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T3_kurshok2 Edit

kurshok2: ku2_catt1: Cut you!
kurshok2: ku2_catt2: Count you die!
kurshok2: ku2_catt3: See blood!
kurshok2: ku2_cdam_hi_na1: I am cut! Help!
kurshok2: ku2_cdam_no1: I count you nothing! Hrarh!
kurshok2: ku2_chit1: There! I cut!
kurshok2: ku2_cini1: Pink one! I cut you!
kurshok2: ku2_cini2: I cut you and feed you to hatchling!
kurshok2: ku2_cini3: I count your blood! (Click).
kurshok2: ku2_cini_na1: The pink man! Kill him!
kurshok2: ku2_ckil1: I feed you to hatchlings!
kurshok2: ku2_cmis1: Stop! Hold!
kurshok2: ku2_cret_kil1: All dead. The wise ones shall tell all these.
kurshok2: ku2_csub1: You do not escape another (click click).
kurshok2: ku2_csur1: Pink one! I cut you!
kurshok2: ku2_csur2: I cut you and feed you to hatchling!
kurshok2: ku2_csur3: I count your blood! (Click).
kurshok2: ku2_csur_na1: The pink man! Kill him!
kurshok2: ku2_enr_con2: I telling your death!
kurshok2: ku2_enr_warn1: Not run! Not hide! Fight!
kurshok2: ku2_ev_blood1: Blood, blood...cut and kill....
kurshok2: ku2_ev_body1: Who hunts? Who cuts you? Why dead?
kurshok2: ku2_ev_body2: Why dead (click click) why not hunt, not move?
kurshok2: ku2_ev_body3: No more time (click click) and dead now.
kurshok2: ku2_ev_com1: I fight! Hrarrrrrrh!
kurshok2: ku2_ev_dam1: Auuurh! Hurts!
kurshok2: ku2_ev_door1: Why is (click click) open?
kurshok2: ku2_ev_felt1: What touches me? Who?
kurshok2: ku2_ev_felt2: Arrrh! The darkness pushes....
kurshok2: ku2_ev_lightext1: Who steals light?
kurshok2: ku2_ev_loot1: Where did (click click) was it here?
kurshok2: ku2_ev_loot2: It is gone. The pink ones take! They take!
kurshok2: ku2_ev_maj1: Not! This not (click click) not as the telling!
kurshok2: ku2_ev_med1: Something tells all broken.
kurshok2: ku2_ev_min1: What? Not counted before....
kurshok2: ku2_ev_ret1: Count the wrong (click click click) but my telling is over.
kurshok2: ku2_ev_torchext1: Flame goes. Fire goes.
kurshok2: ku2_ev_torchext2: All darkness now.
kurshok2: ku2_fcow1: No! I nothing!
kurshok2: ku2_fini1: Not here!
kurshok2: ku2_gcon1: Count again? (Click click).
kurshok2: ku2_gcon_he1: Hush, quiet, listen....
kurshok2: ku2_gcon_he_na1: Do you hear? (Click click).
kurshok2: ku2_gcon_se1: (Click click) It moves?
kurshok2: ku2_gcon_se_na1: Do you count? (Click) Moving?
kurshok2: ku2_gen_aha1: Finding! (Click click).
kurshok2: ku2_gen_dazed1: Not know....
kurshok2: ku2_gen_dunno1: Not know.
kurshok2: ku2_gen_frust1: Not! (Click click).
kurshok2: ku2_gen_igetit1: I see the telling (click click).
kurshok2: ku2_gen_no1: No. (Click click).
kurshok2: ku2_gen_oops1: Wise ones not telling.
kurshok2: ku2_gen_thanks1: Good telling (click click).
kurshok2: ku2_gen_yes1: Yes. (Click).
kurshok2: ku2_gini1: What is?
kurshok2: ku2_gini2: Count something?
kurshok2: ku2_gini3: Hurhh? Is something?
kurshok2: ku2_gini_he1: What is? Count a noise?
kurshok2: ku2_gini_he2: What noise?
kurshok2: ku2_gini_se1: Something? Cannot see....
kurshok2: ku2_gini_se2: (Click click) Something moves?
