T3_thug2 Edit

This folder contains files for Prisoner 2 and Thug 2.

Prisoner 2:

thug2: pr2_ev_dam1: All right! Who's the wise guy?
thug2: pr2_ev_felt1: What was that for?
thug2: pr2_ev_felt2: Hey, cut that out.
thug2: pr2_ev_maj1: Taff! This ain't happening!
thug2: pr2_ev_med1: Taff! This ain't happening!
thug2: pr2_ev_min1: Hey, look at that!
thug2: pr2_fatigue_epi1: Whew...(wheezes)...I'm all...out a' breath...(huffs)....
thug2: pr2_fcon1: Which...taffin'...way...?
thug2: pr2_fcon2: Can't seem to find a way out!
thug2: pr2_fcon3: Can't let 'em get me! Not again.
thug2: pr2_fcow1: Gimme a break! Will ya?
thug2: pr2_fcow2: Wait! No need to resort to violence, right?
thug2: pr2_fhid1: They'll never find me...(coughs) never....
thug2: pr2_fhid2: Look at me...hidin' like a scared little taffer!
thug2: pr2_fini1: No! I ain't going back in the slammer!
thug2: pr2_fini2: Ain't nobody gonna catch me!
thug2: pr2_fsub1: Taff! I gotta get away!
thug2: pr2_fsub2: It ain't over 'til I'm back in a cell or dead!
thug2: pr2_gen_dazed1: What the...who did...where? Oh....
thug2: pr2_gen_frust1: What the tiff taffin'--?
thug2: pr2_gen_oof1: Whoa!
thug2: pr2_gen_oops1: Whoops.
thug2: pr2_gen_snapout1: Ho!
thug2: pr2_gen_startled1: Oh!
thug2: pr2_gen_suffer1: poor...skull....
thug2: pr2_gini1: (Slightly nervous) What now?
thug2: pr2_gini2: (Slightly nervous) Hmm? Hello?
thug2: pr2_gini3: (Slightly nervous) Was that something?
thug2: pr2_idle1: I'm innocent! I wanna speak to my lawyer! It ain't right to lock people up like this!
thug2: pr2_idle2: (To self) I'm gonna die in here. (Coughs) I just know it.
thug2: pr2_idle3: I didn't steal it! That necklace was my mother's! You can believe that, can't ya? Somebody? Hello?
thug2: pr2_idle4: (To self) Stinkin' City Watch! Least they could do is clean out the cell after the last prisoner....
thug2: pr2_idle5: If I wanted to steal something, I could, but I don't, so I didn't...(Coughs).
thug2: pr2_idle6: (To self) I'm gonna rot if I don't get outta this place...(coughs)...rot, rot, rot....
thug2: pr2_idle7: Guard! Guard! I think something just bit my leg! You gotta let me outta here!
thug2: pr2_misc_blind_con1: Trying to...get my...bearings....
thug2: pr2_misc_blind_con2: Where's eyes...oh....
thug2: pr2_misc_blind_con3: Don't know...which way....
thug2: pr2_misc_blind_end1: Wait a minute...I think I can...yeah, I can see again....
thug2: pr2_misc_blind_ini1: What the--? I'm blind!
thug2: pr2_misc_noisemak1: (Jittery, hushed) Dorset? Kingfisher? Who's that?
thug2: pr2_misc_noisemak2: (Jittery) Hey! What's that!
thug2: pr2_misc_noisemak3: (Jittery) Ah--all right, what is that?
thug2: pr2_misc_slip1: Hey-ah!
thug2: pr2_rini1: Huh? Don't mess with me!
thug2: pr2_rini2: I know someone's there!
thug2: pr2_rini3: What's going on?
thug2: pr2_rnew2: Hey!
thug2: pr2_rpre2: Hey!
thug2: pr2_yini1: (Jittery, hushed) Dorset? Kingfisher? Who's that?
thug2: pr2_yini2: (Jittery) Hey! What's that!
thug2: pr2_yini3: (Jittery) Ah--all right, what is that?
thug2: pr2_ynew2: (Sharp inhale) Wha--?
thug2: pr2_ypre2: (Sharp inhale) Wha--?
thug2: pr2_ypre3: Huh?

