T3_thug1 Edit

This folder contains files for Prisoner 1 and Thug 1.

Prisoner 1:

thug1: pr1_ev_dam1: Ah! Who did that?
thug1: pr1_ev_felt1: Hey...leave me alone....
thug1: pr1_ev_felt2: Quit it.
thug1: pr1_ev_maj1: Man, what's going on?
thug1: pr1_ev_med1: Man, what's going on?
thug1: pr1_ev_min1: That's taffin' strange.
thug1: pr1_fatigue_epi1: Whew...(wheezes)...gotta breath...(huffs)....
thug1: pr1_fcon1: Gotta get away....
thug1: pr1_fcon2: They'll never get me! Never!
thug1: pr1_fcon3: They'd have to kill me before I'd get back in a cell!
thug1: pr1_fcow1: No! I ain't armed!
thug1: pr1_fcow2: Stop! What's this all about, anyway?
thug1: pr1_fhid1: Lay low...that's the only way....
thug1: pr1_fhid2: Just stay outta sight...(coughs) that should do it....
thug1: pr1_fini1: You'll never catch me!
thug1: pr1_fini2: No! I won't go back in that cell!
thug1: pr1_fsub1: Taff it! How'd you find me?
thug1: pr1_fsub2: You ain't caught me yet!
thug1: pr1_gen_dazed1: Hello? Who has the--? Huh?
thug1: pr1_gen_frust1: Of all the taffin--!
thug1: pr1_gen_oops1: Ooops. Uh oh.
thug1: pr1_gen_snapout1: Whuuh!
thug1: pr1_gen_startled1: Wha--?
thug1: pr1_gen_suffer1:
thug1: pr1_gini1: (Slightly nervous) What's that?
thug1: pr1_gini2: (Slightly nervous) Somethin' there?
thug1: pr1_gini3: (Slightly nervous) Hey.
thug1: pr1_idle1: The Watch is getting to be a problem...getting' to be so that a guy like me has to conduct all his business in dark alleys and smelly basements...not fair...that's what.
thug1: pr1_idle2: I'm no vagrant! I got money! Well I did, 'til you took it!
thug1: pr1_idle3: There's gotta be a way outta this stinkin' joint. Gotta be. (Coughs) Gotta be.
thug1: pr1_idle4: (To self) Tiff, taffin' City Watch! They'll get theirs. (Coughs) Sooner or later.
thug1: pr1_idle5: I ain't done nothin'! (Quieter) Nothin' that you knows about, anyway....
thug1: pr1_idle6: They can't keep me in here...I got rights...(Coughs) ...the boys'll bust me out....
thug1: pr1_idle7: Where's the warden! I need to see the warden! Hims and me, we got a deal! Ain't anyone listening?
thug1: pr1_misc_blind_con1: Where is...oh boy...not good....
thug1: pr1_misc_blind_con2: Can't see...oh...don't wanna bump into...oh....
thug1: pr1_misc_blind_con3: Wish I could...just see...for a sec....
thug1: pr1_misc_blind_end1: Is that a...yeah...I'm beginning to see again...'bout taffin' time too.
thug1: pr1_misc_blind_ini1: Ah! I can't see!
thug1: pr1_misc_noisemak1: (Jittery) Who's there!
thug1: pr1_misc_noisemak2: (Jittery) Someone taffin' around there?
thug1: pr1_misc_noisemak3: (Jittery, hushed) That you, Beasley?
thug1: pr1_misc_slip1: Wha-oh!
thug1: pr1_rini1: What the taff was that?
thug1: pr1_rini2: You're not supposed to mess with the prisoners!
thug1: pr1_rini3: Who's taffing around, huh?
thug1: pr1_yini1: (Jittery) Who's there!
thug1: pr1_yini2: (Jittery) Someone taffin' around there?
thug1: pr1_yini3: (Jittery, hushed) That you, Beasley?

Thug 1:

thug1: t1_blame_maj1: Oh, you're gonna pay for all what you did. I saw what happened.
thug1: t1_blame_min1: That was you, taffer? Give it a rest!
thug1: t1_caim1: Ready...aim....
thug1: t1_catt1: Take that!
thug1: t1_catt2: Hurt, don't it?
thug1: t1_catt3: Die, taffer!
thug1: t1_catt_hi1: Haha! You're through!
thug1: t1_catt_hi2: Ready to die?
thug1: t1_catt_hi_na1: We've just about got him!
thug1: t1_catt_hi_na2: Step aside, let me kill him!
thug1: t1_catt_lo1: Back off!
thug1: t1_catt_lo2: Keep back!
thug1: t1_catt_lo_na1: Get 'im offa me!
thug1: t1_catt_lo_na2: Little help here!
