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T3_pagan4 Edit

pagan4: p4_blame_maj1: Tricksie you! I saw what you dids! Not bes you doings any more troubles!
pagan4: p4_blame_min1: Bes you that dids those things? Tch tch.
pagan4: p4_caim1: I bes aiming for you, manfool....
pagan4: p4_caim2: Stays right there...steady....
pagan4: p4_caim_na1: If I miss...bes you ready....
pagan4: p4_catt1: Takes that!
pagan4: p4_catt2: Ha!
pagan4: p4_catt3: Hi ya!
pagan4: p4_catt4: Manfool!
pagan4: p4_catt5: Death to you!
pagan4: p4_catt_hi1: I bes killing you!
pagan4: p4_catt_hi2: Dies, you!
pagan4: p4_catt_hi_na1: Let's feeders him to the earth!
pagan4: p4_catt_hi_na2: I knew we would beats him!
pagan4: p4_catt_lo1: Stop! Stop!
pagan4: p4_catt_lo2: Stay aways!
pagan4: p4_catt_lo_na1: (Weak, scared grunt) Helpers me!
pagan4: p4_catt_lo_na2: Get hims off me! Quick!
pagan4: p4_catt_ran1: Find them target!
pagan4: p4_catt_ran2: Aways!
pagan4: p4_cdam_hi1: Gaaah! City scum!
pagan4: p4_cdam_hi2: Aahhh! Bes pain!
pagan4: p4_cdam_hi3: Gah! Canst take it!
pagan4: p4_cdam_hi_na1: Gaaah! Helpers me! I bes hit!
pagan4: p4_cdam_hi_na2: Ahhh! Fights for me, I bes hurt!
pagan4: p4_cdam_hi_na3: Haagh! Gets over here! Help!
pagan4: p4_cdam_lo1: Woods!
pagan4: p4_cdam_lo2: You calls that fightings?
pagan4: p4_cdam_lo3: Ow! Hey!
pagan4: p4_cdam_med1: Argh! Woodsie!
pagan4: p4_cdam_med2: Ugh! Tooks my breath....
pagan4: p4_cdam_med3: Ah! That hurted a bit....
pagan4: p4_cdam_no1: Bes that a kitten scratching me?
pagan4: p4_cdam_no2: Bes that a blow?
pagan4: p4_cdam_no3: Ha! Bes not even a scratch!
pagan4: p4_cdie_ko1: Oof...hey a...uuuunnnnk.
pagan4: p4_cdie_words1: Gaaa! What...darkings...this....
pagan4: p4_cdie_words2: Ahhh! I...can't...seesie....
pagan4: p4_cdie_words3: Huuugh! Bes...this..all...?
pagan4: p4_cexp_hi1: Ready to dies, Cityhead?
pagan4: p4_cexp_hi2: Ha! You bes deaded soon!
pagan4: p4_cexp_hi_f_na1: She bes a gonner soon! We bes beating her!
pagan4: p4_cexp_hi_m_na1: He bes almost spent, keeps at him!
pagan4: p4_cexp_hi_m_na2: Keeps going! Him bes not last long!
pagan4: p4_cexp_lo1: Woodsies! City bes winning!
pagan4: p4_cexp_lo2: Leafy King...helpers me!
pagan4: p4_cexp_lo_f_na1: Gets her! She bes too fast for me!
pagan4: p4_cexp_lo_m_na1: Get him! Him bes too tough for me!
pagan4: p4_cexp_lo_m_na2: Help! Before him kills me!
pagan4: p4_cexp_med1: Bes a tough one!
pagan4: p4_cexp_med2: Hmm...tougher than I thoughts....
pagan4: p4_cexp_med_f_na1: Watch out! She bes strong!
pagan4: p4_cexp_med_m_na1: Careful! He bes a fighter!
pagan4: p4_cexp_med_m_na2: Him bes tough, so watch yourself!
pagan4: p4_chit1: Bleeds!
pagan4: p4_chit2: Gots you!
pagan4: p4_chit3: Hurts, eh?
pagan4: p4_chit_ran1: Him be pierced!
pagan4: p4_chit_ran2: Aha! He's hit!
pagan4: p4_chit_ran3: Gots him! Ha!
pagan4: p4_cini1: Aha! Comesy meet death!
pagan4: p4_cini2: Aha! You bes founded! Arrgh! You dies!
pagan4: p4_cini3: Aha! There you bes! You bes dead now!
pagan4: p4_cini4: Ha! I bes sniffed you out, manfool! For them Leafy King!
pagan4: p4_cini5: Aha! Found you! Droppers your weapon, manfool!
pagan4: p4_cini6: I bes finded you, cityman! Bes you ready to die?
pagan4: p4_cini_enr1: I bes your nightmare!
pagan4: p4_cini_enr2: Oh, you bes so deaded!
pagan4: p4_cini_enr3: Die, Manfool!
pagan4: p4_cini_hammer1: Come on, Hammerhead! Ready to die?
pagan4: p4_cini_hammer_na1: Bes a Hammer! Helps me kill him!
pagan4: p4_cini_human1: You bes deaded soon!
pagan4: p4_cini_human_na1: We bes going to kill you!
pagan4: p4_cini_ik1: Aha! There you bes! Now YOU dies, killer!
