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T3_noble1 Edit

This folder contains files for Noble 1 and Prisoner 4.

Noble 1:

noble1: n1_blame_maj1: You! You must be the culprit of these deeds! I'll see you hang for this!
noble1: n1_blame_min1: You! You there! I saw what you did! That's enough out of you!
noble1: n1_cdam_hi1: You dog! You'll pay for this!
noble1: n1_cdam_hi2: Aaah! Damn your eyes!
noble1: n1_cdam_hi_na1: Aaah! Help me, you idiot!
noble1: n1_cdam_lo1: Ouch!
noble1: n1_cdam_med1: Ow! Blast!
noble1: n1_cdam_no1: Hah! I had thought you were some danger.
noble1: n1_cdie_ko1: Oo! Ah--take a little nap....
noble1: n1_cdie_words1: Gah! I'm sure...not supposed to die....
noble1: n1_cdie_words2: Gah! My suit...ruined....
noble1: n1_cdie_words3: Gah! Oh my...quite....
noble1: n1_crime_hurtother1: Are you trying to kill them? My word!
noble1: n1_crime_kill1: Murder! The last breath of life fled, leaving naught but cooling flesh and the memory of-- I had better get out of here.
noble1: n1_crime_lockp1: A burglar! Ho, a thief!
noble1: n1_crime_theft1: I've caught, er, spotted a thief! Help!
noble1: n1_crime_theft2: Good heavens! A thief!
noble1: n1_crime_threat1: There's someone attacking me!
noble1: n1_crime_tres1: Someone's in here!
noble1: n1_crime_vandal1: Good heavens! Such vandalism!
noble1: n1_crime_wanted1: Why, you're that gentleman on the wanted poster!
noble1: n1_crime_wanted2: My word, you're that thief I read about!
noble1: n1_ev_ally1: Where have they gone off to? Shirking, I'm sure.
noble1: n1_ev_ally_na1: Did you send the guard somewhere else?
noble1: n1_ev_ally_spooked1: What the deuce happened to you?
noble1: n1_ev_allyf1: What the dickens can have happened to her?
noble1: n1_ev_allym1: Where can he have gotten to?
noble1: n1_ev_an_spooked1: Those creatures seem very...disturbed.
noble1: n1_ev_blood1: My word! Blood!
noble1: n1_ev_blood2: That's blood!
noble1: n1_ev_body1: Oh my word. Is it...dead?
noble1: n1_ev_body2: Most terrible! Murder!
noble1: n1_ev_body_na1: How dreadful! Have the servant get rid of it before it stinks up the place.
noble1: n1_ev_body_na2: Do you think it's plague? No, look at the blood!
noble1: n1_ev_bodyf1: Miss? Miss? Oh my heavens.
noble1: n1_ev_bodyf2: Someone killed her?
noble1: n1_ev_bodyf_na1: Look, she's dead. Perhaps we had better tell someone.
noble1: n1_ev_bodym1: He's d-- Dead!
noble1: n1_ev_bodym2: Such sad evidence of mortality.... Wait, what if the murderer was trying to get me?
noble1: n1_ev_bodym_na1: He's really dead, isn't he? Not just shamming to get out of work?
noble1: n1_ev_com1: What's going on there? Is that a fight?
noble1: n1_ev_dam1: Ah! What the dickens? That hurt!
noble1: n1_ev_dam2: Ah--Hey! Stop that!
noble1: n1_ev_door1: Very sloppy. That shouldn't be open.
noble1: n1_ev_door2: Who the blazes opened that?
noble1: n1_ev_door_na1: Did you leave that open? Very sloppy.
noble1: n1_ev_door_na2: Look there. That door's open.
noble1: n1_ev_enemybody1: Such a shame to leave trash like this around.
noble1: n1_ev_felt1: Hey, watch the suit!
noble1: n1_ev_felt2: Stop it this instant!
noble1: n1_ev_lightext1: I beg your pardon! Turn that back on!
noble1: n1_ev_lightoff1: Who shut these lights off?
noble1: n1_ev_lightoff2: Some mischief-maker turned the light off?
noble1: n1_ev_loot1: Someone's taken it!
noble1: n1_ev_loot2: Has someone stolen it?
