T3_noble2 Edit

noble2: n2_blame_maj1: Oh! Who could have done this...? Oh my. That was you? Help! Help!
noble2: n2_blame_min1: Heavens, you're the one who's been causing this trouble. Perhaps you should just go home.
noble2: n2_cdam_hi1: Owww! Help help!
noble2: n2_cdam_hi2: Ah! I'm bleeding!
noble2: n2_cdam_hi_na1: Aaaah! Help me at once!
noble2: n2_cdam_lo1: Eek! Ow!
noble2: n2_cdam_med1: Aaah! Stop this instant!
noble2: n2_cdam_no1: Were you trying to hurt me? Really!
noble2: n2_cdie_ko1: Ugh! Not very nice....
noble2: n2_cdie_words1: Gah! This can't be right....
noble2: n2_cdie_words2: Gah! You're...fired....
noble2: n2_cdie_words3: Gah! My word...quite uncalled for....
noble2: n2_crime_hurtother1: Don't hurt us!
noble2: n2_crime_kill1: Eeee! Is that...dead?
noble2: n2_crime_lockp1: You can't go in there! Guards! Guards!
noble2: n2_crime_theft1: Thief! Help!
noble2: n2_crime_theft2: Someone's robbing me!
noble2: n2_crime_threat1: Eek! He's trying to kill me!
noble2: n2_crime_tres1: Help! There's an intruder!
noble2: n2_crime_vandal1: I won't be a party to such destruction!
noble2: n2_crime_wanted1: I think I've seen...oh! You're him!
noble2: n2_crime_wanted2: You're that...'Gorrip'! Help! Help! It's the thief, Gorrip!
noble2: n2_ev_ally1: I'm sure someone should be here. Just lazy, that's what it is.
noble2: n2_ev_ally_na1: Have you seen the guard? It's very strange.
noble2: n2_ev_ally_spooked1: My goodness. Are you all right?
noble2: n2_ev_allyf1: She can't just have vanished, that makes no sense.
noble2: n2_ev_allym1: Tsk. He seems to have wandered off.
noble2: n2_ev_an_spooked1: Look at them run around like that. Poor creatures.
noble2: n2_ev_blood1: Ew! Blood!
noble2: n2_ev_blood2: Someone's been bleeding all over the floor!
noble2: n2_ev_body1: Murder! Murder most foul!
noble2: n2_ev_body2: A corpse? Oh my goodness. At least it wasn't me.
noble2: n2_ev_body_na1: Look at that! A dead body! An actually dead body!
noble2: n2_ev_body_na2: What do you suppose happened? I think we had better be careful.
noble2: n2_ev_bodyf1: Oh my goodness gracious! She's dead!
noble2: n2_ev_bodyf2: Eek! She's dead!
noble2: n2_ev_bodyf_na1: She's not allowed to be dead! This is a well-run household!
noble2: n2_ev_bodym1: Someone actually killed him! It just isn't done!
noble2: n2_ev_bodym2: Young man, get up at once! Oh! Oh...oh dear.
noble2: n2_ev_bodym_na1: (Gasps) Is he...dead? I can't bring myself to look....
noble2: n2_ev_com1: Is someone fighting over there?
noble2: n2_ev_dam1: Whoever did that, you're going to be in such trouble!
noble2: n2_ev_dam2: That hurt!
noble2: n2_ev_door1: Someone's left the door open. Tsk.
noble2: n2_ev_door2: I'm sure that shouldn't be opened.
noble2: n2_ev_door_na1: Did you open that? You know you shouldn't be going through there.
noble2: n2_ev_door_na2: Oh dear. Do you think someone's been through there?
noble2: n2_ev_enemybody1: See what happened? I knew you'd come to a bad end.
noble2: n2_ev_felt1: How dare you!
noble2: n2_ev_felt2: My goodness! Stop it, please!
noble2: n2_ev_lightext1: That's not funny! Turn that back on at once!
noble2: n2_ev_lightoff1: I hardly think that needs to be off.
noble2: n2_ev_lightoff2: Why has that been shut off?
noble2: n2_ev_loot1: We've been...robbed!
noble2: n2_ev_loot2: How dreadful! It's gone missing!
noble2: n2_ev_loot_na1: Look here! I think we have a thief in the building!
noble2: n2_ev_maj1: Eeek! Help!
