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T3_ratbeast1 Edit

ratbeast1: rb1_caim1: Not bes move...not bes move....
ratbeast1: rb1_catt1: Rarr!
ratbeast1: rb1_catt2: Die!
ratbeast1: rb1_catt3: Sneaksie!
ratbeast1: rb1_cdam_hi_na1: Helps me now!
ratbeast1: rb1_cdam_no1: Hah! You bes fight likes a pup!
ratbeast1: rb1_cdie_words1: (Outraged) Bes lost!
ratbeast1: rb1_cdie_words2: Not bes... dying... not bes....
ratbeast1: rb1_chit1: Hah! I smells you scares now!
ratbeast1: rb1_chit_ran1: Hah! You sees me hit?
ratbeast1: rb1_cini1: Rarr! Dies, manfool!
ratbeast1: rb1_cini2: I bes kills you all dead!
ratbeast1: rb1_cini3: Manfool! Bes dead!
ratbeast1: rb1_cini_na1: You gets him, and I gets him!
ratbeast1: rb1_cmis1: Not bes runnsy like that!
ratbeast1: rb1_cmis_ran1: Bads arrow.
ratbeast1: rb1_cret_kil1: Kills you! Kills you! Hah!
ratbeast1: rb1_csub1: You bes back! Die!
ratbeast1: rb1_csur1: Rarr! Dies, manfool!
ratbeast1: rb1_csur2: I bes kills you all dead!
ratbeast1: rb1_csur3: Manfool! Bes dead!
ratbeast1: rb1_csur_na1: You gets him, and I gets him!
ratbeast1: rb1_enr_con1: Rarrrarah!
ratbeast1: rb1_enr_con2: I bes make you deads deads deads deads!
ratbeast1: rb1_enr_warn1: Rarrrr! Bes fighting me!
ratbeast1: rb1_ev_blood1: (Sniffing) Blood. Tasty.
ratbeast1: rb1_ev_body1: (Sniffing) Bes killed recent.
ratbeast1: rb1_ev_body2: Who bes killing you? (Sniffs) Bes not long ago.
ratbeast1: rb1_ev_body3: Bes too slow, you. Bes dead now.
ratbeast1: rb1_ev_com1: Bes fighting! Bes fighting without me!
ratbeast1: rb1_ev_dam1: Ow! I bes kill you...when I sees you!
ratbeast1: rb1_ev_door1: Hey...who bes going ins and outs?
ratbeast1: rb1_ev_felt1: Rrr! Not bes pushing!
ratbeast1: rb1_ev_felt2: What bes touching?
ratbeast1: rb1_ev_lightext1: Who bes do that? Stops!
ratbeast1: rb1_ev_lightoff1: Who bes turn this offs?
ratbeast1: rb1_ev_loot1: Something bes missing (sniff sniff)....
ratbeast1: rb1_ev_loot2: Who bes take this?
ratbeast1: rb1_ev_maj1: This bes very bad! Not bes liking!
ratbeast1: rb1_ev_med1: What bes going on?
ratbeast1: rb1_ev_min1: That bes not right.
ratbeast1: rb1_ev_ret1: Bah. Bes not my problem.
ratbeast1: rb1_ev_torchext1: Hey! Not bes make it dark!
ratbeast1: rb1_ev_torchtoff1: Stupid torches. Bes not works.
ratbeast1: rb1_fcow1: Not hurts me!
ratbeast1: rb1_fini1: I bes going somewhere else....
ratbeast1: rb1_gcon_he_na1: Bes you hearing something?
ratbeast1: rb1_gcon_se_na1: Sees you...something?
ratbeast1: rb1_gen_aha1: Hah!
ratbeast1: rb1_gen_dazed1: What bes happen?
ratbeast1: rb1_gen_dismiss1: Bes nothing.
ratbeast1: rb1_gen_dunno1: I bes not know.
ratbeast1: rb1_gen_igetit1: Aaaah....
ratbeast1: rb1_gen_no1: No.
ratbeast1: rb1_gen_oops1: Oops.
ratbeast1: rb1_gen_thanks1: Thanksy.
ratbeast1: rb1_gen_yes1: Yes.
ratbeast1: rb1_gini1: Huh? (Sniffs).
ratbeast1: rb1_gini2: Something bes there? (Sniffs).
ratbeast1: rb1_gini3: Hm. (Sniffing) Something?
ratbeast1: rb1_gini_he1: Hmm. Some bes noise?
ratbeast1: rb1_gini_he2: Something creepsie there?
ratbeast1: rb1_gini_se1: Something sneaksie move?
ratbeast1: rb1_gini_se2: I sees...something.
ratbeast1: rb1_greet_reply1: (Sniffing) Bes good.
ratbeast1: rb1_greet_reply2: Hey.
ratbeast1: rb1_greet_reply3: Bes a good night.
ratbeast1: rb1_greet_req1: Hello.
ratbeast1: rb1_greet_req2: Woodsie guard you.
ratbeast1: rb1_greet_req3: Goods night.
ratbeast1: rb1_gret1: Bes nothing.
ratbeast1: rb1_gret2: Hrr. Next time it bes something.
ratbeast1: rb1_gret_he1: It bes just a noise, bes gone now.
ratbeast1: rb1_gret_na1: You bes making me think something bes here. Hah.
ratbeast1: rb1_gret_se1: I bes not seeing anything.
ratbeast1: rb1_gsub1: Huh? Bes something back?
ratbeast1: rb1_iann1: I bes go and tell about this.
ratbeast1: rb1_iarr_gone1: No! It bes there before!
ratbeast1: rb1_iarr_pres1: See! See! It bes not right!
ratbeast1: rb1_iarr_srch1: I bes help you look....