Thug 2:

thug2: t2_blame_maj1: It was you! I saw what you did! Die, taffer!
thug2: t2_blame_min1: You're the one who did that? You gotta cut this out.
thug2: t2_caim1: Hold still, you taffer....
thug2: t2_catt1: Hi ya!
thug2: t2_catt2: Taste this!
thug2: t2_catt3: How's that feel?
thug2: t2_catt_hi1: Scared yet?
thug2: t2_catt_hi2: Here, have some more!
thug2: t2_catt_hi_na1: We're gonna kill you, taffer!
thug2: t2_catt_hi_na2: He's sorry he met us!
thug2: t2_catt_lo1: Not so hard!
thug2: t2_catt_lo2: Keep away!
thug2: t2_catt_lo_na1: Help me, will ya?
thug2: t2_catt_lo_na2: Help me! I ain't doing so good!
thug2: t2_catt_ran1: Hope that was straight....
thug2: t2_catt_ran2: Go, go, go!
thug2: t2_cdam_hi1: Gah! Oh oh....
thug2: t2_cdam_hi2: Arg! Something broke....
thug2: t2_cdam_hi3: Ugh! I'm in trouble now....
thug2: t2_cdam_hi_na1: Gah! Get between us! I'm in trouble!
thug2: t2_cdam_hi_na2: Ugh! Help me! I'm hurt!
thug2: t2_cdam_lo1: Ow. Watch it!
thug2: t2_cdam_lo2: That wasn't very nice.
thug2: t2_cdam_lo3: Hey!
thug2: t2_cdam_med1: Damn you, taffer!
thug2: t2_cdam_med2: Uggh! So it's like that, is it?
thug2: t2_cdam_med3: Arg! I'll get you for that!
thug2: t2_cdam_no1: At least try to put up a good fight, all right?
thug2: t2_cdam_no2: I hardly even felt that.
thug2: t2_cexp_hi1: It won't be long now, taffer!
thug2: t2_cexp_hi2: What's wrong? Ain't you ever lost before?
thug2: t2_cexp_hi3: Now's the time if you got any last wishes....
thug2: t2_cexp_lo1: Can't lose...don't wanna die....
thug2: t2_cexp_lo2: I gave 'em the knuckle sandwiches...but I'm still in trouble....
thug2: t2_cexp_lo3: I can't let this taffer beat me....
thug2: t2_cexp_med1: You're kinda tough, huh?
thug2: t2_cexp_med2: Gotta respect your skill, taffer.
thug2: t2_cexp_med3: Usually I win faster than this....
thug2: t2_chit1: Hurts, don't it?
thug2: t2_chit2: Scared now, eh taffer?
thug2: t2_chit_ran1: Yeah! I got you!
thug2: t2_cini1: Aha! You're in for it!
thug2: t2_cini2: Ha! Found ya, taffer! Now you're gonna die!
thug2: t2_cini3: Thought you could get away, didn't ya? You're finished, taffer!
thug2: t2_cini4: Aha! I knew I'd find you! How's about a knuckle sandwich?
thug2: t2_cini5: Gotcha, taffer! Let's see what you're made of.
thug2: t2_cini_enr1: You're done for!
thug2: t2_cini_enr2: Here I come, you jerk!
thug2: t2_cini_guard1: It's me or you, copper!
thug2: t2_cini_guard_na1: We gotta take out those officers!
thug2: t2_cini_human1: You're through!
thug2: t2_cini_human_na1: Let's show this scum who's boss!
thug2: t2_cini_monster1: Die, monster! Die!
thug2: t2_cini_monster_na1: Help me with this monster, you!
thug2: t2_cini_na1: I see ya, now! Hey! Help me get this stupid taffer!
thug2: t2_cini_na2: Found ya, you taffer! Try to get 'round behind him!
thug2: t2_cini_zombie1: Zombies!
thug2: t2_cini_zombie_na1: We need to stop this zombie, now!
thug2: t2_ckil1: And that's that!
thug2: t2_ckil2: Can you take it?
thug2: t2_cmis1: Don't move around so much!
thug2: t2_cmis2: How could I miss?
thug2: t2_cmis_na1: Oh, missed! Your turn!
thug2: t2_cmis_ran1: Oh! Must've moved or something!
thug2: t2_cret_kil1: Well, taffer. Now that you're dead...can I have those boots?
thug2: t2_cret_kil2: Not so tough now, are you? That's right...'cause you're dead!
thug2: t2_cret_kil_na1: We showed 'em, eh? Let's go to the pub and have a brew.
thug2: t2_cret_kil_na2: Too bad there wasn't more of 'em we could clobber, hey pal?
thug2: t2_crime_hurtother1: You wanna fight, taffer? You got one!
thug2: t2_crime_kill1: Think you can get away with murder? Heh heh heh.
thug2: t2_crime_lockp1: Hey! That's breaking and, and, introing!
thug2: t2_crime_theft1: Thief! Hey!
thug2: t2_crime_threat1: Gotta guy here who needs putting down!
thug2: t2_crime_tres1: You really shouldn'ta come where you aren't wanted.
thug2: t2_crime_vandal1: I told you to stop, you just don't listen.
thug2: t2_csub1: So it's you! Let's finish this!
thug2: t2_csub2: You! I'll get you this time!
thug2: t2_csub_na1: Look! That guy again! Let's finish him!
thug2: t2_csur1: Aha! You're in for it!
thug2: t2_csur2: Hey! Where'd you come from? Now you're gonna die!