noble2: n2_ev_maj2: Oh my very very goodness!
noble2: n2_ev_med1: This is entirely unacceptable.
noble2: n2_ev_med2: Someone is going to be sacked, I can tell you that.
noble2: n2_ev_min1: I shall have to speak to the servants about this.
noble2: n2_ev_min2: This is not quite the thing.
noble2: n2_ev_res1: Oh dear. That looks like someone's been fighting. How rude.
noble2: n2_ev_ret1: I'm sure someone will take care of it soon. That's why you have servants in the first place.
noble2: n2_ev_ret_ik1: Who invited a killer anyway? He's gone now of course, but just the thought of him here makes me so...quite.
noble2: n2_ev_shadow1: What's that shadow from?
noble2: n2_ev_torchext1: Eek! The torch!
noble2: n2_ev_torchtoff1: I must speak to Mary about these torches.
noble2: n2_ev_torchtoff2: Bargain torches, never again.
noble2: n2_fatigue_epi1: I really must...catch my...breath.
noble2: n2_fcon1: I wish I could fly!
noble2: n2_fcon2: This isn't fair!
noble2: n2_fcon3: I must find the guards!
noble2: n2_fcon4: Help! Help!
noble2: n2_fcon5: Help me! Help, someone!
noble2: n2_fcon_ik1: Don't let him kill me!
noble2: n2_fcon_ik2: Someone stop him! The killer's after me!
noble2: n2_fcow1: Don't you touch me!
noble2: n2_fcow2: Keep your distance or I'll scream!
noble2: n2_fcow3: No, get away from me! Help! HELP!
noble2: n2_fhid1: Please don't let them find me....
noble2: n2_fhid2: I thought I would be stronger....
noble2: n2_fini1: Eek!
noble2: n2_fini2: Ahh!
noble2: n2_fini_human1: Someone will stop you!
noble2: n2_fini_monster1: Don't let it get me! How beastly!
noble2: n2_fini_na1: Run! Hurry!
noble2: n2_fini_pl1: (Gasps) You ruffian! There are guards for this sort of thing!
noble2: n2_fini_pl2: My word! Where are the guards?
noble2: n2_fini_pl3: What are you doing here? Ah! Surely you don't expect me to fight you!
noble2: n2_fini_pl_ik1: Oh, my goodness! Help! The murderer is chasing me!
noble2: n2_fini_pl_ik2: Huh? You're him! Someone stop him! It's the murderer!
noble2: n2_fini_pl_it1: Ah! What are you doing here? You shan't have my jewels!
noble2: n2_fini_pl_it2: Oh my goodness! It's the thief! Help!
noble2: n2_fini_zombie1: Help help! Someone stop these zombies!
noble2: n2_fsub1: Why are you still chasing me?
noble2: n2_fsub2: Whatever it was, I'm sorry!
noble2: n2_gcon1: Hello?
noble2: n2_gcon2: Excuse me?
noble2: n2_gcon_he1: Odd noise. Quite.
noble2: n2_gcon_he2: Didn't quite hear that....
noble2: n2_gcon_he_na1: Speak up, dear, you know I dislike mumbling.
noble2: n2_gcon_he_na2: Do quiet down...I'm listening for something.
noble2: n2_gcon_se1: Perhaps I but imagined I saw....
noble2: n2_gcon_se2: Just out of the corner of my eye....
noble2: n2_gcon_se_na1: Did you see something?
noble2: n2_gcon_se_na2: What was that? Did you see it?
noble2: n2_gen_aha1: Got you!
noble2: n2_gen_dazed1: Um. Hmm. Oh dear.
noble2: n2_gen_dismiss1: Quite tedious. Really none of my concern.
noble2: n2_gen_dunno1: I'm not entirely sure.
noble2: n2_gen_frust1: Hmf! Just not...done....
noble2: n2_gen_igetit1: I see. Simplicity itself.
noble2: n2_gen_no1: Certainly not.
noble2: n2_gen_oops1: Oh dear.
noble2: n2_gen_snapout1: Huh!
noble2: n2_gen_startled1: Ah!
noble2: n2_gen_startled2: What the--?
noble2: n2_gen_suffer1: Oooh. My head hurts.
noble2: n2_gen_thanks1: Why, thank you!
noble2: n2_gen_yes1: Yes. Quite.
noble2: n2_gini1: Yes?