thug1: t1_catt_ran1: And away!
thug1: t1_catt_ran2: Come on....
thug1: t1_cdam_hi1: Arg! You're killing me, taffer!
thug1: t1_cdam_hi2: Gah! Now that really hurt....
thug1: t1_cdam_hi3: Ugh! That wasn't good....
thug1: t1_cdam_hi_na1: Gah! Get over here, you idiot!
thug1: t1_cdam_hi_na2: Ugh! Don't just stand there, stop him!
thug1: t1_cdam_lo1: Ooof. Hey!
thug1: t1_cdam_lo2: Ugh! Ow!
thug1: t1_cdam_lo3: Ow! Don't do that!
thug1: t1_cdam_med1: Ah! That hurts!
thug1: t1_cdam_med2: Ow! Now here's one for you!
thug1: t1_cdam_med3: Arg! You'll pay for that, taffer!
thug1: t1_cdam_no1: Hello? Was that some kind of joke?
thug1: t1_cdam_no2: That's not the best you can do, is it?
thug1: t1_cexp_hi1: I got you where I want you, taffer!
thug1: t1_cexp_hi2: How's it feel to be losing, taffer?
thug1: t1_cexp_hi3: Any last words, loser?
thug1: t1_cexp_lo1: How can this be? I never lose....
thug1: t1_cexp_lo2: What'd I do wrong? This jerk is beating me....
thug1: t1_cexp_lo3: I gotta get some focus here...or I'm a goner....
thug1: t1_cexp_med1: I can do this! I gotta be stronger than this taffer!
thug1: t1_cexp_med2: You know how to fight, I'll give you that.
thug1: t1_cexp_med3: You're all right. But I'm still gonna have to kill ya.
thug1: t1_chit1: Stings, don't it?
thug1: t1_chit2: Gotcha!
thug1: t1_chit_ran1: Yeah! Great shot!
thug1: t1_cini1: Found ya! You're in a world of hurt, taffer!
thug1: t1_cini2: There you is! I'm gonna enjoy this!
thug1: t1_cini3: I gotcha now! You're through!
thug1: t1_cini4: Caught ya! Now you've had it!
thug1: t1_cini5: Aha! Welcome to you're death, taffer!
thug1: t1_cini_enr1: I've had it with you!
thug1: t1_cini_enr2: Look out, taffer!
thug1: t1_cini_guard1: Die, copper!
thug1: t1_cini_guard_na1: Look! It's the Watch! Let's get 'em!
thug1: t1_cini_human1: Get ready to die!
thug1: t1_cini_human_na1: Help me kill this taffer!
thug1: t1_cini_monster1: I really hate montsers!
thug1: t1_cini_monster_na1: Don't let me fight this thing alone!
thug1: t1_cini_na1: There he is! Come on! Get him!
thug1: t1_cini_na2: I found him! Let's teach this taffer a lesson!
thug1: t1_cini_na2: t1_cini_zombie1: Zombies! You can't stop them!
thug1: t1_cini_zombie_na1: Look! Zombies! Remind me how to stop these things!
thug1: t1_ckil1: You're dead!
thug1: t1_ckil2: Aren't you dead yet?
thug1: t1_cmis1: Oh! Hold still, will ya?
thug1: t1_cmis2: Damn! Missed!
thug1: t1_cmis_na1: Missed! You get him!
thug1: t1_cmis_ran1: Dang it! I missed!
thug1: t1_cret_kil1: You're dead, and I killed ya! Now that's what I call a good day!
thug1: t1_cret_kil2: Dead? No! Come on, get up, you good for nothing taffer! I wanted to fight some more!
thug1: t1_cret_kil_na1: It's over. Don't just stand me hide the body....
thug1: t1_cret_kil_na2: I only wish there were more of 'em we could kill, eh?
thug1: t1_crime_hurtother1: Hey! Get offa them!
thug1: t1_crime_kill1: Hey! People get killed, I don't get paid! That's comin' outa your hide!
thug1: t1_crime_lockp1: Got a break-in!
thug1: t1_crime_theft1: Hey! I got me a thief here!
thug1: t1_crime_threat1: Look out, he's armed!
thug1: t1_crime_tres1: This ain't your turf! You're gonna be sorry you tried to muscle in!
thug1: t1_crime_vandal1: That's one crash too many, taffer.
thug1: t1_csub1: You again! This time you die!
thug1: t1_csub2: You! Haven't you had enough?
thug1: t1_csub_na1: It's him again! Let's clobber him!
thug1: t1_csur1: What? Oh, you're in for it now, taffer!
thug1: t1_csur2: Huh? Who? You just surprised the wrong guy!
thug1: t1_csur3: Ah! What the--? Ain't nobody gets the drop on me!