thug2: t2_csur3: Taff! All right I see ya. You're finished, taffer!
thug2: t2_csur4: Cripes! Who the heck are you? How's about a knuckle ssandwich?
thug2: t2_csur5: Hey, what are you doin' here? et's see what you're made of, taffer!
thug2: t2_csur_na1: A huh! Got you! Hey! Help me get this stupid taffer!
thug2: t2_csur_na2: Hey you! Scared now? Try to get 'round behind him!
thug2: t2_enr_con1: Wait 'til I get my hands on you!
thug2: t2_enr_con2: I'm gonna grind you into dust, you jerk!
thug2: t2_enr_con3: I am so gonna kill you!
thug2: t2_enr_warn1: Quit it! Why don't you just fight?
thug2: t2_enr_warn2: What are ya doing? Can't you just fight like a normal person?
thug2: t2_ev_ally_spooked1: You got a problem or something?
thug2: t2_ev_allyf1: She's not the type to just wonder off. Maybe she's hittin' the pubs again....
thug2: t2_ev_allym1: Where did he go? He's supposed to be right here. Maybe had to hit the loo....
thug2: t2_ev_an_spooked1: Animals sure are acting funny tonight.
thug2: t2_ev_blood1: Looky here...blood. Wonder whose it is?
thug2: t2_ev_body1: Dead? I'm not gonna cry about it.
thug2: t2_ev_bodyf1: She's dead. Ten to one the City Watch come lookin' to blame me for this.
thug2: t2_ev_bodym1: He's dead. And funny thing is, it wasn't me who killed him. Hmmm.
thug2: t2_ev_com1: Is that...a fight? Yeah!
thug2: t2_ev_dam1: Ouch! What's going on?
thug2: t2_ev_dam2: Gah! All right...who's the funny guy...?
thug2: t2_ev_door1: Someone messing with that door?
thug2: t2_ev_door_na1: I told gotta make sure this door is shut. Got it?
thug2: t2_ev_enemybody1: Wish I'da done it.
thug2: t2_ev_felt1: Very funny.
thug2: t2_ev_felt2: Quit that.
thug2: t2_ev_lightext1: Lights...unpredictable things.
thug2: t2_ev_lightext2: Hey...who turned off the lights?
thug2: t2_ev_lightoff1: Hey...that light's usually on, ain't it?
thug2: t2_ev_loot1: Hey...didn't there used to be...(gasp) missing?
thug2: t2_ev_loot2: If I find out some taffer took it...I'm gonna be serving a big platter of knuckle sandwiches....
thug2: t2_ev_loot_na1: If I find out it was you who took better watch your back.
thug2: t2_ev_maj1: Ah! No! Cripes!
thug2: t2_ev_med1: Hey! What's going on?
thug2: t2_ev_min1: Funny....
thug2: t2_ev_res1: Been a fight here...recently. Hmmm.
thug2: t2_ev_ret1: I'm not gonna worry about this. 'Cause there's nothing I can do anyway.
thug2: t2_ev_ret2: They oughta do something about this. Ain't gonna be me, I'll tell you that much.
thug2: t2_ev_shadow1: That shadow is creeping me out.
thug2: t2_ev_torchext1: Went out. Must be drafts.
thug2: t2_ev_torchext2: Someone put out that torch?
thug2: t2_ev_torchtoff1: Kind of dark...ah, the torch. Must've gone out.
thug2: t2_fatigue_epi1: Whew...(wheezes)...I'm all...out a' breath...(huffs)....
thug2: t2_fatigue_epi2: Gotta (wheezes)...cut back on the...(huffs) beers I guess....
thug2: t2_fatigue_se1: Hold it...(wheezes) do you gotta...(huffs) go so fast?
thug2: t2_fcon1: Out of my way!
thug2: t2_fcon2: Don't let 'em get me!
thug2: t2_fcon3: Ain't nowhere...(huffs) to go....
thug2: t2_fcow1: Knock it off, will ya! I give already!
thug2: t2_fcow2: Hey, pal put that down! I mean it now.
thug2: t2_fhid1: Won't find me here, right? Oh....
thug2: t2_fhid2: I'll hide out here 'til it all passes....
thug2: t2_fini1: I'm out of here!
thug2: t2_fini_guard1: You can't catch me, copper!
thug2: t2_fini_human1: Just you wait! Tomorrow is another day!
thug2: t2_fini_monster1: Somebody! Help! A killer monster!
thug2: t2_fini_na1: Let's go! Come on!
thug2: t2_fini_pl1: That's it! Ain't worth dying over!
thug2: t2_fini_pl2: No more! I can't take no more!
thug2: t2_fini_pl3: I gotta run! My top priority is saving my own skin!
thug2: t2_fini_zombie1: Zombies! Help!
thug2: t2_frust1: Come here where I can get you!
