T3_keeperscribe1 Edit

keeperscribe1: ks1_blame_maj1: That was you? You will regret it!
keeperscribe1: ks1_blame_min1: You're the one who did that? You really shouldn't have.
keeperscribe1: ks1_cdam_hi1: Aah! No! Please! I'm not trained to fight!
keeperscribe1: ks1_cdam_hi_na1: Aaah! Quick! Help me!
keeperscribe1: ks1_cdam_hi_na2: Gah! Help! I can't last much longer!
keeperscribe1: ks1_cdam_lo1: Hey!
keeperscribe1: ks1_cdam_med1: Arg! What are you doing?
keeperscribe1: ks1_cdie_drown1: Yah! Heeelllp! (Gurgling).
keeperscribe1: ks1_crime_hurtother1: Garrett has gone crazy!
keeperscribe1: ks1_crime_kill1: Garrett just killed someone!
keeperscribe1: ks1_crime_lockp1: I won't let you open that!
keeperscribe1: ks1_crime_theft1: Garrett! You can't take that!
keeperscribe1: ks1_crime_threat1: First Keeper Orland will hear of your threatening behavior!
keeperscribe1: ks1_crime_tres1: Garrett has broken in! Keeper Orland!
keeperscribe1: ks1_crime_vandal1: Garrett! You're just...destroying things? I have to stop you!
keeperscribe1: ks1_ev_ally1: Where are they? Isn't this their post?
keeperscribe1: ks1_ev_ally_na1: Where's the person on duty here? Do you know?
keeperscribe1: ks1_ev_ally_spooked1: Are you all right? Should I get an Elder?
keeperscribe1: ks1_ev_allyf1: She was just here...where could she have gone?
keeperscribe1: ks1_ev_allym1: He's usually here...usually.
keeperscribe1: ks1_ev_blood1: Someone's been doing a lot of bleeding.
keeperscribe1: ks1_ev_body1: What? Dead? This is just terrible!
keeperscribe1: ks1_ev_body_na1: Dead? What do we do? Report it, or cover the body? What?
keeperscribe1: ks1_ev_body_na2: Look there...someone's been killed! What does it mean?
keeperscribe1: ks1_ev_bodyf1: I think she'!
keeperscribe1: ks1_ev_bodyf_na1: She's...dead, isn't she?
keeperscribe1: ks1_ev_bodym1: Uh oh. He's like...dead.
keeperscribe1: ks1_ev_bodym_na1: Do you think...he's really...dead?
keeperscribe1: ks1_ev_com1: Hold on...I'm on my way.
keeperscribe1: ks1_ev_com2: I'm here to help...if I can.
keeperscribe1: ks1_ev_dam1: What the--? What's going on?
keeperscribe1: ks1_ev_dam2: Ow! I can't see who did that!
keeperscribe1: ks1_ev_door1: Isn't this door supposed to be shut?
keeperscribe1: ks1_ev_door2: Someone left it open...and it wasn't me.
keeperscribe1: ks1_ev_door_na1: Did you leave this open? 'Cause I didn't.
keeperscribe1: ks1_ev_door_na2: If you didn't leave it open...and I didn't...then who did?
keeperscribe1: ks1_ev_felt1: Hey...quit it!
keeperscribe1: ks1_ev_felt2: Who's doing that?
keeperscribe1: ks1_ev_lightext1: Now what? Am I supposed to scribe in the dark?
keeperscribe1: ks1_ev_lightext2: Hey...I was using that light you know....
keeperscribe1: ks1_ev_lightoff1: Why did they turn out the lights in here?
keeperscribe1: ks1_ev_loot1: It's missing...maybe one of the Elders, um...borrowed it.
keeperscribe1: ks1_ev_loot2: Well...I didn't take it. Someone else must have.
keeperscribe1: ks1_ev_loot_na1: I didn't take it. Did you take it? I didn't take it.
keeperscribe1: ks1_ev_maj1: No! How can this be?
keeperscribe1: ks1_ev_med1: Whoa...I hope I don't get blamed for that.
keeperscribe1: ks1_ev_min1: Now...that's not quite it?
keeperscribe1: ks1_ev_res1: Has someone been fighting here?
keeperscribe1: ks1_ev_ret1: Well, what can a scribe do about it anyway? Not much, that's what.