thug1: t1_csur4: Huh? Hey! All right! I'm gonna kill ya!
thug1: t1_csur5: What the taff? Oh, this is gonna be fun!
thug1: t1_csur_na1: Ah! Where'd you come from? Let's clobber him!
thug1: t1_csur_na2: What the--? Grrr--come on! Let's have some fun with this taffer!
thug1: t1_enr_con1: You're so taffin' dead!
thug1: t1_enr_con2: That's it! I'm losin' it!
thug1: t1_enr_con3: I'm gonna wring your taffin' neck!
thug1: t1_enr_warn1: Stop that and fight, you taffer!
thug1: t1_enr_warn2: This ain't no game you know. Let's settle this fair and square!
thug1: t1_ev_ally_spooked1: What the taff is wrong with you?
thug1: t1_ev_allyf1: Where'd that good-for-nothing woman go?
thug1: t1_ev_allym1: Now, where'd he go? He knows he shouldn't run off without tellin' me.
thug1: t1_ev_an_spooked1: Those animals...looks like something scared 'em.
thug1: t1_ev_blood1: Blood. Nice. Real nice.
thug1: t1_ev_body1: Dead? One less taffer, is how I look at it.
thug1: t1_ev_bodyf1: Look at that. Somebody's gone an' killed this woman.
thug1: t1_ev_bodym1: He's dead. Good riddence.
thug1: t1_ev_com1: A fight? Maybe I can get in on it....
thug1: t1_ev_dam1: Hey! That taffin' hurt!
thug1: t1_ev_dam2: Ow! Watch it!
thug1: t1_ev_door1: Hey...who's been fiddling with the door?
thug1: t1_ev_door_na1: Did you leave that door open? Fess up if you did....
thug1: t1_ev_enemybody1: Riddance to rubbish, all that.
thug1: t1_ev_felt1: Hey! Watch it!
thug1: t1_ev_felt2: Stop it! Or else.
thug1: t1_ev_lightext1: Hey, turn that back on. Hello?
thug1: t1_ev_lightext2: Uh oh...lights must've broke.
thug1: t1_ev_lightoff1: Shouldn't that light be--ah--on?
thug1: t1_ev_loot1: Wait...where's my stuff?
thug1: t1_ev_loot2: Missing? Some taffer stealing? From me?
thug1: t1_ev_loot_na1: Did you take it? I didn't. I don't trust nobody.
thug1: t1_ev_maj1: For all the taffin--!
thug1: t1_ev_med1: What the taff?
thug1: t1_ev_min1: Hmmm...I got a bad feeling about this.
thug1: t1_ev_res1: At least someone's been fighting. Wish it was me though.
thug1: t1_ev_ret1: What can I do about it? Nothing. That's what.
thug1: t1_ev_ret2: Somebody oughta do something about all this. But it ain't gonna be me.
thug1: t1_ev_shadow1: Now...that's one strange shadow.
thug1: t1_ev_torchext1: Stupid torch. Never work right.
thug1: t1_ev_torchext2: Who put that out?
thug1: t1_ev_torchtoff1: Sure is dark...oh, torch is out.
thug1: t1_fatigue_epi1: Whew...(wheezes)...gotta breath...(huffs)....
thug1: t1_fatigue_epi2: Gotta...(wheezes)...start workin' out...or somethin'....
thug1: t1_fatigue_se1: Wait, wait...(wheezes)...I'll be right...(huffs) there....
thug1: t1_fcon1: Get me out of here!
thug1: t1_fcon2: Ahh! I'm on the run!
thug1: t1_fcon3: Gotta find...(huffs & puffs) safe place....
thug1: t1_fcow1: Come on, I was just kiddin' around!
thug1: t1_fcow2: Hold on...I-I'll cut you in...50-50, whaddya say?
thug1: t1_fhid1: I'll be good from now on...just don't let 'em find me....
thug1: t1_fhid2: I'll just stay here 'til the danger's gone....
thug1: t1_fini1: I gotta go!
thug1: t1_fini_guard1: Catch me if you can, Copper!
thug1: t1_fini_human1: You'll be sorry! I'll be back!
thug1: t1_fini_monster1: What is this thing? Don't let it kill me!
thug1: t1_fini_na1: We've gotta get out of here, now!
thug1: t1_fini_pl1: I know when to quit!
thug1: t1_fini_pl2: I give up! Uncle! Leave me alone!
thug1: t1_fini_pl3: I've gotta go! I make it a policy not to get killed if I can help it!
thug1: t1_fini_zombie1: Help! The dead are walking!
thug1: t1_frust1: What are you doing over there? Let's just settle this!
thug1: t1_frust2: I'll get you! Sooner or later!
