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T3_keeper2 Edit

keeper2: k2_blame_maj1: It was you, then! These transgressions have passed all toleration!
keeper2: k2_blame_min1: You? Then this trouble is all your handiwork. You do forget yourself.
keeper2: k2_catt1: Aha!
keeper2: k2_catt2: I have you!
keeper2: k2_catt3: You will die!
keeper2: k2_catt_hi1: You are inferior!
keeper2: k2_catt_hi_na1: We have this thing won!
keeper2: k2_catt_lo1: You are
keeper2: k2_catt_lo_na1: Quickly, I require help with this fight....
keeper2: k2_cdam_hi1: Arrgh! You'll pay!
keeper2: k2_cdam_hi2: Ah! I am wounded!
keeper2: k2_cdam_hi3: Gah! I bleed!
keeper2: k2_cdam_hi_na1: Owww! Help!
keeper2: k2_cdam_hi_na2: Quickly, I've been struck!
keeper2: k2_cdam_hi_na3: Help me with this fight....
keeper2: k2_cdam_lo1: Ouch!
keeper2: k2_cdam_lo2: Ugh! Cease that!
keeper2: k2_cdam_lo3: Ugh! Hey!
keeper2: k2_cdam_med1: Oww!
keeper2: k2_cdam_med2: Ahh! The pain!
keeper2: k2_cdam_med3: Ngh! I am harmed!
keeper2: k2_cdam_no1: I was expecting something more...substantial.
keeper2: k2_cdam_no2: We both know you can do better....
keeper2: k2_cdie_drown1: Yah! Heeelllp! (Gurgling).
keeper2: k2_cdie_words1: Gah! Then it's are the...Betrayer...arghf....
keeper2: k2_chit_ran1: That must've sting.
keeper2: k2_cini1: I knew I would find you. Defend yourself....
keeper2: k2_cini2: Aha. It was you. A fight, then?
keeper2: k2_cini3: There you are. Give up quietly.
keeper2: k2_cini4: You! Betrayer!
keeper2: k2_cini5: I knew it! So, Garrett, it comes to this....
keeper2: k2_cini_human1: Time to die, you!
keeper2: k2_cini_human_na1: You cannot defeat both of us.
keeper2: k2_cini_ik1: You! Brethren...Betrayer...and Murderer!
keeper2: k2_cini_it1: Aha! I should have known it was you. Theft is forbidden here!
keeper2: k2_cini_monster1: Its mere presence disturbs me....
keeper2: k2_cini_monster_na1: Together we can stop this...beast.
keeper2: k2_cini_na1: He is there! Look! It is Garrett!
keeper2: k2_cini_na2: There you are. Quickly! We must stop him!
keeper2: k2_cret_kil1: Farewell...unworthy opponent.
keeper2: k2_cret_kil2: Let that be a lesson...never mess with a Keeper....
keeper2: k2_cret_kil3: Now there can be balance....
keeper2: k2_cret_kil_na1: We have fought well...and won.
keeper2: k2_cret_kil_na2: Our now complete.
keeper2: k2_cret_kil_pl1: You should not have crossed us...Betrayer....
keeper2: k2_cret_kil_pl_na1: Garrett is done. Orland should be pleased with us. Do you think?
keeper2: k2_crime_hurtother1: Your violence will destroy you in the end!
keeper2: k2_crime_kill1: This death is on your own head!
keeper2: k2_crime_lockp1: You are not permitted to open that, Betrayer!
keeper2: k2_crime_theft1: You stoop to petty theft now? This is quite enough.
keeper2: k2_crime_threat1: Such threats are unacceptable! You must be stopped!
keeper2: k2_crime_tres1: You have strayed beyond your permission! You will answer for this!
keeper2: k2_crime_vandal1: This destruction will no longer be tolerated.
keeper2: k2_csub1: You won't run this time.
keeper2: k2_csub2: Again! This time you die....
keeper2: k2_csub_na1: Look. We have another chance to kill him....
keeper2: k2_csur1: Ah, it's you! Defend yourself....
keeper2: k2_csur2: Ah, I'm surprised to see you. A fight, then?
