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T3_kurshok1 Edit

kurshok1: ku1_catt1: I cut!
kurshok1: ku1_catt2: Hurt you!
kurshok1: ku1_catt3: You die now!
kurshok1: ku1_cdam_hi_na1: Help! Help!
kurshok1: ku1_cdam_no1: Hrarh. All soft.
kurshok1: ku1_chit1: (Laughing) Hrarh hrarh!
kurshok1: ku1_cini1: Hrarrh! I cut you!
kurshok1: ku1_cini2: You take all the telling! I kill you now!
kurshok1: ku1_cini3: I count your death (click)!
kurshok1: ku1_cini_na1: We hunt him now!
kurshok1: ku1_ckil1: Pink man gone!
kurshok1: ku1_cmis1: Let me cut!
kurshok1: ku1_cret_kil1: All hunted. I count (click click click) the good telling.
kurshok1: ku1_csub1: I count you two (click click) now. Now I count you as die!
kurshok1: ku1_csur1: Hrarrh! I cut you!
kurshok1: ku1_csur2: You take all the telling! I kill you now!
kurshok1: ku1_csur3: I count your death (click)!
kurshok1: ku1_csur_na1: We hunt him now!
kurshok1: ku1_enr_con1: Rrrarrrrrghghghghgh!
kurshok1: ku1_enr_con2: I KILL YOU!
kurshok1: ku1_enr_warn1: Rrrrarrh! Fight me!
kurshok1: ku1_ev_blood1: Someone cuts...someone hunts....
kurshok1: ku1_ev_body1: Dead, dead. Count the time, all gone now. (Click click click click click).
kurshok1: ku1_ev_body2: All gone (click click) count to none.
kurshok1: ku1_ev_body3: (Click click) hatchlings count your death (click click).
kurshok1: ku1_ev_com1: Hrarrh! I cut! I cut!
kurshok1: ku1_ev_dam1: Arrrh!
kurshok1: ku1_ev_door1: Who opens?
kurshok1: ku1_ev_felt1: Hrarrhg! Who? Who?
kurshok1: ku1_ev_felt2: Who pushes?
kurshok1: ku1_ev_lightext1: Light gone!
kurshok1: ku1_ev_loot1: Is it gone?
kurshok1: ku1_ev_loot2: It goes away (click click click) no, it does not go by itself.
kurshok1: ku1_ev_maj1: (Anguished) No! (Click click) I do not understand!
kurshok1: ku1_ev_med1: I count (click click) not right.
kurshok1: ku1_ev_min1: Hrar? (Click click) How this?
kurshok1: ku1_ev_ret1: All wrong, all wrong. But nothing me.
kurshok1: ku1_ev_torchext1: More dark, all dark.
kurshok1: ku1_ev_torchext2: Who takes the fire?
kurshok1: ku1_fcow1: Not kill! Not kill!
kurshok1: ku1_fini1: I tell the counting somewhere else....
kurshok1: ku1_gcon1: Wait, wait. Count again?
kurshok1: ku1_gcon_he1: Hrah? Still a noise?
kurshok1: ku1_gcon_he_na1: (Click click) Count the hearing, you?
kurshok1: ku1_gcon_se1: If (click click) count, see again....
kurshok1: ku1_gcon_se_na1: Did you see? (Click click) Count anything?
kurshok1: ku1_gen_aha1: Hah! I find!
kurshok1: ku1_gen_dazed1: Not sure....
kurshok1: ku1_gen_dismiss1: Count nothing.
kurshok1: ku1_gen_dunno1: Not sure.
kurshok1: ku1_gen_igetit1: I count it (click).
kurshok1: ku1_gen_no1: No. (Click click).
kurshok1: ku1_gen_oops1: I count nothing.
kurshok1: ku1_gen_snapout1: Whuuh!
kurshok1: ku1_gen_startled1: Hurh?
kurshok1: ku1_gen_thanks1: I count you (click click click).
kurshok1: ku1_gen_yes1: Yes. (Click).
kurshok1: ku1_gini1: Hrah? What?
kurshok1: ku1_gini2: What? (Click click).
kurshok1: ku1_gini3: Count something (click click) or not?
kurshok1: ku1_gini_he1: Do I hear? (Click click).
kurshok1: ku1_gini_he2: Not sure, I hear....