thug1: t1_frust_up1: Get down here and fight!
thug1: t1_fsub1: No! I can't take any more!
thug1: t1_fsub2: Ain't there no place safe?
thug1: t1_gcon1: Hmmm....
thug1: t1_gcon2: Maybe it was...dunno....
thug1: t1_gcon_he1: If I did hear something....
thug1: t1_gcon_he2: What kind of a sound...?
thug1: t1_gcon_he_na1: Quiet, you dolt. Can't you see I'm trying to hear something?
thug1: t1_gcon_he_na2: Hey you, did you hear anything just now?
thug1: t1_gcon_se1: What? Am I seein' things now?
thug1: t1_gcon_se2: Not sure...did I see something?
thug1: t1_gcon_se_na1: Keep still, will ya? All that moving around, I'm not sure if I just saw something....
thug1: t1_gcon_se_na2: Move, will ya? I'm tryin' to see something....
thug1: t1_gen_aha1: There you are!
thug1: t1_gen_dazed1: Hello? Who has the--? Huh?
thug1: t1_gen_dismiss1: Why would a guy like me care about that?
thug1: t1_gen_dunno1: I dunno.
thug1: t1_gen_dunno2: Like I would know. Get lost.
thug1: t1_gen_frust1: Of all the taffin--!
thug1: t1_gen_igetit1: I get it!
thug1: t1_gen_no1: Nope.
thug1: t1_gen_no2: Nothin' doin'.
thug1: t1_gen_oops1: Ooops. Uh oh.
thug1: t1_gen_snapout1: Whuuh!
thug1: t1_gen_startled1: Wha--?
thug1: t1_gen_suffer1:
thug1: t1_gen_suffer2:
thug1: t1_gen_thanks1: Thanks, that helps.
thug1: t1_gen_thanks2: You're not half bad. Thanks for that.
thug1: t1_gen_yes1: Yeah.
thug1: t1_gen_yes2: All right.
thug1: t1_gini1: Herm.
thug1: t1_gini2: Huh?
thug1: t1_gini3: Ah, hey.
thug1: t1_gini_he1: Did I hear?
thug1: t1_gini_he2: Was that a noise?
thug1: t1_gini_se1: Just saw...naw....
thug1: t1_gini_se2: Somethin' movin'?
thug1: t1_greet_reply1: Give me a break.
thug1: t1_greet_reply2: Whatever.
thug1: t1_greet_reply3: Get lost.
thug1: t1_greet_req1: Hey there.
thug1: t1_greet_req2: Whatcha up to?
thug1: t1_greet_req3: Long time.
thug1: t1_gret1: Ah! Why am I so paranoid?
thug1: t1_gret2: I'm too edgy. I gotta get myself a brew.
thug1: t1_gret3: Nothin'. And that's the way I like it.
thug1: t1_gret_he1: Ah! Just some stupid noises.
thug1: t1_gret_he2: Just one of those noisy places, I guess.
thug1: t1_gret_na1: It's nothin' you idiot. Luckily I'm around to set you straight.
thug1: t1_gret_na2: It's nothing. I'll tell you when something's there, until then, settle down.
thug1: t1_gret_se1: Didn't see nothin'.
thug1: t1_gret_se2: Ah, what am I on about? I didn't see anything. A moth maybe.
thug1: t1_gsub1: Hmmm. Am I imagining things?
thug1: t1_gsub2: Something again?
thug1: t1_iann1: Hmmm...I think I need some help....
thug1: t1_iann_pl1: You! Wait here. I'll be right back with my friends....
thug1: t1_iarr_gone1: What? Wait a was right here I tell ya!
thug1: t1_iarr_gone_pl1: What the taff? He was right here!
thug1: t1_iarr_pres1: There! See?
thug1: t1_iarr_pres_pl1: See? I told you he was there!
thug1: t1_iarr_srch1: Shut up. I believe you. Let's just look around some....
thug1: t1_iarr_srch_pl1: You're sure he was here, huh? Well, better have a look around....
thug1: t1_idle1: I'll show 'em...I'll show 'em all.... They'll be sorry they messed with me....
thug1: t1_idle2: I shoulda just said, 'Yeah'...then given him the old double-cross...that way I'd have the money and the goods...if he said anything...I could just tell him...things got too hot...and I had to dump the merchandise in the river.... time....
thug1: t1_idle3: Did he have any last words? Ha! That's a laugh. Yeah, he had one last taffin' word, kind of a message, it was, 'Nooooo! Arrgghha!' Oh, come to think of it, that's sorta two words, ain't it?
thug1: t1_idle4: Call that ale? So watery I could've filled up a tub and taken a bath in it. Pah. Last time I try that stinkin' pub....
