T3_keeper1 Edit

keeper1: k1_blame_maj1: So you are the culprit of these misdeeds? You have betrayed our trust.
keeper1: k1_blame_min1: You are the one who did this? Stop at once.
keeper1: k1_catt1: Take that!
keeper1: k1_catt2: For Orland!
keeper1: k1_catt3: You will...crumble.
keeper1: k1_catt_hi1: I will be the victor!
keeper1: k1_catt_hi_na1: Now we've got you.
keeper1: k1_catt_lo1: I am not faring well....
keeper1: k1_catt_lo_na1: Help me, before I am beaten....
keeper1: k1_cdam_hi1: Gah! Damn it!
keeper1: k1_cdam_hi2: Ahh! Desist! Betrayer!
keeper1: k1_cdam_hi3: Ngg! I am...damaged.
keeper1: k1_cdam_hi_na1: Aaah! Help me!
keeper1: k1_cdam_hi_na2: Come quick! I'm hit!
keeper1: k1_cdam_hi_na3: Failing...need your assistance....
keeper1: k1_cdam_lo1: Ow!
keeper1: k1_cdam_lo2: That hurt.
keeper1: k1_cdam_lo3: Cease that.
keeper1: k1_cdam_med1: Arrgh!
keeper1: k1_cdam_med2: Shh-ah!
keeper1: k1_cdam_med3: Ah! I am wounded.
keeper1: k1_cdam_no1: That attack lacked...enthusiasm.
keeper1: k1_cdam_no2: Is that the best you can do?
keeper1: k1_cdie_drown1: Yah! Heeelllp! (Gurgling).
keeper1: k1_cdie_words1: Gah! It's not easy to kill a Keeper...especially one who...doesn't...want...ursshghpht....
keeper1: k1_chit_ran1: Right where I wanted it.
keeper1: k1_cini1: Aha! A fight, then?
keeper1: k1_cini2: There! You are found! My orders are clear....
keeper1: k1_cini3: I knew it! You shall die, Betrayer....
keeper1: k1_cini4: Revealed at last! Arm yourself....
keeper1: k1_cini5: I have found you! Prepare to fight....
keeper1: k1_cini_human1: You are an assault on the balance....
keeper1: k1_cini_human_na1: You have no chance against us....
keeper1: k1_cini_ik1: Aha! Revealed at last! You will pay for the lives you took, Betrayer.
keeper1: k1_cini_it1: Found, as it had to be! You will find it is not so easy to steal from a Keeper.
keeper1: k1_cini_monster1: A beast! I should destroy it!
keeper1: k1_cini_monster_na1: Help me kill
keeper1: k1_cini_na1: We have found him! Quickly. He is here.
keeper1: k1_cini_na2: Look! He is over here! We must stop him!
keeper1: k1_cret_kil1: I have but released him from an...unbalanced life.
keeper1: k1_cret_kil2: Let it be I was...victorious.
keeper1: k1_cret_kil3: Indeed my are quite...dead.
keeper1: k1_cret_kil_na1: Together we have fought well...and won. May it always be so....
keeper1: k1_cret_kil_na2: Our work here is done. We should preserve the victory on paper....
keeper1: k1_cret_kil_pl1: It is over. Let the scribes record this, the moment of Garrett's death....
keeper1: k1_cret_kil_pl_na1: There. We have won, and Garrett is dead.... (Hushed) Do you think we did the right thing?
keeper1: k1_crime_hurtother1: Have you gone mad, that you turn to violence?
keeper1: k1_crime_kill1: You turn to murder of your own? You will learn your error!
keeper1: k1_crime_lockp1: Such thievery is intolerable! I shall stop you myself!
keeper1: k1_crime_theft1: Garrett! You steal from us?
keeper1: k1_crime_threat1: You will regret having threatened me!
keeper1: k1_crime_tres1: You were told not to enter this library! I will chastise you myself!
keeper1: k1_crime_vandal1: Such destruction is uncalled for! I must see that this stops!
keeper1: k1_csub1: You again! I should have finished you the first time.
keeper1: k1_csub2: So, we meet again!
keeper1: k1_csub_na1: Look. He has returned for more.
keeper1: k1_csur1: Huh? Garrett! A fight, then?
