T3_keeperelder2 Edit

keeperelder2: ke2_blame_maj1: Aha! I saw your handiwork. You have broken our rules.
keeperelder2: ke2_blame_min1: I see, that was all your fault. I trust you will cease immediately.
keeperelder2: ke2_catt1: How's that?
keeperelder2: ke2_catt2: This should hurt!
keeperelder2: ke2_catt3: Injury!
keeperelder2: ke2_catt_hi1: I am superior!
keeperelder2: ke2_catt_hi_na1: You shouldn't have crossed us.
keeperelder2: ke2_catt_lo1: Getting too old....
keeperelder2: ke2_catt_lo_na1: Help me, or I am through.
keeperelder2: ke2_cdam_hi1: Aaah! Ow!
keeperelder2: ke2_cdam_hi2: I've been struck!
keeperelder2: ke2_cdam_hi3: No more!
keeperelder2: ke2_cdam_hi_na1: Owww! Not doing well!
keeperelder2: ke2_cdam_hi_na2: Your help! I'm losing!
keeperelder2: ke2_cdam_hi_na3: Come on! I am hurt here!
keeperelder2: ke2_cdam_lo1: Hmm.
keeperelder2: ke2_cdam_lo2: No more.
keeperelder2: ke2_cdam_lo3: Minimal pain.
keeperelder2: ke2_cdam_med1: That hurt!
keeperelder2: ke2_cdam_med2: Not so hard!
keeperelder2: ke2_cdam_med3: The pain!
keeperelder2: ke2_cdam_no1: I expected better.
keeperelder2: ke2_cdam_no2: Your attempt to hurt me has...failed.
keeperelder2: ke2_cdie_drown1: Yah! Heeelllp! (Gurgling).
keeperelder2: ke2_cdie_words1: Gah! Let it be written...that...ahrgh....
keeperelder2: ke2_chit_ran1: Bull's eye.
keeperelder2: ke2_cini1: Aha! Betrayer! Your time has come.
keeperelder2: ke2_cini2: It's you! I will end this right here.
keeperelder2: ke2_cini3: I knew it was you! Prepare yourself....
keeperelder2: ke2_cini4: Found you! Now let's see what you've learned.
keeperelder2: ke2_cini5: Aha! You shall fall, betrayer....
keeperelder2: ke2_cini_human1: You shouldn't have come here.
keeperelder2: ke2_cini_human_na1: Together we will be victorious.
keeperelder2: ke2_cini_ik1: Found you! Now, let me wash the blood from your hands....
keeperelder2: ke2_cini_it1: There you are! We do not tolerate thievery!
keeperelder2: ke2_cini_monster1: I must act against this beast!
keeperelder2: ke2_cini_monster_na1: Help me with
keeperelder2: ke2_cini_na1: I see him! Do not let him escape!
keeperelder2: ke2_cini_na2: There he is! We must stop him!
keeperelder2: ke2_cret_kil1: work is done.
keeperelder2: ke2_cret_kil2: I am...done here.
keeperelder2: ke2_cret_kil3: Let it be written...the hour of your death....
keeperelder2: ke2_cret_kil_na1: We've done a good job here.
keeperelder2: ke2_cret_kil_na2: Well done, fellow Keeper. Now we can resume our other duties....
keeperelder2: ke2_cret_kil_pl1: There. I have avenged our revered Caduca's death....
keeperelder2: ke2_cret_kil_pl_na1: the mighty have fallen. I, for one, will not miss him, eh?
keeperelder2: ke2_crime_hurtother1: You think violence solves your problems, Garrett? We will see who falls first!
keeperelder2: ke2_crime_kill1: You turn again to murder! Treachery!
keeperelder2: ke2_crime_lockp1: Are you picking that lock? I will stop you myself!
keeperelder2: ke2_crime_theft1: Your thieving ways have brought you to this.
keeperelder2: ke2_crime_threat1: You think to threaten me? You will regret it!
keeperelder2: ke2_crime_tres1: So you have broken your promise to Orland. You'll pay for entering this place!
keeperelder2: ke2_crime_vandal1: This destruction is utterly unacceptable.
keeperelder2: ke2_csub1: This time, Garrett.
keeperelder2: ke2_csub2: It was folly to let you escape before....
keeperelder2: ke2_csub_na1: Get him. Don't let him escape again.
keeperelder2: ke2_csur1: What? Oh. Prepare for death, Betrayer!