noble1: n1_ev_loot_na1: Did you take anything from here?
noble1: n1_ev_maj1: Aaah!
noble1: n1_ev_maj2: Good heavens!
noble1: n1_ev_med1: What the blazes is going on?
noble1: n1_ev_med2: I won't stand for any more of this.
noble1: n1_ev_min1: Quite odd. Quite.
noble1: n1_ev_min2: Very peculiar.
noble1: n1_ev_res1: Was there a fight here? My word!
noble1: n1_ev_ret1: It's really not my problem. And I've got a gala to plan.
noble1: n1_ev_ret_ik1: Luckily for me that no good murderer has fled. Wait 'til the club hears about this....
noble1: n1_ev_shadow1: There wasn't a shadow there before....
noble1: n1_ev_torchext1: What the dickens? What happened to the torch?
noble1: n1_ev_torchtoff1: Bloody cheap torches.
noble1: n1_ev_torchtoff2: Someone needs to design a better torch, I'm sure.
noble1: n1_fatigue_epi1: Not seemly... running so far....
noble1: n1_fcon1: Help! Help!
noble1: n1_fcon2: Just a little farther!
noble1: n1_fcon3: Have to get away....
noble1: n1_fcon4: I'll never mock guards again....
noble1: n1_fcon5: Someone get over here!
noble1: n1_fcon_ik1: The murderer is trying to kill me!
noble1: n1_fcon_ik2: Guards! Where are you? The murderer's chasing me!
noble1: n1_fcow1: Keep away, keep away!
noble1: n1_fcow2: Hey...Ah-- What do you think you're doing?
noble1: n1_fcow3: Ahh! Take anything you want, just don't hurt me!
noble1: n1_fhid1: This is all some terrible dream....
noble1: n1_fhid2: Oh dear. Oh dear. This is just no good at all.
noble1: n1_fini1: My word!
noble1: n1_fini2: Heavens!
noble1: n1_fini_human1: You won't get me so easily!
noble1: n1_fini_monster1: What is that thing? Help!
noble1: n1_fini_na1: I think we had better be going.
noble1: n1_fini_pl1: Wait! Who are you? Uh--Help me!
noble1: n1_fini_pl2: My heavens! I'm not a fighter!
noble1: n1_fini_pl3: Hey, there's an intruder! Where are the guards? Save me, someone!
noble1: n1_fini_pl_ik1: Ah! It's the murderer!
noble1: n1_fini_pl_ik2: Ah! Look! Don't let him kill me, too!
noble1: n1_fini_pl_it1: (Gasps) I have no valuables! Don't hurt me!
noble1: n1_fini_pl_it2: Stay back, thief!
noble1: n1_fini_zombie1: Help me! There are zombies after me!
noble1: n1_fsub1: No! Not you again!
noble1: n1_fsub2: Blast it! Leave me alone!
noble1: n1_gcon1: Hum.
noble1: n1_gcon2: Eh?
noble1: n1_gcon_he1: Peculiar noise that was.
noble1: n1_gcon_he2: Strange little noise. Quite.
noble1: n1_gcon_he_na1: Did you say something, deary?
noble1: n1_gcon_he_na2: Hush.
noble1: n1_gcon_se1: Could just be seeing things....
noble1: n1_gcon_se2: Not sure what I saw....
noble1: n1_gcon_se_na1: Did you see anything?
noble1: n1_gcon_se_na2: I thought I saw...hmm. Never mind. Carry on.
noble1: n1_gen_aha1: There you are!
noble1: n1_gen_dazed1: Huh...what?
noble1: n1_gen_dismiss1: How boring. Let some servant deal with it....
noble1: n1_gen_distress1: Whoa!
noble1: n1_gen_dunno1: We'll see.
noble1: n1_gen_frust1: Curse it!
noble1: n1_gen_igetit1: Aha! I always did have plenty of smarts.
noble1: n1_gen_no1: I think not.
noble1: n1_gen_oops1: Oops.
noble1: n1_gen_snapout1: Whah!
noble1: n1_gen_startled1: Bother.
noble1: n1_gen_startled2: Drat.
noble1: n1_gen_suffer1: Ugh. What a nasty taste in my mouth.
noble1: n1_gen_thanks1: Thank you.