keeper1: k1_csur2: Oh! I knew it! My orders are clear....
keeper1: k1_csur3: Garrett! You are found! You shall die, Betrayer....
keeper1: k1_csur4: How did--? Garrett! Arm yourself....
keeper1: k1_csur5: Wait! Revealed! Prepare to fight....
keeper1: k1_csur_ik1: Yikes! Now you've done it! You will pay for the lives you took, Betrayer.
keeper1: k1_csur_it1: Oh! Aha! You will find it is not so easy to steal from a Keeper.
keeper1: k1_csur_na1: How did you get in here! Quickly. He is here.
keeper1: k1_csur_na2: You! He's here. Look! We must stop him!
keeper1: k1_enr_con1: Enough! You will vex me no longer....
keeper1: k1_enr_con2: Now you've done it!
keeper1: k1_enr_con3: When I get my hands on you...!
keeper1: k1_enr_warn1: Is this some kind of game to you?
keeper1: k1_enr_warn2: It is not wise to anger a Keeper....
keeper1: k1_ev_ally1: Hmm. It is not like a Keeper to abandon their post....
keeper1: k1_ev_ally_na1: Do you know who is posted here tonight, and where have they gone?
keeper1: k1_ev_ally_spooked1: What's wrong?
keeper1: k1_ev_allyf1: She shouldn't have left her post. Another sign of the times....
keeper1: k1_ev_allym1: Where is he? He knows not to leave his post....
keeper1: k1_ev_blood1: Blood.
keeper1: k1_ev_body1: Slain? What troubled times these are...indeed....
keeper1: k1_ev_body_na1: Observe...there lies a dead body...we are not safe....
keeper1: k1_ev_body_na2: See here? This one is dead. You must agree we have a murderer in our midst.
keeper1: k1_ev_bodyf1: She is dead. Let her story be written....
keeper1: k1_ev_bodyf_na1: Someone's killed her. It is unfortunate that we were not here to save her....
keeper1: k1_ev_bodym1: Who has spilled this man's blood?
keeper1: k1_ev_bodym_na1: Look, he's been murdered. We are all in danger.
keeper1: k1_ev_com1: I am needed.
keeper1: k1_ev_com2: Here I come!
keeper1: k1_ev_dam1: Ow!
keeper1: k1_ev_dam2: Aaah!
keeper1: k1_ev_door1: That door should be...closed.
keeper1: k1_ev_door2: I wonder why that door has been left open.
keeper1: k1_ev_door_na1: Did you leave that door ajar?
keeper1: k1_ev_door_na2: Have you seen anyone come through that door?
keeper1: k1_ev_felt1: Please cease that.
keeper1: k1_ev_felt2: Don't do that....
keeper1: k1_ev_lightext1: Turn that back on!
keeper1: k1_ev_lightext2: To turn the lights off when I still need them...truly these are...dark times....
keeper1: k1_ev_lightoff1: Who turned the light off?
keeper1: k1_ev_loot1: Hmm. Missing.
keeper1: k1_ev_loot2: Gone? Could someone have taken it?
keeper1: k1_ev_loot_na1: I am not accusing you of the theft...but these are difficult times....
keeper1: k1_ev_maj1: This is...a catastrophe!
keeper1: k1_ev_med1: This is...unacceptable.
keeper1: k1_ev_min1: That is...strange.
keeper1: k1_ev_res1: From this I can deduce...someone's been fighting.
keeper1: k1_ev_ret1: Orland will assign someone to investigate further. For now I have other matters to worry about.
keeper1: k1_ev_shadow1: That shadow is...disturbing.
keeper1: k1_ev_torchext1: Hello? Did someone just douse that torch?
keeper1: k1_ev_torchext2: Ah! The torch!
keeper1: k1_ev_torchtoff1: Flame never lasts.
keeper1: k1_fcow1: Don't...I do not wish to fight....
keeper1: k1_fcow2: I yield! Spare me....
keeper1: k1_fhid1: I didn't think I'd be so...scared....
keeper1: k1_fhid2: Must...find my balance....
keeper1: k1_fini1: Sometimes running away is the only wise choice....
keeper1: k1_fini_human1: My only to flee!
keeper1: k1_fini_monster1: I don't know what that beast is...and I'm not staying to find out....