keeperelder2: ke2_csur2: Ah! How did--? No matter. Let the battle commence!
keeperelder2: ke2_csur3: Huh? You! Prepare to die!
keeperelder2: ke2_csur4: Hmm? Oh. Indeed. It's time for you to die.
keeperelder2: ke2_csur5: What? Oh, it's you. Your death is required!
keeperelder2: ke2_csur_ik1: What? How-? No matter. You will pay, murderer.
keeperelder2: ke2_csur_it1: Huh? Face to face with our thief. But not for long!
keeperelder2: ke2_csur_na1: Ah! Keepers, to me! Destroy the Betrayer!
keeperelder2: ke2_csur_na2: Huh? It's you! Quickly! Stop him!
keeperelder2: ke2_enr_con1: You'll regret this!
keeperelder2: ke2_enr_con2: Forget the balance! I want to crush your skull!
keeperelder2: ke2_enr_con3: You have gone beyond what is reasonable!
keeperelder2: ke2_enr_warn1: Enough games! Just fight!
keeperelder2: ke2_enr_warn2: Ah! How this one vexes me!
keeperelder2: ke2_ev_ally1: I thought someone was on duty here.
keeperelder2: ke2_ev_ally_na1: This isn't your post, is it? Someone's left it...unguarded.
keeperelder2: ke2_ev_ally_spooked1: What has happened?
keeperelder2: ke2_ev_allyf1: Hmmm. She knows not to leave this place...unattended.
keeperelder2: ke2_ev_allym1: Did he wander off? Seems...unlikely.
keeperelder2: ke2_ev_blood1: Someone's...blood.
keeperelder2: ke2_ev_body1: Slain. And more will fall before this is over.
keeperelder2: ke2_ev_body_na1: Look. And I fear we have not seen the last such death.
keeperelder2: ke2_ev_body_na2: Look there. Dead.
keeperelder2: ke2_ev_bodyf1: Who has slain this woman?
keeperelder2: ke2_ev_bodyf_na1: Oh no. Look, she's been murdered.
keeperelder2: ke2_ev_bodym1: He has been...unwritten.
keeperelder2: ke2_ev_bodym_na1: Look! He has been slain.
keeperelder2: ke2_ev_com1: What is the trouble?
keeperelder2: ke2_ev_com2: My help is needed.
keeperelder2: ke2_ev_dam1: Who dares?
keeperelder2: ke2_ev_dam2: Ow!
keeperelder2: ke2_ev_door1: This door is not supposed to be open.
keeperelder2: ke2_ev_door2: Who left the door open?
keeperelder2: ke2_ev_door_na1: Did you leave the door open?
keeperelder2: ke2_ev_door_na2: Can no one keep to the rules? Look at the door...wide open....
keeperelder2: ke2_ev_felt1: What was that?
keeperelder2: ke2_ev_felt2: What hit me?
keeperelder2: ke2_ev_lightext1: Who would fool with the lights? These are truly...dark times for us all....
keeperelder2: ke2_ev_lightext2: Who did that? I am still in need of that light....
keeperelder2: ke2_ev_lightoff1: Why is the light out?
keeperelder2: ke2_ev_loot1: Stolen? But how?
keeperelder2: ke2_ev_loot2: Gone. Bah.
keeperelder2: ke2_ev_loot_na1: It is missing. And I think we know who the thief is.
keeperelder2: ke2_ev_maj1: Unbelievable!
keeperelder2: ke2_ev_med1: Have we grown so careless, then?
keeperelder2: ke2_ev_min1: That is...peculiar.
keeperelder2: ke2_ev_res1: There's been trouble here.
keeperelder2: ke2_ev_ret1: Nothing I can do. Perhaps the council already knows of it anyway.
keeperelder2: ke2_ev_shadow1: That shadow there...hmmm.
keeperelder2: ke2_ev_torchext1: That torch did not extinguish itself....
keeperelder2: ke2_ev_torchext2: Torch just failed. Interesting.
keeperelder2: ke2_ev_torchtoff1: Must have a scribe replace that torch.
keeperelder2: ke2_fcow1: No more! I can more....
keeperelder2: ke2_fcow2: Find someone else to fight....
keeperelder2: ke2_fini1: Time to be...elsewhere.
keeperelder2: ke2_fini_human1: I can't fight any more!