noble1: n1_gen_yes1: Yes.
noble1: n1_gini_he1: Very uncouth noise.
noble1: n1_gini_he2: I say, what was that noise?
noble1: n1_gini_se1: Herm. Did something move?
noble1: n1_gini_se2: Did I see... perhaps not.
noble1: n1_greet_reply1: How do you do.
noble1: n1_greet_reply2: Very well, very well indeed.
noble1: n1_greet_reply3: Why, hello.
noble1: n1_greet_req1: Hello.
noble1: n1_greet_req2: How do you do.
noble1: n1_greet_req3: Good fortune to you.
noble1: n1_gret1: I really can't be bothered.
noble1: n1_gret2: Never mind.
noble1: n1_gret3: I can't imagine it was anything important.
noble1: n1_gret_he1: Just the wood settling.
noble1: n1_gret_he2: Just a noise.
noble1: n1_gret_na1: Back to business, don't you think?
noble1: n1_gret_na2: Why did you let me fuss on like that?
noble1: n1_gret_se1: Can't think what I saw. Oh well.
noble1: n1_gret_se2: Nothing to see now.
noble1: n1_gsub1: There it is again.
noble1: n1_gsub2: It's very hard to concentrate with that!
noble1: n1_iann1: I'm going to get help!
noble1: n1_iann_citywatch1: I think the Guards need to be informed of this.
noble1: n1_iann_citywatch2: I'll just go get a watchman shall I?
noble1: n1_iann_pl1: Wait! Who are you? I'm going to spread the word!
noble1: n1_iann_pl2: Ah, who're you? I'm going to set the guards on you!
noble1: n1_iarr_gone1: Don't you roll your eyes at me. It was here.
noble1: n1_iarr_gone2: I tell you, there was something here.
noble1: n1_iarr_gone_pl1: Blast it. Where has he gone?
noble1: n1_iarr_gone_pl2: The rogue can't be far. Look sharp.
noble1: n1_iarr_pres1: See! Just there!
noble1: n1_iarr_pres2: That's just what I was telling you about!
noble1: n1_iarr_pres_pl1: See! There he is!
noble1: n1_iarr_pres_pl2: I told you I saw someone! Get him!
noble1: n1_idle1: Not really the thing, I don't think. Just not done. I don't say I don't sympathize, but one really has to think of, well, other things. The larger pictures. Yes, the larger picture, quite.
noble1: n1_idle2: Six bottles? No, Lord Geran drinks like a fish, I had better make it eight. But not the good burgundy, he won't taste a thing once he's in his cups like that. A waste, is what I say.
noble1: n1_idle3: What did she mean I wasn't listening? I rather think I do nothing but listen. Yammer yammer this, natter natter that. I should think she had never heard about silence being... er, gold, or silver, or whatever that was. Valuable, at any rate.
noble1: n1_idle4: The nerve of that man! I should think he would remember his place, and be grateful for the custom I bring to his shop! Never again, I tell you, never again, not after such effrontery!
noble1: n1_idle5: I think the deep green is more flattering to my complexion. It says 'This is a man to be reckoned with. A man of weighty thought and serious tone.' The blue, though, the blue speaks to my good humor and friendly demeanor. I shall have to think on it.
noble1: n1_idle_an1: Hello, boy. Good little...whatever you are.
noble1: n1_idle_bs1: Just nip down and get a bottle from the wine cellar. It seemed simple enough. But dash it all if I can remember where it is.
noble1: n1_idle_bs2: I do hope no great investments were made on the décor down here. It certainly isn't up to snuff.
noble1: n1_idle_ou1: It's somewhat brisk out here. I must get a better coat. A lining of fur, yes, that would be the thing.
noble1: n1_idle_ou2: They tell me the Pagans actually choose to live outside? In this weather? Mad as burricks, all of them.
noble1: n1_idle_ra1: Oh my goodness. A rat. It could be diseased. Or poisonous. Don't look scared, they can sense fear.
noble1: n1_idle_st1: I do hope none of these commoners actually tries to touch me. Or ask for money.
noble1: n1_idle_st2: Out for a walk. Yes indeed. For a brisk stroll. Taking the air, treading the stones, walking walking, yes indeed.
noble1: n1_irep1: Hey, help me! Where are the guards? Can someone deal with this please?
