T3_keeperscribe2 Edit

keeperscribe2: ks2_blame_maj1: Caught you! I saw what you did!
keeperscribe2: ks2_blame_min1: I really wonder who...Oh. I knew it was you. Hmf.
keeperscribe2: ks2_cdam_hi1: Aah! No! I'm just a scribe!
keeperscribe2: ks2_cdam_hi_na1: Aaah! Help me! He'll kill me!
keeperscribe2: ks2_cdam_hi_na2: Gah! Aid me, before I fall!
keeperscribe2: ks2_cdam_lo1: Quit it!
keeperscribe2: ks2_cdam_med1: Aah! Hey! I'm not armed!
keeperscribe2: ks2_cdie_drown1: Yah! Heeelllp! (Gurgling).
keeperscribe2: ks2_crime_hurtother1: He's attacking people!
keeperscribe2: ks2_crime_kill1: You killed them, Garrett!
keeperscribe2: ks2_crime_lockp1: I will have to stop you myself! You aren't allowed to open that!
keeperscribe2: ks2_crime_theft1: You can't just steal things here!
keeperscribe2: ks2_crime_threat1: You can't just threaten me like that!
keeperscribe2: ks2_crime_tres1: Garrett! You shouldn't be in the Forbidden Libraries!
keeperscribe2: ks2_crime_vandal1: Garrett is smashing things up!
keeperscribe2: ks2_ev_ally1: I thought Keeper Smith was on duty here...hmmm....
keeperscribe2: ks2_ev_ally_na1: Isn't there supposed to be someone here? Where have they gone?
keeperscribe2: ks2_ev_ally_spooked1: Do you need any help?
keeperscribe2: ks2_ev_allyf1: She's never wandered off before...hmmm.
keeperscribe2: ks2_ev_allym1: He was just here...where'd he go?
keeperscribe2: ks2_ev_blood1: Oooo...I think that's...blood.
keeperscribe2: ks2_ev_body1: Oh no...I's a dead body!
keeperscribe2: ks2_ev_body_na1: Dead. I guess none of us are safe, huh?
keeperscribe2: ks2_ev_body_na2: Murder! We should do something...or say something, right?
keeperscribe2: ks2_ev_bodyf1: Oh no...I don't think she's breathing.
keeperscribe2: ks2_ev_bodyf_na1: Who killed her? Did you hear or see anything?
keeperscribe2: ks2_ev_bodym1: He's been murdered, that's for sure....
keeperscribe2: ks2_ev_bodym_na1: Is know...dead?
keeperscribe2: ks2_ev_com1: I'll be right there....
keeperscribe2: ks2_ev_com2: Can I help?
keeperscribe2: ks2_ev_dam1: Ouch! Who's doing that?
keeperscribe2: ks2_ev_dam2: Ow! Who...where...what's this all about?
keeperscribe2: ks2_ev_door1: Someone must have left this door open.
keeperscribe2: ks2_ev_door2: I thought this door stayed closed all the time. Hmmm.
keeperscribe2: ks2_ev_door_na1: Next time, close the door. OK?
keeperscribe2: ks2_ev_door_na2: Did you leave this door ajar? It's against the rules you know.
keeperscribe2: ks2_ev_felt1: Now what? Who did that?
keeperscribe2: ks2_ev_felt2: Hey! What was that?
keeperscribe2: ks2_ev_lightext1: What's going on with the lights? Did someone flip the switch?
keeperscribe2: ks2_ev_lightext2: Great. No light. Now how am I going to finish my studies?
keeperscribe2: ks2_ev_lightoff1: What happened to the light that was here?
keeperscribe2: ks2_ev_loot1: It should be right there. It should be.
keeperscribe2: ks2_ev_loot2: It was there before. I'll probably get blamed....
keeperscribe2: ks2_ev_loot_na1: What are you looking at? I didn't steal it. Why would I?
keeperscribe2: ks2_ev_maj1: This is too much!
keeperscribe2: ks2_ev_med1: I'm pretty sure we have rules against this sort of thing....
keeperscribe2: ks2_ev_min1: Is that supposed to be like that?
keeperscribe2: ks2_ev_res1: Whoever's been fighting is in a lot of trouble.
keeperscribe2: ks2_ev_ret1: I better leave it to the more disciplined minds...mine is still kind of...undisciplined.