pagan4: p4_cini_it1: So, here bes the sneaksie thievesy!
pagan4: p4_cini_monster1: Monster, this be your last day!
pagan4: p4_cini_monster_na1: Yuck! Let's be get rid of this thing, fast!
pagan4: p4_cini_na1: Here he bes, looksy here! Don't let him gets away!
pagan4: p4_cini_na2: Found you! He bes here! Stop him!
pagan4: p4_cini_na3: I knew I would finders you, city! Let's be gets him! Come on!
pagan4: p4_cini_zombie1: Come on, zombie! Fights!
pagan4: p4_cini_zombie_na1: Looksy, a smelly zombie! Let's be smash it up!
pagan4: p4_ckil1: Death to you, Cityman!
pagan4: p4_ckil2: Bes you dead!
pagan4: p4_ckil3: This bes finish you!
pagan4: p4_cmis1: You bes slippery!
pagan4: p4_cmis2: Missed! Hold still!
pagan4: p4_cmis3: Too quicks....
pagan4: p4_cmis_na1: He bes too fast....
pagan4: p4_cmis_na2: Oh! Missed! You try!
pagan4: p4_cmis_ran1: I bes missed him!
pagan4: p4_cmis_ran2: Ooof...badsy aiming....
pagan4: p4_cmis_ran3: Oh! He bes dodged it!
pagan4: p4_cret_kil1: What? Deaded already? I was hoping for a better fightings....
pagan4: p4_cret_kil2: Ha, ha! Dead! That bes what happens to citymen on my watch....
pagan4: p4_cret_kil_na1: It bes over...we bes...victorious....
pagan4: p4_cret_kil_na2: Goodsie job. He bes deaded...we bes alive....
pagan4: p4_cret_kil_pl1: Leafs and bugs, come feeders on dead Garrett flesh....
pagan4: p4_cret_kil_pl_na1: Should we be tells someone that the thievesy is finished?
pagan4: p4_crime_hurtother1: Bes Garrett attackering the woodsie friends!
pagan4: p4_crime_kill1: Murdersing us! Bes your own bloods then!
pagan4: p4_crime_lockp1: Bes not opens that! I stoppering you!
pagan4: p4_crime_theft1: You bes stealing from us! You bes sorry!
pagan4: p4_crime_threat1: Bes Garrett tryerings to kill me!
pagan4: p4_crime_tres1: Bes kill you being here, for the Woodsie!
pagan4: p4_crime_vandal1: Bes your own heads brokening now!
pagan4: p4_csub1: You agains? Let's finish this!
pagan4: p4_csub2: Aha! Backs for more, manfool?
pagan4: p4_csub_na1: It bes him again! Let's killing him this time!
pagan4: p4_csur1: Huh? Where bes you come from? Comesy meet death!
pagan4: p4_csur2: Huh? Gots you! Arrrgh you dies!
pagan4: p4_csur3: Woodsies! Bes a trespasser! You bes dead now!
pagan4: p4_csur4: Hey, you bes not allowed here, manfool! Ready to die?
pagan4: p4_csur5: What? Aha! Droppers your weapon, manfool!
pagan4: p4_csur6: What? Sneaksie manfool! Bes you dead!
pagan4: p4_csur_ik1: What bes? Aha! Now you dies, killer!
pagan4: p4_csur_it1: Gah! So, here bes the sneaksie thievesy!
pagan4: p4_csur_na1: Huh? Where bes you come from? Don't let him gets away!
pagan4: p4_csur_na2: Ah! Looksy, he bes here! Stop him! Fights!
pagan4: p4_csur_na3: Hey, you bes not allowed here, manfool! Let's be gets him! Come on!
pagan4: p4_enr_con1: Ah! You nettlesome manfool! I bes curse you!
pagan4: p4_enr_con2: Ah, woodsies! I bes want to killing you so much!
pagan4: p4_enr_con3: I bes sap you! You bleeders to them ground! I bes killer you!
pagan4: p4_enr_warn1: Ah! City! You bes maker me very angried!
pagan4: p4_enr_warn2: Oh...I bes really mad bes in so much troubles!
pagan4: p4_ev_ally1: This bes strange, there bes someone posted here, but now they bes gone....
pagan4: p4_ev_ally_na1: Bes you know who guards here? And where bes them anyway?
pagan4: p4_ev_ally_spooked1: What bes happened?
pagan4: p4_ev_allyf1: Gone. Maybe she wandering off somewheres...but why? Very strangings.
pagan4: p4_ev_allym1: Where bes him? Thoughts he was supposed to be around heres....
pagan4: p4_ev_an_spooked1: What bes wronged with them animals? They sometime know better than us when they bes dangered around....
pagan4: p4_ev_blood1: Seesie me that blood. Bes there somebody wounded?
pagan4: p4_ev_body1: Dead! Bes you go back to them earth, friend....
pagan4: p4_ev_body2: Lifeless! Deaded! Why?
pagan4: p4_ev_body_na1: Careful! Somebody's been sapped here, and them killer might strikes again.
pagan4: p4_ev_bodyf1: Dead! Someone sapped her!
pagan4: p4_ev_bodyf_na1: Leafy Lord! She's dead! Lucky it bes not us, eh?