keeperelder2: ke2_fini_monster1: It would be folly to face that thing alone!
keeperelder2: ke2_fini_na1: Come! It would be foolish to remain here!
keeperelder2: ke2_fini_pl1: My only recourse is to...flee!
keeperelder2: ke2_fini_pl2: To run...or die...I choose to run....
keeperelder2: ke2_fini_pl_ik1: Garrett's trying to kill me!
keeperelder2: ke2_fini_pl_it1: Run from him! The thief!
keeperelder2: ke2_frust1: Just wait. I'll get my chance....
keeperelder2: ke2_frust2: A Keeper is nothing, if not patient.
keeperelder2: ke2_frust_up1: You can't stay up there forever.
keeperelder2: ke2_fsub1: Why do you hound me?
keeperelder2: ke2_fsub2: You! I thought I lost you!
keeperelder2: ke2_gcon1: Hmm.
keeperelder2: ke2_gcon2: Could have been.
keeperelder2: ke2_gcon_he1: Was it...a sound?
keeperelder2: ke2_gcon_he2: What, if anything, did I hear....
keeperelder2: ke2_gcon_he_na1: Quiet. Listen.
keeperelder2: ke2_gcon_he_na2: Wait. Tell if you have heard anything.
keeperelder2: ke2_gcon_se1: Hmm. Don't see it....
keeperelder2: ke2_gcon_se2: Might have seen something....
keeperelder2: ke2_gcon_se_na1: See anything?
keeperelder2: ke2_gcon_se_na2: Have you seen any...movement?
keeperelder2: ke2_gen_aha1: Should have looked here first.
keeperelder2: ke2_gen_aha2: At last.
keeperelder2: ke2_gen_dazed1: Did you see... wait....
keeperelder2: ke2_gen_dazed2: OK, I...?
keeperelder2: ke2_gen_dismiss1: I am...thoroughly unconcerned.
keeperelder2: ke2_gen_dismiss2: Hmmm. Whatever.
keeperelder2: ke2_gen_distress1: Ack!
keeperelder2: ke2_gen_dunno1: I don't know.
keeperelder2: ke2_gen_dunno2: The matter is beyond me....
keeperelder2: ke2_gen_frust1: Very unfortunate.
keeperelder2: ke2_gen_frust2: I will not give in to...frustration.
keeperelder2: ke2_gen_igetit1: Like that.
keeperelder2: ke2_gen_igetit2: Elementary....
keeperelder2: ke2_gen_no1: No.
keeperelder2: ke2_gen_no2: Negative.
keeperelder2: ke2_gen_oof1: (oof)
keeperelder2: ke2_gen_oops1: Uh oh.
keeperelder2: ke2_gen_snapout1: Ahh!
keeperelder2: ke2_gen_snapout2: Here we go....
keeperelder2: ke2_gen_startled1: Hey!
keeperelder2: ke2_gen_suffer1: ...headache...where are my...aspirins...?
keeperelder2: ke2_gen_thanks1: You have my thanks.
keeperelder2: ke2_gen_thanks2: I am...grateful.
keeperelder2: ke2_gen_yes1: Yes.
keeperelder2: ke2_gen_yes2: Of course.
keeperelder2: ke2_gini1: Yes?
keeperelder2: ke2_gini2: Oh?
keeperelder2: ke2_gini3: Huh.
keeperelder2: ke2_gini_he1: Some...sound?
keeperelder2: ke2_gini_he2: Heard something?
keeperelder2: ke2_gini_se1: Did I see...?
keeperelder2: ke2_gini_se2: Saw something?
keeperelder2: ke2_greet_reply1: Good evening
keeperelder2: ke2_greet_reply2: May your glyphs aid you.
keeperelder2: ke2_greet_reply3: What? Sorry...I was deep in thought....
keeperelder2: ke2_greet_req1: Hello.
keeperelder2: ke2_greet_req2: Balance is everything....
keeperelder2: ke2_greet_req3: Greetings, Keeper.
keeperelder2: ke2_gret1: Back to my studies....
keeperelder2: ke2_gret2: There is nothing, and I have lessons to prepare....
keeperelder2: ke2_gret3: When I was younger, I was not so easily distracted....
keeperelder2: ke2_gret_he1: Even I can be mistaken. There was no noise.
keeperelder2: ke2_gret_he2: I heard nothing of importance.
keeperelder2: ke2_gret_na1: Seems it is nothing, then. I apologize.