thug2: t2_frust2: You can't stay there forever! I'll always be waiting for you, taffer!
thug2: t2_frust_up1: Don't you wanna fight? Come down from there and let's go!
thug2: t2_fsub1: Not again! Anything but that!
thug2: t2_fsub2: No! I gotta get a better hiding place!
thug2: t2_gcon1: Erm. Funny.
thug2: t2_gcon2: Did I just...hmmm.
thug2: t2_gcon_he1: Not sure...maybe I didn't hear anything....
thug2: t2_gcon_he2: Sort of a...funny little sound....
thug2: t2_gcon_he_na1: Shut up so's I can listen, or I'll shut you up with a knuckle sandwich.
thug2: t2_gcon_he_na2: If you could stifle it for a sec, I'd know whether that was a sound just now.
thug2: t2_gcon_se1: Thought I might a seen a....
thug2: t2_gcon_se2: Eyes could be playing little tricks....
thug2: t2_gcon_se_na1: Hey, did you just see anything over there?
thug2: t2_gcon_se_na2: Out of the way, you, I thought I just saw something....
thug2: t2_gen_aha1: Found ya! Were you there this whole time?
thug2: t2_gen_dazed1: What the...who did...where? Oh....
thug2: t2_gen_dismiss1: Doesn't concern me.
thug2: t2_gen_dunno1: How should I know? Jeez.
thug2: t2_gen_dunno2: Yes? No? I don't know.
thug2: t2_gen_frust1: What the tiff taffin'--!
thug2: t2_gen_igetit1: Aha! Simple!
thug2: t2_gen_no1: No way.
thug2: t2_gen_no2: What can I say except no?
thug2: t2_gen_oof1: Whoa!
thug2: t2_gen_oops1: Whoops.
thug2: t2_gen_snapout1: Ho!
thug2: t2_gen_startled1: Oh!
thug2: t2_gen_suffer1: poor...skull....
thug2: t2_gen_suffer2: Oh...I feel like...crap....
thug2: t2_gen_thanks1: I appreciate it. Thanks.
thug2: t2_gen_thanks2: Thanks a lot.
thug2: t2_gen_yes1: Sure.
thug2: t2_gen_yes2: Yup.
thug2: t2_gini1: Wassa?
thug2: t2_gini2: Er?
thug2: t2_gini3: Hmm. Funny.
thug2: t2_gini_he1: Funny sound?
thug2: t2_gini_he2: A sound--? Not sure....
thug2: t2_gini_se1: Hey, did I just see something?
thug2: t2_gini_se2: Thought I saw....
thug2: t2_greet_reply1: Bugger off. Will ya?
thug2: t2_greet_reply2: Don't bother me.
thug2: t2_greet_reply3: Taffer.
thug2: t2_greet_req1: Hello.
thug2: t2_greet_req2: How's tricks?
thug2: t2_greet_req3: Good to see ya.
thug2: t2_gret1: Ah, forget it.
thug2: t2_gret2: I gotta relax. Maybe it's time for beer.
thug2: t2_gret3: It's the line of work I'm in...makes me jumpier than a zombie on fire.
thug2: t2_gret_he1: Ah, what am I worried about? Just some taffin' sounds is all.
thug2: t2_gret_he2: Place like this...gotta expect some extra noise once in a while.
thug2: t2_gret_na1: It's like I said. Nothin' there. So shut up about it already.
thug2: t2_gret_na2: Nothing's there. You just imagined something, it's natural, you being weak-minded and all.
thug2: t2_gret_se1: Nothin' to see.
thug2: t2_gret_se2: Probably just a cat or something I saw.
thug2: t2_gsub1: Huh? There it is again.
thug2: t2_gsub2: Was that? Again?
thug2: t2_iann1: I gotta get some help.
thug2: t2_iann_pl1: Don't go anywhere. It'll only take me a minute to find my buddies....
thug2: t2_iarr_gone1: Don't look at me like that...I'm telling you it was here!
thug2: t2_iarr_gone_pl1: He was here, I'm sure of it. Just look around or something.
thug2: t2_iarr_pres1: Right there!
thug2: t2_iarr_pres_pl1: See him? That's the guy I was telling you about!
thug2: t2_iarr_srch1: If you called me over here for nothing--! But let's check around, just in case.
thug2: t2_iarr_srch_pl1: Well he ain't here now, that's for sure. But we should check around a bit just in case....
thug2: t2_idle1: It's a rip off, that's what it is. They see me come in and they jack up the price is what. But I introduced them to my best bargaining's called a knuckle sandwich. Ha!
thug2: t2_idle2: There's two kinds of people in the world, that's doers and chumps. Doers do everything and get everything, and chumps get done to and taken from. Simple as that.
thug2: t2_idle3: He'll never mess with me again. He'll never mess with anyone again. Nope, nobody double-crosses me and lives to brag about it.