keeperscribe2: ks2_ev_shadow1: What could that shadow be from I wonder?
keeperscribe2: ks2_ev_torchext1: Oh...these torches...always going out at the worst moments....
keeperscribe2: ks2_ev_torchext2: Did somebody just extinguish this torch? Hello?
keeperscribe2: ks2_ev_torchtoff1: These torches are the worst.
keeperscribe2: ks2_fcon1: Right on my heels....
keeperscribe2: ks2_fcon2: Must...keep running....
keeperscribe2: ks2_fcon3: Can't stop yet....
keeperscribe2: ks2_fcow1: I can't fight you! Just leave me alone....
keeperscribe2: ks2_fcow2: Just...leave me alone why don't you?
keeperscribe2: ks2_fhid1: Please let it all be over soon!
keeperscribe2: ks2_fhid2: I would fight...if only I had a weapon...and some training....
keeperscribe2: ks2_fini1: I've got to run...away...right now....
keeperscribe2: ks2_fini_human1: Don't chase me! I'm not armed!
keeperscribe2: ks2_fini_monster1: Help! I just saw some kind of monster!
keeperscribe2: ks2_fini_na1: We should run away while we still can!
keeperscribe2: ks2_fini_pl1: You! Help! I don't think I can outrun him!
keeperscribe2: ks2_fini_pl2: Oh! Don't hurt me! I'm just a scribe!
keeperscribe2: ks2_fini_pl3: Hey! Don't come after me! I don't want to fight you!
keeperscribe2: ks2_fini_pl_ik1: (Gasps) The murderer! He's right behind me!
keeperscribe2: ks2_fini_pl_it1: Hey, I need help! Somebody! The thief is right behind me!
keeperscribe2: ks2_fsub1: No! Stop bothering me! I'm nobody, I swear!
keeperscribe2: ks2_fsub2: Oh! I'm so tired of running! Stop chasing me!
keeperscribe2: ks2_gcon1: Not sure....
keeperscribe2: ks2_gcon_he1: Was it a sound...or what?
keeperscribe2: ks2_gcon_he_na1: Tread softly. I'm trying to see if there was just a noise.
keeperscribe2: ks2_gcon_se1: Not even sure I saw anything....
keeperscribe2: ks2_gcon_se_na1: That's strange. You didn't see anything just now did you?
keeperscribe2: ks2_gen_aha1: There you are....
keeperscribe2: ks2_gen_aha2: I looked everywhere for you....
keeperscribe2: ks2_gen_dazed1: I um, I um, was that...?
keeperscribe2: ks2_gen_dazed2: Was that a...a...a...oh boy....
keeperscribe2: ks2_gen_dismiss1: That doesn't interest me at all.
keeperscribe2: ks2_gen_dismiss2: It's not really any of my concern.
keeperscribe2: ks2_gen_distress1: Hey!
keeperscribe2: ks2_gen_dunno1: I wish I knew, but I don't.
keeperscribe2: ks2_gen_dunno2: I don't really know.
keeperscribe2: ks2_gen_frust1: Oh, come on already....
keeperscribe2: ks2_gen_frust2: This is getting ridiculous.
keeperscribe2: ks2_gen_igetit1: I see.
keeperscribe2: ks2_gen_igetit2: I think I figured it out.
keeperscribe2: ks2_gen_no1: I don't think so.
keeperscribe2: ks2_gen_no2: No.
keeperscribe2: ks2_gen_oops1: That wasn't what I meant to do....
keeperscribe2: ks2_gen_snapout1: Now what?
keeperscribe2: ks2_gen_snapout2: Oh!
keeperscribe2: ks2_gen_startled1: No!
keeperscribe2: ks2_gen_thanks1: Gee, thanks a lot.
keeperscribe2: ks2_gen_thanks2: Thank you.
keeperscribe2: ks2_gen_yes1: OK, yes.
keeperscribe2: ks2_gen_yes2: All right.
keeperscribe2: ks2_gini1: Enh?
keeperscribe2: ks2_gini2: Huh.
keeperscribe2: ks2_gini_he1: That wasn't a noise, was it?
keeperscribe2: ks2_gini_he2: Did I just hear something?
keeperscribe2: ks2_gini_se1: Could that have been...something moving?
keeperscribe2: ks2_gini_se2: Saw something? Not sure....
