T3_pagan2 Edit

pagan2: p2_blame_maj1: You? I saws what you did! You dies for it!
pagan2: p2_blame_min1: You bes to blame for this! Bes not doing those troubles no more.
pagan2: p2_caim1: You bes in my sightings, manfool....
pagan2: p2_caim2: Readies...aim....
pagan2: p2_caim_na1: Hold on...I think I can gets him....
pagan2: p2_catt1: Hi ya!
pagan2: p2_catt2: Nngah!
pagan2: p2_catt3: Die!
pagan2: p2_catt4: Manfool!
pagan2: p2_catt5: Come on, die!
pagan2: p2_catt_hi1: You bes dead!
pagan2: p2_catt_hi2: I bes winning!
pagan2: p2_catt_hi_na1: We bes the victors!
pagan2: p2_catt_hi_na2: We bes too much for him!
pagan2: p2_catt_lo1: Stops!
pagan2: p2_catt_lo2: Get aways!
pagan2: p2_catt_lo_na1: (Weak, scared grunt) Helpers me!
pagan2: p2_catt_lo_na2: Gets him off me, now!
pagan2: p2_catt_ran1: Ha! Away!
pagan2: p2_catt_ran2: Fly truesy!
pagan2: p2_cdam_hi1: Gaaah! I bleeding....
pagan2: p2_cdam_hi2: Aahhh! My Leafy Lord!
pagan2: p2_cdam_hi3: Gah! Canst take!
pagan2: p2_cdam_hi_na1: Gaaah! I bes hurt, helpers me!
pagan2: p2_cdam_hi_na2: Ahhh! Help, I bes hitted!
pagan2: p2_cdam_hi_na3: Haagh! I'm!
pagan2: p2_cdam_lo1: Hey!
pagan2: p2_cdam_lo2: That's it?
pagan2: p2_cdam_lo3: Stings!
pagan2: p2_cdam_med1: Argh! Woodsie!
pagan2: p2_cdam_med2: Ugh! I guess you CAN fights....
pagan2: p2_cdam_med3: Ah! Watch it theres!
pagan2: p2_cdam_no1: Fights like you mean it, City!
pagan2: p2_cdam_no2: You bes fights like a mouse!
pagan2: p2_cdam_no3: Ha! Bes not even a scratch!
pagan2: p2_cdie_ko1: Oof...whats...errrrg.
pagan2: p2_cdie_words1: Gaaa! Bes...darking...nows....
pagan2: p2_cdie_words2: Ahhh! I bes...deaded....
pagan2: p2_cdie_words3: Huuugh!
pagan2: p2_cexp_hi1: For them Woodsie Lord!
pagan2: p2_cexp_hi2: Ha! I bes kill you soon!
pagan2: p2_cexp_hi_f_na1: Hit her agains! She bes not last much longer!
pagan2: p2_cexp_hi_m_na1: He bes a goner soon!
pagan2: p2_cexp_hi_m_na2: Keeps at him, he bes dead soon!
pagan2: p2_cexp_lo1: Woodsies! Cityhead bes beating me!
pagan2: p2_cexp_lo2: I bes in troubled!
pagan2: p2_cexp_lo_f_na1: Gets her! I bes failing....
pagan2: p2_cexp_lo_m_na1: Gets him! He bes too quick for me!
pagan2: p2_cexp_lo_m_na2: Helpers me with him! Quick!
pagan2: p2_cexp_med1: A tough one!
pagan2: p2_cexp_med2: strong....
pagan2: p2_cexp_med_f_na1: Watch out! She bes a tough one!
pagan2: p2_cexp_med_m_na1: Careful! He bes a tough one!
pagan2: p2_cexp_med_m_na2: Look outs! Him bes stronger than he looks!
pagan2: p2_chit1: Bleed!
pagan2: p2_chit2: Gots you!
pagan2: p2_chit3: Bes a strong blow!
pagan2: p2_chit_ran1: Aha!
pagan2: p2_chit_ran2: Me gots him!
pagan2: p2_chit_ran3: Yes--it gots him!
pagan2: p2_cini1: Ah, there you bes! You bes sorry now, manfool!
pagan2: p2_cini2: There you bes! Arrgh! You dies!
pagan2: p2_cini3: I bes knew I would finders you! Now you bes deaded!
pagan2: p2_cini4: You bes right there! You dies!
pagan2: p2_cini5: There you bes! I bes kill you now!
pagan2: p2_cini6: Oh, founded you! Ready to fights, City? Go to them earth!
pagan2: p2_cini_enr1: Heres I come, Manfool!
pagan2: p2_cini_enr2: Bes your last breath!
pagan2: p2_cini_enr3: You bes deaded!
pagan2: p2_cini_hammer1: Wieldy Hammer! You dies!
pagan2: p2_cini_hammer_na1: Let's go! Death to all Hammerheads!
pagan2: p2_cini_human1: I bes kill you now!
pagan2: p2_cini_human_na1: Come on! Let's fighting this cityhead!
pagan2: p2_cini_ik1: You! You sapped your last, murderer!