noble2: n2_gini2: Huh?
noble2: n2_gini3: Eh?
noble2: n2_gini_he1: Odd noise.
noble2: n2_gini_he2: I say, was that a noise of some sort?
noble2: n2_gini_se1: Something in the shadow....
noble2: n2_gini_se2: Odd movement.
noble2: n2_greet_reply1: Likewise, I'm sure.
noble2: n2_greet_reply2: Good evening.
noble2: n2_greet_reply3: And a good evening to you.
noble2: n2_greet_req1: Greetings.
noble2: n2_greet_req2: Good evening.
noble2: n2_greet_req3: How nice to see you again.
noble2: n2_gret1: Too much woolgathering.
noble2: n2_gret2: I'm entirely too distractable.
noble2: n2_gret3: Mustn't let my mind wander like that.
noble2: n2_gret_he1: Queer noise, but not my concern.
noble2: n2_gret_he2: I must put in some rugs. It's quite too noisy.
noble2: n2_gret_na1: (Sigh) We're just getting old and imagining things.
noble2: n2_gret_na2: There's nothing there, and don't you try and tell me otherwise.
noble2: n2_gret_se1: I wonder what I saw there. Oh well.
noble2: n2_gret_se2: I don't see anything now.
noble2: n2_gsub1: What is it? Not again.
noble2: n2_gsub2: Hum. It's back.
noble2: n2_iann1: I'll just go fetch someone!
noble2: n2_iann_citywatch1: Guards! Guards! Hurry!
noble2: n2_iann_citywatch2: You just wait here, I'll go get a guard.
noble2: n2_iann_pl1: What are you doing here? I'm going to tell the guards!
noble2: n2_iann_pl2: Why you! You just wait here! The guards will soon put you to rights!
noble2: n2_iarr_gone1: I'm sure it was here. Or was it the parlor?
noble2: n2_iarr_gone2: This is very odd. It was here before.
noble2: n2_iarr_gone_pl1: He was just here, I'm sure of it.
noble2: n2_iarr_gone_pl2: He must be hiding around somewhere. Find him!
noble2: n2_iarr_pres1: I did tell you so!
noble2: n2_iarr_pres2: It's just as I said!
noble2: n2_iarr_pres_pl1: He's right there! Someone had better get him.
noble2: n2_iarr_pres_pl2: Move your lazy carcasses and get him!
noble2: n2_idle1: I do hate to think it, but Mary is just not as quick as she used to be. It was nearly half past seven before the fire was built up this morning, I was quite chilly when it came time for breakfast.
noble2: n2_idle2: I wonder what the Poldersons meant, serving poached fish. A hint, I think, that they consider my dear husband not as strong-minded as he might be when it comes to current events. Poached, indeed. I must remember to not invite the Poldersons to the mid-season gala.
noble2: n2_idle3: They tell me the season favors crimson this year. Well, that is all very well for the young women, but it is not the done thing when one is beginning to show silver. I shall have to speak to Buscomb about it. There must be something that will suit.
noble2: n2_idle4: To take the season in the country? What can he be thinking? I can't believe things will be as dangerous as all that, not in the proper neighborhoods. And the country? With actual sheep? Utter nonsense.
noble2: n2_idle5: The weather has been simply frightful these past few weeks. I shouldn't be surprised if it snowed, not at this point. Someone should really do something about this--what's the point of living in The City if one is still at the mercy of foul weather?
noble2: n2_idle_an1: My goodness. That's an actual or another. I think it's looking at me.
noble2: n2_idle_bs1: I can't believe the state this basement has gotten to! Look at those cobwebs. Has anyone dusted in the past year? Things have gotten far too lax, it is plain to see.
noble2: n2_idle_bs2: I had never noticed how... dank... it was down here. And no windows. Well, I suppose there wouldn't be. But still, it's all very... oppressive.
noble2: n2_idle_ou1: Oh, my hair will be a perfect fright by the time I get out of this wind. And my nose will be as red as a radish. I shall die if anyone sees me, I am sure.
noble2: n2_idle_ou2: It's so... dirty out here. Rubbish and muck everywhere. Isn't there someone paid to deal with these things?
noble2: n2_idle_ra1: A rat! How disgusting!
noble2: n2_idle_st1: It's quite invigorating being out, among the common folk! Just see how they look up to me! I really should do this more often.