keeperscribe1: ks1_ev_shadow1: Kind of a creepy shadow over there....
keeperscribe1: ks1_ev_torchext1: Hey...what happened to the torch? Must be drafty....
keeperscribe1: ks1_ev_torchext2: Did someone just put out that torch? Hello?
keeperscribe1: ks1_ev_torchtoff1: Another torch gone out?
keeperscribe1: ks1_fcon1: Must...get to safety....
keeperscribe1: ks1_fcon2: The danger...still pursues me....
keeperscribe1: ks1_fcon3: Gotta...keep going...while I can....
keeperscribe1: ks1_fcow1: No more, please, I don't even know how to fight....
keeperscribe1: ks1_fcow2: I can't do this any more...can't you see that?
keeperscribe1: ks1_fhid1: Perhaps I'll be safe here...perhaps...perhaps....
keeperscribe1: ks1_fhid2: What a much can one lowly scribe take?
keeperscribe1: ks1_fini1: I really must be going....
keeperscribe1: ks1_fini_human1: Can't you see I'm not armed?
keeperscribe1: ks1_fini_monster1: Now what? Monsters? I can't take this!
keeperscribe1: ks1_fini_na1: Let's get out of here before it's too late!
keeperscribe1: ks1_fini_pl1: No! Someone help me! He's trying to run me down!
keeperscribe1: ks1_fini_pl2: What? Please don't kill me! I'm just a scribe!
keeperscribe1: ks1_fini_pl3: What th--? What's going on? I'm outta here! Why don't you find someone else to pick on?
keeperscribe1: ks1_fini_pl_ik1: Look, hurry! Someone help! Or he'll kill me too!
keeperscribe1: ks1_fini_pl_it1: No! Where can I go to hide from this thief?
keeperscribe1: ks1_fsub1: Ah! Is there nowhere that's safe anymore?
keeperscribe1: ks1_fsub2: No! It's not me you want! Go find someone else!
keeperscribe1: ks1_gcon1: I wonder....
keeperscribe1: ks1_gcon_he1: Not even sure I heard anything....
keeperscribe1: ks1_gcon_he_na1: Um, quiet. Did you hear anything just now?
keeperscribe1: ks1_gcon_se1: I might have seen...not sure....
keeperscribe1: ks1_gcon_se_na1: I thought I might have seen something. Did you?
keeperscribe1: ks1_gen_aha1: Hey, I found you!
keeperscribe1: ks1_gen_aha2: I've been looking for you....
keeperscribe1: ks1_gen_dazed1: Funny...I don't
keeperscribe1: ks1_gen_dazed2: Hold on a sec...ah...when
keeperscribe1: ks1_gen_dismiss1: I'm not interested in that.
keeperscribe1: ks1_gen_dismiss2: I don't think it's any of my concern.
keeperscribe1: ks1_gen_distress1: Oh!
keeperscribe1: ks1_gen_dunno1: I don't know. Don't ask me.
keeperscribe1: ks1_gen_dunno2: Maybe yes...maybe no. Who knows?
keeperscribe1: ks1_gen_frust1: Now what? I don't believe this....
keeperscribe1: ks1_gen_frust2: Darn it. Darn it a million times.
keeperscribe1: ks1_gen_igetit1: Oh, I get it now.
keeperscribe1: ks1_gen_igetit2: I think I figured it out.
keeperscribe1: ks1_gen_no1: Nope.
keeperscribe1: ks1_gen_no2: ks1_gen_oops1: Didn't mean to do that.
keeperscribe1: ks1_gen_snapout1: Hello! Ah!
keeperscribe1: ks1_gen_snapout2: Oh!
keeperscribe1: ks1_gen_thanks1: Hey, thank you.
keeperscribe1: ks1_gen_thanks2: Thank you.
keeperscribe1: ks1_gen_yes1: Sure, yeah.
keeperscribe1: ks1_gen_yes2: Mmm-hmmm.
keeperscribe1: ks1_gini1: Heh?
keeperscribe1: ks1_gini2: Hmmm.
keeperscribe1: ks1_gini_he1: Did I just hear something?
keeperscribe1: ks1_gini_he2: Not sure...could have been a sound....