keeperscribe2: ks2_greet_reply1: Did you need something scribed?
keeperscribe2: ks2_greet_reply2: Good evening.
keeperscribe2: ks2_greet_reply3: Fine evening.
keeperscribe2: ks2_greet_req1: May you find the balance every day....
keeperscribe2: ks2_greet_req2: Fine weather we're having, eh?
keeperscribe2: ks2_greet_req3: Hi there.
keeperscribe2: ks2_gret1: Must've been nothing....
keeperscribe2: ks2_gret2: There is nothing. Never was.
keeperscribe2: ks2_gret3: I'd better get on with my scribe work....
keeperscribe2: ks2_gret_he1: I should get back to my studies; that sound is gone.
keeperscribe2: ks2_gret_he2: I'm not even sure I heard anything in the first place.
keeperscribe2: ks2_gret_na1: Don't distract me again...I've got to get my work done correctly, or else.
keeperscribe2: ks2_gret_na2: Admit it, you lost concentration. There's no shame in that.
keeperscribe2: ks2_gret_se1: No. There isn't anything to see.
keeperscribe2: ks2_gret_se2: One's eyes can tire from this type of work. Not unusual.
keeperscribe2: ks2_gsub1: Huh? Again.
keeperscribe2: ks2_iann1: I've got to tell someone about this....
keeperscribe2: ks2_iann_pl1: Caught you! I'm just going to let some people know you're here.
keeperscribe2: ks2_iann_pl2: Ah! Come on already! I'm not armed. Maybe I should find some help....
keeperscribe2: ks2_iarr_gone1: I'm not making it up! It was right here! I swear!
keeperscribe2: ks2_iarr_gone_pl1: I don't know...he was here just a minute ago....
keeperscribe2: ks2_iarr_pres1: There, see? Just like I told you.
keeperscribe2: ks2_iarr_pres_pl1: That's him. Doesn't he look creepy?
keeperscribe2: ks2_iarr_srch1: Are you sure it was here? I guess I can peek around a little....
keeperscribe2: ks2_iarr_srch_pl1: saw some guy...and now he's not
keeperscribe2: ks2_idle1: I know I scribed it right...there must be some mistake...and it's not mine. If it is now wrong...then someone must have changed it....
keeperscribe2: ks2_idle2: Third time this month I've been sent to fetch a book for an Elder...but the book they want is simply...not there. They think I'm incompetent, but it's not me...I swear it isn't.
keeperscribe2: ks2_idle3: It's strange. And everyone I ask just turns away. Maybe a scribe is not supposed to ask questions....
keeperscribe2: ks2_idle4: Now, I filed that book myself, not even a month ago. Who else would need it? Seems unlikely anyone else would need Archebald's Digest...hmmm.
keeperscribe2: ks2_idle5: Maybe I'm not smart enough to understand. Perhaps I only anger the Elders by asking such stupid questions. Perhaps that is why they look at me strangly and do not answer....
keeperscribe2: ks2_idle6: I know I'm supposed to be learning balance and control, and how to read the glyphs...but sometimes I just want to forget it all.
keeperscribe2: ks2_idle7: At least Keeper Thorenson thought my penmanship was good. I think he actually said, 'impeccable'. That's something anyway.
keeperscribe2: ks2_idle8: I feel woozy again. If I tell them, I'll be sent to the infirmary for who knows how long. Not there, never again. No, this time maybe I'll take Bernard up on his offer...that glyph that helps quiet the mind and fortify the body....
keeperscribe2: ks2_irep1: Hello, I think I saw something over there. We should do something.
keeperscribe2: ks2_irep_body1: I found someone...looks's a dead body. I guess none of us are safe, huh?
keeperscribe2: ks2_irep_ik1: I found a man back there...maybe he's the murderer....
keeperscribe2: ks2_irep_it1: I spotted someone...he might be the thief....
keeperscribe2: ks2_irep_pl1: I saw someone...he looks...creepy.
keeperscribe2: ks2_irep_pl2: I found someone...looks like he doesn't belong....
keeperscribe2: ks2_ires1: You lead me to the spot.
keeperscribe2: ks2_ires2: Just show me the way....
keeperscribe2: ks2_misc_blind_end1: That's a little better...can see something now....
keeperscribe2: ks2_misc_blind_ini1: Ah! My eyes!
