, Brother, didst thou hear something?
hammer4: h4_gcon_se1: Wast it a figment I saw?
hammer4: h4_gcon_se2: If 'tis there, then shalt I see it once again.
hammer4: h4_gcon_se_na1: I thought I saw-- Canst thou see it as well?
hammer4: h4_gcon_se_na2: Didst thou see, or didst mine eyes deceive?
hammer4: h4_gen_aha1: There!
hammer4: h4_gen_aha2: Aha.
hammer4: h4_gen_aha3: I hath found thee.
hammer4: h4_gen_dazed1: Haaa...hast something been...?
hammer4: h4_gen_dazed2: Hath I been...what?
hammer4: h4_gen_dazed3: Uh oh. What 'twas upon me?
hammer4: h4_gen_dismiss1: Never mind.
hammer4: h4_gen_dismiss2: 'Tis not to my interest.
hammer4: h4_gen_distress2: Hey!
hammer4: h4_gen_dunno1: Perhaps.
hammer4: h4_gen_dunno2: I know not.
hammer4: h4_gen_dunno3: I canst not tell.
hammer4: h4_gen_frust1: Curse it.
hammer4: h4_gen_frust2: Builder's curse upon it.
hammer4: h4_gen_frust3: 'Tis too much for mine temper.
hammer4: h4_gen_igetit1: I doth see.
hammer4: h4_gen_igetit2: Ah...'tis a puzzle no more....
hammer4: h4_gen_igetit3: Ah...I hath figured it....
hammer4: h4_gen_no1: Not so.
hammer4: h4_gen_no2: Nay.
hammer4: h4_gen_no3: No.
hammer4: h4_gen_oof1: (Annoyed) Ow!
hammer4: h4_gen_oof2: Blast.
hammer4: h4_gen_oof3: Drat.
hammer4: h4_gen_oops1: Builder curse it!
hammer4: h4_gen_oops2: 'Tis no good.
hammer4: h4_gen_oops3: 'Twas poorly done.
hammer4: h4_gen_snapout1: Wha--?
hammer4: h4_gen_snapout2: Huh!
hammer4: h4_gen_snapout3: What was that?
hammer4: h4_gen_startled1: Hey?
hammer4: h4_gen_startled2: By The Builder!
hammer4: h4_gen_suffer1: Uuuggh...oooh.... Is there no remedy for this headache?
hammer4: h4_gen_thanks1: Thou art most appreciated.
hammer4: h4_gen_thanks2: I am grateful.
hammer4: h4_gen_thanks3: Thank thee.
hammer4: h4_gen_yes1: Yes.
hammer4: h4_gen_yes2: 'Tis so.
hammer4: h4_gen_yes3: In truth.
hammer4: h4_gini1: What comes?
hammer4: h4_gini2: Is it thou?
hammer4: h4_gini3: Hello?
hammer4: h4_gini5: Yes?
hammer4: h4_gini_he1: Didst I hear aright?
hammer4: h4_gini_he2: Hmmm...some sound hast visited mine ears....
hammer4: h4_gini_he3: I hath not heard that before....
hammer4: h4_gini_se1: Are my eyes seeing rightly?
hammer4: h4_gini_se2: Mine eyes say something is by, but I see it not now.
hammer4: h4_gini_se3: What didst I see?
hammer4: h4_greet_reply1: Be well.
hammer4: h4_greet_reply2: Indeed, hello.
hammer4: h4_greet_reply3: Art well.
hammer4: h4_greet_req1: Bless thee.
hammer4: h4_greet_req2: Blessings upon thee.
hammer4: h4_greet_req3: Art thou well?
hammer4: h4_gret1: My imagination does run overmuch.
hammer4: h4_gret2: 'Twere idle fancies only.
hammer4: h4_gret3: I hath only imagined it.
hammer4: h4_gret_he1: I hear naught, now.
hammer4: h4_gret_he2: 'Twas an odd noise, but 'tis gone.