noble1: n1_irep_body1: Back there, most terrible. Murder!
noble1: n1_irep_ik1: The murderer nearly got me too!
noble1: n1_irep_it1: I found the thief! That way!
noble1: n1_irep_pl1: Back there! I saw a dreadful villain!
noble1: n1_irep_pl2: There's an intruder! He nearly had me!
noble1: n1_misc_blind_con1: I'll...just...hmm. Bother.
noble1: n1_misc_blind_con2: Ah...hmm. Where can the...hmm.
noble1: n1_misc_blind_con3: I can't see a bloody thing.
noble1: n1_misc_blind_end1: Thank heavens, I can see light!
noble1: n1_misc_blind_ini1: My eyes! I am blind!
noble1: n1_misc_noisemak1: What on earth is that sound?
noble1: n1_misc_noisesup1: That was quite odd. I wonder if I'm going deaf.
noble1: n1_misc_pickp1: Someone has cut my purse! The effrontery!
noble1: n1_misc_slip1: Whoa-oah!
noble1: n1_nbarrel1: It really is a very large barrel.
noble1: n1_nchair1: That chair, has it been moved?
noble1: n1_ncouch1: Is someone past the couch?
noble1: n1_ncrate1: Yes, but what about the other side of the crate?
noble1: n1_ndesk1: What is that by the desk?
noble1: n1_ndoor1: Perhaps by the door.
noble1: n1_nladder1: My eyes are not what they were. Perhaps by the ladder?
noble1: n1_nmach1: Someone could be by those machines.
noble1: n1_nshadow1: I don't know why those shadows aren't better lit.
noble1: n1_nshelf1: Has someone been at the books?
noble1: n1_nstatue1: Who's there? Oh, it's the statue.
noble1: n1_ntable1: Erm. Perhaps by the table.
noble1: n1_obs_citywatch1: Good to see you doing your job.
noble1: n1_obs_citywatch2: Arrested anyone lately? Ho ho.
noble1: n1_obs_commoner1: Out of my way, churl.
noble1: n1_obs_commoner2: The nerve of some commoners.
noble1: n1_obs_guard1: Seems these people have entirely too much free time....
noble1: n1_obs_guard2: (Under the breath) Couldn't get a job in the Watch.
noble1: n1_obs_hammer1: In Hammer we trust. A heh heh.
noble1: n1_obs_hammer_friend1: Good evening, a fine service the other day....
noble1: n1_obs_noble1: Good evening.
noble1: n1_obs_noble2: How good to see you.
noble1: n1_obs_noblef1: Good evening, my lady.
noble1: n1_obs_noblef2: Hello, my dear.
noble1: n1_obs_noblem1: Pleasant evening, good sir.
noble1: n1_obs_noblem2: My good man, how do you do.
noble1: n1_obs_pagan1: Don't you touch me, you dirty thing.
noble1: n1_obs_pagan_friend1: Good day, planty chap.
noble1: n1_obs_pl1: Pardon me.
noble1: n1_obs_pl2: I don't believe we're acquainted.
noble1: n1_obs_pl3: I'm sure I don't know him.
noble1: n1_pagancornerstone1: What's all this, then? Are these plants real?
noble1: n1_rcon1: Once I find you I'm docking your pay for sure.
noble1: n1_rcon2: Come out, miss. I'm sure you're a pretty thing.
noble1: n1_rcon3: I won't hurt you, come out.
noble1: n1_rcon_he1: Don't think I didn't hear that.
noble1: n1_rcon_he2: One more noise and I'll... ah... I'll, quite.
noble1: n1_rcon_he3: I heard you for sure.
noble1: n1_rcon_he_na1: Do you still hear it?
noble1: n1_rcon_he_na2: Keep listening. It was much noisier before.
noble1: n1_rcon_ia_na1: Watch out. Things are getting very peculiar.
noble1: n1_rcon_ik_na1: We don't want our blood spilled, watch out.
noble1: n1_rcon_it_na1: If this is the thief I'll... I'll box his ears!
noble1: n1_rcon_na1: Let's take another look around.
noble1: n1_rcon_na2: Come out at once! We're getting tired from looking....
noble1: n1_rcon_se1: I saw you, don't think I didn't.