noble2: n2_idle_st2: I don't see why they couldn't have come to see me. It's a great inconvenience for me to have to travel all the way there. Some people have no manners at all.
noble2: n2_irep1: Hello. Would look over there? I believe I saw something. It's very strange.
noble2: n2_irep_body1: Come at once! I saw a corpse. I'm sure of it!
noble2: n2_irep_ik1: The murderer very nearly had me!
noble2: n2_irep_it1: I saw the thief! Get him!
noble2: n2_irep_pl1: I was set upon by an intruder!
noble2: n2_irep_pl2: There's an intruder! Someone go and take care of him!
noble2: n2_misc_blind_con1: I don't know, I've never been blind before!
noble2: n2_misc_blind_con2: Is someone there? Where's the...?
noble2: n2_misc_blind_con3: If I can...drat.
noble2: n2_misc_blind_end1: I've never been so glad to see anything before!
noble2: n2_misc_blind_ini1: I can't see! Ruined!
noble2: n2_misc_noisemak1: I've never heard the like before!
noble2: n2_misc_noisesup1: My ears seem to be ringing. How inconvenient.
noble2: n2_misc_pickp1: Someone has stolen my purse!
noble2: n2_nbarrel1: I'm sure I never trusted barrels. Sneaky things.
noble2: n2_nchair1: Perhaps I shall sit down--but no.
noble2: n2_ncouch1: The divan does look comfortable.
noble2: n2_ncrate1: Someone could be just crouching there, behind the crate!
noble2: n2_ndesk1: I hope the servants have not been going through the desk.
noble2: n2_ndoor1: Yes, yes, near the door.
noble2: n2_nladder1: Is something there by the ladder?
noble2: n2_nmach1: I hate to go so close to the machinery. Nasty dirty things.
noble2: n2_nshadow1: It really is very dark over there.
noble2: n2_nshelf1: What was that past the shelves?
noble2: n2_nstatue1: Is someone behind the statue?
noble2: n2_ntable1: I had not noticed before, that table needs dusting.
noble2: n2_obs_citywatch1: I feel so much safer now.
noble2: n2_obs_citywatch2: Hello, Officer.
noble2: n2_obs_commoner1: Don't you have someplace to be?
noble2: n2_obs_commoner2: How can they stand being so dirty?
noble2: n2_obs_guard1: (Under the breath) Paid entirely too much....
noble2: n2_obs_guard2: Don't slouch.
noble2: n2_obs_hammer1: I wonder if he ever smiles.
noble2: n2_obs_hammer_friend1: I feel so much safer knowing that you people are out hitting bad guys.
noble2: n2_obs_noble1: A pleasant evening to you.
noble2: n2_obs_noble2: Such a fine night.
noble2: n2_obs_noblef1: How do you do, madam.
noble2: n2_obs_noblef2: Is that new? It's very...interesting.
noble2: n2_obs_noblem1: So good to see you, sirrah.
noble2: n2_obs_noblem2: Good evening, my lord.
noble2: n2_obs_pagan1: Eeek. What a wretched looking...person.
noble2: n2_obs_pagan_friend1: You folk do have such a way with flowers.
noble2: n2_obs_pl1: Dirty looking fellow.
noble2: n2_obs_pl2: Just ignore him....
noble2: n2_obs_pl3: He looks dangerous.
noble2: n2_pagancornerstone1: I do wish my garden would grow so well.
noble2: n2_rcon1: I'm sure whatever it was won't hide forever.
noble2: n2_rcon2: If you aren't out here and in good form right now, I'm sacking your worthless hide!
noble2: n2_rcon3: Show yourself at once!
noble2: n2_rcon_he1: I heard you plain as day.
noble2: n2_rcon_he2: You're out there somewhere, I heard you, don't you think I didn't.
noble2: n2_rcon_he3: I'm sure I heard you, missy.
noble2: n2_rcon_he_na1: I don't think it's still making the noise. Do you?
noble2: n2_rcon_he_na2: Show yourself! We heard you there!
noble2: n2_rcon_ia_na1: You'll protect me if things start getting odd again, won't you?
noble2: n2_rcon_ik_na1: You don't think this could be...the MURDERER?
noble2: n2_rcon_it_na1: Oooh, do you think this is the thief?
noble2: n2_rcon_na1: Keep looking. I didn't just imagine it.