hammer4: h4_gret_na1: I think we hath worried ourselves o'er nothing.
hammer4: h4_gret_na2: 'Twas nothing, brother.
hammer4: h4_gret_se1: 'Twas only mine imagining, 'twas nothing true to see.
hammer4: h4_gret_se2: Mine eyes doth play the Trickster at me.
hammer4: h4_gsub1: Again? What be there?
hammer4: h4_gsub2: If 'tis nothing, 'tis a strange nothing....
hammer4: h4_iann1: I shalt go for help!
hammer4: h4_iann2: Hurry! 'Tis danger here!
hammer4: h4_iann_pl1: I shalt summon mine brethren 'gainst thee!
hammer4: h4_iann_pl2: Stay thou there--I shalt get help!
hammer4: h4_iarr_gone1: 'Twas here, I know it.
hammer4: h4_iarr_gone_pl1: Where hast he gone to? Seest thou the one I said?
hammer4: h4_iarr_pres1: Look, 'tis as I said!
hammer4: h4_iarr_pres_pl1: Look, 'tis the one I spied!
hammer4: h4_iarr_srch1: Perhaps 'twill turn up.
hammer4: h4_iarr_srch_pl1: Let us search a bit.... He hath not the time to go far.
hammer4: h4_idle1: (Quietly chants to self) Glory to the righteous and death to the impious. To all things doth their reward come, and woe betide he whose just reward pleaseth Him not.
hammer4: h4_idle2: And the man didst stand before The Builder, and didst the Builder ask, 'Wilt thou undergo trial and hazard, for Me?' And didst the man say, 'No, I do not wish pain.' And thus did The Builder slay the man, that he wisht not the pain of a true life.
hammer4: h4_idle3: Once in a life, it is told, wilt The Builder ask thee for a task. 'Tis the greatest of honors, but, it is told, doth no man recognize the question when it doth come.
hammer4: h4_idle4: Each year of thy life is the foundation for the next. The man who squanders his youth needs must build his life on a foundation of mud, and then wilt it collapse.
hammer4: h4_idle5: 'Twas an inspiring sermon. With the recounting of the battles of St. Anvilite...and the smiting of the Trickster's twisted spawn and the Pagan scum too...always sets my heart to pounding like The Builder's own hammer....
hammer4: h4_idle6: He who measureth the worth of his life by counting his gold, is he who measureth the worth of a house by counting the grains of sawdust made whilst building it.
hammer4: h4_idle7: (Grumbling) Didst I see mine error. Didst I see mine error. Ah, when mine hands already didst labor to set things aright. Didst I see mine error. Verily, Brother, verily.
hammer4: h4_idle8: Art thou the hammer, or art thou the nail? From the view of the beam, 'tis all the same. But for the nail, 'tis very different.
hammer4: h4_idle_an1: Seeketh no coddling from me, beast.
hammer4: h4_idle_ra1: These rats, 'tis like a plague upon the city.
hammer4: h4_irep1: Brothers, I didst find foul play most suredly!
hammer4: h4_irep_body1: Brothers, 'tis murder! Let the blood be repaid in ten-fold!
hammer4: h4_irep_ik1: Brothers! I didst find the murderer!
hammer4: h4_irep_it1: Hurry! I hath found the robbing blackguard!
hammer4: h4_irep_pl1: Brothers! 'Twas an intruder, I didst see!
hammer4: h4_irep_pl2: I hath encountered an intruder!
hammer4: h4_ires1: I shalt come with thee.
hammer4: h4_misc_blind_con1: I do wish...I couldst see...ooooh....
hammer4: h4_misc_blind_con2: Where hath the wall got to....
hammer4: h4_misc_blind_con3: I must pray mine sight returns ere long....
hammer4: h4_misc_blind_end1: Mine eyes art almost recovered....
hammer4: h4_misc_blind_ini1: I see naught but darkness!
hammer4: h4_misc_noisemak1: 'Twas surely a very odd noise....