keeperelder2: ke2_gret_na2: Sorry. Never mind. I was but distracted for a moment.
keeperelder2: ke2_gret_se1: I didn't see anything, for there is nothing here to see.
keeperelder2: ke2_gret_se2: No. My eyes are old and tired, that is all.
keeperelder2: ke2_gsub1: Huh. Again.
keeperelder2: ke2_gsub2: Odd. It's back.
keeperelder2: ke2_iann1: I should tell the others about this....
keeperelder2: ke2_iann_pl1: He is too dangerous. Time to get help.
keeperelder2: ke2_iann_pl2: I can't face him alone....
keeperelder2: ke2_iarr_gone1: Maybe it was... hmm.
keeperelder2: ke2_iarr_gone_pl1: Look around--he was here before.
keeperelder2: ke2_iarr_pres1: There. See for yourself.
keeperelder2: ke2_iarr_pres_pl1: See? There's Garrett!
keeperelder2: ke2_iarr_srch1: I will scan the area...just in case....
keeperelder2: ke2_iarr_srch_pl1: He was right here, you said?
keeperelder2: ke2_idle1: First Keeper Orland this. First Keeper Orland that. As if we should forget.
keeperelder2: ke2_idle2: So many disagreements these days. I have never known Keepers to forget the important things...not so easily. Where is our balance?
keeperelder2: ke2_idle3: It would be better if the malformed glyphs were saved for study.
keeperelder2: ke2_idle4: To scold me, as if I were yet a beginner in the Scribarium. I am an Elder and deserving of some...reverence.
keeperelder2: ke2_idle5: Time to take an active hand? How could he claim that? And what about the scribes who were...hurt. The glyphs they were scribing should be reported...and for now...for safety's sake...we should avoid those particular glyphs...
keeperelder2: ke2_idle6: So tired...what would it hurt to use the Invertamus glyph for a different purpose than intended. I'm not so sure others haven't done similar things already. Even Elder Cronen, he must be well over 90, but he looks and acts...but...I should not talk so....
keeperelder2: ke2_idle7: Not enough precautions...I told them there were dangers...they didn't WANT to hear me....
keeperelder2: ke2_idle8: My memory of such things is getting garbled. How old I must be. But back then we could trust each other...I DO remember that much....
keeperelder2: ke2_irep1: Consider yourself informed--I saw something unusual back there.
keeperelder2: ke2_irep_body1: Someone has been killed. I just came from where the body is.
keeperelder2: ke2_irep_ik1: Hurry! The murderer--it's Garrett!
keeperelder2: ke2_irep_it1: Hurry, I found the thief--it's Garrett.
keeperelder2: ke2_irep_pl1: Garrett is here.
keeperelder2: ke2_irep_pl2: It's Garrett. I'll be needing...assistance.
keeperelder2: ke2_ires1: Indeed? I'll need to see this....
keeperelder2: ke2_misc_blind_end1: Sight...starting to come back....
keeperelder2: ke2_misc_blind_ini1: Ah! Not my eyes!
keeperelder2: ke2_misc_noisemak1: Odd noise...I should investigate....
keeperelder2: ke2_misc_noisesup1: Maybe I should get these old ears checked....
keeperelder2: ke2_misc_pickp1: Lifted it...right off my belt....
keeperelder2: ke2_misc_pickp2: Could someone have just...taken it?
keeperelder2: ke2_misc_pickwand1: My wand... is it possible I left it in my quarters? Hmmm....
keeperelder2: ke2_misc_pickwand2: I'm sure I had my wand...but now it is missing. Unsettling....
keeperelder2: ke2_misc_slip1: Whuuaa!
keeperelder2: ke2_obs_elder1: I am worried about First Keeper Orland.
keeperelder2: ke2_obs_keeper1: Heed Orland's warnings about Garrett.
keeperelder2: ke2_obs_keeper2: These are dark times...go with care....
keeperelder2: ke2_obs_keeper3: May the books reveal a balanced future for us all, Keeper.
keeperelder2: ke2_obs_pl_friend1: Have you been instructed how to handle these books? They are quite fragile....
keeperelder2: ke2_obs_pl_friend2: A warning, Garrett, heed our rules....
keeperelder2: ke2_obs_pl_friend3: May the glyphs be wrong about you, Garrett....
keeperelder2: ke2_obs_scribe1: Why are you not about your work?