pagan2: p2_cini_it1: Aha! Bes you that thief!
pagan2: p2_cini_monster1: Monster! You bes not woodsie!
pagan2: p2_cini_monster_na1: Come on! Let's get them monster!
pagan2: p2_cini_na1: There he bes! Go, go!
pagan2: p2_cini_na2: There he bes! Let's get him!
pagan2: p2_cini_na3: I founders him! Helpers me! Don't lets him escape!
pagan2: p2_cini_zombie1: Die, zombie! Die!
pagan2: p2_cini_zombie_na1: Ah! Help me kills this zombie! Quick!
pagan2: p2_ckil1: You bes finished, Cityman!
pagan2: p2_ckil2: You're dead!
pagan2: p2_ckil3: You dies now!
pagan2: p2_cmis1: You bes nimble!
pagan2: p2_cmis2: Oh! I missed!
pagan2: p2_cmis3: Fast for a Cityhead....
pagan2: p2_cmis_na1: He's a tricky one....
pagan2: p2_cmis_na2: Missed! Help me gets him!
pagan2: p2_cmis_ran1: Ah! Badsy aim!
pagan2: p2_cmis_ran2: No! I bes missed him!
pagan2: p2_cmis_ran3: Ah! Him dodged it!
pagan2: p2_cret_kil1: I gots you! Deaded manfool...I bes wish there were more Citymen to kill....
pagan2: p2_cret_kil2: Done and done! Them leafs will feeders on him now....
pagan2: p2_cret_kil_na1: We bes unbeatable, eh?
pagan2: p2_cret_kil_na2: Goodsie fighting. Bes him dead, right? Just double checks....
pagan2: p2_cret_kil_pl1: Bes you a thief? No, bes you dead....
pagan2: p2_cret_kil_pl_na1: We should tells someone...that them Garrett bes deaded....
pagan2: p2_crime_hurtother1: Garrett bes a fightering!
pagan2: p2_crime_kill1: Them woods cries for vengeance now!
pagan2: p2_crime_lockp1: Cityhead Garrett bes breakering in here!
pagan2: p2_crime_theft1: Garrett! Bes thievering from us!
pagan2: p2_crime_threat1: Bes Garrett threatering! Bes showing you!
pagan2: p2_crime_tres1: You shoulders not be here! Never! Bes punish for that!
pagan2: p2_crime_vandal1: Not bes breakering nothing now!
pagan2: p2_csub1: This time I bes finish you!
pagan2: p2_csub2: You! This times you'll die!
pagan2: p2_csub_na1: There's that manfool! Let's finish him!
pagan2: p2_csur1: Wha--? There! Aw, you bes sorry now, manfool!
pagan2: p2_csur2: Oh! Arrgh! You dies!
pagan2: p2_csur3: Woodsies! You bes right there! Now you bes deaded!
pagan2: p2_csur4: Ah! Bes right in front of me! Now die!
pagan2: p2_csur5: Hey! Stop! I bes killing you! For them Leafy Lord!
pagan2: p2_csur6: Ah! Hey, slimy slug! Ready to fights, City?
pagan2: p2_csur_ik1: Oh! Arrggh! You sapped your last, murderer!
pagan2: p2_csur_it1: What? Aha! Bes you that thief!
pagan2: p2_csur_na1: Ah! There he bes! Go, go!
pagan2: p2_csur_na2: Hey! Intruder! Let's get him!
pagan2: p2_csur_na3: Woodsies! Oh, don't let him escape!
pagan2: p2_enr_con1: I bes kill you! I bes stomp on you! I bes feeder you to them sycamores! Argh!
pagan2: p2_enr_con2: I bes seesie red! Bes so mad I could crush your head!
pagan2: p2_enr_con3: Stoppers! Just stoppers it! Bes you a badsy manfool!
pagan2: p2_enr_warn1: I bes getting very angried! Can't you just fights?
pagan2: p2_enr_warn2: Stoppers that! You foolsy Cityhead!
pagan2: p2_ev_ally1: Hmm, me thought someone supposed to be heres....
pagan2: p2_ev_ally_na1: There should bes someone guarding here, right? Where bes you think they went?
pagan2: p2_ev_ally_spooked1: What bes wrong?
pagan2: p2_ev_allyf1: Hey, Flora? Flora? You bes shouldn't leavers your post you know!
pagan2: p2_ev_allym1: Hmm. Where could he be gones to? Strange....
pagan2: p2_ev_an_spooked1: They bes spooked. And animals can sense things we bes can't....
pagan2: p2_ev_blood1: Ah! Bloods! Bes someone hurt?
pagan2: p2_ev_body1: Someone is deaded here!
pagan2: p2_ev_body2: Bes you...oh! You bes deaded!
pagan2: p2_ev_body_na1: Looksy! Killed! Do you know who coulds have done this?
pagan2: p2_ev_bodyf1: Looksy here! She bes slained!
pagan2: p2_ev_bodyf_na1: I bes ready to avenge this deaded woman, are you?
pagan2: p2_ev_bodym1: What bes this? Him bes slain!
pagan2: p2_ev_bodym_na1: Sapped! Well, better hims than us, eh?