keeper1: k1_fini_na1: We must leave now...I'll explain later....
keeper1: k1_fini_pl1: He is too much for me!
keeper1: k1_fini_pl2: Let it be written...that on this day I escaped....
keeper1: k1_fini_pl_ik1: You won't kill me so easily, Betrayer!
keeper1: k1_fini_pl_it1: It's the thief! It's Garrett!
keeper1: k1_frust1: If you think you are are deceiving yourself....
keeper1: k1_frust2: Come on...I don't have all night....
keeper1: k1_frust_m_na1: He is in range! Shoot him!
keeper1: k1_frust_up1: You have to come down eventually. And when you do....
keeper1: k1_fsub1: How did you find me? Leave me alone....
keeper1: k1_fsub2: Why do you hound me?
keeper1: k1_gcon1: Could be....
keeper1: k1_gcon2: Perhaps.
keeper1: k1_gcon_he1: Perhaps I did hear something....
keeper1: k1_gcon_he2: Could have heard....
keeper1: k1_gcon_he_na1: Did you just speak?
keeper1: k1_gcon_he_na2: Shh. Has there been a noise?
keeper1: k1_gcon_se1: Maybe I saw nothing....
keeper1: k1_gcon_se2: Is there anything to see?
keeper1: k1_gcon_se_na1: Did you see anything?
keeper1: k1_gcon_se_na2: Wait...see anything?
keeper1: k1_gen_aha1: Aha!
keeper1: k1_gen_aha2: I have found you!
keeper1: k1_gen_dazed1: I, um, I, um...who was...oh....
keeper1: k1_gen_dazed2: I'm a...what, where is...hmm.
keeper1: k1_gen_dismiss1: This does not interest me.
keeper1: k1_gen_dismiss2: I remain...unconcerned.
keeper1: k1_gen_dunno1: I do not know.
keeper1: k1_gen_dunno2: The matter is beyond me....
keeper1: k1_gen_frust1: The situation is...troublesome....
keeper1: k1_gen_frust2: How did--? What is going on?
keeper1: k1_gen_igetit1: Aha.
keeper1: k1_gen_igetit2: Hmm...simplicity itself.
keeper1: k1_gen_no1: No.
keeper1: k1_gen_no2: Negative.
keeper1: k1_gen_oops1: How careless of me.
keeper1: k1_gen_snapout1: Huh!
keeper1: k1_gen_snapout2: Oh. Oh!
keeper1: k1_gen_startled1: Yikes!
keeper1: k1_gen_suffer1: My...poor head....
keeper1: k1_gen_suffer2: Somebody...aspirin...quickly....
keeper1: k1_gen_thanks1: Thank you.
keeper1: k1_gen_thanks2: Much...appreciation.
keeper1: k1_gen_yes1: Yes.
keeper1: k1_gen_yes2: Affirmative.
keeper1: k1_gini1: Hm?
keeper1: k1_gini2: Eh?
keeper1: k1_gini3: Huh.
keeper1: k1_gini_he1: A noise?
keeper1: k1_gini_he2: Did I hear a--? Hmmm.
keeper1: k1_gini_se1: Saw something? Hmmm.
keeper1: k1_gini_se2: Movement there?
keeper1: k1_greet_reply1: Indeed.
keeper1: k1_greet_reply2: Excuse me? I was...lost in thought....
keeper1: k1_greet_reply3: Greetings to you.
keeper1: k1_greet_req1: May you have balance....
keeper1: k1_greet_req2: May your knowledge increase....
keeper1: k1_greet_req3: Greetings.
keeper1: k1_gret1: I should not let myself be so easily distracted.
keeper1: k1_gret2: Hmm. Where was I?
keeper1: k1_gret3: Too many distractions.
keeper1: k1_gret_he1: Just a random noise.
keeper1: k1_gret_he2: There is no noise now.
keeper1: k1_gret_na1: Let us resume our work.
keeper1: k1_gret_na2: It seems there is nothing. I am...sorry.
keeper1: k1_gret_se1: No. There is nothing to see.
keeper1: k1_gret_se2: Hmm...perhaps my eyes are tired. I have read many pages today....
keeper1: k1_gsub1: Huh. Is it the same again?