keeperscribe1: ks1_gini_se1: Did I just see something?
keeperscribe1: ks1_gini_se2: Did I just see...?
keeperscribe1: ks1_greet_reply1: Good evening.
keeperscribe1: ks1_greet_reply2: What? I wasn't listening.
keeperscribe1: ks1_greet_reply3: Fine evening.
keeperscribe1: ks1_greet_req1: Greetings to you.
keeperscribe1: ks1_greet_req2: Nice night, huh?
keeperscribe1: ks1_greet_req3: Hi.
keeperscribe1: ks1_gret1: Come to think of it, I don't think there was ever anything there....
keeperscribe1: ks1_gret2: What am I worried about, anyway?
keeperscribe1: ks1_gret3: I should get back to my studies....
keeperscribe1: ks1_gret_he1: I guess I really didn't hear anything. I guess.
keeperscribe1: ks1_gret_he2: There was no noise...and if Elder Blighting catches me not studing....
keeperscribe1: ks1_gret_na1: You shouldn't bother me unless it's important, OK? You'll get me in trouble....
keeperscribe1: ks1_gret_na2: You shouldn't read the Beasly Digests after dark, it would give anyone the creeps.
keeperscribe1: ks1_gret_se1: I bet my eyes are just going from all this reading and writing I do.
keeperscribe1: ks1_gret_se2: I'd see it, if anything were there.
keeperscribe1: ks1_gsub1: There it is again....
keeperscribe1: ks1_iann1: I better get some help....
keeperscribe1: ks1_iann_pl1: Huh? He looks dangerous. Maybe I should tell someone....
keeperscribe1: ks1_iann_pl2: Ah! Don't hurt me. Let me go tell someone you're here....
keeperscribe1: ks1_iarr_gone1: It can't be gone...I know this is the right place....
keeperscribe1: ks1_iarr_gone_pl1: He was's just that...he must have left....
keeperscribe1: ks1_iarr_pres1: See? I wasn't making it up.
keeperscribe1: ks1_iarr_pres_pl1: Do you see him? Right where I said....
keeperscribe1: ks1_iarr_srch1: I'll look around a bit...but I don't see anything....
keeperscribe1: ks1_iarr_srch_pl1: Are you sure this is the spot...and who did you say you saw?
keeperscribe1: ks1_idle1: Why did Elder Thorndike not answer my question? It seems a small thing...'What sent Scribe Albright to the infirmary?' What could it hurt to tell me the answer?
keeperscribe1: ks1_idle2: I know what I think...and I think it was the glyphs. But how could that be?
keeperscribe1: ks1_idle3: So I that such a crime? I still don't see why I get extra work in the Scribarium just for one little laugh.
keeperscribe1: ks1_idle4: Are we not here to learn? Yet, if I suggest something, the only reply is that it is not worth further study....
keeperscribe1: ks1_idle5: Not allowed in the Scribarium? Since when? I mean, if a SCRIBE isn't allowed in the Scribarium, then who is?
keeperscribe1: ks1_idle6: If I hear one more whispered conversation, I'm going to scream. I mean really, is everything a secret around here?
keeperscribe1: ks1_idle7: I'm balanced...I can be very balanced...I just don't have one of those balanced faces, that's all.
keeperscribe1: ks1_idle8: Should I tell them about the problem I had with the Trillogem glyph? No...they'll just think it was my error...they'll never believe me....
keeperscribe1: ks1_irep1: Hey, I'm glad you're here too. I saw something.
keeperscribe1: ks1_irep_body1: Hurry! Someone's been killed! What do we do?
keeperscribe1: ks1_irep_ik1: I saw some guy...could be the killer....
keeperscribe1: ks1_irep_it1: There's a guy with a cloak...maybe he's the thief....
keeperscribe1: ks1_irep_pl1: I saw someone...he looks dangerous.
keeperscribe1: ks1_irep_pl2: I found someone...could be the one you're looking for.
keeperscribe1: ks1_ires1: All right...I'll come have a look.
keeperscribe1: ks1_ires2: I'll follow you so you can show me.
keeperscribe1: ks1_misc_blind_end1: Oh...I think I can...almost see again...yes....
keeperscribe1: ks1_misc_blind_ini1: Oh no! I can't see!