pagan4: p4_ev_bodym1: I thinkers him bes dead!
pagan4: p4_ev_bodym_na1: He's deaded all right. Checks for yourself.
pagan4: p4_ev_com1: Uh oh, troubles! I bes on my way!
pagan4: p4_ev_com2: Yeah! I bes waiting for a chance to fights!
pagan4: p4_ev_dam1: Woodsie! That bes hurting!
pagan4: p4_ev_door1: Them bes closed before....
pagan4: p4_ev_door_na1: I bes didn't leave them door open, did you?
pagan4: p4_ev_enemybody1: Bes one mores of me, one lesses of you.
pagan4: p4_ev_felt1: Hey! Stop doing that!
pagan4: p4_ev_felt2: Oof! That bes annoying!
pagan4: p4_ev_lightext1: OK, jokes over, put them lights back on....
pagan4: p4_ev_lightoff1: Why bes them light off?
pagan4: p4_ev_loot1: Uh oh, some things be gone!
pagan4: p4_ev_loot_na1: I coulds have sworned there was something there. Bes you think there might be a thief?
pagan4: p4_ev_maj1: Ah! No! What bes happening'd?
pagan4: p4_ev_med1: Leafy Lord...protect me!
pagan4: p4_ev_min1: Bes odd....
pagan4: p4_ev_res1: Looksy like some fightings happened heres....
pagan4: p4_ev_ret1: This bes the oddest night, but sometimes thems the breaks....
pagan4: p4_ev_ret2: Hmmm, I guess it's going to be one o' them stranging nights...hope somebody else bes know what to do....
pagan4: p4_ev_ret_ik1: Them killer is gone by now. Probably ran scared when I showed up.
pagan4: p4_ev_shadow1: Odd shadow bes that....
pagan4: p4_ev_torchext1: Bes someone just douse them torch?
pagan4: p4_ev_torchext2: Hey! Them torch bes went out!
pagan4: p4_ev_torchtoff1: Torch outs. Good thing I can seesie OK without it.
pagan4: p4_ev_torchtoff2: If I had a flint, I bes could relight that torch....
pagan4: p4_fatigue_epi1: (Huffs & puffs) Gots to...(huffs)...bes catching my breath....
pagan4: p4_fatigue_epi2: (Wheezes) Woodsies...bes so...(wheezes) out of breaths....
pagan4: p4_fatigue_se1: Wait a sec...I bes...just catchings my...breath....
pagan4: p4_fcon1: Aah! He bes right behind me!
pagan4: p4_fcon2: Out of my ways!
pagan4: p4_fcon3: Help! Hims be after me!
pagan4: p4_fcon_ik1: Help! If him catchers me, he'll kill me, too!
pagan4: p4_fcon_ik2: Someone helpers me! A killer bes here!
pagan4: p4_fcow1: Stay away! Stay away!
pagan4: p4_fcow2: No, no, no, no, no!
pagan4: p4_fhid1: Oh...where shoulds I go...?
pagan4: p4_fhid2: This bes a safe place....
pagan4: p4_fini1: Canst catch me!
pagan4: p4_fini2: Must leave here....
pagan4: p4_fini_hammer1: No mores, Hammer! You bes not killing me today!
pagan4: p4_fini_human1: No mores! I running away!
pagan4: p4_fini_monster1: Looksy out! Bes a monster!
pagan4: p4_fini_na1: Bes us go now! Hurry!
pagan4: p4_fini_pl1: Help! I bes wounded!
pagan4: p4_fini_pl2: I givers up! Him bes killing me!
pagan4: p4_fini_pl3: I bes can't fighting any more....
pagan4: p4_fini_pl_ik1: Looksy out! It bes the murderer!
pagan4: p4_fini_pl_it1: Help me! Them thievesy bes after me!
pagan4: p4_fini_zombie1: Help! Killer zombies be here!
pagan4: p4_frust1: I bes get you...sooner or later!
pagan4: p4_frust2: Afraidsy! You bes a cowarding!
pagan4: p4_frust3: Getsy over here, manfool! I bes can't reach you!
pagan4: p4_frust_f_na1: Bes you shoot her, go!
pagan4: p4_frust_m_na1: He bes over there, shoots him!
pagan4: p4_frust_up1: Ah! Gets down from there, Cityhead!
pagan4: p4_fsub1: No! Bes there nowhere safe?
pagan4: p4_fsub2: Ah! Leavers me alone!
pagan4: p4_gcon1: What?
pagan4: p4_gcon2: What bes....
pagan4: p4_gcon_he1: Sounders like a...hmmmm.
pagan4: p4_gcon_he2: What? Hearsy me anything?
pagan4: p4_gcon_he_na1: Bes you hears that, too?
pagan4: p4_gcon_he_na2: Sh! Be it just me? Or bes that a noise....
pagan4: p4_gcon_se1: Hey, what movesy?
pagan4: p4_gcon_se2: I seesie a...hmmmm.
pagan4: p4_gcon_se_na1: Bes you sees that?
pagan4: p4_gcon_se_na2: Bes you sawed anything move?
pagan4: p4_gen_aha1: Ah! There you bes!
pagan4: p4_gen_aha2: Ah, I founders you!