keeper1: k1_gsub2: Again?
keeper1: k1_iann1: I must enlist the help of others....
keeper1: k1_iann_pl1: You! Wait here, while I inform the others.
keeper1: k1_iann_pl2: Oh! Hello, um, I'll be right back...(under his breath) with reinforcements!
keeper1: k1_iarr_gone1: Strange. It was here. I am certain of it.
keeper1: k1_iarr_gone_pl1: But...he was just here.
keeper1: k1_iarr_pres1: See? It is as I said.
keeper1: k1_iarr_pres_pl1: Do you see? There he is.
keeper1: k1_iarr_srch1: I do believe you...let's look around....
keeper1: k1_iarr_srch_pl1: Him. Here. Are you...quite certain?
keeper1: k1_idle1: Xavier would never have allowed it, but times are different and...Orland is First Keeper, now....
keeper1: k1_idle2: Something going on in the scribarium...that they're keeping to themselves...but what...and why...?
keeper1: k1_idle3: Permission is a long time coming to access the secondary stacks...very slow...what could possibly justify such a delay....
keeper1: k1_idle4: The Interpretor... Caduca...I barely recognize her now. How old she has grown...and so quickly. It is not right that she continues her work with the glyphs...the process is aging her too rapidly....
keeper1: k1_idle5: Where can they have gone? They should be right there, in the third shelf, or at least signed out...have we gotten so careless then? Once lost...knowledge is hard to regain....
keeper1: k1_idle6: Hard to know what to think, with each Elder telling a different tale. But I think it's clear...some of the glyphs ARE changing...but why?
keeper1: k1_idle7: Why do my reports fall on deaf ears? How far will the Hammerites go...or the Pagans for that matter...before the council takes proper notice?
keeper1: k1_idle8: Seems an issue not worthy of the discuss the disposal of waste paper. Then to agree to lock it up? What harm could a few old glyphs do? What are they afraid of?
keeper1: k1_irep1: We are all in danger. Follow me!
keeper1: k1_irep_body1: Observe. We have a murderer in our midst.
keeper1: k1_irep_ik1: I found Garrett! Hurry, before he kills again.
keeper1: k1_irep_it1: I have found the thief—no big surprise as to his identity.
keeper1: k1_irep_pl1: Garrett's here! Follow me!
keeper1: k1_irep_pl2: It is the Betrayer. I cannot face him alone....
keeper1: k1_ires1: Indeed? Then you lead the way....
keeper1: k1_ires2: All me.
keeper1: k1_misc_blind_end1: I think my eyesight is...yes... returning....
keeper1: k1_misc_blind_ini1: My eyes!
keeper1: k1_misc_noisemak1: That sound...reminds
keeper1: k1_misc_noisesup1: Strange...muffled sound...then...hmmm. Maybe I should re-read that treatise on acoustic phenomena....
keeper1: k1_misc_pickp1: A Keeper is seldem the victim of a...pickpocket....
keeper1: k1_misc_pickp2: Gone. I can trust no one.
keeper1: k1_misc_slip1: Whuuaa!
keeper1: k1_nbarrel1: Other side of the barrel?
keeper1: k1_nchair1: Hmm. By that chair?
keeper1: k1_ncouch1: Back by the couch....
keeper1: k1_ncrate1: How about that crate?
keeper1: k1_ndesk1: Near the desk?
keeper1: k1_ndoor1: Over near the door.
keeper1: k1_nladder1: Past the ladder?
keeper1: k1_nmach1: Over by the machine?
keeper1: k1_nshadow1: Could be anything in the darkness there.
keeper1: k1_nshelf1: Over by the shelves?
keeper1: k1_nstatue1: Something odd about that statue.
keeper1: k1_ntable1: Hmm. Near the table?
keeper1: k1_obs_elder1: Greetings, elder.
keeper1: k1_obs_keeper1: In all things...balance.
keeper1: k1_obs_keeper2: I do not trust him.
keeper1: k1_obs_keeper3: Balance and health to you, Keeper.
keeper1: k1_obs_pl_friend1: Greetings, Garrett. Remember not to enter the forbidden rooms.
keeper1: k1_obs_pl_friend2: May you find balance, Garrett.