keeperscribe2: ks2_misc_noisemak1: That noise...sounds so...strange....
keeperscribe2: ks2_misc_noisesup1: Something strange going on with my ears today....
keeperscribe2: ks2_misc_pickp1: It's not possible that we have a it?
keeperscribe2: ks2_misc_pickp2: Oh, it's gone. What will the Elders think of me...losing it so easily....
keeperscribe2: ks2_obs_elder1: Good evening, revered elder.
keeperscribe2: ks2_obs_keeper1: Greetings.
keeperscribe2: ks2_obs_keeper2: Have you heard anything further? No, I am sure they would say something.
keeperscribe2: ks2_obs_keeper3: What's with the Elders? They're acting so strangely....
keeperscribe2: ks2_obs_pl_friend1: Elder Draco says we're not to speak with you, Garrett.
keeperscribe2: ks2_obs_pl_friend2: (To self) Why have they let him come back if they fear him so...?
keeperscribe2: ks2_obs_pl_friend3: The First Keeper has instructed us on all your tricks, thief.
keeperscribe2: ks2_obs_scribe1: Hello.
keeperscribe2: ks2_rcon1: I think it would be better for everyone if you just came on out...slowly...with your hands raised....
keeperscribe2: ks2_rcon2: I know someone is there...what I can't figure out is why you're hiding....
keeperscribe2: ks2_rcon3: I won't hurt you...I just want to know who you are....
keeperscribe2: ks2_rcon4: Is this some kind of test? Hello? Elder Fayne? Hmmm....
keeperscribe2: ks2_rcon5: Stop hiding! I don't have time for this!
keeperscribe2: ks2_rcon_he1: Who is there? Did you really think I wouldn't hear that?
keeperscribe2: ks2_rcon_he2: If you make a little more'll be easier for me to find you....
keeperscribe2: ks2_rcon_he_na1: We heard you...and so it follows that now we will come and find you.
keeperscribe2: ks2_rcon_he_na2: OK, here's my theory...whoever made that noise...made it we would hear it and find I over-analyzing again?
keeperscribe2: ks2_rcon_ia_na1: If we do find any more disturbances, what then?
keeperscribe2: ks2_rcon_ik_na1: Let's stick together...with a murderer around we're safer in numbers....
keeperscribe2: ks2_rcon_it_na1: Do we have a plan? I mean...if we catch this thief...then what?
keeperscribe2: ks2_rcon_na1: Careful...whoever is hiding over there...could be dangerous....
keeperscribe2: ks2_rcon_na2: It is my opinion that we should stick together during our search....
keeperscribe2: ks2_rcon_na3: We'll find whoever this is...but what will we do when we find him?
keeperscribe2: ks2_rcon_se1: What's the point of hiding now? I mean, I know you're there...I saw you.
keeperscribe2: ks2_rcon_se2: I saw you...don't you know you can get in trouble for hiding like this?
keeperscribe2: ks2_rcon_se3: If I could just see your face...then I'd know what to do....
keeperscribe2: ks2_rcon_se_na1: You can stop hiding now...we both saw you....
keeperscribe2: ks2_rcon_se_na2: I think we should search over here...that's where I think I saw him....
keeperscribe2: ks2_repri_bump_init1: Be careful!
keeperscribe2: ks2_repri_bump_init2: Stop shoving!
keeperscribe2: ks2_repri_hurt_init1: Hey! That hurt! You had better stop that at once.
keeperscribe2: ks2_repri_hurtother_init1: Stop that! You're hurting them!
keeperscribe2: ks2_repri_hurtother_sub1: Why don't you stop! You're hurting them!
keeperscribe2: ks2_repri_lockp_init1: You'll get in trouble for that. Stop or I'll have to tell somebody.
keeperscribe2: ks2_repri_odd_init1: I don't think you should be doing that.
keeperscribe2: ks2_repri_over1: I'm glad you have stopped.
keeperscribe2: ks2_repri_over2: (Whew) Good. I'm glad you're behaving now.
keeperscribe2: ks2_repri_stare_init1: Why are you glaring at me?
keeperscribe2: ks2_repri_stare_init2: Don't glare at me.
keeperscribe2: ks2_repri_stare_init3: I don't like the way you're looking at me.
keeperscribe2: ks2_repri_theft_init1: That's not yours! Don't do that again.