noble2: n2_rcon_na2: We're going to find you soon enough!
noble2: n2_rcon_se1: I'm sure I saw you. Just you wait.
noble2: n2_rcon_se2: Come out in the light, you.
noble2: n2_rcon_se3: Don't think I didn't see that!
noble2: n2_rcon_se_na1: Keep looking around. I'm sure I saw something.
noble2: n2_rcon_se_na2: I'm sure I saw it just here. Did you check there too?
noble2: n2_repri_bump_init1: (Coldly) Excuse me.
noble2: n2_repri_bump_init2: Eeek! Did you touch me?
noble2: n2_repri_bump_init3: Why, you! You! You jostled me!
noble2: n2_repri_hurt_init1: You hurt me! You scoundrel!
noble2: n2_repri_hurtother_init1: Stop that at once, you cad!
noble2: n2_repri_hurtother_sub1: You horrible man! Stop that, you're hurting them!
noble2: n2_repri_lockp_init1: What are those things you have? Are can't open that!
noble2: n2_repri_odd_init1: Do you have a license for that?
noble2: n2_repri_odd_init2: Good heavens, stop that!
noble2: n2_repri_over1: There, that's better. I knew you could behave if you tried.
noble2: n2_repri_over2: Much better. I thought you would never stop.
noble2: n2_repri_stare_init1: It's really quite rude to stare.
noble2: n2_repri_stare_init2: Have you nothing better to do, young man?
noble2: n2_repri_theft_init1: What were stole that! How dare you?
noble2: n2_repri_theft_init2: What do you think you're doing? You scamp!
noble2: n2_repri_threat_init1: You stop that right this instant!
noble2: n2_repri_threat_init2: The very idea, threatening me! Stop that!
noble2: n2_repri_threat_sub1: How dare you threaten me?
noble2: n2_repri_threat_sub2: You ruffian! I shall call the guard if you persist!
noble2: n2_repri_thrown_init1: Is this some lower-class idea of fun?
noble2: n2_repri_thrown_sub1: Are you trying to hit me? I shall summon the guards!
noble2: n2_repri_tres_init1: You just take yourself right away again!
noble2: n2_repri_tres_init2: Oh, shoo, shoo, this is private property.
noble2: n2_repri_vandal_init1: That's valuable! Stop that!
noble2: n2_repri_vandal_sub1: I'm going to have to ask you to be on your way if you can't keep from breaking things.
noble2: n2_rini1: Come out at once!
noble2: n2_rini2: That's quite enough!
noble2: n2_rini3: I really must object!
noble2: n2_rini4: This is entirely uncalled for! Stop skulking at once!
noble2: n2_rini5: Do show yourself, whoever that was.
noble2: n2_rini_he1: You had better come out soon. I hear you there.
noble2: n2_rini_he2: What do you think you're doing? I can hear you!
noble2: n2_rini_he3: I hear you! I shall have you sacked if you don't show yourself!
noble2: n2_rini_he_na1: My goodness! Did you hear that?
noble2: n2_rini_he_na2: What was that noise? Did you hear it?
noble2: n2_rini_se1: Whoever that was, I saw that!
noble2: n2_rini_se2: Don't try and pretend I didn't see you.
noble2: n2_rini_se3: Do you work here? Let me get a better look at you.
noble2: n2_rini_se_na1: It's right there! I saw it!
noble2: n2_rini_se_na2: Look that way, you idiot!
noble2: n2_rnew1: This is too very disturbing.
noble2: n2_rnew2: Who was that? You there!
noble2: n2_rnew3: Come out,!
noble2: n2_rnew_he1: Aha! I heard it again!
noble2: n2_rnew_se1: I saw you! Show yourself!
noble2: n2_rpre1: Good heavens!
noble2: n2_rpre2: Really!
noble2: n2_rpre3: Aha!
noble2: n2_rret1: I simply can't be bothered by it any longer.
noble2: n2_rret2: They'll mock me for this if I tell them. I just won't tell them.
noble2: n2_rret3: I must have a nap. This has been entirely too much fuss over nothing.
noble2: n2_rret_he1: I really did think I heard something, I was so sure...Oh well.
noble2: n2_rret_na1: This is getting nowhere. We haven't the faintest idea what it was after all.
noble2: n2_rret_ra1: Eeeek! A rat! Oh. A rat. It was just a rat.