keeperelder2: ke2_opp_fcon1: You're not getting away that easily!
keeperelder2: ke2_opp_fcon2: Absurd! Running is folly!
keeperelder2: ke2_opp_fcon3: I am gaining on you!
keeperelder2: ke2_opp_fini1: It is too late to run....
keeperelder2: ke2_opp_fini2: Running away? But we've barely begun....
keeperelder2: ke2_opp_hide1: Wait...where are you?
keeperelder2: ke2_opp_hide2: You're not trying to hide, are you? That would be...illogical.
keeperelder2: ke2_opp_hide3: What? Where have you run to?
keeperelder2: ke2_opp_hide_m1: Somehow I've managed to lose him.
keeperelder2: ke2_opp_hide_m2: He can't have gone far....
keeperelder2: ke2_opp_hide_m_na1: Could it be that he has eluded us?
keeperelder2: ke2_opp_hide_m_na2: Come on! He was here just a moment ago....
keeperelder2: ke2_rcon1: You will be found...quite soon....
keeperelder2: ke2_rcon2: I know you are there...why do you hide from me?
keeperelder2: ke2_rcon3: Show yourself...or are you too much a coward?
keeperelder2: ke2_rcon4: Things will go poorly for you if you continue with this...hiding....
keeperelder2: ke2_rcon5: You cannot hide from a Keeper...not for long, anyway.
keeperelder2: ke2_rcon_fnd1: There you are.
keeperelder2: ke2_rcon_fnd2: I have found you.
keeperelder2: ke2_rcon_fnd3: That which was hidden...!
keeperelder2: ke2_rcon_fnd_m_na1: I found him! Over here.
keeperelder2: ke2_rcon_fnd_m_na2: Here he is, come on!
keeperelder2: ke2_rcon_he1: You are a noisy one. But the game is over, it is time to come out.
keeperelder2: ke2_rcon_he2: I heard that. Come out, and end this foolishness.
keeperelder2: ke2_rcon_he3: Who is that making all the noise?
keeperelder2: ke2_rcon_he_na1: We heard you...there is no use in trying to hide from us.
keeperelder2: ke2_rcon_he_na2: Listen for it...whoever is here will surely make more noise....
keeperelder2: ke2_rcon_ia_na1: The disturbance didn't just happen...someone caused it. Do you agree?
keeperelder2: ke2_rcon_ik_na1: We search for a murderer...if we find him...lethal force is justified....
keeperelder2: ke2_rcon_it_na1: Maybe this is our little thief...maybe he has lined his pockets too heavily to run very far....
keeperelder2: ke2_rcon_los1: Hiding will not help you in the end.
keeperelder2: ke2_rcon_los2: This tactic of is...foolishness....
keeperelder2: ke2_rcon_los3: Hiding will only delay...the inevitable.
keeperelder2: ke2_rcon_los4: You are foolish to try to hide.
keeperelder2: ke2_rcon_los5: Ask yourself...why do you hide?
keeperelder2: ke2_rcon_los_m1: He must be here.
keeperelder2: ke2_rcon_los_m2: He is close...I'm sure of it....
keeperelder2: ke2_rcon_los_m3: Hiding is his only recourse....
keeperelder2: ke2_rcon_los_m_na1: We must continue to look for him, he will be found....
keeperelder2: ke2_rcon_los_m_na2: I'm telling you, he's somewhere close by.
keeperelder2: ke2_rcon_los_m_na3: In time...we will locate him....
keeperelder2: ke2_rcon_na1: We know you are here...escape is...impossible.
keeperelder2: ke2_rcon_na2: I'm sure there is someone here...and together we will find him...or her....
keeperelder2: ke2_rcon_na3: With both of us searching...our little visitor doesn't stand a chance....
keeperelder2: ke2_rcon_se1: Enough of this...I have seen just give up.
keeperelder2: ke2_rcon_se2: Did you think I wouldn't see you? You underestimate me....
keeperelder2: ke2_rcon_se3: Step into the light...I need to have a better look at you....
keeperelder2: ke2_rcon_se_na1: We've seen you may as well come forward....
keeperelder2: ke2_rcon_se_na2: Keep your eyes open...he can't stay motionless for ever....
keeperelder2: ke2_repri_bump_init1: You forget yourself, Garrett.
keeperelder2: ke2_repri_bump_init2: You still take no care to your path.