noble1: n1_rcon_se2: I'm sure I saw someone.
noble1: n1_rcon_se3: Come out where I can see you better.
noble1: n1_rcon_se_na1: We saw it before, we'll see it again. It stands to reason.
noble1: n1_rcon_se_na2: Where did you see it?
noble1: n1_repri_bump_init1: I beg your pardon.
noble1: n1_repri_bump_init2: Keep your hands to yourself, ruffian.
noble1: n1_repri_bump_init3: There is a Person of Quality here! Do be careful!
noble1: n1_repri_hurt_init1: That's quite enough of that! Stop that at once!
noble1: n1_repri_hurtother_init1: I say! You're hurting them!
noble1: n1_repri_hurtother_sub1: If I see any more violence, I'll see you hung!
noble1: n1_repri_lockp_init1: Oh, get away from there. That's locked.
noble1: n1_repri_odd_init1: Stop that, my good fellow.
noble1: n1_repri_odd_init2: Exactly what do you think you're doing?
noble1: n1_repri_over1: Well, that's much better. I say, you had me worried there.
noble1: n1_repri_over2: All right, well, we won't have to call the Watch, then.
noble1: n1_repri_stare_init1: What are you looking at, fellow?
noble1: n1_repri_stare_init2: This is none of your business.
noble1: n1_repri_theft_init1: I beg your pardon! That isn't yours!
noble1: n1_repri_theft_init2: You're lucky I don't call the Watch on you right this instant, you thief!
noble1: n1_repri_threat_init1: Mind yourself, young man!
noble1: n1_repri_threat_init2: Why, I nearly think you are threatening me!
noble1: n1_repri_threat_sub1: I really must insist that you put your weapon away.
noble1: n1_repri_threat_sub2: I won't tell you again. Stop that at once.
noble1: n1_repri_thrown_init1: I say, you hit me with that!
noble1: n1_repri_thrown_sub1: Look, you, take your games somewhere else!
noble1: n1_repri_tres_init1: This is private property. Be off with you.
noble1: n1_repri_tres_init2: You can just turn right around, sirrah.
noble1: n1_repri_vandal_init1: Oh, do stop that. Someone will just have to replace it.
noble1: n1_repri_vandal_sub1: Those belong to someone, you wretch! Stop that!
noble1: n1_rini1: Who was that?
noble1: n1_rini2: Show yourself at once!
noble1: n1_rini3: Come out...come out!
noble1: n1_rini4: What's going on here?
noble1: n1_rini5: I have to put my foot down! Come out this instant!
noble1: n1_rini_he1: Don't try and pretend I didn't hear that!
noble1: n1_rini_he2: I heard that noise, you!
noble1: n1_rini_he3: I must insist that you show yourself. I hear you there.
noble1: n1_rini_he_na1: Was that noise you? No, no, it was over there.
noble1: n1_rini_he_na2: You heard that! Tell me what it was!
noble1: n1_rini_se1: Let me see you properly!
noble1: n1_rini_se2: I saw that! Come out where I can fire you!
noble1: n1_rini_se3: I definitely saw that.
noble1: n1_rini_se_na1: Look there! No, there!
noble1: n1_rini_se_na2: Do you see it over there?
noble1: n1_rnew1: Dash it all! There it is again!
noble1: n1_rnew2: Blast it! There it was again!
noble1: n1_rnew3: Aha! There it was again!
noble1: n1_rnew_he1: Hah! There's that noise again!
noble1: n1_rnew_se1: There, it went and moved again.
noble1: n1_rpre1: Aha!
noble1: n1_rpre2: Hah!
noble1: n1_rpre3: There!
noble1: n1_rret1: This has been entirely too much time wasted.
noble1: n1_rret2: I did really think something was here.
noble1: n1_rret3: Well, then, it was nothing. A nothing of nothings.
noble1: n1_rret_he1: It was a most peculiar noise, but I can't worry about it any longer.
noble1: n1_rret_na1: We will speak no more of this foolishness.
noble1: n1_rret_ra1: A rat? It was just a rat? How mortifying.
noble1: n1_rret_se1: I'm sure I saw something. But that's enough fuss for one evening.
noble1: n1_rsur_ev_com1: Look out!
