T3_ratbeast2 Edit

ratbeast2: rb2_caim1: I sees it fly....
ratbeast2: rb2_catt1: Grrr!
ratbeast2: rb2_catt2: Manfool!
ratbeast2: rb2_catt3: Kills you!
ratbeast2: rb2_cdam_hi_na1: Not bes just stand there!
ratbeast2: rb2_cdam_no1: Not bes hurting me!
ratbeast2: rb2_cdie_words1: Bes...kill you next time....
ratbeast2: rb2_cdie_words2: Woodsie guard me....
ratbeast2: rb2_chit1: Hah! I sees you bleed!
ratbeast2: rb2_chit_ran1: Woo! Hits! I bes the best kills!
ratbeast2: rb2_cini1: You bes my prey now!
ratbeast2: rb2_cini2: You bes dead!
ratbeast2: rb2_cini3: I bes smell your blood now!
ratbeast2: rb2_cini_na1: I kills him first!
ratbeast2: rb2_cmis1: Bes still!
ratbeast2: rb2_cmis_ran1: It bes the arrows fault.
ratbeast2: rb2_cret_kil1: I kills it! It bes dead!
ratbeast2: rb2_csub1: I bes kill you for sure now!
ratbeast2: rb2_csur1: You bes my prey now!
ratbeast2: rb2_csur2: You bes dead!
ratbeast2: rb2_csur3: I bes smell your blood now!
ratbeast2: rb2_csur_na1: I kills him first!
ratbeast2: rb2_enr_con1: Rarrrgh!
ratbeast2: rb2_enr_con2: The Woodsie Lord bes burning you all up!
ratbeast2: rb2_enr_warn1: Stops! Comes here! Fights!
ratbeast2: rb2_ev_blood1: (Sniffing) It bes fresh blood.
ratbeast2: rb2_ev_body1: Who bes killing? Killing bes my jobs.
ratbeast2: rb2_ev_body2: (Sniffing) Not bes my kill. I bes falling behind.
ratbeast2: rb2_ev_body3: (Sniffing) Bes not dead long. Who bes doing this?
ratbeast2: rb2_ev_com1: I bes hear fightings!
ratbeast2: rb2_ev_dam1: Rrrr! Who bes do that?
ratbeast2: rb2_ev_door1: That bes open...rrrrrr.
ratbeast2: rb2_ev_felt1: Who bes pushing me?
ratbeast2: rb2_ev_felt2: Not bes touches my furs!
ratbeast2: rb2_ev_lightext1: Who bes play tricksie with the light?
ratbeast2: rb2_ev_lightoff1: Why bes there no light?
ratbeast2: rb2_ev_loot1: Bes a sneaksie thief takes it!
ratbeast2: rb2_ev_loot2: It bes gone!
ratbeast2: rb2_ev_maj1: Aaah! What bes this! What bes this!
ratbeast2: rb2_ev_med1: Who bes tricksy this?
ratbeast2: rb2_ev_min1: I bes not like that.
ratbeast2: rb2_ev_ret1: Not bes my fault. I bes not worry.
ratbeast2: rb2_ev_torchext1: Rrr! Bads! Puts torch back on!
ratbeast2: rb2_ev_torchtoff1: (Sniffing) Why bes the torch out?
ratbeast2: rb2_fcow1: Bes mercy!
ratbeast2: rb2_fini1: I bes...not here.
ratbeast2: rb2_gcon_he_na1: I bes hear...I bes not sure.
ratbeast2: rb2_gcon_se_na1: Bes you see that?
ratbeast2: rb2_gen_aha1: There!
ratbeast2: rb2_gen_dazed1: Something bes...hmm.
ratbeast2: rb2_gen_dismiss1: I bes not care.
ratbeast2: rb2_gen_dunno1: How bes I know?
ratbeast2: rb2_gen_igetit1: Aaaah.... (Sniffs).
ratbeast2: rb2_gen_no1: Nope.