pagan2: p2_ev_com1: Heres I come! Hold on!
pagan2: p2_ev_com2: Finally! A fightings!
pagan2: p2_ev_dam1: Hey! Who bes did that?
pagan2: p2_ev_door1: OK, who forgotted to closer them door?
pagan2: p2_ev_door_na1: Isn't them door supposed to bes closed?
pagan2: p2_ev_enemybody1: Bes no betters than you shoulds.
pagan2: p2_ev_felt1: Dids something bumped me?
pagan2: p2_ev_felt2: Hey, what bes that I felt?
pagan2: p2_ev_lightext1: All right, who put them lights out?
pagan2: p2_ev_lightoff1: Them light shouldn't bes off.
pagan2: p2_ev_loot1: Hmm, I thinkers something might bes missing....
pagan2: p2_ev_loot_na1: Careful, I bes think there's a thievesy around, some things bes missing....
pagan2: p2_ev_maj1: Protctor me, Leafy King! Ah!
pagan2: p2_ev_med1: Oh! This bes wrong!
pagan2: p2_ev_min1: Hmmm....
pagan2: p2_ev_res1: What bes this? Some battleings or something....
pagan2: p2_ev_ret1: I hopes someone else bes taking care of this, I'm backing to work now.
pagan2: p2_ev_ret2: This bes a bad and weirding nights...but somebody else bes have to figure it all out...not me.
pagan2: p2_ev_ret_ik1: Well...them killer bes long gone by bes just like a Hammerhead to kill and run....
pagan2: p2_ev_shadow1: Funny shadow....
pagan2: p2_ev_torchext1: Hey! What bes happened to them torch?
pagan2: p2_ev_torchext2: Huh? Them torch....
pagan2: p2_ev_torchtoff1: Hmm. That torch bes out.
pagan2: p2_ev_torchtoff2: Someone should bes relight that thing.
pagan2: p2_fatigue_epi1: (Huffs & puffs) Gots to...(huffs) catching my breath....
pagan2: p2_fatigue_epi2: (Wheezes) Woodsies...bes so...(wheezes) out of breaths....
pagan2: p2_fatigue_se1: Hold on...I bes...need to catchers my...breath here....
pagan2: p2_fcon1: Aaah! Bes chasing me!
pagan2: p2_fcon2: Comings through!
pagan2: p2_fcon3: Must getters away!
pagan2: p2_fcon_ik1: Helpers me! It's them murderer!
pagan2: p2_fcon_ik2: Help! Murderer! Them sapper bes hunting me!
pagan2: p2_fcow1: Leave me be, leave me be!
pagan2: p2_fcow2: No...stays you away!
pagan2: p2_fhid1: Bes safe here....
pagan2: p2_fhid2: No one finders me here....
pagan2: p2_fini1: Me bes gone now!
pagan2: p2_fini2: Gotta go....
pagan2: p2_fini_hammer1: Help! Hammerheads be here!
pagan2: p2_fini_human1: No mores! You win!
pagan2: p2_fini_monster1: Can't someone stoppers this monster?
pagan2: p2_fini_na1: Let's get out of heres!
pagan2: p2_fini_pl1: He bes too much for me! Help!
pagan2: p2_fini_pl2: Can't takes it! He bes too tough....
pagan2: p2_fini_pl3: I bes go! Or I bes deaded....
pagan2: p2_fini_pl_ik1: Murderer! Run aways!
pagan2: p2_fini_pl_it1: No mores, thief! You wins!
pagan2: p2_fini_zombie1: Helper me! Them zombies be getting me!
pagan2: p2_frust1: Bes you a cowards? Getsy over here!
pagan2: p2_frust2: How long bes you stay there, manfool?
pagan2: p2_frust3: Sooner or later I bes killing you!
pagan2: p2_frust_f_na1: Go on, shoots her!
pagan2: p2_frust_m_na1: Taksey aim on him!
pagan2: p2_frust_up1: You canst stay up there forever, manfool!
pagan2: p2_fsub1: No! I bes too hurt to fights you!
pagan2: p2_fsub2: Ah! Where can I hidings?
pagan2: p2_gcon1: Theres.
pagan2: p2_gcon2: Somethings?
pagan2: p2_gcon_he1: Noisings...noisings....
pagan2: p2_gcon_he2: hearsy...something?
pagan2: p2_gcon_he_na1: Yous hearsy that?
pagan2: p2_gcon_he_na2: Stoppers and listens...hears you anythings?
pagan2: p2_gcon_se1: Movers something?
pagan2: p2_gcon_se2: Seesie me right?
pagan2: p2_gcon_se_na1: Waits...saws you that too?
pagan2: p2_gcon_se_na2: Seesie that? Or bes it just me?
pagan2: p2_gen_aha1: Founded you!
pagan2: p2_gen_aha2: I seesie you!
pagan2: p2_gen_aha3: I found you!
pagan2: p2_gen_dazed1: Ssss...something...goinged on...?
pagan2: p2_gen_dazed2: Oh...bes nettles in my heads....