thug2: t2_idle4: So they finally fished him from the river. Ha! What was left of him, anyway. Well, they'll never pin that on me.
thug2: t2_idle5: I'm in the mood for a beer. Maybe stop off at the old Black Goose before I hit the hay. Hmmm.
thug2: t2_idle6: So a few folks got hurt. What'd they think? I'm some dainty ballerina go in and nab the stuff then sneak away no one the wiser? Hmph. I got muscle, so I use it. That's what I'm paid for.
thug2: t2_idle7: Says she don't want any part of my money. Blood money she calls it. What does she know? All money is blood money, babe. Sooner you learn that, the better off you'll be.
thug2: t2_idle8: Lousy City Watch. Turnin' up the heat. Gettin' so's a guy like me has to look over his shoulder all the live long day. Like they're any different than me. Half of 'em on the take, the other half drunk as skunks.
thug2: t2_idle9: That guy deserved to get clocked. I followed him for seven blocks, and he never even knew I was there. You gotta be more careful than that. If not, then you deserve what you get.
thug2: t2_idle10: If they try servin' me any of that skunked beer again, I'm gonna tear the place apart. I work hard for this money, why should I throw it away on bad beer?
thug2: t2_idle11: So some lady dies. Sometimes when you're roughin' with people, they up and die for no reason. Ain't my fault. Besides, if they wanted the job done with no violence, they gotta specify.
thug2: t2_idle12: That's my signature. I always leave a chair overturned, even if there wasn't much of a struggle. I just like the way it looks I guess. Some guy lyin' on the floor, a chair overturned next to him, makes it look like something really big went down.
thug2: t2_idle_an1: You're lucky I'm not hungry, critter, or I'd be frying you up right now.
thug2: t2_idle_st1: Bad thing about the streets, you never know when you might meet someone even meaner than yourself. Not likely in my case, though.
thug2: t2_idle_st2: Night falls in the city. The innocent go home to sleep and dream...and then there's me.
thug2: t2_irep1: Hey, I found something weird.
thug2: t2_irep2: Hey, come with me. Something funny's goin' on.
thug2: t2_irep_body1: Better come with me. I found a dead one.
thug2: t2_irep_body2: Hey, there's a corpse back there. Wanna take a look?
thug2: t2_irep_ik1: I just saw the killer! Let's go get him!
thug2: t2_irep_it1: It's the taffin' thief we've been lookin' for! Follow me!
thug2: t2_irep_pl1: I saw him. He doesn't belong. Let's go!
thug2: t2_ires1: OK, I'm right behind you.
thug2: t2_misc_blind_con1: Trying to...get my...bearings....
thug2: t2_misc_blind_con2: Where's eyes...oh....
thug2: t2_misc_blind_con3: Don't know...which way....
thug2: t2_misc_blind_end1: Wait a minute...I think I can...yeah, I can see again....
thug2: t2_misc_blind_ini1: What the--? I'm blind!
thug2: t2_misc_noisemak1: Now THAT is one strange sound.
thug2: t2_misc_noisesup1: Thought I was havin' trouble hearing for a second.
thug2: t2_misc_pickp1: Where it go? Did I drop it or what?
thug2: t2_misc_pickp2: You don't just take things! Not from me you don't!
thug2: t2_misc_slip1: Hey-ah!
thug2: t2_misc_slip2: Oh-hey!
thug2: t2_nbarrel1: What about that barrel? Hmm....
thug2: t2_nchair1: Hmm...that chair....
thug2: t2_ncouch1: I should check over by the couch, too.
thug2: t2_ncrate1: That crate over there....
thug2: t2_ndesk1: Hmmm...that desk....
thug2: t2_ndoor1: I'm gonna check by the door, just in case.
thug2: t2_nladder1: Better check out that ladder.
thug2: t2_nmach1: If anyone's by those machines, I'll find 'em....
thug2: t2_nshadow1: The shadows, that's where I'd be if I were trying to hide....
thug2: t2_nshelf1: What about these shelves....
thug2: t2_nstatue1: Hmmm...I should search by the statue, too.
thug2: t2_ntable1: Better check near the table.
thug2: t2_obs_citywatch1: Good day, Officer! (Hushed) Not.
thug2: t2_obs_citywatch2: Just mindin' my own business, Officer sir. Yup. No trouble here.
thug2: t2_obs_commoner1: Here's a copper for ya.
thug2: t2_obs_commoner2: Peasants. Who needs 'em?
thug2: t2_obs_guard1: Just goin' for...a walk. Yeah, a walk.
thug2: t2_obs_hammer1: Don't worry...I ain't breakin' none of your tenets, Hammerite.
thug2: t2_obs_hammer_friend1: Thug with a sword, thug with a hammer. We're mostly the same, you'n me.
thug2: t2_obs_noble1: Them and their fancy clothes. Just wait...they'll be sorry they weren't nicer to me.