noble1: n1_rsur_ev_com2: Be careful!
noble1: n1_sleeping1: (Talking in sleep) Why, yes, Lady Fenton...don't mind if I do....
noble1: n1_sndocc1: I wonder how anyone can hear themselves think here!
noble1: n1_valley1: There's someone in the alley!
noble1: n1_vatrium1: There's someone very menacing looking in the atrium!
noble1: n1_vbathrm1: I beg your pardon... wait! Who are you?
noble1: n1_vbedrm1: How dare you! This is a private bedroom!
noble1: n1_vbsmt1: There's a bad man in the basement!
noble1: n1_vchamber1: There's someone in the chamber! Help!
noble1: n1_vchapel1: In the chapel! There's someone here!
noble1: n1_vcourtyd1: Look! There's a thief in the courtyard!
noble1: n1_vhall1: There's a prowler in the hallway!
noble1: n1_vinside1: Hey! There's an intruder in here! Can someone deal with this, please?
noble1: n1_vkitchen1: Ah, is it dinner time n-- Who are you?
noble1: n1_vlibrary1: My heavens! An intruder in the library!
noble1: n1_voutside1: There's someone outside!
noble1: n1_vrafters1: My word! What is he doing up there?
noble1: n1_vroof1: What the blazes is he doing on the roof?
noble1: n1_vstairs1: He's in the stair! Where are the guards?
noble1: n1_vstreet1: There's a ruffian out in the street!
noble1: n1_ycon1: Not quite sure....
noble1: n1_ycon2: Hurm. I wonder where it is.
noble1: n1_ycon3: Come out, whoever that is. I don't bite.
noble1: n1_ycon4: Who's that there? Hello?
noble1: n1_ycon_he1: Wonder what that noise was.
noble1: n1_ycon_he2: Definitely a peculiar noise. Let's just see what it was.
noble1: n1_ycon_he_na1: If you didn't make so much noise, we might hear it again.
noble1: n1_ycon_he_na2: Don't you tell me I didn't hear anything.
noble1: n1_ycon_na1: You look over there.
noble1: n1_ycon_na2: Do you see it yet? Look sharp!
noble1: n1_ycon_se1: I hate that, when you see something out of the corner of your eye and then it isn't there....
noble1: n1_ycon_se2: Very peculiar. Seeing things, not seeing things....
noble1: n1_ycon_se_na1: Keep a sharp eye out.
noble1: n1_ycon_se_na2: I don't see anything now, do you?
noble1: n1_yini1: Huh? Is that you, deary?
noble1: n1_yini2: What what?
noble1: n1_yini3: I beg your pardon?
noble1: n1_yini_he1: Hello hello? What's that sound?
noble1: n1_yini_he2: Queer noise, quite.
noble1: n1_yini_he3: What was that? Heard something....
noble1: n1_yini_he_na1: D'you hear that?
noble1: n1_yini_he_na2: Listen, there.
noble1: n1_yini_se1: Stop lurking about, boy. Boy?
noble1: n1_yini_se2: Thought I saw something there....
noble1: n1_yini_se_na1: Did you see that?
noble1: n1_yini_se_na2: Look there. Very peculiar.
noble1: n1_ynew1: Hum. Yes, like that.
noble1: n1_ynew2: There, exactly.
noble1: n1_ynew3: What? What? Hum.
noble1: n1_yret1: I can't think what it was.
noble1: n1_yret2: Just an idle fantasy.
noble1: n1_yret3: Enough distraction.
noble1: n1_yret_he1: No doubt it was my over-refined ears, and the breeze.
noble1: n1_yret_he2: It must have been the wind I heard.
noble1: n1_yret_na1: Well, I'm convinced it was nothing...agreed?
noble1: n1_yret_ra1: A rat! Bah. Shoo, shoo.
noble1: n1_yret_se1: Nothing to see, quite, quite.
noble1: n1_yret_se2: Just a shadow after all.