thug1: t1_idle5: The Watch is getting to be a problem...getting' to be so that a guy like me has to conduct all his business in dark alleys and smelly basements...not fair...that's what....
thug1: t1_idle6: Thirty coppers! Thirty! I told him I'd need twice that much! At least. I'm standing by that, too. Risking my neck's gotta be worth more than that. That's what I figure, anyway....
thug1: t1_idle7: Like he's too good to meet me at the ale house...gotta be where nobody could ever see him...gotta be where nobody could ever hear our talkin' anybody at the ale house cares who he his...they got business of their own to settle....
thug1: t1_idle8: Them and their fine clothes...lookin' down on they're any better than me, just 'cause they gots some silk on themselves...couple more jobs, and I'll be getting me a pair of them velvety pants, then who's gonna be lookin' down on who? Eh? Stuck up wig-head taffers.
thug1: t1_idle9: Hmmm...guess I forgot to have dinner. Well, my stomach's reminding me now. I could stop in at the Sea Witch, and get me some chowder and biscuits. Now that's a meal. They owe me over there anyway, so it'll be free, too.
thug1: t1_idle101: I told him I work alone. He didn't listen, and so I had to show him a thing or two. Thing one being my right fist, thing two being my left. Now he knows I ain't kiddin'....
thug1: t1_idle111: So I says, 'It's called respect, Flemming. R-E-S-P-E-C-T, don't know what it means to me. But if I have to clock you in the noggin six times to get it, then that's what I'll do.' And I did. And now, I got the respect I deserve.
thug1: t1_idle12: That ain't livin'. That dump. She don't even know. If I wanted to, I could have her set up real fancy. But I got better things to spend my money on.
thug1: t1_idle_an1: Get outta here, you critter, before I stomp on you.
thug1: t1_idle_st1: This city would be mine...if it weren't for the Watch breathin' down my neck all the time.
thug1: t1_idle_st2: I love The City at night...people are surprised to hear me say that, but it's true.
thug1: t1_irep_pl1: I just saw this guy. I really want to take him out.
thug1: t1_irep_pl1: I just saw this guy. I really want to take him out.
thug1: t1_irep_ik1: It's that stinkin' murderer! Follow me!
thug1: t1_irep_it1: It's that sticky-fingered, no-good crook. Let's go clobber him!
thug1: t1_irep_pl1: I just saw this guy. I really want to take him out.
thug1: t1_ires1: All right, all right. Let's have a look then.
thug1: t1_misc_blind_con1: Where is...oh boy...not good....
thug1: t1_misc_blind_con2: Can't see...oh...don't wanna bump into...oh....
thug1: t1_misc_blind_con3: Wish I could...just see...for a sec....
thug1: t1_misc_blind_end1: Is that a...yeah...I'm beginning to see again...'bout taffin' time, too.
thug1: t1_misc_blind_ini1: Ah! I can't see!
thug1: t1_misc_noisemak1: Strangest taffin' noise I ever heard.
thug1: t1_misc_noisesup1: Some damn weird accoustics 'round here.
thug1: t1_misc_pickp1: Hey! Some taffer must have pickpocketed me!
thug1: t1_misc_pickp2: The jerk who stole that from me is in big trouble. Big big trouble.
thug1: t1_misc_slip1: Wha-oh!
thug1: t1_misc_slip2: Whuuf!
thug1: t1_nbarrel1: That barrel is big enough to hide in....
thug1: t1_nchair1: Let's just have a look by this chair....
thug1: t1_ncouch1: I should look by that couch.
thug1: t1_ncrate1: I'm gonna have a little look by that crate.
thug1: t1_ndesk1: The desk....
thug1: t1_ndoor1: Should check the door, too.
thug1: t1_nladder1: Is that something over by the ladder?
thug1: t1_nmach1: Someone could hide by those machines for sure....
thug1: t1_nshadow1: Strange looking shadows...better check 'em out.
thug1: t1_nshelf1: Did I see something by those shelves?
thug1: t1_nstatue1: That statue...I'd better have a closer look.
thug1: t1_ntable1: I'm gonna have a look near that table.
thug1: t1_obs_citywatch1: (Hushed) Stinkin' cops.
thug1: t1_obs_citywatch2: Evening, officer of the Watch! (Hushed) I'd watch your back....
thug1: t1_obs_commoner1: Chumps. Losers and chumps.
thug1: t1_obs_commoner2: Here? You want a penny? Come an' grovel for it.
thug1: t1_obs_guard1: Must get boring, havin' to guard the same place all a' time.
thug1: t1_obs_hammer1: Think you're so righteous. Just in it for the coin, like anyone else.
thug1: t1_obs_hammer_friend1: Hey, gimme one o' them Builder blessings, will ya?