ratbeast1: rb1_idle1: Buzz, buzz. Buzz, buzz. Pulls the wingses off, nots buzz, nots bite. Hah hah.
ratbeast1: rb1_idle2: I bes fierce. Not calls me coward. The manfools come, I bites, I stabs, I kills.
ratbeast1: rb1_idle3: I smells her bloods once, I dids. Dark reds like petals, smells of hot, smells of deaths and lifes.
ratbeast1: rb1_idle4: I names my sword Sharp. No, no, I bes name it Tooth. It bes a sharp tooth for me, I bites, and it bites.
ratbeast1: rb1_idle5: I bes the fiercest. I bes the smartest. I bes the quicksest and the sneaksest. All the others bes see, yes, yes, I bes showing them.
ratbeast1: rb1_idle_ou1: I smells the rain. Smells the cloudses dancing singing all fulls of rain, smells the rains coming, I does.
ratbeast1: rb1_irep_pl1: I sees a manfool! Comes and kills him!
ratbeast1: rb1_ires1: I bes come and see.
ratbeast1: rb1_misc_blind_end1: I bes see again....
ratbeast1: rb1_misc_blind_ini1: My eyes! They bes brokesy!
ratbeast1: rb1_misc_noisemak1: What bes that? Bes never heard before.
ratbeast1: rb1_misc_noisesup1: Something bes not right here. My ears be confused....
ratbeast1: rb1_misc_pickp1: Who bes taking from me?
ratbeast1: rb1_misc_slip1: Whuuaa!
ratbeast1: rb1_nbarrel1: Bes a big shadow by thats barrel
ratbeast1: rb1_ncrate1: What bes past the box? (Sniffs).
ratbeast1: rb1_nladder1: Bes something by the ladder? (Sniffs).
ratbeast1: rb1_nmach1: Nasty machines. They be hidesy anything. (Sniffs).
ratbeast1: rb1_nshadow1: Anything bes hidesey in the shadows?
ratbeast1: rb1_nstatue1: Bes that statue looksy at me?
ratbeast1: rb1_opp_fini1: Bes running! Hah.
ratbeast1: rb1_opp_hide1: Grar. Where bes the sneaksie?
ratbeast1: rb1_opp_hide_m1: He bes hiding....
ratbeast1: rb1_opp_hide_m_na1: Do you sees him?
ratbeast1: rb1_opp_mis1: Hah! Bes no hit!
ratbeast1: rb1_rcon1: I finds you, I finds you....
ratbeast1: rb1_rcon2: I smells you out, sneaksie....
ratbeast1: rb1_rcon_fnd1: There! I bes finding you!
ratbeast1: rb1_rcon_fnd2: Rrar! I bes catching!
ratbeast1: rb1_rcon_fnd_m_na1: Here! I finds him!
ratbeast1: rb1_rcon_he1: I hears you, stampsy foots!
ratbeast1: rb1_rcon_he2: I bes follow your noises!
ratbeast1: rb1_rcon_he_na1: We finds you soon, noisy-foots!
ratbeast1: rb1_rcon_los1: I kills you quick if you bes come out!
ratbeast1: rb1_rcon_los2: You bes a bad hidesy.
ratbeast1: rb1_rcon_los_m_na1: He bes hidesy good. You sees?
ratbeast1: rb1_rcon_los_m_na2: We gets him soon, and we kills him.
ratbeast1: rb1_rcon_na1: We bes find it soon!
ratbeast1: rb1_rcon_na2: I finds the sneaksie first! I knows I will!
ratbeast1: rb1_rcon_se1: Hah, hah, you moves again!
ratbeast1: rb1_rcon_se2: If I sees you again, I catches you!
ratbeast1: rb1_rcon_se_na1: Sees it again? Not findsy yet....
ratbeast1: rb1_rini1: Who bes there? Showsie yourself now!
ratbeast1: rb1_rini2: Who bes hidings there?
ratbeast1: rb1_rini3: I knows that you bes there!
ratbeast1: rb1_rini_he1: What bes stompings and creepsing?
ratbeast1: rb1_rini_he2: I hears you, there! Now you bes my prey!
ratbeast1: rb1_rini_he_na1: Hah! I hears it too!
ratbeast1: rb1_rini_he_na2: I hears it first!
ratbeast1: rb1_rini_se1: I sees you there! Come out!
ratbeast1: rb1_rini_se_na1: Sees that there?
ratbeast1: rb1_rnew1: Hah! Not so sneasky!
ratbeast1: rb1_rpre1: Aha, bes that there!
ratbeast1: rb1_rret1: Bah. Sneaksie all snuck.
ratbeast1: rb1_rret2: Grr. Not finds anything.
ratbeast1: rb1_rret_he1: I hears it, I hears it, but nothing now.
ratbeast1: rb1_rret_los1: You bes a scaredsey! Bah.
ratbeast1: rb1_rret_los2: Bes get away this time.
ratbeast1: rb1_rret_na1: I not says nothings if you not says nothings.
ratbeast1: rb1_rret_ra1: Hah ha ha! You little rats scares me big rats!
ratbeast1: rb1_rret_se1: I knows I sees something, but it sneaksie away.
ratbeast1: rb1_rsur_ev_com1: Whoa! Bes careful!
ratbeast1: rb1_spell_thanks1: You bes good.
ratbeast1: rb1_sum_fight1: Comes and helps me!
ratbeast1: rb1_sum_fight2: I bes need help!
ratbeast1: rb1_sum_reply1: I bes come! Bes good to fight!
ratbeast1: rb1_sum_reply2: You bes soft, but I helps you.
ratbeast1: rb1_wdie1: I bes kill you for that!

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