ratbeast2: rb2_gen_oops1: Nobody bes saw that, I hope.
ratbeast2: rb2_gen_thanks1: I bes grateful.
ratbeast2: rb2_gen_yes1: Yes.
ratbeast2: rb2_gini1: Hmm? (Sniffs).
ratbeast2: rb2_gini2: Was that bes something? (Sniffs).
ratbeast2: rb2_gini3: Huh? Something comes?
ratbeast2: rb2_gini_he1: Shh, shh. Something?
ratbeast2: rb2_gini_he2: Tk, tk, what bes that?
ratbeast2: rb2_gini_se1: Bes that a tastie I see?
ratbeast2: rb2_gini_se2: Something moves?
ratbeast2: rb2_greet_reply1: Woodsie guard you.
ratbeast2: rb2_greet_reply2: (Sniffing) Goods night.
ratbeast2: rb2_greet_reply3: Hello.
ratbeast2: rb2_greet_req1: Bes with the Woodsie Lord.
ratbeast2: rb2_greet_req2: Goods night.
ratbeast2: rb2_greet_req3: How bes you?
ratbeast2: rb2_gret1: It bes not anything.
ratbeast2: rb2_gret2: It bes nothing. I wish it bes a manfool, thens I kill him!
ratbeast2: rb2_gret_he1: My ears be plays tricksies.
ratbeast2: rb2_gret_na1: You bes play foolsies on me. I bes fools you next time.
ratbeast2: rb2_gret_se1: It bes just the shadows I sees.
ratbeast2: rb2_gsub1: (Sniffs) Bes it again?
ratbeast2: rb2_iann1: Someone shoulds be know about this.
ratbeast2: rb2_iarr_gone1: It bes not like that, now.
ratbeast2: rb2_iarr_pres1: See, it still bes like that.
ratbeast2: rb2_iarr_srch1: You bes always lying about things.
ratbeast2: rb2_idle1: I likes this sword. My sword bes goodsie sharp, bes chop chop chop the manfools and bes them all bloody and cries them, 'No no!' and I bes chop them again.
ratbeast2: rb2_idle2: The Woodsie Lord, he makes me stands, he gives me goodsie thoughts. Nots a creepsy crawlie, hidesie and lives in dirt.
ratbeast2: rb2_idle3: I bites him next time. I bes not say, 'Yes, yes...' nots next time. He bes bigger and he bes stronger, but I bes smart and the Woodsie Lord mades me, too.
ratbeast2: rb2_idle4: I bes find a manfool, I chops his hand off. Hah hah. And then I chops his other hand off. Hah hah. And then I chops his feet off, quick quick!
ratbeast2: rb2_idle5: I puts them stickerberries, hah hah hah, puts thems in his beds. And thens he bes go to sleep, and, hah hah hah, he bes stung and pricksy!
ratbeast2: rb2_idle_ou1: Listenses to the wind. Whispers me, 'Come and catches and leaps and smells....' Nots whispers to stand heres and dos nothings. Grrrr.
ratbeast2: rb2_irep_pl1: I finds a sneaksie man! Hurry!
ratbeast2: rb2_ires1: You bes lying, but I come and see.
ratbeast2: rb2_misc_blind_end1: I bes not blind!
ratbeast2: rb2_misc_blind_ini1: Something bes takes my eyes!
ratbeast2: rb2_misc_noisemak1: Bes a strange noise....
ratbeast2: rb2_misc_noisesup1: Bes a bug in my ears?
ratbeast2: rb2_misc_pickp1: Someone bes steal mines!
ratbeast2: rb2_misc_slip1: Whuuaa!
ratbeast2: rb2_nbarrel1: I looks past the barrel.
ratbeast2: rb2_ncrate1: I bes not like the looksy of that box.
ratbeast2: rb2_nladder1: Climbsy ladder! Or bes stay here....
ratbeast2: rb2_nmach1: I bes look by the machines. Maybe I bes smash them.