keeper1: k1_obs_pl_friend3: Greetings, Thief.
keeper1: k1_obs_scribe1: Look sharp, scribe. Maintain your balance.
keeper1: k1_opp_fcon1: Stop and fight!
keeper1: k1_opp_fcon2: Why do you run?
keeper1: k1_opp_fcon3: Think! Running is not the answer!
keeper1: k1_opp_fini1: Think you can outrun a Keeper?
keeper1: k1_opp_fini2: Yes...your only hope is to flee....
keeper1: k1_opp_fini_m_na1: He can run, but he cannot escape us....
keeper1: k1_opp_hide1: Now...where could you have gone to...?
keeper1: k1_opp_hide2: Perhaps you think you can hide from me....
keeper1: k1_opp_hide3: Was just there...must be...scared to fight.
keeper1: k1_opp_hide_m1: Lost him. How...unfortunate....
keeper1: k1_opp_hide_m2: How did he evade me?
keeper1: k1_opp_hide_m_na1: I've lost sight of him. Did you see which way he went?
keeper1: k1_opp_hide_m_na2: We have lost him...but only for the moment....
keeper1: k1_rcon1: It is clear to me that someone is here...but where...?
keeper1: k1_rcon2: Well? Who is out there? And why are you hiding?
keeper1: k1_rcon3: You cannot hide from a will be found....
keeper1: k1_rcon4: It would be best if you came out now...I will not warn you again....
keeper1: k1_rcon5: Why this game you play...why the hiding? I will have my answers when I find you....
keeper1: k1_rcon_fnd1: You are found.
keeper1: k1_rcon_fnd2: I knew it!
keeper1: k1_rcon_fnd3: I have found you.
keeper1: k1_rcon_fnd4: last.
keeper1: k1_rcon_fnd5: Found, as it had to be....
keeper1: k1_rcon_fnd_m_na1: Over here. I have found him!
keeper1: k1_rcon_fnd_m_na2: He is over here!
keeper1: k1_rcon_fnd_m_na3: Finally! We have found him!
keeper1: k1_rcon_he1: Yes. The noise you make will lead me to you....
keeper1: k1_rcon_he2: I heard that. You are noisy for one who wishes to remain hidden.
keeper1: k1_rcon_he3: I heard you back there. Show yourself.
keeper1: k1_rcon_he_na1: We have heard is too late.
keeper1: k1_rcon_he_na2: Listen carefully. He will inevitably make some more noise....
keeper1: k1_rcon_ia_na1: Be watchful for any further...disturbances.
keeper1: k1_rcon_ik_na1: Be careful, he is more than dangerous. He is...deadly....
keeper1: k1_rcon_it_na1: If it is a thief we search for, then one must assume it is...Garrett.
keeper1: k1_rcon_los1: Further unacceptable....
keeper1: k1_rcon_los2: You're only delaying the inevitable.
keeper1: k1_rcon_los3: What do you hope to gain by hiding?
keeper1: k1_rcon_los4: Hiding will not save you....
keeper1: k1_rcon_los5: If you don't come risk angering me....
keeper1: k1_rcon_los_m1: When I find him...he'll understand what a Keeper can do....
keeper1: k1_rcon_los_m2: I am confident I will find him....
keeper1: k1_rcon_los_m3: I must find his hiding place....
keeper1: k1_rcon_los_m_na1: Keep searching...we will find him.
keeper1: k1_rcon_los_m_na2: Have you checked for him over this way?
keeper1: k1_rcon_los_m_na3: Don't give up...he can't have gone very far....
keeper1: k1_rcon_na1: Keep looking. I am convinced that someone is there.
keeper1: k1_rcon_na2: You search in that direction, I'll come 'round the other way....
keeper1: k1_rcon_na3: Come out now and there's a good chance we won't harm you.
keeper1: k1_rcon_se1: I saw you, and I recommend that you give yourself up.
keeper1: k1_rcon_se2: Come out where I can see you better.
keeper1: k1_rcon_se3: (To self) I thought it was someone...but I need a better look....
keeper1: k1_rcon_se_na1: We have seen you. There is no sense in your hiding.
keeper1: k1_rcon_se_na2: Do you see it still? We must use caution....
keeper1: k1_repri_bump_init1: Excuse me.