hammer4: h4_misc_noisesup1: The silence doth lift. 'Tis not deafness after all.
hammer4: h4_misc_pickp1: Where 'tis--? Hath I been robbed?
hammer4: h4_misc_pickp2: Who hath taken it? And right from my person!
hammer4: h4_misc_slip1: Gaaaaah!
hammer4: h4_misc_slip2: Whuuuah!
hammer4: h4_misc_slip3: Whoa-oah oah!
hammer4: h4_nbarrel1: Needs must I search by that barrel.
hammer4: h4_nchair1: Hmmm...perhaps behind that chair....
hammer4: h4_ncouch1: I shalt check by yonder couch.
hammer4: h4_ncrate1: Hmmm...I shalt check yonder crate.
hammer4: h4_ndesk1: Be something by the desk?
hammer4: h4_ndoor1: Didst something move by the door?
hammer4: h4_nladder1: Mine eyes art unsure of that ladder.
hammer4: h4_nmach1: Something could hide by that machinery.
hammer4: h4_nshadow1: Didst I see something in those shadows?
hammer4: h4_nshelf1: Hmm. Perhaps those shelves couldst hide something....
hammer4: h4_nstatue1: Builder guide me whilst I search this statue....
hammer4: h4_ntable1: I shalt search by the table....
hammer4: h4_obs_citywatch1: Thou and I art not so different, Officer.
hammer4: h4_obs_citywatch2: Thy city doth grow lawless.
hammer4: h4_obs_commoner1: Builder bless thou, wretch.
hammer4: h4_obs_commoner2: I hath no coin for thee.
hammer4: h4_obs_commoner3: Thy hands are rough, 'tis well done.
hammer4: h4_obs_guard1: Builder keep thy ward.
hammer4: h4_obs_guard2: Thou art a sinner too, but thou hast merit.
hammer4: h4_obs_guard3: May thy blows fall swift.
hammer4: h4_obs_hammer_friend1: Builder walk with thee.
hammer4: h4_obs_hammer_friend2: My blessings aid thee.
hammer4: h4_obs_noble1: Good day and good eve.
hammer4: h4_obs_noble2: Thank thee for thy donation.
hammer4: h4_obs_pagan1: The Trickster's stench is upon thee, Pagan....
hammer4: h4_obs_pagan2: Thou art a sinning wretch, and will burn for it.
hammer4: h4_obs_pl_friend1: Proceed, thief.
hammer4: h4_obs_pl_friend2: How art thee?
hammer4: h4_obs_pl_neutral1: Thou art trouble, always.
hammer4: h4_obs_pl_neutral2: We hath still a cell for thee, Garrett.
hammer4: h4_opp_fcon1: Stop, thou!
hammer4: h4_opp_fcon2: Thou shalt not escape me!
hammer4: h4_opp_fcon3: Art craven? Turn and face me!
hammer4: h4_opp_fini1: Hah! Thinkst thou to flee?
hammer4: h4_opp_fini2: Fly all thou likest, thou shall not escape!
hammer4: h4_opp_fini_f_na1: Thou canst not flee us, woman!
hammer4: h4_opp_fini_m_na1: Look how the wretch flees from us!
hammer4: h4_opp_hide1: Let me but find thee once again and thou shalt pay!
hammer4: h4_opp_hide2: What? How could I have lost thee...?
hammer4: h4_opp_hide_f1: I hath lost her.
hammer4: h4_opp_hide_f_na1: Hast she escaped? Where is she?
hammer4: h4_opp_hide_m1: He seeks to hide, but 'twill avail him not!
hammer4: h4_opp_hide_m2: I see him no longer.
hammer4: h4_opp_hide_m_na1: Didst he flee? Didst thou see him?
hammer4: h4_opp_hide_m_na2: He hath escaped us, the villain!
hammer4: h4_opp_mis1: Meant thou to strike me?
hammer4: h4_opp_mis2: Hah! Thou'rt no match for me!
hammer4: h4_opp_mis3: Thou hast no skill at this.