thug1: t1_obs_noble1: (Hushed) Now, there's a nice mark. Probably got more gold than I count.
thug1: t1_obs_noble2: I could dress that nice...I just don't want to.
thug1: t1_obs_noblef1: Could be a looker, if she weren't so stuck up.
thug1: t1_obs_noblem1: Nice clothes, but not much worthwhile fillin' em.
thug1: t1_obs_pagan1: I don't get it...ain't no dough in being a Pagan....
thug1: t1_obs_pagan_friend1: Hey, we oughta have a drink sometime...maybe some Pagan brew....
thug1: t1_obs_pl1: Move it, chump.
thug1: t1_obs_pl2: You with the hood, out of the way.
thug1: t1_opp_fcon1: Come back here and fight me!
thug1: t1_opp_fcon2: Stop, you coward!
thug1: t1_opp_fcon3: Ain't no place to run to, taffer!
thug1: t1_opp_fini1: Where do you think you're going?
thug1: t1_opp_fini2: That's right. Run. See how much that'll help you.
thug1: t1_opp_hide1: What? Lost you, eh? can't have gone far....
thug1: t1_opp_hide2: Oh, come on! You were here a second ago....
thug1: t1_opp_hide_f1: Ah, taff it all! She's given me the slip!
thug1: t1_opp_hide_f_na1: What do you mean she got away? She's gotta be right around here, so start lookin'!
thug1: t1_opp_hide_m1: I can't believe I lost that taffin' guy.
thug1: t1_opp_hide_m2: Where'd he go? I thought I had him....
thug1: t1_opp_hide_m_na1: Taff it! Did you see which way he went? If we don't find him, then I'm gonna clobber you!
thug1: t1_opp_hide_m_na2: Don't let him get away, you dolt!
thug1: t1_opp_mis1: Ha! You missed!
thug1: t1_opp_mis2: Missed!
thug1: t1_opp_mis3: Oh, so close!
thug1: t1_pagancornerstone1: What's with all the plants?
thug1: t1_rcon1: I'll tell you what I think...I think I'm gonna find ya...and then I'm gonna murder ya!
thug1: t1_rcon2: Why don'tcha come out...I'm sure we can talk about reasonable folk....
thug1: t1_rcon3: I was just thinkin' to myself...wouldn't it be nice...have some taffer's head to bash...and then you come along....
thug1: t1_rcon4: What's with the hiding? You some kind of coward?
thug1: t1_rcon5: Look, I know you're there, so why not just come out and show yourself.
thug1: t1_rcon6: I'm coming to find you, stupid taffer.
thug1: t1_rcon7: Come on, let's just get this over with. You know I'll find you eventually, right?
thug1: t1_rcon8: Look, see? I'm putting down my weapon (snicker). Now it's safe for you to (snicker) come out.
thug1: t1_rcon_fnd1: Aha! I knew I'd find you! Now let's fight!
thug1: t1_rcon_fnd2: Found ya! Now you're gonna die!
thug1: t1_rcon_fnd3: I knew I'd find you sooner or later. Ready to get clobbered?
thug1: t1_rcon_fnd4: Thought you could hide from me, eh? Well, you were wrong. Dead wrong.
thug1: t1_rcon_fnd5: There you are! No more delays, taffer. It's time to die.
thug1: t1_rcon_fnd_f_na1: Here she is! Come on!
thug1: t1_rcon_fnd_m_na1: He's over here! Come on!
thug1: t1_rcon_fnd_m_na2: He's here! We've got him now!
thug1: t1_rcon_he1: That was some racket before. It's like someone wants me to find 'em....
thug1: t1_rcon_he2: I coming to get ya', you noisy taffer!
thug1: t1_rcon_he3: Ya gotta make some more'll help me find ya....
thug1: t1_rcon_he_na1: Keep listening, you dolt. They're bound to make some more noises....
thug1: t1_rcon_he_na2: We heard you...and now we're coming to get you. But don't worry...we just wanna be (snicker) friends....
thug1: t1_rcon_los1: No use hiding...I could find a flea on a burrick's tail, you know....
thug1: t1_rcon_los2: What are ya hiding for? It's not gonna help ya!
thug1: t1_rcon_los3: Oh, I'll find ya! And when I do...I'm gonna clobber you!
thug1: t1_rcon_los4: Wassa matter, taffer? Too scared to face me? Maybe you should go home to your mama....
thug1: t1_rcon_los5: I'm gonna count to three, and if you haven't come out, then there's gonna be real trouble. One...two...three. Hey!
thug1: t1_rcon_los_f1: She can't be far...I'll find her.
thug1: t1_rcon_los_f_na1: Look harder. If she gets away, I'll deck you.