kurshok2: ku2_greet_reply1: Count you (click click).
kurshok2: ku2_greet_reply2: Good telling.
kurshok2: ku2_greet_reply3: Count you count me (click click).
kurshok2: ku2_greet_req1: Good telling.
kurshok2: ku2_greet_req2: Good hunt.
kurshok2: ku2_greet_req3: Count you (click).
kurshok2: ku2_gret1: Nothing. Count more nothing, all nothing. (Click click click).
kurshok2: ku2_gret2: Counting nothing. (Click click).
kurshok2: ku2_gret_he1: Only rat noise. Nothing. (Click click).
kurshok2: ku2_gret_na1: Nothing you, nothing me.
kurshok2: ku2_gret_se1: Saw nothing (click click).
kurshok2: ku2_gsub1: Is something, again? (Click click).
kurshok2: ku2_iann1: I bring others.
kurshok2: ku2_iarr_gone1: Gone. (Click click) I do not understand....
kurshok2: ku2_iarr_pres1: See. One for me (click) now you (click click).
kurshok2: ku2_iarr_srch1: You look, I look. We see or not see.
kurshok2: ku2_idle1: Count the hatchlings, (click click click). Count one for the molting, until the growth. (Click). Count two for the hungry child. (Click click). Count three to learn the telling.
kurshok2: ku2_idle2: Count the long longago, the burrows, the hatchlings. (Click click). Count each life, so many to count. Count the now, count the empty.
kurshok2: ku2_idle3: The wise ones tell, the light and the air. (Click click) The telling is no sense. How can the light sit on nothing?
kurshok2: ku2_idle4: The hatchlings, they grow so slow. (Click click click) They eat so small. Not enough.
kurshok2: ku2_idle5: The pink men build the wall. (Click click) But where do they go after? (Click click click) Or are we go?
kurshok2: ku2_idle6: Count the darkness. (Click click click click click click click click click click).
kurshok2: ku2_idle7: Comes the time for the naming day. (Click click). Who will tell the wise ones again, when they are old?
kurshok2: ku2_idle8: Cut him, shall I. (Click click) Cut and spill his blood. (Click click).
kurshok2: ku2_idle_ra1: The rat goes, small places. (Click click).
kurshok2: ku2_irep_pl1: I tell (click click) a pink one! Here!
kurshok2: ku2_ires1: I come (click click) then I tell it, too.
kurshok2: ku2_misc_blind_end1: Darkness come again. (Click click) Happy.
kurshok2: ku2_misc_blind_ini1: Too much light! Aaarh!
kurshok2: ku2_misc_noisemak1: Count the sound (click click click).
kurshok2: ku2_misc_noisesup1: Count too much quiet. (Click click).
kurshok2: ku2_misc_pickp1: Someone take! Mine!
kurshok2: ku2_opp_fini1: You scare?
kurshok2: ku2_opp_hide1: Stop! I am hunting you!
kurshok2: ku2_opp_hide_m1: Where does he go?
kurshok2: ku2_opp_hide_m_na1: Do you count him? Where?
kurshok2: ku2_opp_mis1: Not hurting, too soft!
kurshok2: ku2_rcon1: I catch you, cut you, hrarh hrarrrrh!
kurshok2: ku2_rcon2: Count one to hunt. (Click) Count one to kill (click).
kurshok2: ku2_rcon3: I will not cut you! Hrrarh hrarh, I lie.
kurshok2: ku2_rcon_fnd1: There! I cut you now!
kurshok2: ku2_rcon_fnd2: Kill you now!
kurshok2: ku2_rcon_fnd_m_na1: Here! You come we cut him!
kurshok2: ku2_rcon_he1: I count your breath. Air, so much air.
kurshok2: ku2_rcon_he2: You step, you splash...I follow.
kurshok2: ku2_rcon_he_na1: Hrarrh. Too loud, too loud, and now we find you.
kurshok2: ku2_rcon_los1: I will find!
kurshok2: ku2_rcon_los2: I find where you hide!
kurshok2: ku2_rcon_los3: Not rat, not hide small place (click click). I find.
kurshok2: ku2_rcon_los4: Rarrh! Not hide!
kurshok2: ku2_rcon_los5: This my place, not counting you. (Click click) I find.