pagan4: p4_gen_aha3: Hmmm. Bes you here them whole time?
pagan4: p4_gen_dazed1: Wha...bes something happened?
pagan4: p4_gen_dazed2: poor headsy...oh....
pagan4: p4_gen_dazed3: Did something...just happen? Hmmm....
pagan4: p4_gen_dismiss1: Same olds same olds....
pagan4: p4_gen_dismiss2: Mmm-mm....
pagan4: p4_gen_dismiss3: Nah....
pagan4: p4_gen_distress2: Noooo!
pagan4: p4_gen_dunno1: Bes not knowing....
pagan4: p4_gen_dunno2: I bes don't know....
pagan4: p4_gen_dunno3: Hmmm...I bes uncertain.
pagan4: p4_gen_frust1: Gots to be...err...kiddings me....
pagan4: p4_gen_frust2: Soooo...frustratings....
pagan4: p4_gen_frust3: What the--? Bes ridiculous.
pagan4: p4_gen_igetit1: I gets it!
pagan4: p4_gen_igetit2: Oh! That's what it bes....
pagan4: p4_gen_igetit3: I seesie now!
pagan4: p4_gen_no1: Nah....
pagan4: p4_gen_no2: Bes not....
pagan4: p4_gen_no3: Uh-uh. No.
pagan4: p4_gen_oof1: Bes...tripsy!
pagan4: p4_gen_oof2: Oof!
pagan4: p4_gen_oof3: Ouch!
pagan4: p4_gen_oops1: Oh, no!
pagan4: p4_gen_oops2: Whoops!
pagan4: p4_gen_oops3: That bes nettlesome....
pagan4: p4_gen_snapout1: Hey, oh!
pagan4: p4_gen_snapout2: What...bes...ah!
pagan4: p4_gen_snapout3: Thorns!
pagan4: p4_gen_startled1: What bes...?
pagan4: p4_gen_startled2: Huh?
pagan4: p4_gen_startled3: Woodsies!
pagan4: p4_gen_suffer2: Uuuggh...skull bes...poundeding....
pagan4: p4_gen_suffer3: head...need to takesy something for this ache....
pagan4: p4_gen_thanks1: Thankers you.
pagan4: p4_gen_thanks2: Much thankings.
pagan4: p4_gen_thanks3: Hey, thanks.
pagan4: p4_gen_yes1: Rights.
pagan4: p4_gen_yes2: OK, I hearsy you.
pagan4: p4_gen_yes3: Okesy dokesy.
pagan4: p4_gini1: Huh?
pagan4: p4_gini2: Hey.
pagan4: p4_gini3: Wha--?
pagan4: p4_gini_he1: Noises there?
pagan4: p4_gini_he2: Sounds? Maybes....
pagan4: p4_gini_se1: A thing...movered? No....
pagan4: p4_gini_se2: Sawed something? Hmmm.
pagan4: p4_greet_reply1: Him willings....
pagan4: p4_greet_reply2: Shh...I bes was thinking 'bout something....
pagan4: p4_greet_reply3: Woodsie King smiles on us....
pagan4: p4_greet_req1: May you sup well tonight....
pagan4: p4_greet_req2: Death to all Hammerheads....
pagan4: p4_greet_req3: Hey, ho....
pagan4: p4_gret1: Well, I bes get on with workings now....
pagan4: p4_gret2: Nothings. What made me jumpers?
pagan4: p4_gret3: Pah! I canst stop for every ruggity toad....
pagan4: p4_gret_he1: Some little worries.
pagan4: p4_gret_he2: I bes not even sure I heard anything anyway.
pagan4: p4_gret_na1: Nothing. All bes goodsie. Bes us no worries.
pagan4: p4_gret_na2: We bes just tired. Later we'll sip on the sap vine, OK?
pagan4: p4_gret_se1: Nothing to seesie. Nothing at all.
pagan4: p4_gret_se2: Probably just spots on my eyes...or flies....
pagan4: p4_gsub1: Huh? Something agains? I wonder...
pagan4: p4_gsub2: That...bes it something agains?
pagan4: p4_iann1: Bes go getting some help...can't do this alone....
pagan4: p4_iann2: Me thinkers I need some help with this....
pagan4: p4_iann_pl1: Ah! Manfool! I bes go get some help to dealing with you!
pagan4: p4_iann_pl2: You? I bes right back...with some more of us....
pagan4: p4_iarr_gone1: Oh, no! Bes was just here, I swear!
pagan4: p4_iarr_gone_pl1: Hey! Where bes him? I left him right here-sy....
pagan4: p4_iarr_pres1: Bes I right? Or whats!
pagan4: p4_iarr_pres_pl1: There, that's him! Seesie?
pagan4: p4_iarr_srch1: Nothing...but we betters check around anyway, just in case....
pagan4: p4_iarr_srch_pl1: Well...them manfool bes not here now...but we better check around to making sure....
pagan4: p4_idle1: I bes tolders them, comfrey root, not coriander.... And I tolders them, 'Takers him to the Shaman for them healings....' But listening, and now poor Alpine's foot havers the festerings....
pagan4: p4_idle2: I bes hears the mukamuk, and the rugity toads...them tellers me it has be times to eat nows.... Yes...time to eat nows.... I bes hears you, rugity toad....