thug1: t1_rcon_los_m1: Wait 'til I get my hands on that taffer. He is so dead.
thug1: t1_rcon_los_m2: He's gonna regret making me search like this. I got other places to go...other necks to snap....
thug1: t1_rcon_los_m_na1: Do you see him? Well then, keep looking!
thug1: t1_rcon_los_m_na2: Don't worry. We'll find that taffer, whever he is!
thug1: t1_rcon_na1: You expecting anyone? 'Cause I'm not. This smells like trouble to me.
thug1: t1_rcon_na2: Help me look for whoever this is. I shouldn't have to do all the work, you lazy slob.
thug1: t1_rcon_se1: What's the point in hiding, when you know I probably seen ya?
thug1: t1_rcon_se2: I want to get a better look at you. Come out from your hiding spot. I promise I'll kill you quick, OK?
thug1: t1_rcon_se3: I know what I seen, you! Why don't you just come out and we'll have us a nice little fisticuffs.
thug1: t1_rcon_se_na1: Where'd you see it? Huh? We should like, focus our search where we saw it....
thug1: t1_rcon_se_na2: It doesn't matter where you hide! We saw you, and we're gonna find you! Any second now.
thug1: t1_repri_bump_init1: Watch it, chump!
thug1: t1_repri_bump_init2: You bump me again and you're going to be sleeping under the docks.
thug1: t1_repri_hurt_init1: Touch me again and you're dead.
thug1: t1_repri_hurtother_init1: Hey! Leave 'em alone!
thug1: t1_repri_hurtother_sub1: Not gonna tell you again, leave 'em alone!
thug1: t1_repri_lockp_init1: Get away from that lock, taffer. Unless you wanna get hurt.
thug1: t1_repri_odd_init1: What the hell you doing?
thug1: t1_repri_over1: Well, all right, okay? I guess we'll forget about it.
thug1: t1_repri_over2: That's better. And don't do it again, right?
thug1: t1_repri_stare_init1: Can I help you, taffer?
thug1: t1_repri_stare_init2: I don't like the way you're looking at me.
thug1: t1_repri_theft_init1: I really don't think you wanna be taking my stuff.
thug1: t1_repri_theft_init2: You think you can steal from me? YOU THINK YOU CAN STEAL FROM ME?
thug1: t1_repri_threat_init1: You don't wanna mess with me, taffer.
thug1: t1_repri_threat_sub1: Don't make me come take that weapon away from you.
thug1: t1_repri_threat_sub2: Look, you want to have a problem, we can have a problem.
thug1: t1_repri_thrown_init1: You think that's funny, taffer?
thug1: t1_repri_thrown_sub1: You throw anything else, I'm going to come over and pound you!
thug1: t1_repri_tres_init1: Beat it, you! You ain't welcome!
thug1: t1_repri_tres_init2: Nothin to see here. Beat it.
thug1: t1_repri_vandal_init1: Looks like fun, sure, but cut it out.
thug1: t1_repri_vandal_sub1: I told you before, jerkface. Cut it out.
thug1: t1_rini1: What's going on? Who's there?
thug1: t1_rini2: I know you're there. This should be fun.
thug1: t1_rini3: I know someone's there!
thug1: t1_rini_he1: I can hear you, you taffer!
thug1: t1_rini_he2: What's with all the racket? Who's there?
thug1: t1_rini_he_na1: Did you hear that? What do you think it is?
thug1: t1_rini_he_na2: What the taff! Did you just hear that?
thug1: t1_rini_se1: Oh! I seen that, clear as day!
thug1: t1_rini_se2: I saw that! What are you trying to pull?
thug1: t1_rini_se_na1: Did you see that? I sure as taff did.
thug1: t1_rini_se_na2: (Hush, conspiratorial) I think I just saw someone. No, don't look...just follow my lead....
thug1: t1_rnew1: Yeah, yeah. Don't bother. I know you're there already.
thug1: t1_rnew2:'s like they WANT to be found....
thug1: t1_rnew_he1: I can hear that, you know.
thug1: t1_rnew_he2: You sure like to make noise. Just wait 'til I find you.
thug1: t1_rnew_se1: I can see you! I think....
thug1: t1_rnew_se2: That's right...let me get a better look at you.
thug1: t1_rpre1: Aha!
thug1: t1_rret1: What the heck! Must've run off. Now who am I gonna clobber?
thug1: t1_rret2: Oh! That's it! I give up. There ain't nobody here! But I was so sure....
thug1: t1_rret3: Nothing. Nobody. And I was really sure this time. Darn it all. I never get to have any fun.
thug1: t1_rret_he1: Huh. Strange that there's no one here, I mean, after all those noises. Well, sometimes thems the breaks.