hammer4: h4_pagancornerstone1: Wretched plants! Thou art not welcome!
hammer4: h4_rcon1: Come out, and I shalt not hurt thee... more than thou deserveth!
hammer4: h4_rcon2: I wilt find thee, now or later.
hammer4: h4_rcon3: And The Builder said...'The wicked shalt not run, nor shalt they hide....'
hammer4: h4_rcon4: The Builder will reveal thee to me!
hammer4: h4_rcon5: Come forward, or it will be the worse for thee!
hammer4: h4_rcon6: Thou art here, I knowst it, thou art here.
hammer4: h4_rcon7: Come forth and cease thy villainy!
hammer4: h4_rcon8: I shall pound thy head when I find thee, craven!
hammer4: h4_rcon_fnd1: Ahah! Thou'rt discovered!
hammer4: h4_rcon_fnd2: There! Aha!
hammer4: h4_rcon_fnd3: Art thou giving up thy craven ways?
hammer4: h4_rcon_fnd4: The Builder hath led me to thee!
hammer4: h4_rcon_fnd5: Thy escape hath failed thee!
hammer4: h4_rcon_fnd_f_na1: Look! I hath uncovered her here!
hammer4: h4_rcon_fnd_m_na1: Hah! Here he be, Brother!
hammer4: h4_rcon_fnd_m_na2: The Builder hath brought us to him!
hammer4: h4_rcon_he1: Thou hath betrayed thyself already by thy noise.
hammer4: h4_rcon_he2: Noisy villain, hiding will not save thee!
hammer4: h4_rcon_he3: I shalt find thee, count on it. Thy noise hath betrayed thee.
hammer4: h4_rcon_he_na1: Quiet, brother. Let the noise guide our search....
hammer4: h4_rcon_he_na2: Villain! We hath heard thee! Surrender!
hammer4: h4_rcon_ia_na1: After the trouble before...let us be extra vigilant tonight....
hammer4: h4_rcon_ik_na1: Careful, brother. The craven hath already killed once today....
hammer4: h4_rcon_it_na1: Take care now, surely this is the thief we seek.
hammer4: h4_rcon_los1: Thou art here somewhere...I'll find thee!
hammer4: h4_rcon_los2: I shalt not rest until thou art discovered.
hammer4: h4_rcon_los3: 'Tis a coward's act, to hide so.
hammer4: h4_rcon_los4: I wilt find thee, 'tis The Builder's will....
hammer4: h4_rcon_los5: Stand forth, craven!
hammer4: h4_rcon_los_f1: If I but seekest her long enough, I shalt find her.
hammer4: h4_rcon_los_f_na1: Surely she hath not escaped us.
hammer4: h4_rcon_los_m1: I shalt find him, I shalt find him.
hammer4: h4_rcon_los_m2: He hath hidden here somewhere....
hammer4: h4_rcon_los_m_na1: Keep thou seeking him, and we shalt prevail.
hammer4: h4_rcon_los_m_na2: Thou wilt find him, I am sure.
hammer4: h4_rcon_na1: Let The Builder guide thee, Brother, and we shalt find our intruder....
hammer4: h4_rcon_na2: Keep searching...for I'm sure someone is here....
hammer4: h4_rcon_na3: Together we can roust out the villain.
hammer4: h4_rcon_se1: Where hast thou gone to? I didst just see thee.
hammer4: h4_rcon_se2: The Builder will guide me to that which I saw....
hammer4: h4_rcon_se3: Come out! I have seen thee, you know!
hammer4: h4_rcon_se_na1: We shalt find thee soon enough, coward!
hammer4: h4_rcon_se_na2: Show thyself again, villain! We shall end thee mercifully....
hammer4: h4_repri_bump_init1: Didst thou not see me?
hammer4: h4_repri_bump_init2: Garrett, 'twas most rude.
hammer4: h4_repri_hurt_init1: Dost thou think to hurt me, Garrett? Cease at once!