keeperscribe2: ks2_repri_threat_init1: What do you intend to do with that?
keeperscribe2: ks2_repri_threat_sub1: I haven't done anything to you!
keeperscribe2: ks2_repri_thrown_init1: Stop throwing things at me!
keeperscribe2: ks2_repri_thrown_sub1: That is very inappropriate! Stop throwing things!
keeperscribe2: ks2_repri_tres_init1: Sst! No! That's the Forbidden Library!
keeperscribe2: ks2_repri_tres_init2: You're not supposed to be in there. Orland said so.
keeperscribe2: ks2_repri_vandal_init1: Those are important!
keeperscribe2: ks2_repri_vandal_sub1: You can't just go breaking things in here!
keeperscribe2: ks2_rini1: What the--? Who's over there?
keeperscribe2: ks2_rini2: Quit sneaking around...I know someone is there....
keeperscribe2: ks2_rini3: Hello? I know you're there so you may as well answer me....
keeperscribe2: ks2_rini_he1: Hey! Quiet! You trying to get us in trouble? Hey...hello?
keeperscribe2: ks2_rini_he2: I don't get're sneaking around...but make all this noise....
keeperscribe2: ks2_rini_he_na1: Hear that? Still think it's a little mouse? No, me neither....
keeperscribe2: ks2_rini_he_na2: All right! Whoever's making those noises...we are not amused....
keeperscribe2: ks2_rini_se1: I saw something! But what?
keeperscribe2: ks2_rini_se2: I can see that...what are you trying to do...hide?
keeperscribe2: ks2_rini_se_na1: We both saw that, right?
keeperscribe2: ks2_rini_se_na2: Who is that over there? We see you, you know!
keeperscribe2: ks2_rnew1: Again? You'd think I would have found you by now....
keeperscribe2: ks2_rnew2: Is this a game to you or something?
keeperscribe2: ks2_rnew_he1: Don't think I didn't hear that, you!
keeperscribe2: ks2_rnew_he2: Why do you still make noise?
keeperscribe2: ks2_rnew_se1: You wanted me to see that, didn't you?
keeperscribe2: ks2_rnew_se2: Saw it again.
keeperscribe2: ks2_rpre1: Who?
keeperscribe2: ks2_rpre2: Whoa!
keeperscribe2: ks2_rpre3: Ho!
keeperscribe2: ks2_rret1: No one? Strange. Maybe this was a test...I hope I passed.
keeperscribe2: ks2_rret2: I can hardly believe it...nothing...after all that...just goes to show you.
keeperscribe2: ks2_rret3: Nobody's here. I guess I should get back to my lessons....
keeperscribe2: ks2_rret_he1: Well, I suppose the noise could have been anything...a book falling...for example.
keeperscribe2: ks2_rret_he2: I haven't heard it for a while now. I doubt it was anything.
keeperscribe2: ks2_rret_na1: Maybe we were wrong...maybe there was never anything here at all. You think?
keeperscribe2: ks2_rret_na2: We're lucky it's gone. It's not like we've been trained to fight or anything.
keeperscribe2: ks2_rret_ra1: Oh...a rat. I knew it had to be something.
keeperscribe2: ks2_rret_se1: I'm sure I saw something...but obviously it's not here any more.
keeperscribe2: ks2_rret_se2: Hmmm. Should tell Elder Bradshaw about what I saw? But I guess it doesn't matter now that it's gone.
keeperscribe2: ks2_rsur_ev_com1: Look out!
keeperscribe2: ks2_rsur_ev_com2: Take cover!
keeperscribe2: ks2_spell_thanks1: I guess I should thank you.
keeperscribe2: ks2_spell_thanks2: You're too kind. Thank you.
keeperscribe2: ks2_sum_fight1: Can someone please help me!
keeperscribe2: ks2_sum_fight2: I need help! Quick!
keeperscribe2: ks2_sum_reply1: I coming!
keeperscribe2: ks2_sum_reply2: Hold on! I'll be there in a second!
keeperscribe2: ks2_valley1: He's in the alley!
keeperscribe2: ks2_vatrium1: Over here, in the atrium!
keeperscribe2: ks2_vbathrm1: He's in the bathroom! Look!
keeperscribe2: ks2_vbedrm1: What are you doing in that bedroom?