thug2: t2_obs_noble2: Look at them wig heads. I bet they's got more money than they know what to do with.
thug2: t2_obs_noblef1: This is a real dangerous part of town, ma'am. Need an escort?
thug2: t2_obs_noblem1: If you think I'm gonna got another thing comin'....
thug2: t2_obs_pagan1: Hey, moss-face! Want a knuckle sandwich? (Laughs).
thug2: t2_obs_pagan_friend1: How's those trees going?
thug2: t2_obs_pl1: Out of the way, loser.
thug2: t2_obs_pl2: Pardon me.
thug2: t2_opp_fcon1: Stop! Stop or you'll be sorry!
thug2: t2_opp_fcon2: Wait! Come back and let's fight!
thug2: t2_opp_fcon3: I'll catch you, and when I do, it's curtains for you!
thug2: t2_opp_fini1: Hey, don't run. I was just getting started.
thug2: t2_opp_fini2: Now where do you think you're going, huh?
thug2: t2_opp_hide1: Hey...where'd you run off to? Wassa matter? Scared?
thug2: t2_opp_hide2: Hey you taffer! I don't like it when people try to hide from me!
thug2: t2_opp_hide_f1: Where'd she run off to? I lost her....
thug2: t2_opp_hide_f_na1: Did you see which way she went? Huh? Nevermind, just start lookin' around....
thug2: t2_opp_hide_m1: Hey...where'd he go? I must have just lost him!
thug2: t2_opp_hide_m2: I can't have lost him! He's got to be right around here somewhere....
thug2: t2_opp_hide_m_na1: Oh no. He's not getting away from us! Not that easy! Start lookin'!
thug2: t2_opp_hide_m_na2: He hasn't given us the slip! He's just hiding...all we gotta do is look a little.
thug2: t2_opp_mis1: Close, but not close enough, taffer!
thug2: t2_opp_mis2: Nice try!
thug2: t2_opp_mis3: Almost, but not quite!
thug2: t2_pagancornerstone1: Gotta whole messa vines in here.
thug2: t2_rcon1: All right, taffer. I know you're here. Somewhere. I'm comin' to get ya.
thug2: t2_rcon2: No, no, don't come out. I want to find ya. It's part of the fun. Don't be in such a hurry to get killed.
thug2: t2_rcon3: I love this part. Some taffer, hiding, scared out of his shorts. Me, searching, and searching, getting closer every second....
thug2: t2_rcon4: I'm in no hurry. I ain't got nothin' better to do than find your hiding place, and then smack you around.
thug2: t2_rcon5: What did you think? You were gonna get the drop on me? Think again....
thug2: t2_rcon6: I know you're there. This isn't gonna be a good night for you....
thug2: t2_rcon7: Now, where would I hide if I were some stupid taffer? Hmmm, maybe over here....
thug2: t2_rcon8: When I find you, I'm gonna give you a big knuckle sandwich.
thug2: t2_rcon_fnd1: There you are! Now let's get this over with!
thug2: t2_rcon_fnd2: Aha! I knew I'd find you!
thug2: t2_rcon_fnd3: It was only a matter of time, taffer. Get ready to die.
thug2: t2_rcon_fnd4: Stupid taffer. Thought you could hide forever, didn't ya?
thug2: t2_rcon_fnd5: Found you, you taffer! Are you ready to fight?
thug2: t2_rcon_fnd_f_na1: I found her! We got her!
thug2: t2_rcon_fnd_m_na1: I found him! Get over here!
thug2: t2_rcon_fnd_m_na2: Here he is! Come and help me!
thug2: t2_rcon_he1: I'll just follow the noise....
thug2: t2_rcon_he2: That's quite a din...for someone who is trying to hide, that is....
thug2: t2_rcon_he3: Careful of all the noise you're making, taffer. You don't want to make it TOO easy for me to find you.
thug2: t2_rcon_he_na1: OK, watch how I do it. I can search...but still keep an ear out for more noises at the same time. See? Now you try it.
thug2: t2_rcon_he_na2: Do I gotta do everything? Keep searching around! We gotta find out who's behind all that noise.
thug2: t2_rcon_los1: If you don't come out right this second, well, things aren't gonna go so well for you....
thug2: t2_rcon_los2: All right you taffer. Come on out! I want to give you something...(snicker) a nice knuckle sandwich....
thug2: t2_rcon_los3: I'm gonna find you taffer. Sooner...or later....
thug2: t2_rcon_los4: What kind of a coward are you anyway? I ain't never heard of anyone hiding like this....
thug2: t2_rcon_los5: You are gonna be so sorry when I find you...and I WILL find you....
thug2: t2_rcon_los_f1: She's around here somewhere...just a matter of time.
thug2: t2_rcon_los_f_na1: We'll find her. It's only a matter of time.