pagan2: p2_gen_dazed3: Whoa...woodsies...what bes goinged on?
pagan2: p2_gen_dismiss1: Bes think nots....
pagan2: p2_gen_dismiss2:
pagan2: p2_gen_dismiss3: No. Not interested.
pagan2: p2_gen_distress3: Oh!
pagan2: p2_gen_dunno1: Ah...don't quite knows....
pagan2: p2_gen_dunno2: I bes don't know....
pagan2: p2_gen_dunno3: Hmmm...I bes uncertain.
pagan2: p2_gen_frust1: Grrrr!
pagan2: p2_gen_frust2: Ssss...slimy slugs!
pagan2: p2_gen_frust3:, no, no!
pagan2: p2_gen_hack1: (Hacking & wheezing) lungs....
pagan2: p2_gen_igetit1: Oh, yeah!
pagan2: p2_gen_igetit2: I see, I see....
pagan2: p2_gen_igetit3: Oh, now I gets it.
pagan2: p2_gen_no1: Uh uh.
pagan2: p2_gen_no2: No ways....
pagan2: p2_gen_no3: Bes think no....
pagan2: p2_gen_oof1: Wooo--hey!
pagan2: p2_gen_oof2: Clumsy....
pagan2: p2_gen_oof3: Bes--ah!
pagan2: p2_gen_oops1: Drats!
pagan2: p2_gen_oops2: Bes I do that?
pagan2: p2_gen_oops3: Ooo...thorns!
pagan2: p2_gen_snapout1: So!
pagan2: p2_gen_snapout2: Grrr...ack!
pagan2: p2_gen_snapout3: Oh boysie!
pagan2: p2_gen_startled1: Wha--?
pagan2: p2_gen_startled2: Ah!
pagan2: p2_gen_startled3: Hey!
pagan2: p2_gen_suffer2: poor skull....
pagan2: p2_gen_suffer3: head...needs something for this aching....
pagan2: p2_gen_thanks1: Bes thanking you.
pagan2: p2_gen_thanks2: Oh, say, thanks.
pagan2: p2_gen_thanks3: I bes thanking you.
pagan2: p2_gen_yes1: Yes.
pagan2: p2_gen_yes2: Right.
pagan2: p2_gen_yes3: Yes, yesses, yessing.
pagan2: p2_gini1: Sss....
pagan2: p2_gini2: Eh?
pagan2: p2_gini3: Ha?
pagan2: p2_gini5: Oh!
pagan2: p2_gini_he1: Me heards...something?
pagan2: p2_gini_he2: Hears me that?
pagan2: p2_gini_se1: Seesie
pagan2: p2_gini_se2: Thinks I sawed....
pagan2: p2_greet_reply1: Goodsie.
pagan2: p2_greet_reply2: Him that bes them leafs and trees.
pagan2: p2_greet_reply3: Yeah...OK.
pagan2: p2_greet_req1: Bes well?
pagan2: p2_greet_req2: Him bes them honey and them jacksberry....
pagan2: p2_greet_req3: Death to them manfools....
pagan2: p2_gret1: Hmmm. All bes woodsie well....
pagan2: p2_gret2: Seems goodsie...bes me back to workings....
pagan2: p2_gret3: Fah! I bes jumped at nothings....
pagan2: p2_gret_he1: Huh. I don't be hears anything now.
pagan2: p2_gret_he2: Goodsie. It bes quiet now....
pagan2: p2_gret_na1: Forget it. It bes was nothing.
pagan2: p2_gret_na2: Are you bes ready to get back to work?
pagan2: p2_gret_se1: Nothings...eyes bes mistaken....
pagan2: p2_gret_se2: Nothings...bes didn't see anything.
pagan2: p2_gsub1: Something agains? Hmmm....
pagan2: p2_gsub2: Ssss...more slitherings? Not sure....
pagan2: p2_iann1: Be go getting some help with this....
pagan2: p2_iann2: Going to gets help...can't handle alone....
pagan2: p2_iann_pl1: Arg! You! I bes go getting some help to deal with you!
pagan2: p2_iann_pl2: It bes you! Waits there, I bes go and get the others....
pagan2: p2_iarr_gone1: No, really! Bes was here just a minute ago!
pagan2: p2_iarr_gone_pl1: This bes the right spot...but him bes not here any more....
pagan2: p2_iarr_pres1: Theres! Theres!
pagan2: p2_iarr_pres_pl1: There he bes! Just like I said!
pagan2: p2_iarr_srch1: I believe you, let's looksy around a bit....
pagan2: p2_iarr_srch_pl1: Bes this the spot? He's not here...better looks around....
pagan2: p2_idle1: Why not? A little bit o' them jacksberry wine...sounds goodsie to me right nows....
pagan2: p2_idle2: I likes the night...them moon be high in the sky...them night sounds...crickets...tongbeetles... chirpers...rugity toads...them all makers them their music on my ears....
pagan2: p2_idle3: If them Hammerheads aren't stopped...they be builders up the whole world...bes no treesies left...bes no herbies left...bes no Pagans left...all them leafers or vines, none left...oh....