keeper2: k2_csur3: Huh? What is the meaning of this? Give up quietly.
keeper2: k2_csur4: Hmm? Betrayer! Explain yourself!
keeper2: k2_csur5: Wha--? It's you! So, Garrett, it comes to this....
keeper2: k2_csur_ik1: Huh? What is the meaning of this? Brethren...Betrayer...and Murderer!
keeper2: k2_csur_it1: What? Explain yourself! Theft is forbidden here!
keeper2: k2_csur_na1: Hey! Look! It is Garrett!
keeper2: k2_csur_na2: Hey! Garrett's here! Quickly! We must stop him!
keeper2: k2_enr_con1: I've had enough of you!
keeper2: k2_enr_con2: Stop it, stop it, stop it!
keeper2: k2_enr_con3: You're in trouble now!
keeper2: k2_enr_warn1: You're not making this any easier!
keeper2: k2_enr_warn2: This is not a game....
keeper2: k2_ev_ally1: Where could they have gone?
keeper2: k2_ev_ally_na1: There should be someone posted here. Have you seen them?
keeper2: k2_ev_ally_spooked1: Do you need...assistance?
keeper2: k2_ev_allyf1: Odd. Where is she?
keeper2: k2_ev_allym1: He should not have wandered off like this....
keeper2: k2_ev_blood1: Hmmm. Blood.
keeper2: k2_ev_body1: Dead. These times are truly terrible.
keeper2: k2_ev_body_na1: Look at this. Dead!
keeper2: k2_ev_body_na2: We will have another to bury, look there.
keeper2: k2_ev_bodyf1: But...who could have killed her?
keeper2: k2_ev_bodyf_na1: She's dead. There is nothing we can do.
keeper2: k2_ev_bodym1: His time is...ended.
keeper2: k2_ev_bodym_na1: Look. Someone has killed him.
keeper2: k2_ev_com1: Is there trouble?
keeper2: k2_ev_com2: I'll be there in a moment!
keeper2: k2_ev_dam1: Ug! Hey!
keeper2: k2_ev_dam2: Ouch!
keeper2: k2_ev_door1: Why is that door open?
keeper2: k2_ev_door2: Hmm...shouldn't be open like that.
keeper2: k2_ev_door_na1: The scribes grow careless. Look there...a door left open.
keeper2: k2_ev_door_na2: Look, the door is open.
keeper2: k2_ev_felt1: Stop that.
keeper2: k2_ev_felt2: Do not do that.
keeper2: k2_ev_lightext1: Turn that light back on....
keeper2: k2_ev_lightext2: Who turned off that light?
keeper2: k2_ev_lightoff1: Strange. That light is off.
keeper2: k2_ev_loot1: Should be...right there.
keeper2: k2_ev_loot2: It is...gone.
keeper2: k2_ev_loot_na1: It's gone. Garrett's been among us. You do the math.
keeper2: k2_ev_maj1: How could this happen?
keeper2: k2_ev_med1: Something has...gone awry.
keeper2: k2_ev_min1: Hmm. Odd.
keeper2: k2_ev_res1: Hmm. There's been a fight here.
keeper2: k2_ev_ret1: It is Orland's problem now. I have work to do.
keeper2: k2_ev_shadow1: What is casting that shadow?
keeper2: k2_ev_torchext1: Who put out the torch?
keeper2: k2_ev_torchext2: Hmmm...odd that the torch should fail just now....
keeper2: k2_ev_torchtoff1: Well, nothing burns forever.
keeper2: k2_fcow1: Can't you see I'm done fighting?
keeper2: k2_fcow2: Leave me...I can fight no more....
keeper2: k2_fhid1: This is the only place I could find....
keeper2: k2_fhid2: Who will scribe this...if I should die?
keeper2: k2_fini1: Maybe it's best if I...leave.
keeper2: k2_fini_human1: Clearly it is escape or...die....
keeper2: k2_fini_monster1: A monster? It is pointless to remain!
keeper2: k2_fini_na1: We'd better get out of here. Now.