keeperscribe1: ks1_misc_noisemak1: What kind of a noise is that?
keeperscribe1: ks1_misc_noisesup1: What is going on with the sound around here?
keeperscribe1: ks1_misc_pickp1: I'm sure I had it...but it's definitely gone now.
keeperscribe1: ks1_misc_pickp2: Who would take it from me? And why?
keeperscribe1: ks1_obs_elder1: Greetings, revered elder.
keeperscribe1: ks1_obs_keeper1: Hello.
keeperscribe1: ks1_obs_keeper2: All this whispering is making me uneasy....
keeperscribe1: ks1_obs_keeper3: Did you hear about the accident? Something about a glyph...?
keeperscribe1: ks1_obs_pl_friend1: The Elders forbid us to converse with you, thief.
keeperscribe1: ks1_obs_pl_friend2: (To self) If he's so dangerous...why have they let him in?
keeperscribe1: ks1_obs_pl_friend3: Orland told us all about you.
keeperscribe1: ks1_obs_scribe1: Good evening.
keeperscribe1: ks1_rcon1: Come out you! (To self) Why do these things always happen to us scribes?
keeperscribe1: ks1_rcon2: What's this all about anyway? Why don't you show yourself?
keeperscribe1: ks1_rcon3: Would you just come out already? Huh?
keeperscribe1: ks1_rcon4: If I know you're there...which I do...then what's the point of hiding?
keeperscribe1: ks1_rcon5: I've got an idea...why don't you, you know, come out!
keeperscribe1: ks1_rcon_he1: I heard that! If I weren't a Keeper Scribe...I'd call you a noisy taffer.
keeperscribe1: ks1_rcon_he2: Come on out you...I know you're there because I heard you....
keeperscribe1: ks1_rcon_he_na1: One thing's for sure...someone is here with us... someone...noisy.
keeperscribe1: ks1_rcon_he_na2: Do you think we'll find him? I mean, you know, whoever made that noise?
keeperscribe1: ks1_rcon_ia_na1: Let's hope there's no more trouble tonight. Right?
keeperscribe1: ks1_rcon_ik_na1: You don't think that whoever this is could be the killer, do you?
keeperscribe1: ks1_rcon_it_na1: You heard about the thief, right? You think this could be him?
keeperscribe1: ks1_rcon_na1: OK now...we're coming to find you...don't try anything funny....
keeperscribe1: ks1_rcon_na2: I'm glad you're here, too...I wouldn't want to have to search alone....
keeperscribe1: ks1_rcon_na3: If you come out now...that'll mean a lot less searching for us...OK?
keeperscribe1: ks1_rcon_se1: Who's there? I saw you, you know!
keeperscribe1: ks1_rcon_se2: I saw you, and if you don't come out, I'm gonna tell Keeper Bradshaw on you....
keeperscribe1: ks1_rcon_se3: Who's that I saw? Is that you, Keeper Vargis? Hmmm....
keeperscribe1: ks1_rcon_se_na1: You should know that I'm fairly certain it was a person I saw....
keeperscribe1: ks1_rcon_se_na2: If you saw him...and I saw him...then I guess he saw us too, right?
keeperscribe1: ks1_repri_bump_init1: Oof. Excuse me.
keeperscribe1: ks1_repri_bump_init2: Hey! Watch yourself!
keeperscribe1: ks1_repri_hurt_init1: Are you trying to hurt me? Stop that!
keeperscribe1: ks1_repri_hurtother_init1: Don't hurt them!
keeperscribe1: ks1_repri_hurtother_sub1: You really shouldn't be doing that!
keeperscribe1: ks1_repri_lockp_init1: Stop that! You're not allowed in there!
keeperscribe1: ks1_repri_odd_init1: Hey! You shouldn't be doing that.
keeperscribe1: ks1_repri_over1: You really...I wasn't sure for a moment there. Glad you've calmed down.
keeperscribe1: ks1_repri_over2: Thank you. I thought I was going to have to tell somebody.
keeperscribe1: ks1_repri_stare_init1: Stop looking at me like that.
keeperscribe1: ks1_repri_stare_init2: Why are you looking at me like that?
keeperscribe1: ks1_repri_stare_init3: Stop that! Go stare at someone else.
keeperscribe1: ks1_repri_theft_init1: Hey! What are you doing with that? You can't take stuff!