pagan2: p2_idle4: Mes hopes I seesie a cityhead tonight...I bes want to feeders a fleshy fat corpse to them sycamores and leafy ones....
pagan2: p2_idle5: (Sniffs the air) Air smells...sweeting...(sniffs)...must be the honeybells in bloomed...or them malloweed...either one makers a fine, finer, finesy mead....
pagan2: p2_idle6: Him that bes the Woodsie King, Him that bes them Leafy Lord, Speakers to me, Shelters to me, Show'rs to me the greens and wonderment....
pagan2: p2_idle7: City fools, buildering badness, foe of the Pagan, if I be seesie you, I bes sapping your bloods into them earths 'til you bes dead, deaded, deadings...ha....
pagan2: p2_idle8: If it be the semi-moons, then planters mes them eglantines, or sweetbrier, or goodsie vine, yeah...and reapers them on the season's endings....
pagan2: p2_idle_an1: Sweet small woodsie creature....
pagan2: p2_idle_bs1: I bes likes it better outside...outside bes better....
pagan2: p2_idle_ra1: Friend rats...I bes have no foods for yous....
pagan2: p2_idle_st1: Pah...Cityheads...sleeper in them buildings...just them waits.
pagan2: p2_idle_st2: All thems stones and metal...all builded up...sometimes I bes can't breathe for all the builded up....
pagan2: p2_irep1: Needers help. Come quick!
pagan2: p2_irep_body1: Everyone! Oh, there bes something wrong. Bloods! Someone got sapped dead back there.
pagan2: p2_irep_ik1: Quick! I needers help! There bes a killer!
pagan2: p2_irep_it1: Helpers me! Bes a thief back there!
pagan2: p2_irep_pl1: (Out of breath) Needers help...a...bes an intruder....
pagan2: p2_irep_pl2: Come helpers me! Bes a manfool over there!
pagan2: p2_ires1: OK, bes you show me!
pagan2: p2_misc_blind_con1:
pagan2: p2_misc_blind_con2: Hey...uh...somebody...there?
pagan2: p2_misc_blind_con3: Slugs! I bes...can't seesie....
pagan2: p2_misc_blind_end1: There...that's better...seesie some now....
pagan2: p2_misc_blind_ini1: My eyes! Bes can't see!
pagan2: p2_misc_noisemak1: I bes never heard THAT befores....
pagan2: p2_misc_noisesup1: Guess I had something stucked in my ear....
pagan2: p2_misc_pickp1: What? Where...I bes think I've been robbed!
pagan2: p2_misc_pickp2: Now...where bes I put that...thoughts I had it with me....
pagan2: p2_misc_slip1: Whuuaa!
pagan2: p2_misc_slip2: Ah-aaaa!
pagan2: p2_misc_slip3: Hey-oh!
pagan2: p2_nbarrel1: Did I seesie something by them barrel?
pagan2: p2_nchair1: Now I bes looksy over by that chair....
pagan2: p2_ncouch1: Them couch, I should looksy there next....
pagan2: p2_ncrate1: Now I bes looksy over by them crate....
pagan2: p2_ndesk1: I bes check them desk next....
pagan2: p2_ndoor1: I better checks by them door....
pagan2: p2_nladder1: Them ladder, better checks there too....
pagan2: p2_nmach1: Leafy King, protect me, bes I searching near this awful manfool thing....
pagan2: p2_nshadow1: Them shadows could hides much, better check....
pagan2: p2_nshelf1: Hmm, I bes should look by them shelves....
pagan2: p2_nstatue1: Bes I should looksy near them statue....
pagan2: p2_ntable1: I should bes check by that table....
pagan2: p2_obs_citywatch1: (Under the breath) Foolsie man, foolsie watcherman....
pagan2: p2_obs_citywatch2: (Under the breath) City watcher...bes no watching me....
pagan2: p2_obs_commoner1: Tsk...bes better off with us Pagans you know....
pagan2: p2_obs_commoner2: Him Woodsie King feeders you...if you bes join us.
pagan2: p2_obs_guard1: (Under the breath) Ssss...guardsy wardsy....
pagan2: p2_obs_guard2: (Under the breath) One day soon I bes deading you, Watcherman....
pagan2: p2_obs_hammer1: (Under the breath) Him Woodsie King will take your bones....
pagan2: p2_obs_hammer2: (Under the breath) I bes deading you soon...hammerhead...soon....
pagan2: p2_obs_noble1: Ah...City scum in fancy wear...slime!
pagan2: p2_obs_noble2: Tsk, moneyheads and fools!
pagan2: p2_obs_pagan_friend1: Seesie you in the Green.
pagan2: p2_obs_pagan_friend2: Careful friend, bes a troubling moon....
pagan2: p2_obs_pl_friend1: Woodsie green your path, Garrett.
pagan2: p2_obs_pl_friend2: I bes see you, Garrett.
pagan2: p2_obs_pl_neutral1: I seesie you, sneaksie. Bes you not try'r anythings.
pagan2: p2_obs_pl_neutral2: Us watching you, cityhead....
pagan2: p2_opp_fcon1: Waits! I bes haven't killed you yet!