thug2: t2_rcon_los_m1: He's gonna be one sorry taffer when I finally find him.
thug2: t2_rcon_los_m2: Where could that taffer be? He must be right around here, but where?
thug2: t2_rcon_los_m_na1: Sure he gave us the slip, but that means we get to pound him extra when we find him.
thug2: t2_rcon_los_m_na2: Keep looking. We gotta find this taffer, and then clobber him. Real good.
thug2: t2_rcon_na1: Come on, you don't expect me to find this taffer alone, do you?
thug2: t2_rcon_na2: Give a shout if you find someone, all right? I'll give 'em a knuckle sandwich to remember.
thug2: t2_rcon_se1: I seen that! I know someone's there!
thug2: t2_rcon_se2: That ain't no cat I's hiding here for sure....
thug2: t2_rcon_se3: I saw that! Who's there? You're making a big mistake messing with me....
thug2: t2_rcon_se_na1: What'd it look like to you? I think I saw some guy. But who'd be stupid enough to try something with us?
thug2: t2_rcon_se_na2: We saw you! So what's the point of hiding? You're not afraid of us, are you? (Snicker).
thug2: t2_repri_bump_init1: Hey! Back off! You want a knuckle sandwich?
thug2: t2_repri_bump_init2: You shove me, buddy?
thug2: t2_repri_hurt_init1: That drew blood! You better quit it, taffer!
thug2: t2_repri_hurtother_init1: You want to hit someone, come hit me, and I'll knock your teeth out.
thug2: t2_repri_hurtother_sub1: I really don't want to have to come knock your head in, so get away from them!
thug2: t2_repri_lockp_init1: You think I don't know lockpicks when I see em? Get away from there.
thug2: t2_repri_odd_init1: Cut that out, taffer.
thug2: t2_repri_over1: That's all over with, then? Keep in line.
thug2: t2_repri_over2: Okay. Well, don't do it again.
thug2: t2_repri_stare_init1: What are you looking at?
thug2: t2_repri_stare_init2: You just go look somewhere else, taffer.
thug2: t2_repri_theft_init1: That's mine!
thug2: t2_repri_theft_init2: You stealing from me? You want a knuckle sandwich?
thug2: t2_repri_threat_init1: I'm warning you, buddy. Just stay back.
thug2: t2_repri_threat_sub1: Look, I told you, put the weapon away!
thug2: t2_repri_threat_sub2: Hey, back off. Unless you WANT to get clobbered.
thug2: t2_repri_thrown_init1: That's not even a proper weapon! Throw something dangerous, you gonna throw something!
thug2: t2_repri_thrown_sub1: You trying to make me mad? Well, it's working!
thug2: t2_repri_tres_init1: Scram, you! Or else!
thug2: t2_repri_tres_init2: Get outa here.
thug2: t2_repri_vandal_init1: You want to break something else, you pay for it.
thug2: t2_repri_vandal_sub1: You want a knuckle sandwich? Smash something else....
thug2: t2_rini1: All right, whoever you are, I know you're there.
thug2: t2_rini2: I know someone's there. Hope you know how to fight.
thug2: t2_rini3: Who's that? What do you want?
thug2: t2_rini_he1: I can hear you sneaking around, taffer!
thug2: t2_rini_he2: Who's that making all the noise?
thug2: t2_rini_he_na1: Now I know you heard that! Don't just stand there! Investigate!
thug2: t2_rini_he_na2: Those aren't just random noises...I think we got ourselves some company. Stay sharp.
thug2: t2_rini_se1: I saw that! Whoever you are!
thug2: t2_rini_se2: What the--? What did I just see?
thug2: t2_rini_se_na1: I just got an eyefull of something! Did you see it?
thug2: t2_rini_se_na2: I think someone's here with us...I just saw something. Something suspicious that is....
thug2: t2_rnew1: Oh, I think I got myself a funny guy. Just wait 'til I find you, funny guy.
thug2: t2_rnew2: Don't worry, I haven't forgotten about you.
thug2: t2_rnew_he1: Sure are a loud one, aren't you?
thug2: t2_rnew_he2: I heard that, you taffer.
thug2: t2_rnew_se1: Yeah, that's it yeah, move around some more....
thug2: t2_rnew_se2: That's no cat I see there....
thug2: t2_rpre1: Aha!
thug2: t2_rret1: Aw, gosh darn it to all taffer! Whoever it was must've got scared and made a run for it.
thug2: t2_rret2: What the taff? After all that...there's nothing here. Maybe someone WAS here...but they took off when they spotted me....
thug2: t2_rret3: Ha! Whoever it was, they're gone now. Probably one of Crackin's boys, come to rough me up. Only they chickened out.
thug2: t2_rret_he1: Hmm...I guess they must have taken off. Knew I heard 'em, so they turned chicken and ran.