ratbeast2: rb2_nshadow1: I bes go and look in the shadows. (Sniffs).
ratbeast2: rb2_nstatue1: What bes that shadow? It not bes from the statue....
ratbeast2: rb2_opp_fini1: You bes all scaredsey! Hah!
ratbeast2: rb2_opp_hide1: Bes too fast for me.
ratbeast2: rb2_opp_hide_m1: He bes running too fast, all scaredy.
ratbeast2: rb2_opp_hide_m_na1: Where bes he run to?
ratbeast2: rb2_opp_mis1: Hah! Not bes hitting me!
ratbeast2: rb2_rcon1: I finds where you hides, sneaksie....
ratbeast2: rb2_rcon2: Just wait, I finds you....
ratbeast2: rb2_rcon_fnd1: You bes fighting me now!
ratbeast2: rb2_rcon_fnd2: You bes mine now!
ratbeast2: rb2_rcon_fnd_m_na1: He bes here!
ratbeast2: rb2_rcon_he1: I still finds you, noisy fool!
ratbeast2: rb2_rcon_he2: I hears you, I hears you!
ratbeast2: rb2_rcon_he_na1: Bes you hear it again, yet?
ratbeast2: rb2_rcon_los1: I finds you soon or sooner.
ratbeast2: rb2_rcon_los2: When I finds you, I kills you slow.
ratbeast2: rb2_rcon_los_m_na1: Does you be finding him?
ratbeast2: rb2_rcon_los_m_na2: Finds him, we finds him.
ratbeast2: rb2_rcon_na1: Where bes the sneaksie? Finds it yet?
ratbeast2: rb2_rcon_na2: I finds it before you, you sees!
ratbeast2: rb2_rcon_se1: I seeses you again and then I kills you!
ratbeast2: rb2_rcon_se2: Sneaskie, sneaksie, I saws you....
ratbeast2: rb2_rcon_se_na1: Huntsy, huntsy, little shadow. We catches you soon!
ratbeast2: rb2_rini1: Who bes there? You bes not fooling me!
ratbeast2: rb2_rini2: You! Comes out and speaks to me!
ratbeast2: rb2_rini3: Sneaksie! Sneaksie! Come out!
ratbeast2: rb2_rini_he1: I hears you! Come out!
ratbeast2: rb2_rini_he2: I follows your noises, stompsy feet!
ratbeast2: rb2_rini_he_na1: You hears that?
ratbeast2: rb2_rini_he_na2: Hah! Listen theres!
ratbeast2: rb2_rini_se1: I seeses that!
ratbeast2: rb2_rini_se_na1: Looksy! There!
ratbeast2: rb2_rnew1: Still hidesy, still hidesy...but I find!
ratbeast2: rb2_rpre1: What bes that?
ratbeast2: rb2_rret1: Can't findsy anything. Grr.
ratbeast2: rb2_rret2: Someone plays tricksies on poor me.
ratbeast2: rb2_rret_he1: Grrr. All noisies gone.
ratbeast2: rb2_rret_los1: I bes give up. Rrrr.
ratbeast2: rb2_rret_los2: Bes the scaredesy gets away.
ratbeast2: rb2_rret_na1: We not finds anything. Stupid sneaksie whatsit.
ratbeast2: rb2_rret_ra1: Grrr. You not so big rats. I bes kill you if I wants.
ratbeast2: rb2_rret_se1: Some tricksy boy fools me. I seesie nothings now.
ratbeast2: rb2_rsur_ev_com1: Bes a sneaksie attack!
ratbeast2: rb2_spell_thanks1: Thanksy.
ratbeast2: rb2_sum_fight1: Helps me kills!
ratbeast2: rb2_sum_fight2: Hurry! Helps me!
ratbeast2: rb2_sum_reply1: I bes kill it for you!
ratbeast2: rb2_sum_reply2: Bes thanks! I bes coming to fight!
ratbeast2: rb2_wdie1: You bes killing too many, now!

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