pagan2: p2_opp_fcon2: There bes nowhere to running to!
pagan2: p2_opp_fcon3: Stop! No more running, coward!
pagan2: p2_opp_fini1: Don't runs off when there's fighting to do!
pagan2: p2_opp_fini2: Running away? Why? There bes nowhere to go!
pagan2: p2_opp_fini_f_na1: Come on! Don't let her escape!
pagan2: p2_opp_fini_m_na1: Wherever you runs to, manfool, we bes following!
pagan2: p2_opp_hide1: Bes you hiding from me? Only them cowards run away!
pagan2: p2_opp_hide2: I bes still wanting to fights, you know! Don't bes a hider!
pagan2: p2_opp_hide_f1: Woodsies! I bes lost her!
pagan2: p2_opp_hide_f_na1: Bes you seesie her? Which way bes she go?
pagan2: p2_opp_hide_m1: Oh! Where bes him goed to? I bes in trouble if I losted him....
pagan2: p2_opp_hide_m2: (Hushed) Him bes a coward for sure...runners and hidings....
pagan2: p2_opp_hide_m_na1: I can't believe we bes lost him!
pagan2: p2_opp_hide_m_na2: Seesie you which way him went?
pagan2: p2_opp_mis1: Ha! Missed, manfool!
pagan2: p2_opp_mis2: Bes missed me!
pagan2: p2_opp_mis3: Missed! You bes clumsier than a Hammerhead!
pagan2: p2_pagancornerstone1: Be the Greens strongers here.
pagan2: p2_rcon1: I won't bes angry, just come outs....
pagan2: p2_rcon2: I bes know someone is hiding heres....
pagan2: p2_rcon3: Don't be fearsy, I bes not bites....
pagan2: p2_rcon4: I bes find your hidings place very soon, you know!
pagan2: p2_rcon5: Sooner or laters I be finders you!
pagan2: p2_rcon_fnd1: I bes knew I would finders you!
pagan2: p2_rcon_fnd2: Ah! There you bes!
pagan2: p2_rcon_fnd3: Woodsies! You bes right there!
pagan2: p2_rcon_fnd4: Bes right in front of me! Now die!
pagan2: p2_rcon_fnd5: There you bes, stupid Cityhead!
pagan2: p2_rcon_fnd_f_na1: She bes over here! Helpers me!
pagan2: p2_rcon_fnd_m_na1: Him's here! Come quick!
pagan2: p2_rcon_fnd_m_na2: There he bes! I founders him!
pagan2: p2_rcon_he1: I bes know you're there, noisemaker!
pagan2: p2_rcon_he2: Noise, noisey, noisings. I bes stopping the noise when I finders you!
pagan2: p2_rcon_he3: That's right, makers some more noise....
pagan2: p2_rcon_he_na1: We bes hearing every move you make, noisemaker!
pagan2: p2_rcon_he_na2: Just come out! We can hearsy you there!
pagan2: p2_rcon_ia_na1: There be something bes watch yourself....
pagan2: p2_rcon_ik_na1: Someone got sapped dead back there, so bes watchfuling.
pagan2: p2_rcon_it_na1: There bes a sneaksie thievesy here somewhered, so be carefuls.
pagan2: p2_rcon_los1: It bes no use hidings, Cityhead!
pagan2: p2_rcon_los2: Bes you afraids of a little fightings? Come out!
pagan2: p2_rcon_los3: Come outs you City scum! I havers a bone to pick with you....
pagan2: p2_rcon_los4: Just come outs! Only a coward hiders like this!
pagan2: p2_rcon_los5: Where could you bes? Where would I bes if I were a stupid manfool cityscum....
pagan2: p2_rcon_los_f1: Where bes she hiding?
pagan2: p2_rcon_los_f_na1: Bes you see her? Keeps looking....
pagan2: p2_rcon_los_m1: Him will die a coward's deathing....
pagan2: p2_rcon_los_m2: Where could that Cityman be hidings?
pagan2: p2_rcon_los_m_na1: Bes you seesie him? He's around here somewheres....
pagan2: p2_rcon_los_m_na2: We'll be finders him, even if it takers all night....
pagan2: p2_rcon_na1: We bes not stopping 'til we finders you!
pagan2: p2_rcon_na2: Bes you seesie anything yets? Yell when you do.
pagan2: p2_rcon_na3: We should have foundered something by nows...don't you thinks?
pagan2: p2_rcon_se1: Come outs into the open...where I can seesie you....
pagan2: p2_rcon_se2: It bes too late to hides, I already saw you!
pagan2: p2_rcon_se3: I bes saw someone, I knows that much....
pagan2: p2_rcon_se_na1: Where bes what you sawed...over here or where?
pagan2: p2_rcon_se_na2: OK, we sawed you, so stop your hidings....
pagan2: p2_repri_bump_init1: Bes more careful!
pagan2: p2_repri_bump_init2: Manfools. Not bes pushing.
pagan2: p2_repri_hurt_init1: Bes stopping that now! Bes hurting me!
pagan2: p2_repri_hurtother_init1: Garrett! Bes not hurts them!