thug2: t2_rret_los1: Forget it. Probably run off a while ago. I mean it was the only smart thing to do.
thug2: t2_rret_los2: What's the point? That coward is miles away by now. Miles and miles away.
thug2: t2_rret_los_f1: She must've run off. I'll get her next time. Yeah.
thug2: t2_rret_los_f_na1: Idiot! You let her get away. And there ain't nothing we can do about it....
thug2: t2_rret_los_m1: I give up. He's given me the slip, and there ain't nothin' I can do about it.
thug2: t2_rret_los_m_na1: Forget it. Just forget it. He's gone and it's all your fault. You're lucky I don't beat you senseless.
thug2: t2_rret_na1: We both know there was someone here. But that someone KNEW we knew, and must have snuck off when we weren't looking.
thug2: t2_rret_se1: Nothin' here. I checked everywhere. Still, no one can tell me I didn't see something tonight.
thug2: t2_rsur_ev_com1: Hey, hey, careful, look out!
thug2: t2_sndocc1: Too loud in here. Makes me nervous.
thug2: t2_spell_thanks1: Thanks a bunch.
thug2: t2_sum_fight1: Hello? Anyone there? I need help over here!
thug2: t2_sum_fight2: Get over here and help me! Anybody!
thug2: t2_sum_reply1: Here I come!
thug2: t2_sum_reply2: I hear you! I'm coming!
thug2: t2_valley1: He's in the alley!
thug2: t2_vroof1: Hey you! How'd you get up there?
thug2: t2_vstreet1: I see him. He's just down the street!
thug2: t2_wdie1: Arg! Murderer! I'm gonna make you pay!
thug2: t2_wfle1: You can't run. We ain't done here yet!
thug2: t2_ycon1: Eddy? That you? Do I gotta remind you that the last person who played a trick on me ain't here to laugh about it...?
thug2: t2_ycon2: Probably just a rat...but in my line of's always best to check anyway....
thug2: t2_ycon3: Something funny going on...that's what it seems like to me anyway....
thug2: t2_ycon4: If it's one of them big beetles...I'm gonna squash it real good.
thug2: t2_ycon5: Could be...I don't know...but I'll know what it is if I find something....
thug2: t2_ycon_he1: I'm pretty sure I heard something...maybe over this way....
thug2: t2_ycon_he2: Funny noises tonight...makin' me mad.
thug2: t2_ycon_he_na1: Let me know if you hear it again. Got it?
thug2: t2_ycon_he_na2: All you gotta do is search around a bit...trying not to clomp your big feet around to much, since we is also trying to listen for something. You got that?
thug2: t2_ycon_na1: No, no, really look, you knucklehead, otherwise it's just a waste of time....
thug2: t2_ycon_na2: Hello? Anybody there? Don't be afraid. We're just a couple of friendly guys looking to (snicker) make friends....
thug2: t2_ycon_se1: I keep seeing things...funny things...funny strange...not funny Haha....
thug2: t2_ycon_se2: All I know is...I saw something...and I won't feel right until I check around a bit....
thug2: t2_ycon_se_na1: You saw it too, right? I mean, I ain't just imagining it, right?
thug2: t2_ycon_se_na2: If you see it again, give a shout. Don't just assume I know. I'm not a mind-reader.
thug2: t2_yini1: What the--? Is somebody there?
thug2: t2_yini2: What's going on over there?
thug2: t2_yini3: Hello? Something there?
thug2: t2_yini_he1: Some kind of taffin' noise.
thug2: t2_yini_he2: What's that? Who made that sound?
thug2: t2_yini_he_na1: Did you hear that? Something funny's going on....
thug2: t2_yini_he_na2: I'm telling you, I just heard a noise, so hush up a for a bit....
thug2: t2_yini_se1: That's funny. I think I just saw something move.
thug2: t2_yini_se2: What was that? I saw something....
thug2: t2_yini_se_na1: Look there. Did you see it?
thug2: t2_yini_se_na2: Hey. I just saw something. You're not expecting anyone, are you?
thug2: t2_ynew1: Darned annoying...if you ask me....
thug2: t2_ynew2: What? What the taff IS that?
thug2: t2_ypre2: (Sharp inhale) Wha--?
thug2: t2_ypre3: Huh?
thug2: t2_yret1: Hmmm. Guess I was wrong, I don't think there's anything here.
thug2: t2_yret2: Huh. Oh well. Maybe I made the whole thing up. I gots a good imagination, after all.
thug2: t2_yret3: Nothing. Just my nerves I guess. I've been kind of off all day.
thug2: t2_yret_he1: Nothing's here. Well, it won't be the first time I was just hearing things, probably won't be the last.
thug2: t2_yret_na1: Give it up, will ya? What's it gonna take to convince you that there's nothing here?
thug2: t2_yret_se1: Guess I could be seeing things. Happens sometimes. At night. In the dark.

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