thug1: t1_rret_los1: Ah! Taff it! You're long gone, otherwise I would have found you by now. Right?
thug1: t1_rret_los2: I ain't gonna look no more. That taffer's long gone. Didn't have the guts to fight me.
thug1: t1_rret_los_f1: I just can't find her. If I ever see her again though...I'll clobber her for sure.
thug1: t1_rret_los_f_na1: Forget it! She gave us the slip! We'll get her next time though....
thug1: t1_rret_los_m1: What am I doing? That guy's gone. He was too scared to face me.
thug1: t1_rret_los_m_na1: You dolt! You let him get away. Now who are we gonna kill?
thug1: t1_rret_na1: Trouble with you is, you don't know when to quit. I'm telling ya, there ain't nobody here. I figured that out, why can't you?
thug1: t1_rret_se1: It's time I admit to myself that there ain't no one here. No matter what I think I saw....
thug1: t1_rsur_ev_com1: Whoa! That was a surprise!
thug1: t1_sndocc1: All this noise really ticks me off.
thug1: t1_spell_thanks1: Great. Thanks.
thug1: t1_sum_fight1: Somebody! Anybody! A little help would be good!
thug1: t1_sum_fight2: Hey! I could use some help!
thug1: t1_sum_reply1: I'm on my way!
thug1: t1_sum_reply2: Help is on the way!
thug1: t1_valley1: Someone's in the alley!
thug1: t1_vroof1: Look! Someone's up on the roof!
thug1: t1_vstreet1: There he is...over there in the street!
thug1: t1_wdie1: You'll pay for that, murderer!
thug1: t1_wfle1: Hey! Come back and help me here!
thug1: t1_ycon1: Nobody'd be stupid enough to mess with me...right?
thug1: t1_ycon2: Hope it's a rat...then I'll have enough to make one of them wintry hats....
thug1: t1_ycon3: If that's somebody picked the wrong taffer to mess with....
thug1: t1_ycon4: What am I worried about...nobody's gonna try anything with me...seein' as how muscley I am and all....
thug1: t1_ycon5: Might be a dog or something...this City's filthy with strays and mangy animals of all kinds....
thug1: t1_ycon_he1: Seems like I heard something...but which direction did it come from? Hmmm....
thug1: t1_ycon_he2: I'm almost positive I heard a sound...but it could have come from almost anywhere....
thug1: t1_ycon_he_na1: If you can manage to be quiet for a minute, maybe we'll hear that noise again.
thug1: t1_ycon_he_na2: Let me explain it to you...I want you to look around, 'cause I thought I heard something. Simple, right? So, do it.
thug1: t1_ycon_na1: Just keep looking. And I don't want to hear any of your bellyaching.
thug1: t1_ycon_na2: Well, what about it? Do you see anything or not?
thug1: t1_ycon_se1: Whatever it was I saw...pretty darn taffin' sure it was around here somewheres....
thug1: t1_ycon_se2: I'm the kind of guy who checks into things when he sees something...that's why I'm still alive today....
thug1: t1_ycon_se_na1: See anything yet? Or do I gotta remind you to keep your eyes open, case we see it again?
thug1: t1_ycon_se_na2: See anything now? You never know, we might see it again.
thug1: t1_yini1: What the taff is going on?
thug1: t1_yini2: Someone there? Better not be....
thug1: t1_yini3: What's that?
thug1: t1_yini_he1: What's that noise?
thug1: t1_yini_he2: Hello? Somebody makin' annoying noises over there?
thug1: t1_yini_he_na1: If you'd be quiet for a half a second, maybe a feller could hear what's going on!
thug1: t1_yini_he_na2: Be quiet and listen. Did you hear it, too?
thug1: t1_yini_se1: Hey! I'm pretty sure I seen that!
thug1: t1_yini_se2: Something moving over there? Quit it! Unless....
thug1: t1_yini_se_na1: Tell me I'm not the only one who just saw that.
thug1: t1_yini_se_na2: Did you see it? Something moved over there.
thug1: t1_ynew1: There...seems like more of the same....
thug1: t1_ynew2: Aha...was that over this way...? Hmm.
thug1: t1_yret1: Dern. It wasn't nothin'. Oh well.
thug1: t1_yret2: Pfff. What am I wastin' my time for?
thug1: t1_yret3: Naw. I really gotta learn to relax, not jump at the littlest things....
thug1: t1_yret_he1: Nothing. Probably just some fleabag cat I heard. Dern things.
thug1: t1_yret_na1: Forget it, pal. There ain't nothing here. We've been chasing our own tails.
thug1: t1_yret_se1: What a jerk I am. There ain't nothing here. Come to think of it, I'm not even sure I saw anything in the first place.

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