pagan2: p2_repri_hurtother_sub1: Bes hurts them agains, bes no more friends to me!
pagan2: p2_repri_lockp_init1: Bes not your places there. Stopsie and go away!
pagan2: p2_repri_odd_init1: Bes a manfools.
pagan2: p2_repri_over1: Glad you stops. Not bes doings it again, sneaksie.
pagan2: p2_repri_over2: Ssss. Bes more careful now.
pagan2: p2_repri_stare_init1: Not bes looksie like that.
pagan2: p2_repri_stare_init2: Bes takes your other eye, you bes keep staring!
pagan2: p2_repri_stare_init3: I knows you bes looking at me, cityhead.
pagan2: p2_repri_theft_init1: Not givers that to you! Don't be do it again!
pagan2: p2_repri_threat_init1: Hey! Bes you want a fightings with me?
pagan2: p2_repri_threat_sub1: Bes more careful with that or you'll bes paying!
pagan2: p2_repri_thrown_init1: Not bes throwing things!
pagan2: p2_repri_thrown_sub1: Teaches you to throws things, sneaksie!
pagan2: p2_repri_tres_init1: No sneaksies in on us, you!
pagan2: p2_repri_tres_init2: Bes gone, Garrett. Don't steps you one further!
pagan2: p2_repri_vandal_init1: Bes a Cityhead, not sees how you breaks things.
pagan2: p2_repri_vandal_sub1: I breakers your heads next!
pagan2: p2_rini1: What the goodsie wood bes going on here?
pagan2: p2_rini2: Come on there! Who bes that?
pagan2: p2_rini3: This bes not funny, Elmwood! Elmwood?
pagan2: p2_rini_he1: Who bes making that noise?
pagan2: p2_rini_he2: Ah! Who bes sounding over there?
pagan2: p2_rini_he3: I bes hearing that you know! So just come outs!
pagan2: p2_rini_he_na1: We bes hear that, you know! Who bes there?
pagan2: p2_rini_he_na2: Shh! Someone bes makering some noise!
pagan2: p2_rini_se1: I bes spied something!
pagan2: p2_rini_se2: What bes that? I seesie that!
pagan2: p2_rini_se3: Aha! What bes that I sawed?
pagan2: p2_rini_se_na1: We bes sawed that, whoever you bes!
pagan2: p2_rini_se_na2: Seesie you that? Looks like troubles!
pagan2: p2_rnew1: That! What bes doing that?
pagan2: p2_rnew2: Bes you want me to find you?
pagan2: p2_rnew3: There...if I could just finders what's doing that....
pagan2: p2_rnew_he1: Yessss, slitherer...I bes hearsy you....
pagan2: p2_rnew_he2: Ha, ha...I bes hearing every move you make!
pagan2: p2_rnew_se1: I seesie you, hider...I think.
pagan2: p2_rnew_se2: What bes that I see?
pagan2: p2_rpre1: No goodsie....
pagan2: p2_rpre2: Somethings!
pagan2: p2_rpre3: Bes that...?
pagan2: p2_rret1: Somebody bes was here. But, thems be gone now.
pagan2: p2_rret2: Coulds I have imaginings it? I must have...nothing's here at all....
pagan2: p2_rret3: I bes must have scared whoever it was away. Yeah, and they should be scared....
pagan2: p2_rret_he1: If it wasn't them wind...and it wasn't...hmm. Doesn't matter what I heards, it bes gone now....
pagan2: p2_rret_he2: I bes glad those noisings stopped. I wonders what..or who...could have made them?
pagan2: p2_rret_los1: I looked everywhere...that Cityhead be long gones...and it bes me that scared him off..
pagan2: p2_rret_los2: I givers up! Bes not anywhere to be found! Runned off like a coward....
pagan2: p2_rret_los_f1: I givers up! She bes escaped....
pagan2: p2_rret_los_f_na1: Bes us stop looking now...she bes gone...long gone....
pagan2: p2_rret_los_m1: Enough searchings! Him bes gone, goner, goned! Him bes lucky this time....
pagan2: p2_rret_los_m_na1: I canst believe we losted him! I blaming you!
pagan2: p2_rret_na1: Let's just back to work...there bes nothing here...we checked everywheres....
pagan2: p2_rret_na2: All seems woodsie well, maybe whoever it was sawed us and ranned away....
pagan2: p2_rret_ra1: Huh! I thought it was something bigger than a rats, guess I bes jumpity tonight.
pagan2: p2_rret_se1: I thought I sawed something over here...but...looks OK to me now....
pagan2: p2_rret_se2: Well, I sawed something...that's for sure...but it must have runned away....
pagan2: p2_rsur_ev_com1: Oh! Takesy cover!
pagan2: p2_sleeping1: (Talking in sleep) What's tha--? (Snores) No...don't eat them...bes poison...(snores).
pagan2: p2_sndocc1: My ears! They can hardly hear over all these noisings!
pagan2: p2_spell_thanks1: Bes thanks to you....
pagan2: p2_spell_thanks2: Feeling better...I bes thank you!