keeper2: k2_fini_pl1: Must run...he is too...formidable....
keeper2: k2_fini_pl2: No choice...I must flee!
keeper2: k2_fini_pl_ik1: It's him! He's trying to kill me!
keeper2: k2_fini_pl_it1: Help me! It's the thief! It's Garrett!
keeper2: k2_frust1: How did you get over there anyway?
keeper2: k2_frust2: What are you waiting for?
keeper2: k2_frust_m_na1: There he is! Fire already!
keeper2: k2_frust_up1: I'll be waiting down here for you.
keeper2: k2_fsub1: No! How did you find me?
keeper2: k2_fsub2: Why don't you just go away?
keeper2: k2_gcon1: Possibly....
keeper2: k2_gcon2: Maybe.
keeper2: k2_gcon_he1: Hear it again, maybe.
keeper2: k2_gcon_he2: Thought I heard....
keeper2: k2_gcon_he_na1: Did you say something?
keeper2: k2_gcon_he_na2: Listen. Did you perceive a sound just then?
keeper2: k2_gcon_se1: Seeing things?
keeper2: k2_gcon_se2: Anything to see?
keeper2: k2_gcon_se_na1: Did you see something move?
keeper2: k2_gcon_se_na2: Over there...did you see anything?
keeper2: k2_gen_aha1: There you are!
keeper2: k2_gen_aha2: My search is over.
keeper2: k2_gen_dazed1: Was I just....
keeper2: k2_gen_dazed2: Wait a minute...was a what....
keeper2: k2_gen_dismiss1: Not in the least bookworthy.
keeper2: k2_gen_dismiss2: Not my concern.
keeper2: k2_gen_dunno1: I don't know.
keeper2: k2_gen_dunno2: I need more information....
keeper2: k2_gen_frust1: can I solve this...?
keeper2: k2_gen_frust2: Oh, come on now!
keeper2: k2_gen_igetit1: I see.
keeper2: k2_gen_igetit2: Hmmm...yes...of course....
keeper2: k2_gen_no1: No.
keeper2: k2_gen_no2: Of course not.
keeper2: k2_gen_oops1: Drat.
keeper2: k2_gen_snapout1: Whuuh!
keeper2: k2_gen_snapout2: Wha--?
keeper2: k2_gen_startled1: What?
keeper2: k2_gen_suffer1: Migraine...again....
keeper2: k2_gen_suffer2: Uuuggh...the pain....
keeper2: k2_gen_thanks1: Thank you.
keeper2: k2_gen_thanks2: Many...thanks.
keeper2: k2_gen_yes1: Yes.
keeper2: k2_gen_yes2: Exactly so.
keeper2: k2_gini_he1: A sound?
keeper2: k2_gini_he2: Was that...a noise?
keeper2: k2_gini_se1: Some...movement?
keeper2: k2_gini_se2: A fleeting glance....
keeper2: k2_greet_reply1: Fellow Keeper.
keeper2: k2_greet_reply2: May you scribe well tonight.
keeper2: k2_greet_reply3: Go with balance....
keeper2: k2_greet_req1: How goes it?
keeper2: k2_greet_req2: Fellow Keeper....
keeper2: k2_greet_req3: As it is written....
keeper2: k2_gret1: Where was I?
keeper2: k2_gret2: So many distractions lately.
keeper2: k2_gret3: I must find my concentration again....
keeper2: k2_gret_he1: There is no sound that I can perceive.
keeper2: k2_gret_he2: No. All is quiet.
keeper2: k2_gret_na1: Sorry for the distraction. It fault.
keeper2: k2_gret_na2: Nothing after all. Sorry to bother you.
keeper2: k2_gret_se1: My eyes fail to see anything now.
keeper2: k2_gret_se2: There is nothing to see and much work to be done.
keeper2: k2_gsub1: Hmm. It's back.
keeper2: k2_gsub2: Hmm, again?
keeper2: k2_iann1: I should get some help here....
keeper2: k2_iann_pl1: You...I better inform the others.
keeper2: k2_iann_pl2: I'll need some reinforcements to deal with you.