pagan4: p4_idle3: Nones be passers me tonight.... I bes most watchings...listenings...hearings...seesie things....
pagan4: p4_idle4: Where them hammerheads haved treaded...that bes where the blight starters...blacking blight on goodsie wood....
pagan4: p4_idle5: Needers some wormwood for this aches...wheres did I see it? Oh, poor feets...wormwood tea bes do you goodsie....
pagan4: p4_idle6: I knows a way to kill many Hammermakers in just one days...put hemlocks or scarletbean in they breads...that bes kills them all at once....
pagan4: p4_idle7:
pagan4: p4_idle8: Let's seesie if I remembers.... Ah, honeysweet, meadowmead...jacksberry, cottonwood, elder...and um...Bloodroot.... Then...mix it agether, for a fine, finesy woodsie drinking....
pagan4: p4_idle_an1: Them Woodsie King bes kinders to them small creatures....
pagan4: p4_idle_bs1: It bes no good if I can't seesie the sky....
pagan4: p4_idle_ra1: A rats. Thems goodsie luck!
pagan4: p4_idle_st1: Streets...why bes there streets?
pagan4: p4_idle_st2: Buildings...why bes there buildings? Where bes the goodsie trees? And everything bes covered with soot....
pagan4: p4_irep1: I bes saw something, something stranging.
pagan4: p4_irep2: Help me! There bes something not greensy!
pagan4: p4_irep_body1: Hey, I sawed a deaded body!
pagan4: p4_irep_body2: There bes a dead one back there, I bes saw it.
pagan4: p4_irep_ik1: A sapper! I sawed a sapper! Help!
pagan4: p4_irep_it1: A thief! I sawed a thief! Help!
pagan4: p4_irep_pl1: (Out of breath) Sawed someone...back theres...needers some help....
pagan4: p4_irep_pl2: Come on! Needers your help with some fightings!
pagan4: p4_ires1: I be helpers you! Come on!
pagan4: p4_misc_blind_con1: Oh...oops...ah...bes can't...see....
pagan4: p4_misc_blind_con2: Canst...see...a...thorny...thing...!
pagan4: p4_misc_blind_con3: I can't...ooops...seesie anything....
pagan4: p4_misc_blind_end1: I bes start to seesie again....
pagan4: p4_misc_blind_ini1: Can't see! My eyes!
pagan4: p4_misc_noisemak1: Bes the strangest sounding I ever heards....
pagan4: p4_misc_noisesup1: ears be drumming funny tonight....
pagan4: p4_misc_pickp1: Where bes...? (Gasps) Coulds someone bes stolen it? Hmmm....
pagan4: p4_misc_pickp2: Help! I bes picky pocketed!
pagan4: p4_misc_slip1: Whuuaa!
pagan4: p4_misc_slip2: Ooo-aaah!
pagan4: p4_misc_slip3: Hey-oh!
pagan4: p4_nbarrel1: Coulds there be something by that barrel?
pagan4: p4_nchair1: Hmm, maybe I bes look near that chair....
pagan4: p4_ncouch1: I should bes check by them couch there....
pagan4: p4_ncrate1: I bes searching by them crate next....
pagan4: p4_ndesk1: Ah, them desk. I bets I find something theres....
pagan4: p4_ndoor1: Dids I seesie something by this door?
pagan4: p4_nladder1: I bes should check them ladder too....
pagan4: p4_nmach1: I bes hate a go nearsy, but I bes must search near them...metal...manfool...things....
pagan4: p4_nshadow1: Seesie me something in them shadows? Better looksy closer....
pagan4: p4_nshelf1: I bes should look by them shelves....
pagan4: p4_nstatue1: I guess something could hides near them...statue....
pagan4: p4_ntable1: I bes looksy around that table over there....
pagan4: p4_obs_citywatch1: (Under the breath) City guard...guards what? Hmmph....
pagan4: p4_obs_citywatch2: (Venomous, under your breath) Goodsie day...Officer....
pagan4: p4_obs_commoner1: City dregs, foolishers....
pagan4: p4_obs_commoner2: Thems take baths, wipes away good earthings smell.
pagan4: p4_obs_guard1: (Under the breath) Foolsie man, never bes sees the Green....
pagan4: p4_obs_guard2: (Under the breath) Woodsie will breaks you, somedays.
pagan4: p4_obs_hammer1: (Singsong, under his breath, mockingly) 'Builder bes help me, builder bes help me'-- Oooh.
pagan4: p4_obs_hammer2: (Under the breath) Bes you wait, hammerhead...bes you just waits....
pagan4: p4_obs_noble1: The bigger them purse...the bigger them curse I mutter....
pagan4: p4_obs_noble2: Gold won't bes save you when the time comes...moneybags....
pagan4: p4_obs_pagan_friend1: Bes there newsing from Dyan?
pagan4: p4_obs_pagan_friend2: Goodsie to you.
pagan4: p4_obs_pl_friend1: Bes you woodsie, thiever.
pagan4: p4_obs_pl_friend2: Bes them troubling moon tonight, Garrett.
pagan4: p4_obs_pl_neutral1: Dyan havers them visionings about you...manfool Garrett.