kurshok1: ku1_gini_se1: Is something? Too dark....
kurshok1: ku1_gini_se2: (Click click) see?
kurshok1: ku1_greet_reply1: Count you (click click).
kurshok1: ku1_greet_reply2: Good telling.
kurshok1: ku1_greet_reply3: Count you count me (click click).
kurshok1: ku1_greet_req1: Count you (Click).
kurshok1: ku1_greet_req2: Good darkness.
kurshok1: ku1_greet_req3: Happy telling.
kurshok1: ku1_gret1: Darkness. All darkness. (Click).
kurshok1: ku1_gret2: Nothing. (Click click click).
kurshok1: ku1_gret_he1: No counting noise now.
kurshok1: ku1_gret_na1: You pretend only.
kurshok1: ku1_gret_se1: Seeing nothing. All darkness.
kurshok1: ku1_gsub1: Count another? What?
kurshok1: ku1_iann1: I tell this. (Click click).
kurshok1: ku1_iarr_gone1: Not here. (Click click) It was here.
kurshok1: ku1_iarr_pres1: See. (Click click) There.
kurshok1: ku1_iarr_srch1: We look. (click click) Perhaps it still tells.
kurshok1: ku1_idle1: Count the telling. Count one for the time in the light, the standing time...(click). Count two for the time in the storm, all broken, all lost...(click click). Count three for the time in the darkness...(Click click click).
kurshok1: ku1_idle2: (Click. Click click.)
kurshok1: ku1_idle3: Cannot count, cannot count. (Click click) Too big, too many gone. All dust.
kurshok1: ku1_idle4: When is the standing time? When does the light come? (Click) All the days tell the same day now.
kurshok1: ku1_idle5: It is told, the pink men have the light. (Click click) The light makes them fast, makes them strong. (Click) Our telling goes to darkness.
kurshok1: ku1_idle6: The wise ones tell to watch. Tell to count. Tell to listen. (Click click) The wise ones will count it together, and will know.
kurshok1: ku1_idle7: (Gargly laughs) Hraaah. Hrahh. I have grown three widths since my telling-day. Soon I am fat enough to be a wise one. Hraaah hrahh hrahh.
kurshok1: ku1_idle8: They build (click click) boxes to hold their inside. They build (click click) underneaths to lay upon.
kurshok1: ku1_idle_ra1: Hraah. Come rat. Come for hatchlings.
kurshok1: ku1_irep_pl1: A pink one comes!
kurshok1: ku1_ires1: We go, we see.
kurshok1: ku1_misc_blind_end1: More darkness, good.
kurshok1: ku1_misc_blind_ini1: Light! All light! Aaaaaarh!
kurshok1: ku1_misc_noisemak1: What noise that?
kurshok1: ku1_misc_noisesup1: Too much water, not hear.
kurshok1: ku1_misc_pickp1: It gone (click click)!
kurshok1: ku1_misc_slip1: Whuuaa!
kurshok1: ku1_opp_fini1: Run! (Click click) I catch!
kurshok1: ku1_opp_hide1: Where is? Where is?
kurshok1: ku1_opp_hide_m1: He hides, I do not count him.
kurshok1: ku1_opp_hide_m_na1: Do you see? Where is he?
kurshok1: ku1_opp_mis1: Hrarh! Not hurt!
kurshok1: ku1_rcon1: You come, let me catch, let me cut.
kurshok1: ku1_rcon2: I count your blood....
kurshok1: ku1_rcon3: Is a pink one? No, all lies. Kill it.
kurshok1: ku1_rcon_fnd1: Hrarrh! Find now!
kurshok1: ku1_rcon_fnd2: Not hide now! I count you (click)!
kurshok1: ku1_rcon_fnd_m_na1: I find! Pink man hide here!
kurshok1: ku1_rcon_he1: I hear your blood. I hear you.
kurshok1: ku1_rcon_he2: I still hear (click click).... I will count you when you die.
kurshok1: ku1_rcon_he_na1: We find you (click click) we hear and we find.
kurshok1: ku1_rcon_los1: Come! I hunt you!
kurshok1: ku1_rcon_los2: I find (click click) and I kill!
kurshok1: ku1_rcon_los3: Count the telling (click click) to find you!
kurshok1: ku1_rcon_los4: You not hide! Not hide!