keeperelder2: ke2_repri_hurt_init1: Are you one of us or a hoodlum? Stop this immediately!
keeperelder2: ke2_repri_hurtother_init1: Such violence is inappropriate here.
keeperelder2: ke2_repri_hurtother_sub1: That is quite enough! Stop that immediately!
keeperelder2: ke2_repri_lockp_init1: Ply your trade elsewhere, Garrett, or you will be punished!
keeperelder2: ke2_repri_odd_init1: Explain yourself.
keeperelder2: ke2_repri_over1: That is an improvement. I do not want to see any more of that behavior, however.
keeperelder2: ke2_repri_over2: That's better. Don't even think of starting up again.
keeperelder2: ke2_repri_stare_init1: Explain yourself. Why do you stare at me?
keeperelder2: ke2_repri_stare_init2: Your stare is uncalled for.
keeperelder2: ke2_repri_stare_init3: Turn your gaze elsewhere, child.
keeperelder2: ke2_repri_theft_init1: Excuse me. That is not yours. Your stealing will not be permitted!
keeperelder2: ke2_repri_threat_init1: Careful where you point that....
keeperelder2: ke2_repri_threat_sub1: Cease your threats at once!
keeperelder2: ke2_repri_thrown_init1: Have you no respect at all?
keeperelder2: ke2_repri_thrown_sub1: I have no more patience for fools. Stop throwing things this instant.
keeperelder2: ke2_repri_tres_init1: Stop...there is no place for you here....
keeperelder2: ke2_repri_tres_init2: You are not permitted entrance.
keeperelder2: ke2_repri_vandal_init1: Do you have nothing better to do?
keeperelder2: ke2_repri_vandal_sub1: I warn you, cease this destruction immediately.
keeperelder2: ke2_rini1: I have a unwelcome visitor....
keeperelder2: ke2_rini2: Who is that? Why have you come?
keeperelder2: ke2_rini3: Who is hiding over there? Hmm?
keeperelder2: ke2_rini_he1: The noise has given you away....
keeperelder2: ke2_rini_he2: I am old...but I can still hear that you know.
keeperelder2: ke2_rini_he_na1: We can hear you. Who are you?
keeperelder2: ke2_rini_he_na2: Who is there? We hear you!
keeperelder2: ke2_rini_se1: Who is that I see? Hmmm?
keeperelder2: ke2_rini_se2: Who is that? I can't quite see....
keeperelder2: ke2_rini_se_na1: Did you see that? Let's try to get a better look....
keeperelder2: ke2_rini_se_na2: From the looks of things...we have an unwelcome visitor....
keeperelder2: ke2_rnew1: Where was that?
keeperelder2: ke2_rnew2: I am...closing in.
keeperelder2: ke2_rnew_he1: The noises have not ceased.
keeperelder2: ke2_rnew_he2: You like to make noise, don't you?
keeperelder2: ke2_rnew_se1: I have seen it again.
keeperelder2: ke2_rnew_se2: Another glimpse.
keeperelder2: ke2_rpre1: Aha.
keeperelder2: ke2_rpre2: Yes....
keeperelder2: ke2_rpre3: So!
keeperelder2: ke2_rret1: Nothing, then. I suppose even I can be...mistaken.
keeperelder2: ke2_rret2: There is no one here. I overreacted...despite my years of training and experience....
keeperelder2: ke2_rret3: Gone then. Probably some acolyte... intimidated by my presence....
keeperelder2: ke2_rret_he1: I have found nothing. It seems I will never know what made those noises.
keeperelder2: ke2_rret_he2: There were noises...but I can find no other evidence to justify further searching....
keeperelder2: ke2_rret_los1: Gone. I've exhausted every possibility....
keeperelder2: ke2_rret_los2: Escaped, then. If only I had been better prepared....
keeperelder2: ke2_rret_los_m1: I know only this...that I have failed...and he is gone.
keeperelder2: ke2_rret_los_m_na1: I'm afraid he is gone. We should return to our other duties.
keeperelder2: ke2_rret_na1: Enough of this, it is gone. Let us resume our duties.
keeperelder2: ke2_rret_na2: It has eluded us. We should not tell the others of our failure.
keeperelder2: ke2_rret_ra1: was a rat all along.
keeperelder2: ke2_rret_se1: At my is a possibility...that I just imagined what I saw....
keeperelder2: ke2_rret_se2: I don't see it any longer. I will resume my previous activities.