kurshok2: ku2_rcon_los_m_na1: He hides (click click) but we count him here. (Click click).
kurshok2: ku2_rcon_los_m_na2: Where? Where? Do you see him?
kurshok2: ku2_rcon_na1: Count the hunting. One (click) for you. Two (click click) for me.
kurshok2: ku2_rcon_se1: When I see again, I kill...(click click).
kurshok2: ku2_rcon_se2: Where is, the moving thing, the hiding thing?
kurshok2: ku2_rcon_se_na1: Hunt it, hunt it, saw it here.
kurshok2: ku2_rini1: Who is? I count (click click) you are.
kurshok2: ku2_rini2: Hrarrh! Come out!
kurshok2: ku2_rini3: Count the stranger (click click click click).
kurshok2: ku2_rini_he1: Hrarh. I hear that.
kurshok2: ku2_rini_he2: Where is? Noise, and noise, and noise (click click).
kurshok2: ku2_rini_he_na1: I hear! You count (click) I count (click).
kurshok2: ku2_rini_he_na2: You hear? We catch, we cut.
kurshok2: ku2_rini_se1: Hrarrh! I see! Come and come and I cut you! (Click).
kurshok2: ku2_rini_se_na1: See it. We hunt it.
kurshok2: ku2_rnew1: There! No, where, where? Grrrhah!
kurshok2: ku2_rpre1: There. (Click click).
kurshok2: ku2_rret1: The darkness pretends on me. All gone.
kurshok2: ku2_rret2: I count it, but it is not. (Click click click).
kurshok2: ku2_rret3: I count nothing. (Click click click click click) All nothing.
kurshok2: ku2_rret_he1: Silence lies and pretends to count (click) but is nothing.
kurshok2: ku2_rret_los1: I do not find. (Click click) I do not find.
kurshok2: ku2_rret_los2: Count my fail. (Click). Two for hide (click click) three for run (click click click).
kurshok2: ku2_rret_na1: It is gone (click click). Or nothing was.
kurshok2: ku2_rret_ra1: Just rat. It pretends us. (Click click).
kurshok2: ku2_rret_se1: Nothing to hunt. (Click click) I thought I saw...but nothing.
kurshok2: ku2_rsur_ev_com1: You! You! (Click click).
kurshok2: ku2_sum_fight1: Help! Not cuts me!
kurshok2: ku2_sum_fight2: It hunts me!
kurshok2: ku2_sum_reply1: I help!
kurshok2: ku2_sum_reply2: You hunt, I hunt!
kurshok2: ku2_wdie1: Count one for death (click) and two for you die now (click click)!
kurshok2: ku2_ycon1: Look for rat, me....
kurshok2: ku2_ycon2: Not sure. Not sure. Looking.
kurshok2: ku2_ycon3: Something, something, counting where?
kurshok2: ku2_ycon_he1: I find the noise, I catch and eat!
kurshok2: ku2_ycon_he_na1: Listen, (click click) count and listen still.
kurshok2: ku2_ycon_na1: Look, and look, and find or not find.
kurshok2: ku2_ycon_se1: I count the moving, something....
kurshok2: ku2_ycon_se_na1: Do you see it? (Click click) I am hungry.
kurshok2: ku2_yini1: (click click) What counts there?
kurshok2: ku2_yini2: What is? I count something....
kurshok2: ku2_yini_he1: Some rat? (Click click) I hear....
kurshok2: ku2_yini_he_na1: The noise (click click) do you count?
kurshok2: ku2_yini_se1: That moves. I see it. (Click click).
kurshok2: ku2_yini_se_na1: See there? What is?
kurshok2: ku2_ynew1: There, I count again....
kurshok2: ku2_ypre1: I hear!
kurshok2: ku2_yret1: I count, I pretend only.
kurshok2: ku2_yret2: Nothing now. (Click click) All gone.
kurshok2: ku2_yret_he1: I count, sound gone, sound gone. (Click click).
kurshok2: ku2_yret_na1: No rat, nothing to cut, to catch.
kurshok2: ku2_yret_ra1: Count the rat. (Click).
kurshok2: ku2_yret_se1: What it was, I see nothing.

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