kurshok1: ku1_rcon_los5: If you come out, I not kill. (Gargly laughs).
kurshok1: ku1_rcon_los_m_na1: We find (click click) find soon.
kurshok1: ku1_rcon_los_m_na2: You find him (click click) and let me cut.
kurshok1: ku1_rcon_na1: Hrarh. Help me, and we share the kill.
kurshok1: ku1_rcon_se1: Darkness, moving, yes, moving....
kurshok1: ku1_rcon_se2: I will see again (click click) and I will hunt....
kurshok1: ku1_rcon_se_na1: We hunt the shadow (click click) then we kill it.
kurshok1: ku1_rini1: I catch you (click click) I cut you.
kurshok1: ku1_rini2: What is there? (Click click) What is there?
kurshok1: ku1_rini3: Hrarh! I cut you when I find you!
kurshok1: ku1_rini_he1: I hear, I count you (click click) and I cut you!
kurshok1: ku1_rini_he2: You, I hear you, I catch you.
kurshok1: ku1_rini_he_na1: You hear! (click click) You hear!
kurshok1: ku1_rini_he_na2: One hear, is pretend (Click). Two hear, is truth story (Click click).
kurshok1: ku1_rini_se1: I see, I see two, I see three again. (Click click click).
kurshok1: ku1_rini_se_na1: See you, count you (click). Not darkness.
kurshok1: ku1_rnew1: Hrarrh! I find you soon!
kurshok1: ku1_rpre1: Hah. I count that. (Click).
kurshok1: ku1_rret1: Hrrah. All nothing. (Click click). It goes, it goes nothing.
kurshok1: ku1_rret2: Gone, gone. (Click click) Count nothing, now.
kurshok1: ku1_rret3: I think I count one (click) but I count nothing.
kurshok1: ku1_rret_he1: I hear, and count it (click) but all silence now.
kurshok1: ku1_rret_los1: (click click) Gone, all darkness take and hide.
kurshok1: ku1_rret_los2: I do not see. I do not find. (click click) All gone.
kurshok1: ku1_rret_na1: We hunt nothing (click click). All darkness and lies.
kurshok1: ku1_rret_ra1: Hrarh. Rat. Hungry, you?
kurshok1: ku1_rret_se1: The darkness lies (click click) but nothing sees now.
kurshok1: ku1_rsur_ev_com1: See! It hunts you!
kurshok1: ku1_sum_fight1: Auuurh! Help me!
kurshok1: ku1_sum_fight2: Help!
kurshok1: ku1_sum_reply1: I join!
kurshok1: ku1_sum_reply2: Count you (click) count me (click click)!
kurshok1: ku1_wdie1: Auuuuh! You kill, I kill you!
kurshok1: ku1_ycon1: I look...(click click).
kurshok1: ku1_ycon2: Who there? Coming out....
kurshok1: ku1_ycon3: I find (click click) I cut, what I find.
kurshok1: ku1_ycon_he1: Hearing something, counting something....
kurshok1: ku1_ycon_he_na1: Counting a noise, still? (Click click).
kurshok1: ku1_ycon_na1: You look, I look (click click) and count who finds.
kurshok1: ku1_ycon_se1: Not just darkness....
kurshok1: ku1_ycon_se_na1: See yet? (Click click click) Find it, we, cut it!
kurshok1: ku1_yini1: Rat, I find....
kurshok1: ku1_yini2: Who is? (Click click).
kurshok1: ku1_yini_he1: What noise? (Click click).
kurshok1: ku1_yini_he_na1: Do you, counting noise?
kurshok1: ku1_yini_se1: Hraarh. I see something.
kurshok1: ku1_yini_se_na1: You see? (Click click).
kurshok1: ku1_ynew1: Wait, what is? Hrah!
kurshok1: ku1_ypre1: (Click click) Noise!
kurshok1: ku1_yret1: The rat, I count none. (Click click).
kurshok1: ku1_yret2: I count nothing. Nothing now.
kurshok1: ku1_yret_he1: The noise, I count nothing.
kurshok1: ku1_yret_na1: We pretends, all stories. (Click click) We count nothing.
kurshok1: ku1_yret_ra1: Hrar. Rat.
kurshok1: ku1_yret_se1: I count, darkness, just darkness.

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