keeper2: k2_iarr_gone1: Odd. It is gone now.
keeper2: k2_iarr_gone_pl1: He must have snuck back into the shadows....
keeper2: k2_iarr_pres1: There it is...what should we do?
keeper2: k2_iarr_pres_pl1: Look, there he is!
keeper2: k2_iarr_srch1: Let's search the area...just in case....
keeper2: k2_iarr_srch_pl1: Garrett. Around here, you said? Hmmm....
keeper2: k2_idle1: I told them the volumes were missing, so why did Keeper Morgan act surprised during the meeting, when it was brought up again?
keeper2: k2_idle2: Never heard of the glyphs changing like that before...shouldn't be...or have I not been properly informed....
keeper2: k2_idle3: Where can the Ancestries have been filed? Nothing seems to be in its proper place of late....
keeper2: k2_idle4: Whatever else they may say of the new scribes, their penmanship is...impeccable.
keeper2: k2_idle5: New robes, I see. Somewhat...elaborate. The old robes were good enough for Xavier....
keeper2: k2_idle6: An actual page...removed...torn out...! It hardly seems believable. Yet Elder Gravis hardly seemed he already knew the Chronicles had been tampered with....
keeper2: k2_idle7: Come to think of it...I don't think the reports from the Thereve expedition were ever filed.... But then...why would Elder Montrose say they were?
keeper2: k2_idle8: Not what I would call a balanced response to the situation. He has so little control. It is...unseemly...and... indicative of someone with ambitions...not the Keeper way....
keeper2: k2_irep1: I can only say that I've found something...alarming.
keeper2: k2_irep2: I have observed something suspicious.
keeper2: k2_irep_body1: Someone has died. I require your assistance.
keeper2: k2_irep_body2: Murder has been committed. I have seen a corpse.
keeper2: k2_irep_ik1: I saw who our murderer surprise who....
keeper2: k2_irep_it1: I found Garrett...he's the one who stole from us....
keeper2: k2_irep_pl1: I have found Garrett!
keeper2: k2_irep_pl2: Follow me! It's Garrett!
keeper2: k2_ires1: I'll come take a look.
keeper2: k2_ires2: Lead me to the spot....
keeper2: k2_misc_blind_end1: Ah! Is that light?
keeper2: k2_misc_blind_ini1: Can't see!
keeper2: k2_misc_noisemak1: I feel compelled to investigate that sound....
keeper2: k2_misc_noisesup1: Seemed almost artificially quiet for a moment there....
keeper2: k2_misc_pickp1: But...who could possibly pickpocket me?
keeper2: k2_misc_pickp2: Seems incredible...but it has been stolen.
keeper2: k2_misc_slip1: Whuuaa!
keeper2: k2_nbarrel1: Near the barrel there?
keeper2: k2_nchair1: Over the chair....
keeper2: k2_ncouch1: Other side of the couch?
keeper2: k2_ncrate1: Better check near the crate.
keeper2: k2_ndesk1: Over by the desk?
keeper2: k2_ndoor1: Hmmm, maybe by the door.
keeper2: k2_nladder1: Something by the ladder?
keeper2: k2_nmach1: Hmmm...what about the machine there?
keeper2: k2_nshadow1: Better check that shadow there....
keeper2: k2_nshelf1: I should check by the shelves.
keeper2: k2_nstatue1: That statue...hmmm....
keeper2: k2_ntable1: There, near the table?
keeper2: k2_obs_elder1: Good evening, elder.
keeper2: k2_obs_keeper1: Good evening.
keeper2: k2_obs_keeper2: I trust your studies go well.
keeper2: k2_obs_keeper3: Try to keep and eye on him....
keeper2: k2_obs_pl_friend1: Remember not to take anything, thief. Orland warned us about you.
keeper2: k2_obs_pl_friend2: We are watching you.
keeper2: k2_obs_pl_friend3: In all things, there is balance.
keeper2: k2_obs_scribe1: Do not dawdle, scribe.
keeper2: k2_opp_fcon1: Turn and face me!
keeper2: k2_opp_fcon2: Where do you think you can go?