hammer4: h4_repri_hurtother_init1: Put down thy weapon, Garrett!
hammer4: h4_repri_hurtother_sub1: I shalt not let thee do more harm, Garrett.
hammer4: h4_repri_lockp_init1: 'Tis not permitted. Cease thy mischief.
hammer4: h4_repri_odd_init1: I see thee, Garrett. Do not trifle with me.
hammer4: h4_repri_over1: There, Garrett. 'Tis not so hard to behave thyself.
hammer4: h4_repri_over2: I shalt forgive thee this time.
hammer4: h4_repri_stare_init1: Why dost thou stare, Garrett?
hammer4: h4_repri_stare_init2: If thou wouldst stare, stare at The Builder, thy creator.
hammer4: h4_repri_stare_init3: Thy staring is most disrespectful.
hammer4: h4_repri_theft_init1: The Builder doth frown upon theft. Steal no more!
hammer4: h4_repri_threat_init1: Do not seek to trifle with me.
hammer4: h4_repri_threat_sub1: Thy threats are ill-conceived, thief.
hammer4: h4_repri_thrown_init1: If thou throwst another, thou wilt regret it.
hammer4: h4_repri_thrown_sub1: If I doth see thee throw one thing more, I shalt punish thee.
hammer4: h4_repri_tres_init1: Come no further. Thou mayst not enter.
hammer4: h4_repri_tres_init2: 'Tis not lawful for thee to trespass, Garrett.
hammer4: h4_repri_vandal_init1: Thou hast broken that, thief.
hammer4: h4_repri_vandal_sub1: Thou dost disregard me at thine peril, Garrett. Cease thy destruction.
hammer4: h4_rini1: Who doth hide and think himself safe?
hammer4: h4_rini2: Thy tricks shalt be punished!
hammer4: h4_rini3: Fie upon thee! Where art thou?
hammer4: h4_rini4: This trouble shalt be on thine head!
hammer4: h4_rini5: Come forward, villain!
hammer4: h4_rini_he1: I canst hear thee clear now, villain!
hammer4: h4_rini_he2: I can hear thee there!
hammer4: h4_rini_he3: I hear thee very well, Trickster spawn!
hammer4: h4_rini_he_na1: Stop, Brother, didst thou hear?
hammer4: h4_rini_he_na2: Stand forth, we hath heard thee now.
hammer4: h4_rini_se1: Who's there? Let me see thy face full clear!
hammer4: h4_rini_se2: Who is that I spy? Stand forth at once!
hammer4: h4_rini_se3: I hath seen that! Step forward!
hammer4: h4_rini_se_na1: Brother, see it? Right there!
hammer4: h4_rini_se_na2: Thou canst hide from us no longer, thou art seen!
hammer4: h4_rnew1: There! Builder tell me what that is!
hammer4: h4_rnew2: There 'tis again!
hammer4: h4_rnew3: Again! 'Tis as if someone wants to be found....
hammer4: h4_rnew_he1: Thou art terrible loud for someone who's trying to hide!
hammer4: h4_rnew_he2: Aha! 'Tis the noise that will be your undoing!
hammer4: h4_rnew_se1: I have glimpsed you! 'Tis but a matter of time now....
hammer4: h4_rnew_se2: Oh ho! 'Tis as if some trickster wants me to see him....
hammer4: h4_rpre1: Hah!
hammer4: h4_rpre2: Aha!
hammer4: h4_rpre3: What in the--?
hammer4: h4_rret1: 'Tis nothing here, whatever it was...must have left me....
hammer4: h4_rret2: I know not what was here, but 'tis surely gone now.
hammer4: h4_rret3: 'Tis gone. Of that I can be sure.
hammer4: h4_rret_he1: I wonder where it has gone. 'Tis making no more noise...thank The Builder.
hammer4: h4_rret_he2: I know not what I heard, but it matters no more...for 'tis gone....
hammer4: h4_rret_los1: Alas, for hath I failed in my duty...and the villain hath 'scaped....