keeper1: k1_repri_bump_init2: Watch yourself.
keeper1: k1_repri_hurt_init1: There is no excuse for this violence!
keeper1: k1_repri_hurtother_init1: Cease your violence at once!
keeper1: k1_repri_hurtother_sub1: I will not warn you again! Stop that!
keeper1: k1_repri_lockp_init1: That is not permitted. Stop at once.
keeper1: k1_repri_odd_init1: That is very inappropriate.
keeper1: k1_repri_over1: There, that is better.
keeper1: k1_repri_over2: That's better. Let's see no more of that.
keeper1: k1_repri_stare_init1: Have you nothing better to do?
keeper1: k1_repri_stare_init2: You would do well to curb your stares.
keeper1: k1_repri_stare_init3: Do you need something, Garrett?
keeper1: k1_repri_theft_init1: It is unwise to steal from a Keeper. Don't do it again.
keeper1: k1_repri_threat_init1: One should not threaten a Keeper....
keeper1: k1_repri_threat_sub1: You are making a grave mistake.
keeper1: k1_repri_thrown_init1: Contain yourself.
keeper1: k1_repri_thrown_sub1: Stop that at once!
keeper1: k1_repri_tres_init1: Stop. This library is not permitted to you.
keeper1: k1_repri_tres_init2: You may not enter this Library.
keeper1: k1_repri_vandal_init1: There is no need for such wanton destruction.
keeper1: k1_repri_vandal_sub1: You have been warned. Stop that at once.
keeper1: k1_rini1: Who is there? Answer me....
keeper1: k1_rini2: Who is that? Who is there?
keeper1: k1_rini3: I know you are will go better for you if you come
keeper1: k1_rini_he1: I heard that, you know. Quite clearly.
keeper1: k1_rini_he2: That noise. It requires an explanation...hello?
keeper1: k1_rini_he_na1: Do you hear that? We are not...alone.
keeper1: k1_rini_he_na2: Wait...listen. I hear the sound of someone looking for trouble.
keeper1: k1_rini_se1: Who is that I see there? Hello?
keeper1: k1_rini_se2: I saw that...come forward and explain yourself. Or face the consequences....
keeper1: k1_rini_se_na1: There. Do you see? Now do you believe me? We have company....
keeper1: k1_rini_se_na2: Did you see that? Looks like we're in for an interesting night....
keeper1: k1_rnew1: I am already aware of you....
keeper1: k1_rnew2: Still out there, as I thought.
keeper1: k1_rnew_he1: Another noise.
keeper1: k1_rnew_he2: There...that sound again.
keeper1: k1_rnew_se1: I do see that, you know.
keeper1: k1_rnew_se2: There, again! If only I could get a better look....
keeper1: k1_rpre1: Aha....
keeper1: k1_rpre2: Yes....
keeper1: k1_rpre3: Indeed....
keeper1: k1_rret1: Gone, then? Yes, that is the only reasonable conclusion.
keeper1: k1_rret2: The culprit has eluded me. But in a place such as this...they will not get far.
keeper1: k1_rret3: After this exhaustive search...I must finally admit that there is no one. No one at all.
keeper1: k1_rret_he1: I no longer hear it. Presumably because the person making the noise is no longer there. Yes.
keeper1: k1_rret_he2: The noises have stopped. I think it may have been a false alarm after all.
keeper1: k1_rret_los1: Gone, eh? Then you have won...for now.
keeper1: k1_rret_los2: There is nowhere left to look...I have been beaten....
keeper1: k1_rret_los3: It is a waste to look for what is no longer there....
keeper1: k1_rret_los_m1: Next time, he will not be so...lucky.
keeper1: k1_rret_los_m_na1: It is no use. We have lost him.
keeper1: k1_rret_na1: Enough. I have concluded that there is no one here to find. We should resume our regular duties....
keeper1: k1_rret_na2: Did we imagine it? Maybe. We must allow for that possibility....
keeper1: k1_rret_ra1: Ah, a rat. How easily I was misled by such an insignificant creature....
keeper1: k1_rret_se1: I no longer see it. I think if there was someone...they have left....
keeper1: k1_rret_se2: Hmm. Could I have imagined what I saw? Yes...a consequence of these troubled times....