keeper2: k2_opp_fcon3: Running will not save you.
keeper2: k2_opp_fini1: Where do you think you are going?
keeper2: k2_opp_fini2: Running? But...escape is impossible....
keeper2: k2_opp_fini_m_na1: Look, he's trying to escape us...we should follow.
keeper2: k2_opp_hide1: Hmm...where did you go?
keeper2: k2_opp_hide2: Hmmm...was just there...but now...?
keeper2: k2_opp_hide3: Which way have you gone I wonder?
keeper2: k2_opp_hide_m1: Where did he go?
keeper2: k2_opp_hide_m2: It seems...I have lost him.
keeper2: k2_opp_hide_m_na1: I think we might have...lost him....
keeper2: k2_opp_hide_m_na2: We must locate him.
keeper2: k2_rcon1: Come out. Things will go better for you if you do.
keeper2: k2_rcon2: Clearly someone is here. But where?
keeper2: k2_rcon3: I will find you. You cannot hide from a Keeper.
keeper2: k2_rcon4: This is...foolish.
keeper2: k2_rcon5: The choice is yours...come out peacefully...or....
keeper2: k2_rcon_fnd1: I knew I would find you.
keeper2: k2_rcon_fnd2: Found you.
keeper2: k2_rcon_fnd3: You have been found.
keeper2: k2_rcon_fnd4: There you are.
keeper2: k2_rcon_fnd5: it had to be.
keeper2: k2_rcon_fnd_m_na1: I have found him!
keeper2: k2_rcon_fnd_m_na2: Quickly, I found him!
keeper2: k2_rcon_fnd_m_na3: At last, we have him!
keeper2: k2_rcon_he1: One more noise you...that's all I need....
keeper2: k2_rcon_he2: Not so silent, are we?
keeper2: k2_rcon_he3: I heard that. Show yourself.
keeper2: k2_rcon_he_na1: Do you still hear our visitor? Are we searching the right area?
keeper2: k2_rcon_he_na2: Of this I am certain...he will make more noise for us to hear.
keeper2: k2_rcon_ia_na1: Careful...there has been much trouble already.
keeper2: k2_rcon_ik_na1: Careful...we know that it is a killer we seek....
keeper2: k2_rcon_it_na1: If we find him, we can take back all that was stolen from us.
keeper2: k2_rcon_los1: Come out...I grow...impatient....
keeper2: k2_rcon_los2: Hiding? Afraid to fight?
keeper2: k2_rcon_los3: I insist you reveal your hiding place.
keeper2: k2_rcon_los4: I will find you....
keeper2: k2_rcon_los5: To hide is to admit cowardice.
keeper2: k2_rcon_los_m1: Wherever he is...I will find him.
keeper2: k2_rcon_los_m2: He is here...somewhere...I know it.
keeper2: k2_rcon_los_m3: This hiding only proves his cowardice....
keeper2: k2_rcon_los_m_na1: We'll get him...eventually.
keeper2: k2_rcon_los_m_na2: I can't believe we haven't found him yet.
keeper2: k2_rcon_los_m_na3: Keep your eyes open, he could be anywhere....
keeper2: k2_rcon_na1: We should continue our search...I'm sure there is someone here.
keeper2: k2_rcon_na2: It would go faster if you help me search for our...problem.
keeper2: k2_rcon_na3: Together we will find whoever this is....
keeper2: k2_rcon_se1: I have seen you...and it would be best if you gave yourself up.
keeper2: k2_rcon_se2: Come into the I can get a better look at you....
keeper2: k2_rcon_se3: I need a better see who that was....
keeper2: k2_rcon_se_na1: Did you get a clear view? Are we looking in the right general area?
keeper2: k2_rcon_se_na2: It was around here I saw it, so use caution....
keeper2: k2_repri_bump_init1: Pardon me.
keeper2: k2_repri_bump_init2: Look where you are going.
keeper2: k2_repri_hurt_init1: Ow! Stop that!
keeper2: k2_repri_hurtother_init1: This violence is inappropriate.
keeper2: k2_repri_hurtother_sub1: Stop that, or face the consequences!