noble2: n2_rret_se1: I'm sure someone else will deal with it, whatever it was I saw.
noble2: n2_rsur_ev_com1: Oh my heavens! Help!
noble2: n2_rsur_ev_com2: Watch out!
noble2: n2_sleeping1: (Talking in sleep) A ruby ring, and pearls for my ears....
noble2: n2_sndocc1: Such a din! It can't be good for my ears!
noble2: n2_valley1: I'm sure people who lurk about in alleys can only be up to no good.
noble2: n2_vatrium1: There's someone in the atrium! Hurry!
noble2: n2_vbathrm1: Oh, I'm very sorry, sir, I didn't mean to--Hey!
noble2: n2_vbedrm1: There's a prowler in the bedroom!
noble2: n2_vbsmt1: Help! There's someone downstairs!
noble2: n2_vchamber1: My word! There's someone in the chamber!
noble2: n2_vchapel1: Help! There's a rather rough looking gentleman in the chapel!
noble2: n2_vcourtyd1: In the courtyard! It's a...a...some sort of ruffian!
noble2: n2_vhall1: Eek! There's someone in the hallway! Some ruffian!
noble2: n2_vinside1: Eek! How did you get in here?
noble2: n2_vkitchen1: What are you doing in there? Don't you dare steal any food!
noble2: n2_vlibrary1: Eek! A-a rogue librarian!
noble2: n2_voutside1: Oh! There's a very nasty looking person outside!
noble2: n2_vrafters1: Oh my goodness! He's way up there!
noble2: n2_vroof1: He's on the roof! Look at that!
noble2: n2_vstairs1: He's in the stair! He could get anywhere!
noble2: n2_vstreet1: Oh my goodness! There was a horrible man in the street!
noble2: n2_ycon1: I thought there was something....
noble2: n2_ycon2: Very peculiar. What could it have been?
noble2: n2_ycon3: Hello? Hello? Yoo hoo!
noble2: n2_ycon4: Is someone back there?
noble2: n2_ycon_he1: I'm sure I heard...something.
noble2: n2_ycon_he2: I don't think I imagined the noise.
noble2: n2_ycon_he_na1: Sssh, ssh, it's around here somewhere.
noble2: n2_ycon_he_na2: I'm telling you, it was a very peculiar noise.
noble2: n2_ycon_na1: Let's just keep looking, shall we?
noble2: n2_ycon_na2: I'm sure we'll turn up whatever it was.
noble2: n2_ycon_se1: I know I saw something around here....
noble2: n2_ycon_se2: My eyes don't play that sort of trick...usually....
noble2: n2_ycon_se_na1: What did you say it looked like?
noble2: n2_ycon_se_na2: I'm sure I saw it. Just right there.
noble2: n2_yini1: Hello?
noble2: n2_yini2: Who's there?
noble2: n2_yini3: Hello? Who's that?
noble2: n2_yini_he1: Who's that I hear?
noble2: n2_yini_he2: What's that noise about?
noble2: n2_yini_he3: Peculiar noise, definitely.
noble2: n2_yini_he_na1: Ssh. No, not you.
noble2: n2_yini_he_na2: Did you hear that?
noble2: n2_yini_se1: I don't know who that is, but I saw that.
noble2: n2_yini_se2: I most definitely saw... Well. Maybe not definitely.
noble2: n2_yini_se_na1: Look there, will you? I believe I saw something.
noble2: n2_yini_se_na2: Dear, would you look over there?
noble2: n2_ynew1: Wait, was that....
noble2: n2_ynew2: Hmm. There it was again.
noble2: n2_ynew3: Yes, like that.
noble2: n2_yret1: My nerves are entirely overworked these days.
noble2: n2_yret2: I could have sworn that...ah well.
noble2: n2_yret3: I simply must stop jumping at nothing.
noble2: n2_yret_he1: Perhaps it was rats I heard. I shudder at the idea.
noble2: n2_yret_he2: I must say I disapprove of house noises like that. Houses should be silent.
noble2: n2_yret_na1: You've gone and distracted me with this fuss.
noble2: n2_yret_ra1: Good heavens! A rat! Nasty creature, startling me like that.
noble2: n2_yret_se1: I must speak to Mary about dusting. Seeing who knows what in the cobwebs.
noble2: n2_yret_se2: Well, I don't see it now.

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