keeperelder2: ke2_rsur_ev_com1: Watch it!
keeperelder2: ke2_rsur_ev_com2: Danger!
keeperelder2: ke2_spell_thanks1: Much appreciated.
keeperelder2: ke2_spell_thanks2: Things are...improved.
keeperelder2: ke2_spella1: Glyph Aranides (ah-rah-KNEE-dees), dispense my will!
keeperelder2: ke2_spella2: Glyph Aranides, dispense my will!
keeperelder2: ke2_spella3: Glyph Aranides, dispense my will!
keeperelder2: ke2_spellb1: Glyph Bethisik, do my bidding!
keeperelder2: ke2_spellb2: Glyph Bethisik, do my bidding!
keeperelder2: ke2_spellb3: Glyph Bethisik, do my bidding!
keeperelder2: ke2_spellb4: How's that?
keeperelder2: ke2_spellb5: This should hurt!
keeperelder2: ke2_sum_fight1: Hurry! Help!
keeperelder2: ke2_sum_fight2: Some help here!
keeperelder2: ke2_sum_reply1: I am...on my way.
keeperelder2: ke2_sum_reply2: I have arrived.
keeperelder2: ke2_wdie_f1: You'll pay for her blood!
keeperelder2: ke2_wdie_m1: You have slain him!
keeperelder2: ke2_wfle1: Hey! The fight is not over yet!
keeperelder2: ke2_ycon1: Think it was somewhere
keeperelder2: ke2_ycon2: Not sure...could be...prudent to check....
keeperelder2: ke2_ycon3: Acolyte, is that you there? Do come forward....
keeperelder2: ke2_ycon_he1: The sound emanated from...over here....
keeperelder2: ke2_ycon_he2: I think the noise I heard was...hmmm, what? where?
keeperelder2: ke2_ycon_he_na1: If we are quiet, perhaps we will hear it again.
keeperelder2: ke2_ycon_he_na2: We make too much noise, I can no longer hear the...disturbance.
keeperelder2: ke2_ycon_na1: Look over there. See if you can find anything.
keeperelder2: ke2_ycon_na2: Have you found anything? Then keep searching.
keeperelder2: ke2_ycon_se1: If I could see it again...then I'd know what it was....
keeperelder2: ke2_ycon_se2: Let's see if I can get a better look....
keeperelder2: ke2_ycon_se_na1: Do you see it now? I'm afraid I cannot....
keeperelder2: ke2_ycon_se_na2: Did you see it clearly? Do you know what it is we search for?
keeperelder2: ke2_yini1: Is someone there?
keeperelder2: ke2_yini2: Is that someone?
keeperelder2: ke2_yini3: Hello? Who is it?
keeperelder2: ke2_yini_he1: That noise is...peculiar.
keeperelder2: ke2_yini_he2: What's making that noise?
keeperelder2: ke2_yini_he_na1: Do you hear that?
keeperelder2: ke2_yini_he_na2: Shh. What was that sound?
keeperelder2: ke2_yini_se1: Saw something there.
keeperelder2: ke2_yini_se2: Hard to see. What was that?
keeperelder2: ke2_yini_se_na1: Look there. Did you see that?
keeperelder2: ke2_yini_se_na2: Look. Do you see?
keeperelder2: ke2_ynew1: It remains.
keeperelder2: ke2_ynew2: Yes...still there.
keeperelder2: ke2_ypre2: Hey!
keeperelder2: ke2_yret1: Nothing after all. See how the mind plays tricks....
keeperelder2: ke2_yret2: Probably nothing. No is gone now.
keeperelder2: ke2_yret3: Just idle fancies. Perhaps my mind grows weaker in its old age.
keeperelder2: ke2_yret_he1: Seems quieter now. I shall consider the problem solved.
keeperelder2: ke2_yret_he2: Nothing to hear now. I must consider the possibility that I was mistaken.
keeperelder2: ke2_yret_na1: Enough, there is nothing. We should resume our duties.
keeperelder2: ke2_yret_na2: Nothing here, this is fruitless, and has only distracted us from our work.
keeperelder2: ke2_yret_ra1: So, it was just a rat. I shall have the acolytes set traps tomorrow.
keeperelder2: ke2_yret_se1: Whatever I saw, it is gone now.
keeperelder2: ke2_yret_se2: I think it must have been a trick of the light that I saw.

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