keeper2: k2_repri_lockp_init1: That is not allowed here, thief. You must stop!
keeper2: k2_repri_odd_init1: What do you think you are doing?
keeper2: k2_repri_over1: Very good, but do not think to do that again.
keeper2: k2_repri_over2: Do try and behave better in the future.
keeper2: k2_repri_stare_init1: Are you looking for something?
keeper2: k2_repri_stare_init2: You stare, Garrett.
keeper2: k2_repri_stare_init3: Such a rude gaze.
keeper2: k2_repri_theft_init1: Once a thief, always a thief. You will discontinue or be punished.
keeper2: k2_repri_threat_init1: That would be a mistake.
keeper2: k2_repri_threat_sub1: Your threats are out of place.
keeper2: k2_repri_thrown_init1: This is a place of balance. Stop throwing things.
keeper2: k2_repri_thrown_sub1: I have no more patience for your foolishness.
keeper2: k2_repri_tres_init1: Orland says this place is off limits to you....
keeper2: k2_repri_tres_init2: This library is forbidden to you, Garrett.
keeper2: k2_repri_vandal_init1: Curb your destructive tendencies, please.
keeper2: k2_repri_vandal_sub1: This is mindless destruction! Stop that!
keeper2: k2_rini1: Who is there?
keeper2: k2_rini2: Who dares interrupt my studies?
keeper2: k2_rini3: I know you are there...what I don't know is who...or why....
keeper2: k2_rini_he1: I hear you there.
keeper2: k2_rini_he2: Definitely heard that.
keeper2: k2_rini_he_na1: We hear would be wise to surrender to us.
keeper2: k2_rini_he_na2: Do you hear that? I believe we have a...visitor.
keeper2: k2_rini_se1: I see you...who is that?
keeper2: k2_rini_se2: I can see someone over there.
keeper2: k2_rini_se_na1: You must have seen that. Did you see who it was?
keeper2: k2_rini_se_na2: Did you see that? Let's try and get a closer look....
keeper2: k2_rnew1: Still here, then.
keeper2: k2_rnew2: Yes...closing in....
keeper2: k2_rnew_he1: Yes...I can hear you....
keeper2: k2_rnew_he2: That sound again.
keeper2: k2_rnew_se1: Still can't quite make it out....
keeper2: k2_rnew_se2: Still here, I see.
keeper2: k2_rpre1: There!
keeper2: k2_rpre2: I knew it.
keeper2: k2_rpre3: Hey!
keeper2: k2_rret1: Strange. I really thought someone was there.
keeper2: k2_rret2: No one is here now. But I remain convinced there was someone....
keeper2: k2_rret3: No one after all. These times make us all...jumpy.
keeper2: k2_rret_he1: The noises were alarming...but they have stopped...and I have work to do....
keeper2: k2_rret_he2: No sign of what I heard before. I will make inquiries tomorrow.
keeper2: k2_rret_los1: Escaped...unfortunately. There's nothing I can do now.
keeper2: k2_rret_los2: Well, it is of no use to search for what is no longer there....
keeper2: k2_rret_los3: Gone. Next time though...I won't let you get away....
keeper2: k2_rret_los_m1: Unfortunate. I have lost him.
keeper2: k2_rret_los_m_na1: We must admit defeat...he is gone.
keeper2: k2_rret_na1: Let's us resume our duties. There is no mystery least...not any more.
keeper2: k2_rret_na2: Whatever or whoever it gone now. Let us make inquiries tomorrow.
keeper2: k2_rret_ra1: Just a rat. Strange how easily I was misled.
keeper2: k2_rret_se1: Nothing to see now. This has been most...unsettling.
keeper2: k2_rret_se2: Whatever it was, I don't see it any more. I will concern myself no longer.
keeper2: k2_rsur_ev_com1: Look out!
keeper2: k2_rsur_ev_com2: Danger!
keeper2: k2_spell_thanks1: I am...grateful.
keeper2: k2_spell_thanks2: That is better.
keeper2: k2_sum_fight1: Here! Hurry!