Prisoner 4:

noble1: pr4_cdam_med1: Ow! Blast!
noble1: pr4_cdie_ko1: Ugh! Not very nice....
noble1: pr4_ev_dam1: (Drunk) Oh! Was that completely (hiccups) necessary?
noble1: pr4_ev_felt1: (Drunk) Ooops...pardon (hiccups) me.
noble1: pr4_ev_felt2: (Drunk) Well, someone's got bad (hiccups) manners.
noble1: pr4_ev_maj1: (Drunk) My word! (Hiccups) How alarming!
noble1: pr4_ev_med1: (Drunk) My word! (Hiccups) How alarming!
noble1: pr4_ev_min1: (Drunk) Very (hiccups) odd.
noble1: pr4_fatigue_epi1: I really must...catch my...breath.
noble1: pr4_fcon1: (Drunk) How does one know (hiccups) which way to run?
noble1: pr4_fcon2: (Drunk) I never realized how exhausting running was.
noble1: pr4_fcon3: (Drunk) Why won't they just let me (hiccups) be?
noble1: pr4_fcow1: (drunk) No! Please! I'm no one to be trifled with! (Hiccups).
noble1: pr4_fcow2: (Drunk) Leave me! I believe I'm starting to sober up!
noble1: pr4_fhid1: (Drunk) A perfect (hiccups) little hiding spot....
noble1: pr4_fhid2: (Drunk) Oh, I do hope I'm not found.
noble1: pr4_fini1: (Drunk) Ah! I must be (hiccups) going!
noble1: pr4_fini2: (Drunk) I'm not hurting anyone (hiccups), just let me go....
noble1: pr4_fsub1: (Drunk) You've really become a (hiccups) nuisance, you know!
noble1: pr4_fsub2: (Drunk) This is all so terribly (hiccups) sobering!
noble1: pr4_gen_dazed1: Um. Hmm. Oh dear.
noble1: pr4_gen_frust1: Hmf! Just not...done....
noble1: pr4_gen_oops1: Oh dear.
noble1: pr4_gen_snapout1: Huh!
noble1: pr4_gen_startled1: Ah!
noble1: pr4_gen_suffer1: Oooh. My head hurts.
noble1: pr4_gini1: (Drunk) Wassa?
noble1: pr4_gini2: (Drunk) Hmmmm? (Hiccups).
noble1: pr4_gini3: (Drunk) Oh.
noble1: pr4_idle1: (Drunk, hiccups) Sober up? (Hiccups) Sober up? Who said I'm (hiccups) drunk...?
noble1: pr4_idle2: (Drunk) Twenty-two bottles of (hiccups) beer on the...the...(hiccups)....
noble1: pr4_idle3: (Drunk) My dear (hiccups) sir...anyone...hello? Can I (hiccups) trouble you for a bit of wine? My palate is (hiccups) feeling a tad on the dry (hiccups) side.
noble1: pr4_idle4: (Drunk) Drunk? Why the very idea is an (hiccups) outrage. I never have more than one (hiccups), or maybe two....
noble1: pr4_misc_blind_con1: I don't know, I've never been blind before!
noble1: pr4_misc_blind_con2: Is someone there? Where's the...?
noble1: pr4_misc_blind_con3: If I can...drat.
noble1: pr4_misc_blind_end1: I've never been so glad to see anything before!
noble1: pr4_misc_blind_ini1: I can't see! Ruined!
noble1: pr4_misc_noisemak1: (Drunk) Hello? (Hiccups) Somebody there?
noble1: pr4_misc_noisemak2: (Drunk) C'mon now, show yourself..(hiccups).
noble1: pr4_misc_noisemak3: (Drunk) Don't be shy...ah...ah...(hiccups).
noble1: pr4_rini1: (Drunk) My word (hiccups)! Completely unacceptable.
noble1: pr4_rini2: (Drunk) I say...(hiccups) that you, lovey?
noble1: pr4_rini3: (Drunk) It's rude to (hiccups) sneak about, you know....
noble1: pr4_rnew1: Eek!
noble1: pr4_rnew2: Eep!
noble1: pr4_rpre1: Eek!
noble1: pr4_rpre2: Eep!
noble1: pr4_sleeping1: (Talking in sleep) A ruby ring, and pearls for my ears....
noble1: pr4_yini1: (Drunk) Hello? (Hiccups) Somebody there?
noble1: pr4_yini2: (Drunk) C'mon now, show yourself..(hiccups).
noble1: pr4_yini3: (Drunk) Don't be shy...ah...ah...(hiccups).

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