pagan4: p4_obs_pl_neutral2: Hammerlikesing manfool.
pagan4: p4_opp_fcon1: Where bes you think you're going?
pagan4: p4_opp_fcon2: Manfool runs, but there bes nowhere to go....
pagan4: p4_opp_fcon3: I bes said STOP, Cityscum!
pagan4: p4_opp_fini1: Bes you running? What a coward!
pagan4: p4_opp_fini2: Oh, don't run aways! Let's fights!
pagan4: p4_opp_fini_f_na1: Come on! Don't let her gets away!
pagan4: p4_opp_fini_m_na1: Quick! Catch him! Before he bes escapes!
pagan4: p4_opp_hide1: Bes you runned away? Coward!
pagan4: p4_opp_hide2: Leafy me wheres them Cityhead went to....
pagan4: p4_opp_hide_f1: Where bes she hiding?
pagan4: p4_opp_hide_f_na1: Ah! I canst believe we bes lost her!
pagan4: p4_opp_hide_m1: Where bes him went to now? Stupid manfool....
pagan4: p4_opp_hide_m2: He runned off! He just up and runned off!
pagan4: p4_opp_hide_m_na1: Bes you see him? Where bes him went?
pagan4: p4_opp_hide_m_na2: Don't just standers there! He bes escaping!
pagan4: p4_opp_mis1: Ha! You bes missed me!
pagan4: p4_opp_mis2: Missed! Better luck next times, cityscum!
pagan4: p4_opp_mis3: Missed! Bes you need a rest?
pagan4: p4_pagancornerstone1: Bes the blessings of the Woodsie Lord.
pagan4: p4_rcon1: Come on! The longer you hides, the madder I gets....
pagan4: p4_rcon2: It bes no use hidings, you know!
pagan4: p4_rcon3: Come out, and you won't bes hurt. (Quietly) Muchings.
pagan4: p4_rcon4: Bes Bes you...there? Where?
pagan4: p4_rcon5: Bes you afraid of a little fightings? Let's go!
pagan4: p4_rcon_fnd1: There you bes! Ready a fights, now?
pagan4: p4_rcon_fnd2: Not as goodsie a hider as you'd like, eh?
pagan4: p4_rcon_fnd3: I knew I would finders you, City!
pagan4: p4_rcon_fnd4: Aha! There you bes!
pagan4: p4_rcon_fnd5: Found you! Now we bes fightings....
pagan4: p4_rcon_fnd_f_na1: Gets over here! I found her!
pagan4: p4_rcon_fnd_m_na1: He bes here! Givers me help!
pagan4: p4_rcon_fnd_m_na2: Here he bes! Looksy here!
pagan4: p4_rcon_he1: Makers that sound agains, so I can finders you!
pagan4: p4_rcon_he2: You bes a hider, and a noisemaker, and soon you bes dead!
pagan4: p4_rcon_he3: Bes you afraid, noisemaker? Bes you come out anyway, OK?
pagan4: p4_rcon_he_na1: Quiet! I thinks I just heard it agains...over there....
pagan4: p4_rcon_he_na2: We bes not stop looking 'til we finders you, noisemaker!
pagan4: p4_rcon_ia_na1: Just bes careful...there bes something goinged on around heres....
pagan4: p4_rcon_ik_na1: Did you seesie? Someone bes dead, and the sapper who did it is still around....
pagan4: p4_rcon_it_na1: Things are gone missinged, so keep watchings for a thiever....
pagan4: p4_rcon_los1: I can waits all nights if I bes have to....
pagan4: p4_rcon_los2: What bes the point of all this hidings?
pagan4: p4_rcon_los3: Just come outs, coward! Let's get fightings!
pagan4: p4_rcon_los4: You bes here somewhere...and I finders you very soon....
pagan4: p4_rcon_los5: Where bes you, Cityhead? You bes real sorry when I finders you....
pagan4: p4_rcon_los_f1: I bes finding her soon....
pagan4: p4_rcon_los_f_na1: Givers a shout if you finders her....
pagan4: p4_rcon_los_m1: I bes know he's around here somewheres....
pagan4: p4_rcon_los_m2: Cityman, cityman, where could you be?
pagan4: p4_rcon_los_m_na1: Bes you even looking? Come on, let's finders this guy!
pagan4: p4_rcon_los_m_na2: Keeps looking, him bes here...somewheres....
pagan4: p4_rcon_na1: I knows something bes here, so keep looking....
pagan4: p4_rcon_na2: We bes have all night to searching for you...or you can just come out right now!
pagan4: p4_rcon_na3: Seesie you anything? Bes you looking everywheres?
pagan4: p4_rcon_se1: I sawed you, so you may as well come outs!
pagan4: p4_rcon_se2: I knows I sawed someone heres...but wheres....
pagan4: p4_rcon_se3: Sawed someone...sure of it....
pagan4: p4_rcon_se_na1: I know I sawed something, so keeps looking....
pagan4: p4_rcon_se_na2: Can you seesie anything? Shout when you do.
pagan4: p4_repri_bump_init1: Watches more careful!
pagan4: p4_repri_bump_init2: Bes thinks you better than mes?
pagan4: p4_repri_hurt_init1: Bes hurts! Quit it!