keeper2: k2_sum_fight2: Some aid, and quickly!
keeper2: k2_sum_reply1: Here I come!
keeper2: k2_sum_reply2: To the rescue!
keeper2: k2_valley1: Garrett's in the alley.
keeper2: k2_vatrium1: Garrett's in the atrium.
keeper2: k2_vbathrm1: Oh, sorry I--hey!
keeper2: k2_vbedrm1: I trust you had a nice nap....
keeper2: k2_vbsmt1: I have found Garrett. He is in the basement.
keeper2: k2_vchamber1: Garrett's here! In the chamber!
keeper2: k2_vchapel1: Here, he's in in the chapel!
keeper2: k2_vcourtyd1: He's in the courtyard.
keeper2: k2_vhall1: To the hallway! I have Garrett here!
keeper2: k2_vinside1: Garrett is in the compound....
keeper2: k2_vkitchen1: Quickly. He has entered the kitchen.
keeper2: k2_vlibrary1: There, in the library!
keeper2: k2_voutside1: He is there... outside.
keeper2: k2_vrafters1: Garrett's up there!
keeper2: k2_vroof1: He's up on the roof.
keeper2: k2_vstairs1: Garrett is in the stairwell....
keeper2: k2_vstreet1: He is there, in the street....
keeper2: k2_wdie_m1: Why did you have to kill him?
keeper2: k2_wfle1: Where are you going? I still need you!
keeper2: k2_ycon1: Hello? Is that you, acolyte?
keeper2: k2_ycon2: Was it--? Impossible to tell....
keeper2: k2_ycon3: Was that something? Let's just see....
keeper2: k2_ycon_he1: Sounded near here. I think....
keeper2: k2_ycon_he2: Two questions...where did the noise come from...and what made it...?
keeper2: k2_ycon_he_na1: Ssh. Is it gone? Can you hear?
keeper2: k2_ycon_he_na2: Do you still hear it? Should we continue our search?
keeper2: k2_ycon_na1: Don't give up yet. If something's here...we'll find it.
keeper2: k2_ycon_na2: Come. Let us seek out whatever it is.
keeper2: k2_ycon_se1: The movement was near here....
keeper2: k2_ycon_se2: It looked like...well...regardless, it was near here.
keeper2: k2_ycon_se_na1: Tell me, can you still see it?
keeper2: k2_ycon_se_na2: Has it vanished? Do you see it?
keeper2: k2_yini1: Hello?
keeper2: k2_yini2: What's that?
keeper2: k2_yini3: Does someone approach?
keeper2: k2_yini_he1: Strange noise.
keeper2: k2_yini_he2: Heard something. But what?
keeper2: k2_yini_he_na1: Listen, there. What do you make of it?
keeper2: k2_yini_he_na2: Do you hear? What's that sound?
keeper2: k2_yini_se1: I saw...something move....
keeper2: k2_yini_se2: I can't quite see it...not clearly.
keeper2: k2_yini_se_na1: Look over there. I thought I saw...something.
keeper2: k2_yini_se_na2: Something moved, did you see?
keeper2: k2_ynew1: It is...still here.
keeper2: k2_ynew2: There, again.
keeper2: k2_ypre2: Hey!
keeper2: k2_ypre3: Who?
keeper2: k2_yret1: Whatever it was, it is gone.
keeper2: k2_yret2: These are troubling times, but I should not waste my precious time over nothing.
keeper2: k2_yret3: Nothing. I can barely remember what it was that worried me so....
keeper2: k2_yret_he1: Old buildings settle, make noises. That is a fact.
keeper2: k2_yret_he2: I shall resume my work...and trust there will be no further noises to interrupt me.
keeper2: k2_yret_na1: If there were something here, we would have found it by now. Agreed?
keeper2: k2_yret_na2: Enough. There is nothing here. We should forget this distraction.
keeper2: k2_yret_ra1: Just a rat. I knew it all along.
keeper2: k2_yret_se1: No. There is nothing here to see. I should get on with my work then.
keeper2: k2_yret_se2: I don't see anything now. Perhaps I was mistaken.

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