hammer4: h4_rret_los2: 'Tis no more I can do...the wretch has gone from here....
hammer4: h4_rret_los_f1: I hath no thought where she mayst have gone.
hammer4: h4_rret_los_f_na1: She hath scaped our pursuit.
hammer4: h4_rret_los_m1: He hath slipped through mine fingers...and I can do no more....
hammer4: h4_rret_los_m_na1: He hath escaped us, I think. Though it shames us both.
hammer4: h4_rret_na1: 'Tis gone now. But shouldst it return, we shalt seize it for sure.
hammer4: h4_rret_na2: Nothing. I hath searched all I can search. And you, Brother?
hammer4: h4_rret_ra1: 'Twas foolishness, to cry alarm for just a rat.
hammer4: h4_rret_se1: 'Tis gone, whate'er I saw...thanks be to The Builder.
hammer4: h4_rret_se2: 'Tis gone, now. But The Builder knows I didst see something....
hammer4: h4_rsur_ev_com1: We art attacked!
hammer4: h4_rsur_ev_com2: 'Tis most dangerous!
hammer4: h4_sle_idle1: Builder grant me (yawns) more wakefulness....
hammer4: h4_sle_idle2: Must stay (yawns) ever vigilant...Oh....
hammer4: h4_sle_idle3: Very tired (yawns) very tired indeed....
hammer4: h4_sle_ycon1: I had better (yawns) check...but 'twas probably but sleep encroaching upon me....
hammer4: h4_sle_ycon2: 'Twas it a dream? Or didst something come upon me...?
hammer4: h4_sle_ycon3: 'Tis anything there...? (Yawns) Needs must I start these shifts with a touch of coffee in the future....
hammer4: h4_sle_yini1: (Yawns) What? Er, I have slept not...hello?
hammer4: h4_sle_yini2: (Yawns) Oh...what is it now?
hammer4: h4_sle_yret1: All's well...just as I thought...'twas just a dream then....
hammer4: h4_sle_yret2: 'Tis nothing then...probably my weariness brought with it falsehoods and imaginings....
hammer4: h4_sleeping1: (Talking in sleep) And thou I slay, and thou I slay, and thou, and thou....
hammer4: h4_sndocc1: I canst hear nothing here but the din.
hammer4: h4_spell_thanks1: Thine aid is most welcome.
hammer4: h4_spell_thanks2: I am in thy debt.
hammer4: h4_spell_thanks3: Thank thee, Brother.
hammer4: h4_sum_fight1: Be anyone around to aid?
hammer4: h4_sum_fight2: I call to thee!
hammer4: h4_sum_fight3: Help! To me!
hammer4: h4_sum_reply1: Mine arm shalt aid thee!
hammer4: h4_sum_reply2: I come to thee!
hammer4: h4_sum_reply3: I am to thy aid!
hammer4: h4_valley1: 'Tis someone in the alley, there!
hammer4: h4_vatrium1: Look, in the atrium! 'Tis an intruder!
hammer4: h4_vbathrm1: I hath caught an intruder in the bathroom!
hammer4: h4_vbedrm1: Knave! 'Tis not your room!
hammer4: h4_vbsmt1: To me, mine brothers! An intruder in the basement!
hammer4: h4_vchamber1: 'Tis an intruder in the chamber!
hammer4: h4_vchapel1: Builder curse thee, come forth out from the chapel!
hammer4: h4_vcourtyd1: Do not let him flee! He hath got to the courtyard!
hammer4: h4_vhall1: 'Tis a villain here, in the hall!
hammer4: h4_vinside1: This place is holy to The Builder! Thou art not permitted within its walls!
hammer4: h4_vkitchen1: Who doth skulk through the kitchen?
hammer4: h4_vlibrary1: Who be there, in the library?
hammer4: h4_voutside1: Villain, what dost thou outside?
hammer4: h4_vrafters1: 'Tis an intruder in the rafters!
hammer4: h4_vroof1: The intruder hath fled to the roof!