keeperscribe1: ks1_repri_threat_init1: Are you trying to threaten me?
keeperscribe1: ks1_repri_threat_sub1: What are you doing? Leave me alone!
keeperscribe1: ks1_repri_thrown_init1: Hey! You shouldn't be throwing things.
keeperscribe1: ks1_repri_thrown_sub1: Look, I told you to stop that!
keeperscribe1: ks1_repri_tres_init1: Not that library, Garrett!
keeperscribe1: ks1_repri_tres_init2: I don't think you're supposed to be trying to come in.
keeperscribe1: ks1_repri_vandal_init1: Stop breaking those!
keeperscribe1: ks1_repri_vandal_sub1: I warned you once, stop that!
keeperscribe1: ks1_rini1: All right, I know someone is there.
keeperscribe1: ks1_rini2: Is that you, Brendon? I'll get in trouble if I don't finish my work, you know....
keeperscribe1: ks1_rini3: Who's there? Is this some kind of test?
keeperscribe1: ks1_rini_he1: Whoa! Who's making all the noise?
keeperscribe1: ks1_rini_he2: That's quite a din...what's your problem?
keeperscribe1: ks1_rini_he_na1: Listen to that...we've got company for sure....
keeperscribe1: ks1_rini_he_na2: Did you hear that? Whatever it is...sure sounds...large....
keeperscribe1: ks1_rini_se1: Who's that? I can't quite see....
keeperscribe1: ks1_rini_se2: I saw probably should come on out now....
keeperscribe1: ks1_rini_se_na1: Did you see that? Was know...a person?
keeperscribe1: ks1_rini_se_na2: We saw you! Hello?
keeperscribe1: ks1_rnew1: More, eh? Don't worry...I'm trying to find you.
keeperscribe1: ks1_rnew2: I must be getting close then....
keeperscribe1: ks1_rnew_he1: It's that noise again.
keeperscribe1: ks1_rnew_he2: Oh! I jump every time I hear that.
keeperscribe1: ks1_rnew_se1: I saw that, but if you could come closer...into the light....
keeperscribe1: ks1_rnew_se2: Still can't quite see you....
keeperscribe1: ks1_rpre1: Aha!
keeperscribe1: ks1_rpre2: What the--?
keeperscribe1: ks1_rpre3: Hey!
keeperscribe1: ks1_rret1: No one after all. Good. Now I can get back to my books....
keeperscribe1: ks1_rret2: Weird. I could have sworn there was someone.
keeperscribe1: ks1_rret3: No one. Maybe Elder Vargis is right...I'm too impressionable.
keeperscribe1: ks1_rret_he1: I guess I just Yeah. Big rats.
keeperscribe1: ks1_rret_he2: I don't hear anything now. I guess that means all is well.
keeperscribe1: ks1_rret_na1: You know what? I think it's gone. So...we should get back to studying, right?
keeperscribe1: ks1_rret_na2: Good thing it's gone. I mean, what if we had really found something? Then what?
keeperscribe1: ks1_rret_ra1: A rat? I thought it was gonna be something a lot bigger than that. Weird.
keeperscribe1: ks1_rret_se1: I haven't seen it in a while...I guess that means it's gone.
keeperscribe1: ks1_rret_se2: That thing I saw is gone. And I say...good riddance.
keeperscribe1: ks1_rsur_ev_com1: Heads up!
keeperscribe1: ks1_rsur_ev_com2: Watch yourself!
keeperscribe1: ks1_spell_thanks1: Great. Thank you.
keeperscribe1: ks1_spell_thanks2: Thank you very much.
keeperscribe1: ks1_sum_fight1: Hello! I need help!
keeperscribe1: ks1_sum_fight2: Can't anyone help me?
keeperscribe1: ks1_sum_reply1: Don't I am.
keeperscribe1: ks1_sum_reply2: I'm almost there!
keeperscribe1: ks1_valley1: Look, out in the alley!
keeperscribe1: ks1_vatrium1: To the atrium, hurry!
keeperscribe1: ks1_vbathrm1: What? Are you hiding in the toilets?
keeperscribe1: ks1_vbedrm1: He's in the bedrooms!
keeperscribe1: ks1_vbsmt1: Help! Somebody's in the basement!