pagan2: p2_spell_thanks3: That helpered. Thanks.
pagan2: p2_sum_fight1: Anyone arounds? I need you!
pagan2: p2_sum_fight2: Bes I have to fightings alone? Anybody?
pagan2: p2_sum_fight3: Someone! Anyone! I bes in trouble!
pagan2: p2_sum_reply1: Help bes on the way! Hold on!
pagan2: p2_sum_reply2: Here I comes to join them fight!
pagan2: p2_sum_reply3: I bes on the way!
pagan2: p2_valley1: Someone be in them alley....
pagan2: p2_vatrium1: I seesie someone in them atrium!
pagan2: p2_vbathrm1: There bes someone in them bathroom!
pagan2: p2_vbedrm1: There bes someone in them sleeping area!
pagan2: p2_vbsmt1: Seesie me a lurker in them basement!
pagan2: p2_vchamber1: There bes someone in them chamber!
pagan2: p2_vchapel1: The ritual place! Someone bes there!
pagan2: p2_vcourtyd1: Seesie me an intruder! In them courtyard!
pagan2: p2_vhall1: An intruder bes in them hallway!
pagan2: p2_vinside1: Hey, intruder! What bes you doing in here?
pagan2: p2_vkitchen1: There bes someone in them cooks area....
pagan2: p2_vlibrary1: I bes seesie someone in them book place!
pagan2: p2_voutside1: Seesie me a lurker outside!
pagan2: p2_vrafters1: Seesie me someone there! In them rafters!
pagan2: p2_vroof1: There bes someone on them roof!
pagan2: p2_vstairs1: I seesie someone in them stairway!
pagan2: p2_vstreet1: I seesie someone in them street!
pagan2: p2_wdie1: Arg! Bes you pay for that, sapper!
pagan2: p2_wdie2: No! Not deaded! I bes avenge you!
pagan2: p2_wdie_f1: She bes dead! Now you dies, Cityman!
pagan2: p2_wdie_m1: Ah! Him bes deaded!
pagan2: p2_wfle1: Waits a minute, don't bes leave me here!
pagan2: p2_ycon1: I bes better check...making sure all bes woodsie....
pagan2: p2_ycon2: Hello? Bes something theres?
pagan2: p2_ycon3: Bes something hiding there?
pagan2: p2_ycon4: Probably nothings...but best be check it out....
pagan2: p2_ycon5: If I bes find someone, theys be in big troubles....
pagan2: p2_ycon_he1: Woodsie sure I bes hears something....
pagan2: p2_ycon_he2: Hello? Noisemaker? Comes out if someone bes there.
pagan2: p2_ycon_he_na1: Hush, listen. Tells me yous can hears that too.
pagan2: p2_ycon_he_na2: Bes you hearing this too?
pagan2: p2_ycon_na1: Cans you seesie anything?
pagan2: p2_ycon_na2: Keeps looking, I bes thought somethings was here....
pagan2: p2_ycon_se1: Just checkings...thoughts me saw....
pagan2: p2_ycon_se2: Seesie...sawsy...looksy...what was that?
pagan2: p2_ycon_se_na1: Dids you seesie it too?
pagan2: p2_ycon_se_na2: I bes sure I sawed somethings, so look sharp!
pagan2: p2_yini1: Over theres...what bes there?
pagan2: p2_yini2: Bes that...?
pagan2: p2_yini3: Ssss...someone sneakings there?
pagan2: p2_yini_he1: What noisings there?
pagan2: p2_yini_he2: I bes hears that.
pagan2: p2_yini_he3: Hearsy...fearsy...what bes that?
pagan2: p2_yini_he_na1: Shh, bes you hearings that sounders?
pagan2: p2_yini_he_na2: Hears you that? What bes that?
pagan2: p2_yini_se1: What bes moves there?
pagan2: p2_yini_se2: Bes something moving over there?
pagan2: p2_yini_se3: I bes saw something! Or....
pagan2: p2_yini_se_na1: Looks right there, seesie you something?
pagan2: p2_yini_se_na2: Look. Bes you seesie that?
pagan2: p2_ynew1: Sss! Bes still there, eh?
pagan2: p2_ynew2: There! What bes that?
pagan2: p2_ypre1: Heys!
pagan2: p2_yret1: Too many absinthe teas I guess, there bes nothing here.
pagan2: p2_yret2: It bes all clear, must not havers been anything.
pagan2: p2_yret3: Bes I was imagining it all? Seems a be nothing wrong.
pagan2: p2_yret_he1: Canst have been much of anything, it bes all quiets now.
pagan2: p2_yret_he2: Just bes hearinged things, I guess.
pagan2: p2_yret_na1: You bes makers me worry over nothing. Don't bes so jumpity all them time.
pagan2: p2_yret_na2: We bes jumped over nothing, let's back to work now....
pagan2: p2_yret_ra1: Oh, a rats. That must havers been it all along.
pagan2: p2_yret_se1: All bes goodsie and clear, my eyes playered tricks on me is all.
pagan2: p2_yret_se2: Thought I seed something. But I bes wrong, there bes nothing to seesie.

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