hammer4: h4_vstairs1: The intruder seeketh to flee to the stairs!
hammer4: h4_vstreet1: I see him there, in the street!
hammer4: h4_wdie1: Thou wilt be avenged!
hammer4: h4_wdie2: Nooo! Builder receive the soul of thy faithful servant!
hammer4: h4_wdie_f1: Thou wilt pay for her death!
hammer4: h4_wdie_m1: Thou shalt pay for his life most dearly!
hammer4: h4_wfle1: 'Tis ill done, to leave me so!
hammer4: h4_ycon1: 'Tis not seemly to play such a trick...hello?
hammer4: h4_ycon2: Where be thee now?
hammer4: h4_ycon3: 'Twill be found...yes...'twill be found.
hammer4: h4_ycon4: Whate'er it was, it shalt not hide long.
hammer4: h4_ycon5: 'Tis here somewhere, I think.
hammer4: h4_ycon_he1: 'Twas but a noise, but 'twas an odd one.
hammer4: h4_ycon_he2: If it would sound again, I might then find it....
hammer4: h4_ycon_he_na1: Surely we both didst not imagine the sound....
hammer4: h4_ycon_he_na2: See if thy ear can pick it out again, Brother....
hammer4: h4_ycon_na1: Thou dost not think 'twas but our imagining?
hammer4: h4_ycon_na2: Keep thy eye sharp, Brother, 'tis here somewhere.
hammer4: h4_ycon_se1: Where be it, that I saw?
hammer4: h4_ycon_se2: 'Twas something, I think. That mine eyes did spy....
hammer4: h4_ycon_se_na1: Keep thine eyes open, we shalt see it again.
hammer4: h4_ycon_se_na2: What didst thou think it was? I could not see clear.
hammer4: h4_yini1: Doth someone come?
hammer4: h4_yini2: Surely 'tis something there....
hammer4: h4_yini3: What is happening there?
hammer4: h4_yini4: Doth someone skulk over there?
hammer4: h4_yini5: Speak, Brother...hello?
hammer4: h4_yini_he1: I do not know what that is I hear....
hammer4: h4_yini_he2: Who doth I hear there?
hammer4: h4_yini_he3: 'Tis more than the wind I doth hear.
hammer4: h4_yini_he_na1: Brother, canst thou tell what that noise be?
hammer4: h4_yini_he_na2: Thou doth hear it too, yes?
hammer4: h4_yini_he_na3: What doth thou thinkst that noise be?
hammer4: h4_yini_se1: I doth see that! Hmm....
hammer4: h4_yini_se2: What's that? If there was but more light....
hammer4: h4_yini_se3: What is that I doth spy?
hammer4: h4_yini_se_na1: What was that? Sawest thou?
hammer4: h4_yini_se_na2: Couldst thou see what that was?
hammer4: h4_yini_se_na3: Was something there? Didst thou see?
hammer4: h4_ynew1: That...I must find the source....
hammer4: h4_ynew2: See how it mocks me....
hammer4: h4_ypre2: Who?
hammer4: h4_ypre3: Huh?
hammer4: h4_yret1: Nothing is here. 'Tis unseemly to be so nervous.
hammer4: h4_yret2: 'Twas nothing, in truth, nothing at all.
hammer4: h4_yret3: Hmmm. Why didst I worry so for naught?
hammer4: h4_yret_he1: Mine ears did hear something...but whate'er it was...has departed....
hammer4: h4_yret_he2: 'Twas a strange noise, but 'tis past, and I'll worry no more....
hammer4: h4_yret_na1: 'Tis nothing. Brother, let us be at peace.
hammer4: h4_yret_na2: We hath chased about after imaginings, me thinks.
hammer4: h4_yret_ra1: 'Twas but a rat, curse its eyes.
hammer4: h4_yret_se1: Nothing now. Mine eyes doth play me false.
hammer4: h4_yret_se2: 'Twas nothing to see, and I didst jump at nothing.

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