keeperscribe2: ks2_vbsmt1: Intruder in the basement!
keeperscribe2: ks2_vchamber1: I saw someone! In the chamber!
keeperscribe2: ks2_vchapel1: He's going to the chapel!
keeperscribe2: ks2_vcourtyd1: I can see him! He's in the courtyard!
keeperscribe2: ks2_vhall1: He's in the hallway!
keeperscribe2: ks2_vinside1: He's inside!
keeperscribe2: ks2_vkitchen1: Hey, there in the kitchen!
keeperscribe2: ks2_vlibrary1: Get out of the library!
keeperscribe2: ks2_voutside1: He's outside!
keeperscribe2: ks2_vrafters1: How'd he get up there?
keeperscribe2: ks2_vroof1: He's got on the roof somehow!
keeperscribe2: ks2_vstairs1: Look! He's on the stairs!
keeperscribe2: ks2_vstreet1: He's in the street!
keeperscribe2: ks2_ycon1: Where was it...thought it was...over here maybe....
keeperscribe2: ks2_ycon2: I should investigate.... What was it the master said...? Oh yes--'An acolyte should never take anything for granted'....
keeperscribe2: ks2_ycon3: Hello? Is someone looking for me? Here I am....
keeperscribe2: ks2_ycon_he1: Hello? Is that someone there? Making noises?
keeperscribe2: ks2_ycon_he2: I must admit...that sound has me a bit...rattled....
keeperscribe2: ks2_ycon_he_na1: Don't stomp around so much...I can't hear the sound any more.
keeperscribe2: ks2_ycon_he_na2: Help me look over's where I think I heard it....
keeperscribe2: ks2_ycon_na1: If we pool our resources, we have a much better chance of finding something....
keeperscribe2: ks2_ycon_na2: Help me look, would you? I'm fairly certain there was something over here....
keeperscribe2: ks2_ycon_se1: Where was it I saw it?
keeperscribe2: ks2_ycon_se2: Not sure what I saw...but I'm fairly certain it was around here somewhere....
keeperscribe2: ks2_ycon_se_na1: I didn't see it very clearly, but thanks for helping me look....
keeperscribe2: ks2_ycon_se_na2: I'm sure we both saw the same thing...but what was it?
keeperscribe2: ks2_yini1: Uh oh. Was that something just then?
keeperscribe2: ks2_yini2: Someone...over there?
keeperscribe2: ks2_yini3: Hello? Elder Thorenson?
keeperscribe2: ks2_yini_he1: Hmm, funny noises....
keeperscribe2: ks2_yini_he2: Definitely a noise of some kind....
keeperscribe2: ks2_yini_he_na1: Did you just hear that?
keeperscribe2: ks2_yini_he_na2: Shh...I heard something...over there somewhere....
keeperscribe2: ks2_yini_se1: I think I saw something...over there....
keeperscribe2: ks2_yini_se2: Saw something...but I can't quite tell what it was....
keeperscribe2: ks2_yini_se_na1: Did you see it too? I sure did....
keeperscribe2: ks2_yini_se_na2: I saw something just now...did you?
keeperscribe2: ks2_ynew1:'s a...a...just can't put my finger on it....
keeperscribe2: ks2_ynew2: What is that, anyway?
keeperscribe2: ks2_ypre3: Who?
keeperscribe2: ks2_yret1: Oh well. Sometimes you think something's there when there's really nothing. It happens.
keeperscribe2: ks2_yret2: I guess it was nothing. I hope it wasn't someone testing me. I hope I passed....
keeperscribe2: ks2_yret3: Gone I guess. I should get back to my scribing....
keeperscribe2: ks2_yret_he1: Sound is gone. Now I'll never know what it was.
keeperscribe2: ks2_yret_he2: That's better. No more more distractions.
keeperscribe2: ks2_yret_na1: Forget it. Nothing's here, and now I'm way behind on my evening's study....
keeperscribe2: ks2_yret_na2: Must be gone now. Or maybe I'm just too wrapped up in my work to know what's really going on....
keeperscribe2: ks2_yret_ra1: Ah, a rat. Then the mystery is solved, and I can get back to my studies.
keeperscribe2: ks2_yret_se1: There's nothing here. If I did see something it's gone now.
keeperscribe2: ks2_yret_se2: My eyes are tired. That's all.

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