keeperscribe1: ks1_vchamber1: What are you doing in this chamber?
keeperscribe1: ks1_vchapel1: In the chapel! Hurry!
keeperscribe1: ks1_vcourtyd1: Someone's in the courtyard!
keeperscribe1: ks1_vhall1: Hurry! In the hallway!
keeperscribe1: ks1_vinside1: How did you get in?
keeperscribe1: ks1_vkitchen1: I see you there! Lurking in the kitchen!
keeperscribe1: ks1_vlibrary1: Keep away from the books, you!
keeperscribe1: ks1_voutside1: See him? He's outside!
keeperscribe1: ks1_vrafters1: Look up there!
keeperscribe1: ks1_vroof1: Look! Up there!
keeperscribe1: ks1_vstairs1: He's gotten to the stairs!
keeperscribe1: ks1_vstreet1: I saw him! In the street!
keeperscribe1: ks1_ycon1: Maybe this is one of those surprise tests they spring on us....
keeperscribe1: ks1_ycon2: Hello? Elder Thorenson? Is that you?
keeperscribe1: ks1_ycon3: Maybe I'll just check around...over here a bit....
keeperscribe1: ks1_ycon_he1: Whatever the noise was...I think it came from over here somewhere....
keeperscribe1: ks1_ycon_he2: What would Elder Thorenson do when presented with such a sound? Hmmm....
keeperscribe1: ks1_ycon_he_na1: We should look more over here...that's where I think I heard it....
keeperscribe1: ks1_ycon_he_na2: You look over there...and I'll look over here...unless you heard different....
keeperscribe1: ks1_ycon_na1: You look over that way...I'll look over here.
keeperscribe1: ks1_ycon_na2: We should search together...thereby 'maximizing our chances', as Elder Vargis is so fond of saying....
keeperscribe1: ks1_ycon_se1: I saw something...over here I think....
keeperscribe1: ks1_ycon_se2: I should really try to confirm that I saw it in the first place....
keeperscribe1: ks1_ycon_se_na1: What do you think you saw? I know what I think I saw....
keeperscribe1: ks1_ycon_se_na2: Where did you see it? Are we looking in all the right places?
keeperscribe1: ks1_yini1: Hey, hello? What was that?
keeperscribe1: ks1_yini2: Is something going on?
keeperscribe1: ks1_yini3: Now what? Is that you?
keeperscribe1: ks1_yini_he1: What's that sound?
keeperscribe1: ks1_yini_he2: I think I hear something....
keeperscribe1: ks1_yini_he_na1: Quiet, quiet. I just heard something over there....
keeperscribe1: ks1_yini_he_na2: What do you make of that sound? Huh?
keeperscribe1: ks1_yini_se1: Was that...did something just move?
keeperscribe1: ks1_yini_se2: What did I just see?
keeperscribe1: ks1_yini_se_na1: Something moved...did you see it?
keeperscribe1: ks1_yini_se_na2: See that? What do you make of it?
keeperscribe1: ks1_ynew1: And again...what is that?
keeperscribe1: ks1_ynew2: Still with me, eh?
keeperscribe1: ks1_ypre2: What?
keeperscribe1: ks1_ypre3: But--?
keeperscribe1: ks1_yret1: Nothing. Good. That's what I was hoping.
keeperscribe1: ks1_yret2: Nothing. I bet things like this don't happen to the Elders.
keeperscribe1: ks1_yret3: Well, it's gone now. And I've got a huge pile of work to do.
keeperscribe1: ks1_yret_he1: I don't hear it any more. Maybe I never did.
keeperscribe1: ks1_yret_he2: The noise has stopped. I guess it could have been a rat or something.
keeperscribe1: ks1_yret_na1: Nothing. Maybe it was Keeper Vargis testing us. Don't you wish they'd give us a little warning?
keeperscribe1: ks1_yret_na2: Nothing. It's just so tense around here...starting to rub off on me....
keeperscribe1: ks1_yret_ra1: A rat! That's what it was! That's a relief.
keeperscribe1: ks1_yret_se1: I thought I saw something, but now I'm thinking that maybe I was wrong....
keeperscribe1: ks1_yret_se2: Just seeing things I guess...probably from staring at books all night and day....

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