keeper1: k1_rsur_ev_com1: Watch out!
keeper1: k1_rsur_ev_com2: Take cover!
keeper1: k1_spell_thanks1: Thank you.
keeper1: k1_spell_thanks2: Better now....
keeper1: k1_sum_fight1: To me!
keeper1: k1_sum_fight2: Some help here!
keeper1: k1_sum_reply1: I am on my way!
keeper1: k1_sum_reply2: I am here!
keeper1: k1_valley1: He's hiding in the alley.
keeper1: k1_vatrium1: He is here, in the atrium.
keeper1: k1_vbathrm1: I beg your par... you!
keeper1: k1_vbedrm1: What are you doing in this bedroom?
keeper1: k1_vbsmt1: He is here! In the basement!
keeper1: k1_vchamber1: In the chamber, here!
keeper1: k1_vchapel1: Garrett's in the chapel!
keeper1: k1_vcourtyd1: I see him! He's in the courtyard.
keeper1: k1_vhall1: Look who I've found in the hallway....
keeper1: k1_vinside1: How did you get in here?
keeper1: k1_vkitchen1: He is in the kitchen!
keeper1: k1_vlibrary1: I saw him in the library!
keeper1: k1_voutside1: He is outside, there!
keeper1: k1_vrafters1: Look! He is up there!
keeper1: k1_vroof1: He's on the roof!
keeper1: k1_vstairs1: He's using the stairs!
keeper1: k1_vstreet1: Garrett's in the street!
keeper1: k1_wdie_m1: You have...killed him!
keeper1: k1_wfle1: Wait, come back! Remember your training!
keeper1: k1_ycon1: Is that...someone?
keeper1: k1_ycon2: Wonder what it was.
keeper1: k1_ycon3: Not sure, but it would be prudent to look....
keeper1: k1_ycon_he1: Where was it the sound came from...?
keeper1: k1_ycon_he2: Some sort of sound, I'm sure.
keeper1: k1_ycon_he_na1: Do you hear anything now? We should listen while we search....
keeper1: k1_ycon_he_na2: I'm trying to listen for it...but you are treading to heavily....
keeper1: k1_ycon_na1: We should keep least for a while.
keeper1: k1_ycon_na2: Look over there. See what you can find.
keeper1: k1_ycon_se1: That which I saw was...over here somewhere....
keeper1: k1_ycon_se2: Strange...I don't see it here now....
keeper1: k1_ycon_se_na1: Did you see it clearly? Enough to know what it was?
keeper1: k1_ycon_se_na2: Could you see what it was? I only caught a mere glimpse....
keeper1: k1_yini1: Is there anyone there?
keeper1: k1_yini2: Is that someone?
keeper1: k1_yini3: What was that?
keeper1: k1_yini_he1: Odd sound.
keeper1: k1_yini_he2: What made that noise?
keeper1: k1_yini_he_na1: I heard something. Quiet.
keeper1: k1_yini_he_na2: Shh. Hear that?
keeper1: k1_yini_se1: Saw something. But what?
keeper1: k1_yini_se2: Something is there...moving in the shadows....
keeper1: k1_yini_se_na1: Did you see that?
keeper1: k1_yini_se_na2: Look there. Do you see anything?
keeper1: k1_ynew1: Again. Hm.
keeper1: k1_ynew2: Returned.
keeper1: k1_ypre2: Wha--?
keeper1: k1_yret1: It was nothing. Nothing of importance.
keeper1: k1_yret2: Nothing then. My fatigue has caught up with me...I should consider taking a...sabbatical.
keeper1: k1_yret3: Nothing. But one never knows. It was the wise of me to make certain.
keeper1: k1_yret_he1: Just the wind. It can mimick almost any sound....
keeper1: k1_yret_he2: Hearing things. What should I expect with all that's going on?
keeper1: k1_yret_na1: We should stop this search. There is nothing here.
keeper1: k1_yret_na2: We've wasted enough time. Let us resume our work.
keeper1: k1_yret_ra1: Oh, a rat. That explains it then.
keeper1: k1_yret_se1: Thought I saw something, but no.
keeper1: k1_yret_se2: My eyes are playing tricks tonight. A direct result of my over-tired state.

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