pagan4: p4_repri_hurtother_init1: Bes blind, Cityman? Bes hurting them!
pagan4: p4_repri_hurtother_sub1: Bes a manfool for true, if you hurters them again!
pagan4: p4_repri_lockp_init1: Sneaksie sneaksie somewheres else or I bes fighting you.
pagan4: p4_repri_odd_init1: Not bes doing thats!
pagan4: p4_repri_over1: Okay, so you betters be gooderer now.
pagan4: p4_repri_over2: You beings less tricksy? Bes okay, now.
pagan4: p4_repri_stare_init1: Why bes you staring, Cityhead?
pagan4: p4_repri_stare_init2: Bes not like you lookings at me.
pagan4: p4_repri_stare_init3: Bes like I stare at you?
pagan4: p4_repri_theft_init1: Bes onlies mine! I bes fighting you, you don't stop!
pagan4: p4_repri_threat_init1: If you bes want a fight...just say so....
pagan4: p4_repri_threat_sub1: Bes put that away right now, Cityhead!
pagan4: p4_repri_thrown_init1: Not bes throwing at me!
pagan4: p4_repri_thrown_sub1: Bes throws your bones, soon!
pagan4: p4_repri_tres_init1: Bes a private place, bes not for you.
pagan4: p4_repri_tres_init2: Cityhead Garrett thinks he comes here? Gets you lost.
pagan4: p4_repri_vandal_init1: Bes more gentles with those!
pagan4: p4_repri_vandal_sub1: You breakers your welcome here, Cityhead!
pagan4: p4_rini1: Who bes that sneakings here? Come outs!
pagan4: p4_rini2: All right! I bes know you're there!
pagan4: p4_rini3: Hey! Nobody bes get past me on my watch!
pagan4: p4_rini_he1: Who sounderers over there? Huh?
pagan4: p4_rini_he2: What bes noising over there?
pagan4: p4_rini_he3: Sneaker! Slitherer! I hears you!
pagan4: p4_rini_he_na1: Bes still a minute! Bes you know what makers that sound?
pagan4: p4_rini_he_na2: You hearsy the sounder too, right?
pagan4: p4_rini_se1: Shadower! What bes that?
pagan4: p4_rini_se2: Who bes that I see overed there?
pagan4: p4_rini_se3: What bes moves there?
pagan4: p4_rini_se_na1: Bes you seesie this? Looksy over here!
pagan4: p4_rini_se_na2: Hey! We bes can see that you know! You bes in big trouble!
pagan4: p4_rnew1: What? Agains....
pagan4: p4_rnew2: No need to keep doing that. I bes already know you're there.
pagan4: p4_rnew3: More of the same, eh? When I finders you, you won't be so bold....
pagan4: p4_rnew_he1: There bes nothing wrong with my ears, you know....
pagan4: p4_rnew_he2: I bes hearsy that! This bes not a game, you know!
pagan4: p4_rnew_se1: There! I bes saw that, you know!
pagan4: p4_rnew_se2: Agains...I seesie something...but what?
pagan4: p4_rpre1: Over there!
pagan4: p4_rpre2: What bes?
pagan4: p4_rpre3: Bes that a...?
pagan4: p4_rret1: I bes must have imagininged it. No more wormwood tea for me....
pagan4: p4_rret2: Nothings. There bes nothing here. What was I thinkings?
pagan4: p4_rret3: Funny...I was really readied for a fightings...but there bes no one here....
pagan4: p4_rret_he1: Guess it coulds have been...some rock fallinged...or...something like that...mader them sounds before....
pagan4: p4_rret_he2: I knows I heard something...but...I bes guess it was nothing....
pagan4: p4_rret_los1: Hmmm...I bes looksy no more...runned off or I get backs to working....
pagan4: p4_rret_los2: Nowhere! Nothing! That Cityhead bes gone, gone, gone! Didn't feel like fightings I guess.
pagan4: p4_rret_los_f1: She bes gone...runned off or something....
pagan4: p4_rret_los_f_na1: She bes gone...we bes let her escape. Let's just back to work.
pagan4: p4_rret_los_m1: I givers up! Him bes not here any mores...all citymen are cowards.
pagan4: p4_rret_los_m_na1: You letted him escaped! Bes you more careful next timed!
pagan4: p4_rret_na1: You checked everywheres, right? Then I guess there bes nothing here after all....
pagan4: p4_rret_na2: If someone were here...we'd bes knowing it by no more worrying....
pagan4: p4_rret_ra1: Oh, a rat! And here I am imagining some huge dangerings....
pagan4: p4_rret_se1: I knows I sawed something, bes gone away....
pagan4: p4_rret_se2: Gone. I bes scared them away...whoever it was I sawed.
pagan4: p4_rsur_ev_com1: Hey! Watch outs!
pagan4: p4_sleeping1: (Calling out in sleep) Wormwood...comes here, Wormwood...bes a goodsie...woodsie...(snores).
pagan4: p4_sndocc1: Them noise! Bes too loud!
pagan4: p4_spell_thanks1: Bes better...thank you....
pagan4: p4_spell_thanks2: Ah...better...goodsie...thanks.
pagan4: p4_spell_thanks3: Ah...goodsie. Thanks.
pagan4: p4_sum_fight1: Bes there someone help me with this fighting?
pagan4: p4_sum_fight2: Somebody! Quick! I bes need some help!
pagan4: p4_sum_fight3: Helpers me! Someone!
pagan4: p4_sum_reply1: I hearsy you! I bes ready a fight!
pagan4: p4_sum_reply2: Here I comes to save the day!
pagan4: p4_sum_reply3: Hold on! I bes here to helping you!
pagan4: p4_valley1: Bes an intruder in them alley....
pagan4: p4_vatrium1: In them atrium! A lurker!
pagan4: p4_vbathrm1: There bes someone in them bathroom!
pagan4: p4_vbedrm1: There bes someone in them sleeping area!
pagan4: p4_vbsmt1: Seesie me a lurker in them basement!
pagan4: p4_vchamber1: There bes someone in them chamber!
pagan4: p4_vchapel1: I bes seesie someone in them ritual place!
pagan4: p4_vcourtyd1: I seesie someone in them courtyard!
pagan4: p4_vhall1: There bes someone in them hallway!
pagan4: p4_vinside1: Seesie me an intruder inside here!
pagan4: p4_vkitchen1: Who bes that in them kitchen?
pagan4: p4_vlibrary1: I bes seesie someone in them book place!
pagan4: p4_voutside1: There bes a lurker outside here!
pagan4: p4_vrafters1: I bes seesie someone in them rafters!
pagan4: p4_vroof1: Somebody bes on them roof there!
pagan4: p4_vstairs1: Seesie me someone on them stairs!
pagan4: p4_vstreet1: Look, a lurker, in them street!
pagan4: p4_wdie1: Arg! No! Now YOU must die, manfool!
pagan4: p4_wdie2: Ah! Sapped! Deaded! By a Cityhead!
pagan4: p4_wdie_f1: She bes sapped! Now you dies, killer!
pagan4: p4_wdie_m1: No! Cityman killed him!
pagan4: p4_wfle1: Where bes you go? The fight bes not over yet!
pagan4: p4_ycon1: Lilac, bes that you? Stops playing now....
pagan4: p4_ycon2: Bes this a jokings? Comes out if someone bes there....
pagan4: p4_ycon3: Hmm, I bes wonder what it might be....
pagan4: p4_ycon4: Haves to make sure...thoughts I saw something around heres....
pagan4: p4_ycon5: Bes anyone there? Bes this not funny....
pagan4: p4_ycon_he1: Mes sure I bes hears soundings...but wheres?
pagan4: p4_ycon_he2: What could bes maker those soundings?
pagan4: p4_ycon_he_na1: We better checks carefully, I bes hearing a noises....
pagan4: p4_ycon_he_na2: I bes not know what makers them sounds, do you?
pagan4: p4_ycon_na1: Seesie you anything? Checks rocks unturned....
pagan4: p4_ycon_na2: I bes not sure where, but looksy you careful, OK?
pagan4: p4_ycon_se1: What bes me seeing 'round here...?
pagan4: p4_ycon_se2: Something movered, I think....
pagan4: p4_ycon_se_na1: Does you seesie what I saw? Let's look some more....
pagan4: p4_ycon_se_na2: Givers a yell if you seesie it again, OK?
pagan4: p4_yini1: Who bes...what bes there?
pagan4: p4_yini2: Bes that someone?
pagan4: p4_yini3: Bes that you, Cedar?
pagan4: p4_yini_he1: I hears a noisy....
pagan4: p4_yini_he2: Something...soundings....
pagan4: p4_yini_he3: I bes hearsy that...whatever you bes....
pagan4: p4_yini_he_na1: Can you tell what bes making that noisings?
pagan4: p4_yini_he_na2: Shhh, hears you it? That sounding....
pagan4: p4_yini_se1: I seesie...something....
pagan4: p4_yini_se2: What saws me just then?
pagan4: p4_yini_se3: What be that I sawed?
pagan4: p4_yini_se_na1: Look over there, bes you seesie that too?
pagan4: p4_yini_se_na2: Seesie you what movers there?
pagan4: p4_ynew1: Yes, yes, I know, still here-sy...still nearsy....
pagan4: p4_ynew2: That! What bes that?
pagan4: p4_yret1: Hmm. All bes woodsie well, nothing bes there after all.
pagan4: p4_yret2: I bes jumped at nothings. Nothings at all.
pagan4: p4_yret3: Guess it bes was nothing. When I bes get home, I'll drinking wormwood tea to settle my nervings.
pagan4: p4_yret_he1: Some say them earwigs makers you hear things wrong, could be I havers some in there or something.
pagan4: p4_yret_he2: I guess those soundings were nothing. All bes clear.
pagan4: p4_yret_na1: Lets get backing to work. You bes was wrong...there bes nothing here.
pagan4: p4_yret_na2: Looks goodsie to me, I thinks we gots worried for nothings.
pagan4: p4_yret_ra1: Aha, a rats. Bes that's what I be noticing'd this whole timed.
pagan4: p4_yret_se1: Could havers been a play o' them shadows, or a pixie trick I saw...well, back to workings....
pagan4: p4_yret_se2: I bes wash my eyes with brightweed tonight. I bes seeing things that bes not there.

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